El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on May 17, 1902 · 4
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 4

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1902
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EL PASO TIMES gthM ?ry onwrtunlty Is promptly fcuyr troubled to iu. -wan;1 "i w one. i . , Aim I'jiv.ciiia lm V THE TIMES PUBLISHING CO.. LESSEES. PUBLICATION OFFICE 223 SOUTH OREGON STREET. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Mail m Advance. Daily and Sunday, one year $7 00 Daily and buuday, ux munuu.. ov Dally and Sunday, unc month... 65 The Sunday Timee. one year 2 00 By Carrier. Dally and Sunday, one month 65 Give postofflce address In full, In eluding county and state. H?mlt bv money order, draft or registered letter. Address all Communications to THE TIMES, El Paso, Texas. Eastern Representatives: Ths 8. C. Beckwith Special Agency 48 Tribune Building. New York. The Kookery, Chicago. Entered at the Postofflce at El Puso, Texas, as second class mall matter. Telephonea: Business Office 26 2 rings Editorial Hooins 26 3 rings SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1902. American Sympathy for Spain. Notwithstanding the fact that this country was recently engaged in hos Ulltles with Spain the American people are among the most sincere well-wishers for the prosperity of King Alfonso's reign. Tno sight of a strong man deprived of his strength and humiliated before those who once courted hla favor and sought the aid of his wealth and power appeals atrongly to the sympathies of the naturally generous-hearted American. Spain, that once occupied a proud position as one of the greatest nations on earth, has through the folly of her own people been reduced to a place among the bumble, and could not today defend herself against a second or third rate power. The other day, In his speech upon the resignation of the qunen regent, Premier Sngasta tried in vain to find r cause for congratulating her majesty. He said peace had been secured and that the interest of the people of Spain was now centered in labor an- (ducat ion. But at what a cost has Spain purchased peace! It was at the cost of her colonial possessions, and has she secured peace? A writer in the Contemporary Review says: "In Spain anarchism rather than socialism has continued to absorb the chief energies ol tin labor movement, Tt has been able to do this first, by lis clear line of demarkation from all socialism, ' which admits even a socialist stute; and, secondly, by its retention of iin insinuation highly effi tient for negative anil destructive work among the discontented." But we will hope that the ascension cf Alfonso to the throne will mark the beginning of a totter and brighter era in the history of Spain; that her people will rally en masse to the sup-pert of their young monarch, and that euch wisdom will mark his rule as will lift that country back to a position of power and influence among the nations of the world. We believe with a contemporary that loss of her colonies is not a subject for unqualified regret to Spain. Those restless t'ependeticies wi re a source of never ending trouble, anxiety and expense io the mother count r. and were in truth an element of weakness. and def Then follo this argument to Its logical conclusion our Topeka content porary would haw to admit that Kll iplno treachery, which has resulted in the assassination of American soldiers, was in accordance with the rules und practice of legitimate war fare; that Filipinos, who professed friendship for American soldiers so liny could win their confidence and kill them, and that the Spaniards who at Santiago enticed American soldiers to their death bj displaying the white flag of surrender were following the practices of legitimate warfare, whleh the Toneka oaner characterises us selling every opportunity to take ad vantage of the enemy and defeat him. Thank God, the American people do not make war that way; they want to win their battles in fair, open fight cr by honorable strategic methods of war instead of through any trick that smacks of treachery. He Defends the Ladies. A gallant Kansas editor goes to the defense of the club women in the fol lowing style: 'One thing Is certain: Seven thou sand nine hundred and sixty of the fight thousand fair or more or less moderately fair damsels in attendance at the Women's national convention, in Ix8 Angeles. Cat., don't ring up cocktails, every morning before breakfast; neither do they go down and line up at the various hotel bars for morn- ng drinks, as do the men who attend political conventions. And another thing is certain: these fair damsels don't follow up the morning cocktails with high balls and beer throughout he day; don't sit up and play poker half the night; don't get off into rooms and lush up and tell women stories; don't go out and size up the town after midnight. The women are infinitely etter thau the men. in every way, ml it is unbecoming the Q Milksop 'oddgeizer editors to be pitching into them. The nicest thing in the world a nice woman. These eight thou sand who are on the Pacific coast have arned an outing and have a right to go there and have a good time, even f they smash the bank accounts of ght thousand old codgers at home who haven't much else to do but to it around and growl about it." other disfiguring itching diseases of the skin? Doan's Ointment will cure. Cannot harm the most delicate skin. pose to Invoke the law to oompel th mail stores to also clow. The first case tried resulted In a hung Jury but the clerks say they will keep on until a Jury is found to enforce th law. Albuquerque deserves that military post because when her people want anything they go after It Instead of convening their Commercial club in rag-chewing sessions. We admire Al buquerque's pluck and The Times will back her to win iu the post contest Judge Harper of the county court holds that the law requiring practicing physicians to register their di plomas or certificates is constitutional Dr. Reum will lake an appeal to the higher courts. . Suppose Mr. Morgan gets all the volcanoes into a merger and then put all 01 them out of business except one with iiifticlent capacity to supply at advanced priest the market demands for eruptions. Promoters of electric street railways have a strenuous evistence in F.I Paso. They promise to furnish some diversion for our people this summer. 1R. 746 CHE HOK Gradate CMie Physician Ow SO yctf'i i- , mil uwimi isi uicu He ruurmiUxtt to euro ftlood Polnon, I. t Manhood, Skin iJlBuM. Ir,.L.sy. M.tiiM i,. n. rr .... Borofultt, lralyi.l, of HrulD, Heart, l-illilfi k ll ll ., yn Liver, Bladder and all r'rrntla Complaint. All dUeaaea cured eif.liinlv.-ly by Ohi-nentf nrrh without urtrlfttl operation. CONSULTATION r KKK. A Cur Guaranteed. All Rheumatism Cured by Mall. OfflmhouniB . m tog p. m. Hunday 10 tut, Offle 105 Myrtle Avenue, off San An tea to Street I Pioneer Music House PIAN08 ORGANS and all other kinds of musical merchandise ' -i Laa Kll,l!,.v HT,.I. InoorporateJ ISOu Browne & Manzanares Co. EL PASO, TEXAS. WHOLESALE GROCKRS, McCormick Harvesting Machinery, BAIN WAGONS, WOOL - HIDES : AND - PELTS. ttooe SIS Corner Wftb and Bl Hsfl Streets. We Sell n, Dealer Only. H. Leslnsky, A Solomon, B. P. Michelson, President Vice President Secretary. 8. J. Freudenthal, ueneral Manager 0 Sewing Machines (Standard and Domestic) PHONOGRAPH8, SPORTING and ATHLETIC G00D8. KODAK8, PHOTO MATERIAL SPIRIT OF THE PRESS. Nashville American: About tiis time look out for snow or rain, to be followed by clear or cloudy or variable weather. St. Louis Globe-Democrat: One of Manila's newspapers Is named the Volcano, although it is not of the lava-lhrowing kind. Washington Star: Mr. Tillman is assisting in the peaceable settlement of several vexed questions by keeping quiet about them. Champions Treachery. The Boston Herald, commenting on alark Twain's suggestion that Funston after partaking of Aguinaldo's bread and meat should have at least given his host fair warning that he was there to capture the Fullpino leader, aaya: "We think there will be a response to that sentiment in many American minds. There has been so much of American glory won in other and better directions that we could have af forded to part with this opportunity to overcome a puny foe. Our impression is that if General Funston hail declared after he had b"en saved from apprehended suffering of starvation at the hands of Aguiualilo: 'I went out to capture this man, but he interposed to save my life when he found me in distress, a,nd 1 can not taKe advantage of his kindness to compass bis un doing.' the American people would have appi eclated the genuine human feeling in the act and respected and rdmired him accordingly. We doubt also if the national cause would have suffered seriously. Aguinaldo in the latter days of his freedom was not nufflcicntly formidable to be captured at any considerable sacrifice." "Now, just imagine," says the To pek'a Capitol, "Funston doing as the Herald suggests and other officers in Cfmmatid in the midst of war pursuing the same policy. It reads like one of Mark Twain's jokes. The anti-imperialists forget that war is war and that it is seriously engaged in and No reasonable person will regret to earn that Carrie Nation has been entenced to thirty days' imprison ment and fined $100 for destroving iar fixtures stored in a warehouse at opeka in February of last year. Car le submits to the verdict and has gone to jail, hoping thereby to pose as a martyr tad win some sympathy nd notoriety. Mrs. Nation is a com- non adventuriss alllicted with a mor bid desire for cheap notoriety. She is coarse and vicious and, were she a man she would have landed in the penitentiary long ago. The self-re-IpSCtlng church people of Kansas re-pudlStS her and the Salvation Army refuses to let her speak at its meetings. Ah east Texas paper complains that the attendance on the annual meetings of the Texas and other state press associations is composed largely of people not engaged actively or exclusively in newspaper work and that the daily papers are scarcely ever represented at these meetings. Active workers on the daily papers do not have time to go on excursions or to attend press - elation meetings. Los Angeles Times: Another American girl has found that in wedding Sfl Knglish lord she has taken her pigs to a mighty poor market. Some day, perhaps, our girls will learn that the normal level-headed, kind-hearted, generous and sensible American man is quite good enough, as a consort, tor even as sweet and lovable being as the average American girl always Is. The youthful king of Spain was yesterday weighted down by the conferring of numerous titles and orders on him preparatory to his coronation. I lie civilised world hopes King Alfonso may be able to restore to his country and people much eff their lost power aud glory. But the outlook is not promising for the young monarch's reign. The man who sighs for another cut of roast does not feel any better when told that alfalfa and corn is what gives the horse and ox strength to bear their burdens. The man wants something more palatable than hay and grain and If force was all he wanted he could buy an electric motor or gasoline engine and shut off the cost of 004. Brooklyn Ragle: It adds to the homelike character of a city to embower its houses in maples and elms. to give hiding places for the birds, snd it adds to coolness and salubrity ar well as beauty to provide shade against the blistering days of summer. New York Evening Post: The is an inelegant and injurious oild saying to the effect that a fool is born every minute. This is probably a rash announcement, not based, there is reason to believe, on adequate investigation or on statistical data. But, whatever the fact may be about fools, it is reasonably safe to declare that a new political party is borne almost every day. I Mexican. Indian and SOUVENIR goods of all kinds. W.C. WalzCo., 101 El Paso Street The H. LESINSKY CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS AMD JOBBERS Of DRY GOODS. We carry a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, and guarantee all our goods first class. We solicit the trade of dealers only, and give special attention to maU orders. EUROPEAN PLAN. Rooms 75c, $1.00. $1.50. HOTEL ZEIGER, CIIAS. XKHiKK, I'kophiktok. The Finest Equipped Restaurant in the Southwest. Kl Paso, Texas. 521 . r- is THE PRIDE OF THE KITCHEN one of our handsome prize cook Don't Start Wrong. Don't start the summer with a lingering cough or cold. We all know what a "summer cold" is. It's the hardest kind to cure. Often it "hangs on" through the entire season. Take it in hand right now. A few doses of One Minute Cough Cure will set you right. Sure cure for coughs, colds, croup, grip, bronchitis, all throat and lung troubles. Absolutely safe. Acts at once. Children like it. "One Minute Cough Cure is the best cough medicine I ever used," says J. H. Bowies, Groveton, N. H. "I never found anything else that acted so safely and quickly." Campbell & Grayson, Potter & White, Fred Sehaeffer. Notice! The number of the telephone of the Times business office is 26-2 rings, and of the editorial rooms 26-3 rings. The business office is closed after S:30 p.' m. Times wants bring results. The Clothiers A good indication of El Paso's Increasing importance is the fact that this summer nearly every hotel in the eitj will be enlarged and renovated. At present the hotels are crowded with out-of-town buyers of supplies and by people who are here to invest 'heir money. Since the large merchants of the city have agreed to keep their places cf business closed on Sundays the local union of the retail clerks pro- HONEST CLOTHING... We know only one class of clothing worth a full 100 cents for every dollar at which we price it. They are garments 1 m i 1 1 for comfort, service and style, and sold with your money back if you are dissatisfied. From the standpoint of excellence it is impossible to give greater bargains than we are now prepared to offer. a 1). ? J 212 214 N Paso Street. stoves or St. Clair ranges. They are splendid bakers, economical in the use of fuel, easy to manage, and are both an ornament and a necessity in the home. Look at our fine assortment of builders' hardware, mantles and Studebaker wagnnB at bottom prices, Fassett & Kelly El Paso. Texas. i Thos. A.Dwyer.Jr j COMHISSION MERCHANT And Receiving and Forwarding Agent, PARRAL State of Chihuahua, Mex. Buys and sells native and foreign products on commission, and receives and dispatches freights by rail, express and wagons. Independent Assay Office isPi J O.W.RecMitE.B. AjrSBt (cr o Baas sera. Amp mmt ChemJatl AMirt. inn mm ua wunutmt twm. Mum Wort i e. am m. OfArvft and lunrlarr f.oi. San PmaeiMa Sbihiiatua SU. EL PASO. TEX A YOU WILL FIND AT THE PARLOR The Finest Imported and Do mestic Wines, Liquors, Ales Cigars. Courteous treatment and a resort elegantly fur nished. Cool, fresh Ueer and Ale always on draught. GEO. OGDEN, Proprietor. The Eik Clar and Curio COMPANY. CIUOAD JUAREZ, MEXICO. lti CRUZ HOARS (MY A. U. Whitmer. O D, 8. J. R. Brady, D. P. S. WHITMER & BRADY, Dentists. Rooms 2 and 3. Wells-Kawo block. Offlee hours, S to 11 : 30 a. m : 1 to 4: 30 p. m. Pomcroy's El Paso Transfer Company. 300-306 South Oregon 8t Livery, Boarding and Saie Stablea. Hacks, Bus. BMffage and Freight Transfer. BlnksmHhlnsr and Horseshoeing Telephone No 18 and 362. SPRINGTIME can host be enjoyed by means afforded by a nice carriage when drives through the parks and country furnish Indescribable delights but such rides can be spoiled easily If your vehicle Is not of the best At Noake's a select line of carriages is offered, every one of which is the perfection of style, construction, finish and easy riding. H. P NOAKE, Cor. Santa Fe and W. Overland .... . .j, .j. 0 ,j. ... ... Vk 4 $ . When you Want Any Kind of a Bond call on HORACE B. STEVENS, AGENT, 0 Fidelity Deposit Co. of Md., also agent for t 16 Leading f ire Ins. Cos. Real Estate and BMtai. ' . .;. t t t j ..The Wigwam.. FINEST OF WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS. ALWAYS ON HAND Convenieni.y Located and Up-toDate In Every Respect 104 San Antonio Street T. H. CO WEN & CO., Prop.. ill nil Reainr GENERAL i Real Estate and Mining Brokers j Mills Block- Corner Oregon Street Louis Avenue. and Bt f ! 4 Business. Residence, Improved and Unimproved Property for sale on 4 4 We will continue to attend to the business and collections of the Campbell Real Estate Co. 4 4 Easy Terms Agents for Magoffin Addition Powell Stackhouse Jr SUCCESSOR TO G. A. Kaseman. BUILDING SUPPLIES AND GRAIN, COAL AND WOOD. Dealer in Lime, Cement, Plaster and Hair, Mineral Paints and Mortar, Celons, Roofiing, Pitch. Tarred Felt and Sheathing Paper. Hay and Grain. St. Louis street, El Paso, Texas. Telephone No. 9. For a Nice, Quiet Time, Without Fringe, Tassels or Style, Go To BROSIG'S MOCTEZUMA On the Mexican Side, Everybody Knows It $wanson & Drehner, MERCHANT TAILORS. Large Stock of Importec. and Domestic Suitings. 312 San Antonio St. $500 REWARD Will be paid for any case of Syphilis or Blood Poison which my Remedies fail to cure. This offer is backed by $25,000 of real estate owned by me in Houston, Texas. A Free Trial Treatment will be sent to all who will send ma name and address. Cure Guaranteed in all nervous, chronic and private diseases. Consultation free. Address DR. E. A. HOLLAND, 1015 1-2 Congress Ave.. Houston. Tea THE Seamon Assay Co- Assayers, Chemists Mining Engineers. and Agents For Ore Shippers. Cor. San Francisco and 'Phone 236. P. O. Leon Sts. Box 97. balienger St Longweii TRANSFER LIVERY, FEED and BALE STARLIT Hacks, Baggage, Sua. Biacksmlthing and wagon repalrtag, A full line of Rubber Tires and utter riEFfw sale or rent Telepkoa Wa t Not Dead Yet But we are dyeing every day. Also cleaning, pressing and repairing ladies and gents' clothing, lace and chenillt curtains, etc. Try us onco and you'll be pleased. New York Dyeing and Cleaning Works. Tel. 343. 60 San Antonio. Sunset Route $44.50 KNOXVILLE, TENN-, AND KETTJRN Tickets on sale June 15, 16, 17, 17, 28. 29. July 10, 11 and 12. Final limit August 18. "Best Service." For fu-ther particulars address W. R. FAGAN, General Agent. El Paso, Tex.

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