The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on August 6, 1972 · Page 20
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 20

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1972
Page 20
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David McCallum Stars Romantic Comedy Focused On An English Tour Guide Page 5--The Robesonian, Sunday, August 6,1972 Tuesday Evening David McCallum stars in "Three Bies of the Apple," romantic comedy focusing on an English tour guide on the Italian Riviera, on "The CBS Late Moive" Tuesday, August 8 on Channel 11-13. Tammy Grimes, Sylva Koscina, Domenico Modugno and Harvey Korman also have roles. While Stanley Thrumm (McCallum) conducts a trou along the Italian Riviera, a predatory spinster (Miss Grimes) is using every trick to land him. However, his attentions are riveted on Carla (Miss Lighthearted Hospital Comedy "Temperatures Rising," the new hospital comedy series starring James Whitmore and Cleavon Little has begun production at the Burbank Studios for its fall premiere, Tuesday, September, September 12 (8:00-8:30 p.m.). Thelighthearted action is set in Capital General Hospital in Washington, D. C. and involves intern Jerry Noland, played by Little and his conflicts with the Chief of Surgery, Vincent Campanelli, M.D., played by Whitmore. Little portrays a bright black ghetto-oriented doctor who is also the hospital's chief bookie. He can find humor in any situation, from stitching up an operation to sewing up his latest con job. Dr. Campanelli, however, believes Noland could be "the best surgeon ever." Noland's shorts, who make up what Campanelli calls his "Four Horsemen of Aggravation" are Joan Van Ark as young, sexy Annie Carlisle; Reva Rose as zany Mildred Maclnerny, R.N., and Nancy Fox as student nurse Ellen Turner. In "The Appointment," the initial episode before the cameras, Campanelli is appointed as head of Public Health Services, but he wants to turn the job down. So Noland and the nurses try to show they can do without him. Guest starring in this episode are David Huddleston, Parley Baer and Charlotte Rose. "I GET $100 A WEEK DISABILITY INCOME. Koscina), an enticing adventuress he meets at a gaming table. After Carla and her double- talking husband (Modugno) relieve Thrumm of his extensive winnings, the duped Englishman sets out on a mad chase after the couple. Employers, be certain you are adequately covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance as required. We welcome inquiry. BETTER INSURANCE 'Where the clock turns" Protective Agency 306 N. Chestnut 739-3217 One of the film's songs, "In the Garden, Under the Trees," was written by actor McCallum. A second tune, "Carla's Theme," was composed by Modugno, who wrote the popular hit song "Volare." COMEDIAN-IMPRESSIONIST JOHN BYNER, performing the wold and satirical comedy that has mad him a favorite on the guest-star and nightclub circuits, is the host and star of "The John Byner Comedy Hour," new comedy-variety series on Tuesday Evenings (7:308:30 p.m.) on Channel 11..Above, Byner is shown as himself (center) and as a couple of the characters he portrays on the summer series. 7:00 pm (3) Untamed World (5) The Flying Nun (6,9) Andy Griffith Show (7) I Dream of Jeannie (8) Truth or Consequences ((10) Seven O'clock Report (11) Let's Make A Deal (13) CBS News 7:30 (3,5,8) The Mod Squad: "Feet of Clay" Desi Arnaz, Jr. guests as a deaf mute who becomes a reluctant hero after saving a guard's life in a fire, (repeat, 60 mins) ·(4) Hodgepodge Lodge (6,9,10) Ponderosa: "The Wish" Hoss tries to help a freed slave and his family cope with the malice of bigots in a white community, (repeat, 60 mins) (7) Movie 7: "The Racers" Kirk Douglas and Lee J. Cobb. Story of the conflicts between ' the breed who thrive in the European sports car racing world. (11,13) John Byner Show. Tonight guests are James Farentino and Gloria Loring. 8:00 (4) Thursday's Child: "Alternative and Private Schools" Probes the ways North Carolina schools, other than public, are dealing with racial issues. 8:30 (3,5,8) Movie of the Week: "Kung Fu" David Carradine and Barry Sullivan. Wanted for murder in his native China, a Chinese-American who is a master of kung fu, the deadly oriental science of personal combat, flees to America and becomes the champion of oppressed Chinese laborers, (repeat, 90 mins) Bizarre Roles The Specialty For Actor If awards were given out to actors who continually play unusual roles, David Carradine would be a perennial nominee. The son of veteran actor John Carradine has built his career around his ability to portray strange and often bizarre characters. His Broadway performances include roles as a hippie who claimed to be Christ in "The Transgressor Rides Again," and an Inca king in "The Royal Hung of the Sun." Carradine will be seen in still another unusual portrayaal when he stars in "Kung Fu," a unique western drama on "Movie of the Week" Tuesday, August 8 (8:3010:00 p.m.) on Channel 3-5-8. In "Kung Fu," Carradine portrays a Chinese-American fugitive from a murder charge in Imperial China. Working on the transcontinental railroad in the 1860's, he uses his knowledge of the ancient art of personal combat, kung fu, to help the coolies labroing on the railroad overcome wretched working conditions. "I feel that this is the beest part I've ever had. In fact, it's not like anything I have ever seen done on film. The man I play uses physical mental strength to . .become. what, I. like, to call a humble hero. It was a difficult character to learn because I was so unfamiliar with the art of kung fu and its background. But we had a billiant technical advisor in David Chow, a world renowned expert on the subject." Besides being an outstanding opportunity for him as an actor, Carradine claims "Kung Fu" helped him in an another area - it brought him closer to his father. "My dad and I are in constant debate about the parts I play," he said. "He was brought up in an age when characters on screen and stage were complete people with little or no psyche to try to figure it out. He seldom has understood any of my characterizations. "When I first read 'Kung Fu' I sent him a copy. His reaction was mot favorable and he said the part reminded him of some great screen characters of the past. I think it will open a whole new avenue of communication between us." Caradine figures that there is one kind of part he won't be getting for a while. "I had to have amy head completely shaved for the film which means that unless I get a wig there won't be any hippie in my acting future for a while. . ." (11,13) Cannon: A wealthy gun fancier hires Cannon to investigate the disappearance of his younger brother, (repeat, 60 rhins) 10:00 (3,5,8) Marcus Welby. M.D.: "Tender Comrade" The marriage plans of a beautiful widow are threatened when she undergoes a mastectomy, (repeat, 60 mins) (4) Sign Off 10:30 (6) Communique (7) Dragnet (10) Carolina Report (ll)c This Is Your Life (13) My World and Welcome to It 11:00 (3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13) News, Weather, Sports 11:30 (3,5,8) Dick Cavett (6,7,9,10) Tonight Show (11,13) CBS Late Show. "Three Bites of an Appple" David McCallum and Tammy Grimes. Romantic comedy focusing on an English tour guide and his adventures on the Italian Riviera, (repeat, 2 hrs) (4) Boston Pops: 'Chet Atkins" Nashville's "greatest Cat" plays country-folk-pop with the Pops. (60 mins) (6,10) NBC Action Playhouse: "The Fatal Mistake" Roddy McDowall and Arthur Hill. Blackmailer Harry Carlin drives his victim to desperation with his persistent visits, (repeat, 60 mins) (9) Tuesday Night Movie: "Counterfeit Traitor" William Holden and Lilli Palmer. Story of a businessman approached by the British to pose as sympathetic to the Nazis, in reality spying for England. (2 hrs) (11,13) Hawaii Five-O: A deathbed statement by an exact double of McGarrett reveals that framing him is only one- phase of a plot by a foreiign agent. (Part II, repeat , 60 mins) 9:30 (4) Ron Dellums: "A Test of Coalition Politics" Profiel of C a l i f o r n i a ' s b l a c k congressman from Berkeley, and his brand of politics. (6,7,10) The Special London Bridge Special: A musical fantasy focusing on the transplant of historic London Bridge to the shores of Lake Havsu in Arizona. Gusts are: Tom Jones, Jennifer O'Neill, and Kirk Douglas. John Twomey, the manualist (he makes music with hsi bare hends) appearing regularly on "The Jerry Reed When You're Hot You're Hot Hour", gave the first public performance of his unique talent in a university talent show when he was attending the University om Michigan. Twomey is a practicing lawyer in Grnad Rapids, Mich. Marty Brill of "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" was a concert pianist and classical guitarist before he lost fingers in an automobile accident. THE L K STEAKS CUT TO O R D E R COOKED OVIR IIVI C H A R C O A L FABULOUS 74 ITEM S A I A D BAR PRIVATE PARTIES BY RESERVATION I «» N O R T H S E R V I C E R O A S C T W t E N N C H I G H W A Y 7 1 H I G H W A Y PfclHOl. S T f t l ' . O N 739-7564 O f E N 6 P M CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING Over 125 types of molding. EXPERT WORKMANSHIP REASONABLE PRICES ROBESON GLASS MIRROR CO. 310 N.Chippewa St.--Phone 739-7469

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