The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on December 1, 1957 · 97
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 97

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 1, 1957
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AUCTION SALES THE BOSTON SUNDAt GLOBE DECEMBER 1, 193T AUCTION SALES A-S3 AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES -Ah- ASSIGNEES' SALE AT AUCTION The WILL MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT. , YARNS & FINISHED GOODS of mum mfg. co. Mfn, of Narrow Fibrici & Wibblnr 179 Conant St., Pawtucket, R. I. Tuesday, December 3, 1957-1 1 A. M. MACHINERr & CQUIPMENTMa c ms shuttle loos (up to i tJ' 89 8D,e C1"1 LOOMS, Wood A Steal Hed Bern's, ?ilnr,rlf'?.(!M.,.Aubig'.8Dllu,,,9 Waehlnes, ALM08T NEW GLODDEE QUILLING MACHINE 22 8pmdls, Warping Unlti, 612 spindle creel, Lot of Loom Parts, Inspection Machines, Sooollng Waeh., Intwistla Drum Nanpinq, Marh., Foster Winder. Blocking IJachs., Overheed Bepsrstor, Work Boies, Binqer 107W1 Sewing Jiaen., Bcales, Motors, Stracpmg Outfit, Kelloqg Air Compressor. f?0rnNHnd l"'' "yples Elee. Time Clock, Fire Extinguish. i.?...1 P-r",,',rreit HflN0 LIFT' Beich Grinder, Hard Tools S.lilfi.00'' Olsoenser. Misc. Factory Equipment. ALL TUPE8? DRIVEN. 133 FLUORESCENT LIGHT FIX. 9LCC CQUIPMEMTt Walnut Desks A Chairs, Frldsn Eleo. Caleu-1.?..'. i m VV' Add,r' Ro' Typewriter, Steel Files, Cheek, writer, Tables, eto, INVENTORY! Aooroi. 10,000 lbs. of Asst. Vsms (eolorsd, ttuffa'r, natursl, ball warps), Stock of Type 2A 2' Treated Webbing. Msorlc. D. Slovin, a, 19 Milk St., Boston LHI'in Wilson, Em. m u 159 ?nshire St., Bottoa, CO-ASSfGNF.ES Gerald Gerstein & Co. Auctioneers 177 State Street, Boston CA 7-G5S3 SuMt 111 &XJ AT PUBLIC AUCTION Ths FURNISHINGS & KITCHEN EQUIPMENT of THE MAGKOLIA LODGE Shore Rd., Magnolia (cor. Lexlnnlnn Ave.) Thurcday, December 5, 19571 1 A. M. Consisting of: COLT AUTOSAN STAINLESS STEFl BISH WB1HER wAi Drains Basket., GLL'ICO B-OOOR 8TAINLES3 STfcEL PEACH-IN CHEST, FRIGIDAIRE ICE CUBE MAKER (ISO lbs. 8 hrs.) 1 yr. old. Elee. Glcs Washer, 2 Freerrr Cabinets, Tahlns, 84 Leather 8.t Chairs, St. St. Water Fountain, Vulcan 8-Burner Comb, Pengs Grill, Vulcan Uprlnht Pbl. Broiler, Chef's Bench, Elee. 8licer, Eleo. Cnmp. Scale, Silei Coffee Makers, Pltoo Bench Fry. slator, 4 Slice Toaatmaster, Galv, Hood, Eihauat Fan, Lsrgs Stock of Dishes, Silverware, Glassware, Pots, Utensils, eto. J. E. Csme POOL TABLE, smell amount of Beds, Mattresses, Crete. S's, Chests, Rugs, Mirrors, Pictures, Lamps, Draperies. Sideboards, Chsise Lounge, Vac. Cleaner, Radio, Intercom. System, eto. Terms: Cash. No Confirmation, Immediate Delivery, F'ote: All kitchen equipment untouched by fire. Gerald Gerstein & Co. Auctioneers 177 State Street, Eoston CA 7-6553 '" BuM WEDNESDAY gw W UtCLlYllifcK IB, lf at 10:00 a. m. RECEIVER'S SALE REAL ESTATE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT INVENTORY G. II. CIIARRON SASH & DOOR GO. PENACOOK (CONCORD), N. II. REAL ESTATE: Main Building 14Ti80 ft. 2-ttory A bssement with eitennons A total of 34,000 sq. ft. excellent manufacturing floor aoace, with separate storage, boiler, and office buildings. Ample lend for sipsnsion and parking. Also 3 lots of land across from jnd near p!t. A SUBSTANTIAL AND PE8IBMLI PROP. ERTV FOR ANY AND ALL MANUFACTURING PURPOSES. MACHINERY A EOUIPMENTl JENKINS 98-ln, MDL, 80 ELEC. P9L. END TENONER (1 MT) MATTISON 278 4-8IDE ELEC. MOULDER (1947) "BL ACK-ELECTPIX" 121 ELEC. OPOR P"ER9 (19B3) NORTHFIELD 8!7E CM M D. AUTO. CHAIN MORTISER 2 MATTISON 202 8T, LINE PIP SAWS (1983 4 1947) 2 BELL 4x8 PNEU. BASH DOOR CLAMPS BLACK 220 PRECISION GLUE SPREADER DEWALT RADIAL SAW (19R8) 82 WISCONSIN SFLF-CONTAINEO MOULDING A COPING HEADS, MILLED TO PATTERN eham A h.o. mortisersj Beach m.d, shaper; JOY 77 Clais WG-9 VERT. AIR COMPRESSOR (1981) saw tables) filing machinery! 188 FACTORY TRUCKS; eleo. hoist; MACK 1948 TRACTOR; box and stske trailera; fluor. lights; elee, time clock A water coolers; small tools; steel office furniture; eto. INVENTORY: 93 s.o. A h.o. flush doors; 1320 prs. dbl. hung windows; 78 assembled dbl. hung window units; 1519 sash; 67 storm sash A windows; 92 flush door units; 1820 pkqs. Inside window trim; 474 boxes glass; 7BB cellar window units; 1178 glaied windows; 2412 Caldwell and Unique balances; 20M window unit frame parts; 8M inside window trim; 3836 dbl. hung win. dowe, knocked down; 1000 door frame parts; 1188 s.o. A h.o. doors, without skins; 10M door frame parte; 63GS lin. ft. 2x8 psnel window stock; 1500 pr. br. butts; 449 locks; glue; ecreen; weather atrip; etc in great variety. To be sold In lots to suit purchasers. Per Order Henry P. Callahan, Esq., Receiver In Bankruptcy. Sale to take place on the premises, commencing with the real aetata. The property will first be offered as an entirety and immediately following in piecemeal lota. A deposit of 10 will be required on real estate, 25 on machinery end stock. 8ala is subject to the confirmation of the court. Illustrated snd descriptive eetalog upon Application, inspection the three business days before the sale. -3J at . s -e -s : ex i 210 CENTRAL 8T. LOWELL. MASS, TEL. GLtnview 2-4991 SuTht AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES AUCTION OF MOORE'S SUPER MARKET GROCERY STOCK & SUPER MARKET EQUIP. AfrtOX. 4.(100 PIFXEI OF STAPLE CHOCfRirs such as tea. tnlfee, inrtr, aslmon. Irhtler. rrahmest, rtnmttlrs. clrtrettra, tenlrs, tniv eevrdrrs, fruits, soups, froien feeds, rmdr, ale. IATFST TTPE R FT. n IV M'TF AT rLl'OB UCRTro FT FRIT, VFAT POf LTRT CASl WCOMP , a f t LATEST RF FRIO rRO?EN FOOD CHEST Hsf(f fOXT TOMP t TOP 01 AM StIPE DRV, rLE'V !TEM APDIVr, MACW TYPE NAT c5H 1;08., LATEST TVPE TOLIDO POWER MEAT BONE SAW. 13 SCHOOL ST., SOUTH ACTON, MASS. (OFF RUTE 2, CORNER OF ROUTE 27 PT- WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4 AT 2 P. M. Pebirt mud. 110 elec. lste tpe meat sllrer. elee. Toledo 1110 fhsrt melt scales. "s-H. P. Hnhsrt new Grllne meat rherr'r. Bird. sni elrr. steakmsker, meat ratline meat sralrs, t'e, pnrt addins marb.., plaiform sralr. walk-In theit blower w!H P. retrlr. romp., rlec. enffee mill, neat block A meat tattle, plats (lass di'nlsr ease, tnoli, etr. Mmt he oM In olerrnt'sl ! for lmmdlse rfip',l PHIL GOLDSTEIN, AUCTIONEER, FA S-3294 bull sCrfLt ..ifiirj' jjS aQsAaEiil Mtree' T lontrtatln. AUCTION OF ALLSTON SUPER MARKET GROCERY STOCK & SUPER MARKET EQUIP. LARGE INVENTORY Or, STAPLE CANNED GOODS such as tea, coffee, eutar, salmon, lobster, crebmeat, ensmetiri. cirarettea. tonlrs. leaji i powders, frnll, souvs, frosen foodj, candT, te. ?rHN.E,StT '7'f"'. FLVOK. UGHTFD WALL CASE &FTCPONTVCoJff FR,- Shit;?K&'s FOOD 319 ALLSTON ST.. BRIGHTON, MASS. (CORNER WASHINGTON ST.) f MONDAY, DEC. 2 AT 2 P. M. "TO . "'.T 'nk,. b,v' rh" waelf rent, eoma., three 5 r J'i 0,m,' 'Ixar showcases, floor, liahls, arorerr ron-dolas. Toledo Hnhart hich chert coins, sralrs. etc. '? nlerrmral lots, Immrrl. rrmorsl. rer order morltssee. PHIL GOLDSTEIN, AUCTIONEER, FA S-3294 fciSu AT PUELIC AUCTION LARGE STOCK & FIXTURES OF market Liricota Rsad, South Lincoln (At Railroad Depot) Wednesday, December 4, 19571 1 A, M. CANNED E000S-H1KT. EQUIP. LARGE STOCK OP STANDARD BRANDS (moatly 8. 8. Pierce) ef Canned Goods such as Coffes, Tea, Salrrton, Meat, DeNcaelea. Fish, Condiments, Fruits, Juices, Soup, Soae. Cleanser, Paper Goods, Bottled Goods. Relish, Spice. Cereal, Vegetable, Cigarette., Tobacco, Cosmetics. Frozen Foods, lea Cream, atr Lanr.c aMnnaiv IN C(SC. ' fiX7.U1E8,: rE 8"FT' FROZEN FOOD CASE (NEW). Hussman 10-ft. D. L'. Ce:;, 6-ft. D. D. Case, Compressors, U. S. Slicer. Toledo A Dayton Computing Scales, Steak-Maker. Toledo Crooner, uprlcht Eleo. Coca Cola Case. Are P- 1 1 . t PD T An Cfxntt rita Uo i.t hold Refrigerotora, 2 Gondola?, Net I Cash Eegiater, Carts', Facks. Cosm. Case Block, Victor Adder, 4 Hole Ice Cream Cabinet, Bags. Gera!d Cers.em & Co. Auctioneers 177 State Street, Boston CA 7-6E53 TRUCKS tfT,sr-yji'apiAi' 'it. t'. w THURSDAY DECEMBER 5, 1957 AT 11 A.M. MACHINERY - EQUIPMENT MULVEY LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING CO, 45 BROOK ST., LAWRENCE, MASS. AMERICAN A ROLL FLAT WORK IRONER S AMERICAN" MONET, METAL WASHERS fl HEBSCH DRYERS JENSEN 44xfl IN. MOTOR DRIVEN WASHER? PATTON WASHERS I HEBSCH EXPLOSION PROOF DRYERS Butler still and filter Prosperity shirt unit 8 extractors 9 arts body presses! acalesi rssh registers! a. a. . baskets! sir compressor! markint marhlnesi pants stretcher; soottlns edulnment; 4 Hoffman sarment uressesi Cessel pnffsi misc. laundry A dry cleaning eauipmenti office furniture, etc. . Per Order 3. A. Mt'LVET sale to take pluce won the premises and will be sold piece by Piece. Terms cash. Inspection daily. List in detail upon application. 218 CENTRAL 8T. LOWFLL, MA8S. TEL. GLenvlew 2-4991 SuWt AUCTION OF THE COMMUNITY SUPERETTE GROCERY STOCK & SUPER MARKET EQUIP. f!!S.R0X.' 4n" p'F"f:S OF STAPLE CANNED GOODS such aa Li' "lmnn 'orlee. tea, soae powders, tonics, cosmetics, to-escee. froren foods. tr. rf.IioFH.?-ISHT.':n "EFRIG. D P. MFAT A PF1I. CASE WITH COMP., 30 C I' FT. PR. St. ST. REACH-IN CHEST PI ATF CI'ASS COSMETIC, CANDY TOBACCO SHOWCASES? S K AX VAsIf 98 CUSSEY ST., EAST lEOHM. MASS. . CORNER GROVE 8T., OFF WASHINGTON 8T. W TUESDAY, DEC. 3 AT 2:30 P. M. "TO 11 TV eel. elec. meat sllrer, A ft. Bohisll soda fountain, ss'e, stame macbloe. elec. Toledo meat scales, fiuor. llthts, arocery coomers A rondolaa, etc. Must be sold la piecemeal lots for lm-mediste'renwr.l. PHIL GC LDSTEIN, AUCTIONEER, FA S-3294 E"M EXECUTOR'S SALE it.' Li La Estate Of The Late Miss Edith Austin of Marion, Mass. WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION At Our Galleries 162-170 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY EVENINGS December 3rd, 4th and 5th, 1957 at 7:30 each evening Estate Of The Late Miss Edith Austin together with the residue of a very fine estate jnsrfnp of eiquurffe rrutne A Casaon twin bedroor. set in hltek lacquer urfth wuTM. colorprt Chtneie . Aptires; tmpir. and Vicfo'ion teb'.es, chC's. etc . black lcea;ue?e cabinets: yr.e-metin cabinets and desk: early tohoWered chairs; English tmk dtnftta sei; T. Chandler, Concord rand.ather's clock, Petnbroice table, teakuood. urniture, etc. V V e try fine collection of Iron parden fui-nttue. lead and eement pures, larps swttgue Ktrman rua, iarpe Ferephan ruos, ixl2 Keshoti ruo, etc. , lomsite Inrouered Chelsea botidnir clock U'lfh Chinese Satires; block toco;ueei de.-k iuiH), uv"e tu-tps, awi?s music ooi,- coKcction or over zno canes; collection of muos; collection of tmkvuood elephants: f ? silt-er; la'oe wso"ment of n p,as, china, men, beddin7, etc., very fine mirror., Ireploce equipment, old Chinese vase.; crquistte old framed tmbroiderieaj ivoriet, etc. .. ollertlnn of pntntmol, Van Srhvnnn: Mnrine hy PTenvn; De Fsyr: H. girt'n G'9rd: venetion avrl fine Mndonnn pninfinoi, btruuful evtrgves- Astral pi'm'tires- ne d;noes; pair txQiu.ytt Chinese carved mirror.; carved pcneU; mantle clocks; Jled Bonem'tois pla.s; cuckoo clock, .terlmp rli-er tea set, etc. " Exhibition Monday, Decvmber 2nd, 1957 from 9 Af. to S P.M. Gliarles cf. 3(ale S Son, 3nc (Est. (tit er SO Venrji v (nee AWincton Stretl 162-170 Columbus Ave.. Breton. Mass. Tel. ha S-nJ4n.n44i Et. Clair Evans Hale. Auctioneer AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS T 1 1 ,sMiWaWakVMaa AUCTION OF THE KINGSTON SUPER MARKET GROCERY STOCK & SUPER MARKET EQUIP. LARGE INVENTORY OF STAPLE CANNED OOOrils such as tea. coffee, susar, salmon, lobster, erabmrat, cosmetics, cl.arettes. tonics, soap powdrs, fruits, soups, frosen foods, rsndy, etr. 10 FT. P D. FII'OR. MGHTFD REFRIO. MEAT, Df,I t, POULTRY CASE WCOMP., flxSxg HIGH PORT. SECT. WALK IN CHEST WREFPIG. COILS A- COMP., ANHEtSER Bl'SCH 8 FT. LIKE NEW FROZEN FOOD CHFST WBELF CONT. COMP., ELEC. ITEM. ADDING MATH. TVPE NAT, CHECKOt T CASH PFG. S3 CARfBRIDGE ST., CHARLESTOVN, MASS. E-f" MONDAY, DEC. 2 AT 11 A. M. "T3 Globe mod. 150 elee. tmrlty feed meat slicer, elec. mest chopper, Toledo & Hobsrt hUh chart come, scales, meat b,nrk, mast ta:'le, fluor. llthts, elec. cube steak maker. S ft. elate (lass cosmetic display eae, oil bo mint soace beater, tools, etc. Must be sold In nleeemea! M for lmedtse rmorl PHIL GOLDSTEIN, AUCTIONEER, FA S-3294 TRUCKS TRUCSl SALE Thi lellctlni trc-ki rc bt sell this aooth 'ST FORD 1-Ton Walk-In Autom'ti" H'ige savin. 5T FURD T-C61 Tandsm S-1TI yd. Muion body ". - BT FOrlD t.?1 3-yd dump $3IS5 '52 FORD VrVca Pic'.yp 353 2 Tela Typs Ecdy Truck 133 (21 Fnrmeiiv Western Electr-c 'B FORD irT Pickup J35 Verv Clean '52 FORD 3-yd Dump TRUCK HEADQUARTERS IN REVERE Prices and Terms to Meet Your Pocketbook Try Us Before Buying Either l New or tlaorl True!,. CKESCEfiT MCTOR SALES, INC. 426-4C8 t-frtwDy, Revere Tel. RE 8-6000 -tSuMt Excellent condition. B2 DODGE 14' Stske Hvd., Tall Gate I immmrnm S'SuMt SAVE CONEY ON CUR L".ST TWO '57 FORD TRUCKS F-6G0 154" W. I. MONEY TO LOAN 79: CAGE I AT QKCE HIGHEST PRICES Goods and all types of merchan-ai.cP V loan, buy and sU SONADEN LOAN CO., IfiC. fT4 sun h di ST.' ALL EUSir.'ESS A'k for M- Rhhln. EOI ITV CORPORATION 148 SfATE ST. CA SuTW rit LZGULY CiVCiN . TO HOME OWNERS EASY repayi-'-nt ran, for quick actim, call PFi2-Sini. eves AS 7- !S6V,SICUB,1' MORTGAGE CO., o87 Harvard et Brookhnc. WFSU n27 HEAVY AFP. I,'' 8 X9" VINYL PLASTIC FLOOR TILE (spsttee designs), guaranteed e lifetime, 10c each. 18 i24 DOUBLE DUTY STAIR TREADS, carpet appearance, nationally advertised at $1.88, OUR PRICE SI ,00 each. ' HEAVY PLASTIC WALL A CEILING TILE, S'a'xS';,". 12e each. HEAVIEST PLASTIC WALL TILE, 1st quality. 4!;i"x414'. 1l,o per tils or 12c a en. ft. ' 4 ' 2 ulVtl 5"BEEH TILE. 1st quality, 9 x8 ', 10o esch. EXTRA HEAVY, 12o each. Vs" HEAVY ASPHALT TILE, 9 x9 , S3.9S per boj (SO pieces), marbalized colors. - ITEIW8 MAY BE PURCHASED IN SMALL OR LARGE OUANTITIES LOAMS I PEAL ESTATE, 1st and 2d mtgs.. P"i'r":''s loan?: we buy mnrleagps. "V8" motor cab r cha'is, 2jTION, Pleasant St.; MA 4-0117 need rear axle. B25x2h. 10 Dly SnMWF rlt ' tires ic tubes Heater and direc-'FOfT SALE-Acrounts receivable". nonai sirna" P T." ' ni- -.i -mediate cash. F-100 2 T. "YC" FiCKL'P 650x1 8 plv tires. Two statte iDrinss, vcra'o around rear window. directii:-.-t s'--i-i-'. CASH REGISTERS Ton SALE One (Class 21) National SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION FERRY DELI. & SPA 455 FERRY ST., EVERETT. MASS. TUESDAY, DEC. 3, 1957, AT 11 A.M. GROCERIES & FIXTURES a"ifrhCf. 8!,CK. F "TIONALLY ADVERTISED GROCERIES, such as coffee, tea, sugae, cookies, canned fruits and vegetables Powd"'.. Jui. sundries, cigarettes, cigars, tonics, candy merPrh',,?drfse.'n8 ""' t0"' " ' v4r i!!J.URE?: ?t'u,t- ,0(,i 'oun1"" nd earbonator, formica serving fat. .r'.brk 5ar'kHil1 double Mt de,i eM.nd compressor, Natln.Pi 1' be,e,a8 eooler- H- B. mixer, 3-burner Silex eleo .1i,h.,rttTrL ,h.owca". ditP' . hot water heater eieo. eiicer, elec. clock, etamp machine, etc. ' ' HENRY LEVIN, AUCTIONEER, ST 2-48S3 PAUL GOLDBERG, LIQUIDATOR, CO 6-2893 AT ELM CITY RUBBER CO., INC. 73 Wallace St., New Haven, Connecticut on Wednesday, December 4th, 1957, starting it 10:30 t.m. RUBBER MACHINERY RUBBER CALENDERS AND MILLS: Birminrham 48" Calender, motor driven, complete with conveyor system for double coatlnr operation, late type; Farrel 26" inverted L rubber calenderi S) 4(T Farrel Rubber Mills; Thronp 3S" Rubber Mill, late tvee machines MISCELLANEOUS RUBBER MACHINERY: 60" Rebber Slitter; 80" Rubber Windins Machine; Sturdersnt and Micron Puherirersi Hsnnafla 32" hydraulic rubber ruillotine: Lab Mi1! "xl3"i 48" winder and duster; laboratory equipment; 40" keatlnr drums: automatic dlppins machines. TOOLROOM: South Bend 9 lathe, Lodse aV Shipley 16" G. H. lathe: drill errsses; mllllns eutteras etc OFFICE EQUIPMENT: desks; chairs: supply cabinets; filinr cabinets: Burroughs addins macbine. Underwood bookkeeping machine: postafe meters and scales. MISCELLANEOUS: air compressor; platform trucks; electric cutters for plastic and "rubber: fluorescent lifhts: layout benches; fans. Scott testeri precision heat treating event metsj bins; dusters; etc., etc. INSPECTION: December 3rd and Day of Salt TERMS: Vt down. Full terms posted at sale. ANOTHER SALE UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THOMAS MACHINERY LIQUIDATING CO., INC. TOM GAGLIARDI AUCTIONEER 1404 WHALLEY AVE., NEW-HAVEN 15, CONN. FULTON 7-2593 FULTON 7-2594 SllMr ASSIGNEE'S SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION 65C0 PCS. GROCERIES MARKET EQUIFMENT AND CHEV. TRUCK DAVE'S MARKET 367 BURNCOAT ST. WORCESTER, MASS. Tues., Dee. 3, 1957, II a. m. Items lnclu-le Stock of Groceries & Canned Goods; Froten Meats Ic Vegetables, etc.; Electric Fans: ?ang Scale: Steak Maker; Meat able it Block; Violet Fay Unit; Crocks; Hobart Elec. Slicer! a4 H. P. Meat Grinder: Elec. Comouting Pcale: Two 12-ft. Refrig. Disolav Cases; Compre;;ors, 3s and 4 H. P.; Eefng 12-ft. Vegetable Fack; E'"i-. CofFe Mill; HILL SFLF-SF.RVICE DAIFY CASE; 2 FROZEN FOOD CHESTS; Cash Register, etc ; 1951 Chev. 'Panel Truck; Sr"l! Safe; Addme Machine, etc. TERMS: Cash. All sales subject to confirmation by Meyer Cohen, Esq, 390 Main St., Worcester, INSPECTION: 1 A. M. DAT OF SALE Henry A. Herman Auctioneer Worcester, Mass., PL 3-2549 BARGAIN SALE ON MODERN CHROME CHAIRS ' AND - j CHROME EAR STOOLS Bought out factory surplus large quantity for sale at reduced prices. M. Mc'mcn & Son Cs. 130 No. Washington St., Bistcn CA 7-7225 ' CA 7-4732 I RESTAURANT 4 MARKET EQUIP7. PLENTY uD I kl.11 I I A beposSE F. B. Hubley & Co., Inc., Auctioneers 364 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass. Auction Sale of Antique Clocks and Other Antiques, Stamp Collection FROM THE FABULOUS DESAULNIER COLLECTION OF LITCHFIELD, MAINE. THE BEST 100 CLOCKS FROM A COLLECTION OF OVER 800 CLOCKS COLLECTED OVER A 30-YEAR PERIOD. AT HUBLEY'S AUCTION GALLERIES 364 BROADWAY, CAMBRIDGE, MASS. SALE DAYS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY DECEMBER Sth and 6th at 10:30 A. M. each day EXHIBITION TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 3rd and 4th TUESDAY, 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. WEDNESDAY 10 A.M. to 5 P. M labor, Gardner Parker. Jinx r w u-iii-;.? V'..v'"?3!' iiritv. sAi ti-.j - v j. ... niaiu. a. wuiam jr 8SB a?dU erkSvaSiIpieVceiard EaW0 S(.u'.I5f'.A!l.!1.S J?;1"1?. .collection oi Copper Lustre anrl ,,r. v. : i'i vcneiy ot MeTu&Cri, Music Eox an't nir Snmi c. ": '"K y;."tR" waicnes, rramej Staffordshire pairs of Dogs, Decorated Tole T-avs itztZ vrfi SLa.u5s'5fnllA" China Punch Eo"ie ChtoaVS Sf.J Set OvIteP'p"?.', Iaree Sili," Epe?gne. Amberm'a 9 pc" V?tr rf,r'in PJhL. Flate?' Cloisonne Vases. Gilt Settee. Gi't Decorated of 4 Punch T K!!! r1$CnJ0Je Tables. Ambrina Set fteoStedX'Drr.Daffer!abra nd many other r REFRIGERATORS, ETC. $39 Used Frigidaires $49 BUY from largest and oldest refrig. firm in N. . Painters, Carpenters, Jobbers Jn r-nt Control With RnraiaT EIOACHES REPOSSESSED SHOWCASES, WALL CASES, CASH I F.A.S.I.N.E, neblBIErlS, Bib. Special Prices to Dealers! CALL LA 3-7464 N, E. Store Fixture Co,, Inc. 100 Washington St,, Boston F. B. Hubley & Co., Inc. Auctioneers & Liquidators SuWt PUCLIC AUCTION Ext. SI rm.t t.vr. Also new G. E., Hotpoint. Others: bedbues? 11 ,m ', be ?old Kt ab"ve dflte at the service K urn v .rTmrnpf,. at nu, nripM. . - - - TnesdaT. Iec. S. 19S1. .1 1 n.m. ONE (1) 1A49 G.M.C. oil truck. Snfl hAnj.j . - cnHciiv. -i Reciions. serial Bonded mar. rr 5!iin? rnrin. A!mi:5j i slightly scratched-, at low prices, NATIONAL SALES CO. 2II8S Mass. av., Camb.t TR -1XI enmnany nsln. snrni h. ,L siaiion riio urooKiine si., (central childrVn S srf. in n i" s"'' Cambrirlee. The sale is by .VilrK1!:. 'ortter J. William .Tuck. . attv.. 40 etc., free. r.nnmR f rMf-A Y,ie" j," p, pnee VUUIIIU V llltuwu a j-:;i' 9TI Commonwci'th Ave., Boston late mi io-r::;L d .mp MODEL If::X. r-n 24 nnn m)., equal to new. W. E. McCARTllY, MY e-3500. INFORMATION WANTED AUTOS DELIVERED AXYWHEFE IN U.S. REASONABLE RATES AITn noil: i a i.;av Cash Register, excel, ennd.. used "" Dudley at., Kexbaryi GA 7-S4S4 DRIVERS NEEDED ! AT ' cmce fnr Florira: free transn. JUHl A WAY. GA 7-8434. CAR TO MIAMI, responsible party to take car trnm Boston, Thurs-?a.y, PPC- I". We will pay gas. LA 3-2233. CLOTniNG, FURS IRIIP CMC LAKH COAV3 DATE MINK COATS OBTAIN-i1?3. student, drive your car mruc. p-'-gniiv worn nut li!;e ngv w. wiw-ijj. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS frnm Wvih any piano ;L?ur outstanding collections, Purchsl' i3fanD."C- n our Een Paine Furniture Co. 81 Arlington Street HA 6-1500 RECONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS Larrrst Selection. All Guarantee Wholrsale-RftalM'a-h-Crerilt GRANT-HOFFMAN IKC. S7 Columbus r.. Bos., CO -SB0 vnt Mass. a v.. Cam P.. EL -93 Attention, Drummers HOW'S THIS for a bargain' But I Refrigerators lac, d.O, bass drum for regular price and1 GRANT-HOFFMAN, ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR, medium sized, white enamel, completely reconditioned, operates per- reciiy:seii reasonably. mj Rebuilt automatic washers from S50 used aas-oil comb, stoves from s.iO gas tr. tio INC. a Andre nri ro fr i.iA., .izi lo umous av.. unsi.: lu o-jn" fXCEL,. cone; v .!-' i iimi r.cp,; sju.'-s-ito up. A o high grade lo 1 ifiu" "Re.if'rurn Manufacturers DriimmVr vfvvirT!-aiTnW ivn wiwtfSs rcckton. tel. JU 6-SC47 or JU 6- c;-s. stoles, jar frorn5tt lie H-5H?'nsers. Gibson 7-3837. - j. Lane. V akefield ! Massachusett?, , 5 M PR 6-7040 U23. - - ... - j:? ViK0,T,!IP.?M.?AS NP0 W 1" "'dm A.V-1'"'' Used rent. Call PR 6 7040. I"1TH rATI T1""" 100, e?c. REASON. S75. we del'vr vour car to snv Sf,u? .il?ugltL sold' "paired, re- - " I. T L FAl.LL I .1 f.-:f;;3TSln,fcS'n t- Pi-KSOJTAL Florida rttyl DEPFVDABLE At'Xd n " i2?!' w are the m exeenent co.dit -n. c-rt, ftWpairffliled- Is?"!. ,NC- CMkSS" mau'a DIAMONDS, JEWELS? ' s rnt nn - "lurr a. II t mill iUin, n.v., t!i iirf..i7."AKAl?.L','iCourt St.. Boston. Administrator of OnORI.KSs sTAixiiT-tc ,i; ' I the estate of Anolphus H. Baldoni. B..'T,.lh'..n"m; R'feI-""-es;Winthrnn. Mass. ,,',"." VV'J....,..,D1JS1lnI QIHer.. - - w- ! cir, r.AXfcKM. CO. HI S-231 2 hrs. est. i2o Painter. Tarnenterg. Jobbers OtlUJl Ql rrtf1diat? removal. ARDS. AfHnMr LIQUIDATION SALE GARMENT FACTORY DOMESTIC FROCKS CO. If 6 EedCord St., Room 212, Boston, Mass. t KOKCAY TO FRIDAY, DEC. 2-6, 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. Re'.cl Bhk uLYI MehiPe,W. A G. Loekstiteh Self Oilers Sinn.. SLi """c0-Le-W' Columbia Bhndstitch Machines 29 m B",ack Sl"0c Chandler Button Sewers W. A G. Rib-CT"10"0' Model Marrows uZ I?nd Mo?M!cPT8inir Pink Stitch Union Special Waist fn M.hi.eLEsstm"n',ound Straiaht Knife Cut'rs Pre's. tTXZTJ IronWater Cooler 3000 SQ. FT. AVAILABLE BY J. SHAPIRO CO., (47 HARRISON AVE., BOSTON JERRY SHAPIRO, LI 2-1383, LI 2-6253 PAINTING-ROOFING SIDEWALLS and carpentry; all work guaranteed, full insurance coverage. APEX CONSTRUCTION vrri,i;'-,oBca0un. st ,J Snmerville: MO S-Oa20. nights and Sundays. . SUT dl CERAMIC TILE BATHROOMS. KITCHENS Rubber and Asnhalt Flonri H&F TILE CO. GE 6-1M8 mi. id CManc tertj (Mass, duly au-1 hf ' "I sPmet DlanoSi brand J D2 " ERS. 21 Province St.. oS Eromfield. asut n n Florida ip-o.rAi r Trrp;: iGtaNoriher - " . . t:-ori.tert bonded) Fi:?n r-, i5..i.ahv lSl FC'-D F6 ':. HE2 ':n?:.',r-:vK:d under fnmm fit:. it. i i,v s .. . u'.t ' j.f."ii! cormr-nts. --. V2zi- 172 Jjcrrimac St. corT Si'ordir ... TZ.. r'- Or .1. chet-a atvn Cfl tP' Q fi SANDRA Gc-t in touch with me as TIE - ' tlT 9 ft F-3 1-TOV. ver-- ge-' err4 body MA 4-576. J'AJ-6032.. SELL Cy. ' S'a 1. ro'on. r AX KEHZm CO. 1109 MASS. AV., CA'r3nGE ! " W N- ,SI ' H aa rln i, e lr 1251 Chewy Ccrrra!! IfoeV kabWW ALL new tires, good rurnvng cojf., CAr H FOR USED FIRS io CsN after 8 nm E 8-J563. ut ssrv ivn tri. c.tsto . trucks. 1 '"". 81 VTash. St.: HU J-3S67 ' sfdr 840 gaT" 1347 Dodge; 1 "26 S600-gal.. 1947 B-ockway Trar.s- BEAUTIFXT. beaver coat, in evcel port: both in excel, cend .and p-ril-,!HJs-o5i?lEE 2-7541. Klv-ere rear Bell Olds) JtS. g g 80 FOR SALE 14' Insulated body, full .-.gjTeTipieacBostonjRTT,. 600 rear doors, side f oor, 2 Terr MOtTON lamb coat, size 14. iFe pl-yorrn on 2-tor InternatoMl. n;Ca!l after 10. Ah M9 S"t or sWp fo wual vlue rack WOMFN'S clothes e 12 and 14. fcam.nirlr.'caM ST 6-1620. . pra-tirally new. B2 2-1801 sSu FOR SALE 1049 KB 6,lnterratipr.-al with lumber bcf: will s-U woum organs, 2 years to cav 1M i. T3-j z ' "UUJc; , vu z-uo7 tor snnt OUiCkl v a rtrv-rihl emcvp - nrv i-ite come nome OSu7t nvQ jammond Orgcsii dia. ring, marauise shape, very rejs. LA 7-0231. S400 Lad. Plat. dia. engagmnt. ring. c. oia. !cies. sia. f ts. ijiodc. TWO college students car Miami .vrl,,na. f Dec 21. Call AS 7-0419 after S p m. e, emergency. "rti"",w,,M 1&ci, wso Lad Tifv ci ts drive your;;1.yilJgtone speakers. 1 H.R. 40; $950. Lad. Tiffany dia. ring, m c. 452, c-iooe rnrl with roller. rri-" and bina- ers. 350. Call WO 2- 93 e at y ia ft onn b'ck v-n body, sohd top. h',-?e;' t'i." Tc.'.ii. but serviceable, Ji5. v.At4- V?-'.'-, Store prA Office Furni'ure arrl Fixtures ron sale FET of Dictograph Radio TTarket Television NEW AND USED TV'S BILL'S TV & RADIO SHOPS 203S WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON . 1870 MASS. AV.. CAMBRIDGE "&S CENTRE kT., JAMAICA PLAIN FAST TV SERVICE TA 5-1713 VAfiTED, GRAND PIANO OR SPINET, CO s.7ia niuftliuw, old ANTENNAE closing out, new stock, JA4-28S2. Indoor reg. 810 95. now $3 95: outdoor, reg. S2o. now C5 QK rl; . SPORTING GOODS III CUKES' ' GUKROOM FOR TOUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF NEW USED GINS rfa,,-3n. ... trnrvr.TOK. SW. RLGER BABY GRANDS 122sTSTi V.f"' ETC - MODERN, ANTIQUE. rr.A ?"?. VS ,0. 35. fine wf Rt'T. SFLL. TRADE. 878 tion. lowest TrEeiin v'?e-V,elec- PLEASANT, CANTON. TEL. CAN. i U2ttSXJ&JSiT01t 6-1619. OPEN DAILY. 9-9. sum 01 taken FINISH CARPENTRY EXPERTLY done, by contract. BLj LOTTO ELECTRIC CO. Situations Wanted (Male) AVAILABLE & EARLY 1958 .t' ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS D I E ASPHALT PAVING CO. ARE you interested in inn .r.n.r. rMri .lnr Fre tl- service? reas. CIT ..M T FLOORS. $12 PfR p ft n m 'mymmuvm.mmcm Amazing New Safe Method, Instant Brsit ant l ower prrrea ROACHES EXT. SI a rm -rr. written guar,. 87 years of honest business. We use our materials in HOSPITALS, bak eries, mental institutions and apt. hnm.. K.f. tt ev.rvone. Stain less. Pantri". hallway., elos'ts Currently employed In multi-com- free. Rats. mire. ocHr.n.s ana ants. fpanv set up. in cnarge of Person-BS AMAN CHEMICAL CO. !nel and Industrial Relations deoart-HI g-1088 24 HRS. EST. 1890,ments and activities. Heavy expe- Sud3t dl nence m union and non-union oo- eration. R-rniitment. tf.inm. itfWrmMma ware and salary administration. negotiations, eic. wishes to locate m New England. Salarv reouire-ments flexible. Resume on request BOX 820, 1501 Broadiray. N.Y. 38 fv ai SANDED AND REriNISFrrt LET MAC DO IT WOOD shfriffl.. .riin. ...c eral repair. Phop. MAC, TR r-657o! FLOORS PA?3' resurfaced and reftnlsfced: BLOCK CCILirJGS AS LOW AS S39.95; guaranteed installations; free estimates. Call FA 3-3075. Situations Wanted (Male) ".i SALES EXECUTIVE Young, aggressive, with a back ground of IS successful yrs. In th held. Plus experience as iles ' manager, eo-ordinator between; production and sales, office rr.a". agement. purchasing, and all other qualities necessary. Desi-es to connect with leading firm, for permanent future. Present earnings ' in comfortable 6 figures. K g EMERSON Console TV. 19 in., very reas.: exc. cond. AS 7-uj-to iu.gj,.-!!."-"" corner OSU7t n26 Can LtS.ttr4 llke new: r,r,cea low st n rkt?- D m- 112 Stoushton sr. off Uoham s Cor.. nnrrhs-.t Arlington Tackle Shop CARPENTER WORK rneLIN'NYi:- If'&fo SuW r.30 ein MASg. AVE.. ARLINGTON MfinF.PN A- antiaue firearms, load- HAIPCP AFTER S38D. usedlwke. BABY GrBd3iO.K-1d: ! !," rn0mtDn0eont5n.mUnrwP,Satudly sri2H- -Ifv, in-.i "ao. ,jn s.m. to 10 P.m. Ml 3-8963. RemeTed Ri.1VS'.r.?aS.,lold? ShVSi MCrifice- 4rs'!GUMhtrSldrtrTded:.BERNrE ' ..v. . ci'JMi" ra- tin' r " - ,T SCIiJ I fTPIil n ARK A V " I Otvt et. IVlsan. Window Shades, $1.19 CLOTH, siri Iroller. FA 3-3075. ul" Cellars Cleaned, Rubbish also German "Msrkhn" e'.c. train-ICONN orsjan. ,rtitmt. .vn W k-tM! MY 8-1503 o-KlTi rK- SSU OLT9423deal Chu"h h:G7,ght:ioTd7traded. B JA4-S62S. GA7-OR43. d5u7t n3Q PLASTIC TILE KITCHENS as low as S95; bathrooms as low as $79; guaranteed installations. FA 3-3075. PLASTERING OLD and new work; patch work also. TR 6-8255. PLASTERING CETLTNGS, scrolled and plain; also patching. BOB. GE 6-0065. v INTERIOR FAINTIMG FREE ESTIMATES. PR 6-478? dSu7fn27 Carpenter and Builder FOPO Se-lan, MY 6-3500. WANTED Used regulation pool table. EV 7-6268. rOTPT TIT InterWe cornuratirT ',r,". S'roreberg-CarisoTlOlwt: hl-I! am-'co'NTTNFrJTAT r-..;.- , ' , - 1 ? To-,i a ,vi ; 185. rfnt consisting of 80 st.tions, Pat- t"Jw. S40 or best otfer. t-V 305.l beginner. i20! TA 5-2796 f2I..t0JJV: l-y D"e, .'inciinn Do- .s Tf!- TAPK Rornrrier portahle RCA.ipTAvr. " . , pnone HU 2-3367. MRS. SHrniiM I rt,.. ZlT.i. ..TU- .V; lPIANO. crordiin. made in Italy by GOOD ur-d tn-Vs. aU tyres and, SuM" ' 7" P.M. soever; co-t $160; sell 'toeWi bass wit?S J- TA Hnt MTMrcrGH-ApHn;G .JWMTj ":"'- ve liftleng'al' v"a "wT-1 TRACT OR and trailer. F-6 Ford. 2 jr;tcard mimeographing. ilO. FA 5-WANTED, short-wave , receivers, HI-FI ivcofd player. 4 speeds, porT- xr .vmjnT. ij i-.j. ini-ut. i auir. prac. new, MO 3-4477 25 T. EXP. PLUMBER i JTE.MFITTER BijiounMlj, I'KlCi.S. HI 5-6553. WanU work. SULLIVAN. CO 7-3795. Su3t nl7 MAINTENANCE CARPENTER AVAILABLE FULL OR PAET TIME WRITE S 121, GLOBE OFFICE , dSu3f n29 Off ICE MANAGER ACCOUNTANT i EXP. auditing, systems, costs, taxes, in ir.fg., auto dealers, wholesalers, electronics, also available as auditor on per diem basis MY 8-0433 orl s idc, Lrione - Evening Law Student 30. B.B.A.. diversified background, seeks challenging position with future Write a 131. Globe office. dau3t nZ9 Executive Assistant YOUNG, dynamic worker, availab'si to provide SALES and MANAGE- ' MEM to a busy execu- tne. well-rounded busmess background; experienced in both salei and management resoons'b'Ut'es: college graduate, 28, high rr.echan-C,A aptitude; excellent references. Write P 4, Globe office. CARPENTER Miny Years' txp. Roofs, Gutter torches. Stairs, Remodellnr, eAo. Call TA 5-4957 ADVERTISING SALES prom, man., all phases." catalog making, direct mail, rub-hcity. have samples. S 205. Globe. ACCOUNTING. type.. Dart time. H 396 Su4t' WAREHOUSEMAN 10 YRS. exp. In fine paper, fcod St bookkeeping & liquor, desires work. GA 7-1290. tjiooe. dl r.nnMfirrpfr? A RETTfiED. man wants work, have -vdtct a v i r,.k. eiev. lie. S 2 l.i. r. oho nffir aww - CARPENTER work wanted by re-' uame. experienced man. a 404, oioDe omce. CPA Available for work on diem basis. TA 5-0842 TWFau n2 vvwJi in iniai I Shoppers' World. Fram., Ma v antiaue guns and AVEKAOF. RM . mrl ,r-r weapons. VO 2-1295. I SI. 25 per roll. J14.75; ceilina.. sized ?:9ork.' Ifss' GA '-4399. BL 8- speed rear end, 24-ft. rreunaui,'rL . retractable, full air B25-Z0 tires ana jj TION A. t, CA-H 2000 Book--wiiM!!; fIv- . keeping feschme; exceLond5? 13 1951 TNTERJATICNAL. 2'4-tcn.' . thSu E"8 lS-R. ?CK noqv: new r -s STTEL and wood ioir hMv ainrt nnrt z-i- r., S, S750. BE 2-9157.! n r - . . '2 LAT" mgazm ra- 52 8ULTFAKES p'r-kep. readv for; new. T2S each. ,rF. 6- work, S245. 7C5 Eastern av riii-den. SSu . 19M CMC l-'-m r"-l tr"Ck; lew mil ; ?4?5. Brorl;tin. JU 3-7510. ljij INTERN ATlo'""L 10"0-1 tar.k truck. CV! f i' ! 8-117 t. fif5TGMCDiesel"No"7'n xc mecb, cor.d., tl930.CA 6-0077-11 S2 MACK 10-wheel dump. 2500. JA 2-7c22. desks, ch-'r; SED TV i- rad" MAILOFDER BUSTNSS BLADES SPECIAL 5977. ST 2-7190. Sud3t dl EXEC.-ADM. Degree in bus. and eng. 25 yrs. exp. personnel, supervision, buvme. retail ojIps. Btior- INTFRroti PAtNTINn. roasonahle market op'n. Good rei is. Wants JOHN SANTORO. tnside raintinf. tion. Write 0 431 Globe, or phone paDernanging. wan me. ooa jpo. .'"s TR 6-7606. AN 5-2991, AN 8-0070. EXPERT TAILOR, able to do any t t- rv, ,,,.01-0 hind of alterations, ladies' and n.nfiT Th rVy. cr w"? ;Wns coats; wants steiu.v position l. - - i r nr rurTnor cetaiu wrire s I :i. dSu3f n30 APTS. comnl. romrtrf.l . n,nn, . cabinets, formica toDs. nietirtii. I p?'nt!.n?o5nd "roentry. MYMASTER plumber and gas fitter! Globe office. CEMENT WORK, walks, founda-! wants plumbing eV heating work. CU 8-0344. BU3t nJ Lo-oho'-n . from UPRIfiHT .n,. IAS DntTTtt r mAa Wade.. 1 10: 815. Simon. 12?5 River, F"'ie Pk.i tion. $60. CsU'AV 2-4093. all dav ""ail check or money ordr to. J. land drain layers. JA 4-0508 LOST ANTI FOFND (Sunday, weekdays after 7 n.m. I VEGA BAN,' O, case and stand, like ne v. vs. AV-5814. Pen't Give U" Year Pet "n't 1 WHITE re-1 S ingerland drum set r gn r.r.t orummers' chair . Shultz. 13 South St.. Springfield. Vt n ACCOUNTANTS ,Ii03S;mi.vwAyllS work ! TAPER, paintmg. ceils , flrs.. Blas ter patcning, commercial resnen-tial, ins. HI 2-5646. dSu3t Ji29 CARPENTER Gutter work a specialty; cleaned, repaired, replaced: reasonable prices. JA 4-6697. CARPENTRY AND ROOFING, lie,. ins.: stairs, gutters, piarzas, gen. 1C5 Ferry st.. Maiden.; ALL of your bookkeeping records h :L'T!i?Zat&,i Earitone horn, bell front .. :rr.:Am: letteral. fc.atea.nrj e.- , - s- "w- " B. Laoet R-ifp. IT ' C!T vour riot or cat" ' s t..rt 'sue -, eve. c-i'..-0r rt i. io-'i ." -to ri.--s Ari'-cton fts.. B'-t"- Fhon- ' HA 6-9170, 10 a.m. to 5 r -n. I ri".-7 rn i-n k'i-..--K.. u.....l:iil '(pvnerts snrf auranteeH fnr less ' r ADPvMTrn n P0LS TT TOYS vic.of F.Ws " " ""2im.-i than SI n0 wk Call Mj?.. HFNRYf reference ' furnished. V V "aJt V-i timsted tax returns prepared wrhlll." V.'i experts and guaranteed for V PLUMBING, heating. gas fitting; work reas.. free est. TA i-mj i. MIDDLE age man. reliable, honest, and dependable seeks evening work. Lie elev. operator, watchman; other light duties. Eves. 6-11 p.m. AU day Sat. H 498, Globe. PATNTTNrt A, T1F.POR ATTNfl. Cm GRIFFIN. MI 8-5461. iMAN, MALE bookkeeper, full charge. 20 years exo. in managerial-taxes. anaivsis. statements, icb cost. K 162. triooe omce. sumvv oi SuW dl PAPERING, including paper, 813 95:1 ' l ; -STaS C-M r e ll'i : 53. I clerical. lai? rritn pa h , n .-,,rk, 2 speed ""axl"e."s:?3". "?!E 4-7946. 85 FORD Pickup for sale. $?50 or will tr?de. HY-4463 S700 GALLCN T"K Best oSer takes it. VO 3-3407, r-:ce MA4- - ,t-- : r f-P rl-T;r,tiT, nn b-r'- or-or vr If found r ase mil OC 3-0076 o- CC ATTTKTtCV STUDENTS " Guar. '-'-i; rw- 5 mi. an " : -u rrocieis from S20 FELL. It: Cr -s; ' LO".". vv njfv downtown T"stn. M.TT ?n '' Dor-; AV 2-5658, w.ll sacrifice) J."3j. ' !-.. Nov ?T i-'. cM wrt ''O 3-1262. SSu wt-h. '-ntimental Ta'"e. reward.: ADDU:G MACHINES, tioewrit-r. Atrrtriv n, ..v. j r.. .;- .n. sr . tsosion. ' ,7Vr . f-im ki r(r?.e I LOST Mas' ot of K'nrfisher. Boxer, fisures. an.imafs scale, b-ass ra'1 1 Kf en left shoulder. B'Jtch: re- ?nd remote contr"! switches, on iwarq. n abui nju 'syout A x 11': extra switch and 1 rroV.-84 tW'nl GLOBE ADVS. PAT BEST .tewobuxnfuw-oy ilaMI1"" TEX OXE AM) SEE lIJ:L'.KilLKS p m. Sturd?vs and Sundavs. call ! CARPENTRY, painting, Hlnghsm 6-08S7. WANTED TXL buv Chrstmas trees bv the truck load. HI 2-3327 after 7 63U 5" ft x 24 in steel WANTED f. Arters. PR 6-4538. KI 7-3247, READ BOSTON GLOBE SCHOOL ADS for the Best Results paintin. naoenr.. 5uri7t dl I firs., etc. CO 5-5810: AV 2-8247 Fleers Resrtacd and Reflnished Vlltl, Mi.tie s.atlS V, ; callings, t'aini- b-o.ji, v-v j-io.d. ; , . .v...v. nome repairs, 1 . . vices, sale. enain--er. matnialniriB H342.iHESn3ENTTAL and indussrial paint-; residences New Yo-k and Boston ing. i,au e; j-io-m any um-.ares, tcsues connection, witn Sud'it dl 1 aggressive firm. Write S 75. Globe. ROflFlNfi OF AM. KINDS, new: SuJt" nl7 and repaired sioing. PR e-wt?i. ! PLBER. will inst. sinks, repair leaks ' d5u7t B2S RUBBISH REM0VED.EL7jA I- etc. mtes. wk.-endj. At 4-5961. G?!rfcSI?rf!PetS inVrubtoh'SAGGrSG HOtSES & Tr)W55: STOCKMAN ar3 re.ver. 10 rrs. disposal. tH 2-3983. CH 2-2262 HONS restored. Call CH 3-4044. 1 exp. witn lit M-? hse. PR9- dSu't n"0 dSult n26 HAFOWP. FLRS. LAID, SANDED SAGGING HOUSES & FOUND A.-,SPAMaH LEMONS, tecreiariai AVniFflV tlOKIVir. TTtlNS restored. Call CH 34044. 1 work LA 3-04 S'JdTt dl du7 p.30 IYOUNG lawyer, part time, with TNTFRIOR caiptine at Winter rata: RPTrTAT Cflin. M: 'sterrr.' claer arty.. 0ti cau aiter pjn- OC 3-3s-5-R.. paperin. TAS-065o. GR 9-7553. in bus- orm. V SudJt sll CuaTt di t 2?19. 1 to 5 P m JohnHarriman's; Column on Business Newsy . Accurate Original READ IT Every day on th financial page of the Morning or Eveninjj BOSTON GLOBE part time, with a practice, or eves.: L J Lwsu ctu4e i rmitTwvg, f irrrmT' answer phone, type, P 3. Globe ofPc. i 1 1- 5 a "I

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