El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on November 17, 1919 · 12
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 12

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1919
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12 Monday, November 17. 1919 EL PASO MORNING TIMES NEW COMPANY IN DRILL SHORTLY New York Concern A squire Land and Expects to Start Work After January 1. Pecos. Texas. Nov. 16 The Pecos Oil nd Ons: company of Nfit York Is the rewest company to enter the Pecos field. It recently obtained HO acres of leas land from Ira J. Hell Co., located one mile west of the well of the Dixieland syndicate, and they will drill a well Just east of the Kama Fe railroad. Work will be Parted after the first of Janu- The big derrick of the Bell wall of the Pixie syndicate, is comp'eted, tho waor pipe line laid and pump started. M. M Garvin, .:n experienced driller fiom the California fields, is In charge of the work and began drilling Wednesday. Thi Dixieland rls to a first-clans on. railed the California Special, six-Inch rip. Iron Standard outfit, capable f drilling 5,000 feet, fill Is used for fuel jnd the waier to piped from a spring two rnilm distant. TN company lias two tanks full of oil r.nd an acetylene gas welding outfit to repair any parts of machinery when broken. The well Is i tested ..n. the lilx.. iand anticline, about 25 miles north of 1'eros. Ira .1. Hell Is president of tlx: company. He expects to sink? the flrsl nil Band at 00 feel and I l.o big nil and at about ? 00(1 feet Ittsena Oil A Oa Co. Makes New It i ll. Laud Thursday the Cllisens Oil and flax company's first test well wrb staked on Its tr , ! three miles southwest of tne ?ttj!l well mi the Dixieland nnilellnc. The Nlte was selected by lr Hutth H-Tucker, lh oil geologist of Dallas, who flaked Ihe three well of the Sunshine corporal ion last sprint; and summer. Present at Ihe ceremony of driving the mik.' were Jtpl.-. K. K Kveretl of ln-t'lannla, Mis president of the Citizens company . Ira I Bell. Rrawley Ontes. ,t, Woods, I. Evans nnd, John lllbdon, Judge Kverett expects in lei ihe contract for drlll:r.B and that trilling will begin Ihe first part of December. The company owns about COO acres of land. Henihlne Corpora tlss Operations. The Sunahlne corporation directors have issued a statement lo Its stockholders explaining some of the dlfflcul-lis encountered and setting forth the progress made Amoni other IhlngH the statement shows that three deep lest wells an; now being drilled with standard riK" and machinery. The Laura well, it aaya, Is now drilling wilh an excellent showing of nil, which they believe will show commercial product Ion within few week:!. "The Victory well In Ward county, east of Irros. Is another deep test recently spudded in and now drilling. The Lee- man well, another deep test, Is productive field of great promlae. The statement is signed by Alfred Tlnally, John B. Howard, Ben T. Biggs and Will P. Brady,. dlrectora. Oil Showlns In Laura Well. The Laura well has been drilled about 10 or 12 feet Into the aand and. according to the Pecos Enterprise, has what Is believed to be a fine showing of oil. There Is still a heavy water pressure which Is giving trouble and an expert from California will be there shortly to examine the well and suggest the best way to perform In order to test out the sand they are now In and yet be able to continue on down In the best manner The Leerrurti well to waiting for more cable which Is expected here dally. Fishing Job op Victory. The Victory well has a fishing Job, but the drillers believe they will be drilling at:aln in a day or two. The King well is drilling again at something over 600 feet with a fine showing of oil. Dee Davis, who has been away trying to close contract with drifter, la expected home by the 25th and It to expected that ho will return with his men who will begin work on the El Paso-Paiagosa well shortly after that date. POLLY AND HER PALS. Paw Finds at Least One Friend in Fighting the Fad BY CUFF STERRETT M if- r?AK UGS VaWaTT 'Sf&CfciJ fenJOOtfrt 'PlTfHrrBS OslTo IS lAjfyTtJ4TfeD (lfTu Th. FiTl1 J ri T7Z Hw"bWt J cT' rf IHAsVIHIAJ Great OL)TT3A(ft. Al s.it- T- rMU-Ut art 7 i CEMaMPILY j J "RfetoRMfcft? . 'Birr S6o r'UTrfea. MfcA FPltAiD. im AID, A 12feFORAdPt, i THE GREAT AMERICAN HOME I By Uev. C. K. Campbell, Presiding Elder of the El Paso District. Text: "Bo the father . . . himself believed and his whole house1 (John 4:51.) Robert Burns has painted a picture cf simple, frugal, religious home life which touches the heart of every home.-lover. It Is the poem. "The Cotter's .Saturday Night." It picture) the toll-worn .farmer Saturday aftfrnnnn rollect-Ing his hoes, spades, mathxfta, turning into his hdmhle hut. anticipating the rest of (he Kabbalh. The children all rush out to meet hlrn with noise and glee ills clean hearthstone, hla thrifty wife's smile, the praitls of Ihe Infant on his knot beirulle his weary care and make him forget his toll and labor. The elder balms gather from the neighbor-Ing farms where they have been working during the week. With Joy un-felgneil the children m'-et and cRnl around Ihe fireside. The mother, with her needle, and shears, makes old clothes look almost as good as new. And now n rap comes ooor. ,I"nny, woman-frown, with love sparkling In her eyes, understands, and with kindly welcome Invites her lover In. He, too. Joins the family group. And now the supper crow ns their useful hoard, the wholesome imrrldge. chief nf Hcotln't: food. The cheerful supper done, they gather around the fire while the sire takes down the big family Bible "Let lis Worship God," he says, with solemn air. They chant their artless note In simple, guise. The prlestllkfl father read I h( simple pace, Then, kneeling down to Heaven's Eternal King, the saint, the father, the husband prays, "front scenes like these old Hcotla's grandeur sprlmis that makes her loved ut home, revfr'd abroad." The Hems Our llulwnrk, And from similar scenes America's sacred. Without religious homes such as Burns described the church Is shorn of lis strength. For the sake of our churches we must look well to our homes. More Important Thao C. at V. The Interests of home are more Important than those of trade. We boost our Chamber of Commerce We plan trade excursions. We build a merchant marine and girdle, the gloho with American goods. But the temple cf trade must yield in real Importance to the sanctuary of the home. A man Is a fool io cheat himself out of the Joys of home for the sake of building up a big business. - The home Is greater than the courthouse, state or national capital. National life never rises above home life. Problem! of government aTe tolvcd easily when the home contributes to their eolullon. Problems are created by laxity nf home training, Whence comes thai AlBMMbMftallfe roll, hn roliwl I,-,., ,, gently knocking at the ..,,,,.,,. .',, unDr,.h', u ,... ed as Juvenile disobedience In a home where there was no discipline. Lighten the duties of your lawmakers by training your children aright. Ilniiie and Hrhfinl. The horn Is superior ta Ihe school We are not unmindful of the Inestimable value of our educational Institutions, from the little red schoolhousc on the hill to Ihe great university in the metropolis The public school Is our most deinncialltlng agency. Educators are among our most valued but least-paid tenefactort. The school and the home are allies, By so much as heart culture to superior to mental discipline, by so much Is the home greater than the school. Hue they are, then the Chamber of I'ointni'rco, the courthouse, the school greatness must rprlng. Cpon scen ! the church, the bogio American Institu- llfce these her very perpetuity Is condi tioned Without Ihe Christian home the land Is doomed. Without It we will go also j the way of Babylon, (Ireece. Home. now- dulling In 1 lug county, and It Spain, Hcrrnaiiy. From the ipilelude of add that the three wells will be pushed I old-fashioned homes America must find to completion as rapidly us possible, tHs iuiet and rest o antidotes for the Tin- company him an aggregate of ' widespread unrest and disturbance that 170,000 sens, mostly In the I'scos nl . prevail fmni Hesllle to Hnvannah. Our ley, but InclOdod In its holdings It has Ihetnc, then, to the great American 00 acres offsetting a well drilling near home. Big Borings, Texas, and Ha a n-n In tin Motile hello field of California, a L J.S.Curtiss&Co. J H. KRrldpn Halrl El Psse, irv. hd fk l I (III. STOC KS M y Hilt I.HT M SHI. I) U WH lloiinr. In nil Isnito tor Sale, H Brj) luiiiinrsrl leases at I.OWiSt H wf' trlrsii Cepaers sad l.wi Kl K yju PtlO Neritrlllei Bituobl nml Hj iiijjBBHKKtm : mm mmg fggggggggg H free maps ;TpXAS-HOMER I K ajLri. Lv sll lierelop. B I I al ' mVm mtnrH il U. Trm ll II A RCM ,",Ml ' ''''' " "irB 1 JM :: , fi iv H M It Sungar Mcmri Oil 'M i.i mi mi ,i i o M u ' ' !l ' u-' ' el raso, TEXAS. EsTd' ' Let not ambition mock their uspfnl toil, Their homely Joys and destiny obscure ; Nor grandettr hear, wltli a disdainful smile, The short nnd simple annnls of the poor. The Hume the MPfSSae Institution. Thn great American horns (j the chlef- est of our Itisiltutlnns TlT slalement Is made deliberately. We have not for- gotten the ctrarch. w place it on a solliary Alpine peak above all our ctrs-tural. charitable and fraternnl Instllu-ttons. But pure and undeflled religion had It.'i founialithend In a home, Abraham's home. (ieorgc Rtuart sayB: 'Church life cannot rise higher than home life. I have no rnllh In the woman thai talks heaven at church nnd makes home a hell. If I were Investigating her piety 1 would rather take Ihe opinion of the cook than Ihe preacher. Borne men talk In church- like niinels and talk nl home Ilk" demons." The home Is the older Institution and Just as tlons named In Ihe order of Ihi'lr value ii national life. -Highest of All High Priest The great American home should he Christian. Do we realize where the i in I' I Inn chun h began' in thn temple, with Its gorgeous ritual? in the syna-gogue. with Its excellent Instruction? In neither place. It alarted in homes Tho believers soon sensrsted from the. htmple. They were driven out of the synagogues. Gentiles were not permll-ii il lo inter elthei Thci n hi no boa rd of church xteiurion to assist In the erection of churches. As a consecjuence we have the church assembling in homed of different Christian families. "Aquila end PilscMla relul.j you, with the church Hint Is In Ihelr house." Head our text again: ''Tlic falher believed and his whoic house." Q, for a reversal to type. O, for homes to be churches In miniature. The most supreme, urgent, vital need ihioughont this brond lend, from Hells (late to Ihe Hidden Gate, Is revival of faintly religion. 'Give us Joshuas to anno and say, as for mo and my hou.se W will serve the laud. The next great n vlval Will begin not on the nltar of the church, but mound family altars. No piety at home no religion in Ihe church no morals in the nutlon. Talk i tout the so-called superior clergy The highest pHest In nil this land Is Burns' "saint, falher, husband" offering dally the sweet incense of prayer, the sacrifices of tnahe and thanksgiving. death, as I have, and there faced the Igreat realities, all these things -"seem ! mighty small." If we are men, we will !r,nl rirwt firm firsi In Maia thlnlrlnv first In our affections, first In our serv- ways by which we may make the Kingdom of God first: By giving time to the interests of the Kingdom. How often, when a professing Christian Is asked to do someth'ng for Jesus, he answers, "I haven't time." Now, you have all the time there is. Time hangs heavy on the hands of many a man who claims he hasn't time lo render service to tne Lord. In a little while time shall be no more with us, and then we will want to redeem ll when It Is too late. A dying nuer. exclaimed : "My kingdom for an In'.b of time I" Hut God would not turn back the din I of time even for a cr.wnoJ head who had squandered all the lime e had at her disposal In ner relation lo her scul Faints and slnnort are to heel the admon'tlon: "Redeeminj Lie time, for the days are evil." Oh, my brother, when you come to die vou v. I II deplore the loss of time you have Fpent In seeking pleasure, treasure and honor at the expense of spiritual .hlngs. but. you will bless God through all eterr.lty for the time you have devoted to tee-king Ihe literate of God's Klngdjn Whatever of talent we have have should he made to do service to God. If you have power hi prayer. In testimony, loose your tongue "!t th redeemed of the Lord say so." If you are gifted In sr.ng, why should you docllue to dedi-c,:!c your voice to God In Sounding His practs? That', wr.at volcu are for. I have heard of a young wonu i wdio re-fnsic to sing In tho cheir because, as rhe claimed. It would unfit ter for singing :n concei t Would you ho afraid in rffeWs to use my talent y.nn ha e for the glory of God? Alongside the ilospel In sermon for effectlvene.j ktlst be p. need thn Gospel In song on consecrated human lips. If there are any who hear ire this morning who ran Flag to the P'ltoe of ur God I irun they will not i"oy an hour in offering yiem"ivei for Mi.-h glnious work. But they mst m'.' he llk the joi ng man or -vhon I heard. He sang In chunh with rr.i besutv ' While Jesus whispers to you, come, f smner, come. The next day a business man heard some' one outside making the nlr sulphurous with profanity. Tpoklng out to see who this pail-master in swearing was he discovered with a shock that It was the very same young marf who had sung so sweetly In the choir the day before, "While Jesus Whispers to you." Kinging in God's house on Kun- ADVERTISING RATE CARD day like an angel and swearing th day on the street fllie a demon. BXCtllMt for lirofa "PUTTING GOD FIRST" By Ilov. J. F. Williams. Pastor First Baptist Church. L J. OVERLOOK, Broker run h i iiwii tvim; Corrrstionilenls: I.imiuii , llristi. I hli ann A Sen Vork. I'ulne Wrlihrr A "., Ilustnii, DtllUtk. Ill North (irrqnn M.. SI llrnls Hotel, I'hnne 2151 LIBERTY BONDS BOUGHT AND SOLD We handle sound Investment stocks and bonds. Elmendorf & Company 209 atesa Avenue. PERFECTION BRAND POULTRY FOODS W. D. WISE SEED CO. tired and Poultry Suipplirs. I hid null on and te Jnu W I'Oune II. Text: "Meek flrsl the Kingdom of God." (Matthew lilt.) Onr fjord forbids anxlely on the part of His disciples In Ihe secular mutters of f, Wo nre not to he burdened shout what we are to eat, drink and went. The birds are carefree and God feeds I hem. lie dollies the grass which today Is and tomorrow to cast Into the oven. If He cares for them .v 1 1 1 He not much in ore rare for us? Then anxiety Is hurtful to our pence of mind It Is to ihe soul what friction Is In machinery. Time after llini hsve I seen a train come to a slandMill and lose valuable tune becaUM of a hot box. Further, anxiety t.hnrlens our live;, decreases our happiness nnd cripples our usefulness. But moil of nil, anxiety about the secular things Of life, such as the t.xl forbids. Is dishonoring to God. lVsplte Hits, thete are many Christians who get no enjoyment out of today because of i nxlety as to the evil that may come on Ihe morrow. Remember that tomorrow' may not come to you on earth nno the evils you anticipate rarely ever come. Leaving such anxlely lo those who are not the people of God, we are to he more Important matter the Kingdom of Heaven. "Seek first the Kingdom of God." The text empharltes Ihe prrper appre-lixtlon of values. Men have gmssly pi-rverled views along this line. Borne Christians put highest value on material i mi" s Inste id o spiritual things, and Mtunoral things 'nstend of et.-rnal verities The greatest power In life to that of seeing the unrecn. The text tells lis j Ihat spiritual things are to be put first- first In point of lime and first In point of Importance. The biggest thing wllh Which we have to do Is the Kingdom of Oof Out transcendent duty Is not to make the world safe for democracy Important as that Is but to bring the world Into subjection to the King nf kings In dlsregnid of the text men are putting pleasure Ilrst. This Is seen in Sunday desecration. In the way of Joy nilfs. nutuniohlle races, ttknics wluu not? The church Is being neglected by niultltudts on God'., day, even ly professing Christians, for pleasure. Bui remember (l id wilt be honored Men who break God's law are going to reap the ronsepuences of broken law. The law of sowing ami reaping Is Inexorable. Then Ihe money-loving spirit Is hurtful to Ihe Interests of God's Kingdom. In Ihese days Mammon Is b?ing deified on every hand "Ye cennot serve God and Mnmmon." A money worshiper once' said to ohn Bright, ihe greet Eng-I sh statesman: "Ho you know. Sir, thai 1 MM worth a million sterling?" In-Mnnlly and InclMvely. though calmly, Ihe great statesman replied: "Yes, I do. ion 1 know that thai is all von are Tl Hil till (N i -, :, p. i Uest l.quii s'sne Line in the Southwr.t " i H'lniNt, i- mi m deeply concerned nl.out an Infinitely ('worth." "Isn't It a sad thine," said Ihe author of this incldeni. "for one to he worth only his money" And there are other men-who are put-ling political honor above everything else, aspiring souls who would give their hop of Heaven for a n-iat in Ihe seuale 0( the United Slates, Some yens ago, we are told, a mayor of New York Cily was oh Ihf crest nf the wave of popularity. His administration hud been eminently successful. Ills political ear-mles acknowledged as much ; moreover, a ciaty man had marie an attempt on lis life, which came near resulting falally and from which he was elowly recovering. He had the syinpnthy as .well as the approval of his fellow tith tens. He was offered the nomination of jhll parly for governor at the next convention He declined. One of the lead, jers wrote the mayor a personal letter In which he said: "Surely you do not realise what you are declining: you are certain of the nomination and there to Indication that you would he next It to Im moral people to lend in Ihe worship of song In God's house on God's holy day. Ily giving our money, for Its extension we seek God's kingdom. Money Is a trust and Christians who have money are God's trustees. We are God's partners In business. Think of two men In partnership and one of them taking all the profits at the end of the year That Is what litany Christians are doing. No Christian should give less than a tenth of his Income to the Lord. KacchalU, the publican, the moment he was conSertcd promised to give one-half. A Baptist, deacon In Unlias came to bo worth 1100. ooo when he passed to his reward some year or so ago, was giving all his Income to the I.ord, except what was necessary for living expenses. I want to protest ggglnst the iilnne of Ihf Incident concerning the widow and her two mites. "I can't give much but 1 will give the widow's mile." Tho widow's mite nonsense ! A prosperous man was asked lo help a worthy cause. He said he would give the widow's mite and that that was enough because Jesus himself had commended It. "Oh!" was the reply, "that would be too BUJoh" you kn iw she gave all she had -Just all her living. You are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars ; but we could't think of asking so much of you." The great campaign now on among southern Baptists, calls for n grqat sum. The rlrh Bre going to give targe sums out of their great wealth and not miss It. Some arc aolng to give "till It bleedsnnd those who give 'till the blood comes are the ones who are going to receive the rsthest blessings. The blessings which come from pacrlfice are gilng to he the by-products of this campaign and such by-products are going to he the mo! glorious assets of the campaign. Hrcth-cm If we give 'till we feel It out church Is going not only to raise Its iiuota of 153,000 for the five years, but It la going to Increase that quota. "Millions fox the Maiter" Is our slogan nnd the Master must have these millions He will have them beyond doubt If we make h,s Kingdom first not only. Ihe 75 millions but a round 100 mllttoni from the Kap'lets of our glor ious souiniann In the work of winning hum the lost to Christ, we seek In the most em 1 Important way. God's kingdom Do vou with know our aim for the next five years traci - J .600.000 converts? Thoughtful men antlclpa'j sweeping revivals throughout CLASSIFIED. I tut per wore eicO dilir Inieruon. 1 c-eni pot d eaih Sunoar maertlon. TLrea cooacmUff laaertloua. oca Uicluaiol Sua dar . , costs ppr t : Tare ccDaecuUrt tomUons. Inclullal Butulu. I Vina pal mttT'L Katen crjeitruuta Uiaeniaoa, 6 eeala pet sard The alee rates axe beael on a minimum at e tsentf -warn coupL Ada containing leaa than una uuinl.er of nordl will be ctmnnsl ee tttelilr words. maodiill claaauVU. eUansi prnnltlad not more trial, true a week, 11.50 pec line per month. AU . . - ' . i adierUeih! act rorereu or eonUect will be rbargrd it Jia word Ada cliargeu to telephone ubemoera otur. t No ad run for as ihdeftnlle prri'id il f. ) lUen oeer the lelrphnoe. order u alaniouriuo L f. - rnuat ha made n wrttjog. ArcouriUi for riaaalf td ada are due after hrat iaaert:oa Not rerponalble for mole than one loeu-reel IhaerUra- LEbAL ADVERTISING. Legal edierur.ug at legal rates. DISgLAV AD SPACE. Open rata, per mrh. reJiuon wide, each Uueruon. inly and Huedar. $1 CO. SUh'JJug dUular SdS, per inch, per mouth. Wj Mi HEADING NOTICES. Pure reading .uailu. earn insertion, per Ur. 2o& L ala, per Tine, each UiMruoo. 23e. conusiie tor largo aruoiuiu or tliiplaj ad epeca or readera asbject lo dlarounl. ' :. , UNIONl4smABE BE Death Notice. Id I rsrr ; Nutnee under Uiia heading charged fur al the rale of una dollar for leu lines or leea Addlltuoel gpare ten cenla per ULe. Dealt! or funeral ooU.ea a, t.uld I puoned lo the atherUalng dcpallment-Afler 10 p. n,. roll 6O50-X. Pttk, llagedon I ndertaklng Co. I'nvate Ainhiilanci; Service, open Hay and Might. Phone l'JV. Soft s Texas St. Male He4p Wanted BO YOU KNOW TIBS BOY? Somewhere In El Paso there is a young, live, wideawake boy, 10 years of age, who is looking for a reil opportunity to get a good business' training. To tho right boy we will piiv a reasonable salaty and help him lo make gcoil if lie but shows a dc-siio lo apply himself to our huslm'ss. Applicant should apply In person to ADVEITTISINO MANAGER, El. I'ASO M0H.MNCT TIMES. H2 Rooming flouses tor bale 8 MA gtLw:$Tock.iAJ6- jjWSAMaiT temale rielp Wanted pM'EKlE.NCEiJ ledger posting bookkcep-it unce; must be rapid, accurate and capable oi taking trill balance; w i it-ten -application presented in person will only be considered. ISatlons M. if. S. Co., m Mesa. Rooming Houses for Sale 8 CTt.NOUHAi'llEH laminar with Uodar-wood HuctUne, long cipcrtence not necessary, but must be bright and active; stale salary expected, iiux 0, El 1'asu T lines. TJVANTEIi A lady to take charge of or-"flee, one who has worked ill Installment house; must Inic experience in col-lectlng. vol HoberiM-Uanner llldg. I ni l CI1Y LMi'LOYMEMt libllEAU. Phone 605 lor I'einale Help. I'boue 06t ror Malef Help. IM I'HE I1ASE.ME.M Or '.III HAIL. WA.NTED An English-speaking woman " for general housework and cooking; no washing; must stay nights. Ph. mi. Good Cook Must speak English. Phone SI05. WANTED A "loon cook. Must have reWrsncei. Will furnish room. Call mornings out) Montana St. H7.VV1 ED Housekeeper widower's home, "one child; DlUst speak English; wages 10 per week. "03, care Times. AMEUICAM WOMAN To Take charge or House. Salary Good. 1201 River. WANTED. Experienced woman lor general house- API'ly 213 Texas St. pN'ULISll-SPEAKING WOMAN to cook and tin house work; must stay nlglta; bring refefsticei ; gojid pay. 2739 arant Ave. WANT'Ell -lloTsKMAIIl." Must speak English anil have referenda. Call at (100 Montana St. raANTEri-Espi iieiu ed typist, preferably " one who can handle phone calls. Apply S01 W. overland. COB a f ALE, KIXTDIIES-OI.ITTIN'G BUS1- .Nl.SS ALK - - I UTS - IIATS-CAI'S- 1 NDEHWEAB HOSIERY BELT8 SU8PENDEI18 (JAHTEIIS TIES MUI'TLKHS- C0L1.AIIS - JEAVELHY ANIJ THINGS IOn-(.HItlSTMAS AT I'lllCES NOT FOUND ELSEWHEHE. UNITED HAT fc BHIIlT C(l 815 EAST 8 AN ANTONIO ST. WANTED Ofllcs ITIM with selitrif expe-"rleucti DMfer man with experience In mining anil DOWsT machinery and supplies; good lutuie ror right mnn; Rive full details first letter. 1. 0. Ilallagh. V. 0. Boi MM, WANTKH Capable salesman to represeat "local maniilaciurlng company In Texas; must be. experienced. Industrious and have pleasing personality. Address llox MljEiPso, Texas. WANT TO 00 EAST? Have room lor t! or 3 people who will share expenses. Box 3, El rso Tjmeg. OANTED Four or five boys with bl-"cycles lo carry Morning Times routes: good pay.' Call In person at CinCL'l.ATlON DFI'All I'M EN I . TIMI.S. Walter Pickwick life. tor. N. Oregon. WAN 1 1 U. A Mexican buss hoy. Apply Modern Cure, basement Mills Hldg. Nli'lilT F.NOINEEB, llole'l l'asu del Norte. ilHIMt.N Ttsnsfer fof moves eretytbipg. OYSTER LOAF i tit ' S A LOON. WANTED - English speaking girl ror "housework; must bring rererences. WW OraVit Ave. WANTED American girl to answer teie "phone; lo week. Apidy 307 First Na- tional bank llldg. WANTED First Clsll, experienced dining " room waitress. Apply Modern Care, baseiiient Millsllldg. WANTED " D -Maid ror hotel work. It. Fronds Hotel. Apply Salesmen Wanted DANDY SIDE LINE. FIIEE SAMPLES PROVE IT. Tlisy ate winners and make ror many salenicn more money than their straight hue does: We tuinufscturs the snap-picst. l.isiest selliug variety ut incial siie-claltlcs on the market, lug trade siuiiii-lators tor every manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, banks, factories, etc. i' very Pne everywhere buys tlicm in large quantities. No seasons, sideline salesmen earn ItVi a week; tlju lu iiiOO lor whole time. Get biny: Wiile quick for rutriL Full commission paid promptly. C. E. Erlckson Co., Inc., 508 Erlckson Bjdg., Des Moines, Iowa. WA N I'l.li- s A I ESMAN '., To handle used and new cars; a good proposition awaits a real salesman. Ad-dren Bog !, Times. PASSPORT PHOTOS. 106 Texas St. c.ices that I hotild come to the sojl prevailing power In prsyer. The Iord of the harvest whose kingdom we are advancing, confronting the greut task to whic'.i his followers were to devote their lives exclaimed: "The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborer arc few." The remedy for such condition which ho revealed then Is just as powerful today nnd in Ihe days to come rraycr. Frny ye therefore the Lord the harvest that he would send forth laborers Into this harvest." Our people must be much on their knees these days telling (!od all about our struggle and enlisting Him on our side nnd he will give use the victory through Jesus Christ our Irfird.' Situations Wanted Male 3 yoL'.NO MAN wants position on cattie-or sheep ranch. But 778, Times office. Male and Pemaie Help H3 Wanted jciiis'l i.l.A" Spanish -I Dicli-sb ste."ognT 1 phM wanted, lady ur gentleman. Apply at once, giving Dill Inlonnalion, KAHNS lilios,. Inc., NoK.'ilcs, Ariz. , WA.Tt To 66 EAST? Have room ror i or 3 people who will share expense on trip, llox 4, El I'aso Times. WANTED Dish wtshers and buss boyT " Apply Modern Cate, basement Mills Situation Wanted Female 4 EXPERIENCED stenographer and ab- Strsctor desires imployment In Ihe west. Best rererences. P. 0. Box 985, Dei Bin, Texas. Rooming H oose Bargains i Headquarters for Hotels Rooming Houses and Business Opportunities 16lRoom Transient $1,500 Hot and cold running water, good furniture, downtown, rem. ISO, with lease Mest small buy in El Paso. 20Rootn Transient Hotel, $4,500 Hot and cold running water, steam heal; heart of business section; new furniture: good lease; cheap rent. 10 Rooms, $1,000 Extra good furnlturtli rent $; terms. 30-Room Transient One block Horn postoHlce, rent I05. Mighty good buy Tor 13,300. . 1 . 35Room Special $5,000 Steam heat, hot and cold running water, private bath, beau tiful lobby, very good furniture; net profit! 1500 a month; rent lino, with lease. This Is the best small hold bargain in the United Slates. Get this while getting Is good. Depot Hotel Nice, classy little sure-shot hstel, modern, V,B00, Hotel Paying 3313 Per Cent El Paso's high-class. Will pay 33 1-3 per rent Interest on your investment on furniture and lease. No Information over phone on this proposition. Investigate. 43 Rooms n t. s sou .i-room apartments, fine residential section ..amoie uitaur. nouu uionev -inn sec. nice f l.T.si r 50'Room Hotel Transient. A mint for the Running water. Petes tl fthd- term Kbit BOOMING HOUSES OF ANY DESChlPTlON OR SEE US. right party SIZE Leo Weiler GROUND FLOOR. Till Corner San Antonio and r BLDG. Stanton. Phone 122 Oil and Mining ses Promoters Hueco Basin I win setl and can deliver Stale of Texas Oil and Gas Permits on 6io to 75,000 acres In solid body. Located right and priced right, I SELL FOR LESS. O. G. He'meman 119 Roberhs-Uanner itldg. WANTED BY YOUNG LADY. Steady Position In Doctor's Office. Phone IRK, Room 30. $2,500 Reward for Five Prisoners Who Escaped Iowa Jail Agents llll Atncittrl I'l-rst, Sioux City, lown, Nov. It. Cltisens of Lamars, Iowa, todsy raised 2 . 5 0 o reward for the capture, "dead or alive." of the five Prisoners who evened from AOENTS WANTED to sell gasoline iron; --labor and ruel saver; sells In every home; pay salary or rommltSIeMj ladies make good representatives. Write ror free ssinpleL imperial sad Iron Co., Fort Worth, Texas. Business Opportunities 7 Business Buys Il class reslautant, enst mii.uuu in iinisn. owner leaving I city. Iscrlflce for 19.000. IOtf Established Bakery A good opportunity ror the right man wun the money. Marble Restaurant Fixtures, counter, stools, mirhle table, with chairs. A nice tittle layout for cost. Cigar and Magazine Stand, positively the best thing In El I'aso. Will sell at the right I rice. Dry Goods Store old established trade. Sell for lineinory. imcstigali'. SLOANE-RENDON AUTO STAGE LINE il 1 Ills lixll KIIVVtI N II t.MIN AMI Ml(.tl t 5'lf s.imgm. 1100 am. t:S0p. in. 7.00 p, m. . sun ......3 IS a. m. S ISI a rn e Ihl 11 m. S 'ill it. m x'r leaving Tucson S; a. m. makes direct ronnetiion t rni.iric station, Tiicgon, with 8. P. triln No. 109 IcavlngT El fadiiisc tnd Harmon Ctrt. lUlt lip! Iff Hugh Mavwel and his son Wil. Posses were searching northw. st- ern lown today In the hope of complying with the terms of the reward, bul no trace of the men has bees found. ; " weuf wdXrj High class jewelry store WHEN YOU PLAY THE OIL GAME YOU "ARE TAKING A CHANCE. THEN WHY NOT TAKE THE CHANCE WHEIIE YOUR WINNINGS WILL BE WORTH THE WHILE? WE HAVE THE CREAM OF THE IIUECo BASIN ACREAGE. GEOLOGISTS SAY OIL WILL BE FOUND HEME. IF THE HUECO BASIN OIL CO, Dltll.l INTO OIL. IS IT NOT REASON AB I I TO EXPECT lllr THIS ACREGE WILL BE WORTH 11,000 AN ACRE? THINK WHAT THIS WOULD MEAN! tOO 10 I ON YOUR INVESTMENT! SENS IN YOUR ORDER TODAY TOMORROW MAY BE Too LATE. 118.50 BUYS A FIVE-ACRE PERMIT. WDSiFRN LEASE CO.. BOX 7, STATION A. EL PASO. TEXAS We have oil land stale leases In TUItroii Hasiu, near tiic W. W. cox and Tularosa Basin Oil and Refining Company wells. In large or small tracts, ror quick sale at ti per Sere up IT you wan! acre-am In Tularosa basin nt mis price you will HAVE To HURRY, A. C. KINH. WITH W. D. Gregory Security Rank Bldg. Phone 1082. Make Money in Oil. BUY LEASE WHERE THE PIG COMPANIES ARI OPERATING. teO buys a live-year commercial lease with all rentals paid OQ a trn-ane tract Jam up against a producing field In Webb lounty, Texas. 11 may he worth a roriune In a rew months. Write lur particulars or see me at HI T111M Bldg. Phone 903. , W. Hale. Rooming Houses for Sale HOTELS MS All MOST MAGNIFICENT iihtfi iv tram Wl-T, EVERY KNOWN LUXURY. KOOMS, elegant Oliiioinlinents. snlend lobliy, enormous Income, leasn, jim.uuo. 1 on terms, long Clearing every year tlOfiot above all penses, mar TRANSIENT IN CITY. steam, etc., i. tlUUstS, low icusc. easy terms. 118.500. rent. 33-IIOOM TRANSIENT 110 LOCATION, low rent, lease 1 uitfler cost at fa.stsj. terms. RUNNI.M REN 1 LOW balance 16-R00M TRANSIENT HOTEI WAltll, llhSl COIINEil lease o K., 11, am down, monthly payments. s. IP IIAIIHY TOWLE, HOTEL SPECIALIST With PARK, B-R-O-S. too Mam (Facing Plaza . Phone COS. mint House Buildlno The classiest small rooming house hj El I'aso lu high class section, close In; beautifully furnished, sleam heat: hot and cold running water; private baths; private) sleeping porches. Will earn vou Irom H.ooo to 5,(jno a year net annually. Why pay rent? Buy this for I,000, iiulldmg, lurnlture and all. The furniture alone would cost no le.-s than I7J60, Will makn ea-.v lei'tn- and will con. idee a si iaai os li.iwO trade. Leo Weiler & Co. Trust Bldg., Ground Floor. Phone I J--'. rj rooms, cWse in. lie Frenglln. Lost or Found 10 T OST On Highland Park car, pockelboolt containing bills, also receipts. Finder please return to Posial Telegraph, lie-ceive ilhlral reward. If oST-f all off to tur at LliSeTtv" Halt Saturday nignt. I'ltase ictuni to kra-saner, Zork K Move. DON'T PI T YOl B EGGS ALL IN am BASKET. Buy in combinations and mix your spec illations with proven winners. Will sell hares or either Texas Petroleum ot I Seavlce or Texas Homer. v BOX 100, IIMES OkFICr vri . T OST Broach, Arab bead, steal pin. gold lol.n It.. ,10 .. (,,. 1. . ,,, tno ... iMni,-i. in-'oe lor. For Sale, Miscellaneous I I , r ton sale. Two large cooling l ooms. one new Todd Prolecpurraph. one Remington typewriter. One large Dreproof safe. Complete set sausage machinery for sausage kitchen. ULALI'LY MARKET, Wi East San Antonio St. PIANO ror sale for rash; hign gratia 4 mahogany, comparatively new; win sen i lleao. It Ii IIiiikoi- l;roi,,ioitfri.,,. -. ror W rash shares Big Four and on : Texas St. Phone tltn. ZE VICTBOLA SALE. ITIOi III I the next fix years n National Bank M till IMIIT) tPIIII , ISSI Ispllsl. Surplus and Prorila. l;sn,ooo.oo Interest Pshl on Hailatts tremints i n. eiiinnir sli. rrealilrnl C V llt'M II 1. Pr,.rlenl .I mil. I II. t l.OHt 1 nsMrr SiAa.m.aotaS- i-:miai..'t JiiSFPH Ittl.iiHIN, tier Prrxldrat R. M llrtill ts.piaul I ashler CHI M III kl II. tvNlsi hii I 1 hirr ml to I'hrlst would have instead of 3,'iou.OOO xvhlle Hut tletn. ,. iii'O.ooo In the sweet sunny south. hatever you do or do nol do financially for this campaign, my brother, you must beco: e a aoul-wlnner. Whether ou be a preacher"nr a layman. "They that be wise sIiaII shine as the brightness of the firmament and they Ihat turn many lo righteousness as the stars forever and ever." Finally we seek Clod's kingdom in a mighty wn by (iikytr. The mode! pfgyar oontatns this crowning petition: thy kingdom come; Thy will be done ted In the fall. Such nn election " rth aa la In Heaven." Many 1 J not Hesitate 10 say that if we fail 'n thlsmportant respect Importunate prayer for the success of the campaign we will fall to reach our goal.' Or If we succeed so far aa the raising of the money la concerned we thai! Tail as to one of tbs mightiest reflex Influ- 1 make you ihe Iradinat candidate Ifor the presidential nomination or our party. There la no question that our I nominee Will be the next president j Think It over again " The mayor made this noble reply: "After one has gone down mto the x alley of th shadow of ' c 11 :g meal lo prisoners In the is William Convey, who was awaiting trial for attempting o shoot Sheriff Maxwell. I fired the shots which struck the sheriff! und his arm. Mrs. Maxwell, wife of thai sheriff. ias stunrvad by a blow on the bead dealt her with the leg of a chair in I the hands of one of the prisoners. Tho men who escaped with Convey were I,c Harrington, Harry Smith. W. Cullon nnd James O'Keefc. captured recently by Sioux City police after robbing a bank ut Westfleld, Iowa l XI I OI I t TKOI.K All M All Av (aaocw ted preag. Washington, D, C , Nov. If The fall of retrograd to the antl-Bolshevlkl forces is reported In Swedish circles to be Inevitable. The Swedish Red Cross Is planning to co-operate with tht Red Cross societies of Norway and Denmsrk when the city falls, under an agree ment by which Norway would furnish medical supplies Denmsrk will furnish food for the 'Ick. and Sweden will Ihe finest in the south. Weil Will sell at So per rent on the uollai ; iii par cent cash will handle this, Invrstlrate. Garage, $3,500 With repair shop combined. One or the best In the city, investigate. See Weiler t Co. Trust Bldg.. Ground Floor. Phone til. undertake the the city. FOR SALE '.' Ii "'.' Il-in I Itr.r AM' ' 'M !' Rl . MNo WOT It; Al l. MUi'ERN t'oN'X pM. ENCES; TWO Bi.Oi k- I ImM p,.,i NoRTI". WILL REOIIRE REFERENCES SFE I'W II. lis.Oj -OI 111 nUKiu - U"1H and looming buslnen ror ale! " mul sell on account or health; place doing goist business. Addresi Box , Hurley In tel and Cate. Hurley, V. JAM ,.e OR u )oii pay etna lo mcve trunk and tiuv War Savins. Hetnne ; W only charge you a quarter Herman i ramsier I xj. EOR LEASE- a .1 sotii ami nth V Al I A RLE OIL LANDS IN Rn I 11 I'xIiMHv LOUISIANA, -EMI-CIIICLLIi WITH PRO- Id ' I H IN. Hii ... I I I'AMI TIMI -. SriLL 'si 1 1 ion haresTexii Ho rvfot " ts." onlv reason, need money. 'Ad-dress W6, rare Times. OYSTERS -ANY STYLE Px-SPORT I I GEM SALOON. Texas St. Rooming Houses for Sale 8 I. Too, WILL SELL Service on corporation, It per Share. WILIEs, nog Aruons St. Ph. MSM. f INEN tablecloth, 3 yards loin. I "napkins, I Mexican hand-drawn work EC el. jti E. Second St. tUY your trunk, suitcase, tiavenug bar where made; we repair and exchange. El Paso runt lac tory . UANOSOME WAHFB(TBlVpllri, trunk and "steamer, bargain. 1318 N. El Paso. Hhoiis Wit. Apartment House BW'XAjV gam On of EI Panes high class apartment bouse. Total income over Sv.oou a year. Pays no per rent interest gross on invest- lie lit. Leo Weiler & Co. work of disinfection of j PASSPORT PHOTOS, 106 Texts SL coal M, ttalivsrad. Call m icxat. I oR SALE til ROOMS. STEAM II FAT, PRIVATE B MRS ANTI -IIOWI R. IN HEART OF CITY. APPLY ALBljHTA HlrTE L. Fourteen RoonW en s"ulle. With I rivals Bath and EntranrO, ll.'.'W Cash. 003 Mesa, Art. . Foil I 1 Furnished. The lies. Terms. 3H W. .Missouri, l'hout t:. Hoii .i M.u . Mr k-,.. i, it! .1- Ph..Ki:;i.t . LAWN FERTIZIEB. N load dellv. Ph. rx-sinin las SL Wanted to Buy. Miscellaneous 1 1 win in Y Nl x in.. W HEN YOU CAN EXCHA THROCCH US. Tlbd -IM" oi -II! NATIONAL RECORD E P. O. BOX l.vc I i F AS PHONE IC'I. WE BUY A1 jI THEM noNs. RttLL All kinds used store fixtures, rash reel lers. safes and scales. Phone Slit. COR a TAHI K Nth ST. ION DININO lf R. RAY- 1

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