The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1955
Page 2
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PA'OB TWO BtYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAT, APRIL 8, 1958 Controling Temper Helps Ike Keep Harmony with His Foes By JAMES MARI-OW Associated Press Nc»'« Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) -- One of Ihe differences between Ihe administrations of Presi- 1 dent Eisenhower and President Truman is the difference between fire and rain. The peppery Truman spurted flame when he got mad enough. He scorched people he thought were shoving him around, particularly Republicans in Congress. He had i sharp j tongue,- and in public. E»»t«r dinner table or lor »n addition to your bu/(et lupperf Try this: Boll'and (hell u many •»! u desired, then dlwolve one envelope of flavored drink powder in one cup of water for each color. Put In peeled, hard cooked eggs; let ituid. until desired shade li obtained. This \t a harmless way of eating dyed egfcs. It you want an extra touch added, why not pine on cream cheese from a pastry bag? In buy- Ing the powdered tor this neat trick, be sure to get an assortment of flavors so you will get a variety of colors. National Sunday School Week, sponsored for all faiths by the Layman's National committee, will be observed this year, April 11th. through nth. lit IUCCCM will depend on you. The continuance of the American way of life l« dependent upon our into young Americana the same religious principles from which American itself has grown. This Is the llth annual ovservance and dont' let the cause down. If you really want to impress your small children, 'why not get up bright and early and go along with them. Who knows, you might enjoy it and want to make a regular practice of taking your child to learn more about God. That's the American way of doing it, you know. Don't make U» nutate that I made when I suggested to my young son atendlng Ole Miss, to buy his date for his formal fraternity dance, an "inexpensive" characteristic of a mother) gardenia corsage. All girls love while flowers, I told him. Son, Instead of a gardenia corsage, he had to overdo It and buy one of those rare specimen white orchids, the kind Bi»V the bridt tops her prayer book with and later "she pinned the whit* orchid from her bridal bouquet at her shoulder lor traveling." Nothing cheap about mj ton, where corsages are concerned. Those are the reasons why mothera get gray and there went my Easter bonnet. But the Republicans in Congress were a lot rougher on Truman than Uie Democrats are on Eisenhower. The Democrats may open up as the 1956 elections draw near. They're showing some signs of it now. Eisenhower, unlike T ru ma n, holds his tongue and his lire, in public at least. As he says himself, he doesn't get personal. That sort of knocVts the ground out — beforehand — from under anyone with a yen to attack him. Eisenhower dampens his opposition and his critics by being as Impersonal and cool as rnin. In public, that is. What he .says In the privacy o[ the White House Is not known. He Is said to have quite a temper. Even if he had a desire to slus the Democrats, this would be a poor time to try it anyway. Hf; needs their help since they will control Congress until the 1056 elections But. while Eisenhower refrains from adding fuel to the fire of his opposition by public and personal criticism, he and his assistants apparently work hard behind the scenes to overcome roadblocks. A good example wns In the recent attempt of some Democrats to give everyone a $20 income tax cut. Elsenhower's administration said the government couldn't afford it. He got enough votes lined up In Congress to save the day for him. Truman had trouble with Sen. McCarthy (B-Wls) and the late Sen. Tail (R-Ohlo). He blasted both of them. They returned the compliment. For a while after he won the Kepublican presidential nomination from Taft It seemed Elsenhower might have trouble with him too. But Elsenhower won him over. Taft became hU most valuable helper. Elsenhower had trouble with McCarthy but handled him much differently from Truman, and more effectively. Eisenhower himself hns never said ft word against the Wisconsin senalor. But his aides put the .skids under Ihe senator. The result: Eisenhower Is still riding high while McCarthy has been pushed into the background and Is atlll probably Irylng to figure oul what hit him. To go throuiih the McCarthy hurricane, with his popularity seemingly undirntnUihed, was no . mean political (eat for a man who hn.s called himself a political amateur, i Eisenhower's career may sUnd j or fall on something not directly connected with poltticlaan at all For Instance, a decision he made on a crisis In Asia might win him re-election or wreck him. STARR GAZING By Courie BETTVE NKLLE STARR t Staff Correspondent The Mormon Temple in Salt graph patent on April 7, 1838. Luke City was dedicated on thlsf Senate approved the, purchase date In 1893. Guess you've heard It Aiiislra on April 9, 1867- v/fis 40 years In building. Coin. Robert E. Perry discovered Hit; North Pole on this date In 19C9, but I'll let you In on a lltle secret, the world didn't hear about it until exactly five months Inter, you realize radios and televisions hadn't been invented In 1009. Morse applied for hla first, tele- Two of every three persons tn West Virginia lire supported cither directly or Indirectly by the coal Industry. LITTLE LIZ— One of the most fmpressiva thing;, about our culture Is the way parents oboy their kids. «KU« CAMERA CENTER • Flaih Bulbs • Color Film • Polaroid Film • Movie Film • W« have Cameras and Projectors for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 and Hues. whit, oil was diiwovtred In Arkansas on April 10, 1020. The first well drilled was around El Dorado. President Lincoln'i last /speech WR.S on April 11, 1865. He address-; cd a throng celebrating the end ol ; the war. You remember, he was as- j sasslniued on April 14, 1865. and on ; April. 12, 1945, President- Franklin; D. Rooflevelt died at Warm Springs,; OR. i Ten years can sure pass in a hurry when those golden locks begin to show wear and tear—such as, shall 1 say, mine? You Know what an American Journalist (Ambrose Blercci had to say about u* fair sex and foxes? Well it wasn't good, but any how here's what the man said? "Women and foxes, being weak, (that, I resent) are distinguished by supcrlro tnct." If he hadn't of died in 19H and hadn't fought In the Civil War, I'd be tempted to write to my conKvessmun und clear thai, up. But on second thought, maybe It'd be better to let sleeping dogs lie. Imagination Is more Important than Knowledge, so Eln.steln thinks, nml who am 1 to question that old man? An old English proverb says "As well be' hanged for a sheep as a Imnb." Emerson sitld all great men come out of the middle classes. If you want lo know the true meaning of gratitude remember this, "He who receives a good turn should never forget It; hr- who does one should never remember It." Don't do unto others as you would that they should do unto you, Oeorge Bernard Shaw said, their tastes may not be the same. Want a cute decoration for your And thtrc wot a The modern young liirly Who lives in a shoe, Enjoys better living— She knows what to do. She calls on Reddy For chores large and small. At the flick of a switch, He answers her call. So ... for cooking and laundry, And houscclcaning too, And Ihe dozens of other jobs Heddy can do— Re like the lady Who lives in the shoe .... Just call on Reddy, He'll gladly serve you. Reddy Kilowatt, Your Electric Servant, works for you for only pennies per day. Today'* Biggest Bargain—Electric Service does so much . . . yet costs so littl«. Ark-Mo Power Co. KEEP WATCHING THIS PAGE FOR The Most Sensational Values Ever Offered Residents of the Blytheville-Manila Area Delta Implementsjnc. Blytheville 312 S.Second Ph. 3-6863 Farmers Tractor & Truck Co. Manila Ph. 91 NOW! BRILLIANT PICTURES on ALL CHANNELS d*Kv«n vyrtal-dmr, raior sharp pktort* wi «mry lhonn*< In yo«r ana NOW MI riw air or SOON la (• «• Hw ak-UACK and WHITE or C01O* l*c*f>tion Ihon they t*«r . b*l»v«d poufeh. Why ihoutd you tafct bu than tto b**l your Ml con d»liv«f ? EfMy dtticoH thodlog, ofl HM d«pih and iplvndor of *ptwkli(tg black and whit* picture* of" joore on «tei7 VHF channel with th» •*fo- K nii:iv C SUPERJET- not only on today'i but tomorrow'i jlaliont too — black ona wfut* or color! Colt lodoy lor yowr SUPERJT iniiallaiion jK>«o4*IJCT?13ilM<lrci'r Vi fringe onct poor jignalo SEE YOUR TV DIALER Insist on the g«nuine JfD SUPERJiTI Look tor ttim ALCOA aluminum lot*I with frfward R. Mwrrow'j pfctvrtt CITY RADIO & TV SERVICE CECIL RUCKER, Owner 138 E. 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