The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on February 11, 1972 · Page 9
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 9

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1972
Page 9
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views Hero are Friday evening's top television shows as previewed and selected by Sloven II. Sclveuer and TV KEY's staff, 8:30 p. m. (8) -- Sanford and Son. Tonight's plot about our junk dealers' taking advantage U P nla P ar1 of free chest X-rays may be a gusto- thalc predictable, but the ac- ^ :30 P- eompanying byplay b e t w e e n Olympics, father and son Is good fun. The lines alwut Fred's smoking habits are sure-fire, and the old man's actions after receiving the X-ray results may be somewhat exaggerated, yet they spark the outing. 8:30 p. m. (6) -- Friday Night at the Movies. "Two Mules for Hi s t e r Sara" (1971) Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine ore such altraclive players, you'll be able to overlook many of lhc weaknesses of the film and just enjoy the two stars. Almost everything in this story, including Miss MacLaine dressed up in a nun's habit, is not what it appears to be on first sight. 9:00 p. m, (5) -- Room 222. A | by Ruth McDevitt, gives a is all tolerance a n d understanding until his daughter is asked to the dance at 'he institution. Felix's change from benefactor to hypocrite gives Tony Randall a chance to punch up lila part, wlilch he does m. (6) - Winter Coverage of t h e Winter Games from Sapporo, Japan, via satellite tonight is scheduled to be chosen from the following events: men's slalom, women's speed skating, hockey, bobsled, women's ski relay. 8:30 p. in. (4) -- Film Odyssey. ' ' S e v e n Samurai." (1954). Japan's master director Akira Kurosawa fashioned an exciting and beautiful f i l m about IClh century Japan in which a band of seven samurai, or swordsmen, are hired by a tgljt* 9--The Robcsonian, Lumherton,!?. C., Friday, February 11,1972 Movie 'GP' Rating Undergoes Big MPAA Change; TSoic It's 'PC' Style group them of farmers from a to protect band o f marauding bandits. This story served as the basis for the American made western; "The Magnificent Seven," but the original is far superior. Toshiro Japan's leading actor a heroic samurai and he stands out in a fine cast. roubled student some literature ibout venereal disease and this veil meaning deed triggers nany repercussions. The VD mgle is handled intelligently and some alarming facts are jrougbt out during the half lour. 9:30 p. m. (5) -- The Odd Couple. You can be sure of having plenty of fun t o n i g h t watching Felix become completely flustered about h i s daughter's date with a young boy from a i-eformatory. The whole thing comes about when Felix tries to interest Oscar in helping the boy from the correctional institution, and Felix SATURDAY 3:00 p. m. (6) -- Winter Olympics. The closing events of the Winter Olympics Games from Sapporo, Japan, v i a satellite, are as follows: bobsled and hockey from 3:00-5:00 PM; men's ski relay, men's slalom and hockey from 9:00-11:00 PM; and men's slalom final and the gpld metal hockey game from 11:30 PM to 1:00 AM. 4:00 p. m. (11) -- Golf Classic. A first round match in t h i s elimination tournament played at the Firestone Country (Continued On Page 6) The Biggest and Best SANDWICHES IN TOWN! STAMPS BR1TF C 7 ,?" L. B « R nd T rIm.t We A -- D t 2020 W. 5th Sirelt 2105 W " 5th St " FOOD H u n t i n g License For Sale We wash dry Friday TV Schedule Charms! 3 It seems that because of nationwide confusion over the "GP" a n d "GP-asterisk' ratings as propounded by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., that organization has made a more specific shift in symbols. Replacing both the GP and he GP--asterisk categories is he single PG rating. This )articular rating is designed to e interpreted as ". . . parentil guidance suggested. S o m e material may not be suitable want their children to see. The emphasis is on the fact that his is a parents' choice, not one on the part of the theatre. Valenti points out that the movie rating system does not constitute a censorship or a ban, nor does it rate on quality or lack of it, but only on the suitability of viewing by children, Naturally, the system has no meaning whatever to persons 17 years old or older. Other ratings In the system remain unchanged, thd£ J/elng G -- General Audiences, al' ages admitted; R -- Restricted Under 17 company ing r e q u i r e s a c parents or adul guardian; and X -- No one under 17 admitted. There has, of course, been a great deal of dissatisfaction with the present rating systerr from just about all factions in volved with movie viewing, bu probably the greatest has bee from those critics who insis that oftentimes films o f f o r p r e - teenagers." The f o r m e r l y - u s e d GP and GP--asterisk meant ' ' . . . general, audiences -- parental guidance suggested." Apparently the c o n f u s i o n j developed when the "G" portion of the symbol was interpreted to indicate "family" pictures, an intention not held whatever by the MPAA in formulating the system. "outstanding cultural v a l u e have been denied to the under- In 17 group with an X-rating tag because of one or m o r e "unsuitable" scenes, u s u a l l y pertainLrg to sex or unusual brutality or violence. lent Association. Fields Films On February 19, a Saturday Ight, there will be a W. C. Fields "Film Festival", under he aegis of the Junior Recrea- ion Council oF Lumberton High tvent will be held at the lecreation C e n t e r (armory) rere 8 p. m. Fields classics will be featured, including "My Little Chickadee" and "The G o l f Specialist." Admission will be 50 cents, and it will be a "bring your blanket and sit on the floor" type action. The project sounds like a rca winner, and, a lot of fun, to boot. Hopefully, it might be the beginning of further f l i c k frolicks for old-time movie fans. Maybe even a Mae West or Bogart follow-up! The Weekend The Stable event for Saturday night's entertainment is a group from the coast -- principally Shallotte, Ocean Drive a n d Myrtle Beach - called "Dispatch." This one gets started at R o'clock sharp, and is a second time around for the beach bovs. continues on tead, guitar, and Craig Lowry is still romping- with the good sound on organ. No longer with the band is Elicky Jones, who, since its beginnings some four years ago, was a mainstay on the drums. This seems to be just about_ the sum-total of it for this week, so have the happening--and tally ho! ' In their first appearance at The _, .. Stable, the group made quite a , Two of the most prominent j f ew waves, and the upcoming is j examples cited by this groun i bv popular demand, are the "uncomplimentary"! The New Crew ratings bestowed upon the two · p cm broke's pop combo, The films "Midnight Cowboy" ard | Crew has unt ] ergone a bit of Communication from the Shakespeare "Romeo and i change latcly and thc new f m . mui "23" t o f l Juliet" - the former having; group _ plus 0 , d mem bers SAA he s?lL "hat^hLto» certain s e x u a l l y surest ve ; ? hapes m as follows: ^fi^^r. | TM 5^- £,,£:* i u M£,ej; .MS in the ntion insisted thflt too ^ ijc v *- · j , \\\c\ \ u r^ i ssLs: -^ radff ^sCSncS £ \ ^^ r - ^^"^ was time to give the second j K » « a « a t as i t ' w e r c , mary i category a new designation TM e^ - . recenUy which would clearly state what mL * a the category means." Valenti goes on to say that "we are hopeful p a r e n t s KATSELAS TO DIRECT -- " HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Miltoov - Kalselas has been signed by 11 · producer Mike Frankovich to direct 'Forty Carats," which will begin filming next sunv,.., mer. Katselas recently completed the direction of "Butterflies are" " free." The new film will be screened in Hollywood THIS WEEK AT THE STABLE IN PEMBROKE everywhere w o u l d un- 4:30 Saint 5:30 p p n t h Valley 6:0n News 8:30 Partridge Family 6::; ABC Xcivs 0:00 Incredible Mr. 7:flO Dream of Jeannie Limpet 7:",» TEA 11:00 Newscope S:0- Brady Bunch 11:30 DicU Cavctt GARY PUCKETT, along with the Union Gap, bats out one of the group's hit tunes for the PSU audience. derstand that a PG film means a film to which all ages will be admitted -- but is a film which requires parents to exercise parental guidance, particularly for their younger, pre-teenage children." He gives the reason that there may be possibly some material in the movie that some parents would not with GP ratings, should. have been dropped into the H i or X categories . . . unless i "parental guidance suggested" be interpreted to indicate Channel 4 5:Cm f-s;uiu Strict f:0n Electric C o m p a n y ;::!0 Ki i;::!0 T.aiig. of the Deaf view 7:00 Even lid. S:00 \Vnsii. Wceli S::'f Film Odyssey KQ- Channel 5 4:30 T r u l l ) .n C.rii^ 5:0r» Porry Mason 6:30 AHC N u w s B:00 News 9:00 noom 222 7:00 J r a n n i e 0:30 Odd Couple 7:.'!0 ABC Comedy Hr. 10:00 Love, Amcr. Style S:30 Partridge Family 11:00 News 11:30 Dick Cavett Channel 6 5:1)0 Hi« V a l l n y 8: DO NPWP G:"0 NBC News S:30 Tyo Mules for 7:00 A n d y G r i f f i t h sister Sara 7:30 Greon Acres 10:30 This is Your Life S:00 K a n d f o r d and Son 11:00 News 11:30 Winter Olympics Channel 11 4:00 Daniel FJoone 5:00 R!'_r Vnlley 6:00 News 9:iO Crawlspace 6:30 CBS News 10:30 Don tlicliles 7:0l rt Takes a Thief 11:00 News S:0n O'llara. U.S. li:30 Thrr-r- Into Two Treastirv AVon't Go Channel 13 7:00 CBS News 7::;0 Untold 6tory S:00 O'Hara D:00 Movie 10:30 Don Rickles 5:00 Daniel Boonc S:nfl O'Hara 11:00 News 8:00 News 11:"0 M -v Griffin Additional Programs On Other Channels: 4:00 War of the Monsters - S 10:30 "RollIrT On The River" (10) 316 N. ELM ft. Saturday TV Schedule Channel 3 12:30 Secret Chimps 1:00 TVS Basketball Davidson - S. C. ":00 Spts. Challenge S:00 Bewitched 3::iO Pro-Bowlers S:30 Movie 5:00 Wide World Rpts 10:00 Sixth Sense r,::;0 Xashville M u s i c 11:00 News 7:00 Hee Haw 11:15 Movie Channel 5 1:00 TVS i;n.-l«-tli;ill: Pavidron - S. C. :;.nr Tv.'ilislit '/.one 7:0n Wilbur., Brother: S::!0 Pr_ Bowlers Tour 7:".0 Persuaders :,:f0 Wrcstlinpc S:3rt Movie 0:00 A r t h u r Smith 10:00 Sixth Sense fi:",0 Porter Wagoner ll:3o Movie Channel 6 3:0" W i n t e r Olympics 5 ' 0 Golf 5:30 B. Anderson Show S:00 Movie fi:30 News 0:00 Win lor Olympics 7:00 Lancer H M J O t l o l t c r Derby Channel 11 5:r.O Nn -bvillo Music C:00 IU nek U n i l m i t 2:0d A i ' C I M s k o t b a l l : .1:30 CI'.S News W. Fnrest vs. Va. 7:00 lice Ilaw 1-00 Dick Van Dyke 0:30 A r n i e l U : O t Mission ImpoB- sible 4:r0 Golf 5:0 Bill A n d e r s o n S:00 All In the Family 11:00 Newsbcat S:30 .Mary Tyler M o o r e l l :.T A J J i i t t r r of A GAKY-AND-THE-GAP fan is Ertle Emanuel of Pembroke, who managed to make it backstage to get a better view of the popular rock group. Fifteen-year-old Ertle is a tenth grader at Pembroke Junior High School. prin - - - that vividly flowing blood, stab- bings, lopped-oK heads and other grisly mayhem are so "everyday" that onlv -Brent's decision stands ' ~ a young child's view:. pec- j tacle or not. What a distorted impression a pre-teen is likely to get of life when such obviously distasteful exhibitions of violence a r e available -- perhaps e v e n WITHOUT the knowledge of his j or her parents. j After all, Johnny may not be j out playing basketball in the afternoon" as his parents think, j but "enjoying" the sights and! sounds of a OP full of death 1 and destruction. Gary Puckett The nationally-known p o p group Gary Puckett and the Union Gap came on strong for its capacity PSU a u d i e n c e Tuesday night with a recap of all their old hits and some new! sounds which sent the listeners into a real groove. Backed up by a hard-rock j group known as ' ' S w e e t Thunder" from the Tennessee area, Puckett and pals really put on a swinging show and packed them in at the PSU pvm. Judging from o u r "backstage" viewpoint, t h e group came forth with a very balanced sound and kept an ear to (he "likes" of their audience with an · appealingly diverse range of styles. Puckett told us that the group will be coming out soon with a new single, a tune wrilten for them fav Chris Christofsen, on which they are pinning their hopes as a new hit, perhaps even topping their now-famous "Woman, Woman." He didr," ; divulge the title, but did say lhat it will be in the stores by spring. Airplay may start a bif earlier, he said. The show at PSU was another in a series sponsored by the university's S t u d e n t Govern- COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Climate Changers Year 'round heating and cooling comfort! THOMPSON Electric Co. 503 W. 5th St. Lumbertofl PHONE 739-3375 DANCE SATURDAY NITE Buddy Locklear And His Nite Riders 74 CLUB Highway 74 Boardman On 2rd Street, across from City Hall Saturday Night: Dispatch Myrtle Beach, S. C. Sun. 2:30 p.m. - 10 p.m Music By Record FREE ADMISSION ?HOM 7J9 S4OT Riverside »» WES' roiroip snaii · NOW · 3-5-7-9 P.M. Channel 13 5:fm Wide W. of Spls fl:0rt Van Dyke C:fti'» Fmuro ?:?.i Arnie 1:00 i : n s k - t l a l l : r,:P,ip S. 1C. A i m . l i i : H i i Mission ImjuiK fvO. v.«. l ' n v i ( l o n T:i"" J.nivrpnor \\Vlk 11:0 r ' News 3:00 \V. Kr,r,-:.l vs. Vn. «:0 Ail in Family 11:30 I.nlo Show 4:»i \Vr. U i n u ' S:"i M. T. Moore Additional Programs On Other Channels: 11:30 p.m. ' ( J i ' d x i l l . i vs. The Thing" 7:"!l p.m. V i r g i n i a n - 10 Ceravelle by BULOVA S1H95 Easy Term* 19 316 N. ELM ST. MUNDY FURNITURE CO. "Drive A L - t t ' c c^d S.-ivc A Lot " Highwoy 211 East-. Next door to 211 Drive in Theatre OPEN 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. MON.-Fhl. SAT. 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. TODAY SATURDAY "Watermelon Man" with Godfrey Cambridge Esfelle Parsons In Color - ALSO "THE HORSEMAN" with Omar Sharif Leigh Taylor In Color SUNDAY "GIANT" with Elizabeth Taylor Rock Hudson "G" Rated In Color \rtists] Sat.-Sun. 1-3-5-7-9 P.M. CAROLINA Now ACTION HITS HARD! "NEVER GIVE A INCH" was the mottn of the Stampers oi and live it they dio i THE ULTIMATE CLIMAX Sometimes o Great · Notion '·} DOUBLE X RATED SURPASSES THE NEW AGE OF SEXUAL FREEDOM ON THE SCREEN DONTJUST THERE , Feat: 3:00 5:00-7:00-9 Adults $1.25 - Child 50c Manager Does Not Recommend For Pre- Teenagers. STARTS SUNDAY RELAXING IN Til Kill dressing room just prior to lhc group's Tuesdny night performance at the Pembroke Slate University gym are Gory Puckett (right) and the Union Gap. The group always en- joys o rap session just before going on-stage and Ihc carton of soft d i i n k s was a hig help. (Hamilton Photos) SPECIAL LATE SHOW Sal. 11:15 -Adult $1.25 ROBERT MfTCHUM CAROLINA |

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