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8 THE EL PASO TIMES-EI Paso's HOME Newspaper MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1934 LEGAL NOTICES News Of of Georgia Hammell for the sum of LOST AND FOUND LOHT Saturday night a pair of tortolf whell rimmed gfseiHfl. Reward, M4 852W. LOST Female Boston bull. AnBwerg to name of "Jcannlc." Reward. R183H.

1718.72 laa a credit of 179.21. 411 of such auma carry intereat and coata of Pickup Of Copper Buying Encourages Metal Market; Foreign Price Advances suit. MNKET FACES NEW WEEK Wl CHEERFUL OUTLOOK The Great Southwest Given under my hand, thta 13th day of October, 1934. CHRIS P. FOX, Sheriff of Et Paao PERSONALS County, Texaa.

Abilene, Texas, Oct. 28 (AP). The West Texa Cotton Growers' iy ti. ck.iw nmu, ueputy. By CHARLES F.

WILLIS, Kditor Association, operating in a 100-mile radius from Abilene as an affiliate Mexican Divorces Protected from different analea comply and Senators Ashurst and Haydcu and Hepresenlatlve (irecinvay have filed written protests against the NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE The fitate of Texas. County of El Paso. By virtue of an Plurles Exerutlon Is The Mining Journal, Phoenix Arnonn The pickup of copper buying, both of the American Cotton Cooperative Association, closed its first season last July I. Today the association announced it will declare its firs) ing with latest doctrines of American an! sued out of the honorable Hlxty-fiftb inclusion of copper among the com ibnnestic and abroad, has been en District Court of El Paso County on the patronage dividend Nov. 15 of 80 cents a bale to all members who de- Mexican court ileclatona.

Absolutely 1-aal; $80.00 eovera everything. Frederics Mcnos. 701 Caplea Bide. El Paso. Texaa niodities to be discussed, and pre 4th day of October, 1934.

by the clerk couraging. The forcigir price has ad iivered cotton to the association direct and to members who fixed the thereof, in the case of Julian P. Harri, son versua Ramon Tellea. No. 3S022 and sented the reasons why it should not be considered.

vanced somewhat to ti.C7.r)(aG.725c elf Yellow Cab Fleets Identify El Paso As A Modern City When the stranger arrives in Kl price of their ten-cent loan cotton and placed it in the fixation pool. to me, as jtherlff directed and delivered, I will proceed to sell, within tha hours The hearings before the Commit base ports. The domestic price re A dividend will also be paid to prescribed by law lor Sheriff' Hales, Juarez Divorces Legally rotten, are quick, quiet, safa. Beware of cheaper fraudulent kind. TEXAS-MEXICO LAW OFFICES AMERICAN LAWTER DIRECTOR El Psan Natl Bank Blda.

non-profit cooperative or society on (he First Tuesday In November, A. D. mains at OJflc fob Conn. Volley. Lead upholstery, rugs, number of similar 1934.

It hems th ftth rikv nt month for automobile burlap and for a purposes. tee of Bcciprocal Tariff Information, headed by Thomas W. Page, is to he held on October 29, while all gins on the number of bales de before the court House door of aald El purchasing has quieted after the good livered to such gins by the associa Paso he knows he is in a modern city Paso County, In tha City of El Paso, the ioiiowina; ueacribeu real property aituated briefs and documentary evidence tion, said V. A. Taylor, manager.

OUR 7STH TEAR LIFE JUBILEB dna iust as soon as he sees the Yellow Cabs, according to Maxey Curr and in Kl Paso county. Texaa. to wit: buying period which advanced the prlre to f.1.70 fob New York and zinc buying has Improved causing a price Taylor said six to gins and All the right, title and Interest of were to be filed by October '22. The committee does not make public the from 2000 to 25IH) members in both uamon Tellea In and to: Lot Six (6), Block 31. Uaasett'a Addition, El Paso, El T.

I'. Sanderson, Jr who operate the Yellow Cab Company, commodities which arc to be dis classes will share in the dividend, Pnso County. Texaa; Contract Awarded For NeiV Postoffice (Special to The Tlmea.) Silver City, N. Oct. 28 Con next Oct.

20. Bow to attain to lon( palnleaa life and death, secret by fret evangelistic tracta. red hearts book mark mailed for silver operatint address Mr. ff. floranson.

pro moter welfare. 1526 Madera atraet. El Paao, Terj. Lots 2b and 26. In Block 20.

Lincoln "Wc find that so many Iil Paso and payment is to be ill addition to Park Addition, El Paao, El Paao County, cussed. It is known, of course, that Belgium has an enormous surplus of all other settlements previously Texas; folks think we only operate the fleet of Yellow Cabs. This we do and ef Lota Flva (5) and Six (. In Block hike from M.8IJ to fob Kast St. Louis.

Zinc, however, might more correctly be quoted at tf3.80 to W.85 as there is still some metal available at the lower figure, although but a made, tract for the construction of the 35, Magotftn'a Addition, Kl Paso, El ficiently, but that is only part of our Paso County. Texas: copper, produced by government controlled mines, hence It would be 18. 19, and 20. In Block 36. Ma- Read AH The Latest Books AT 2 AND 3 CENTS A DAY JUNIOR LEAGUE LIBRART Hotel Paso Del Norte Hours to I Depression Forces coffin'a Addition, EI Paao.

El Paso Silver City postoffice has becu awarded to R. E. McKee, El Paso contractor. When actual work on the structure will Ixgln Mr. McKee much to their advantage to find a County.

Texaa: small amount. Any orders for sub market, as there is no adequate nut Lota 1. 1. and S. In Block 4, Orchard Mexican Repatriation Park Addition.

El Paao, El Paso County Madam Rio Texas; was unable to say. A representative Larcd, Tex, Oct. 28 AP). I'n- let at present. Furthermore, they are able to produce this copper in Africa at a cost of less than 5 cents Lota 10 and 11.

in Block "1" Military Buslnesa and personal adviser. Free complete reading with each SOo boroacopa. able to cope with economic condi Height Addition. El Paso, El Paao of the treasury department will be here soon to look into the matter. 1011 Montana Hours to t.

lilias County. Texaa; tions prevailing in the United States, per pound, hence might be willing bus to door. stantial tonnage, even from regular customers, would have to be placed at the higher figure. The buying wave which advanced the price of lead put the producers in much easier coirditlon as a good tonnage was sold in a few days and a quiet buying period is not to be ex Levied on, on the 13th day or October. thousands of Mexicans are swarming 1934, as the property of Ramon Telles MEXICAN AND AMERICAN LAWYER.

to make concessions which would to satisfy a Judgment amounting to back to their homeland. JOSEPH MATER, tit Kb. FKACTIf K. It I N. Mesa.

Abdno El Paso, Tax. 11.477 93, with Interest, less a credit or permit them to operate at a highei capacity and thus keep costs down. Repatriation of these unsuccessful By OTTO E. SU KM United I'nesa Financial Writer New York, Oct. 28.

A picture of the country's bankers and new dealers "playing lmll" lor Old Glory cheered Wall Street at the start of the new neck on the stock exchange. The rapprochement of the administration and the hit; money interests was unfortunately timed laM week, coming in the midst of an oil price war, the American I.egion demand for an immediate cash soldier bonus and numerous unfavorable earnings reports, and so its immediate market effect was nullified. Increased Trade Hopes. But It raised hopes of a growing pickup in business, primed with increased credit. Stocks naturally oiild respond in time and the big potential demand that is believed to lie underlying the market pending a clearer outlonk would come out of its shell.

The immediate prospect, according to most observers. Is a period of "ciinsolidation," or narrow price niovcinenls in quiet trading. Views on the next major movement were mostly hiillish. Most of the third quarter tarn-inns statements by big corporations, which were a drawback on the market last week, are out of the nay. The oil price war Rives signs of breaking up.

Saturday prices were moved up in Texas and the government pushed its campaign against "imt" oil producers. Ouiet accumulation of the better giade dividend-paying stocks has been Ruing on even in reactionary sessions, which Is taken ns another sijjn of long-term bullishness. The market steadied at the end of last week after the sharp setltaek from Wednesday's rise. Hail Outlook heerful. 17.10, In favor of Julian P.

Harrison and business. "We make a specialty of organizing sight seeing parties and have been instrumental in bringing many lurge parties to Kl l'aso who otherwise would not have stopped over. "Checking baggage from the home to the traveler's destination is another specially of ours No trouble or bother. After the ticket is bought just let us know and wc will attend to checking the baggage. "All our drivers arc bonded, are men of families and most of them are home owners and tax payers.

In the 12 years we have been operating here in Kl Paso we have never had a better organization or equipment than now." MEXICO DIVORCES coata of suit. emigrants entails largely their find The reciprocal trade treaties which Given under my hand, thl 13th day of Oldest reliable firm. Free Information. Suite S12-A Caplcs El Paso. Texaa, pected for a while.

The buying level ing livelihood in Mexico as agricul October, 1934. have been authorized by Congress Bumper Apple Crop Picked In est Texas Fort Davis Oct. 28 (AP). Apple money is flowing into Jeff Davis County as a full crop Is being har turists, either as independent farm CHRIS P. FOX.

Sheriff of El Pao and which are mow in process of ers or farm laborers, for other In Divorces In Mexico FREE- INFORMATION County, Texaa. negotiation, are a potential threat was found at and the price promptly snapped back to 3.B5 and then 1X70 with the placing of orders. The tonnage purchased for dustries In the southern republic RyR. E. CRAWFORD.

Deputy against every tariff-protected com NOTICE" OF SHERIFFS SALE 70-T- Mills Bid. El Paso. Texaa, cannot absorb them. vested in the Davis Mountains. Culls modity in this country and inasmuch IF TOU DON'T see what yoo want la The State of Texas, County of El Paso.

Since the break of the depression are selling from 40 to 65 cents a October delivery Is over 35,000 tons, which indicates better business for By virtue of an Order or Sale in Tax bushel with the truckers helping Tha Times Classified section, advertise for It. The oost la small and tba results ara big. Just pbona Main and ask for Ad-Taker. Suite issued out of the honorable Forty in 1029, there have been successive waves of Mexicans recrosslng the border, seeking a living in their consumers. gather and load them.

first District Court of El Pnso County as the State Department is headed by Cordcll Hull, known to lean far towards free trading, it is something that has to be carefully watched and prompt, forcible steps taken when necessary. on the 25th day of September, 1934. by The C. H. Bird orchard, said to be REPAIR YOI'R homa with F.H.A low the clerk thereof, in the case of the City While the increased demand for lead docs not necessarily reflect other I liar stocking up, it is generally felt the largest in the stale, has around of El Paso, Texas, veraua Frank original homes.

About two years ago the "back to movement Interest money. PKTF.RSON l.l-MBKR 1630 Texaa. Alderete. No. 40813.

and to me. as 4000 bushels hanging on the trees. snerirr directed ana delivered, 1 win SHORT OF fundsT 8ea us. Lota of money. that it means a greater polumc of proceed to sell, within the hours pre reached a peak, then abated for a lime, but now it has again swelled Barnett's.

Jill E. San Antonio. business being done by the con scribed by law for Sheriffs Sales, on The orchard sold as high as 1000 bushels a day after recent high winds had blown culls on the YOU NO COUPLE Best reference, want the First Tuesday In November, A. heavily. sumers, it is felt by some that the 1934, It being the 6th day of aald month.

care of apt. house for apt. rent. C-US, Times. before the court house door of aald El Paso County.

In the City of El Paso, the government's housing program has stimulated the demand for paint and other lead products and that this ground. The crop is the first full one in four years. Credit Association following described real property aituated STAGE-TRUCK LINES Chickens Dressed Cleanly Specialty Of Produce Firm The cleanliness wilh which a chicken is dressed has much to do with the future of the firm doing the dressing, according to Mike Saab, manager of the Saab Produce Company, 2(1(17 Alameda Avenue. For this ieaoii Mr. Saab, in bis five months in business here, pays much atten In El Paso County.

Texas, to wit: Lots 1 ana 2. Block 2. Mundy Heights Is now beiirg felt by the producer. WHEN VISIT1NO world famous Carlsbad Addition to the City of El Paao, in El Paso County, Texae. Increased buying Abroad.

The increase In copper buying LEGAL NOTICES Levied on. on the 2Bth day of September, 1934, sa the property of Frank G. Alderete. to satisfy a Judgment abroad has been marked. No definite NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE ndvices were obtainable as to the The State of Texas.

County of El Paso. amounting to f3.R10.76 with Interest and costs In favor of the City of El Paso. Texas; and to aatlsfy a Judgment Cavern extend your trip to Carlabad. homa of Carlsbad Cavern and potash mining; center of America. Free bathing: beach, miles of water for boating-and fishing.

Return to El Paso through beautiful Pecos Valley to Roswell. Rul-doso and Mescalero Indian reeervatlon. Stop overs anywhere. For Information Phone Greyhound But Depot, or writ PAOEWAT STAGE LINES, CARLSBAD. NEW MEXICO.

reason for tha decided increase in By virtue of an Alias Execution issued foreign purchases of 'copper and it amounting to the sum of 11,154.15, with Hbes Capital Stock (Special to The Times.) Midland, Oct. 28. Capital stock of the Midland Production Credit Association recently has been increased from $180,000 to 8200,000 according to L. Layne, acting secretary and treasurer of the association. Layne said the association is doing business in ten counties.

Midland, Howard, Glaseork, Heagan, Upton, Crane, Winkler, Ector and Andrews. Interest and costs, In favor of The State of Texas. was thought possible that It may have Ih'CH induced to some extent bv the out of the honorable Forty-first District Court of El Paso County on the 12th day of October, 1934. by the clerk thereof, In the case of C. F.

Garrett, et versus Carloa Maynes. et No. J8075, and to me, as sheriff directed and de Given under my hand, this 1st day of October. 1934. STARS SAY For Tuesday, October 30 By GENEVIEVE KEMBLE ACCORDING TO the lunar actlvl-ties on this day there may be a very lively and progressive as well as hb-presslve state of affairs, which should hav favorable trends in the direction of Increased business or finances but which hold a baneful reaction hi employment or In the good graces of those In power and authority.

Too ardent or agitated attack of such affairs may prove a negative force. Those whose birthday It Is may Ing- and Interesting- excepting in the Une of employments, which seems to harbor some disappointing or unhappy angles. expect a very lively and progressive year with affairs generally flcurish-A child born on this day should be energetic, progressive, ambitious and practlcnl as well. NotabU nativity: Whitelaw Reid, diplomat and publisher. CARLSBAP CAVERN COACHES report that Jugoslav ia'had created a "dangerous" situation by the concen CHRIS P.

FOX, Sheriff of El Paso County. Tesaa. livered, I will proceed to sell, within PHONE1 MAIN 115b tion to this part of bis trade. Buying eggs and poultry from val-by glowers Mr. Saab caters to the local trade exclusively, and has built up a fair size business in the short time he has been here.

At the present Mr. Saab is looking forward to the Thanksgiving season when he expects to do a good business in locally raised turkeys. Bv R. E. CRAWFORD.

Deputy. the hours prescribed by law for Sheriff's Sales on the First Tuesday In November, A. 9S4. It being; the 6th day of TRAVEL OPPORTIES LEGAL NOTICES aald month before the Court House door of said El Pao County. In the City of BIRMINGHAM, AI.A..

take drive, sharg u.i l'aso. the louowinK described real property situated in El Paso County. expenses. Leaving Nov. Ird.

817 N. Oregon St. FUNERAL DIRECTORS CAKS WANTED. Passengers wanted for Texaa, to wit: All the right, title and intereat of Carloa Maynes, F. R.

Fernanda, D. W. Peak'Hagedon share expense trips, dally, everywbera. MARTIN TRAVEL BUREAU. LI-ENSED.

BONDED. 11 ban Francisco 8L MM1 Ml of the latter funk place in the HI minutes from announcement of the District of Columbia Supreme i. niirt's ruling on the railroad retirement act anil the closing gong on the stock exchange. In that time, IMii.IMhi shares changed hands, mostly rails, at rapidly rising prices. The ruling, railing the act uncon-smutinnal, will, if upheld in the Supreme Oiirt, as is probable, save the carriers for the next live years anil a bigger sum they would have had to shell out thereafter under pension system set up by the Inter tale Commerce Act.

With the government committed to aiding the more distressed carriers, the outlook grew little more cheerful for the rails and these, according to most Wall Street opinion, will have to have a little boost before the rest of the market can go places on the upside. l'ernnnnez and Lu H. Fernnniles In and to: The East One-halt (E) of Lot Nineteen (19), and all of lot Twenty (20), In Block Numbered Ninety-three (93), Franklin Heights Addition to the FUNERAL HOME TWO gentlemen (one doctor), return City of El Paso. El Paao County, Texas. ing; New Tork.

drive share, urenen-t'lala. Box C-S04, Times. Will be at Times office In person at noon. Feed Shortage Hurts Turkey Growers San Angelo, Oct. 28 (AP).

The turkey crop in this section of West Texas ill be 50 per cent short this winter. It is estimated, due to small feed crops and few insects. Co-operative poultry marketing associations expect to ship about half as many birds as last year. Shipments ill be made both for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Hartford Mortuary Main 197 i.eviea on, on the 13th day of October. 1934.

as the property of Carloa Maynes. F. K. Fornandea. D.

tV Fernandas and L. R. Fernandea to satisfy a Judgment a follows: In favor of S. O. Pottorff.

MALE HELP WANTED KARTER ft MAXOX Indian Medicine Man Favors White Man's Cure Receiver of the First National Bank of EI Pnso. Texas, for th aum of 1.114.T0 FUNERAL services for Mrs. Bessie An lesa a credit of 134.68: In favor of C. F. Save Money Every Day By Eating At The COTTAGE Tavern Here's How in.

nnirivfAlIT 10c Washington IT). Miguelita, 'be Garrett for the aum of lesa a credit of In fnvor of Park Bird-well for the sum of less a credit of In favor of Lovle HasjMl for the oum of 1150.81 less a credit of 139. SS; In favor of C. A. Hunslker for the aum lieved to be the oldest living Navajo tration of troops along the Hungarian-Jugoslavian froirtier.

Another reason given is that the proposed meeting in this country of important foreign producing factors, may result in some understanding between them on controlling production ami regulating prices and thai this possibility irnyr have induced foreign consumers to place orders now at what arc exceptionally low price levels. Foreign news sources have been conspicuously quiet of late about foreign curtailment of production. It appears that the whole-hearted cooperation of certain Important world producing factors cannot as jet be counted upon and that other sources willing to participate in such a program seem to have shelved the plan for the present at least. The larger buying abroad has been reflected iirto the I'. S.

market, as this country lias liecn participating in the export business. The Orient lias been the largest buyer of U. S. copper and both Knglaud and France have been taking substantial tonnage. One observer of the copper market, who has kept charts and records over a burg period of years, has made the observation that the Orient is regularly the first to sense a change in the market for the lcttcr and usually bought large tonnage before the rise took place.

Continental consumers have been a close stcoird anil that American consumers usually Orange Juice. Hot Cakes. Maple Syrnp. niodicine man, is satisfied with 'white man's medicine." Hunters Fewer of S347.S1 lesa a credit of I3S.33; In favor of Mary L. Ooodwln for the aum of less a credit of 151.10; In favor tiuiter, holier.

15o PLATE LUNCH 16c Hamburger Hteak. Potatoes, Coffee. Apple Pie Miguelita, native of (Jaimilo, drews 30, of Altura Uoulevard who died Saturday night at a local hospital, will be held thla afternoon at 4 o'clock from the chapel of Ksb-ter A Maxon with the Hev. L. I.

Evans officiating. Interment will be In Evergreen. Mrs. Andrews la survived by her husband. F.

Andrews, her father. J. II. Jonz of El Paso; Tal Jonx of Chicago, asd J. P.

Jons her father, J. H. Jons of El Paso. She Is also survived by four brothers. C.

B. and J. H. Jona of El Paso. Tal Jonx of Chicago and J.

P. Jona of Wichita Falls. Texas, also by three sisters, Mra. Green Waggoner and Mrs. Anna Lea Parker of El Paso, anil Mrs.

Bob Owens of Breckenrldge, Texas. El Paso Welders Make Art Of Trade The work of a welder Is still an art. New metals and new combinations of metals are being used in the manufacture of machinery, requiring of the acetylene and electric welder knowledge of metals which has to be kept up to the minute in order to properly fuse his materials in strong, unbreakable bonds. Such knowledge and artistry Is found at Turner's Welding Shop at 1204 Texas Street, where work is being done on intricate parts of coin machines, on auto parts and even the handling of huge tractors, mending breaks that have come through accident or weakened metals. Much of the work at this shop now is on radiators.

Drivers are checking their car cooling systems looking forward to an exceptionally cold winter here, l.eaky radiators in cold weather are more quickly frozen and the damage can be prevented by checking this important part of the ear before the rold spill hits, Mr. Turner said. In Siker City Area (Special to The Times.) luu practiced the red man's medicine Expert Welding RADIATOR REPAIRING WHEKL ALIGNING ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED for .54 years. He recently visited the Soup, Salad. Choice 6 Meats.

Vegetables. n-tl. Siller P.ilv 0t Vft capital with 21 Navajo, Pueblo and the big game hunting season opened! Ilopi Indians. The COTTAGE Tavern OPPOSITE EI.LANAT THEATER However, when anything happens SAAB PRODUCE CO. 2907 Alameda Avenue Fresh Killed Poultry-Fresh Eggs Phone 1199 for Prompt Service here Thursday, fewer hunters than usual were on hand, The Silver City Turner Welding Co.

BOT with bicycle for evenings. Apply to him, Mijiuclita said, 'J go to big hospital. I think a whole lot of 1204 Texas St. zanp N. Mesa; nul va Fl 1K A MI1N KV Main 3031 Knlerprise says.

A check of advance PEAK-HAGEOOS sales of licenses in local stores Slightly used, thuroughly cleaned, sulta. white man's medicine." overcoats, trouper. .104 y. l'aso. He believes he is somewhere in the EXPERIENCED salesman, sell Detergent showed license issues were far below those of last year.

Big game is plentiful this year, hunters report. to buildings, institutions, etc. APPiy Bnymon Krupp Producta corner 2nd and Leon. neililMii liooil of 0.1. His delegation had no complaints' to make to Secretary of Interior Harold L.

Irkes in regard to conditions in the west. MEN If you don't find your position la MAIN 3500 HlK lltxlirlnss fitnrteons TAXI SERVICE BVI.fiMIK (1IM ht ll THOU HOME Til 1)11 ISA I YELLOW CAB CO. EARL CRABER, age 58, died nt his residence Sunday morning. He Is survived by hia wife, Mrs. Bessie Craber of Kl Paso, two sisters Mrs.

Laura Hnrtinan and Mrs. Ralph Kwlng, Llg-snler. two brothers. W. J.

Crsber. Swlssvnle. and Frank L. Craber, Mont Rose, Calif. Services will he held In the Peak-Huge Inn Chapel, 2:30 p.

m. Tuesday. Rev. WIs-tnr R. Smith officiating.

Interment will be in Hestlawn Memorial Tark. Fibre Plant tha help wanted column toaay, piaca situation wanted ad In Tba Times. A 11-word ad Inserted for 1 days will COMPLETE COURSE IN COMMERCIAL TRAINING STENOTTPB SI10RTT1ANII BOOKKEEPING SPANISH T1 PIXG INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE BIXMENTRAI. BLHO. MU47 coat yoo very little.

Don't wait. Begins Operation College "Prexy" Pedals MAN WITH car to take over established products route, Address jimes. oos come in at the tail end. HARTFOHO MORTUARY Bike" To Flying Lessons Oambier. O.

(IT). If anyone here STATION attendsnt with fol Guaranteed 100 Per Cent New No Further Announcements. Although it was thought that sev $3.45 lowing and luhricullng experience. (Special to The Times.) Deming, N. Oct.

28 A plant for the processing of Yucca fiber now Is In operation here. New special machinery has been installed In the plant, which will be expanded later. The fiber is used was nt first skeptical about how C-203. Times. eral curtailment announcements WILL INTERVIEW I men for months long lr.

William Foster Pierce, pres Western BATTERIES FI'NEHAL services for Dona C. Lenx, who passed away at her residence, 7l4 N. Mesa Ave. Haturdav evening, will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Hartford Chapel. She Is survived by her husband.

Albert 8. Lens and one sister, Mrs. Nettle Stout of Crawford. Okie, Burial will be In Evergreen cemetery under direction of Hartford's. Firm Guarantees Rebuilt Car Tires A guarantee on reconstructed tires but pone on new noes'is the policy of the Huntington llnbber Company, liiDfl Texas Street, according to (1.

V. McC.arter, local manager. ident of Kenyon College, would keep special work In and arouna cuy. for permanent connection If qualified. Apply Mr.

S'-hwInn, SOI First Nstl Bk. would be forthcoming after the shutting down of the l.bino branch of Nevada Consolidated, a Kennecutt subsidiary, nothing further has been HUNTINGTON TIRE CO. 1600 Texas St. on mime lug hiryclo daily to the school's I ing field for aviation lessons, he can cast aide doubts now. With apertally made lnatrnments we are enabled to return yoat wattb regulated the some any CORRECT TIME 117 North Stanton.

'4104 CERTIFIED WATCH MAKER FEMALE HELP WANTED Student have witnessed Dr. Pierce, FLORISTS done, although it is known that meetings have Ihcu held discussing the WOMEN If yoo tin your posi rfciond oldest college proxy" in the adv liability. I nited States, daily pedalui" his Jerry's Kitchen 1013 North Piedras The One Restaurant at Five Points Where Real Home Cooked Food Is Served. Come in and try it! tion in tna neip visits coiumn luim? placa a situation wanted ad In Tba Tlmea. A U-word ad Inserted for I days will cost yon very little.

Don't wslt 'hike" to the field ever since the school win established lii-t spring. The desire not to antagonize labor this time by decreasing employment and the view that curtailment of production prior to the November ANTED American woman for general Recently, he passed an examination "The reason for this," Mr. McC.arter said, "is that we know absolutely what our reconstructed tires will do, how long they will stand up, while any new ones we sell are job lots picked up to fill In on sizes. We arc not acipiuinled with the performance of these tires o.ulte so well as with our own." The bulk of the tires told by the housework. Can live on place or go home nights.

Addresa Post Office Box 99. nit i si lt him a student pilots license. We Rebuild Shoes OVERLAND SHOE SHOP 308 North Stanlqn St. "Right Across From th Post Office" elections might operate to the dis- HILTON FLORISTS Ml 78 Can supply your every floral need In the most modern, artlstlo manner. Corns sea the NEW FLOWER STYLES I PALM'S FLOWERS Ooraeoua ROSES and chryaanthemuma.

R41 Magoffin, OP posl eC 1 1 yla rket. Mil. TAYLOR'S Bouquets, spraya, wreathe. to. Delivered, till Wyo-nlnc MM18 VINSON FLORISTS -o'geoua Tall Flowers.

All Varlettea -B0 Wyoming Mnln 27 BOLTON'S Quality Foods. Low Pricei Open 24 hrs. per day. 08 E. San Antonio.

Main 1998 SITUATIONS MALE hi LI IX FKEAK ACCIDKXT. Cleveland (TIM. Mrs. Hose Guer- AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING lean than tt If you are nervous, anemic, losing weight or In ran. down condition, ilrlnk loil'i nilla for henllli, LIKE HAVER fJOAT DAIKY I'htine 51.

6295 Huntington Hubber Company is re ra. NX, died in a freak accident. She walked behind the stalled automobile of Hobert Walker as he was snop rata, tisst local rertrancra, guaranteed. Texaco Station, Montana at Mesa. M1340.

Ussfifl conditioned by what Is known as the Huntington process, the fac cranking the car. Accidentally left A-l AUTO mechanic, 15 years experience, gear, it backed over her. tory for this work being located in good toola. town. M(.

1. i. w. 1277 Ohio St. California.

The Kl l'aso store is not advanlaKe of mining companies in connection with legislative proposals to be voted on, are thought by some to be influences against any hasty or hurried action by the industry as a whole. The falling off of domestic consumption of copper and the piling up of excess scrap accumulations have been worrying the I'nited States producer. Apparent domestic consumption in tfepteiulicr totaled tons, against tons in August. FureiKn consumption held up belter; for, while domestic consumption decreased 8IHI0 tons in the WILSON FLORAL SHOPPE rosfs 2833. Ill N.Mesa per nos.

Funeral Pprays anil Wreaths. t1.n0 up BOOKKEEPER 31 yrs. old: excellent VET OF 72 BATTLES DEAD. Elyrla, O. Charles Wes references: accept psrt time or leava torn.

Times, hot C-19J; limited to a retail trade, but serves wholesale the western part of Tesas and much of New Mexico, two trucks CARPENTER. CABINET work. Painting. MEMORIALS ley While. who enlisted when lie being continually In this territory.

remodeling, easv payments on your own moral record. No mortgage. Franklin Sons. M4MS. was 17 and fought 72 Civil War bat lies, is dead.

RADIO REPAIRING Day or Night Service. "Our Service Inaurei Satisfaction" PARKER RADIO SERVICE 1800 Montana Main 4600 IF YOU ARB out of work contact em ployers through thla claaslftcatlon at the low rate of lo per word: 12 word minimum. Mall your "Situation Wsnt-e1" ad or call at the Times Clssslfled Counter. Crlchet Printing Company "Every Phone Our Branch Office" Main 2126 349 Myrtle RELIABLE AMERICAN mechanic, mar month, foreign consumption decreased but Ions. Morria to WashlnKtnn.

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Box CS00 Times ment is negotiating a reciprocal trade treaty with Belgium is slirring action of protest in the copper producing states. Sam II. Morris, chairman of the Arizona Copper Tariff Hoard, has jcone to Washington to niake personal appearance on behalf of the state of Arizona, In addition, the Arizona Copper Tariff Hoard. Coventor H. B.

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EXPERIENCED Amorican stenographer In choosing a burial location every thinking person should search out the facts, looking into the future care of the last resting place of their loved ones. The amount of money that goes into the PERPETUAL CARE FUND OF EVERGREEN CEMETERY is not based upon any hit or miss method. It is calculated upon the basis that past experience has shown to be necessary for really adequate care. When all lots are sold this fund will be over $100,000. thus insuring care forever in EVERGREEN CEMETERY Shad) and Beautiful 4301 Alameda Ave.

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Potatoes, Steak, Soup, Salad, Need a Typewriter? Why not try our RENTAL Purchase Plan Ail Makes To Choose From. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money. El PASO TYPEWRITER CO, Baby taf.ia MANY EL PASO FAMILIES ARE iiij3 wen PHONE MAIN NUKING EXTRA MONEY 25c 15c 15c Vegetable, Dessert and Drink Special Plate Lunch, All you can eat for. Junior Dutch Lunch with giant of beer rtia El Paao Times Classified Sectloo of r.trhange mwm El PasoPecos Valley Truck Lines 1600 Baud! Ave.

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Main ISO. M. ttfil 117 N. Stanloa bay pas..

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