El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on March 2, 1927 · 3
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 3

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
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THE EL PASO TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 1927 3 GRIPPING THRILL IN 'BEAU GESTE' Depths Of Love and Mad-new Of Desert War Wondrously Depicted. "Greater love hath no man than this; that man lay down hit lite fur hit friend." "Beau Uele" Is one of the sweetest stories ot brotherly love and this "greatest of all love" that has ever been put on the screen. It Is emotionally stirring to an astonishing degree. How is It that movie, a mere series of pictures of humans like ourselves, ran take one so completely out of himself and out of tin world? AU pictures do this to certain extent, but few so much as this story of three brothers, with its beautiful thread of loyalty running through. Herbert Brenon's (the director, nay of presenting the story is un- Are You Deaf? Send for free helpful book A new and highly tarormatlra booklet, "IMa(aaa Can H Ba Curat Or Arrested?", has Just been published In the lnwroat of those hard of hearing. The Information It contains is based on Interviews with more than two hundred of ths country's leading ear spudalista. and It la written In the Unruage of the lavmaa for easy readme. It Is a frank and honest die, elation of the causes of dosfntwa from the sound and unprejudiced viewpoint of the ear spedallit. From cover to cover. It la hope, ful and helpful and win be read only with lot and benefit. Seiwf Coupon SOW A free copy will be nulla) on request. Mvely fill out tbe coupon below cr write to Dept. Acaaittena Tnitllut for till Tl.rd of Hmiins. IS Fo.t 11th Strut. Xnai City. Mo Stwrfly !! , fr er, of "rixf i Doheney Loses $21,686,928 By Elk Hills Ruling WASHINGTON, March 1 (AP). Edward I. Doheny will lose f!l,K6J28 as a mult of the supreme court's decision of Monday cancelling his leasee of Elk Hills (California! oil reserve from the navy department. Of this amount, U.tM.OO In rath la held by the receiver who have operated the reserve during the litisralion. It represents the value of the ell he received as royalty payment for working the deposits on the reserve. : The balance represent! expenditures made hy the Dnheny Interests in mining the nil and constructing foe! tanks at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the oil stored there. i iim--miua.ia usual, If not unique. There is a prologue that leaves the audieu.ee in the middle of a deep mystery, with apparently no cliance of solution. The commander of the French Korcign Legion has rushed to the rescue of the desert fort a death trap where men die of heat, and madness, and in battle only to find . . . no living man. And then series of imfi'ling incidents happen that could bo done only hy human hand. The story now returns from that hideous scene to the peaceful, beautiful Knglish countryside where four charming children are playing, and the story of "Beau Geste" and his two brothers begins to unfold. It is "Heau" (Jcste who makes the "beautiful gesture" that is the theme of the story "Greater love hath na man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friend." Ronald Colman is "Heau," and his brothers Dighy and John are played hy Neil Hamilton and Ralph Forbes, both young actors of decided ability, Noah Heery as Sergeant Leiaune, commander of the desert fort, is a curious mixture of good and bad, a rovvard and a hero. In stress of battle he Is the ideal soldier when I he enemy retreats he returns to the brutal man. Alice Joyce and Mary Brian nlav the women's leads, and the two other main characters are played by Norman Trevor and William Powell. 'Heau fleste" provided a fitting opening for the new Wigwam theater. The theater is hardly recog nisable as the same place as two weeks ago. It will likely prove one of the most popular amusement places In the city, for the management promises big pictures, w;'l wi rtli seeing, every week. "Reau flextc" will be there through Friday, with a matinee and night perform-ancc each day. Befinning Sunday, Charles May In "The Fire Brigade" will appear for one week. lleau Geste has Its own orchestra, and mice again It is proven that a picture with appropriate music well rendered is one of the delightful things of this age. If one utterly Washington. of radio experience will dominate the new federal radio commission If the senate confirms the five men selected Tuesday by President Cool-idge. Four of the five men are technical experts, one is a legal expert. The commissioners are: Rear Admiral William M. 0. Hull-arVt, retired. Media Pa, for a term of six years; Orestes II. Calwell, Bronsville, N. Y, radio magagini' editor, five-year term; Kugrue 0, Sykes, Jackson, Miss, forme, justice of the state supreme court, four-year term: Henry A. Bellows, Minneapolis. Minn, radio technician director, three-year term; John - F Dillon, San Francisco, radio technician, two-year term. Caldwell, graduate electrical engineer, lias edited electrical and radio niagasinct fnr many years. His home has a radio connection in every room. Admiral Bullnrd organised the Philippine Harlin corporation. Dillon has been a radio inspector for te department of commerce for the Pacific lone and has participated in all radio conferences called here by Secretary of Commerce Hoover, 65 KILLED IN Tlfl W Coolidge Names SifltftSSS BRITISH MINES Assault Of Brother' Leads To His A rreht New York. March 1 ( AP). fcol. Edward Oarrington, years Jd, of f.hirago, was arrested early totAiv charged wrlh having assaulted iis brother. Campbell Carrington, whom he recently had named In a $l,Ufln,-1)00 suit charging alienation of affections of tils wife. Campbell Carringtnn, a wealthy New York attorney, had been set up on and beaten shortly before mid night at (4lli street and liroauway. He was taken to polyclinic hospital suffering from bruises and lacerations of the face. Col, C.nrrington would make no statement as to the assault. The colonel's wife resides In West 74lh street, within a block of the scene of the attack. Police said information which led to Col. Harrington's arrest was received from the brother. mm The Quality Shop j fuatimteeShceU awe hohyw annua mm. I losrs consciousness nf the music during a picture, it is proof positive that the music is perfectly in character and is making the enjoyment all the keener. The mus'- for "Heau Geslc" passes this test at every moment. The highest compliment that can he paid any form of entertainment is to say that "it lives up to its press notices." That compliment can be paid "Beau Gcste." Nevada Is the only state In the nation which does not have a radio broadcasting station. TOson-Millican nfatn-Cfaners and Dyers cfElPasa MAIN 4400 23 Dead, 28 Missing In Welsh Colliery Explosion. London. March 1 (iPU Great Britain's mining Industry today was stricken liy two disasters, one in Walet and the other in Nottingham-shire. England, with a death lull that was feared would reach S5. The Welsh disaster took place In a mine situated near ("win, a (limit town that ties in the shadow ol the so-called mining mountain, Rnnirii Kawa, which only last year caused a nearby river to shift its course and to overflood Hie town and many miners' homes. An explosion early this morning in the marine colliery nf one of the largest pits of the Ubbvale company, employing 1,?WI men, caused deaths that are known to mimticr V3, with 2tt men missing. Most of the latter are believed to be trapped by a wall nf I lame, and hope tor them has virtually been almndoned. The other disaster, which took place near Mansfield about two hours alter the Owni explosion. Is believed certain to have taken the lives nf It men. It occurred in a new pit of the tiilsthorne colliery when a cage, descending with eight miners, was struck hy WO tons of water piping which collapsed. The wreckage put the pit pumps out of action and scut the cage crashing 2SII yards to t tie bottom of 1 ha shaft, where mine men were working. A party of miners was able to save only three of the men. Hope wits abandoned for Hie others as water began pouring into the shaft at the rate of l iti.i KHI gallons ill huiir. DEATHS. FRANK G. MOKKIS. Funeral services will he held at 10 o'clock this morning nt the chapel of (vaster & Mason tor Frank Greenville Morris, 71, who died yesterday morning at his residence, Vil North F.I Paso street. The llev. Frank II. Fox will officiate at the sen ices. Pallbearers will he selected Iruiu members of the F.I Paso Hur asso ciation, flurial will be in Kvcrgrcru cemetery. Mr. Morris was a wrll known member nf the El l'aso bar. He was born in Waynesboro, Tenn, In lHMi end came to Ki l'aso ill years ago. lie was in active practice up to a short tunc lirlnre his death, tie was a member of the KI Paso lodge No. 130, A. F. and A. M, which wiil have charge of services at the grave Mr. Morris Is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Dr. W. N. Snecd, of Lai Crn.es, N. M and by . brol.i-er, Millou Morris, of Austin, 1 xus. ALFRED 0 H'F.TTlCn Funeral services will be held this Watch For Our Daily Specials Coming Hie S lilt Sh fill Inc. 209 N. Mesa Ave. Hea MAGNETIC-BELT .J K k H f M A N C 1 C Q C LIT j An Amazing Discovery About Magnetism- That brings a new Hope of Health to those Sinking in a Sea of Despair A REMARKABLE INVENTION THAT ATTACKS DISEASE AT ITS SOURCE IN THE CELL TISSUES A Simple and Effective Method Using Magnetism For the Cure Of Human Ailments An Electro Magnetic Discovery That Brings HEALTH To Thousands The Gamma-Ray Magnetic Bell at ihown in the illustration had a sufficient number of beneficial reiuiti to its credit to justify anyone who it afflicted with any ailment, in particular with one whom the doctors have given up, to give this wonderful treatment trial. No dieting is required. No gymnastics, no exercise, not even faith U required. MERELY A TRIAL All you have to do it to place the Gamma-Ray Belt over your lhoulder, and receive its magnetic force ai it permeates your entire body in effecting a new short road to health. 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Thousands Have Been Relieved Treatments Are Delightful The tccret of GAMMA RAY it the secret of life ittclf. It's vibrations give an internal massage that reaches the heart, brain, and every other vital organ. Il carnei oxygen and nourishment to the furthereit cornert of the body and removes waste material tuch at uric acid and carbon dioxide. , High blood pressure, neuritis, eczema and many other ailments have been relieved by a tingle treatment. Come to our office and learn what GAMMA RAY has done' for thousands of sufferers. Come and TAKE A DELIGMFUL TREATMENT FREE. There will be no charge. There w.ll be no obligation. OFFICE HOURS Daily from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sunday JO a. m. to 2 p. m. THE GAMMA-RAY MAGNETIC APPLIANCE CO. Suite 211 Caples Bldg. 306 E. San Antonio St. FttKE Treatments Marines Killed By Rebels (Continued from pace ne.) repair crews under command of Major Iloss 1- Itowrll, United States nutrine corps, arrlietl brns today b.v special train from Corinto, The planes will lw used for scouting and maintaining communications. Scattered fiddling hy email bands as reported today from the Jlnoteja district, hut otherwise the military situation was quiet. I'lTMilcut Dias today guaranteed safe passage IhroiiKh tho conservative lines of a delegation of three prominent Nlraruxnans two liberals and one neutral which will leave tomorrow morning In an effort to rind Ihe chief liberal general, Jose Mon-eada, somewhere in the MataKnlpa region, to make an effort to buhier him to give iii his campaign In he-halt" of the lihera! president, llr. Juan Sjrasa, who has set up his government at I'orto f'.aleas. The delegation will he accompanied hy two nffirers from the stuff of Hear Admiral Julian l.al liner. In command of American naval foivts In Nicaragua!! waters. WILL ROGERS IS AMUSING AS EVER 13 RKRKI.S hil l, Kit IN .ACVIKCAS. Mexico City. Mes March t tt'V. Fifteen Mexican rebels were killed today hy federal troops in two en-giicemenls In the state of Zarnleeas. The first encounter. In which eight were killed, orenrred near a ranrh in the vicinity nf l.as Vihora. The second, at Totntiche. resulted In seven rebel deaths and the capture b.v federals of supplies and horses. afternoon at 3 o'rloek In the Peak- lliiKed'Oi chanel for Alfred tl. I.uel- lleh. I, who died early yesterday morning lit Ins residence, llfl North i.atla street. The services will he conducted by the llev. Theodore H. Kvors. Mr. I.nrltieh Is survived bv his libiw, Mrs txrecntia I.ueltlrh. of KI l'aso i four daughters. Mrs. Halph Stafford and Mrs. It. A. Nook, both of CI l'aso; Mrs. l-miik lllumlinrdt. of Phihiileliihin, ami Mrs. William Krakllng, of SI. I.onl,; unit (w,i sonx. Alfred O. l.uettlih. Jr.. and Herbert l.uettieh, both of 1? W. The nail-bearers will he: r. II. Ilornrr, Holier! Nam'nxkv, William l.eitner. Kd lleid, Alvin lluilxnn and S. Fernandez. Hurial will be In Evergreen cemetery. t.KO T. KONNK AMI. Funeral xervici., uill l, 1,M Ihl, afternoon at 4 o'clock at the I'cnk- itHtfrrfno rhiil fn I,a r ll.,nH. kainp, III, who died early yesterday looming ai a mem lnnpihii. Services will he conducted bv Hie ttrv. ftrnrifr II. Rnssctl. Hurls! will ho In V.vrr. green cemetery. Mr. Honnknmp was u member of Ihe Woodmen of Ihe World. He is survived by his ntlilh-er. Mis. Lena Honnkamn, and two sislers, Mrs. A. K. SI. Morris and Miss Josic Honnkaiiip, all of KI l'aso. THOMAS MAIlHltAl.l,. Funeral services for Thomas Marshall, 74, of ticmliig, N. M., who died Monday morning, will be held this afternoon at o'clock at the chape) of the lliirtlord company. Following the services the hoiiy will he sent to Louisville, Ky., for burial, accompanied hy a son, A. W. Marshall. Arrangement are under the direction of the Hartford company. HARItlHOM IAI.I.IR. Ifat-rlmni Kalli. .'17 i.( Iwt Arlt,p Texas, died nl 71 IK K TUirA .l,rol early yesterday. He Is survived hy hit widow, Mrs. Mary Sallie. Funeral arrangements are pending with I'riik-lliigedon. not'HM! HI'IfTliR IV CAVK. Castleton, Kng. Henry Stewart, fged 1!t. and Ib'se Marllu. aged 17. committed sulriilf In a 1,111 ,-.. i here when forhlilden to marry. TPKHDAT, HAUCll. . I Coamtltna IS 5 T 3 J rrvvniii,,, t IS " ; ! w.alhir !,, Il J I o Bl p llm.. I' S " ft 4 S li. s i i p . J j arloM.. If S 2 5 i 8 5 1 i " ! AMIrna M i; s N . Aomrlllo 91 tl IS r. A HUMS il Zl K It .III j hOoo tt ; nk 'ii ... ! I'lrii lni.nll .... ? SI 10 NIC :o ... !i.vr I'l S I'ulii'li I ?1 S IS ... ; rl I'aui ai 41 r. .. ... j(Jlviif,.n Mi M IS .-l li ... Hr ! SI 1 K .... K.n.Ht I'll .. IS f 4 IS N 11 ."1 Mill IIO'S ., S 34 II NW H ,111 !--. Ail ,, II II II W ;N,H ClrlAna .. II 12 411 h"W ?t ... ;n Tora .... Ji si st N u ... I PDornir 7J 11 14 K I lloNW,lt 41 14 II a i i n.,ii! ... . tt i is v it .in ' Hll Ivi no nir II ii. m w t ami AnHlRID., 41 (4 41 V H ,,. Sun YfllM . 64 41 ID W II , HaMC K .... 41 &'l 10 KW ,,, I fool 1 1 , , , ,, II II 11 W JO ,., I Washlnalna .,12 II 11 N Adillllnnl KI Pnw Hula. t a.rn noun t pm ! Dry l,n pral rjr 4 SI 42 jWel-MltlH 1ml IS 41 44 H,lllvi, himiMltr , 41 ?l tt jT"tl ttr'. Ja. 1 ' miir.h 1... .215 1 Xihi( Mu'lp. .Inn. 1o Slirrft ' ifis')' Kind vvl'j'Hy ml 4 f. m. Cook Electrically Tht Modem Way ESI an Coughs That Come At Night rg ritf rj (;hfcnirtift't isrufM lomy, tutfiiymur, Molhm h6 riM-4 ipon It lt H hl y wrchiid to-niKbL Atk your drurtftjit. tVthri-wTiU f'tr trttm booklet en Cr nt th Hi'lt. rhainWrUtii MH r Co., V I'trt, if tonnv Contain no titmhol ftr nanotict COUGH REMEDY 0 Kerpt Audience Laughing and Applauding Nearly Three Hours. Will ftogers apologised to a capacity amliriice at Liberty ball last night. He said be didn't want the folks to go away saying, "Well, I ithlnk Will's slipping;," "You know,'1 he com filed, "I suffered a disappointment in Furope last summer, Il broke me all up. My wife failed to swim the channel. Awl after I'd shipped her over and g'Hir to all that expense. They told me they couldn't find a spot for her to swim in. May lie there would he n vacancy In I lip channel In about tvin weeks. Mill I didn't waul to himrd her that long." Still. If lingers was slipping, the several thousand cash customers win laughed and hamlchipped his eicry joke seemed not to notice it. Anvbody wiio cull bold an audience, of that si;e from S:W p. in. to 11 :'JU. single-handed and Willi no aids but a few ropes and a wad of ehrwiog gum, la boih a wit and a showman. T rue, Will bunted a few. His allusions lo KI l'aso politics were not so flood because, he got the names of loth llavis ami Thnmaxoii wphig. hut the ernwd gniid iiatiiredly gaie him a laugh, an.vway. His best gftg. judging from the applause, eauie frnm his description of Mussolini as "the Hoy Martin ot Italy." He praised the Italian dictator, except for his hiibil of posing likr .Nap.'lnin. ! alw.iss say a man can't be vcy smiirt if he hasn't sense enough lo wenr his bat straight itiMi-iid of croxxwavs.' he said. And paralleling wjtli the Russians, "Any people tin! ain't got sense enough to stick their shirt tails in wnin get very far." 'I'm more like Jim Ferguson than anybody- else." he said. "I've been running for two years, and when I finish my wife will run for two years to viniiinile me, and then we'll both tie in had." Rogers told of his trip through Ftit'opc, telling huw he could arrange better sealing acenmmodntiiius in the League of Nations, and advising his audience if Ihev must see a cricket game 111 Fngfiind. "don't go until the last two weeks nf the game. I only saw Ihe last six dass of one. Australia's grralenl butler gut ;i4ll Is it is in three days hefme Ihey caught him out. Hov, llahe Itulh couldn't even be a bat boy to Hint guy. 1 doubt if I l,i lie Itulh could even cnu.it up to .110. let a lime hit that nflrii."' He also told of his visit to His While House, where he was an overnight guest ot Ihe president and Mrs. Coi.lldge. He told how the Conlhlgcs feed the two While House dogs from Ihe Inble. "There were times," be confided, "when It lucked to me those flea-hotiudx weee m.ikiiig out better than I was." They hml fish for suiier, and the nest day at luncheon they l,,.,l fl.l, hush "I've ate all kinds of hash and im vnn nulilii'l trlt what it was. snld tlio eowbmiv comedian, "but let me tell you when they get down to llsh hash, t lint s carrying econoin.s tide ruiilf, fue." lingers commented briefly on the l.ilu (,rev (.Inn iiH Chaplin Imbroglio, apparently giving Chaplin somewiiai the best of it. "1 riiin'l know about Charlie's morals," he said, "but If molheri would take as much care of their girls beforehand as they do when Ihev act them Into court, there wool'l be fewer scandals. "When these girls get Into coun ltf f,tr hIihiouv. vou alwavs find a contriving; mother mniewhe-e around. Take Peaches, foe example. Rut then Peaches ought to have hen canned two years ago." I met Charlie Chaplin In New York and I said, 'Charlie, I dun t know anything about this rase, Iml If you'll keep the American public laughing Willi good, clean eoinedv like what you've been a iloin', I'll sec that you get all the wlies you ant. "At that, as mayor of Reverly Hills, I stood on Jiit one phiiik for a platform. II was tins; iio m may leave her hunhnnrf on less mm two dass' notice. I won't have em walking out on us jut any minute. Some of us fellows are gelling along to the lime of life when I I'd lake us II of two days In catch another wife. He Pain his respects to Almee Mt Pherson, "We're both In the same line oi business," he said, "gadblng for money. I ie she roumlen up over .UNI in New York last night, run "em through the chute and dipped 'em. If mv stuff goes had on me, 1 II no a little preaching on the side." Incidentally, Roger nun m pia- lug polo at fori mux, saving o- wure the generals iireeciies an.i waa giving comriiamis iieinrr. ,i knew II. He lined I', l'aso to sup port polo, saving this rmibl be the finest wintering ground for civilian nolo teams In Ihe countrv because of the ample ground and the ample competition In the anuy lemns, com pel II inn being largely laesmg elsewhere. He alko talked seriously on Amer ica's need lor promoting aviation. In the latter part ul hu address be began using hi ruin's. Although he dill this apologetically, saving he realized there were those down In the audience who could take the ropes from him and show hirti bow to handle them, he really gave a highly creditable performance. II was heartily applaiub-il. especially a few highly difficult tricks which, he said, bad failrd to be noticed elsewhere. "It's a pleasure," he concluded. "I i pln rope before a crowd th.it knows rope work when it sees It." Today being a bank holiday, We shall be glad lo cash checks for customers who find themselves inconvenienced. Service on mezzanine floor. PIG. KICKS FARMER AND DISLOCATED THREE RIBS Mount Victors', Ohio. March 1 f LSI- John brown, a farmer near here, nur-ed three di'lo-culed ribs todus when kicked bv a pig he tried o load on a Irm k. 1. M. Aretl-i. "wild man" in "the Philippine Village" at Ihe James town, Va., enp'mtion 211 sear ago. now is supervising architect for the Philippine government. INSURANCE D.C.Crowell&Co. i MCI HUSH" I4M a eiaaUa II. Main MW Today Is Texas Independence Day In celebrating the school holiday, today, many of the children will enjoy shopping. Our program today has been arranged to increase the children's happiness. New spring stocks are unusually large in all the juveniles' departments. Superior qualities and popular prices are a combination to satisfy parents Bring the children. BOYS' OWN SHOP Rcgdi Jlcss of the bo'$ fii'4'is, Vi it'c caltiin to find jmt tohal ii'i plane liim most in our comprehensive stock. The school holiday n-f be an unusual opportunity to mal(e selections. Blouses, 75c Kavnee lilumex in collar attached (tyles Willi long sleeves. M;ide of line peiiale in fast minted pattern). Sin it In Wash Suits, $1.00 A fortunate purchase accounts for these values. I figli trade wash mill (or boys, lirrx 3 to fi. Oliver Twist and sport slyles made of slurdy wash mnteiinls in solid colors and tyitnhinalinni, Nrnlly Irimmei., "The Peter Pirn brand is your assurance of entire latisfnc-lion. Supply the yruirifier hoys' needs fnr priug and itimrner. Knickers, $1.95 Boyi' kniclteri in golf ityle made of wool fabrics in pleas-i'iir pattern! and shades. Sies 6 to 14, Well tailored and finished. Union Suits, 39c Buys" alhlelic ityle union suiti made of good quality crms bar muslin, f . lastic webbing, at hak. Sies 28 to 3f. Pajamas, $1.50 Faultless no bell paj.iinas for hoys, sies 10 lo 18. I liese ate especially designed for comfort and wear, f ine materials wanted shade!. Hoys' Own JSIwp- -fill I lonr. School Tabids Free Serviceable school tabids will he given lo all ihe (Inldien, who visit the second or fourlli floor, I esas Indrprndente Day. No obligation to make purchases. Sturdy Footwear for Boys, Girls The Merry 'Co-Round shoe shop for girls and the shoe section for hoys D t'I add interest to shopping today. Our X-Ray shoe fitting machine ni7 prove a (.'red assistance in securing tlie corred size. lhn,s Well Oxfords $3.50 New welt oxfords for hoys, youths and litlle men. "IVs aie made of soft, pliable, wear-resisting brown elk Iralh- Corduroy Longics $2.50 l.ougiei of durable quality corduroy in different shades. Hiese are in carefully proportioned itylei for boyi, lies 6 to 15. Spring Caps. $1.00 New caps in designs and hade to harmonize with the tis Sr bny' suit). 1 hese are made of wool fabric in liei for II the boyi. See the 2-Trouscr Suits at $15. Ages 13 to 18 er. Sift, double toes, Goodyear welt ii'kide loles and rubber hee!, A good looking, well-fitting him her model' which will afford conifoit and unusual service. All llCS. Holland Oxfords You will be pleased also with ihe new 1 lolland oxfords for boys. Numerous stylet and colors m.idc of fine leathers. Puces, pair. $4.00 to $6.00. floyV fvhoc Section 2d I'loor. Toy Tickets Toy tickets are issued with ihe purchase of footwear for boys or giils. 1 hese are to he used as money in the eii hantre for loyi or sporting goods. Announcing the Semi -Annual Sale of 3000 C141DTC DrilK 1 0 THURSDAY MORNING The Price is $1 . 1 9 See the window, today at the corner of San Antonio street and Mesa Avenue, and you will be certain to be among the crowd of enthusiastic buyers, who will be here tomorrow morning. ( R this interesting story then see the picture which is nou) being shown at the Wigwam. Ihoks arc on sale in the stationery department, street floor. m cTcxar Mot fVssatrcsarlve Deprtmtyif Ctax aw moos

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