The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 15, 1961 · 26
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 26

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, September 15, 1961
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Page 2S BOSTON GLOBE. SEPT. 15, 1961 Winsor Dies; i . i n j iioiea narvara Hockey Coach Alfred (Alf) Winsor Jr 81. whose teams, employing his brilliant innovations, won him the title -Father of Modern Hockey, died Tuesday in Clearwater, Fla., according to word received here last night Winsor became varsity coach of hockey at Harvard a few months after graduating in 1902, and his well-drilled, slick-skating squads went undefeated for four straight years, picking up four intercollegiate championships. He later played on and coached teams representing. TIME OUT! ivr t... x cj iJ iveiv i ry w Ltiiminuie Obnoxious Sea Gas By ROBERT E. GLYNN will get more, for we intend -, . i to spare no expense to correct An experiment wui dc ai-te situation." tempted to rid Wmthrop of a Dr Thence made - t?. 'analysis of the Winthrop algae gas that has. ... , . , j Don't tell me there aren't other women in your life! You've been th. Rftctnn Athletic An anri muttering in your Bleep about a ,.! Maris Mantle and some babe U.S. entry in the 1932 Olympic Games at Lake Placid, N.Y, A native of Brookline. Win sor entered Harvard in 1898 after graduating from Noble & Greenough School, Cambridge. Winsor is generally credited with the designing of the modern hockey stick. He was a member of the Somerset Club and the Tennis and Racquet Clubs of Boston; The County Club. Brookline, and the Harvard Club of New York City. He leaves his wife, the former Gertrude Duncan, and 11 nieces and nephews. Services are expected to be held at the Cataumet Methodist Church, of which he was a member. He also belonged to the Maj Gen Leonard Wood Post, American Legion, Bourne. Fallon Cup Summary MAIN FLIGHT Ed Connell 0i Thorny Lea e ma hv C NY. and Jack Stiles 5 . and Dave 4arad ill named Ruth!" Mr. Black Magic, Scarpa Capture Tag Team Bout The tag team of Frank Scarpa and Mr. Black Magic defeated Nature Boy Del Rio and Gorgeous George in a thrilling finish last night at the Boston Arena. The match was even at one fall apiece when referee Jack Sharkey flattened Georgeous George. Scarpa fell on the prostrate George for the fall and match. Other results on the card: Mary Jane Mull and Adrian Ames defeated Lucille Dupree and Christie Clark; Billy Graham and Les Malady drew; Gerad Dugas defeated Flash Thomas; Alex Medina defeated Pat Patterson; Bull Montana defeated Golden Boy Dupre. Alen Clinches Lightning Honor MILFORD, Ct, Sept. 14 (AP) Tom Allen of Buffalo wrapped up the world cham pionship of the Lightning Class 33-3467 Jack Brophy (1) Rochester NY. and Jack Stiles (5), 36-34 70 Bollie LaMontagne H) Tknmv T m nnH CierrV jaVkHweyNorwihch'eater iAssn. a day ahead of time lmck Meenan ui ... . . oi-oo tnriav Burrie Bruce (0) Colonial lUUdy. and John Goodens 4 . . 36-3571 John Crowley (1) George Wright and George Allen 4 36 3571 aul Barkhouse (0 Happy , Valley and Al Denly 3 34-3771 John Tosca Jr (0) Thorny Bc no Lea and Eddie Morgan io) 35-3671 Lou Platiak (0 M West Warwick FT. nnd Tnm Maskelieson 18) ... 37-3471 Joe Moran Jr f2i Hatherly and Bill Aherna i5i . 35-36 11 Wanlr ruftnrii lit fteorse Wright and Ray Marad (0) 36-3672 Edmond Murphy iJ) ror-fnllr inH Jack Hac- gerty 6) 34-3872 John Pope (1) South Shore and John Duane (41 . . 37-3572 Richard Manning (It Fur- nara Urnrtlr and Arthur Smith (51 . 38-3472 Ben Bernard (11 Nashua and Francis Shea (3) 38-3472 Vin Plansky (1) Nor well and Bill Foyle (1) 39-3372 SECOND FLIGHT TH rtichnn Hi Pine Brook and Dr. Frank wenrier 131 39-3J n M plagued residents for three weeks and after the selectmen conferred last week with Gov. Volpe; Dr. Alfred W. Frechette of the state Department of Public railed naintstaic xyrai uiiciii ui fuuui S -lf ? Health; and other top state damage to; . . more than 5o;officials-homes. Laboratory tests of the algae State and lo-!611 from the Deer Island cal p ublic:area disclosed it had a gas bac-health and teria count of 30,000 while a chemical ex -similar growth off the Winner t s a r e throp Yacht Club showed a 4V.a imnlnt rnnrli. COUnt Of 18.000. tion results from the massive j VanDalinda asserted that a spread of a green algae, termed (bacteria count of 2400 has been I, t y II sea lettuce by the inhabitants, that has been deposited by the tides on the 50 acres of town tide land. When baked by the sun, the experts discovered, the algae gives off an obnoxious gas that turns the paint on dwellings a cocoa brown on windless days. Town counsel Peter W. Princi declared that more than 50 homeowners have notified him of their intentions to seek reimbursement for damage to their homes. Walter A. VanDalinda, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said that so many residents ' had complained to the board of being made ill by the gas that "the situation is now of a serious nature." The experiment, to be conducted on the first fair day next week, will consist of treating two acres of the algae-covered tideland with lime pellets, as recommended by Dr. Walter Lawrence of Colby College. Dr. Lawrence three years ago was cited by the American Chemical Society for his use of the pellets to rid the An droscoggin River in Maine of a similar infestation. Two tons of the lime, mined in Lee, have been obtained by the town at a cost of $40. If it successfully kills the growth, VanDalinda said, "we sufficient in the past for the state to close bathing beaches. He prompted the selectmen to take action. In an experiment last week,' town officials sought to eliminate the condition by dump ing 1200 tons of copper sulfate into the harbor, but it sweetened the atmosphere for only two days, VanDalinda said. He explained the sulfate killed much of the algae but what remained grew back rapidly. The selectman declared the nuisance has been increasing in recent years as the M.D.C. expanded its sewerage system to nTore communities, the out let of which is off Deer Island. VanDalinda reported that 193 million gallons of waste passes through the outlet every 24 hours "and it was not originally intended to carry that tremendous amount. He blamed the incoming tides which deposit some of the waste on the tidelands thereby fertilizing the algae for the increased spread of the greenish growth. He anticipated the situation may be remedied partially in mid-October when another outlet will be readied that will extend 300 to 400 feet farther out into the harbor 80 feet deep. A second new outlet is planned, but will not be constructed for another 18 months, VanDalinda said. MISSING James M. Sanborn, 14, of Roxbury. 7-State Hunt On For Deaf-Mute Boy, Missing for 6 Days A seven-state missing per sons alarm was issued last night for a 14-year-old Rox bury mute boy who disap peared last Saturday after in dicating he was going to a Hyde Park dance. Robert M. Sanborn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clement Sanborn of 1 Kearsarge ter., has red hair and wears a hearing aid. He cannot talk. He is described as 5 feet 8, weighing 115 pounds, with freckles and pimples on his face. He was wearing black pants, white shirt, blue tie, black shoes and pepper-and salt sports jacket. He is a student at the Horace Mann school for the deaf in Roxbury. His parents believe he may have gone to New Hampshire or New York and suspect he ran away because of a dislike for school. The boy is known to fre quent Deaf Clubs and knows of one in New York. He was carrying a set of pink cards that point out his condition. 73 The final race of the six-race series is to be sailed tomorrow on Long Island Sound, but it would be mathematically im possible for any other of the 34 skippers from the United States, Europe and South America to surpass his score. Going into today's competition, he had a first and two seconds. In this morning's race, he added another second, fin ishing behind. Humberto A Plaza of Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the afternoon race, with the sound acting up under a southwest wind that occasionally topped 30 knots, Allen held the lead at the end of the first windward leg and sped on to victory. Say Dixon-Yates JBlocked Naming Woods A id Head WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (AP) The ghost of the Dixon-Yates political battle apparent ly has blocked appointment of George D. Woods, a Republi can financier, as the new chief of the U.S. Foreign Aid Pro gram. An administration source on Capitol Hill said today President Kennedy reluctantly has abandoned plans to appoint the New York investment banker, after becoming con vinced such a nomination would trigger a bitter Senate row. Woods is chairman of the First Boston Corp. which figured in the Dixon-Yates con- Warrv Frnst (01 Winchester and Jack Barrett (3) . 36-37 George Pickering (41 Wamnattick and RalDh Pickering (81 38-3573 Rfnri, Costa (11 MarshReld and Russ Cross 3i . . . 37-3673 Eddie Barry (0) Charles River anrl Paul Hurley (31 37-3673 David Sullivan (0) Charles River and Barry Driscoll (5) 36-37 Can Rourke (31 Wavland and Bill Murdock 9i 37-3774 Bob Sullivan (11 Thorny Lea and Tom O'Connor 4) 36-3874 Vin Sangstrr (31 Norfolk and Vin Reardon (51 . 39-3574 Jerry Lang (11 Thorny Lea nd Charles Pickering (3i 38-3674 Hi'-h Columbo (31 Brockton and Henry DeRico (9 38-3674 Billy McCarthy (41 Furnace Brook and Eddie Baldovin 42-3274 Mario Serafini (41 Furnace Brook and Joe Serafini ( 41 38-3674 Charley Carlson (3) Norfolk and Phil Barry (41 37-38-75 Bob Cote (2) South Shore and Joe Gallagher (5i 37-3875 William Dyer (71 Sharon and Perley Payson (91 . . 38-3775 THIRD FLIGHT Bobby Hopkins (3) Nashua and Bob Winer (8 . . 39-3675 Richard Lawler (5) George Wright and L Pratt 101 38-3775 James Burke (41 Lexington and Dave Pickering (7i 38-3775 Joseph Lynch (01 Norfolk and A Cherubini (12 1 36-3975 Warren Tibhetts (0) Hillview and Joe Donovan (4) 37-38 75 Harry McGrath Jr (5) Colonial and J Powers (8) 37-39 76 Curt Woor- -ard (6) Sharon and Jim Duffy i91 37-3976 winoe Snfldarjnack,s,heaUr7,r4o-3676 troversy of 1954-55. It was re-'gGVuiT-iMted last week that he was John Muicahy (i) Hatherly I being considered as the first i r it . . .in it f f Frank Long i3i Chas River and Paul Ochs Jr 3 40-3676 Dick Gallagher (31 Marsh- field and Dick Curtis (6) 39-3776 Id Iarrobino ill Natick and Tony Condangello (191 37-39 76 Joe Stack i4 Norfolk and Marty Kelly (8) ... 38-3775 Joe Bonfilio (11 Andover and Joe Dotoli (121 .. 40-3777 Jack Neatile (31 Srituate and Haig Banian (111 .. 38-3977 Pro Golf Summary Bill Collins .13-1-64 Lh!!,, s-Si There is growing support for Jacky Cupit .v-33 iMr. Labouisse to stay on. Marty rurgol S7 Gordon Jones rr-35 67 Tony Lema 34-3367 Davt Marr 32-3567 Doug Sanders 31-36 67 Charles Sifford 33-3467 Miller Barber 34-3467 Chico Miartur 34-3468 Stan Leonard 34-34 63 Jav Herbert 33-3S6R Phi! Rodgers 35-33 68 ffckSrt ".:::::::::::: ivSCThave said they could not suP Dan sikes 32-:(S R! nnrt Mr Wnnrk " Jerry Barber 34-35 Porl MT- """ Don Bie 3V-35 5!j . lob GoUeun $bmZ2 OPPAMA Nissan Motor Co. ffn"n-.pnr iJ-S" of Japan is building a plant cay Brewer jr M-as-fsnere wnn a capacuy 01 iu.uuu head of the Agency for Inter national Aid (AID) which will replace the present Interna tional Cooperation Administration (ICA) now directed by Henrv R. Labouisse, The Capitol Hill source said: "It now appears that the President is not going to ap point Mr. Woods, after consul tation with people in Congress. The President still believes that Mr. Woods is a competent man who would do a good job, but the opposition would stem largely from Democrats who made such a fight against the Dixon-Yates contact. They Ricciardi Plays Golf As MDC, DPW Battle Bruce Crampton Moon Mullins . 3;!:!i..-w 1 3'!-.r 1 cars a month. BENTLEY COLLEGE j- PROFESSIONAL O'MUlUig FOR MEN AND WOMEN iViNINGS Classes Open in September Enroll Promptly Proerami of Study Leading To H CERTIFICATE IN ACCOUNTINQ fl DEGREE OF ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE OF ACCOUNTING f DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING TAX ACCOUNTING FOR THE FHACTITICNER Modsutt Tuition Piyibli In Instalments BENTLEY COLLEGE of ACCOUNTINQ and FINANCE tl erliton Strut, Sotton 1B Kl 8-07B4 Ntar Mau. Avt. MTA Station Offe open to 4.00 p.m. Saturday until noon Smith Blasts Sen. Miller on Kennedy Slur WASHINGTON. Sept. 14 Sen. Benjamin A. Smith (D-Mass.), today lashed out at an Iowa collague for calling President Kennedy soft on Communism. Smith, in an angry retort to charges by Sen. Jack Miller (R-Iowa), at a Hartford, Ct., G.O.P. workshop, said: I deplore reckless partisan ship in this delicate area." Miller, according to Smith, had charged President Kennedy was being soft on inter national policies. "The Iowa Republican," Smith declared, "is merely mouthing cheap campaign slogans. This new attack by an outsider invading New England for political gain will be recognized for what it is by the people of New England." Sen. Miller in his Hartford, Ct., speech told Republicans that both domestic and inter national issues would favor Republicans in the 1962 con gressional elections. He said the G.O.P. hoped to pick up some four to six Senate seats next year. Smith charged that the Iowa Republican repeatedly had tried to scuttle President Ken nedy's foreign aid program "And then," Smith asserted, "he had the affrontery to change his vote at the end, when he realized his opposi tion might cost him his re election back in Iowa." Smith said Miller's irre sponsible action at Hartford was a gesture aimed at weaken ing the United States position m international relations. -WILFRED C. RODGERS. Common Market Bid by Britain Hit By Commonwealth ACCRA, Ghana, Sept. 14 (Reuters) Finance ministers of all Commonwealth nations except Britain tonight expressed grave apprehension and concern over Britain's bid for membership in the European Common Market. The ministers stated their position in a communique issued at the end of a three-day 13-nation economic conference here. Throughout the meeting there has been steady criticism especially by Australia, Canada and New Zealand of the British move to seek cor-mon market membership The Commo- wealth ministers expressed grave fears about the eflect on their trade if the Commonwealth trade preference system is ended by Britain's joining the West European "six" of the common market A Roxbury representative yesterday proposed that the wrangling commissioners of the Metropolitan District Commission and the Department of Public Works be brought before the House Ways and Means Committee to settle "the needless controversy that has arisen over the taking of land in Weston. Democrat James H. Kelley wrote to House Speaker John F. Thompson, urging action on the matter, since we in the House of Representatives are responible to the people for the appropriations of these two departments. The interdepartmental hassle .broke .out .Wednesday night when M.D.C. Comm. Robert F. Murphy ordered his police to arrest any contractor who took action on the D.P.W.'s plans to relocate part of Rte. 128 through the M.D.C.'s . Riverside . Golf Course in Weston. Earlier in the week, D.P.W. Comm. Jack Ricciardi awarded a $3,428,936 contract for the work to the J. F. White Con struction Co. of Dedham, even though the M. D. C. and the D. P. W. had not reached an agreement on the compensa tion the M.D.C. would receive for its property. The planned relocation of Rte. 128 will put a section of highway through the golf course's clubhouse and parking lot and will eliminate the first hole. Negotiations Stopped Ricciardi earlier rejected Murphy's suggested price of $450,000, but at that point nego tiations stopped. According to Murphy, the law requires one state agency to reach an amicable agree ment with another state agency before it can proceed with such work. Ricciardi was unavailable for comment yesterday. Friends said he was on vacation play ing golf. I $ r ' Missing Saco Youth Sought In Killing ARUNDEL, Me., Sept. 14 State and local police tonight were conducting a widespread search here for a 19-year-old Saco youth wanted for questioning in connection with the fatal shooting of a 62-year-old variety store woman prop netor. The body of Mrs. Eula Me Kenney, operator of a small store in an isolated section of Biddeford rd., leading from Kennebunkport to U.S. Highway 1, here was found in woods in the rear of the store about 7 p.m. Chief Criminal Investigator for York County, J. Albert Merryman, said she had been shot twice. the suspect sought is a Saco man with a long re formatory and juvenile de linquent record. According to Sheriff Harold Nason, York County, a relative of the youth told police the suspect confided he had done the shooting accidentally. The suspect told the relative, said Sheriff Nason, he picked up a revolver laying on the counter while in the store and it accidentally went off. Airliner Safe After Landing Gear Alarm PORTLAND, Sept. 14 A Northeast Airlines plane from Boston with 17 passengers aboard came in safely here to day after the pilot radioed of trouble with the landing gear. The twin-engine DC-3, car rying a crew of three, touched down without incident at 4:45 p.m., while fire equipment from Portland and neighboring towns lined the runway. The plane, bound for Lewis- ton and Augusta, was diverted to Portland where longer run ways ana more emergency apparatus were available. The pilot, Capt Kay Koy, said that when he lowered the landing gear approaching Lew- iston a red lignt on me in strument panel indicated a malfunction. Ordered to Portland, ne circled the field as control tower crews with binoculars scanned the plane. The landing eear was down, but no one could be sure whether it was locked in position. Roy was directed to touch down to see if the carriage would collapse. It didn't, and he then brought the airliner in to a normal landing. The craft was kept here for inspection. Passengers were transported by car to Lewiston, 35 miles from here, and Au- Eusta. 60 miles away. A check showed tne ngnt switch, not the landing gear, was at fault Business Opportunities BAKERY BUSINESS AND LUNCHEONETTE r rrl kw in Sotnrril2e; taxv eer etabhsbed business: em-net li,: btiiiaici con&uts t4 S sots mis., income mor.thiyl pay aii excesses. Bakerr ouipirent complete and uv & flate. Formerly empiayed I people iiO t-4632- NURSING HOME CAM TOD LICXXSED 14 Choice location B'duRiul acre of level land; extra ,;.. rite livrnc quarters, low price for a ouick saie. JAMES 1 BAGLTY F. E. CO. DE AirtiaK BE YOUR OWN BOSS ONCE in a life-time opportunity to have your own business for jch a small investment i1500i. You service established accounts, set up by company from new tracks; repeat business week after week witn eanunxs up to S30 weekly. For app t call EE 2-4432. 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SOUTH END Income property, return of $400 mo. for $20,000 or small investment. ST 2-4466. TAILOR shop. 6 machines, loc. heart of business dist. moving out of town. LI 2-7185 aft. 1 p.m. VARIETY store location at 655 Brookline av. nr Village. Wine & Beer lie. Poss. LO 6-7174. eves YOUNG BODY MAN would like to rent, buy or invest in going body shop close to Boston. Immediate cash available. Call CO 6-6507 anytime. HORSES, CARRIAGES Jockey Killed In Auto Smash BECKET, Sept. 14 (UPI) Frolian T. Cruz, 29, a jockey from Pawtucket, R.I., was killed early today when his new automobile crashed into a tree. Cruz, who was alone in the car. had been riding at the Barrington Fair in Great Bar rington and booted in his last winner yesterday in the fourth race. Cruz previously had ridden at the Northampton Fair and at Scarborough Downs in Maine. Earlier this summer, he rode at Hazel Park in Detroit, Mich. Cruz leaves his wife, and two children. He was a native of Havana. Coffee for Red Refugee. BONN. Germany, Sept. 14 (AP) Colombia has donated seven tons of coffee to rem sees from Communist East Germany, the government an nounced. HARVEY SPEAKER at first regular meeting of the Grocery Manu- j facturers Representative! of New England, Monday noon at Kenmore Hotel, will be Richard j F. Spean, vice president, retailing division, Stop & Shop. ' mm Me. Accidents Took 18 Lives AUGUSTA. Sept. 14 (UPI) Maine state police said today there were 1375 highway accidents throughout the state during the month of August Eighteen persons were killed and 715 injured. LIFE'S LIKE THAT By Fred Neher PONIES FOR SALE At the DANIELS HOLIDAY FARM Newton Read, PLaistow, N. H. LIQUIDATING A SHOW STABLE PRINCESS MAY REG. NO. 5215 Registered Hackney Hantesa Pony. 9 years old. Grand Champion Harness Pony at Eastern States Exposition, I960 winning Springfield Monarch Ins. Challenge Trophy. Also Champion Harness Pony of New England. 1968 Champion Harness Pony of New Hampshire, I960. 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Pine Tree Painting Co. of South Boston guarantees Your Home Beautiful" at ru. sonahle nnrs Vr.a .,)im.tM licensed, full insurance coverage. Minor repairs, quality paint. i si. wnn us ANT TIME, DAY OR NIGHT Rl 2-358g ROOFING TAR AND GRAVEL, new end .idie, aspnau, cnimneys, gutters, sidewalis. 5 year time payments. CH 2-4752, JA 4-fi41B. SAGGING HOUSES 't'&RF8 "A'SBD. REPAIRED FOUNDATIONS RESTORED PISTONE, TU 4-4044 DUFFY & FITZGERALD CON CO. PAINTING Int. & ext. carpentr ana rooting. Free est. FA 56767 ROOF LEAKS $10 ROOFING, siding & gutter work, free est., reas. prices. KI 7-5058. OVERHEAD GAR. DOORS GUNDERSON. LT 8-84931 FLOORS SANDED AND refinished. DU 7-5430; ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS FKEE ESTIMATES PR 6-974 JOHN F. fiTTlT.rnv RARPFXTRT.MicnviT FALL-OUT shelters. AV2-ai52. MAsnvnv Cement work. Eves. PR 6-4851. AVERAGE , house painted $5501 BLOCK CEILINGS, free estimaft CHIMNEYS, burners, cleaned"b uuwer vacuum, sip, ja Z-5865. C. W. DOHERTY Carnentrv and CARPENTRY Gutters, roofing, porches, stairs. JA 4-6697. CEILINGS. ROOMS STEAMED. EX -7644. 85s CEILINGS. $8.00, papering. mil. Prtliu. rij EXPERT painting, paper hang-lna. free psti rrt Tooio oaw BAYjPROFESSIONAL PAiNTINB Electrician wants work. Call after p.m., J1M 8 OZ6. NEW MATTRESSES AND FURN. AH merch. brand new. fully guaranteed, factory packed. SIZE 30" 39' Inn. Sor. Matt. $11.95 $16.95 Hollywood Beds 29.95 39.95 Maple Bunk Beds 29.95 39.95 (Includes 2 Metal Springs.) Save up to 50? on our complete line of Sfaly. Slumberland or Entlsnder mattresses, box springs, Hollywood beds and bedrm. sets, parlor, den. kit. sets, desks. C. C. WHITNEY MFG.. LA 3-5515 280 FRIEND ST., 5TU r LOOK OPP. NO. STATION, BOSTON Daily A Sat. 5 P.m.; Wed. 9 P.m. FLOORS resurfaced and refinZ ished. DUFFY. EXport 5-3418. EOORS LAID & SAND., REFIN. CALL ANYT., NICK, GA 7-41 lit HOME & FACTORY. Office rTZ pairs, reasonable rates. Elect Plumbing: enforcing cnar. n. tering & tiling done. etc.. paint ing. .W 324. Globe. MAN with dump truck wants work cleaning yards, cellar aim mc ucuriS. HI PAINTING and paperhanging, Interior and exterior; free estimate. MO 6-2685. PAINTING, exterior & interior: , free estimates: all work guaran- teed. ST 2-8539. ST 2-8022. PAINTING & PAPEFiHANGINO T Ii5Ured or your protection. SjU JpiDomenico, SO 6-4977. PAPERHANGING, 80c: painttaf, 25 yrs. exp. AL 4-6571. Reupholstery Dirt Cheap FOR WE USE REMNANTS: Chairs resprung $10, sofas resprung $u. Tel. WAtertown 4-2300, WOod-lawn 3-2523: LION RICHARD CO. LOOKING FOR THE UNUSUAL? THE balance of our fine furniture, screens and bric-a-brac to be sold this week. LO 6-3082. BROADLOOM Rugs & foam pds. never used, 9x12. $25; 12x15, $49; 122x18, 59: 12x24, $79. CY 6-2880 BEIGE tweed mixture nylon rug. 10x12 , almost new. jiUMW. DBL. map. bd., box spring, mat tress 6c cov. cnest io maicn $4 : 1 map. twin bed, spring Be mattress: 1 metal boy's bd.. spring & mattress. $20 each. AT 9-3123. DUNCAN PHYFE custom made coucn, excel, cona. wu n-vit i. PROFESSIONAL paperhanging. Call Benjamin aft. 6, TA 5-1307, WOOD FLOORS sanded, laid and . JS.fillS1lfd' low fall rates, ART FLOOR CO.. GE 6-7710. VACUUM CLEANERS, WASHING MACHINES WANTED COMMERCIAL FLOOR BUFFING MACHINE. JA 4-0044 FRIGIDAIRE, elec. dryer. $70; 5-pc. dinette set, like new, $35: play gym., like new. SIS. Call FA 3-0597. GAS on gas, 1960 Glenwood stove, like new. $80. RE 4-3300. ext. 395. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. GOOD arap., bric-a-brac, furn.. rugs, priv. party. DU 9-0166. MOVING Must sell 3-pce. almost new moa liv. rm.set. t.A o-uiu. NEW parlor sets from factory to you; choice of styles ana tao- rics $150. Call AV 8-5426. SUNBEAM power mower, gd. cond., asking $20. HI 4-8576. eves. VACUUM CLEAKER, new. all att.. $15. $1.25 wkly. CO 5-0900, 3-PC. pink wr. iron sofa bed. 2 chairs. $50: pair nana painted lamps. $8 ea. Paine'i blond mah. step table. $10. SU 4-2205 aft. 3. INFORMATION WANTED TANK STYLE vacuum cleTneT. 1961 model, never used; has att. for rugs, upholstery & mattresses: 2-yr. guar.; $150. CO 5-4500. ' PHOTOGRAPHS, CAMERAS REVERE Tape Recorder. 3 davg old, must be sold due to death in family. EX 5-0899. REFRIGERATORS. ETC. ASSORTED retngerators, $29.5J WE BUY & SELL used refriger-ators, air conditioners, ice cube makers & freezers. 140 Worcester St.. LO 6-6895. Situations Wanted (Female) r,5"'RED TEACHER DESIRES part time position in teaching or school admin.; exp. in guidance and ararirmir nh iects; excel, references. Contact i 4io. uiooe oiiice. EXPERIENCED secretary desireg part time position in Belmont or nearby area. Please call IV 4-3838. DRIVER NEEDED. 1961 car to "AIR STYLIST. 15 yrs. exp . com- Fla. exch. for transp. LO6::4934. nlete knowledge of hair coloring FRANCIS., please contact "home-or , uf.S.W,,? S52P Alice, Apington. .................... ...."-...'- LEAVING for" Los Angeles betw.lpNJNO " t home; excel. Sent. 25-Ott. 2, want pass, to! ?..".':";" o - share exp. and driving. CY 6-7732. RECENT High school grad de-WANTED. Vnfo.Toncerhlng rela- 'rre Pft train. In doctor., fives ot Annie m. tanoon oi l " vr--" . .?.,.,Ja?"-s ss"!."i Dudley St., Koxnury. Mass.. a 81. Call BOSTON STATE HO! PITAL. SB1 Morton st igOiSiT. wanted E HOS- GE 6-6000 LOST AND FOUND O 8 T Back Bay area, small femala Yorkshire terrier, beiae head. black body, weighs 5 iounds. dog belongs to my rokenhearttd little girl: anyone finriinB the do mav name his own rewarn; money is no oo- lect: dog has great sentimental value. Call LI 3-1238 days; CO 7- 303H nights. LOST Ladies gold wrist watch. between Orhlt drpt. store and I'phsms Corner( Dor.i reward. CO 5-7704. LOST Charm, diamond shaped, old fashioned ring set In ctr. conl. Carat diamond; reward o- fered. Providence, R I., GA 1-3489 SLACK toy rrlln. French poodle. mc. of Duke st.. Matt.; anwers to Tiny: try-nrd. CY 8-8604. MMyb they won't eat by ctndle- light t . what cxcui are you folnf to five for bringini your fluhlifhtr LOST Earrings, pair doubleTTnK antique gold, ft ward. CO 7-4204 PERSONAL SITI'LIES tlLAX-A-CIZOR" ween c used ' 1 avail. Oct. IS. nrar. nurse-comp.. capable, tin . Hnv. can travel;refs.G 221, Gobe. WOMAN'wanted for haby sitting, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. (East Walpolel MO 83177. WOMAN Wants secretirUl work at home. AT 4-6087. WOMAN would like riav work, gd. refs. HI 8-1119 after 5 p.m. SEWING JIACHINES NECCHI SEWING MACH. I960 MODEL, never been used; will rig gag. darn, embroider, monogram, make button holes, etc.; original 5-yr. guarantee: $23 complete: will tike f 1 50 weekly. HA 6-2900 ZIG Z.G SEWING MACHINES- Left in storage; will tig ig without attachment: full factory guarantee: famous make; unpaid balance tii or SI 23 per wk. Call collect, CO 7-5420. GLOBE ADVS. PAY BEST TRY ONE AND SEE

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