El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on February 27, 1919 · 10
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 10

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1919
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10 EL PASO MORNING TIMES. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27. 1919 LT. COLONEL KING PRETTY SINGER BRINGS TEARS TOEYES OF WOMEN WORK OF CREDIT AtThe WHITE HOUSE Mm TO OPEN ANOTHER ABANDONS CAREER TO'CARRY ON SISTER'S WORK ORGANIZATION 18 ! All Charges Thursday fir Friday Entered on March Acct RECRUIT OFFICE P Awaits More Definite Instructions; Looks Over Several Office Sites. ;"r tsa purpose of taking- charge nf ntruy recruiting In tlio city, Lieutenant Colonel A. A. King, arrived yesterday (mm l.'mnp Travis and will make hi permanent headquarters in El Paso. A tit tKrlt y in niiti men baa not bun j tlmm yesterday, but has made no decision, lie Intends to obtain a flrat floor alia In the eggltef or the city ao nveresns men who have, wen active service will be selected as far aa possible for hla assistants, Colonel King stated yesterday. He believes sueh men will ba most valuable In enlisting re rruita. He haa already secured an ex-lieutenant who ban aeen active overseas duty, and Intends to obtain otber such men. Ha- n Mueh service. Colonel Kins' has seen much service In cavalry organisations including tit Seventh, Eighth and Tenth. He was in comtnand of a section of the border In the Big Bend district during the war and was later adjutant of th Klghth cavalry and the Dig Bend dir. trlct with bead'iuartera at Marfa, At Camp Travis be was In command of g group of the depot brigade H is and old friend of Captain Ferdinand Konda. formerly In charge of the Kl Paso recruiting station, now retired Colonel King is accompanied by hla wife ami small child. They are at Urn Paso del Norte. it K i 0 i"itT on i ll. K 11 Ki.blem.iu of Port Worth, vice-president of Hlvpard and company, brokers of that place, who has been In Kl Paso on business for some time, re- Sniffles, Sneezes, Hoarse Wheezes Banish them by using Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. Thousands roi'iiiiunond II. Pr. Bell'a Plne-Tar-lloney Isn't tin ! p. rlment, but n cough anil cold remedy that luia steadily grown popular because It Is quickly effective. For lingering colds or cough 'or fresh attacks, Its balsamic anil henl-Ing antiseptics aro sure to bo beneficial. II brings speedy relief fimn phlegm -congestion, Inflammation, ib kiing bronchial tuba Good also for hoarseness, coughs due to grippe, and kindred ailments Kconomlcnl bottle goes a long way. Your druggist sells It. 3c, tiu: and 1,I0, WHITE'S ANSWER JENKINS TO liming tluee dependents, the diari honed placed me III 1 i "A. dg several sppllrsllons to Join the U. 8, Army, making my tir-l application tlvc monllil niter ilm-xiui I" nan. I have coplet or the application ami gnawers from t lit-governmrui. 011 ale welcome to sec 1 r iii i any tune, The cavalry rejected IW on iccannl 01 ptivsirgi disability. I refer PHI in I lank ru krill. DOT) In Kl I'gto. getsHW - c . -iwc--mn I Ci V Y 1 Lome: near! I ongiVMMiiitin ( Intiile II iittstpc-tti Handle the iippo-iibm to Major llui i- Liberty Hall l i libiy Wight, H P. M., I i ll 3H Kteryked) laviini-1 Mtta JCTL'KES of members of the "Prison Hpeclal" par;y taken bofo Ieft, center, is Mrs. John Ilogers of New York art 'reading an at Vlda Mllholland, alnglng. The next shows Miss l.ucy Bran ha before the train left. The single column picture at t ie bottom la Photos by V. c. llccox. : they left Kl Paso yesterday morning, lence at the Union station. Next Is Mlsa I addressing an audience at the station "close up'' of pretty Muw Mllholland. TO BE REVIEWED ,.f sa?i , -mm, ? 1 9 r ! J d i - - Lcxaucu ivcpui i ui -viiiivico Since December 10 to Be Made at Dinner. A detailed report of the activities of the Tri-State Association of Credit Men since the organisation, December 10, will be given by Secretary T. K. Blan-chard at a meeting to be held at the Hotel Paso del Norte tomorrow evening, February 28. The meeting will follow a dollar dinner to be served to the membership in the hotel ballroom at 6.30 o'clock. In addition to members an Invitation la extended to all credit grantors of the southwest. A systematic campaign la being carried on by officers of the association to get members from all the leading credit men of New Mexico and Arlsoua In addition to Kl Paso membera. A number of new members outside the city have already been obtained. Mr. Blanchard said yesterday. A general discussion of matters vital to the interest of credit men in the southwest. James A. DkCk will lead the discussion, and as quia master will bring out leading points on the subject. "The Trade Acceptance aa a Modern Credit Instrument." will he the subject discussed by T. M. Wlngo. vice president of the Ulo Grande Valley Bank and Trust company. The trade acceptance Idea la gaining In popularity and Is widely used In Mexico. Mr. Wlngo will give concise explanation of the new plan aa adapted for use In the southwest. From the standpoint of the federal reserve bank, the trade acceptance will be discussed by Sam lewder, manager of the branch federal reserve bank of Kl Paso. As the meeting is the first general session since the organisation meeting In December. Mr, Blanchard sent, out letters yesterday afternoon urging attendance upon all membera. Officially Announced That Border Will Be "Opened" March 6 nm Vllt II ( HAXCE TO BUY TORE, WHOl.IXiMK WHEAT PRODUCTS. VVKSTO.Vfi MTUY BAKERY, SMI MOM W V STREET, MAKES BREAD, ( KI. PIES VXD PASTRY. ALL MADE AND BAKED IX SANITARY SHOP. TRY THEM. An E xclusive Model In Ne Spring Oxford Moderately Priced At ?10' a ISrE FEATURE today a new line of exclusive oxfords yy. made with jtne patent veal vamps and olacr satin quarters. This combination is new, novel and striding in appearance, THE WHITE HOUSE always shows the new creations when they are new. This attractive model portrays four eyelets. New long tapering toes, silk marked eyelets, feather edge soles and 2 1-4 inch heels. High fitting arches. The most beautiful Oxfords shown in El Paso in many years and to be found at this store. The price is A A A ,...TJAVJrYU Main Floor moderate at :I18 ASK MEXICO TO LOWER TAX ON MESCAL Rouaix Takes Steps to Investi gate Plan to Reclaim Waste California Lands. mseesl, which was recently Imposed, M lowered, distillers recently held n meet- log in Mexico 1'iiv .vi h irtettity iu- pirlm.-nt officii!, a 'c o'J'i ,t ta 'nfor-raatrsn received In Juares yesterday by liquor dealer. . N I 1 1 m i i is i ii. Paris, Feb. b. - Ignaoe Jan Padsr ewskl, Polish premier, offered his reslg nation yesterday to (!oueral Pllsmlski chief of state, who declined to fttMty It, saya a llavas dispatch from Warwiv under Sun-Liv tint- " i' li W SSv At the MQpflfct nf t!m rhamber of t Vtmmercf, the I'nltod States Immigra tion HUthorltlcn have derided to grant to people iri this nam or the river horder cardn that will be good only between the hours of noon and 6 p. m.( Thursday, March 6, the I day of the cattlemen's convention. That the immigration authorities have granted permission to crown the border on that day was officially announced yesterday. The earda will be issued at Liberty Statue on Tuesday and Wednesday between the hours of ftiSO a. m. and noon, and 1 to 5:30 p. in On Thursday the hours will be 8 a. in. to 2 p. m, Persons desiring to cross the border on the "open" day must obtain their own cards and signatures will be demanded. They aro requested to obtain their permits when possible on Tuesday Wednesday. Little Plaza Phone 4580 "The Store Of Service" See Our Economy Basement Adv. On Page 2 Today FACE PROBLEM IN .1! Permanent Body to Be Outlined Friday by Dry Goods Dealers Extension of trade territory, publicity, buyers' days, increasea in lines carried by Jobbers and other measures designed to aid in making El Paso a more important wholesale dry goods center, were discussed at a conference of dry goods Jobbers with K. M. Koberts, manager of the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday morning. There was a general discussion of a trade expansion program and the o'-ganlzatlon of wholesalers to work in conjunction w-ilh the Chamber of Commerce-to make EI Paso a great market center. Eight firms were represented. Another meeting will be -ield Friday morning, at which plans fir a permanent association of dealers In every line of trade will be considered. The object is to aid and co-operate with the Chamber of Commerce. Haymon Krupp presided at the meeting yesterday. El Paso housewives can cut the high cost of living In two ways by reading the market pjge In tha Saturday morning edition of Thj Times by winning a prize and by taking advantage of the Saturday bargains offered on this page. Difficulties to Be Discussed at Conference to Be Held With Treasury Officials. 3Sfe 'AV4. it tt Ml.' r. ti l I.I.I IIIIIIIIISIllllll I I. IM.lI.rc-" :ln!lllKI r-rrW-ff f-- RHEUMATISM Don't Suffer With A tea apoonltil of A-2851 after meals will relieve you rretu-nptiou Is a ctmiiiiullonal : trralnicnl fur rhcum-itlam and scut. H re I betes rtirunmtliin by illssolvlnf the caleara- 1 ou drposlls which caumi the paiutul swel-1 line at tho Jolntf, and drlree the uric add from the svciitu. A-9UI IS an old phjnl- I elan's prrvrlptlnn used slure 1854. Bold by Icadlni drult or neut by nr for 11.00 ttMCR S AMCND.Srd ftve.,S1llhSt.,NewYork 10 SPECIAL PRICES IN MODERN AND SUPERIOR DENTISTRY. , DISCOUNT UNTIL MARCH 5th llun'l fall I" lake aiHaulsur nt lliK Hits Is our in-l anil hint dlarnunl ituli-vv mailr Mini taniialh In (he rtHUpen) He spent. Sinnl.i mill Iniich. I all loUs.i. Inkc inn .inlnpr i.r l'c hi per irnl. iliiilar saxil Is a ilnllar mailr. ttpni null! a'rluek rtealnii Remember in i Mtirch ' Remember Open until H partook cicn-ntga. LOWEST PRICES Platt-s $7.50 and Gold Inlays BritlKr Work $5 Gold Crowns $5 Porcelain Crowns $5 Gold Fillings $1 up $1 up ( YmWit Filling 50c up Silver Fillings 50c up Synthetic Porcelain Fillings $1 up CREDIT s We will accent iiitrl ibiwn, balance In im inenl a wiirk l llll ibnie Work runiplrlril la use il hni afrraasry. re examination. I ail atlrnilaal. ii Mil, mi lin nl l hi tM Ummv unable ii call here. No I, (allc .loan i. I i. l uiiiciilu. ViiIIm l.i ll.ulcu Mcxlcana UNION PAINLESS DENTISTS KM1 Mesa-Be sure you're in the right office-2061 1 Mesa h i 1 1 i i- si.iii Haul. Sc llui, 1. 1 I -pallid. AfTHR remaining In El Paso over lilt: lit In have two flat wheels on their car replaced, the 111 women suffragette advocntea on tne "Prison Special" 1,-fl iMtcrd.'iy mom-Iiib at 7 D'otocX for Lcs Anuoles. While IcurM cniitscd down the cheekis if -cwrai n,incu, iinicng the passvngera waiting to board west bound trains, UIm Vlda Mllhollsnd daughter nf John It. Mllholland of Net York, and sister of Ines Mllholland. who died In the California suffrage campaign In 1916 sans annas at the union station; songs she made famous, while herself In prison. This yOung woman, who studied singing and gave up a professional career of great promise to carry on the work of her dead sister. Is handsome unit h,i i .i man m lie i ognllty, Tin r win Muceibiiic aboni her voice that brought to the minds of her audience the heart-touching story of her sister and many wen unable to keep back I he tears. Ilcr voice, cultured anil attune i. e ,il ,,c the roar of the awaking traffic and she was enttuuj- NMI JOIN N M v. Three men wire accepted for the navy yesterday. They were Ualph K Lalonde. Clovls, N. M.. fleet naval reserve ; Verne C Harrison, iMWen, Aril, aiiprentlee seaman; Mllo Frederick Meagher, 707 Ka.st Iloulevard. El Taso, fireman, third for machinist's ruauv Vouna Harrison lefl yesterday for San Kranclsco for training and Meagher Will leave for Chat lesion ii. tt C, lAloadl Is placed on the waiting list. Tho necessity for the Iniportallon of foreign coke Into Mexico for use In 'inciters Is to bo discussed at a meeting of representatives of tho American Smelting and Hi lining company smelt-et it Monti rrey, Aguascalientes, and other smelting plants, with officials of the Mexican treasury department. Mexican manuffieturiTH of coke will also be pre,,ciit. ricooi ilitig In information received by mining men here yesterday. On m count of a scarcity In the sup-.' of crude petroleum used by Industrial plants in central Mexico, nanelaco Peres. general superintendent of the National railways, has gone, to Cardenas, Tnmpico, when- n train of crude petroleum was recently derailed In an attack by rebels. About 87.000 tanks of oil .ire reported to be detained there General Castro in El Paso to Call on General Hornhrook General Jesus Augustln Castro, commander of the northern Mexico military lone, creased to i'l Pasn yesterday afternoon and visited Eort Bliss, where be was received by (ienrral James J. Hornhrook, commander of the El Paso district. Ileneral Castro was aeeompanieil to Kl Paso by Consul ileneral Andres 0. Garcia ami members of bis staff, the visit being for the purpose of returning the call of i lei. era 1 rtornbroOlCi who on Tuesday visited the Mexican commander In Juarei. Mice SI -,. ,v ..... . , XI ex I.-,. SllOf Maehlnerj I ., , 1 !, S. Oregon St aVjmtiiniiiiii':iijrufiHimntnMijii5irtiufititifnwiimiHfij,itrHUHuuniiM Certainly! Charlie Vowell will simh iii Liberty Hall Friday Night. 8 P. M. February 28 Sergeant Redding in Germany With Occupation Army Mrs Minnie M. Ueddlng of 21? Arl- sona street yesterday received a letter from her sou. Sergeant James K. Ked-j limit, who Is with the American army of occupation In Germany. The letter is I dated January 27, at Kngera am Hhlne, ; where the weather was cold and a snoxv I storm prevailed. According to Sergeant f Ueddlng the army expects to remain in j Germany until next summer at least, land there Is some talk that the Yanks mac be sent to Russia to help aupprees I the Ilotshexlkt. The Government has lifted the ban on cereals and relinquished its lease on the new Bevo building. Our plant, voluntarily-tendered the Government, is now ready to resume full capacity production of Woman Held to Await Action of i U. S. Grand Jury "i'"ilc K State National Bank i -1 xhi i-in ii trim . isbi. Capital. Surplus ami Prodis. tJSt'.noo no. lulrreal raid on 4ilngi srrounti. C a. Milium Mi I'rrxldrsi, lust I'll MM. HI vis vice frrxldral. t N IMS-Ill. Mrr rreldrsl '.I nili.l l Mont i isklrr It. . MrWM. sstxlaal tnshtrr. l M M III kl H ts.i,t I ashler. Und before I'nlte I ictlon of the fetleral r bond was fixed ut ii was unable to make omtnttted to Jail. America's Cereal Beverage Like all Americans, we have made our sacrifice to help win the war. Now we are ready to renew our full duty as a great National industrial institution. WELDING As It should he (tone. V i ob ton big or email. BROWN WELDING CO t)0 '.ii. Phour !10M Pl'KGI'.i'SS as H.ONK Is the UiKAl, AJ no ami HKAMNC1 Uil NT, w ami 1 readv for an emerge by all drusilsis. Adv, of 1 Anheuser-Busch St. Louis

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