El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on July 5, 1918 · 10
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 10

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
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10 EL P.SO MORNING VMES. FRIDAY. JULY 5. !9I8. GERMANY FED BY RED CROSS MUTT AND JEFF YES, INDEED, THEY ARE VERY STRONG FOR ANTIQUES OVER HERE. ICopyrlfht. J 911. by H. C. Fisher. Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.) BY BUD FISHER No Yankee in Hunland Goes Hungry; Cigarettes Are Also Sent. it every cspbiri SO xvben lie read Brandenburg, captives are m li"ti Hie pri-ottor arrives trior a J'.nw Journey lo. a German port tint through the i tmborf ennecntrstion prison, lie ts Ml hj OBI ounner Mate James tiolanry arid 1,'iree other American prllWWW who oii-niute tlie American Help committee r tne American Red Cross In Brandenburg camp, about 80 mill H from ncrlin. To meet Jnt uncn a contingency the American Red Cross Iron) IU prl-oners" idler warehouse at B"rne has sent this llDlHlllUW a stock ot emergency food parrcla ami supplies or nothing and vsrl-(.o comforts, tutu as soap, lirmhc. towel, elc. Tin i e are no speeches or welcome-for t'ic men are anything but welcome jnt n good American handshake, anrt the committee hands over a bed Cross panel i 01, taming Jo pounds ot real Aincrlran "eats." Most of the food I' conked and ready to tie wolfed by a man who ha bis own pinion about the sustaining powers of nun soup. When finally the tailor 'stretches and sighs the sigh or the well fed, tlm committee shoots its llrst qiiei- I- M wW.M'uuw J WHAT t5o Vflu jH ,-T W 1 3c '. . ..Kf V J. SftMC- 6foMJtFeW6'$ ,j It's A UitTlE fe, "' T i,. atj"-w . : ront ired from another lied lining cigarettes, pipe The arrival ! then given a posl caul addressed to tit Bglf oners' Relief bureau in Bertie. This card gives the lied Cross facts winch It ronitnlmicati's to the prls-i. in i s rmnilv In America. The cant add new name to the lift of SOI military and civil pnstuieis to whom the American B''il Cross each week fends so pourxti of I n ml, meal, flslt, dried fruit, vegetables, murar, roffee, tea, etc. The 'aril also fives the sties of shoe and garments the prisoner wears M that tinlforms or other clothing can be sup-plted, smoker receive regular package il tobaci'O. These shipment, are IRMl hnnl tlie vnt stores which the Red RroM has rolteeM al Heine lor the reller or caplnrcil Americans In ni l-many, enntiKh Id iii.iinlaln Sf:',-Uf Americans tor six mrmlbs. Sfa Amerli'iiii prisoner needs anythlnic bejond what Is heinir supplied to him raceffl ipeAdlnR money. In rad, I rank -lin Abboii, director or the deptrtiilenl or in rmeri' relief, urges reldivea or ap lined men not to attempt to send them panels. . "Put do the American prisoner vet 1! e e Med i i"-- shipments?" Is a question "I hey do," Is Mr. Abbott's poalttv an-ewer. "The American Bed CfQII lias means or inalnv i ertalo thsl the pi lsnners irei what Is ent. Every pekW calls for return of n rerrltil slttned In the prisoner. "If ain one falls iiekuowleiiiie Archduke in Command of Beaten Army Left With Stock of Victory Medals. cw Yovk Times Chicago Trlbnnc-l l Paso Times Cable service, copyright 1818.) iin 1 1 shipment. Sergeant lll but inn. These slneks are in. t large just a few hundred ptrcili, p t w iiHlntaln tliese stocks al a point sMnre we believe they will reed any tea-eonatile number of prisoners until the v eeklj -in) ineiits fiom Heme come thiuugli." Blum Relieved of His Commission as Special Slate Ranger INttOuncrtfienl rtl msile at police head- ht thai II' bliiui . i i'iiinical, less tlinii orlg hull i , Crtameri butter, tresh finci .OleomanlflBti iiatiusl color .lard, ioiui'iiuul, II) . Dread, m-o. loaf PRISONER'S EATS FOR A WEEK GERMANS BITTER --dlk- ' ' ' y SmVjlr Delicious Stories of Their Ally's Pj jjJjjmSJJti Humiliation Carried in JH. i i i 1 J : Hi iilliiPH.'li Ill fcLMi I ol "1 nSJMHBGiBBJBJMSJIBMfaMBfl I i "i HHBL ' J I i t bj H ma i api no Will nam and ' , '.-' Austin, bliiin LLLLLLw' - i i in tne ILBBPMflpWv' JEBtBp'' n i iii ii m jitdflBLvflb u li f 0 Itquot I lllng ''' I' 'si ' i " . ' . ';" jio reason ror n t am i li m hi ihi rsnner I'Oinnilssliui was made public , ' ... T;m.. w,i a, c.,-1 ..,i, ra' - -mi -i !;:mu 1 i ii i limy i hi bill I the Here nro ilin(oru)ili.s of finme American prlsoncrH In Qernlftny, anil I Itmlt . MbSwiiMS ot whBt "lv,'! lh""1 l,"u well-plwiKed. wcll-fiol look. the top picture tiu ' ii shows the contenta of one of tho lOpound PtchaBoi of American "cuts" j, rl , , i 0.W which ore Fcnt, one ench week, to eycry Ainerlciui in n Ocrnuin prUon kg., per lb. ,m uni from tne lied ( runs warehnueex ;it Home. It incluilcs meal. fish. mi W licaiis, tomatoea, prunea, hafd bread, sail, pepper and suuar ami clgnrettea " W The lower ilnilogriiili allows four Atnerlcun nuval prlsnuera ftt " i, ,1 i. i .u-1. o 'in n in,- tn'nip, iiiuiim , in in i , . ,K, ii - inimlenbiirc Doatmark. The ypar-old youlhs. Their most linpor-tant objective Is attained. "The summit of the Italian btnfa position' Is thrust through by the storming of Montello. The rolling no of orable and rruel veto, flciiveii opens and a deluge descended. The mountains from crevasses made in them by t inc. overflow as if weeping, mid ly themselves Inlo itcs rapidly. b Is torn away by sure or the water, loosened by the are driven against id phshed through Regular Democratic Ticket candidates on the ted on at tin: prl- wat all the piave. which i "The upper brldn the irresistible pre: and the pontoons, force of the waters, 'Tlie ! bridges missed, like the from thi targets For a 1 illery lias In the wh ch cannot be mg time, fountains of whales ascend ever quicker sue- Fair Food Prices ' Interpri ting C.iliuulltee for .on. uv Department, iviwmui llsll. J," B. WlltsOII, I'. S. hti'lll, stuck-up ignoramus, who shown any mark ot mil iary ability mid expresses the hope that Kmperor Karl will have tho gond sense In place him on the shelf forthwith. ii ijoneralisslmn Boroevlt lulled to ' any proof or unusual fikpaetty, - Hie Oerinan orgnn. and after Dm erably poor showing mailo by the r Austrian commandeis, ihe kaiser no option but to force Austria to 9pt the Cei'iinui general stair lesi whole Teutonic alllanco become lived In military disaster. Auslrian Harshnls Seiired. l.iepnger Tageblatl derines the worst rault or tlie Aiisli'ian marshals as their having missed to scenic even the Initial success of a general surprise, OB the other hand, the Dresden INeuesle. Mrhrlrhlen seems to eoMole Herman disappointment at "Ihe slight want of success of the Austrian anus." by the assurances that Austrian i e nforcements are already on ihe march to give a terrific bat-He elsewhere, and thai much sooner man might be expected, Italy will learn bow Inferior she Is and bow untenable are her positions. Archduke Ibis Mrdnl on Ills Hands. lie Wiener T arable tt. lu holding out the same hope, tries a disarm Hie bitter Herman civicism by show ing t i .it man slarr. the picture tile snprcmf duke Kugene truck own sir Inn r the . "'.'7 '''.' cheese, l.ongliiu ii. Hi sa (f .")-, i Iii ese, cut to Older, per lb 40 jsssi Beans, calirnrnla pink II O tltsj .cftsiMj' M New polalocs, California while, per lb... .niiyp "I UtUtf f Onions, per lb ftt W M .ii 'or .s1. , Iciiii, Isucy wliole. per lb M ajp ,41 .11 j ,31V Ham, standard, wliole. Ib 3d (I ,.l ,t) if .11 Milk, evaporated, fall It O .11 .Hi l ima Means i Jt Id i i.no ..Coni flour, per cwt 1m , 1 i ST, Barley flour, bulk per lh P Htf X' fact Ihnt i'ilalns bore on the dp OomtajttlaV and the r look so well-fed, will- loi Oerrnan cenaor pmsnoI tin Ihe rorrgolug were adopted at Ihe regular merlins; or the price Interpreting committee, I, eld Thursday, June S7, at 3 o'clock, and are subject to change by Ihe niliiliillie Adiuinlstrailiui. How to Secure RED LETTER BIBL E Al 3 Cost. Distriljuled by EL PASO MORNING TIMES Ideal s of Freedom and Jusl'.cc Stronger Than AH Batteries of Krupp By ssni niieil Press. Raw York. July l. Tim ideals or frei-tam and Justice. enftncM by ihe wllling-nesa lo aarrlrtre of ','i nations, are stronger titan all the batteries or krupp, all the olrerari or Zoppeim, all the strategy of llindenburg mid mure Invincible Hum nil the uhderi a assassins of von lirpiu, Secretary Daniels said here to- - MANNY - in n lit lu an Independence ilu n.ldiess. "mi ibis anniversary." said Mr. Daniels, "wlill" owing most for Independence, lo the romwiamnai flsjrure ol Oeorsje Wash-li gton, wo turn to Jerrerson, second only to tlie illustrious lueeessfol miliiary chiertaiu or spiratlnn lha In place lovi love ol Hie. "We shall lory comes,'' volution, ror the In "d men then as now e go eminent above but ah Is not staked OH a single battle and neither rev merchant v. a par with mil when 1 because MM associates " Mfirnlnu Ttssai Morning I line I'l AN Ml. I fi SseBtkS .ml licit letter UM. K.N PIAN Ml. 3 fnr 3 miiiillis nuil Bed l etter nihil" fi.ti I'l VN Ml S Horning limes lur I BSORlh ami licit I cttrr Bible 12.7(1 I lin (tie coupon prlnli'd lirinu, dcs)iiiate our choice, siau ,tur name ami satlrest sad grcsrnl or lerwaN to the llnu s otllee or llnus llraucti No. :i. in., Icmis si m, rcqulrcil aniount. COUPON Uoniinii linn s, 1 I p.. i ;r s Lrnllrmen: Plrasr lurnlsb me ilh a copy ot II" II. .1 tetter Bible My chnlir i.l plans I. No tncloseil iitease tliul S lor the Itililc and month., sub- terlpllnu to Ike Morning limes. Mams Aditrrae , MAIL ORDERS Ailil I'nslane and Brglsirnllnn Ire hs (..lines: l ,. i,, t.ji miles, ITt; up In ami miles, 0r; up In ism miles, lie; uji tu l,mi utiles, Jix. J to Is mil lusuio piruoipl delivery. f land unr sinkings of species or dii acy on ch Jerrerson stamped president) will avail, ans and their brae nsbHM hate' or 'de-e ihe 'tsmxHiqaeratMl never to suiinnt or arled Austrian plaie approval or the lier-mosl comic side ol unlit In Ihe Tact thai commander, the lu anticipating a win-lining Austrian victory, has oil a special medal bear ug effigy on one side and the Ai eagle with wings outspn pelntntl to the sea cn tlie revet with the Inscription 'iiidlvlslbllltor Inseparablliter." In view of irnpos-sihiliry ,.r distributing il among the routed armies, tins pretty medal has put on the market at the prlco en kroutn. tllrtine Weather for Disaster. A war correspondent of the Neue Krele presse or VHMMi H tlie I'lavc front, deaerUMaf tlie Austran dercot, Which he attiibiited to the fury of the elements, fajrs Hint "not tlie Italians, but the rain, triumphed." He adds: "South of Nervessa In the plain near San Inula and Capo glle, Den era W una'S storm battalions are over the river and canal. From Tret iso, (leneral Dlat sends against 'suddenly alrinni also appear. They come down silently from a great height in far-reaching volplanes. Now their motors hum again and their machine guns rattle. A rain of steel pelts down on the pontoons, which sink, riddled. "TUe guns of the rrom the bank, and their shrapnel endanger defense, hark rajignieuts of the lives of Ihelr nsn men, men whim, tin; to protect, one, two, three, great caproni bombarding plan seend, shot down, one In the I Montello. A Meuport comes wish or like lie 'li hurled fr iiious ali'tiia Hi iqn it thirty - icnts; Lieutenant von li'.rr-peace lime a ministerial h s band four (i maun. orriclal In Vienna, and Bathed against the biplane. "I.Ike raging bulldogs, the Bntllsb now advance on their furiously swift sweeps against our airmen. Engineers, artillery ami Infantry, nothing, absolutely nothing, avails. Ihe enemy airmen are too numerous, the enemy's shells too many. "I.Ike Slzyphus multiplied a hundredfold, the bridge builders work incessantly. They lall mid disappear in the Hood without a cry. They launch new pontoons, they think out new methods uf transport from bank to bank. Nothing helps, absolutely nothing avails. Ill times are bridges and footways completed, six limes aro they destroyed. "The. divisions yonder on the green tortoise or Montello, which resembles so completely In situation and importance the Podgero heights on the other side of. the Isonto, fight with uncovered rejir, with heavy artillery, without reinforcements In men, munitions or provisions. "Tho foot bridge Is repaired, At last, the weather clems up, but renewed tempests or raHl tear the bridge away again. And tiienJlie army n.ni-inand took the resolution, a hard but necessary one, to Ulhdruw behind the I'lave again " l ot ft I is Al i I tlP Kl liv Camp Kearny. Han Diego, Ual., July I. Independence Day act vity here centered today around a . Oration at tho detention camp, where six thousand draft recruits, tlie June quota from California, are undergoing training, baseball games supplanted drill for the draft men, with some boxing and wrestling matches tonight, as an added feature. The 158th (Arliona) Inrantry band furnished music for the occsslon. ANOTHER U. S. VICTORY 5" "11 may take weeks, n may take months. It may take years. Put America has never taken up anus except for liberty, and has neier sheathed the swonl evcept lu victory, and the boys will come hack home Wo U3HT PHESrt CIGAR AND TMWN OlAlv1 T and mo querors same lu Fourta ha." will come back-con-h will gne ihe I nations that the sttred for Amer- P --o l a el RKMCMRKM PMUIIING. lated Pre pile, Mo., July I illi lhoiianils of persons crowding its streets, In ilede today eejatblned the celebration of Amer-Ita'i Declaration of Independence with a day of liitiute lo Cencral John J. Pershing, wlm was horn here September IS. IM ailors from tlie ureal lakes Naval turning Mallon nttnaled with uniformed members of mo o .a s new anm . ror Svery linn county boy in Ihe nation's service stl'l stationed on tins side of the Atlantic was giien a rurlougb tu rome home and celebrate "Pershing Day," rjtjg ernor uarduer was one of the spclkcrs. I Following arc the egular ticket to be t marles July T, 1918: For 1 nlled Slates Senator. MOBBIS SHEITABD or Bowie County. For Governor. s V. i: HOBBY or Jerrerson County. F'or l.leutrnaiit Cowrnor. JOHN M. IIENDEIISON or Morris County. For Chief Justice of Supreme Coiirl. KELSON PHILLIPS of Dallas County. For Associate Justice of Supreme Court. THOMAS B. OBKKHWOOD of Anderson County. For Associate Justice Court ol Criminal Appeals. s C. A. PTPPEH or Dallas county. For slate Treasurer, . M. EDWARDS or nunnIs County. For Attorney (general. MAASHALL SrooNTS or Tarrant County. For Biiilroail Coniniisstoiier. CLARENCE E. GII.M0I1E of Van Zandt-Tlnuniy. For Coniplrnller id NbHe Accounts. II. M. TEHIIlll.L v of McLennan County. For Commissioner ol Geaefsl l.niul Ofltcc. J. T. IIOIHSON or Morris County. For Coniniissloiier id A!irieiilttire, II. A. HALBSAT ol Coleman county. For Stale Siiperinlemleiit of Public Instruction. ANNIE WEBB 11LANT0N of Denton County. For Chief Justice Eighth Court of Appeals. - JAMES R, HARPEB ot El I'aso County. For Connress, shlrenlk Congressional ptetrten CLAIM. II. III TiSPETII or F.I Paso County. For Senator, Ttventv-llflh Srnalorlul Hlslrlcl. R. M. DUDLEY of El Paso County. For Representative, llsih Representative District. ADRIAN POOL of LI I'aso counly. For Representative, itiilh Hepresenlatlve Dislrlrt. B. E. THO.MASON or ej Psso County. For tllslrlct Judge, Thirty-fourth Judicial District, W. D, HOWE of El I'aso Counly. tor District Attorney, Thirty rourlh a in. ,.ii Hlslrlcl. LEIOB CLARK or El Psso County. For Juilne County Court at Law. WILL P. BRADY. For Caoatj Judge, E. B. M i l.lMDCK. For Counly Altorury. . II. fhVer. For sheriff. FETH B. OBNDORFF. Fur County 1st Assessor. JOHN' T. CAIN, For District tourt ( Icrk. C. M. M'Kl.NNEY. For Cniinty clerk. W. D. GREET. For County Trrasurer. A. R. WEBB. For County Tax Collector. R. D. RICKEY. For Counly Superintendent of Public InsiMTlnn. MYI1A C WINKI.EB. For Cnnsjtj survejor. J. W. CARTER. For Hide and Animal Inspector. W. C. Pi'BERTS. For Count) ( .nmnflssioncr, Preeliiet No. L R. I . ETON, For County Commissioner, Precinct No. -1, GEORGE PEN'DEl.L. Tor County onunlsslnner, Prcclnil ADVERTISING RAM CARD. CLAssimrn. 1 ctnt Prt wont neb tlllls uiiMUmi. 1H inliu per vera nn uun nj 5 cMim per wt.ro wh nttm inierUoDi. 11.50 ppr Hub ptr monlh. All rliwlflml wiiui'iMcf now covered by eoo-Uact will be cherieu tir die word. No id accTpled lor lew than ?5 cente. .No ed nut for in Indeflnlre pertnd (t. f.) lekeo ofer Uif lelepncrie. Order to .1. . . It I.) aril ruust lie n.e.le id wrltlni. ArrounlA for (IiMlfled ids ere due ifter Orel lliierllon. Not rehpumlble ri more Uitn one in-ccrrect ineeruori IJ10AL ADVEilTISLNO. LewtJ Idrer.io.ii ir teiel rales. DixruiT An bpach Open rate, week dsn per inin, ooluron wide. en.-!, mserticn, 90c, Bund!), tnieniun. $1.00. SUuiiUrii dlepliv a. Is pu in. o. per icocUi. IB 00. RKADING NOTICES. INire readlni mailer, ewrti -mc n. pat Una. lac Locals per line, eacn insertion. 15c 1 cn Trees fir large amour.ra of dlaplaj ad apace or readers auliject to diacoucL TIMES BRANI II OFFICE. KL I'ASO TIMES COIaTAKT. r-ubluhan kl Taao Horning tSmas. CI I to, Tasaa, For the conranieiire of ::a pa'joot Uia Ttmee malntaina brand) offiraa al ma (Ediawlfig places '. branch 9 10S Telaa etreet. P.rancri .1 IM-xlcap) 40S Souifi Orefoa. Highland Drug Stcre. Highland Tart. Eaal 1 1'aau brug St. .re. Sill Alameda itreet. Suhacnpuona and adTertialng accepted at aU brarichea. Burchcffkr brug Slore 300S Alaniecla Asa, Orand Vitw Cigar store r.laa PI. tiled, dunning and I ejteel brug Co. 333S FI. Blid 01 brug siort Pietlr-. and Muuaoe BL Alamela Drug Slore 3C08 Alameda Aft. Ilalitcn Drjg Co. 1'iilrae and Montana. Bn Jacnlo Pharmacy-llO N. Cotton. AU.aJfH rjN'ON J ANSWERS TO TIMES WANT ADS. Tho rollowinif Hsi or uncalled-for answers lo Times want ailverllsemenls arc now belnir lielrl for ilellvery at Tillies branch office, 101 Texas street: 71 III 13 174 SI'J Political Announcements 1 hereby announce my candidacy ror Hit Legislature or lotas, iistb Bepresenlatiif District, subject to tbe action or llic Democratic prlmory. My candidacy will bt lice from, and In no manner ronlrollcd by, local factional iolillo , and if elected, will represent the people of LI I'aso County to the best or my ability. L. A. DALE. 1, Percy Mcuiic , sr., wish to announce to tlie oeoplt or Kl I'aso county mat I am a candldoto ror the orrice or stienrr and will submit myself to Hie action of the Demlcrstlc prlman-a In July neat CHAIRMANSHIP Democratic eiecliiTvt committee. Homer Y. tills, chairman for the Democratic executive committee of I , I'aso county. Primaries of Julv ii. l or Executive commute iniin, Precinct ANDREAS SAI.AZxR. For Kseentlve Connllleetnan, rtetaet No. :,. Mi II. WEBB, For Executive Commltleenian, Precinct No. (I. M. li. HE.xileV. For Executive Coiiimittraiian, Preelnel No. J. Bam w. carb. For BnilUve Commllleenian, Preelnel No. 8. 0. A. HAMMEL. SE.NATDR TILLMAN'S I I NERAL. By Associated Press. Trenton, a. c, July l.-t'uneral services for Benjamin R. Tillman, for nesrly it years I' nlled Stales senator from Soutti Carolina, who died In Waslunitlon yesterday, were held today In the Presbyterian church here. Burial was made in s nearby cemetery. U s. UK It HER III BEAU. Conditions thai prevailed at the various wealber bureau stations throughout the United Stales st V p. ni., seventy-fifth meridian time, yesterday: STATIONS. want, k mil. 'fi V I ? I: St iw The arrow indicate where American t south of Torcy, kllllnir 7t or them, a.id rovps wiped out a lore ot I.JPO licrmaua apturms; an important enemy slronnolJ HENRY HERRIt0. ' jSag Z S " Far Counly OHMalsslonrr, Preclni. Atlanta NV ss !i c.s i. CMcaM s id m m m i. r. WILLIAMS. Cincinnati SW .. " 90 U .. For Juslbe ot the Pence, Preelml Denver S I 7 u (t) .41 No. I, Place No. I. Dtiluth W 1 78 so j J. M. DEAVF.n. FX PASO E W W 00 , For Jrrstlip ot ihe Peace, Preelnel kalveston SH II t M W No. I. Place No. '.'. Havre NW M :i 11 A. J. IIM.L. Kansas city M l M M 7i ,, Fnr Constable. Preelnel No. I. Little Bock II .. N kl a) 1 n. DaVin, Los Amreies ...,sw 91 m lor (minly ( halrman. New Orleans ...SE ..MM?.., tOUm D. PAiiE. New oik NK It 71 71 M For Exeeiilhe f ivmmllteenian, Preelnrl Pfenaaft NW .. lot ion :t M Ne. L Roswell 8 ti 94 70 .. I RED WOODWOBTH. M. LOU la 9 16 0 Of TT lor Executive I nmmlttrcman. Preelnel sall Lake 1 itv -w Hi M No. 5. san Antonio to s m ;j JLI.IL'8 LoEWENSTEIN. ran ITancisi-y , W "I ii ; si .. lor Executive Committeemen, Preelnel rants Fe K .. 7 pi so .rsj e. j. -eatue a) 14 w K M MISS MAROIER1TE MOON. WMhinalon .... N .. SO SI r,t ,

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