The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1955
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTLU! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL f, 195(1 X-Rays Blast Gland To Fight Cancer, Surgeon Reveals By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter CHICAGO (AP) — X-rays blasting the brain's switch- Library Gets Memorial Volumes The (ollowlnft books have been brary and readers. to fllytiiovine Public Li- are auw available to In memory of Vatil Berry: Essays In Public Philosophy, Llppman; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Caudlll: Leaves or Grass, Whitman; Mr. and Mrs. , , - , . , ,. ,,C. G. Redman; In April Once, Per- board of human emotions seem to be slowing some lethal | cyi Mr. anl j Mrs. Oscar Fcndier; cancers and easing cancer pain, a neurosurgeon said today. I American scicniis-n. Hyiander. Mr. This switchboard Is the hypothalamus. the size of a prune, located right under the brain, Yoar emotions fear, anger, ]ove, hate—flood Into it Irom your senses. Out of It come chemical or nerve reactions to make you run, punch, blush, swear, or take other action*. Conlroil Six Glands The hypothalamus sits atop the pituitary gland, often called the body's master gland. The pituitary sends out hormones to control your sex glands, adrenals, thyroid and other glands. But recent research indicates the hypothalamus is really the top man, that it even may make hormones which are stored In the pituitary lor use later, sold Dr. Arthur Arnold of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Arnold and associates are hitting at the hypothalamus to the benefit of some cancer patients They are using X-rays to short- circuit some of the activity of this emotional switchboard. X-R»ys One Way Some cancers, like breast cancer In women and porstate gland cancer in men—feed upon sex and other hormones. A remedy is to remove the sex glands or other glands which stimulate these cancers or to remove the pituitary to prevent those other glands from making damaging hormones. X-rays or other radiation is oni •w»y to knock out the pituitary without surgery. But Dr. Arnold finds the pituitary is very resistant to X- rayi. The hypothalamus will bring short-circuits to stop production of hormones which make cancers row. •nd Mn Lloyd Stlckmon. In memory of Gilbert Gftrrarti Caudlll: Clues for Careers, Scott; Mr. and Mrs. Max Logan; Inside Nantucket, Gilbert; Judge d. B. Keck; Collected Poems at Edith Sit- well, Sltwell; Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Buchanan; Around the U.S.A. In 1,000 Pictures, Runyon ind Ber- Hpnc; Miracle at Kitty Hawk, Kelly, Judge and Mrs. Boy W, Harper; The Story of the Declaration, Malone, Evans and Johnson; Our Yankee Heritage. Seals, Mr. and Mrs. Oerry Edwards and Mr. ami Mrs. C. H. Whistle; Lineage, Book, National SociHy of the D.A.R., Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Joyner; Line- 'SI r&r™ m* B'ct* 0 ' the CaSra^Ro^the Wor^ D.A.R., Mrs. Jam«R B. Clark. Y , ites MJ ._ gnd ^ £ j Cure in memory of Billy Lee: The Vic!or Hook of Operas, Biancolli and Bayar, The Saturday Night Club. In memory of Edgar Harding McPadden: Lineage Book. National Society of the D.A.R.. The Charlevoix Chapter ol the D.A.R. Ray T. Price and Jar. In memory of Lou Ellen Hargett: Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes, DeAngel, Central School Teachers; Er.jfliKh, and Fairy Storie«, Reeves, Lange School Teachers; Wheel on the World, De Jong, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Abbott. In memory of Charles E. Hart; Ewcn'» Musical Maslerworks, Even, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Bradley. In memory of Hezektah Highflll: Song of the Sky, Murchie, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Coppedge; Living on the Level: One Story Houses, Will, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price and Joe. In memory of Damon McLeod: Care and Training of Doss, Jones, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Bugs; Fishing Is Fun, Curhart, Mr. and Mrs. Bulord Young; Duck Boats, Blinds, Decoys, Camp, Mrs. C. B. Lunsford. In memory of Mary Eller. Noble: Burl Ives' Tales of America, Ives, C. M. Smart Furniture Co.; A Doc- tory at Calvary, Barbel; Maxlne and Elizabeth IlalsWad. j In memory of Mrs. C. D. Martin: j Always in Vogue, Chase, Mr. and j lory of Women, J»nsen, Mrt. Bunk* L. Young. In memory of Mrs. Norris Townsend: All My Darlings, Byrnes, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Oennlngs. In memory of Mrs. Frank D. Un- derwood: The Betty Betz Otreer Book, Betz, Mr, and. Mrs. Gerry Edwards. In memory of Ducinda Westbrook: Book of Salads, Mr. ud Mrt. Loy Welch. Mrs. Max Logan. In memory of O. P. Martin: Good i Housekeeping Needle Craft Ency- in memory,of Jncob Jledcl: Song j doncdia. Can-oil, Mr. and Mrs. W. of the Sky, Murchie, Mr. John W. LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to the provisions Probate Code Sec. 152 notice Is given that accounts of the administration of the estates listed below, have been filed, on the dates »hown by the named personal representatives. AH Interested persons are callcrl on to file objections to such accounts on or before the sixtieth day following the filing of the respective accounts, failing which they will be barred forever from excepting to the account. No. 22<». Estate of Jane Ballard, deceased. Final account of Wm. O. Fox filed March 20, 1955. No. 2261. Estate of Soolt Robert Wallace, deceased. Final tccount of W. R .Brown filed March 33. 1955. No. 2232. Estate of Fred Cal- llhan, deceased. First and final report of Dorothy Calllhan filed March 31, 1956. Witness my hand and seal i such Clerk this the 4th day of April, 1B55. SEAL , ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, County & Pvobnte Clerk By RUTH C. BESS. D. C 4/5 When President James K. Polk called for 2800 men Ui light the Mexican war and 30,000 Tcnncs- seeans volunteered, Tennessee wai nicknamed the "Volunteer state.' In memory of Mr. Sam Costen: The Tumuli and the Shoutlne, Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Zal B. Harrison. In memory of John Q. Elliott Jr.: My Zoo Family, Martini, the John Q. Elliott family. In memory of John R. Evans: Pioneer. Heroes, Tracy, Mrs. M GeorKo and Mr. and Mrs. James SLarrett; Great Horses of the Plains, Tracy, Mrs. J. L. Ashcraft; Cheaper by the Down, Oilbreath, Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith: Daniel: The Opening of the Wilderness. Brown, Mrs. Bob Burns; Cities of America, Parry, Mr. and Mrs. John Caudlll; We Bought an Island, Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Goodman. In memory of John Fill: Sam; Houston, The Tallest Texan John- [ ston, Fourth Oracle of Mrs. Edwin; Stubblefleld: Inside U.S.A., Gun- 1 ther, Mrs. C. G. Redman; Around; the U.S.A. In 1,000 Pictures, Run- j yon and Bergane, Mr. and Mrs.; Jerry Cohen. •. In memory of Benjamin Archibald Gray: Around the World, Green and Pollinger, Mr. and Mrs. S. Johnston. In memory of Mrs. Frank Simmons: A New Chri.slmas Treasure, Lohan, Dr. and Mrs. Gean Atkinson; Crertm of WH, Arkell, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White. In memory of Vela Agnes Taylor: Prize Stories 1S55, The O'Henry Award, Engle and Martin, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Parllow, Pictorial His- ^l^P^B^^^"«i^^^^"^^^^"™"^^^^^~^^^-^-^— not responsible for debts Incurred a« a result of damage to your home following: fire, ttlorm, etc.—unless you have a dividend-paying Raymond Zachry Agency policy! Phone us today. RAYMOND ZACHRY 118 N. 2nd. Insurance Agency Phone 3-8815 i. j&JL ^ LEACHVH'LE'S TOP COUPLE — Darrell Eugene Blockcr and Mary Lee Bearden have been named Mr. and Miss Leiichvllle High School. Mr. Blockcr is the son of Mrs. Chnrlsle Blocker Anthony and Miss Bearden Is the diuigiitcr of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bearden. Both are seniors and were elected by the student body. NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH ABMINISTRATION HAS BEEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that the following Is a list of estates on which Letters Testamentary or of AdministriUlon were granted during the month of March, 1855 with ,he date of Hie Issuance ot the letters and the name and address of the administrator or oxecutor: No. 2300. Estate of Ruth Roann Jones, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to C. W. Jones, Rt. 1, Leachvllle. Arkansas on March 10, 1965. No. 2302. Estate of John G. Hai-gelt, deccnsed. tellers testamentary Issued to Beulah Joan Hargett, Blylhevlllc, Arkansas on March IB, 1055, Witness my hand and seal as such Clerk, this the 4th day of April. 1066. SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER County & Probate Clerk By BOTH C. BESS, D. C 1'S N.i.l *wtf.itl«« .UDil.l.d SINUS r«ll*f fro ASTHMA - HAY MVH --FREE TRIAL-- AMAZINO NtW MODUCT uivoi ilmoit Inittnl «nj pounding hcadachni in forego ad, Itinplci, top of haail, bick ol hefld, aching dnek bonn, »y«i IOIQ and fnel tile QtivftL in them, \oim»t\ down b»tt o\ nttk, diip n\tl dninjioe of not* *nd thrnut, diitynati, •«' nolioi, tin'l i.« w*ll *t tlmti, c«n'l think ilrilghl, Ir.U til* tight bond • round h**d, c.n't im«ll or l*il», .ml conohing. Thli Ni. lioimlly Aciverliied {irodirct Ii»i giv«n quicV *nd amajintj iltrf wi'ilb tot 7 DAY fKft-HUL no coU ot obliosUort e-,ctpl to itluin mil piy lew canii poil*fli It not dtlighltd wilh rnulli ti lit it nol * t«mplB. NO riLLS — NO MEOlCINt TO 1WMIQW 1HTQ STOMACH READ WHAT SAIISFIID UKti OF IYNOI IAY - - r -, . . _.,. -«fy proud to i*V ih»t voi ed op my head, r linut unrj i /•d tynv SYNOL give t n,4: M>v Wm. I. >.mt, N. DikaU tnt on FRtE TRIAL, it wilt coil YOU A/rote lor II ti thai;iandi of oilier. GAIT, CALIFORNIA NOTICE Ashcrafr/s is discontinuing retail delivery on Purina Cage Eggs. Ask for our eggs at your favorite grocer's. Every Purina Cage Egg comes from » modern cagcd-hcn factory, where each hen is carefully fed and managed the Pucini way. You're sxirt of getting clean, top-quality eggs H'try limi. Just try Purina Cage Eggs for breakfast or baking... they're *lu><tys good. Aik For Ashcraft's Purina Cage Eggs at Your Grocer's. .V.V.V.V KEEP WATCHING THIS PAGE FOR Delta Implementsjnc. Blytheville 312 S. Second Ph. 3-6863 Farmers Tractor & Truck Co. Manila Ph. 91 FREE X-RAY The best way to protect our children it by finding the unknown cases of tuberculosis in the adult population. TOMORROW-April 6 the Mobile X-Ray Unit will be at MANILA LEGION HUT 9 to 12 A.M.—1 to 4 P.M. Sponsored by Mississippi County TB Assn. This ad courtesy Hoys Store * i ONLY 1O% DOWN ON A NEW 1955 WESTINGHOUSE ROOM AIR CONDITION free Insta/lorion! 36 MONTHS TO PAY The Alcoholic DONT WAIT TILL THIS HAPPENS Now is the smart time to buy... and Westinqhouse is your Best Buy Buy now! When the nish starts, the huge, Midden dcnwnd will make it difficult to get the model you want, . . 01 ihe delivery and installation without waiting. Buy rww .» >i«/ can start rnjoyin^ the yvar-rcund comfort ofthf Westinghoitst Room Air Conditioner, TIN COMPORT CONDITIONS. Your pick of 10 diffwrccrt comfort conditions, for year-round cooling ind heating convenience, with easy push- i-button controls for quick positive selection. rVU WWTH COOitNO with 4-W*7 Adjust- able Draft-Free Grilles. Controlled "dnift-frcc" circulation to every comer of the room. AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT. Stops and starts the unit automatically. This prevents ovcrcooling, for maximum comfort and economy ol operation. HEAT WHtN YOU NEID IT. Just the thing for those cool spring and fall evenings or mornings. IXTRA-QUIST OPERATION. For sleep-time comfort, the "quiet coot" setting will nuke your unit purr quietly like 3 kitten. IN hm a Wwfinthoinfl Rcmn Air Conditioner ror ivery home... ind aver? budjet. Si^^;^m^iS^*e5a you CAN fti 'C TV & Radio Service 114 S. First - 3-4237 C The alcoholic is like a tornado, roaring his way through lives of others ... hearts are broken ... sweet relations are (lead . . . affections have been uprooted . . selfish and inconsiderate habits have ruined home life. Liquor breaks up more homes, destroys more businesses, creates more jealousy, destroys more Christian faith, breaks more hearts than any other one thing. 65 per cent of hospital patients are chronic alcoholics, 80 per cent of prison inmates are there, directly or indirectly, because of alcohol. ALCOHOL IS POSITIVELY OUR NO. 1 HEALTH PROBLEM ALCOHOLISM IS A DISEASE NOT A HABIT If you have a desire to slop drinking write ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873, Blytheville, Arkansas ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blytheville, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nights at 8 p. m. Open Meetings Friday Nights at S p. m. CLUB ROOM at 410 E. MAIN CAMERA CENTER • Flash Bulbs • Color Film • Polaroid Film • Movie Film • We have Cameras and Projectors for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Mnin Ph. 3-3647 James Mizell and Bob Logan Announce the Grand Opening . Of Their Beautiful New TEXACO SERVICE STATION Ash & Diviiion Strict SATURDAY-APRILS Valuablt Prixes: Fire Chief Hats and Lollipops for Children Phone 3-8833 - James Mizell, Mgr. Mizell & Logan Service Station

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