The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 18, 1957 · 17
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 17

Boston, Massachusetts
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Monday, February 18, 1957
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r TITE BOSTON1 DAILY GLOBE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1937 Seventeen Fitton Central Picks Three For Globe's Science Fair State House Hearings Scheduled for Tuesday W . II LxMfe --J Poblle hearings Tuesday, Feb. It i All at 10:30 a.m unless Indicated otherwise.! BANKS AND BANKING I Boom 4M n 120 RFOiiir banks and loan atto-. elations to pay interest on deposits fur If K I Mflt trtXe. n 1 1 is invcstirate bank policies on murUnse louns to veterans, CIVIT. SERVICE (Boom H Oil Place certain emDlovees of homing authorities under ctU service clissirk-ation. II liwu Place conservation helpers of State Natural Resource.! Department unaer civil service CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (Room 4 at 1:30 a.m.) .8 104 Provide for annual observance of United States Day. R SOI Allow communities to ,vpmnt certain new construction In part from local taxation. h tie tsiuDiun new congressional district In state II I :io Reduce from J40 to 180 the number of state representatives. H IS'.'l Apply portion of motor vehicle uel tax revenue to cost of nnpmllnr NantiicV .Ua.ii.hln lin H lsim Apply portion of motor vrnicir rees ior scnooi losns to communities for Industrial be a veterinarian and stale resident tural activities ' allowance to disabled Velonment Allow Boston Housln Au- uiumy 10 pay moving expenses of uer-opment " ,,cu, o' rtun ledevcl- a. " 'T'-Investluute Boston Housing; H I'Hil-Rcaiilre rioston Citv Council to confirm s mayor's appointments as lonmg commlfiionen. H a I iMt JloQuli e houin authorities to provide police protection at housing projects. : MILITARY AFFAIRS (Room 4:i at II a.m.) I R tj Thltffv rf.A.. Mrvlce'' under sute laws. H Grant public employees leave or absence for armrd farces reserve training. PUBLIC HEALTH (Room 4M) Division of Livestock Disease Control purposes. ot's Day this year to April 22, H 140T Delay celebration of Patrt 22. 41 instead of MAKING REAL CIDER VINEGAR are, left to right, Cynthia DiAngelis, Margaret Crawford and Joan McDon-ough, winners at Fitton Central High School Science Fair, East Boston. II I AO Provide for 40 senatorial districts. H I IK Ask Congresi to pass antl- ooll tax legislation. H 17HS Asle ConerMS tn xrinnf -ntl- searegatlon amendment to the school construction bill. , HIGHWAYS AND MOTOR VEHICLES (Koom 43 i 8 23RRiuire D.P.W. to construct an extension of Route 3 a presently located. 8 Mil Require D.P.w. to construct a connecting-link from Lowell to Route 3. h u Kemove the Point of Pines ro ll 11)011 Regular sale and ture of ice milk mix. II 1 145 Permit aliens to veterinarians, ll ?tn Authorize sale of dietetic Ice cream. H SWit Require frosen foods be labeled v-itli dale and place of processing. PUBLIC SERVICE (Room 44.1 8 401 Increjse salaries of state employees. H no Reduce time for state em- nlnvee to reach maximum nay scale. H IrtSJ Give a cost of living Increase to stale officers and employees. PUBLIC WELFARE (Room 44A at 10 a.m.) H S"t Study state aid to communities for recreational facilities lor elderly Provide "recre;itioral and cul- manufac-1 persons on public welfare. become TOWNS l Room 4:5) Tlsbury University Women Meet Tomorrow Mrs. Anita Pablo-Montermoso, former administrative assistant to the Philippine Consul General, will be guest speaker at a meeting of the Boston section cf the Anier- H eta Allow West Tlsbury tn c-:"" "?' " "'li"V Quire an open beach. i women in Nortiieaslorn Untver- ii 4 r.siaDiin a seiecimen -mannger titv s Ccntfr BuildinB at 7 n'cloek form of town government In Clinton. i. y mcT. ' k II I .'is-t. naiiue powers aim duues of mnniiiiiw nielli will explain the meanings of folk dances which will be demonstrated by a group of girls in native costume. Mrs. Pablo-Montermoso repre sented the A.'inn countries during the International Conference of Physical Education For Girls In Paris. She is now Physical Edura- s"!J-i teLi'S1!!!'1!;',,,. . 1 Slie will speaK on "The Role of'tion Director at the Jeanne D Arc U r.iis rtanl(sn ton manager form nfc x tl-,. ... ji j ,. of government in Biiierua. Women in the Philippines and Academy in Milton. cituen II 681 Fitton Central High School, East Boston, will enter the Boston Globes' state-wide Science Fair in ApriL ' . The judges at the Fitton chose three exhibitors for that it takes a lot of apples to produce even an ounce of her home-made vinegar so she hasn't tried it in salads yet. Cynthia has also been working fair on a project that may prove use-the ful in the kitchen. She has de- chool's top awards. Margaret veloped a ceam that prevents the .;wford, grade 11, Cynthia Di- smell of onions from lingering on ...tilij, grade 12, and Joan Mc-ithe hands. Donough, grade 11. . Joan won her prize for a study Margaret learned to make cider of the uses and properties of gels, vinegat for her project. She found I jelly-like substances. . More Youths Join Up Foirt Dix Steps Up Training For Six-Month Reserves By NAT L. KLINE FORT DIX, N.J. Northeastern America's largest training ground for the Army infantryman is swinging into high gear giving instruction to young men who enlisted under the six-month Re serve Forces Act program. were pleased at voluntary church attendance, which has reached a figure of "5 percent of the men in the command. They noted the average gain in weight for those needing to add was five to eight pounds. These recruits are getting suffi cient sleep and finding athletics, At the present time, most of "rmauon on me current news, these young men are between 17 nd 18 years. The Army is pre- firinf for a new influx of trainees tween 18',4 through 25 years. nly recently, the Army an-rwnced a sweeping revision of reserve program, including compulsory six-month active eluty 'training for National Guardsmen as well as Reservists, after April 1. Fort Dix is training 1300 men under the Reserve Forces Act, about 25 percent of the program. Officers predict, come June and the end of school and college terms, an increase of about 5000 men. Run Into Troubles Army representatives admit they are having a few troubles. The most important, they feel now, is the fact that key junior officers, first and second lieutenants, are being lured away by private industry. There has been no pay raise for the military in almost two years and key men claim they see no incentive to stay. Young wives of officers are complaining about housing. Fort Dix has added hundreds of two and three-bedroom two-story brick apartments. However, many officers and their families still live in older buildings and give up their entire housing allowance, as Is required. Dix mushroomed during World War II, but the majority of the troops did not have families here, since policy discouraged it. Now, however, not only officers but the top three grades of enlisted men are allowed to live on post with their families. Lack of funds held up housing for a while. Now, it is planned to add 600 apartments in the next two years, Dix officials say. However, young wives say they are Interested in the present, not the future conditions. allied to their military skills, ample for their leisure moments. A recent innovation is to eive the trainees a "Flying 200" or $20 advance on their first months pay to meet cost of haircuts, stencils, extra clothing items and refreshments bought at the Post Exchange. Trainees now have individual steel lockers at Dix, in addition to their foot lockers, quite a step ahead of the open shelf of World War II days. Lt Col Angelo E. Pilia of Mil-ford, World War II combat veteran who won the Distinguished Service cross wmie in tne Khineland with the 63d Division, says the youngsters have shown unusual esprit de corps. "I like this group under my command, for their initiative, their willingness and their understanding of why they are here," he says. Bridge in Revere and construct a iary circle in i place. u.F.w. H 4iHave study possibility of a bridge over the MerrimacJt River io Lowell H 4 Redesignate Route 1 alternate as Route 17. H ; Authorize D.P.W. to clean out and cover open drainage ditches in Revere. H THl-Kave D.P.W. build highway and overpass in Wayland. JUDICIARY (Roam 222 at lt a.m.) R 58.1 Allow acquisition of land when necessary to layout or relocate a town way or private way. H 1191 Prohibit attachment of wages by trustee process. m H 5343 Include within statute of fraud provisions agreements to pay commissions for sale of real estate. LABOR AND INDUSTRIES (Room !0i ft M Remove "unreasonable disqualifications" to clatmanta under employment security act. H imp clarify eligibility provisions under elieibilty law. H 20HI Have Stat Labor TDart- ment Investigate dlsoualificatlonn of persons applying for employment security benefits. LEGAL AfTAIRS fRoom 25J at 10:46 a.m.) H nlt State Welfar Derwrtment intercede to prevent "inadequate adoptions." H 78 Eliminate need for adoption hearing before 15-member advisory board to the State Public Welfare Department. MERCANTILE AFTAIRS (Room 423) S S?2 Allow state to give legal counsel to certain municipal offices and board". S 23 Give state aid to communities In industrial development. 8 24 Study advisability of atate foil - n 11 MONTHU mWOIIS ar $1,000 Straight Endowment 20-Pavment AGF life at Ape 65 life 1 $0.96 $1.03 . $1.72 5 1.01 1.15 1.78 15 1.26 1.48 2.12 24 1 59 1.94 2.52 38 2.30 3.03 3.25 43 2.95 4.22 3.83 Dad says everyone in the family weds some SAVINGS BANK LIFE INSURANCE i My Dad says everyone in the family should have some Savings Bank Life Insurance and we each have a policy. Dad has the MOST because he's responsible for the family's support Dad went to the savings bank and got the facts. The people there helped him to select the right policy for each of us. We saved money. Why don't you see how little it costs to get a policy on every member of your family, too. 1J OPEN ALL DAY FBI. (WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY) From 9 H. M. tOlOTlJ Yearly dividend mike the fiat coat' van lower. Rate for ether age from t month to 70 year gne) other type of l" insurance on request Amounts frona SSOO up. The BIG difference In Savings Bank Life Insurance li the SAVINGS Mail this coupon for Rates, All Ages SAVINGS BANK LIFE INSURANCE, 119 Devonshire St, Boston 9, May. . Gentlemen: Please send me folders on low-cost Savings Bank Life Insurance. I understand no one will call. Thank you. bg-2w Name Street. City 1 I I I I I "J Dance Program Sunday For Children, Teachers A freshman dance program for students between 9 and 11 years of age, as well as a teacher material session will be conducted by the National Association of Dance and Affiliated Artists. Inc., Boston Chapter No. 39, Sunday, in the Hotel Bradford. The program will include exhibitions of tap, both novelty and jazz ballet, both children's and jazz, and Spanish dancing. Regis tration ior teachers will open at 9:30 a.m., for freshmen at 1:30 p.m. REAL ESTATE COURSE ENROLLMENTS CLOSING 16-week evenlnr eeurse conducted tr! Robert W. Katt In which yen REALLY LEARN THE BEAL ESTATE Bl'SI-1 NESS frem the "train ." START MOW. Attend a free lecture at our tuest. LEE INSTITLTE. S10 Harvard St., Brookllne. BE 2-3900. (Sua or, Eves. Bl 4-1H78). 19577? lis muU jLOYDi AUTHORIZED DEALER THE ALL-NEW QUALITY HEARING AIDS A COMPLETE LINE OF HIGHEST QUALITY HEARING AIDS FROM $65 TO $165 'Diplomat ' HEARING AID 4 Transistors worn entirely at the ear no dangling cords $125 TEN-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION CALL LI 2-8181 ANDREW J. LLOYD COMPANY 300 Washington St.; 396 Boyltton St., Boston 5 Brattle St., Harvard Sq., Cambridge SALE of NEW 1957 L TO 10 TELEVISION 1 NO M ONEY DO WN!! jSA6Crrt 1 1 BASISR 6rri JmOESM I TERMS! SERVICE! Jjjilr 'TjljjjjlY FRB CALL HA 6-5621 HOME DEMONSTRATION '8HOS-T.HOME" SERVICE) TRADE-IN ESTIMATES 7 'E, Z. CREDIT Nationally Famous Automatic CE Hot point Whirlpool All Brand New I CREDIT No Money Oown A Only $1 Weekly Mw DCCmftCDATflDe. 1987 liwr iiiwsiin t vu IN ORIOINAL MCTORV CRATES MCREOIT We Heniy Down t Only SI WtaHy New 1951 in Oflrlnil Cr!n RCA VICTOR MULTt SPEAKERS Automatic Ricerd Ckinpr k No Dawa Paywtnt At Little At SI Wtkly NEW 1957 I AUTOMATIC! II ORIGINAL FACTORY CRATES! S-A-L-E! W8 "ScoHy" BRIAN Saves You ' NO MONEY DOWN!! tenmw i 6 BOYLSTON ST., COR. WASH. ST. I o Opp. "Boyltton" and 'W' MTA Stations ONE HOUR DELIVERY ' " ' , v , ' " Z W I tslMI . - s , A V 4, LIBERAL ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD WRINGER WASHER ONLY $1.25 WEEKLY or S5.CJ Monthly ' 1 . Fr9 Home Trial CALL HA 6-5621 IMCn Scrawny Add Weight The morale of the trainees themselves appears good. The young men interviewed said they were eating and sleeping well. Statistics provided indicated that close to 70 percent of the trainees were putting on poundage of hard-packed muscle, and that the ecrawny boys were adding weight while the flabbv youth, lost it Pvt David Gordon of 745 Morton St, Matt apart, in his 16th week of training, 6ft 5in. and center on one of Due's many basket ball teams, said his weight Jumped from 165 to 205 pounds In the less than four months he has been in the program. "I'd recommend this program for all hlrh school frradnatea," be said. "It fulfills one's active military requirements early in life." Gordon said he Intends to -go to Northeastern University to study chemical engineering. Pvt James Brine, 18, of 179 Larch rd, Cambridge, whose la-tner manages the Cambridge sporting goods store of the same name, voiced similar sentiments, as did Pvt Douglas Hatfield of 63 Concord rd, Wayland. Brine said he joined the reserve j'jograra and signed up for six months' active training last October, even though he had been accepted for college. . vYants to Be Trained "I -teucht I ought to get my military obligation over now. rather than nave uncertainty hanging over my bead for years," be said. Hatfield said he felt young people like himself had a responsibility to bis country in the event of a national emergency and that "if such an emergency should ever arise, I'd rather be trained than untrained." Young trainees at Dix are eating at the rate of 4000 calories day, with emphasis on gallons and gallons ct milk in the mess hall menu. Army eftVera also noted they Flan ! M m&V Three cheers and a royal huzza! The CUESTERFiELD KUIG has everything. A great BIG measure of regal pleasure, majestic length, plus the smoothest taste and the smoothest natural tobacco filter in all the realm of smoking because it's packed more smoothly by exclusive ACCU-RAY! Give yourself a KHIGLY TREAT guys and gals revel in a royal carton today! SMOKE FOR REAL... SMOKE CHESTERFIELD! C) -- - Il.l.l, i HAS EVERVTJilWGl O Ua k Hyatt lofcam C

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