El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on March 12, 1947 · 2
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 2

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1947
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Pagt 2 Four .Main W00 oreign Foot-Mouth Outbreak In U, S. Enffineers Visit Inevitable, Dr. FUuhwss Says (Continued From Fag 1) 4 Breedlove Smith Dies On Street ( i.ntlnued From Page li (lit v. alley i( nntinnrd From Page 1) urveylng and other phase of civil ngim-enng. the group has taken ime out to observe 'he American fay of doing things and thought-ully had some comment to make For example, they all agreed hat the moat impressive thing bout people in the United State I their friendliness toward stran-ers. Kapila recalled how a stranger it Chicago walked three blocks ut of his way to help him find a stock,'' which he said are costing as much as two billion dollars annually. Improved research which h said should progreu under the Agricultural Research and Marketing Act. Modernization of production method, especially more efficiency with less risk. Improved quality, promotion and sales methods. With respect to advertising, Wilson said. "With all the research that has been dorn have been dev THE EL PASO TIMES-E1 Nation Waits For Truman Talk Todav Paso's HOME Newspaper. .Main 6600 ( ontinaed From Fag ll home economies and indirectly a barrier againrt the westward surge of communism. The Greek government, harassed by leftist guerrillas, has appealed for United States aid, now that attorney s car was Britain, herself facing a grave crisis The body was lying at home, is withdrawing help from tified police of his disappearance Discovery of the body was made by Re: a id Maya. 4319 Tularosa Street. The headed west. faceup on the ground to the right the Hellenic kingdom. of the car with the right door open While congressmen generally Detectives said keys were in the waited on edge and withheld com- d new tact that car switch but that the ignition wasjment until they hear from the d in recent vears' not turned on. I Pi esident, Vandenberg indicated the en Brother Just Cause For Jubilation Mrnlo Pirk. Calif. iAFi. Sammy Ystea showed up in the eighth grade at Central School with a rigir box. He openrd it and pasard out all-day suckers, explaining: Tm a brother." House Okehs Pay Hike Amendment Continued From Page 1) U. S. Weather Report .Wednesday. March 12. 1947 TUESDAY. MARCH 11. 147. fun column, precipitation; MSjaeSj. temperature today; third. Boa tor. Chicago Chihuahua .. Cincinnati . .03 4 "3 40 ... at so 4 T 11 01 3 AITOMOBILS RADIATOR SERVICE KAD1ATOB SHOF ISM Te i St. HAY on the nutritional value of meat, we Sf)M q Mr Smith , pooessions have an unparalleled story to teil.iir) ,h. haH )n ,i,t,4 w,. our products and, mmty ,llpped out of m p,,, - ... . i w ann uat iv rv fin i rm ni r n lis- a or terriBie narosnips, oe ia, . M. n. I - -: ... " ' ' - . And that is why the! "f ,cav" 1 -- wcuves saia men wtn no marxs land in the United er A,soc'",lon "id Tuesday thatj0f violence on the body. memueri aic in agrccnicui. ,m a w, B:,h i ,.i h u. resolution calling for speed m com-! widiVl. g Dieting co-use agreements between, p fwr Breedlove Smith, he War Department and stockmen, j 4 ManiU p , U William for the Alamogordo bombing range. 1 Smifh , M Tr. .,, . , Other resolutions, officiaU said,! Daniel Harlan Smith and Edward s here are more likes rune-iwi1 txftnH oppo,Uon to a State High: Smith, both of El Paso; two ii'an..iJ , f T , ; Senate bill preventing the posting of brother. Myron A- Smith of Tort "tTUr ,, !slate 1,nd ,nd lnr opposing, Worth and William Robert Smith j rush through your nieais,, . : f ,h B , r, , .;. .j .. . I " r - yji cmii n ,,.''1.... piw ; n j ai.cis. "You see, people in Europe seen) have lost their friendliness oe- w. must they have gone through six;do it e0nUnuOusly Sayerte said minute you States, there Is such a marked difference in the people's attitude.' Another observation offered by the visitors was that "the food is road rcope of the difficulties ahead hen he told reporters that "the! Marshall Wins Moscow Point K ontinued From Page ll manv orisnnera of war aha ia knlrf M . . I 1 I - I " amc lunuamemaw ire involved in lng in her homeland. so many situations." .... . . .... ,m lemtlatnr. aaiH th. f.md.J A"r hnding the Russian mm n un whu'h Vandenberg jle we in France may take as long as two hours to eat." INDIAN CRfTirAL Of f OLD WEATHER The varied geographic locations from which they originate probably had a bearing on their different opinions about the weather. Kapila. who hails from a place where the temperature rise to a maxim Lim of 120 degree in the shade "if you can find any shude," prefers hot climate? and was quite critical of the wintry weather in Minnesota Market na likes mild weather, not too warm or too cold, g and de la Sayette to prefer climate at of the Southwest, will leave Thursday and from there will Growers Association. Phone Strike In Texas Spreading Continued rrom Page fl altesjioon. VOTE WALKOUT. Houston (APi C I O. oil workers approved by a vote of 884 to 120 walkcut at Shell s Big Deer Park Refinery and chemical plants, union leader announced at midnight Tuesday. TIRES vm tut I III 1 oa m 1 taa mi ( K HlHE TBAIIIBS Will TraSa I at Vast Tltaa mi ttaarla mii 1 ik mr. a A UK lam4 a. ra. J tH PAIN ill SIMPLE pniApaHn?"s GOES FAST Thiok of it! A single ...thing ointment that speeds relief Irons th 'i tortures of imple piles. It's amaiing farn Ointmenl art ia stantly in relieve pun snd iiihina atouthes inftsnied lissuet lubricates dry, hardened parts help prettnl tracking and mreness Srtt to reduce twilling and ihetk Elinor bleeding It's wnndertul! So, to speed lint relief Iron iuh ing snd pain id simple pi la . gel I' (liniment. Yossi doctor taa tell M) about it. At all druggists' in tubes tiimplcic wiih perforated pile pipe thai makes application simple and thorough also tins snd hand', suppositories. trification Administration. jr Laurence Stevens of El Paso The association also is expected to and Mrs. Frank C. Kilpatrick of endorse the National Livestock As- j Palo Alto, Calif. sociations demands for freer use. Funeral services will be held In of fores', grazing lands and u. pledge Raster and Maaon Chapel at 10 support of the Joint Lands Commit-1 a m Thursday with the Rev. J tee of the National Livestock Aaso-frC4j fle officiating. El Paso Lodge nation and the National Wool h. 130 a. T. & A. M. will have charge of service at the grave Burial will be in the National Cemetery with full military honors. Mr Smith was a life member of El Paso Ixidge No. ISO A. T. It A M. a Knight Commander Court of Honor of the Scottish Rite and a past potentate of El Maida Shrine. Born in Colorado City. Texas, in 1890. he was graduated from Austin College and received a law de-2iee from George Washington University. He came to El Paso in 1915 to practice law. During World War I. he was commissioned second lieutenant in the fust officers' training ramp it Leon Springs. Texas, in 1017, and held the rank of first lieutenant when discharged from the service in HI. Returning to El Paso after the war. Mr. Smith re-entered law practice He was appointed as-stant district attorney by District Attorney C L Vowell in 192B and -err aired in that office until December. 1932 From May 1934. to Oct. SI. 183J. he was district counsel for El Paso branch of the Home Owners Loan Corp. He then moved to Washington, D C . where he became legal representative in the Income Tax Bureau He returned here recently to re-open his law practice. He was the son of the late Federal District Judge W. R. Smith. while saioHii are inclined similar to th The group 1m Ph.ko. .V make tour 'hat will take ihem a young daughter She has been in. eventually to San Francisco They her present post one year, the paper I tour of the Valley Tuesday said She would not answer thei union charge that said she did not know her work properly, that she' was pc--.rally disagreeable to Itsb-j ordinate and that she had not distributed Christinas candy equit-ably. The charge were first brought up five mouths ago. but tne company said after an inveatigauon it would not de 'note her. It offered. ' however, to interview the cossV plaining operators personally Tie union refused D L, McGowan. president .if the Southwestern Telephone Workers Union, Tuesday wired the Odessa . chapter that the "continuous meet-, mgs" cannot be considered a strike but ss "continuous union meetings ." j wire that this shmild KM minutes of earn himself did not elaborate concern a decision whether the United States should offer help, posribly including indirect military assistance, to other nations threatened by communist forces. In this category, they placed such countries as oil-rich Iran and China. as well as other countries lying .the question wa of on the outer rim of the ro-cslled importance to public Soviet "sphere." Vandenberg, chairman of the Foreign Senate Relations Committee and presiding officer of the Senate, was said by some of hii colleagues to have raised this question Should the United States help Greece oust communist forces while denying similar aid to the anti-communist Chinese national government of Chiang Kai-shek? Another prime question puzzling the lawmakers wa this: Does intervention in Europe set the pattern for similar steps elsewhere' Congressional leaders who talked with Mr Truman st a top-secret conference Mondsy said they came away with the impression that the Preidi-nt will probably ask for direct loans to Greece and Turkey. He said in tie entered meeting "The union position is that we do not care about the technical position of the company, but we a workers will refuse to work with management people who mistreat us," his wire said. I Several thousand telephone worker, member of the Independent Telephone Union, were voting Tuesday. They included 2SO0 employes in the Houston district Outcome may not be known there until Thursday, union officials said Seven San Antonio locals also voted Tueda Over 3000 others will vote in Ken t Worth and Ualla. Wednesday Balboa, discoverer of the Pacific, named it Great South Sea; Magellan later gave it Its historic name Hospital Gifts Now .$621,80:) 1 Continued From Page I) hava completed the Individual prospect interviews assigned to him and every committee should have its quota by that time." An invitation to the workers' meeting is being extended to representatives of all B Paso churches, according to W R Blair, industrial committee chairman for the campaign. Blair is treasurer of the First Presbyterian Church and meft.ber of its board of trustees. "Since this will be a non-sectarian community hospital," said Blair, "every church, like every citizen, will be given the opportunity to help." He explained that there will be a chapel of all faiths on the main floor of the new hospital and that a program for making that chapel the project of El Paso's churches will be presented at the Friday meeting. ister his initial defeat on the China question, the western representatives then blocked, at least for the time being, another Soviet proposal that the "Big Four" ministers discuss China informally and Issue a communique on the subject. Molotov insisted that such a com munique snouia oe put out since such "great opinion." Bevin said he would think over the communique suggestion, but that he did not believe it was proper under the circumstance Marshall and Foreign Minister Georges Bidault of France supported Bevin Marshall issued a formal statement saying that he would be "pleased" to exchange information with Molotov and Bevin on the subject of China, and Bevin indicated that his country was willing to do likewise. Marshall's statement said a three-power declaration on China made In Moscow in December, 1945, - was not a deciiion of the Council of Foreign Ministers, but of the foreign secretaries of the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom snd th United States." The Moscow declaration eon-fined itself to a statement of atti-Hide of the three powers regarding Chins, particularly the attitude of two of the powers (Russia and the United States 1 in reaped to their troops in China." the statement continued Marshall added that he believed it would be "improper" to place the Chinese question on the agenda "without China, as a member of the council, being present snd participating in the determination of the a(nda as well as in any subsequent discussion." Marshall presided over Tuesday's meeting-the second in the Moscow conference to decide the future of Germany and Austria. Daniel of Wichita Falls, would raise legislators pay from $10 to $12.50 for each day the Legislature is in session snd give them SS a day between sessions. An amendment would give the speaker of the House and the lieutenant-governor $20 per day. - t LIVING COSTS EXCEEI1 MALABY McDan.el said it was impossible for legislators to live on the $10 a day they receive now during a session. Currently members of the House and Senate receive no salary between sessions. Rep Searcy Bracewell of Houston attempted to tack on an amendment to hold up all pay if legislators refused to redistrict the state after the 1950 censui. "I don't believe this Legislature has a right to raise their salary if they don't observe the constitution and redistrict," he declared. The proposed amendment was tabled, 85 to 40. Crosthwait' proposed amendment to authorize an annual session of Legislature got the required two-thirds majority for constitutions! changes by a bare 100 to 27 vote. The proposal would set up an extra 30-day session of the Legislature on even years for the consideration of appropriation bills only. Regular session of the Legislature would continue to be held on odd yean. Rep. Jimmy Horany of Archer City attempted to amend the resolution to call for an unlimited an- n.pn, Criea lew York as x Puubtirah Preaidio R .swell San Antonio Tucson SSgpgsrSSf aW M M M 2 ' aeSSSSSSSS 35! HfSSJMjisSTal aHaaflMattrlV aaHMaaaaaaaaaaaH Tl 31 ve humidity, ii per cent nual session instead of every two ! years. It was tsbled. "Why don't we jut vote unani-1 moutly ISO to 0 for the bill?" sug gested Rep Woodrow Bean of El Paso from an opposite corner. The final tabulation was 10S to 25. Rep J B Sallas of Crockett lost his fight to keep alive a tax bill killed Monday by the revenue and taxation committee The bill would raise the state gasoline tax tjom four to five cents per gallon. NEW LOCATION 310 MILLS ST. Hi i gSTATK SALES - KIM SI Siata IMS ECKPORpncKSON Mabb. PiPf a. Eckfooo 4. Jacksc II res arsal ta aaU rear araaerty SS SSS areaart ta aerta raa SI Milla St Mala 4SSS The tidal pull of the moon and sun have been shown to affect even the level of water in deep artesian wells. Would King Colt Be Merry With Stomach Acid Pains? ! Th legend time been I stomach I to ptjr th m Col miMht noi d svoul if he rhs1 iferert who have stomach or acid pains, heartburn a.- a burning tenia inn. bloat and other con oitiona caused by tacett ac d. should tr I'dga and they. too. may be merry. O a 25c ho a of I'dga Tabled from you dri'ggut first does must convince or re turn boa to ui and get DOl'BLX YOL'l MONEY BACK JMv r Kiwanis To Hear Boys Club Leader F. V. Thornis ti. Fort Worth, regional director of the Boy Club of America, will be the guest, speaker of Kiwanis Club Wednesday noon in Hotel Cortex. De Balding and Scott Wilkey are in chaise of tlie program. ami W . , - , a .hjl . :ifl. ....af.. -i . . . . n t L... I .'..!,! 1 1 y u gi t O.UK k rcnci iioin sniiuv, biumv ui'iin. u. alien you put a little Va-tro-nol in each nostril. What's more it Rvt'ially lirlps prevent many colds trom devnopm); u ud 111 limei VICKS VA TRO KOI S ,1 ' aH agjgj 1 mull"' J TEXAS ARI ZONA- WCW MCXICO g jgw TRANSFER COT Phone Mam 166 209 Laurel St. SAVE Time and Money by WELDING Proken Parts of Automobiles Tractors Farm Machinery Diesel Engines lid EVERYTHING METAL Alto H W ELD and build up Worn Plow Points Dragline Equipment, etc. SVaf? rKV 1941 rail Lai ' ' V a a s Naa V . ' 1 ' W a. in Sparkling NEW PATTERNS! Hardware - Tools Ranch a Farming Supplies Huilrtrr. Hardware. 7ickk tie Mentilks B'nk with Temptilatifi dUtTjEMM i m rami rlc ria-Atarrica Maaely Cat. agMllalaaj 1947 Ktyle Arming llaily uooM 1 ins in 0111 io h At SUdaeed Price Sutnr s a I f( Per Law 91 svU Room I (4 Our Displays Clarence Thomas niXT AND m :srtb Me. Are. li t CO K ATI NT. S w r itiii Main 4M i r4 .. ?e-ratals FOK ntASAST .MOWtVTJ- &t fas feat Jsb asj'e ffppfwf 9$ttf USAp) astswvsatvt. atai etessmg Umf ... .4 shmUt esfVr e PrHtct raraates GiT Both Kinds aa aad Saa tat mm arajtSsa, Ska . See . II lS)'t aSsussses Ml o.tV 4 DAYS ONLY Sale Ends Saturday Night, March IS HURRY ta see fksag etreetieaelty tive erssty cats. At tttit limit tv-timc-aary strict, Hstf wastt RIATURES. 1. SetMsj SjSSfa tsrete ,4 aw StVfaMfgrV tfcM tM md)gj fgjf crt4eci ajfg), 3. DMMe-lrtKas) sririi sai. ICllB"dJfsdJ Ht8tsj Wgtsjdj rPsJWgt. Choose Any of Throe Ways h iety: 1. CASH 2a LAY-AWAY 3. ADD TO YOUR EASY PAYMENT ACCOUNT j 322 II Tena St EL PASO. TEXA Phone MAIN 1311

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