Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1891
Page 7
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K I How wretched is the man who has follea a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he_ is rather a forlorn specimen. * Do we pity him? Of course; but at the same time feel assured that in a measure he is to blame for the bad state into which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always reliable—just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Bead the testimonial, don't take our word for it: ''T have been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Liver, and have been in the kabit of taking from 15 to so grains of calomel, which generally laid me up for three or four days. 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Peara, Evil Thouihls, Varicocele, Losaes. glavery to nnmanly practices, nervousness, shrunken OrBans.-^all the^e are curable: I AIID uriu BnnlTI J* llstllel>tol J"' M" 11 ^ |OURMEW800K| fjg^-.^u™.. Had win a £fonopoti/ o/ Surc«««, KKO: MKDICAlTcO., BafTalo, M. T. Yon CANT HOOK HEALTH! CRISPI'S SUCCESSOR. Btrikintf Incidents in the Life of Marquis Budini. ruffcndto-. a*d Oft The Man Who Is Xow at the Head of th« Unhurt Government—A Figure of N'rttlonal Interest and Inter. national Importance. FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpid liver derangcs tlio \v£iolo »y»- tcm, and produces Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. There is no better remedy for these common discuses than TnttN Liver Pill*, as a, trial wUX prove. Price, S5o. Sold Everywliere. After many days of doubt aud of uncertainty the Marquis of Rudini has succeeded, thanks to Signer Nicotcra and his "fifth party," in forming- a cabinet which has some promise of stability. The alliance of the Marquis di Riidini, the chief of the riffht, and Sig:nor Nicotera, one of the darlings of the radical left, would occasion much astonishment and comment in other countries, but in Italy it is considered the most natural thing- in the world. Like Signor Crispi, says the New York Herald, the new prime minister is a Sicilian, and in common with him has all the. well-known, characteristics of the inhabitants of that "fervid isle." Still the marquis is considered much more of the "g-alant homo" than his predecessor. At all events hitherto his political activity has not maile him so many powerful personal enemies as has been the case with his fellow townsman from the soiith. The marquis is comparatively a 3'oungf man. Ue is about fifty-two years old, or more than a score of years Sig-nor Crispi's junior. lie is tall in stature, graceful and elegant in his carriage and remarkable for a beautiful blonde beard, of which he is not a little proud. The marquis beg-an his political career at an early age —when but twenty-seven the citizens of Palermo elected him their mayor. While filling- this office an opportunity to distinguish himself came, which Di Eudini did not fail to avail himself of. In 1S6C an insurrection broke out in Palermo. The Sicilians who were dismayed at the obligatory military service law, and who at all times had hated and dreaded the a teaspoonful cinnamon and a Beat the butter to a cream, a*d sugar and beat. To this add the whites and j oiks of the eg-g-s beaten separately. Add the seed and spices alternately with handfuls of the sifted flour. Bake two hours with steady heat.—Boston Budfret, —A serviceable tidy, or, as our English friends would say, an antimacassar, is easily made with satin ribbon, one or two in width, sewed into flat single rosettes, and joined together in a circle of three. The white lace of two- inch width is first sewed on one edge of the ribbon, and this is gathered to form a flat rosette. The. center maybe filled with a small plush ball or a series of yellow knots. When three rosettes have been finished, join together by the edges of the lace. This pretty trifle. may also be used for a lamp-shade. —"Having had linen scorched by careless ironing, I was glad to be told by a good laundress of the following remedy, which she says will remove scorch, provided the fiber of the linen is not really burned: Tie up an onion in a clean piece of muslin and beat it till til the juice is extracted; mix the juice with one ounce of fuller's earth in powder, a little .soap shaved fine and half a tumbler of vinegar. Let it boil together for an hour and when it gets cold spread on the stains and let it dry in. Then wash the linen as usual." —The warm night wrappers now made of soft wool stockinette are especially welcome in traveling on the ocean or across the country in winter. The wrappers made of blanketing are are also useful, and in cold nights, where one is uncertain of heat, may be worn over an ordinary cotton gown with comfort. They are also a boon to an invalid. The blankets to make these wrappers are to be found in a great variety of plain colors with striped borders, and in stiipes and plaids. The silvery gray blankets with pale blue borders are especially dainty and pretty. —Remove all skin and bone from the chicken, and then measure half a pound, using- all the white meat and only enough of the dark meat to make up the half pound. -The white meat, being dry, will absorb more sauce than dark meat The croquette may be made without the truffle. Measvire salt and spices level. A saltspoon is a quarter of a teaspoon. The cream sauce used with this is twice as heavy as that ordinarily used. Some add an egg to the croquette, after mixing it with the white sauce. The egg assists in molding the croquettes, but does not improve the taste.—Boston Globe. ADVICE TO WOMEN If you would protect yourself from Painful, Profuse, Scanty, Suppressed or Irregular Menstruation you must use NOTICE. BRADFIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR To lite Voter* o tl»e C'iiy port, Indiana, ol' .!;, A'dril :?i, Is.-;. This will certify that two member.-, of my iriimediiite family, after having r,ulV:;retl for V2;ira from ]Ucn»(ru»l Irrcu.'iijjrSiy, boin:: trusted without benefit by physician*, were at length complete] y c"ii*ec] bv cnu Lauio of .Wradlifld's female liest:'!ator, iia ejuct ia truly wonderful. J. V v '. S'i'HA:;ac. Book to " WCMA:; " mailed FREE, which contains valuable Information on all funmle dlsuxv.i. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO.. ATLANTA, GA. • -POJJ SALE EY AZL DXT7&GISXS. Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1875. '/. LE MAHQUIS DI EUBISI. flMlLLEHS w _ —=^-^* —~ _ ^ VEGETABLE Piedmontese, then in power, were incited to riot and rebellion by the partisans of the government which had just fallen. Baads of insurgents gathered together without the gates of the city, and as they grew strong and more numerous, set about sacking and pillaging the city. Finally the' marquis, with the few troops at his • command, was driven to take refuge in the city hall. Here, however, they offered a desperate and successful resistance to their assailants. This determined attitude stemmed the revolutionary torrent and saved the situation which had looked so dark and fraught with peril to the house of Savoy and the royal government. Finally reenforcements of royal troops came, and after a week of terrible house to house fighting Dj Rudini recaptured the town, and with great sternness, it was charged, put all the leading msiu-gents to the sword. The government, delighted with the young- mayor's daring and stubborn determination, immediately made him royal prefect of .the city. In 1869 General Menebrea, 'who was then president of the council, appointed the marquis minister of the interior. The new minister at that time had never been elected to the chamber of deputies or even assisted as a spectator at a sitting. The left attacked the new minister violently for the alleged acts of cruelty he had committed in repressing the rebellion. Jn defending himself the marquis was not particularly happy. He lost his head and finally was compelled to resign. Like Disraeli and many other great parliamentarians, the first orat'orial battle of tbe marquis was a terrible Waterloo. He was hissed out of the chamber. Since the deaths in such rapid succession of Minghetti, Leila and Lanza, the time honored . leaders of the right, Di Eudini has become a figure of national importance, and, with the downfall of Crispi, one of international interest. He has a large fortune and has but one pastime and pleasure— polities. HOUSEHOLD BREVITIES. Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess of oil has been removed, ia Absolutely Pure and it is Slohible. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons ia health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass, Of the Change in the UouiHlnriex or the Voting PrcciuetM or Said City, As Mailc by the Common Council at TlH'Ir Ke^ular (Sension, •Warcli IS, 1S9I. fhe voters ol 1 lie City ol 'Lowitisjiort, Cass County. Indiana, will hereby take notice thattlie following order vv;is made by the Common Council ot the City olLoRiinsiiort. Cass County, Indiana, at their regular session, Wednesday evening, March IS, Election precincts as formed In the CItv of Lo- Kansport;. Indiana: In accordance with an act of the. Legislature of the State ol Indiana, approved March 6. 1KS9, a j s ordered by the Common Council of the City of Lo- BJinsport, C;uss County Indiana: and they do now form and adopt the following voting precincts In tut- several wards oflhe City of Logiinsuuri, Ind. to Hi It asm. »DBOIU)E!)R5TSAI.VI»C IKILYM'JIC THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE r.A ILOiVS. Tba most. .APPKTIZrNO- ana WHO1 ilSOMB TKMPRRANCI^ DRIFTS i.n tbo world. Delicious and SporlcltoK. TBT Tt Ast your Drujjfiytss or Grocor Tor 1^ C. E. HiRes. PHILADELPHIA. It isn't done by others—that's why the guarantee of Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription should comrcand attention. It's a guarantee that means something. If the medicine doesn't give satisfaction, in every case for which it's recommended, tbe money is promptly refunded. Remarkable terms— b&t it's a remarkable medicine. All the functional irregularities and •weaknesses peculiar to womankind nre cured by it. For leucorrhea, periodical pains, weak back, prolap- sus and other displacements, bearing- dovp sensations, and all "female complaints," it's an unfailing remedy. It is a powerful, restorative tonic and nervine, imparting strength and vigor to the whole system. Try it, if you're an ailing woman. If it doesn't help you, you have your money back. As a regulator and promoter of functional action, at that critical period of change from girlhood to womanhood, " Favorite Prescription" is a perfectly safe remedial agent, and can produce only good results. WARD. Precinct No 1— All that territory embraced wlihln the following metes ;ind bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the nortwest corner of Syraimore and Ottawa streets, the.nce raining west along the north line of Ottawa street to Vine street, thence south. along the west line of Vine street to Miami street. thence west on the north line of Miami street to Plum street, thence north along the east line of Plum street to Bates street, theiice west along the mirth line of Bates street to Holland street, thence north on the east line of Holland street to the north boundary line of said First ward, and thence east along the north line of said ward to Sycamore. street, and thence south along the west line of Syciir more street to thff place of beginning. And It Is ordered thai the elections in said precinct be held In house on Ottawa street on die soutlnvest corner of lot 10, in C D. Dykemun's 1st addition to West: I ogan. Ill said ward. Precinct No. 2— A 11 ihatterrltory embraced within thelollon'tngmetesund bounds, to-wlt; Comment- Ingattheiiortlnvestcorner ot Ottawa and Sycamore streets, thence running south along the west line of Sycainure street to Chippawa street, thence west on the north line ol'Clilppaw.-t street to I 3 lum street, tlieuce south on th« west line of Muni street to Usage street, thenc- west on the north line of Osage and Wneatland streets to the Chicago branch of the Pittshurg. Chicago. Cincinnati <t 01. Louis Hallway, thence south along the line of said railway to the Peorla branch of said railway, thence west following the north line of said Peorla branch of said railway to the west limits of said ward, tlienue north to the line of the « abash and Erie .-anal, thence east along the line of the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Holland street, thence soutli along the west llneof said Holland street to Bates street, tbence east on the south line of Bates street to Plum. -nvet. thence south on Plum sweet to Miami street, thence cost along tbe soutli line of Miami sire; toVIaestreet. thence noith on the, east line of Vim- street to Ottawa street, thence east on south line ot Otuiwa. street to place of beginning And It Is ordered that tbe elections In said precinct be held In tbebuldllngon the sou hwest corner of the school house yard In said w-ard Precinct No.3— All that territory embraced within the Killowlng metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at the southnest corner of sycamore and Chip- Iiewa streets, tbem.-e running we>t on the south line ol Chlppewa street to Plum street, thence south on the, east line, of Plum street to Osage., then west on south Hue of Osage street to Wheatland street, thence west on south line of Wbeutland street to the Chicago branch of the Plttsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & rit. Louis Railway, thence south aluiig said railway to Market street. thei:ce east on the uorili line of Market street to Eel river, thence e;isterly along the north bank of Eel river, with the meanders thereof, to ihe place of beginning. And It is ordered tfjat the elections in said precinct be. held at tue engine house in said ward. PreciuctNo.4—AU that territory embraced wltMn thefol owl guides and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the western! the ol'Eel river bridge onHarket street In said ward, thence west along the north bank of Eel and Waba -h rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the west limits of said ward, i hence north to the south line of the Peuria branch of the P., C'.,C.&St. L.Huilway tlience east along the Peorfa branch of theP.C. C. & St. Louis Railway to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered tbilt the elections In said preclct be held In Uhi's cooper shop In said ward. tlieie.f.toapolnt opposite Tenth street, thence : south cussing said river to Kace street, i,,euc& "-. w.-ist along the north of Race street to Eighth • Mretf i hence south along the west line of Eighth •" street oHIgh stroet, and thence west along in" : jUuftt I." 6 °' ( , HlK ' ) "f" 18 ? to °*f » ] "ceo£ beginning Forest nUUs"^ th ^ br1 ^ oi"™'"'"'^)^'at "the J No 2.-A1J that territory embraced, within the following metes ;uid bounds, to-wlt Commencing at the corner of Seventh and High streets, thence running east on the south line -of High street to Eighth .street, thence north on the east line of Eighth street to. Eace street. th»nc« east on the wroth line or Race street to Twelfth street, thence south on the west line of Twelfth street to Broadway street, thence west on the north line of Broadway street to Seventh street and thence north ou the east line ot seventh street to the place, of beginning. And t Is ordered that the elections of said precinct be held ut the southeast corner or the school house lot, being Jot „![ TUitoii'H second addition to Logansjiort, in said Prec'nct No 3.-A11 that territory embraced nJlblnthe following metes and bounds, to-wlt- Commenctug at the southwest corner of Twelfth and Headway streets, thence running south on the west 1 ne, of Twelfth street to the Wabiish anc> lirle oiiKil bed, ihence west alone the 'he line of said canal bed to Seventh street, thence noitli on ea-si line of Seventh street to Broadway street, j,ul thonceeastcn south line of Braidway street to pace of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at Clem's liven "lable in said ward. Precinct No. l.-All that territory embraced within t he toliowlng metes and bounds, to-wif Commencing jit Eel river on- 'i welfth street.theucB running soiuh to Market slr,-et, thence eosi on north line of Market street to Sixteenth street, thence north on west line of Sixu-em.h street to the south bank or Eel river, and i hence west alontc the south bunk of Eel river, with meanders there- il, toihejjlewe of beginning. And It Is ordered hat. the ele. lions In said precinct be held In the front room over ureni's grocerv store, on Brojd- way street, in s:il(l ward. Precinct No. 2.— All that territory embracing within the following metes and buunris, to-wlt- Commi-iicing at the corner of Twelllh and Market sireeiu, thence running east on the. south line of Market street to Slxtee.j th street, thence souih on the west line of .sixteenth street to Sniead street ""•'"<•««•*•« on the north line of Saei.d street to rwelltb street, and th-nce north on e;ist llneot Twelfth stj-ec-t to the place of beginning. And ic s ordered that the elections In said precinct 6* held at the Filtwmh street eiulue house hi s.tid ward. Precinct Vo. 3.-A11 that territory finbraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt- Commencing at Eel river on sixteenth street, thence running soutli on east line of Sixteenth street to Market street, tlit-nce r-ast oil north line of Market utrei-t to JCIgbteenth str«-t, thenn« south on east line of Eighteenth street to Spear street, thence east on north line ot Spear street to the east II nuts of the city, thence north along the eastern limits of the city to Eel river, thence we*l juong south bank of Eel river to place of beginning. And ius ordered that the elections In said precinct be Held h, the office o£ the street c^r Dukling in .said ward. Pr.dnct No. 4-AII that t-rritory embraced within the following metes and bounds, t»-wjf Commencing at the corner of the VTabash.St.Loul!, and PiuJilc rallwaj- and Twelfth street,thence east alone .-aid railway to Seventeenth street, thence north on the east line of Sevmteenth street to thi» w abash and Erie canal bed thence west alone said canal bed to Sixteenth street, thence north cm east line of Sixteenth street to Market street thence oast on south line of Market street to tighthteenth street, thence south on west-Hue ot Eighteenth street to Spear street, thence east on south line of,-pear street to east limits ofcltv. thence south along the east liniits of said city to wabiish river, thence west along the north bank of the H abash river, with meanders thereof, to Tuelfth street, and thence north on o,:st Une of Twelfth streetrto I he place of beginning, jtndit is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held in ihe house now owned by Rudolph Berndt Xo G29 Seventeenth .street. In said wurd ' Prec.InctNo.5—All thatterritoryembraced.within the lollowjngmetesand bounds, to-v.'it: Commenc- Ingattheccraerof Twelfth aud Smead streets. 1 COUGHS AND COLDS* SSc. and 81. at all druggists. E,«&M$OIS, •-Proprietors, FBOV1DENCE.R.I. TBADEStlPPLIEDbyROSS GORDON LaFayctte, Ind. , - : For salebyB. F.,B.eesling : ,.;:.,' ; .•: ; —Graham Gems.—Two cups buttermilk, three cups graham flour, one ta- blajpoon shortening, one egg, two tablespoons molasses, one teaspoon soda, —Household. —Cele.ry a la Creme.—Boil the celery till tender and cut it in pieces. Stir a little cream over the fire, with the yolks of two eggs, and when well mixed lay in the celery. Season with salt, pepper, a very little mace and grated lemon' peel and shake it over the fire tin hot. It must not boil.— N. Y. World. —Kidney Toast.—Partially cook some kidneys in butter; remove the skin and any hard parts, and pound the remainder to a paste with the butter. Season with nutmeg, cayenne and a little mustard. Mix with this the yolks of two or more eggs, according- to quantity of paste. Spread on fried sippets of thin toast.—Household. —Eich Seed Cake.—Ingredients: One and one-quarter pounds of flour, one pound each of butter and fine granulated (or : pnlverized) white sugar, sis eggs, two tablespponsfulsCaraways«Beds,, : -FcrtiLLzJition of i'lants. Bees serve as active agents in the fertilization of plants, and are cot destructive in the least degree, says a writer. They are profitable, because they gather and store up that which would be entirely lost without their aid. They work in places that are rarely seen., and the fence corners and neglected spots ara often valuable pasture fields for them. Though regarded as resentful in nature, yet they can be cared for easily, for, like animals, they are conquered by kindness. ' Oelic.ous Mince Pi@ in 20 AMTT HEW ENGUKD In paper DOXCB; cnongh fortwo larfje pies. Al\7ays ready; easily Prepared. 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Mobley iind Clary's additions to the city of Logansport, thence north all.ng the west line of snjrt additions to the north limits ol' said ward, thence east uu tlie north line of said ward to Clifton avenue, thence soutli along the west line of Clifton avenue t>i Hiinnu street, thence southwest alunj; the north line ut Hanna streetto Pontlnc street thence south along the west line of i'onlia-street to the north bank of Eel river, tlience « est on the north bank of Eel river with tlie meanders thereof to a point opposite Fourth street to the place of beginning. Audit Is ordered tluit the elections In siiid precinct be held at what is now known at Schaefer's cooper shop In said wiird. Precinct No 2— All that- territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east ine of Fourth street to Broadway str-et, thence east on the north line of Broadnay street to Fifth street, thence sonth on east line of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie iiuuil bed, thence east along the north line of said canal bed 10 Seventh street. tliHice north on the west liiie nf Seventu street to Hluh sireet. thence west on the suutii line of High street to Sixth street, thence north on tile West line of Sixth street to Eel i ive-r, and thence west alone the south bank of Eel river with the meanders ti'creof to the plii e of beginning. And It is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at the North street engine bouse In said ward. PrednctNo J—All that territory embraced within the lemoning metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing nil the south bank of Eel river at the intersection with Ti.Ird street, ttience running south to Eel- Elver avenue, then e northeast along the south line of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, tlience south on the east line of Fourth street to Broiid- •OT.V street, thence east on the south line of Broadway streetto Fifth street, thence south on the, west line of Fifth street to Market street, thence west on the north line of. Market street to Eel Elver avenue, thence southwest on Eel Elver avenue to the Wabash river, and thence northwest along the south bank of Eel river, with the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning. And It Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at the township trustee's olllce in said ward. THIJtD WAKD. Precinct No. 1—All that territory embraced with In the following metes and - bnunds, to-wlt: Commencing at the corner of Kel Kiver avenue and Market street, the. ce running east to Fifth street, thence southeast to Oak street.theii' e ~outb along the west line of Oak street to Canal street, thence west along the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, thi-nce south on the west line of Fourth street to the WabasU river, thence west along the north bank of the Wii'iasS. river, with the meanders thereof, to Eel River avenue, and th'.nce no. th to the place of beginning. And it is ordered that th- elections in said precinct be held: at the old brick school house In said ward. .Precinct No. 2.—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and O:ik street, thence running e;ist, alone the south line- of the Waliash and Erie <Mnai bed to Twelith street, thence south alnng the west line ol Twelfth street to the Wabash river, them P west along the north bank of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof, to .Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street, to Canal street, thence ea t on Canal streetto Oak street, thence north on th» east line ot Oak street to the oiace of beginning. And it Is ordered that theelections in said precinct be held atliarrv Torr's olllce In said ward. Precinct No. S.— Ttie third precinct of said ward Is composed of all. thai part of said ward lying east ot the east line of .1. B, Shultz's third addition to Logansport and sout" of the Wabash river. Including Kiddie's Island. And it Is ordered that the election In said preclnctbeheld at Amans carriage trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said ward. them-e running enst on the soutli line of Sn-.ead street to Sixteenth street, thence- south on the west line of Sixteenth .street to the Wabash and Ene canal bed. thence east on the line of said canal bed to seventeenth street, thence south on west Uue or i^eventeenth streetto Wabash Railway, thence west, along said railway to Twelfth street, thence north, on the east line, of Twelfth street to the pla e of beginning. And It is ordered that the elections lii said precinct be held atwhat Is known as ToupS shoe shop In said ward. i he State of Indiana, She Comity of Cass, ihe City or Logansport, ss: I.JolmJ.Taggart, Clerk of the City oMogan sport, Indiana, do hereby certify that the above is j. complete- .-opy of the. proceedings of the Common Council of the City of Logansport, Indiana, at » regular session held in the council chamber of said cltyon Wednesday evening March IS, lt-31, relative tuthe establishing of votingprecincts for the various wards coin prising the City of i ogansporf, Indiana, as the same appears of record in my office 1 Witness my hand and the seal of the Clrj- of Lo gansport, this 19th day of March, 1691. [&BAL.] JOBNJ.TAOOART, Clerk City of Losaiisport, Indiana: Ladies $500, Reward. Dr. Anderson's English Female Regulating Pills are tbesBfest and most reliable Glvs them a trial and tie convl ced. At .Drug stoie or by mall, post-paid per box SMiO, 3 boxes lor, £2.50. Jioka IHrdlcine Co., Toledo, O. For sale In Logansport, Ind.b.fBen Fisher, No 511 1'ourtli Street, Mention paper. fel>19d&«3m Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For tbe purpose of introducing my work to'the musical j.eople or Logansport I liave reduced my price lor tuning Plai.os, &!.5Q to S1.50. I-aJso keep on band a ft 11 suj.pl> ol repairing material. Pianos repousfied, restxunK, new uammers, rone regulated, action rewalte.d, tlie touch changed ueavj or lig 11. FIrstrc] ass work. S3 years experl- ence. Orders by mall or lelt at Allen Slchard- son,s, 4H fourth Street- Organs as above. marlldSm w. D. CAPBOK. THE GEHTLEMAN'S FRiaU Onr Malydor Perfection Syringe rree wjtfa Oottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures GonorrhcMt »D<1 Oleet in 1 to 4 day*. Ask your Druggist iflr it. Sent to any address for 81.00. AddrcM »«U.YDOR MANUF'G CO.,LANCASTER.0. JOSEPH filLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PAflls EXPOSITION, 1889. MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Do YotI test: or Speculate' —IN— , A STOCKS, BONDS, / GRAIN AND PROVISIONS ? If so, tr^f witu.a reliable firm who have bod ten yeare experiimco, and are members of the Chicuca Board of Trurlo and Stoek Exchange. Who <io business strictly on Commission. Refer to Illinois Trust and Savings BanK, Chicago. C. A. WHYLAND & CO. * IO Pacific Ave. - Chicago, Ills. We send fre 5 of cb_arr<e onr Daily Market Kepor» ird Circular on application. 'merest allowed on monthly balances. I CURE RUPTURE *elicf fo 1O.OOO Testimonial',. ffamePaper, POt'ETE Precinct ?\ T o. 1.—All tht> territory embraced wltli- in tbe following inetra unS bO'mr]ti.*t»-wir,: Commencing ut the comer ol Sixth ttud liish stre« s, thence running north on Contliic srreet to Haiiim street, thence- enst on the south line of Hanmi street to Clifton avenue, thence north on the ensi line ol Clifton a 'etiua to the ward boundary Hue, •hen;e-east -do ig the wa'd bouudan- Hue to east, liiniisof said: ward, Uience southeast 'Upngtlie -line ot said ward ,T.«,'Eei.'rlver.'thencB,west-alo"g. ''- DR. HORNE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured IQ.OQo Rnptures Jn 15 Yearg. "I suffered with a rtouljlo rupture 5 years. .To'iir.Elec- tric Truss enroll me in 3|& months. ,7.G. PHILPOT." Sept. 24, '90. . • CLattanooea, TCDE. "Tonr £l"ct"Ie.Trnwt cured inj'.rnptnre after snftorlnit * 15 years. MBS. A.DOTJGHTIV' Absecon, K..J: Oct. 6,'W. •lam cumd s'onnrt ariclwell by wcnrlne jour Electric Truss. E/HARrav." Davis,City, low, .Aug.aVflO. .Tiieonfr irenutrto J3lt'pr.Ho Trltiit'nnd'^BcIt.

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