El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on March 6, 1947 · 11
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 11

El Paso, Texas
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Thursday, March 6, 1947
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Jefferson, Levelland, Johnson City Favored In State Meet y, March 6, 1947 Page I I Tigers, Tech Clash Friday In Feature Thurada HAfUtl Br HAROLD V Austin 'AP'-From Panhandle U gulf, from plney woods to Texai ; tar-western Up schoolboy basket ball team rolled into Austit Wednesday tor the Slth annua tournament with favoritei pronounced nt each dl 4lija nnnina Hu In II c.li Fl Puo athletic cen at I SO p. m. Thurwiay at th Coliseum ,, " " "T". m free-fo- Roller Derby, Fast And Uou",!., Opens Coliseum Series Tonight A r.e sport, ipeed tasting aa a Kama with rules, breaks upon the gjgrf B Psso sthlstle scene at 1 30 p. m Thursday at th Collar Tha Hollar Darby, featuring play between team designated ti Paso 1 , , , . T . . and Juerei. opens at thai lima a stand, running through March . .r" .; , , i .,;," 2 tu- ki. ..u .. ui-u ..... i i-r ... .u. n. .. j ! Of ne -4 taama to batt.s lor cm Tn Dig Dsnksd track, which runt 16 Up to tha mile, it up scurs of aport fans have visited tha Coliseum to view tha ova uooit of Wednsedsy taping the. j ankles and shoulders of man and women tkaters for opening of the ; flap-bang event. BUJ.V HOG A all Four Seeded Men In Indoor c 1 1- enii-nnais New York AP - All four top-seeded entranta in tha mm i sin-glet dlvition reached tha semi-fi-all In tha National Indoor Tennis ehsmpion.-hipt according to plan Wednesday but two of them had tg ut their fanciest shots to turn Mtk tubkorn. young opponent Vhen tha firing waa over in the n at the Seven", pionship in ihrae divisions. the title favorites. Tha three days and mints uf intarruptad piay opena Thus with the Class B division, in RIM.WI W.KM ruber am)h-ii nakan g4 '"- Speed titlist Billy Begun cap- tha favorite. BM to awing tain the EI Paso team ten, and 'action. Elmer Mm tag up Uj, A rUk S. P'.ry- ""IS 5 aWOI-Sa lOMORKOM I dUlBUI Ul Ul IUI uri rstfgwsll s uui- fit, and Annabellt- Keaiy lead the distaff tide of the Juarez club. Fifteen per cent of the nightly gross gaia ia set aside for a grand pool, 00 par cant of which goes to the winner of the series, determined on a teriee puint system. Ear1; night an additional $2V) is awarded the winning taam of tha Kama. Trsckaide bruadraats will each luteneri over Station KHOD each night at 10:45 Special bus servica to the Coliseum starts from Han Jacinto I'Uua at 1:30 p. m nightly. The linaupa: B Paso Mo. (. Cssi Bills Boss'. Ext-Ksrian; No. S, To"in v Als,ir.Mfi Kf. Ku.f N , 4. P.' M .. A. . Burma: Ns. S. Bob Is is Ctpi. Oont Murrts; No . Rtd Snmi'. kiia Puach; Ne. r Oaiie Pitsooti, VKitu JuIuikhi Nt. 1-.. Ke. Jus ei No U. Ctpi c:mrs r K,- o U Anntfatllp K -ls Nr Lmms Pnrttri Jttn Kf"'P. N In the uflC'i.o Uie flats quDiieit take turn, Reeugt of th first day and night play will da termine semifinallsts in both divi nor.s. The blue ribbon battle of th toumamtht tha Claae AA arrant M starts Friday afternoon. By tha time Bnaliat will have been Ue i i - ... .,- .... Luis Vera. Menehaca Victor Will Face Rated Lij;htH ebhl Lua Vara the Bmeltertown idol and Port Arthur's Dick Menehaca I swap punches Friday night in Liberty Hall for bigger stakes man tht Texas lightwaight cl.ajnpionthip and a trophy. Thara'a a pot of gold in eight for the winnar," say Jimmy Rrwin dicatlng that a bout with internationally known ear. ightwaight crown will be sought. ne prumoti for teimmed m l:iss a and tut a. Thosr.- Jefiei'soi t Mustangs. d-tpita lost of tnree games in win 5) the district title, ara ratad paper-eage favorite to surge to the Class AA finals. The first game of the A A division probably will de termine on of tha finalists. It is between Crosier Tech of Dallas, defending chsmpion, and a atand-out laaoi from El Paso. The latter became the first squad in history to ft u to lha si:, la iiiiiriitment. The i. No. 1. BU 'riav TIGERS LEAVE History wut in the making when the El Vm liajh School Tiffrt, bound tor the State lntereholatic Basketball Tournument at Austin, buurdett thi$ Continental Airlinei plune Wednesday mining. No local athlttic team ha ever flown to an tvent, und from Austin it ua reported that M basketball team had previously arrived at the meet by air. From left to right. Coach Clarence Jarvit, Morgan Brood-dui. Athletic Director I. W. McConachie. Bobby Purra, Roberto Menu, Joie Palafox and Qeorye Menyel; eecoitd rou. Ramon Orona, Ruy Equivel and Iddit Jabalte; third, row, Dick Munluya, Pete Qonzuies and Stanley Blauyruni. Capt. Gordon Klein, the pilot, and Steuurde$s June Wokktn Hand in the entrance. tPhoto bp OUbarf) Is. Cn (. !.; N ! Jtirs ktt. Bum mm 8halltv: Ne No. 1. Btm Bkovol It, Howard I bad New Troubles Fare Delayed Cage (Hash The By sitter h OM H MII UAMB CUajM i INS). -New for tnranf up between the imer' Purdue aid Wisconsin ssf Wilmington. Del., aasinst Bob efalkenburg of Los Angeln. Talbert earned hi place in the semi-finals and justified hit No 3 edlng by whipping Fred Km a-Itfki of Hamtrsmck. Mich.. 11-10, 4-8, 6-1. 6-0 in match that produced some of the beat tennis of tha tournament to data. Wood, one-time WtmBlBgari etiam- pion who seeded fourth, hud an 1 February 34 when the east bleach t-en tough lima with MoGrmth ers in the Purdue FieMhouce rol M-vear-old St John University lapted camus Wadnaaaar. the result someone "tiddlin' with the box -core" during the first half of then crucial game which will be leei an ail this Saturday night where it left off Bob Cook. Wisconsin's lyn-eyed forward, wss credited with 10 point during tha game which w at the half th night of ( KttliK II ! II-1K.EK ( LAtiH Ft ATI EE Tach's clash with B Paao it tha feature. The Tigers h.va tha best record of the Class AA teams, having lost only one game in 30. Tha lone defeat was to an AU-Star urn Tsh rii-mtnstH lhrtt HsmiS una to Waco, another to Adam.on Austin Double-A Darby, tt thay Dallas) sad lha third to tha East pnanage. in tlieii steadily Improving Texas Stsie B team musbs. iurn uui me suuu v-i"- fSm ISST. flniij. ust i"r TeCn contingent in their first Jf.'-sfiSS: ,s2 gama Fiiday ., is doubtlul that same team, will be narrow choices I . .u- -1 4.1. T .. .1 I fts,iO tapiui ins wiaat n uu. . 1 I . . . . t .... ... . i IT .a. .i. hv isu&i.i, nt una is nere wnn a .s-e recora ii- Bowie's tsll boys, Lockhardt's un- sesitial weakness- lack of re.i , hasten Lions tl-0 and East Moun. -that the Tigti attack has giown isln of Cilmar. with s t-2 ahowing steadily snungcr tnruugu me IJuiiesne Choien For N.I.T.; av Joins .( .A. A. Quints New Tath, AP) Two more crack collegiate fives joined the ' :post-atasoii tournament fields L PASO S an borne Tigers face , Wednesday with unbeaten Du-their highest atui die first iu Hnk"1'" accepunca of a bid to play in the New York National Invita tion Tournev and Nsvy's selection us the District thi-ee representative in the N C A A. champiiHishipa. Tha Iron Duke, who boasted a student who carried him to five sets before? ha triumphed g-4, g-10, d-4. 10-12. o-4 Falkenbuig. National Intercollegiate champion who is seeded -hird. elso had s few bad moments On the basi of that total. Cook would need seven points during ha second half of that vits battle 'a become the Big Nine' high scorer for 147 Wednesday there came a correc in his quai ter-nnai bout with Au- tlon. gust Gansanmuller of Sea Cliff, N.j Cook scored TWELVE points dur-Y although ha managed to win la ing tha first half. Ha now naada st sight eat, 7-t, 8-g, -l only five to surpaaa tha 1S3 to- In fact, the only player who pro- taled by Minnesota's Jim Mrtntyre t e.'Sed without difficulty tup-seeded Kramer, who only 40 minutes to dispose of Mor- . Adelsburg, Brooklyn southpat a-i. a-i, a-;. the to needed 1 crown. claisa tha loop's high-point U. S. Figure Skating: Under Way Today Berkeley, fsllf. (CP) -Tha National Fiaure Skating championship set under way here Thursday with mora than 100 ikitert Defending ti Merrill. Boston; and Dick Philsdelphia. In th woman's and mens senior divisions, will be aa k seeking the 1B47 crowns Behind that correction lay s cross-current of acrimony wbieh can be traced te a doten different Kiurctt and which may see the f basketball fights of the loop st tha Evenston. .Ill , High Gym this Baturdsy night roughest 3D minutes of for tha season, are other top-rated outfits isHOBTHORNs) GIVEN 1 M t KV Blti B Johnson City gets a break in tha Clsst B pairings, being in the lower bracket, while Marfa, an undefeated team, and wall-ranked Bm-katt. which won 21 and loat 3. are in the upper bracket. El Paso it the only school coming to tha tournament that has won more than one Utla. Tha Tigers were champions in 1131 and INI and ware runners-up in 1122. 123. 1124 IBM and IsMO In Thursday's opening r- i. ds this Is the schedule Cists B-a a. m.. Avinger vs. Bur-sett; 10:13 a. m . Marfa vs. Sugsr land; 11:30 a. m . Oruver va Prttus: 2 p m. Prairie Valley (Noeonai vs. Johnson City; Ciats A 3:11 p. m Bowie vs. Beeville; t:M p. m. Piano v. McCamay; 7:11 p. m , Al-vin vt Lavelland; g:3 p. m., Lock-hart vs. Bast Mountstn iGilmen oven Jefferson Ctty can 'stop ttjem ,i-0 JK.0rd through Monday night. ! spurned an invitation to represent : District Two in the N.C.A.A. to be come the third outfit to be named for the N IT Went Virginia 17-1) and Kentucky 137-2). Southeastern Conference kings, already have signed up for the invitation carnival which gala under way at Madison Square Garden March II. Five snore teams remain to be picked for the NIT. and at least 14 schools are under consideration for tha vacancies. The snots sre xpected to be filled this week. son. loach Clarence Jarvls has iiad to depend lmot entirely on five Man, and usee sparingly the .eservas he carries with him So lnese five have developed s thoroughly oo-ordlrausg unit of machinery that has become increasingly difficult to stymie. Here, in nut-shall daaeriptlons, ara the Bva rrrn that bore tha load mo- ' . . v.!, !, .1 i ly.D Itrt I BHI K camnaiu .. over the bi-dlstnct hur- TttUinov BasketlMll Scores (JSlthunta i- uai.ir ai "V Ittsrd n ls&JV Tula to it. rst. i i a A. I. TI S Diwt I K S ' !. Siw- Juan Eunta. former world's eham-1 pion in the weight, for El Paso! clashes MOK V 1 RITA llt (iHT BV IRHIV Moron, now in Mexico City, has coutactod Erwm regarding a local billing, and the matchmaker fired back a reply offering nun a bout with the victor. Zurita. back in ring harness after a layoff, fights this week in Ban Antonio, and Krwin posted another offer to him. If neither lightweight are avail-1 able, tha local matchmaker will try for the "best nationally known j lightweight obtainable " As Vera and Mencnaca tapered j uff haa wurkonts for then 12-round feature clash, their support-; art could Use stock of two of :11c, best ring record of any two fight-! ers paired in a local ring in sagsja time. PRIM II'AIjs BOAST KX( H UM KM OKU". Veia has met one defeat in five years uf p. ofessiunal battling. Menehaca former National Golden Jluvet champion, has yet to taste lefeat in 33 professional clashes. The p: .ociuals wind up training activities Thursday afternoon at the Anion Gymnasium on South El Paso Street with tight workouts Menehaca arrived by plsne Wednesday. Two six round bouts and two four round piellminsriaa round out the supporting card House Game Committee OkehgBiU Austin Texas (AP)-A bill giving 1st Ule (iaase. Fish snd 0sler I Mnanstion broad powers to ieaUve season, bag limits, and method of taking wildlife xcept from reatlal waters, wat approved by a Reuse rosimlitee Wednetday nlhi (IfnuadoMarreroJ Cuban Nonpareil, Sijin- W illi Initio nloit as. C niTisttiisJ Air Uiseis It, lea tNsas Ouiis M. 1 1 1 1 i Wj.h.netisn a, nwiroit Fatrans ST. Aislrrson hi Tiilroo St Toronto SI. PitulKirsh se dle, and on to state: hvumim; TO NCAA. Wye. (INS) -The Uni- of Wyoming accepted an 1 represent the R kkt Mountain Region la the NCAA regionsi playoffs at Ksntu City I March ti and 31 FARMERS-RANCHERS- BUSINESS They Art iVtir The New James Boyd all steel Farm Wagon A most economical snd long lasting wagon. The New Comerto Dump in tea minutes converts your pick-up. trailer, or truck into a fully hy-iraulic operated dump Handy and ""liitiUSt The New Converto all yet durable and long ply your need today two wheal trailer Light m weight. FULWILER MOTOR CO. For The Rett Demi In Toirn till TEXAS ST. Pro (.rid Players Charged By Paris Rear Vsefc INS) - Frank Fil-cnock and Merle Hapes, New York pro football stars under National I. easts suspension far alleged eotr- plieiry in the Dec IS playoff gsrr.e seardal, were charged ui-der uatr Wednesdsy with permuting HOC ti he bet ofr them on another Furthermore !!,; . -S Pec tt-i 0 hsve collected the bet Alvtn J. Paris, awaiting sentence far his enempted -fix" of tne chair-pior.hip playoff Drteei, tne Giar's and the Chicago Bear., made these charges from the witness st rhile asstsfjlug asr the t'at In trial of nobf.KTO MEN A, key I sparkplug Piobably the unnamed captain of tha group Ds-psndsbls and steady. When El Paao gains possession, it ia Mens ho masterminds the -tt.igg. And when tha Tiger have a last-quarter lead, it is ha who engineers the stall Brilliant floorwork. Ex cellent guard and for tnat isasvi will be assigned to throttle Techs brilliant Jack Brown. A senior, and around his head surged a minor whirlwind early in the season when its eiectad. within his legal right. 10 stay another semester in high J W PALAFOX The Bengals top srurci. and tne Clty-Dlsti ict champ biicketmsn Just a suuad- man last year, but came into hit own this. A fast-break man who tikes the put-shot type. GangUng Stogf. Ball ssgaSaR B one-two, ia crucial moments. Valuable to hsve around No san.or. tu lha la-yasr-afe rule ousts him lata Tea had f accepting tha NCAA, bid Navy hroke tiadition to honor its outstanding eager The five that ukas tha Madison Square Garden court March 3D for the first round of the eastern eliminations will be tha first Annapolis basketball squad ever te engage In a post -lesson tourney. With Navy in the fold, the NCA A, had three of its eight spots fillet Holy Cross has bean picked for Distrirt One (New England) in the Eastern NCAA ing that section open in Dutrict Two 1 Mid-Atlantic 1 and District Four 'Big Nine and a chunk of the mid weal). Texas St-O. Southwest Confer ence champion has been chosen tin District Sis Southwest 1. lesving three spots open for the Westen NC A A region. That tournament, incidentally, opens at Plants City March 21 Jusres' virtual monopoly an the cream of last year1 Mexican National League pitehinr crop continued Hednetday with announcement that (onrsdn Msrrero. the Cuban see who led In games won last season wilt return lo the India firm. Msrrers iukrd his contrsrl Tuesday Another ace of last vr.it s MSI hurlers, "Negre" Morale, formerly af ( hlhaahoa ( lt, has alto been signed la-dlo hrsd expect to land UJ-monar Marlines, number two in statistic, vtho pitched isst year wilb tisltlllo Manolo Fortes, player-snaa agr. who slss pitches, rounds out the Indio mound staff. Matadonts To Slay Bulh In Juarez limp "Mstadora" will take the arene Sunday in Promoter Roberto E Goniales' weakly corrida da tore it the Juarei Bull Ring. Two young women who. It is claimed, fear no danger, will tangle with four bulls from the Don Tenia Vslles ranch in Chlhushun They are Elite Gallard snd Espsr-anza Garcia. Four other toreadorst, Hermlls Lopez, Of alia Rascon. Marta Mor.-terde and Angelina Medina, will place the bsnderillaa. This alt-womsn troupe has psr formed in South America and appeared In Juarez in September las' year, to considerable applsuaa. Pistol Packers Win Tournament As expected the Pistol Psrkers a th Women's l eague annexed the league title in tha tournament play-off at th Catholic Community Canter Wednesday nigh, defeating the Jutrer Lions. 37 to 2g after the Uon had knotted the count for thias periods Freds Van Court lad Pactei r-ing with 1 points, and E. Rio scored 13 for the losers The Lions Meehe Peon won a halflime free throw contest after five consecutive tie-ups with Lydia Slerrs of th Feather Merchants. Tha all-tournament team com- coast registered to oppose the unl- aritai Freda Van Court. Mary Iajw-.ytrssl fishing license proposition. After proponent of the maure had stated their case through several witnesses, the oomqitttee by a voice Vote smandssf tha measure tusking it apply to ha fresh weters of tha state After that, the coastal opposition dissolved snd no one spoke against the measure as tAP) - Opposition to s proposed un.verssl fishing license law faded bafuie tha House Game snd Fish Committee Wednesdsy night when m smendmsnt exempt, ing salt wster angling wss unanimously adopted The committee recessed until a p. at. to consular another measure giving the gxmt, ftth snd oyster commission power to regulate seasons, hag limits and tha manner of taking all wildlife. Long srgumsnts ever tha fishing license bill snd the unlveis.d hunting license tnessure dela.ved cou-ideratien of tha regulatory mes sure. The ciinmiitea approved the universal hunting license prupoial. recommending to tha house that it pass, and another measure raising j the license for out-of-state hunters j from SSJ'i annually to M There was spparently little or-! gam red rest stance to committee sp-1 provsl of th hunting license measure, hut more than a doten rep resenlattvet of sports snd commercial fishing interests on tha gulf UUsOVI MFETlNn TONKillT A meeting of the presidents and captains of the clubs registered with the new" International League has been called by Beto Mendcz, president, for 7:30 p. m. at the Hilton Hotel. Members are to put up than ssrneat money st the conference. AI1TOMOBII t RADIATOR SERVICE BADIATOB KHOP I. t0 l us St. HAY re. Audrey smith, and Fjnins Dsmth of the Packers; Anna Maria Goniales and Lydia Starrs of the Feather Merchants; Corporsl Akin of the Beaumont Wars and O Sanrhet of the Uons Zah arias Advances In Florida Golf NS.)-tv am Mich , 'ort Worth lb chance. Fancy dribbler passer and floor man. Forms with his alter ego. Men, on of th batter bring-'em-back-up combines The two Hobos put the lubrication in h Tiger machinery Always trv-ir.g. Reserve back on the football ft. 4 team An under- : gradnste and only one of the five TH "hg five" and Sta reserves to rerun lo lold had him B n h alwsys at bat u. In clo-mg days of tue rite- he he, am a scoring threat DAMON OHONA l 4iart of the VOTE AGAINST Ml BR till Heaver. INS) -The Denver Ul versity "D" Club. cuenpriing letti nn in alt sport, voted 17 to secret ballot Wedrteadsiy to "ou Head Football Coach Clyde Csc Hubbard III H Ml SI ORIS Hershev I, Springfield I 'Ua rie- eland I. Pittsburgh 1 Boston $ Toronto 4 B iffslo 7. St Louis R LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP LIBERTY HALL Friday Nlghl. March T Sill II BtaaSs rtw. I itSiotsshl Hilt LUIS VERA DICK MFNCHACA stsji-riMsi.. aorvaa ANGEL GRADO TRINITY PEREZ -Boi m .nil 11. SAL CHAVEZ PANCHO MALACARA (its PreUn 111 SI I- NOM I 00 Sttl. I iitr -.o... SSsalrrS I SlSrkt StrsSr istal llr's Stss a Bat - 1 It aagatrne Agnes Wall of Ms J r.rifsVeJyr' " liltaatl Peggy BBL For Spring FLEXALUM Aluminum Venetian Blinds S s d 1 Ms Rif Kirk of and Mrs Eaharia? tone Voodward of Texas Golfers Poised t For Miami Meet 1 sBbsssL Fts. AP Thirt f ifhe sstfton setor golf pro! win hots. These rtc sRsWtJJ dtattntag IsUrtria will Brits tllwere Bx man par apart in tb . Miarr.i to Youm I SLf wh!f!5 " I ail roetal g ObvsMb, rust-proof. nd you U be the BvflsW aBssSSSs. V MonaltBtl at , ale cost W Si 1 Bill X ATLAS TIRES rat r wax l astsrrxcj sraa wmmmm JIM JORDAN hi swsxaa rsrw Seal rste asassss 9 SOUTHWESTERN VENETIAN BLIND 08. 1 ISB-IS N Fto-ra -I rmflmtt-B if I ewersasi Main sjja MSSn TilOTlttlSI IATC SBsast Beat Ss Srvt t JtsfSStB naaaiaiF st taatar tsar i a in westw -s. i m x av w TaWsRamBBB. W--' sstMwvod ttaaaUly and was ing Part af the payload or the i 11 at kWk - r I II 1 1 jAWkm Amm. . . A . I"" ssbrbb sad best wishes A jr J 2 . -TVV sWsf i k at ; v . -s. rniv res creditod asr holding Abiton. Cagas of S "km mT f MlL, . 1 . ,ac Duaae Handier. g pir-ned Ji lt defeat on Buardixi iatP5l vTtVV ,X(JL ' Artel WtsJnstiay IVn andj ' FmM1 '' - V- ST)-mJKL rxfCK MONTOYA. Another fat' Rrdriguea each Mored IS points fur I 'JJH fM. ' itU tttle of tng- Lfsttt hoy. who aaaissllsai ta St. Josaats- bs- a f ijw - astMM Zaharia. m long shot, trees the corner Hi ijjw CULfW stRfarywe. DOBasY PARBA Midge of t ' J Bsf Heasttneip mm. and low scorer But re I,. .. A , . C-.- si,. L..L... .L.t. correct from way exit ghren'tag- , . . .Ti' W T .JJ tnjay in. wnusvry iiiu. , FaaaTay. -w . . . rimkm -I ' " sf 0 :-T rla.-s' IU mW stm H OwjSm ii w s s9 Yowr "oyinfl tfM(' p3k II Test f aliw " r. ri., V . rmi lordly I.tjhf yet fsjR Ot QOOd r"' Zjl " Ii fir. -r- r-r-s . j V ,,ww" ssreiwssix or x bw i lj -"J ' OLD tjM&z. F-HssV Suhhy Brook bj. ssjtsass. -'SaBBBkatm -wsiaaasv bbbbbm bsbbbbbbbxsVJssbw- . hi: a ar . 1 uii at n a stSajsTBJWW-SSSSBSSSSKTSSSSJS ! IStae-Stl sssj s vgrsjm ml t Air flit saw. n SSIfl TkW' . s ( qiblt pi ifict mW imkmmY ' ' JJL tvf -t slrx c " mmm BbW esfa as-w 1 1 SaaWX t. ajs73"as3x .t1 , bbbjbbri r sssBBBBB

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