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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina • Page 11

The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina • Page 11

The Robesoniani
Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:

News Items From Pembroke Page 11 --The Robesonian, Lumberton. N.C,, Monday, June 4, 1973 By MRS. BAZIE HARDIN Mrs. William Pate and her mother Mrs. Carrie Lee Deese, left from Fayetteville Friday evening by bus for Los Angeles, Calif, where they will visit for some time in the home of Mrs. Pate's son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Anker Bell and family. Mrs. Betty Mallard, Mrs. Virginia Locklear, and Miss Kathern Carter along with their students entertained at a surprise party held Friday at the R.B. Dean school of Maxton, in honor of Mrs. Delia Pate for her birthday. These all are second grades teachers, Mrs. Pate's class was also present for this special event. A joint birthday party was held Saturday May the 26 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Ghavis. Honoring their daughter, Yonnah Dawn Chavis ninth birthday and her cousin Espedonsia Michelle Lowry her fifth birthday and their friends enjoyed the hamburger and hot dog cookout with all the trimmings held on the lawn of the Chavis home were, Aaron, Edwena and Eustacia Via Lowry, Anna Dial, Sarah Dial, Casessia Cummings, Phyllis Jacobs, Karen Locklear, Linda Oxendine, Paula Brooks, and Shirlene Hunt, Veronipa Hunt, Keith Jacobs, Patrick and Tina Chavis, Sam Oxendine, James Franklin Oxendine, Patrick and Wayne Locklear, and Lynn Lowry of Charlotte. The young adults of the Pembroke Church of God met Thursday night in the home of Mrs. Edith Locklear who has been in several months due to illness and held prayer service. Rev. Eudean Locklear was the guest speaker. A large number attended. Mrs. Bazie Hardin Sr. and Mrs. Henry F. Smith were hostess Monday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bazie Hardin on Wilton street at a surprise party in honor of Bazie Hardin Jr. birthday. Prayer was offered by the Rev. Jack Hunt, refreshments consisting of coconut, chocolate, and pound cake, ice cream, potatoe chips, open face sandwich and soft drinks were served to the Rev. and Mrs. Jack Hunt of Lumberton, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Locklear, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Locklear, Mrs. Shirley Smith, Mrs. Larry Hunt, Mr, and Mrs. El wood Hardin, of Greensboro, Mrs. Ronnie Elk, and Kelven Elk, Rosemary Sanderson, Neil Frazier, EarlDemery, Ray Alan Demcry, Buddie Bullard, Wanda Brayboy, Alice Brayboy, Carlo Jo Smith, Dewayne Cummings, and J. Ben Hardin, and daughter Alicia Joy Hardin, of Chesapeake, i i i a Also present was Leslie Sampson. While the party was being arranged Bazie Jr. along with a friend was visiting friends in Lumbeton. The honoree received many gifts. Mrs. Dainty Jones celebrated her birthday Thursday June 1 with her family and friends. With Armed Forces SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Air Force Technical Sergeant Bruce G. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Lewis of 22 Albion Lumberton, N.C., has graduated from the Military Airlift Command Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Norton AFB, Calif. Sgt. Lewis, who received advanced military leadership management training, is a medical service technician at the David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB, Calif. The a 1962 graduate of Littlefield High School, has completed 12 months combat duty in Vietnam. His wife, Carol, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Barber of Kings Mountain, N.C. important missions completed under hazardous conditions while assigned at Nakhori Phanom Royal That AFB, Thailand. He was honored at Nellis AFB, where he now serves with a unit of the Tactical Air Command which provides air support for U.S. ground forces. A1963 graduate of Red Springs. (N.C.) High School, the captain received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering in 1967 from North Carolina State University and was commissioned there through the Reserve Officers Training Corps program. Captain Humphrey's wife, Jan, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Morton, .1710 Sykes Burlington, N.C. SAN ANTONIO Airman Ervin McLellan, son of Mrs. Willie M. Harrington, Rt. 2, Fairmont; N.C. has been assigned to Keeler AFB, after completing Air Force basic training. During his sex weeks at the Ari Training Command's Lackland AFB, he studied the Air Force mission, organization and customs and received special instruction in relations. The airman has been assigned to the Technical Training Center at Keesler for specialized training in the administrative field. Airman McLellan was graduated in 1972 from Orrum (N.C.) High School. His father, David McLellan resides on Rt. 1, Fairmont. LAS VEGAS, Nev. U.S. Air Force Captain Robert L. Humphrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Humphrey, Rt. 1, Shannon, N.C., has received 12 awards of the Air Medal, he now holds 13, for air action in Southeast Asia. Captain Humphrey, an F-lll aircraft commander, was cited for his outstanding airmanship and courage on successful and Home For Today 701 South Sycamore Street -Would you like to plant a big garden in your own back You can on the lot that goes with this neat three bedroom home with large ceramic tile bath, wall to wai! carpet, paneling, convenient dining bar, carport and storage. Call us today for an appointment so you can start planting your gar. den. 110 West 9th Street Judy D. Wilkerson, Realtor Allsion Pritchard, Associate Phone 739-7174 U.S. AIR FORCES, THAILAND U.S. Air Force Sergeant Fennie L. Locklear, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Locklear, Rt. 1, Pembroke N.C., has arrived for duty at Ubon Royal Thai AFB, Thailand. Sgt. Locklear, an aircraft systems repairman, is assigned to a unit Of the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) which provides tactical air power supporting the U.S. and its allies in Southeast and the Far East. He previously served at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C. The Sgt. is a 1970 graduate of Pembroke Senior High School. His wife, Alice, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eberts Locklear, Rt. 1, Pembroke. Vandalism Investigated PEMBROKE Vandalism damage was estimated at from $300 to $500 at the insurance office and Children's Shop about 2 a.m. Sunday. Deputy Sheriff Solomon Sanderson said someone had thrown objects into the plate glass window of Herman Dial's office and had also broken the glass doors of both the office and children's shop. One of the richest sources of fossil primate remains is Ru- singa Island in Lake Victoria in Africa. CAROLINA MODEL HOMES Own your own property? If so, let me build your choice of our 18 model homes with complete financing available. Call Jerry Hughes collect at 485-4111, Fayetteville; or after 6 p.m., coll 739-9063, Lumberton. Parents heartbroken over her choice of amputee By Abigail Van Buren 1973 By cniUM Tribune-N. Y. News Inc. DEAR ABBY: Our daughter is 28 and a nurse. She took a job several thousand miles from home and has been gone nearly a year. We were hoping she'd come home last Christmas, but she said she'd come home next summer and bring her fiance. had written about a young man she'd fallen in love with, describing his "beautiful attitudes, brilliant mind, and outstanding character." Now we know why she didn't bring him home for Christmas. He's an amputee! He lost both legs just below the knee when he stepped on a mine near Saigon. We learned this yesterday from a letter she wrote us. We are heartsick. She's such a beautiful girl and could easily get a whole man. Abby, how do parents adjust to knowing their daughter will spend the rest of her life caring for an invalid? HEARTBROKEN PARENTS DEAR PARENTS: What makes you think he's an invalid? You would be amazed how well some people can manage on artificial limbs: There is no reason to be heartbroken. If he's "whole" enough for her it says a great deal for her values. Theirs could be a completely beautiful and fulfilling marriage. DEAR ABBY: You defined a homosexual as "one who has erotic feelings about members of his own sex." It is my understanding that heterosexuals sometimes have erotic feelings about members of their own sex. Am I mistaken? 'And by the way, do you think homosexuals are CURIOUS IN N. Y. DEAR CURIOUS: You are correct. In my anxiousness to conserve space I oversimplified. I should have said, "individuals who have STRONG, PREFERENTIAL erotic feelings about'members of their own sex can be considered homosexual." And I hiosf consider homosexuals DEAR ABBY: Only my mother knows my real age because I've been lying about it for several years. I am en' gaged to an angel of a man who attributes the smoothness of our relationship to our complete honesty. Altho I've never lied to my fiance about anything else, I've repeated that lie about my age dozens of times in his presence, with friends, applying for graduate school, credit cards, etc. What I want your advice on is this: Must my fiance ever know my real age? It would be so embarrassing to tell him now. He thinks he's two years older than me, when actually he is two months younger. OLDER WOMAN DEAR WOMAN: Tell him and tell him now. Not only for your own peace of mind but in anticipation of the day you'll be eligible for Social Security. what a tangled Web we weave when first we practice to CONFIDENTIAL TOi Those who are interested in reading a delightful little book with a big message about the purpose of life--beg, buy or borrow "Celebrate the Sun" by James Kavanaugh. Problems? You'll fee! better if you get it off your chest For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L. Calif. 9MC9. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet. "What Teen-Agers Want to Know," send $1 to Abby. Box 69700. Los Angeles. Cal. 90069. Obviously, SKMKMXOO is a lot of money. But maybe you need that much. Or $15,000. Or even $20,000. Ask Waccamaw about a Second Mortgage Loan. Ten year terms. Low bank rates. make things happen. AMOUNT FINANCED 5,000 7,500 10,000 10 YEAR MONTHLY PAYMENTS 71.74 107.60 143.47 286.94 TOTAL MONTHLY PAYMENTS 8,608.80 12,912.00 17,216.40 34,432.80 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE Waccamaw BANKTRUST Loans up. Life insurance optional. An equal housing lender Member web Member FOC Realty Transfers Appeals Court William R. Anderson et ux to Sadie Rae Lee, Lumberton, lot. Cutlar L. Ballance et ux to LaVance H. Simmons et ux, St. Pauls, lot. Arthur W. Blounl et ux to Raymond Martin, St. Pauls. Billy R. Britt et ux to Earl W. Pridgen et ux, Lumberton, lot. liichard Ray Britt et ux to Richard J. Valliere et ux, Lumberton. James Howard Bullock et ux to Mildred W. Fairfax, Orrum, .5 acre. Burlington Industries Inc. to LaVance Huey Simmons, St. Pauls, lots. Lulla Cain et al to Odell Locklear et ux, Alfordsville, 1" acre. Lulla Dial Cain et al to Lulla Cain, Alfordsville, .5 acre. William Howard Carlisle et als to Howard William Carlisle et ux, Red Springs, lot. Charles F. Caudell et als to Smith Jeryl Ferguson et al, St. Pauls, lots. Sammy Cox et ux to Brenda Gale Cox McCormick, Lumberton, Sammy Cox et ux to Bonnie Faye Cox, Lumberton, lot. Sammy Cox et ux to James R. Hester et ux, Lumberton, lot. Effie L. Efird et als to Douglas McLaurin Lytch et ux, Alfordsville, 110 acres. Matthew W. Epps et ux to Mary Epps Locklear, Alfordsville, 22 acres. P. L. Fisher et als to Don Rogers et ux, Fairmont, lot. F. Wayland Floyd to Thomas A. Nye et ux, Fairmont, lot. Lucinda Freeman Locklear to Ed Junior Freeman, Alfordsville, 2 acres. Beatrice G. Glover McCallum to Hazel McLaurin et vir, Maxton. William C. Godley et ux to Motor Lodge Properties Back Swamp, 4.15 acres. Reid Grantham, Executor under will of June Curd Purcell, Deceased to Jimmy Ferguson, Red Springs, acre. Alice B. Hall to. Larry L. Rickard et ux, Red Springs, .67 acre. Alice B. Hall to Larry L. Rickard et ux, Red Springs, .67 acre. 'John C. Hasty Sr. et als to Wilbur E. Dees et al, Maxton. Home Builders Service Corp. to Edward J. Glover Jr. et ux, Lumberton, lot. Gus Hunt et ux to Thomas Thompson et ux, Rennert, lot. Mattie Hunt et als to Ellis Jones et ux, Gaddys, 1.28 acres. Leslie J. Huntley, trustee to E. Jack Smith et ux. M. W. Jackson et to J. D. acreT Lee Jacobs et ux to May Ola J. Locklear, Raft Swamp, 4.3 acres. Lee Jacobs et ux to Irene J. Wells, Raft Swamp, 4.3 acres. Joy J. Johnson to Novella Worley, Fairmont, lot. Lawrence H. Jones et ux to David A. Bracey et ux, Maxton, lot. Eugene F. Kinlaw et ux to John N. Kinlaw, St. Pauls, 7.42 acres. W. W. Kitchinet ux to Knox M. Lewis et ux, Saddletree, 5.06 acres. W. A. Lewis et ux to M. D. Freeman Jr. et ux, Thompson, .477 acres. Eugene Locklear et ux to Layton Rogers et ux; Saddletree, .5 acre. Jimmy Locklear to Adolph Locklear, Pembroke, .5 acre. Katie R. Locklear to Strawdie Mae Chavis, Pembroke, lot. M. H. Locklear et ux to Alton Ray Haggans et ux, a Swamp, 1 acre. Willie A. Locklear et ux to Joseph Jacobs et ux, Rennert. Carmel Lowery et ux to Simon P. Locklear et ux, Pembroke, 10 acres. Lumber River Real Estate Inc. to Eliza S. Graham, Lumberton, lot. David W. McColl Jr. et ux to Richard C. Moll II et ux, Howellsville and-or Lumberton. Mrs. Annie W. McCormick to A. H. McMillian Jr. et ux, Parkton, .517 acre. A. S. McGoogan et als to Fred White et ux, St. Pauls, lots. Clyde Chasun McGougan to African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Lumber Bridge, .55 acre. Clyde Chason McGougan to A i a Methodisr Episcopal Zion Church, Lumber Bridge, 2.4 acres. C. W. Maynor et ux to Gene A. Oxendine et ux, Burnt Swamp, .882 acre. Thomas C. Miller et als to Pearl Paul, Lumberton, .355 acre. Thomas C. Miller et als to Bobby Earl Turner et ux, Lumberton, .425 acre. Earl Musselwhite to Ruby Walters Graham, Fairmont. William E. Musselwhite et ux to Hattie Oxendine, Back Swamp, .545 acre. William E. Musselwhite et ux to Roberf Paul Hunt et ux, Saddltree, .476 acre. Marvin Leon Nealy et ux to Jessie Dial Nealy, Orrum. Marvin Leon Nealy et ux to Macie Leon Nealy, Orrum, lot. Sam R. Noble et ux to The City of Lumberton, Lumberton, lot. George B. Oxendine et ux to Virgie Oxendine Andujar et vir, Pembroke, 1.2 acres. Mollie S. Parker et als to Waccamaw Bank Trust Fairmont. Fannie Hazel Partin to Jerry Allen Rogers et ux, Red Springs, lot. Homer Earl Pate to Bertie Mae Scott, Lumberton, lot. Rowland Phipps et ux to Lakewood- Development Realty Raft Swamp. K. Prevatte et ux to Katherine Gayle Prevatte, Raft Swamp, .5 acre. Don Rogers et ux to James Mitchell et ux, Fairmont, lot. Rolyat Inc. to Twin State Builders Wisharts, .46 acre. Scarborough Builders Supply Co. to Daniel R. Bossart et ux, Lumberton, lots. G. B. Schell et als to June Harmon Viator, Red Springs, lot. Bertie Mae Scott to The City of Lumberton, Lumberton, lot. Bradford Scott to Estelle Marie Scott, Wisharts, .65 acre. Carson C. Sessoms to Charlie Worth Harper East Howellsville, .99 acre. William R. Sessoms et ux to McKellar Barnes Sessoms, Howellsville, .8 acre. E. Jack Smith et ux to Charles Russell Smith, Raft Swamp, .85 acre. George H. Smith et ux to William A. Scott et ux, Fairmont. Jackie Edward Taylor et ux to Samuel Howard Hudson III et ux, Wisharts, lot. Trustee, Maxton Supply Co. to Mamie S. McLeod et als, Alfordsville, 2.26 acres. Lawrence H. Townsend et ux to Alton Furmage, St. Pauls. Twin State Builders Inc. to William James Davis et ux, Wisharts, .46 acre. T. B. Upchurch Trustee to Donald Locklear et ux, Maxton, lot. Joseph C. Ward Jr. et ux to Robert O. Bridgers et ux, Rowland, lots. James Fred White Sr. et ux to A. P. Nance et ux, St. Pauls. Eutie Wilkins et ux to Vickey Wilkins et ux, Red Springs, 1 acre. William Howard Williams to Rachel H. Williams, Fairmont, lot. Affirms Local Suits Two judgements involving long drawn-out trials of suits in Robeson County Superior Court have been affirmed by the N.C. Court of Appeals. These involve the disputes that have existed over contracts for solid waste disposal in the county in which a franchise was granted Sanitation Services, but other individual contracts were affected. One of the suits was that of a a a a i Service, against Robeson County, its commissioners, and James Porter who operates a private waste disposal system. The county was permanently enjoined from withholding the a i of a license to Lafayette for disposal of waste, not described as because of agreements with Sanitation Services and James Porter. The second case was that of James Porter against Suburban Sanitation Service, and J.B. McBryde. No recovery was given either party, but Surburban was enjoined from collecting waste in favor of Sanitation Services, and the plaintiff, James Porter, is to recover such damages as may be assessed. Defendants were required to post bond to insure such payment. LIGHTER BAT HELPS (AP) Shortstop Dave Concepcion of the Cincinnati Reds is sold on light bats. After switching this spring at the suggestion of coach Ted Kluszewski from a 34-ounce to a 31-ounce bat, Concepcion paced the Reds in hitting after the first 17 games. The 24-year-old native Venezuelan was hitting .365 and stealing thunder from such National League sluggers as teammates Johnny Bench and Tony Perez. Concepcion also led the Reds in runs batted in with lil. Manager Sparky Anderson says, "At last I've found my regular shortstop." Concepcion had been platooned at short the past three years. Pregnant? Meed Help? FOR SALE: Brick Colonial 4 Bedroom Home in Lakewood Park. Carpeted throughout. 24 baths, large patio. Situated on 1.6 acres, fenced in back yard. Owner transferring and price is right. Formerly owned, built by Bob Cousins, Contractors. For appointment Call: 739-7471 Monday through Friday after 7 p.m. For assistance and information on a confidential basis call us we will help you. A I A A I A I (215) 449-2006 449-2007 EARN 3 33 to 3 87 PER HOUR os an EQUIPMENT OPERATOR PRODUCTION CREWMAN Plus receive LIBERAL BENEFITS such as company paid hospitalization that includes dependents, life insurance, 2 to 6 weeks vacation, 10 paid holidays, retirement and prescription drug programs. Apply at plant site employment office located 9 miles north of Fayetteville on Highway 401 between the. hours of 8 A.M. and 5:15 P.M. Monday thru Friday and 8 A.M. and Moon on Sat. The Kelly-Springfield Tire An Equal Opportunity Employer LIKE TO WORK WITH ANIMALS? Large modern swine operation located near St. Pauls needs production men. Swine Production the opportunity good career. offers for a let If interested call and us explain our program. Vernon Floyd-865-5813 CONVERSE RUBBER COMPANY IS NOW HIRING ON ALL SHIFTS Experience Preferred But Not Necessary. We will train. Starting Pay $1.92 Per Hour With Excellent Fringe Benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Apply in personnel office Mon. thru 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, 8a.m. to 12 noon CONVERSE RUBBER COMPANY (We are an equal opportunity employer) MACHINE OPERATOR TRAINEES Openings immediately available for trainees in local Spinning Plant. Good wages, good working conditions, excellent fringe benefits, including Profit Sharing Plan, Group Insurance, Paid Holidays, etc. Apply in person at the Personnel Office of St. Pauls Men's Weaf Plant, Burlington Industries, inc. Burlington Industries, Inc. St. Pauls Men's Wear Plant 117 E. Armfield St. Phone 865-4126 (An Equal Opportunity Employer) Overlook Single Needle and Union Special Safety Stitch Sewing Machine Operators Needed We are now hiring experienced single needle, overlock and safety stitch operators. In addition to a good starting salary, we offer very pleasant working conditions, employee benefit fund, paid vacation, holidays, medical and hospitalization benefits. Apply in person 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Pembroke Manufacturing Company, Inc. South Walnut Street, Lumberton Equal Opportunity Employer For READY-MIXED CONCRETE Coll Scarborough's

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