The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1955
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI-YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 WEDNESDAY. APRIL «. 1988 Caruthersville Topples Chick Runners by Score of 95-37 But Mosley Pleased Robinson, Alston Feud Quiet; Walt Adamant WASHINGTON (AP) — What promised lo flare into a major feud between Manager Walt Alston and infielder Boxing Briefs Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers fizzled today. "It's all over as far us I'm con-* «rned," said Alston, who got Into' the scrap when ( R o binson complained to newspapermen that he w a sn't being played enough. "But all tills 15- •t going to j change my mind one iota. The third base Job Is I stilt between R o b i nson and Don Hoak. The better man will nd I'm not going to announce a decision bctore Monday." For his part, Robinson admitted he was sorry he started the fuss. But he still defended himself. "It looks like I've stirred up a hornets' nest," he said. "I'm sorry it came out, but I want to play. I think I've been ploying well •nough this spring to be playing more than I have. "He's going to play the guys he ttiinHs are beat. He's got to. He must get away last or those wolves will be on him. Why should I have to be in doubt about my JOB? Even Alston admits I am in much better condition than last year." Regarding tho talk he had with the boss, Robinson would say only: "We talked things over. It was a private chat." 60th Race for Flag In Texas League DALLAS W) — The Texas League open* another campaign tonight with games at Shreveport, Benu- mont, San Antonio and Houston «nd with more than 30,000 expected to turn out. It will be the sixtieth race In sixty-eight years as the storied league start* a 161-game schedule running until Sept. 6. Dalins will be at Shreveport, Fort Worth at Beaumont, Oklahoma City at aSn Antonio and Tulsa at Houston. Only one Title Shot For Basilio By THE ASSOCIATED I'lttiSS There la no return-bout In Ihe contracts of Tony DcMarco find Carmen Baslllo, who will fight for the welterweight championship in Syracuse, N. Y., on June 10. Johnny Snxton, who lost the title to eMarco In Boston last week, has been promised first shot by all concerned. There was n touch of Irony In the fact that Baslllo should get a title shot agntnst the fighter who dethroned Saxton. Johnny thought of countless excuses not to climb In the ring ngalnst Baslllo, who last winter was ruled the logical contender for the title by the National Boxing Association. The condition of Ufiht hcrtvy- weight champion Archie Moore's heart stilt Is up In the air. He had another In a aeries of examinations yesterday and the report wna "ftvorable," according to Jack Kefirns, who Is promoting his May 21 bout with Nino Valdes in Las Vegas. . Bob Baker, Pittsburgh heavyweight, Inifl been advanced to the "ouUUandlng boxer," class in his division In the Inlfltit, ruttng of the NBA and Harold Johnson has been installed as the "logical contender" for Moore's light heavy title. R*ad Courier News Claimed AtlR, title). Fights Lost Night By THE ASSOCIATED Pit ESS Dutte, Mont. — Sandy Saddler, lUi)^, New York, stopped Kenny Davis, 12D : J4, Los Angeles, 6 Uion- With Squad's Work •CARUTHERSVILLE — In their first competitive running of the season, the Blytheville Chickasaw thinclads took a thrashing from the Caruthersville Tigers here yesterday to the tune of 35-37. But Coach Russell Mosley this morning said he was "well- pleased" with the Tribe's showing despite the lop-sided score. The Tigers have been much more active this year and have a number of good, exeprlenced trackmen on the squad. The Chicks came up with only three first pulces in the 15-event, tv.'o-wity meet. Jackson, Mo,, was scheduled to take part but did not do so. Sullivan, Slianki Win Hay.s Sullivan, sprinter and relay man from last year's Chick squad, garnered two o! the Tribe's three wins. He came In first In the 220-yard dash and the 440-yard dash with times ol 24.0 seconds and 58.7 seconds respectively. Allan Shanks got the other five- pointer for Che Maroons with a winning shot put mark of 30 feet, C Inches. In the three relay events, Blytheville could do no better than second in the 440 and 880 and did not place In the mile relay in which Cnruthersvlllc had three teams — all beating the Chicks' single entry. Results: 100-yard dash — George Cook, Caruthersville; Louis Cook, Ca- ruthersvllle; Sullivan, Blytheville. Time — 10.8. 220-yard dnsh—Sullivan. Blythevllle: Cook, Caruthersville; Hollowell, Caruthersville, Time — 24.0. 440-yard dash—Sullivan, Blytheville; Southern, Caruthersville; Lay, Caruthersville. Time — 53.7. 180-yard low hurdles — George Cook, Caruthersville, and Hill, Caruthersville (tic); Abbott, Blytheville. Time — 22.4. 120-yard high hurdjes — Hill, Ca- ruthcravllta; Jones. Caruthersvllle; Abbott, Blytheville. Time — 5.B. vine; L. McCoy, Time — 2:08.3. 440-yard relay 880-yard run — T. McCoy, Caruthersville; Davis, Caruthers- Caruthersvllle. Caruthersville; Blytheville. Time — 47.4. 880-yard relay — Caruthftrsvllle; Blytheville. Time — 1:39.5. Mile run — Patterson, Caruthersville; Davis, Caruthersville; Thompson, Blytheville. Time — 4.55.4. Mile relay — Caruthersville; Caruthersville. Time — 3:45.4. Shotput — Shanks, Blytheville; Tremaln. Blytheville; Snow, Caruthersville. Distance — 39 feet 6 inches. Broad Jump — Jones, Caruthersville; Abbott. Blytheville; Ahern, Blythevllle. Distance — 18 feet 8 inches. High Jump — Clayton, Caruth- ersvllle; Abernathy, Caruthers. vlllc. Height — ! feet 4 Inches. Discus — Snow, Caruthersville; Pong, Blythevllje, and Hill, Ca- ruthersvllle (tie). Distance — 109 feet 9% Inches. Pole vault — Darnell, Caruthersville; Akers, Blythevllle; Bynum. Caruthersville. Height — 11 feet 2 Inches. UA Rozorbocks Whip Kansas 1-0 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. tfl — The Arkansas Razorbacks scored a 1-0 baseball victory over the University of Kansas on an unearned run in the first Liming yesterday. The lone score was on a single, two fielder's choices and one error. Kansas .. Arkansas Tiemeier. Dalton (8) and Martin; Cusack and Carpenter. 000 000 000—0 5 2 100 000 000—1 5 3 Eisenhower Urges Support of NSF WASHINGTON (fl 1 ) — president Elsenhower today urged all Americans to Rive "enthusiastic, support" to the National Sports Festival. This is an annual observance aimed at encouraging widespread participation In sports and recreational ac- 1,1 vl lies. Festival officials released a mes- KdKe from the president, saying; "The recreation and physical education prosrsuns we provide our' Sports Roundup % £/-*<//« Jatlot Bums May Suffer from Unrest NEW YORK (AP) — After watching the Brooklyn podgers play two exhibition games down South, there was an almost overpowering urge to pick, them to win the National League flag going away. They looked unbeatable. But we wore strongly touted by a friend who had been close to them all spring, and probably just as well. "Don't pick this outfit," he advised. "There's too much unrest. Some of them still are sore lit (manager Walter) Alston because they think he heat them out of a World Series share last year. I don't know how much bull they're going to play for him unless he changes his way of handling them, and I don'i think he knows how to do that." Need Robinson From the wordy wrangle which has been going on for several days between Alston and Jackie Robinson, there can be no doubt that the 6-year-old Negro star was one of those players who was under discussion. There exists now virtually an open break between the pair, and any Brooklyn fan who believes his club can win without Robinson in there doing his best Is an optimist indeed. Jackie's open blast at the strange, gloomy man who is mailing tiie Dodgers for the second season stemmed from Alston's failure lo use him regularly nt third base in exhibition games. Alston replied angrily that he thought Jackie's arm still was sore. Robinson's answer to that was, in effect, that a manager who knew |£ you are a new •• resident; if you are dissatis- ll fied; 11 it's quality; IT it's service; 11 it't cleaning; Try 'MOO" Cleaning at City Dry Cleaners Fre« Deliv«ry Ph. S-3197 414 K. Main his Job would hnve nuked, or nl lenst noted that he was throwing hnnj in infield drill. Whatever the; right or wrong ot it, the incident stimri: ns u clear of insubordttuition such ns seldom reaches the public print. No ma tier what apologies are made by Robinson—and he has said thnt lie simply doesn't know how to talk to Alston—nothing' is going- to make them like or respect each other n^ain, and the Dodgers' chnnces will suffer accordingly. youngsters today—both and out of school—will help to shape the Lives and characters of our adult citizen* of tomorrow. Such programs demand enlightened citizen action In the Individual community." The festiavl, official! said, will be observed in communities throughout the nation during May. A's Gorman Ready To Make 1st Start FAYKTTEVtLLE, N. C. (fi>)—Tom Gorman, recently purchased by Karma* City from the New York Yankees, was scheduled to make his first start on tile mound Tor tile Athletics today against Fayettelllo of the class B Carolina League. The A's paid "In excess of JBO.- OCO" for Gorman, pitcher Ewell BluclcvveU and flvst baseman Dick Kryhoskl. Gorman, expected to bev used In relief roles, was key man In the deal. Basketball Results NBA Playoffs B)- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday's result ort Wayne 109. Syracuse 102 (flnnl bcst-of-7 series tied 2-2) A Personal Message To My Friends... "My sincere thanks to all of you for your friendship and patronage through the years I have served you in Blytheville. J am now associated with Martin's Men's Store, where I will continue to offer you the same friendly service and high quality merchandise as in the past. I cordially invite each of you to visit with me at Martin's." Jbick ^lianki Assistant Manager I DfilNG HIS HEAD Orphan Boy and his rider, D. Dick, tafce fall in which the horse seems lo Kv!Te&.WheadL Action cameTailor last fence was cleared at Sandown Park, England, steeple- Goose Tatum May Get Boot From Harlem Globetrotters CHICAGO (AP) — The fabulous Harlem Globetrotters dollar these days even without their "Golden Goose." are turning a fast basketball Abe Saperstein, pudgy owner-coach of the Globetrotters, is not a bit worried over the fact that Arkansas' Goose Tatum, clown prince of basketball, might never play again. Saperstein suspended Tatum for month after the Goose pulled one of- his famous disappearing acts and now Is prepared to release his star. Tatum was last reported visiting relatives in Arkansas. "I haven't heard a single word from Goose," Saperstein said after Sunday's appearance at Chicago Stadium. "His suspension will be over April 12th and frankly, If I don't hear from-him I'll Just have to release him." Belief that the Trotters could not draw as well at the gate without Tatum has proven wrong. Near capacity and some record crowds have packed stadiums throughout the east and the mid- west on the present tour with the College All Stars. Saperstein estimated attendance o n the tour Is about 16 per cent above last year's Journey. Ready for Suspensifn Saperstein makes no bones about wanting Tatum buck but he Is pre-i pared to go ahead without his $50,000 year star. Just in case the Goose doesn't come back, Saperstein can pick any one of four players to take ovej- Ttiturn's comedy act. Sam Wheeler and Andy Johnson are already filling in as jokesters and there's Robert Hall and Meadow Lemon ready to step in. The fact of the Tatum case seems to be that Goose is no chicken. He's been knocking around with Goose Tatum Saperstein for a long time but nobody seems to know his age. "I'd guess he's says Saperstein. in his late 30s," "But I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he were over 40. I don't think age has anything to do with it, after all, he's never strained himself." Golf coach Andy Bracken Is the only varsity coach at the University of Florida who attended the school ns a student. It's Spring Again! DOES YOUR CAR HAVE A "HANG OVER" FROM THE LONG WINTER MONTHS? Here ore a few items that we think may need attention: Check them and see if you don't agree 1. Complete lubrication. Mfgs. specify each 1,000 miles. 2. Transmission and differential change. Each 10,000 miles. 3. Automatic transmission change. Every 15,000 miles. -I. Front wheel bearings greased. Each 10,000 miles 5. Check, adjust, or change brake lining. 6. Cross-switch tires and balance. Each 5,000 miles. 7. Have front end checked and aligned. 8. Have radiator cleaned and flushed. MAKE YOUR CAR "SPRING SMOOTH" Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 3-4453 ATTENTION LADIES l-39c 1'ot Flower fov Ic With Each $3.00 or More Purchase! EGGS, Larje Fresh 2 Dot. 89c CANOVA BLACK PEl'l'EK, Pure Groynd 1 oz. can Me 2 8-oi. FLAVORING, 1 Lemon or I Vanilla, Reg. 19c ta... 25c TUKNIPS ti TOPS or COLLAK11 GUESS'S 10c SWEET POTATOES Bu. 51.93 5 lo. Ba B 29c POTATOES, No. 1 10 Ib. Bas 3Sc PUKF. SORGHUM MOLASSES Qt. 69c Vt Gal. S1.19 GLAD1OLA CAN' BISCUITS 3 Cans 29c Save 75% on Your Garden FRKSII CABBAGE PLANTS 4 Bchs. 49c FRESH ONION PLANTS • Bells. 49c SEED POTATOES 100 Ib, Bi« $2.79 Complete Stock of Bulk Garden Seed & Plants— Also Lawn Seed & Fertilizer! BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. Open till 10 p. m. Every Night Exhibition Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS St. Louis (N) 6-3, Chicago (A) 3-1 Chicago (N) 3, Beaumont (TL)1 Philadelphia (N) 17-8, Boston (A) 12-2 New York (N) !, Cleveland (A) I Kansas City (A) 20, Winston- Salem (CD 4 Milwaukee (N) 8, Brooklyn (N) 0 Cincinnati (N) 13, Washington (A) 2 New York (A) 3, Birmingham (SA) 1 Pittsburgh <N) 5, Baltimore (A) 4 Major League Players End RulesConierence Rtcommcnd Spring Training Rult« Bt Relaxed CINCINNATI (AP) — Major league player representative* went back to work on th« playing fields today after l conference on such work-a- day things as starting times, minimum pay and lawyer fees. The playere recommend«d »» » meeting yesterday a relaxing" at the rule which forbids the beginning of spring training prior to March 1. The rule was put into etteet »» the urging of the players but *• representatives reversed *em- selves and said that men wanting to report In February should b«- able to do so. However, the representative! voted that no player should be required to report before March 1. They also asked retention of the rule that sets March 10 as the starting date for exhibition contests. Left to Clubl Robin Roberts of the Philadelphia Phillies and Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians said the matter of an earlier reorting would be up to the Individual clubs and players if the recommendation ii approved by the clubs. The major leaguers also asked the clubs to hike the minimum salaries ol baseball players from ttie present $6,000. Roberts and Feller, spokesmen for their fellow representatives, did not disclose how much of an increase was being sought. Last year they asked for a minimum of $7,200 which wa« rejected by the club owners. J. Norman Lewis of New York was hired as ihe players' attorney for one year at a flat fee. Th« figure was not divulged. Feller and Koberts were named as alternates on the player pension fund board. No action wa» taken on the status of Allle Reynolds, retired New York Yankee pitcher now a member of the board. Kules specify a player representative must be an active play .er but there were indications th« rule would be changed. TWIN SYSTEM •"' ' ' 2SYSTSMS FOR HOT DAYS new 2 H. P. WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER COOLS A 5 OR 6 ROOM HOUSE No Water Connections Required TWIN mm SAVES OPERATING COSTS For lufxr tooling on W rfgyf ui« both coaling lytltmi. On toelir day* «r pt night tove operating toitt by uiinf wily orw tooling iytf«m. • Fully ifliulktj in jUmfKri window, ihroufli ffli trinitm, M thmih Ai nil. • #t duct work rtquirrt. • [cennnic'tl optnticft. Vornodo'i "ftolonctd Cooling" -will tat\ your houi« /oiler, and bfflfer betauit only Vornodo property balancft lh« thrM component! of air conditioning — Maximum Mechanical Coo'ing.— Vorlm Circulation and Maximum Dehumidilicolio*. S«o VornocJc* today — Hit ultimate in balanced cooling comfort. Othnr ilrei from Vj H.P. to 2 H,P. OVER 7,000,000 SATISFIED USERS OF YOmOQ GOGIIX6 APPLIANCES Bill's Refrigeration Service 2337 Birch St. Phone PO 3-6986 Can your house BURN OUT? Yej H con. Fir* often geh o 1*09 headstart before it h discovered. Insurance . and enough of 'rt ... is the only amww lo your financial protection. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOE RLDG. 3-6868

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