The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 13, 1959 · 122
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 122

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1959
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THE BOSTON SUNDAY OLOBE SEPTEMBER IS, lt M A I Roney Plaza Air-Conditions Sidewalk Lahai MIAMI BEACH. Fla. They are air-conditioning th'e out- THE KANCAMAGUS HIGHWAY It Climbs the Mountains In Lincoln-Woodstock Area New UamnsViirp's Tipwest rnad the Kancamaeus doors on Miami Beach. Highway opened this Summer, offers the motoring The famed Roney Plaza JT( -i ixn,u iTr.nnto;n: hotel is sending out cool public i a 34-mile pass over the White Mountains blasts of air fromBthe Baniboo through some of the most magnificent and rugged Room for a new lanai tiiat scenery this side of the Rockies. will allow 30 diners and . , , , winers to sit on the air-eon- S tar ting east from the Sections at either end have ditioned sidewalk under a Lincoln-Woodstock area, the been in operation for some palmthatcned awning and road rises sharply between the years but it was not until wakh he keach d e fe Sandwich and Franconia August of this year that the ( The sidewalk be dPco. Ranges, bridging the Pemige- road was open all the way fated with ships, wheels wasset near its junction with through. 1 he name K-ancama- stone pelicanS) live parrots, the Hancock branch of the gus comes from a chief of ships. lanterns and tabes cov. river, twisting and turning as the Penacook Indian Confed- efed with fish nct it climbs up 3000 feet over the weighted by sea-shells, north shoulder or Mt. Kan- uie TiT Tenn- camagus before starting its where back m the 1600 s. descent. Halfway it passes its The highway, classed as a i v. - nnA National Forest Road, was Creator of the air-condi tioned sidewalk lanai is De-witt Coffman, vice president of Schine Enterprises, who viuy ma-lull, a uflVAiuouiuu- . . , - , j , . vi. ouuiie xiuciMiiara, wjiu ring through Bear Notch to built "lth Fed" earlier this Summer installed a volcano, great stone Holy- ... 4 T?ir were constructed under the uu j Gorge, a box canyon with a direction of engineers of the knife dancers in the renowned waterfall at its head, then on "amP?i State Hlgh" Roney Plaza gardens, by Lower Falls, with three ZJZr, waterfalls and a deep clear mountain pool. At either of these cool mountain retreats, the traveler may stop to refresh himself with a shower bath under the falls, a swim, or stay awhile to enjoy a picnic. From here the road mostly follows the lovely birch-lined banks of the Swift River to the village of Conway. Construction of this mountain highway started in 1934. of the fact that although the and waterfalls, plus the i a a ac - . . . roaa is open 10 udint, tAirpi chance to swim in a spar- for a few miles near Conway village, it is unpaved and may be dusty. It is planned to pave a few miles each year. However, for those adventurous souls who drive over the highway and there is a moderate stream of them the beauty of the heretofore inaccessible wilderness with its spectacular views of mountains and valleys, rivers hiking trails. kling pool or picnic in a sylvan glade away from it all, seems to make up for any driving discomfort In addition to the picnic sites mentioned there are already three camping areas. Passaconaway, about half way between the two towns on the highway along the Swift River offers miles of I - THE NORTH COUNTRY A Mountain Wilderness, Full of Fish and Game IN NEW HAMPSHIRE'S NORTH COUNTRY visitors enjoy collecting oddly shaped driftwood found on the shores of the three Connecticut Lakes. NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW HAMPSHIRE Come ok-P fo New Hampshire's it! sour g, II Stewartstown and the Connecticut Lakes legion CONNECTICUT UKES y '.Gf-? ifW K'l'S'.'' C0LEBR00K GUARANTY SAVINGS BANK Colebrook, N. H. Where Northern N. H. folks savi for the future. COLEBR00K NATIONAL BANK Colebrook, N. 11. Bankers to the North Country's business and recreation. Member FD1C Her abounds wonderland ef leisurely living that it tops in comfort for th tourist, pleasure for the iportsman and which it truly one of tha unspoiled vacation areas of New England. You'll thrill to the Fall foliage while at the tame time enjoying the finest fishing, hunting and boating in the ttate. For further enjoyment for the outdoor! man and hit family there are excellent golf courses, fine shopping facilitiet and milet and milet of forest and mountain trailt for hiking. for Illustrated Literature Write the Individual Advertisert or C0LEBR00K-N0RTH COUNTRY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Colebrook, New Hampshire You will find charming hotels, attractive cabin and cottage colonies, lodges, modern motels and luxurious resortt in a price rang to fit every pocketboob. The town of Colebrook with its elm-lined streets offers a complete chopping center of good stores and thps, fine restaurants, banking facilitiet and services for the motorist. Good roads lead to Colebrook and the Region. ',cw Route 3 it a direct artery from Boston, or Route 'C" 16 to 2 at Gorham and 3 at Lancaster. Route 26 from Portland. il TO BOSTON f iv IU M00000050000MC NORTHERN COMPORT MOTEL ROUTE 3, COLEBROOK, NEW HAMr-SniKt ooc uom t Located in the heart ff the moun tain region on the most scenic and direct route to Canada. Beautiful modern motel and cabins, heat?d, with individual thermostat controls in all 34 units. Adjacent to the Shrine M Our Lady ol Grace on Route 4t3 one mile south from the center of town. Excellent country for fish ins and hunting. Open all year. Reasonable rates. For further information please write or call Northern Comfort Motet Rt. r3, Colebrook, N. H. TEL. COLEBROOK 5158 & b QIEEDj em MMmm is III 'ilk The COLEBROOK HOUSE AND MOTEL A modern, friendly hotel located in Colebrook. the heart of the North Country on U S. Route r3 offering both hotel and motel accommodations. Your headquarter for the best In hunting, fishing & scenic drive. Fxcellent food and deliehtful cocktail lounge Information upon request. Tel. 69. Mr. Raymoni Bull, Mnier Colebrook N. H. i LEGION : . . tKESTAUKAJNI? For the very best in ! home cooked meals and pastries Colebrook N. II. Howard Keach, Trop. Tel. 136-3 NUGENT IVIOTOR CO. mo!ocg&. aisu7.uT.Ktf MOBILE HOMES SALES rfrfi! COMPLETE AUTO BODY SERV1CS fU" 24-HOUR SERVICE TRAILER PARK SHltl COLEBROOK 121 ltki'T ft at II Cn.. ClkMHI Port I ahnr Dattlad f-a Ch.ll .at.. BDiicfi MAIS ST., 'O i.KHft OO K , A". H, Jll-JfTfiCl k tiUjilUli U hh: U i Ui3 Uul n UU irlbi : l : Li hi Ut Ui It i !1 LVa S i liiliu-ijjll'iliilil.i I iliS: I STEAKS, CHOPS, SEAFOOD, CHICKEN I HOWARD'S I RESTAURANT 1 0PEN 1 6 A.M. TO MIDNIGHT Colebrook Tel. 258 N. H. While on your vacation trip to The Connecticut Lakes Region " Visit Our Lady of Grace; Outdoor Shrine Home of the Oblate Fathers Colebrook John's Ledge & Log Cabins PITTSBURG, N. H. Excellent homa cooled meali and Accommodations. Cabins for Light Housekeeping. Locatad en tbora ef First Connecticut Lata. Salmon-Trout-Togue Deer, Bear & Small Game Tel. Pittsburg 41-2 Fish-Vacation-H tint TALL TIMBER LODGE & LOG CABINS BACK LAKE, Pittsburg, N.H. CONN. LAKES REGION DINING ROOM Housekeeping Cabins Boats Motors Guidas Tackle Solid Comfort At Watar't Edge. Write for Folder Tel. Pittxburq 51-1! VERNON Si PEARL HAWES tf HARMONY LODGE HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES FISHING HUNTING VACATIONING New deluxe cottages with modern furnishings, automatic heat & large picture windows overlooking lake. Ideal spot for tourist, hunter & fisherman. Boats, motors, outdoor fireplaces. Guides & jeep service available. WRITE NOW for information. Pittsbure, N. H. Tel. 41-2 GAMP OTTER PITTSBURG N.H. Fish Vacation Hunt 20 modern cabins all en waterfront. Excellent meals. Recreation for all tha family. Fishing guides and boats available. Brochure upon request LAURA AND "SHINE" CROSS TEL. PITTSBURG 6 MOUNTAIN VIEW CABINS Rte. 3, Pittsburg, N. H. I mi. from First Conn. Lake . . . Centrally located. 6 Pine-Paneled Cabins, Automatic Heat, Picture Windows, Overlook-ing Beautiful Mountain Scenery. Dining Roor Service. Store. Guides Available. Boats & Motors. SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES Write: Philip & Mildred Young .Tel. Pittsburg 17-3 By DAN DUDLEY Once there was a feller who was forced to go ' hunting on his honeymoon. He, got married late in j the Fall when the fishing season was closed. Now, j if this same feller were to take his honeymoon I between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15 this year, and was smart j enough to get up into New Hampshire's North i Country, things would be some different. He could j fish for brook, rainbow or brown trout in the morn l ing, spend the afternoon in the ruffed grouse and ' woodcock covers, and go coon or wildcat hunting at night. In his spare time, he could go after rabbits in the balsam swamps, or look for ducks in the marshes. Coos County, which takes may catch your trout with in the North Country and artificial flics only, it also even some of the nothern part allows you to troll the flies, of the White Mountains, too, About mid-September, tha has fly fishing season for trout salmon in First and Second that goes to Oct. 15 the hunt- Connecticut Lakes and Lak ing season for upland game Francis usually come to, tha starts on Oct. 1. surface to feed, and are usu A couple that didn't care ally willing to grab streamer ebout hunting, but just flies. Landlocked salmon ara wanted to fish, could plan to acknowledged to be just about do their honeymooning in the finest fresh water gama September. Then they could fish in the world. mon with streamer flies on most sma11 game hunters w Erst or Second Connecticut come to the North Country Lake or Lake Francis. The Primarily for ruffed grouse, season for landlocks closes locally called partridge, found Spnt an fir Vipv micrVit find all through the region. a salmon and a big rainbow Woodcock are usually foun or two in the Connecticut or alonS the river bottoms whera Androscoggin Rivers. the soil wet and swf,et On the other hand if they Sulte often near farm.s .op didn't want to fish at all. thev !ncse. Pian vour lr'P f.0 could plan their trip to take in the small game hunting during the second half of Oc tober, or they could arrive on Nov. 1 and have a whole month to hunt for deer and bear, too. However the North Country has a lot more to offer than just fishing and hunting. The scenery is wild and magnificent. There are plenty of mountains over 3000 feet high topped with dark green forests of spruce. Spruce and fir also border the ponds and streams. In fact, the North Country is often referred to as New Hampshire's Christmas Tree Country, for the cutting of spruce and fir for the Christmas market is an important industry. Accommodations range from village inns and roadside cabins to ' sportman's camps, the latter noted for robust meals and hospitality that includes tips on where the best fishing and hunting spots are. In addition, nearly all the camps have one or more guides, who will take you to the best spots, show you how to catch the big ones and do the heavy carrying and the chores. But you don't have to have a guide if you are an experi enced woodsman. ., , . The principal trout streams Alitalia AduS open to fly fishermen until , Oct. 15 include the upper Con- PofllP FIlCTntS necticut and its larger tribu- AVUilit llblM staries Mohawk River, In- Pnr Ortnhpr dian Stream, Perry Stream, rr clODer and Simms Streams On the Anticipating Tecord group! east side of the region the of hierarchy and clergy at-Androscoggin, largest trout tending ceremonies for tha I stream in the state, offers centennial celebration of tha some good stretches between Pontifical North' American the big dam at Erroll and the College, Alitalia, the Italian i "rips downstream from Pon- airline, is scheduling two took Reservoir at Milan. Clear flights to Rome on each Fri- Stream flows into the An- day and Saturday during Oc- droscoggin from Dixville tober. Notch, and Mollidgewok wan- Flights will depart from ders through wilderness from New York International Air- the Maine border to join the port at 4 p.m. and at 7 p.m. ; big river a few miles below To commemorate ths cen Errol. . tennial, highlight of which In some stretches you'll find will be a discourse by Hi fe! all brook trout, but in most Holiness Pope John XXIII on of the larger waters there Oct. 11, the united Statei are also rainbow trout Both episcopal committee for tha the ndroscoggin and Con- college, together with Bishop necticut have a few landlocked Martin J. O'Connor, rector of salmon, and the latter also the college, has planned a se- has some big browns. ries of colorful ecclesiastical Most of the ponds in this functions, country contain only brook In addition to tha many trout but Back Lake, Pitts- priests and alumni of tha burgh, and Big Diamond Pond, North American College at- Stewartstown, also have rain- tending, Francis Cardinal bows. Rainbows are also Spellman, archbishop of New found with brookies in Akers York, Richard Cardinal Cush- Pond, Errol; Back Pond, ing, archbishop of Boston, and Stewartsville, and Fish Pond, 40 American bishops will Columbia. journey to Rome for the cele- first two weeks in October, as they migrate early in tha North Country. Hares are usually very plentiful throughout the re-' gion, and raccoons. Wildcat and an occasional Canadian lynx are also on hand. These predators carry a bounty of $20 and are sometimes shot by hunters out for other game. You need trained dogs for serious wildcat hunting, and some of the guides have them. For many years the northern section of the Granite State has been noted for good deer hunting. White tails often grow big in this land of deep snows and heavy .timber, and there's always the chance that a trophy buck will cross your sights. In recent years new roads into wilderness sections, formerly inaccessible, h a v a opened up big chunks of choice terrain. There's lots of country, and lots of opportunity to get back in where you'll seldom see the track of another hunter. The biggest big game, of course, is bear. Each year a number of deer hunters ara lucky enough to bag a bruin, and there are guides who will take you out especially lor bear if you wish. N.H. HICKS LUMBER All Materials To Build) Your Cottage HICKS HARDWARE Everything Needed To Furnish and Equip Your Cottage P. A. HICKS & SON Colebrook N.H.) Tel. 87-2 or 87-3 Although the law says you bration. DRIFTWOOD Pitthur. Nw Hannithir Mndt'IH pinf-pancled cottages nd log rahitu. Cimiplrt housiwpmi:. Pining nerby. l.o-Mtfd Ml hnr of Back Uk. Ontrallj Witnl in Mrellnit huntlni ind Ihhinj irn. Bni,mbl. rtr. information on mnif-t. Mr. A Mri. Kuasrll V. Hawn Ownrra Tel. ftl-i THE LEDGES MOTEL AND DINER SHtlWfKS. HOT & COLO RUNNING WATER. H0ME-C00KEO FOOD. WINDOW SERVICE. DELICIOUS STEAKS. 1' Ml. South nf Wel Slfwrti-fnwn, N. H. Kathlvn l.andrev. Prop. Tel. West Slewirtstown 153. PARTRIDGE LODGE, INC. AND CABINS Hie. r:S. ritlsbiiri. N.H. DIRECTLY ON FIRST CONN. IAKC 7 modern JJousekpepin Cabins, completely furnished. Sunerb cenery. BROCHURE on request. ' Mr. J. Dulmalnr, Pres. Tel. Pittsburi i; MOHAWK COTTAGES Mi, Taut from Villaite n Rte. 2K, rolrbroolt. N. H. CENTRALLY LOCATED 5 Cottaiai, All Scratnid-lii Forth)!, Hot Watr, Frlv, Showtn, Flraplacti. Vlctot 0. 1 Bernardino E. D. Stanton, Ownori Tel. Colebrook 310 Emnoni-Wtlktr LAMBERTS Country Style Discount Outlet Furniture, Shoen, Cinthlnr. Tint Wrar. Toys. Tools. Glfla Mohawk Road Colebrook, N.H, C. G. ClUINGS, Inc. CHEVROLET SALES SERVICE Colebrook, N.H. SIM'S DAIRY Colebrook, N. II. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS LAVIGNE'S GULF GARAGE ERNEST LAVIGNE, Prop. TEL. 279 G. M. C. SALES & SERVICE Gas & Electric "N Gulf OH Welding (CtP) Product! COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE Baldwin's General Store Pittsburg, N. H. Complete Una ef general merchandise in practically everything one reeds. STIGKNEY'S PHARMACY COLEBROOK, NEW HAMPSHIRE Complete Pharmaceutical Dept. Vacation Needs & Fishing Tackle RAINVILLE'S SUPER MARKET The Home of Red &. White Brands Quality Foods R. W, Ralnvlllo, Prop. 11 II f k at, I. HaT 1 TI 111 nil - ..- 1 NEW HAMPSHIRE autumn spectacular lied) hait))Shire Flaming: color is everywhere as you tour Scenic New Hampshire enjoying our country fairs, up-mountain rides, hiking, fishing Indian summer weather. FREE! Fall vacation kit GRAND VUE MANOR DICKSON'S PHARMACY G. T. DICKSON. REG. PHARM. COLEBOOK, NEW HAMPSHIRE TEL. 110-2 ELLMGWOOD'S Men's and Boys' Wear SARANAC GLOVES Colebrook, N.H. E, B, Ellinjwood, Owner Drop in on the News & Sentinel New Hampshire's Northernmost Newspaper Tel. Colebrook 101 W. Earle Fuller Dry Goods, Lidies' Furnishings, Children's Wear, Millinery, Shoei and Souvenirf, - Colebrook New Hampshire Tel. 221-3 BEECHER FALLS MFG. CORP. Beecher Falls, Vermont ETHAN ALLEN COLONIAL. FURNITURE, VISITORS CORDIALLY WELCOME! This Fall Visit COLEBROOK, W. STEWARTST0WN, PITTSBURG & CONN, LAKES REGION For A Memorable Vacation t iitT KFW HAMPSHIRE Are you eeeKin nuit-i,- in.,.. j fnrtable rooms, home cooking. Fall m and Winter? Mountain -air. Retreat lor rest or writing? Only $35 per wk. Write at once to Box 15J, Alton Bay, N. H. HOLIDAY INN Whit. ount..n..T.ntV,J.. S, N. H. -. . ..... u ITine fnoa. Oil acres, gidiiv The. -L Attractive AP. nd E- p'"'"j,Tile- eTt Houghtons. Tel. i ;beeiwoooo-' -ilTai THE B0URQUE HOUSE 4 LODGE I COTTAGES Directly on Beautiful Lake Sunapem iMntam ictitMY, S'ltm etnaioliart. alv Nw inoland faro. Cocktail Icongo. Wall hoattd. 1 ae ?j Mt ifa. 10 lau NOW te ' Oct. I. For Color FoMar Write forrall t I'll Qolnlan LAKE SUNAPEE 4, N.H, 5w, (morass a m ommmm mm msmm ms mmsm i Four Seasons Lodge Sunepee 1B, N. H. Reaervatlnna evallabla now. ir"f' ,., - ml. from eenier. rmr". a hua line. Good r ooma, I nod Weekend" -, fl', .....I. M 1. Rnflrnul. Tel. FLaz o- flai, t vneireenefl view ove-innR".- - nunapre ana run,,,,, rroviainf obii tonaae ai na or.t. i.nuae a. 4 Motel fK to fin riav inrliitfta il dell, eloua meals. Weekly rates available.. AAA rernmmendfd. Fi folder writa dwaia 4 fraa tallae TM. taaan 3-4444 ' r.astern Slope Kortki Conw". N.H. Jwwwerjajfjw Tear Roand Varationland EASTERN SLOPE REGION f New Hampshire . In fie While Mountains Write feeretary felon Aia n

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