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1Q CHANGE OF PACE MONDAY Clearing warmer. TUESDAY Increasing GUIDE TO FEATURES Child B'h'r 6 (Editorials 16 Serial 1 Comics 13-14 Cross-W'rd 13 Financial 20 1 Society ...19 Harriman .20 'Sports 8, 10-13 Culbertson 13 1 Low man .18 Deaths .20 1 Obituaries 20 Star Gazer 14 Theatres Twist'sr'm 15 W'm'n -1 cloudiness, chance of rain. Full Report on Page 2 Dix 18 Port 28 Dr 13 Radio-TV .13 Ret. V. S.

Pat Off. VOU CLX1X NO 149 Conyrisht '1956 By GLOBE NEWSPAPER CO. BOSTON, MONDAY MORNING, MAY 28, 1936 28 PAGES FIVE CENTS Ml fUl Jl IM! MM mm 7 o) rft r. Kellett Rev. 'Fx Rips icaa awrence ire Council Rebuke 4 $500,000 Loss in Main Building 2 Firemen Hurl in Groton Blaze as Walls Crash Says Youth 111, Not to Blame Councilors Back Sentence, Cite Medical Report A prominent Protestant minister and former State Prison chaplain yesterday denounced the Executive Council's decision to let convicted slayer Kenneth Chapin die in the electric chair.

New Big H-Blast by U. S. Reported Shock Waves from Bikini Area Recorded in Japan TOKYO, Monday, May 28 (AP)-The United States apparently set off another hydrogen blast at Bikini this morning, the Tokyo Central Meteorological Observatory reported at 1 p. m. The observatory's 15 guages throughout Japan reported atmospheric pressure waves similar to those caused by the hydrogen bomb blast dropped from an American bomber near Bikini May 21.

The pressure waves came from the direction of Bikini, the observatory said. The Atomic Energy Commission in Washington had no immediate comment on the The Tokyo observatory said papermen were on hand for the it at first could not pin down big May 21 air drop and a III III fllt- lf It 1 ill GRQTON, May 27 The main administration and classroom building on the Lawrence Academy campus was destroyed by fire late this afternoon just as baccalaureate exercises were ending in another building. Seniors, other students and teachers rushed to the three-story brick building, built in 1870, and managed to save some Rev. Howard P. Kellett, vicar school records, trophies, valu- RAPS CHAPIN VOTE Rev.

the Old North Church, as-able paintings and part of the Howard P. Kellett, vicar of Old sailed as "a great wrong" the North Church. FIRE WRECKS ACADEMY BUILDIN Bell tower, upper right, lying on its side, later toppled as flames ruined Lawrence Academy building in Groton. library before being forced out. Two firemen were injured when they were struck by bricks as a side and rear wall toppled with a tremendous roar.

School officials, while unable tonight to set a damage estimate, said it would cost over $500,000 to replace the building today. As a result of the fire late tonight the headmaster's house was without water supply and a dormitory for 30 boys and building housing the infirmary were without electricity. Among the hundreds who watched as the Ayer and Pep- Boat Hunted With 3 Men Near Cape A coastwise search was under way last night for three men aboard a 23-foot sloop believed blown off course by high winds which yesterday bat smaller test earlier in the month. But all have left They were only permitted to stay 30 days. The Tokyo observatory said atmospheric shock waves took' about hours to reach Tokyo after the May 21 blast If today's shock waves came from another Bikini explosion, the weapon was triggered about dawn at the Pacific atoll, allowing for time zone differences and travel time.

A supersensitive seismograph at the Matsuyo observatory recorded the May 21 blast as an earth shock only 12 minutes after the explosion: Earth shock waves travel much faster than atmospheric pressure waves. Tokyo observatory reported that seismographs recorded today's explosion at 3:22 a. m. the direction from which the pressure waves came, raising the speculation that Russia had set off a blast. Later the observatory said its gauges showed the source of the shock waves was in the direction of Bikini.

The shock waves lasted about 40 minutes today, the same length of time and the same strength reported after the May 21 explosion. The first shock waves were recorded in Yokohama at 6:11 a. m. (4:11 p. m.

E. S- T. Sunday). Tokyo felt the shock at 6:14. Th- United States has scheduled a series of hydrogen weapons tests during May and June at its Pacific proving grounds.

A small number of news- Barman Denies Casbah Arms Seized Nevada Slaying, From Veiled Women council's refusal to commute the Springfield youth's sentence to life imprisonment "It is upon all of us this judgment," Vicar Kellett said in a stinging rebuke from his pulpit. Chapin is due to die between June 1 and 9 for the September, 1954, murders of baby-sitter Lynn Ann Smith, 14, and Stephen Goldberg, her four-year-old charge. Rev. Mr. Kellett, until recently chaplain at the State Prison and a near-daily communicant with the gangling, 20-year-old killer, reaffirmed his belief that Chapin was not mentally responsible for the brutal crime.

"I have seen him steadily for the past 18 months, and I say as simply and directly as I can I have no doubt that he is a very sick young man and has been that way for many years," the Vicar told his Old North Church congregation. "I was shocked with the decision. Everyone I have talked with who are in prison work, and who have known this young man feel the same way," the former chaplain continued, CHAPIN CASE Page Five Held as Fugitive ALGTERS, May 27 (AP) -Thousands of battle- fire departments rushed dressed French troops ana special ponce swoopea aown today on Algiers' Casbah (Arab area) in an unprecedented raid for rebel suspects and arms. They seized a quantity of have been operating a secret arms, some of them concealed radio transmitter, beneath the white dresses of Lists of rebel leaders and veiled Moslem women, and de- organizations. partment were parents and relatives of the 56 members of the graduating class.

Headmaster Fred C. Gray late tonight had made no decision on whether final examinations would go on as scheduled tomorrow. ACADEMY FIRE Page Five tered New England yesterday. The sloop Frisky was reported missing on a routine voyage from Plymouth to Onset, a stretch hard hit by wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour throughout the day. Aboard the small craft were the owner, A.

J. Merkt, 43, of New Haven; Larry Smith, 25, of Hartford, and unidentified third man, all' of Connecticut The Coast Guard cutter Frederick Lee out of New Bedford was sent out along with a fleet of smaller Coast Guard boats to search for the Frisky. HIGH WIND Page Two Thirty bales of assorted uniforms. The search parties used mine Foreign Policy Issue Welcomed by Dulles MIDDLEBURY, May 27 A Nevada bartender, captured here in the investigation' of the strangle-slaying of a pretty Philadelphia today denied the murder and said he would return to Nevada voluntarily to clear himself. William E.

Boswell, 35, seized in a police trap as he tried to visit his wife, Arlene, 28, at her mother's home yesterday, told authorities Mrs. Anne Harris Van Ryne, 22, was alive when he last saw her. When arraigned before Addison Municipal Court Judge Samuel fishman on a fugitive charge late last night and asked how he wished to plea, Boswell said: detectors in ferreting out arms. They found some Moslem Ujj Montreal women naa conceaiea unuorrns be discussed," policy should Dulles added. iS.i Train Engineer or other forbidden neath their white tained 4480 Moslems for questioning.

All were released later except 522, detained as "supersuspects." The French sealed off the 16th Century Casbah, hitherto considered an inviolable refuge for Moslems, and held it in an iron grip for 18 hours. The raiding party of 6000 troops and 1500 special police swarmed through the dank recesses and twisting, narrow streets of the area. Searchers dresses. The uniforms were dresses. Ihe unuorrns were ri 1 French but bore rebel mark- UieS at LOntrOiS WASHINGTON, May 27 (AP) Secretary of State Dulles said today he will welcome "a pretty thorough airing of foreign policy" in the 1956 political campaign.

But he said he hopes the discussion will be kept on a high level "not just throwing dead cats around." Gasoline in Maiden Sewer Lines NEWPORT, May 27 TVio nennnfr rf a Rnstrm in Dulles defended some of his actions which have come under Democratic fire: FREQUENT TRAVEL ABROAD Dulles said it is "silly" not to use speedy modern air travel instead of "the ings and presumably were on their way to rebel forces in the hills. Helicopters hovered overhead throughout the day to aid the eround searchers. The Montreal express train died at J'hreaf ens Area With Explosion me controls as tne train leit 07 tv 'If you mean do I plead old-fashioned way of exchang ing notes" which might take guilty to murder, I sure don't" combed through the possessions Dulles, now vacationing on troops carried rifles and ma- Newport station at 6:20 tonight, chineguns. The five-car train was halted Lake Ontario, was interviewed a month and still not provide of some 50.000 Moslems and hv Renresentative K.eaiing, as e00d as a BOSWELL Page Four 6000 Frenchmen who have in with of New York, in a televi- brief face-to-face talk sion program. foreign leaders.

searching for leaks in the gas lines learned that the odor was not gas, but gasoline. They noti-. fied city officials, who quickly sent emergency crews of firemen and police into the Winnemere-st area. GASOLINE LEAK Page Four filtrated the area the CottllC Dictionary and police worked swiftly under mounting tension here this afternoon when it was discovered that nearly 2000 gallons of gasoline had leaked into the sewer sytem, threatening a ca-tastrophic explosion. As a result of an investigation of odor complaints to the Mystic Valley Gas Company, crews years, immediately through a safety device known as the "dead man's switch" when the engineer's foot left the controls.

ENGINEER FOREIGN POLICY HARD-OF-HEARING An affliction less distress "1 think it's a healthy thing that every four years foreign Page Nine ing than having to listen to some people. Page Two East, West Watch as Millions Vote in Sunny Italy ROME, May 27 (AP) Millions of Italians voted this sunny Sunday in 7694 local elections. The results will show whether Western European Littleton Freight Derailment Blocks Line During the search a Moslem was fatally shot when he jostled a soldier. The only other casualties were a policeman who was shot in the leg as he checked a captured rifle and a Moslem whose leg was broken in a jump from one terrace to another. This is what the raid uncovered: Hundreds of arms and thousands of shells and grenades.

A makeshift rebel propaganda printing press. French Communists who 2 N. C. Congressmen Lose; Refused Segregation Pact RALEIGH, N. May 27 shakeup of the state's Congres-(UP) Two of North Carolina's sional seats in years.

r-nneressmen who od- Both Representatives C. 1 posed the "Southern Manifesto" Deane and Thurmond D. Chat- democracy is losing ground to CiTTsromo Pnnrf Viam Inet ronnminatinn bids in nt court nam lost renominauon dius in line of co condemning Supreme Communism's new desegregation rulings conceded the primary, which is tanta-defeat today in the Democratic mount to election. But Repre-primary resulting in the biggest sentative Harold D. Cooley, existence and anti-Stalinism.

Both the East and West are watching for the final outcome, ovnoMoH latn Tupsdav nieht. iff i paign. uooiey is cnairman oi voting continues through Mon- the House Agriculture Com- day except in the Italian Tyrol mittee. and Sicily, where the polls Gov. Luther Hodges and Sen- ciosed tonight ator Sam J.

Ervin Jr. won oyer- vnTF5 whelming renommation bids hah vuita from Tar Heel Democrats. Page Four Hodges is the first North tJ Greek Minister Resigns Over Cyprus Issue ATHENS, Monday, May 28 (XJP) Greek Foreign Minister Spyros Theotokis resigned early today because of a dispute sz-i I Carolina Governor in more Baseball Results AMERICAN LEAGUE BOSTON 9. Washington 1 Washington 11, BOSTON 10 Detroit 8. Kansas City 2 Kansas City 5, Detroit 0 Chicago 5, Cleveland 4 Cleveland 4, Chicago 2 NATIONAL LEAGUE Milwaukee 7, Cincinnati 2 St Louis 11, Chicago 9 St Louis 12, Chicago 2 RED SOX TONIGHT At New York, 8 p.

m. (Sullivan vs. Ford). Radio WHDH. than 60 years who was eligible Most Boston Stores Open I 4.

Tonight, Thursday Night Boston department and spe- to succeed himself. He carried the solid support of the state's most powerful Democratic leaders. NORTH CAROLINA Pooe Ttuo cialty stores generally will be over his moderate approach to oDen tonient ana inursaay evening this week, and closed if iii on Memorial Day. SUNDAY SPECTACLE IN LITTLETON Derailed cars of Boston and Maine freight train block tracks as sight HOME DELIVERY IS CONVENIENT seers view wreckage. the Cyprus problem.

Theotokis submitted his resignation in a letter to Premier Konstantine Karamanlis. Informed sources said the Premier asked the Foreign Minister to quit because of pressure from leaders on Cyprus and pro-Cypnot forces in Greece. Theotokis said he believed his resignation would help solve the Cyprus problem. M4s ated service on the line will not be fully restored until late tomorrow afternoon. TRAIN WRECK Page Two Littleton from Mechanicville, N.

Y. A young woman who witnessed the derailment was reported to have suffered from shock and been admitted to LITTLETON, May 27 Fifteen cars of a 107-car Boston Maine Railroad freight train were derailed just east of the Littleton Depot this afternoon, fouling both east and west- 11 aasy to havt tht Globa, Morn, ing or Evening nd Sunday, delivtrtd to your homt if you livo in Metropolitan Boston. Eithar notify your local newsdealtr or call the Globe Circulation Dept. at V) I -Ag I Editions of tne I EVENING GLOBE a MAY 30 kJ Memorial Day Seven of the cars were loaded with coal, which spilled out over the roadbed in large piles. In addition to the 15 cars, two cars parked on a siding were toppled.

Boston Maine crews were dispatched from Boston to dear the tracks. A railroad spokeman estim 1. (V bound mainline tracks and Community Hospital Hospital LA3-2CQ0 officials declined to divulge her name and injuries, if ahy. He has been under heavy fire from pro-Cypriot forces for more than a month. They claimed that his moderate ap-I proach to troubles on Cyprus BUNDED SCOTCH WHISKY snarling communications.

None of the crew was hurt The accident occurred, about 4:30 p. m. as the ftoston bound freight was passing through CWct of fto Wfio Kmom I6. Proof by Dealer Everywhe Don't Takt a Chance Tiki 1 CHECKER Call that Famous number KEnmore, 6-7000 rim Place your Globe Classified ads by calling 2-1300 Globe ads are a certainty for best results. S.

S. PIERCE CO. have obtained no resuus. Until Sunday evening, Athens radio continued to announce that Theotokis, as Foreign Minister, would accompany the King and Queen on their state visit to France next Friday. iosto Checker Taxil-H PLACE YOUR ORDER now for a copy of the holiday MORNING GLOBE.

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