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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 42

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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42. Friday, October 20, 1972 The Ottawa Journal I I Alice I TORONTO Alice Cooper is a rock musician who bated school, and he makes no bones about it Alice, in fact, Is building an enormous superstar career on bis dislike of the current education tern. last single entitled School's Out topped fee charts In both North Amerca and Britain, over, bitter protests education authorities. An album of the same name has long since passed the gold sc mark. As far as drawing power is concerned, there probably isn't a single act in North America that could come close to topping them. Most concert promoters expect a crowd of at least 20,000 to turn out for Alice in any majpn The identification with the universal youth dislike of school has proved to be a landmark in the band's eight-year career which has taken them from the bizarre to diz- zing heights of absurdity. 1 "We went into the studios with a real loose concept of comparing the ultra violence in society with prison and school. It's one of my fan- tasies. I wanted to sing about it "We've been getting into a lot of trouble in England over School's Out. It went to No. 1 on the BBC and they even brought it up in Parliament The straight papers were rip Shelby Singleton, the Nashville producer' and record company biggie responsible for the Sun reissue series and -Jeannie Riley's Harper Valley P.T.A., got busted for grass a while back, according to Cream Magazine. Seems that a 16-foot dope plant was found growing in Singleton's greenhouse. Ac-; cording to Singleton's son, who was also arrested, they thought that the plant was bamboo. Bamboo? Once Again With Feeling: Jeff Beck has got together -with former Cactus-Vanilla Fudgeslcles Carmine Applce (drums) and Tim Bogert (bass) along with Kim Mel- ford on lead vocals. Beck has been after the Fudge rhythm section since 1969 but was bumped off the rails with that auto crash in 69. In another progressive move, the BBC. has banned Commander Cody's Hot Rod Lincoln. The Corp. axed the tune, for the same reason it banned the original in 1960 it's a Ford Motor Co. advert I Yes will Bhow up at the Gv-lc 'Centre within the month with a new drummer. Alan White, who last appeared with Joe Cocker, is in the saddle to replace Bui Bruford, on his way to greater glory with King We made a mistake i We bought our son a guitar and how he won't play it. He wants a guitar from -V 361 VYoveriey, Ottawa wonderland in Rebellious pop group became outrageous and then popular ping off the BBC they really got hell for it. "People wrote in to the papers saying if there was any violence in the schools this year, men the BBC could be blamed for stirring it up. The kids are already talking about going on strike over there. It's really great for us. "Some press people from London called me to get my reaction and I just told them that I hated school. I don't care what anybody else thinks hated school. It's not my fault if radio stations played the record and people bought it. It does seem obvious that millions of people around the world share the same fan- tasies:" "Nothing really happened to me in school. I did real well in school I graduated with a average. I just didn't like it. didn't like getting up at 6 a.m. to go to school. It was a real "I went to school in three states Michigan, Arizona and California and the only thing I liked about it was going to see which girls were neat. Things like that And sports. I dug sports. 'v: "But I hated the idea of sit--' ting in a class1 and just having a bunch of sounds coming from the teacher. I never learned anything I don't think. I was always doodling on the desk. "School must be a prisonjp a lot of kids. I didn't really learn mat much mere." Alice views the group's lash America, Britain's answer to Crosby, Stills, has cancelled an upcoming tour because Dan Peek has hepatitis. Peek must be prone to accidents because the band cancelled some-dates from its last tour when be fell out of a window in a Spanish hotel and broke his arm. Another member held up recording sessions with tonsilhis but the album was completed and should be available Changes may be upcoming in the Procol Harnm line-up. Watch for Mick Graham to replace Dave Ball on bass, says the usually reliable source. Meanwhile, the Ginger Baker-Buddy Miles battle of the drummers' concert has been less than successful thus far. The L.A. date was cancelled because of lack of support Let's Do The Freddy: The Gentry are back again, this time with a single entitled Let Me Put His Ring Upon My Finger. Mull that one over. Also on the rebound is Phil Ochs with Kansas City Bomber, a song that's not about Ra-quel Welch. Lloyd Price has a new number1 called Sing A Song and the promos cleverly note that it has lots of Many new and excellent albums on the market including Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Mil MUSIC STUDIOS Ordmtn SuwIM 1 ing out at the school system as the start of a series of "topical singles." i "A lot of street people are looking to Alice Cooper to sort of speak for mem. We don't mind being their spokesman except that we're really not sympathizing with anyone in particular. "What we're doing now is topical singles. Our current one is called Elected and it's simply the way we feel about the elections. It goes into a whole big spiel at the end, with a shock punchline just as it fades out. The whole song is real hard rock. "We're not necessarily becoming political, We're just poking fun at every body. We're now talking about mak-, ing a Christmas record called Have a Merry Christmas It Might Be Your Last, We're also' thinking about Eastern. We love black humor, not to be mistaken for Flip To fully appreciate his point, it should be mentioned that Alice Cooper's concert act includes draping himself with a live nine foot boa constrictor and conducting an onstage free-for-all which culminates in Alice being hung from a set of gallows mounted to the left of the drummer's Ugh hat "I like to see groups go into theatre. If the only thing thafs going on. People have got tired of hearing the same, old guitar riffs and things like which is a two-record set of classic rock 'n roll. Another double album number, "specially priced," is Heavy Cream, which is a compilation of such ditties as White Room, Sunshine of Your Love, Strange Brew, Badge and 18 more. Furthermore, there's a couple of English releases, Gary Glitter doing his moronic Rock Roil Pat II (Part I must have been a wimp), and items like The Wanderer, Donna and School Days. Better stick with the originals. The Dnane Allman Antholo- gy will be released in the States in the first week of November. The album will include a booklet containing various photos of Altaian throughout his career, an article by Tony Glover and even some music by people like Wilson Pickett, Boz Scaggs, Derek and the Dominos and Aretha Franklin. In Sgt Prestonland, Dr. Ma-tic's new single has been named Long Time Coming Home. And in Toronto's RCA studios, Paul Rothchfld, be of The Doors early albums, will be producing Blackstone Rangers, which consisted of members from the dead Rhinoceros. Finally, Robert Chartebois' first English single is called Hallowe'en in Hollywood. By Ritchie Yorke that That's why artists like Slade and even Arthur. Brown have become popular. "We played with Arthur at the Rainbow Theatre in London recently. He's really Into a strange trip. He's not long hair but he's shaved off all of it on the right hand side of his head. He's only sot half a moustache too. He was really theatrical but I didn't get into the music mat much. "Mind you, the music is still imDortant We spend a lot more time on the music now. People are actually diking our music and I'm surprised at that I always wanted them to get into the music 'I was always concerned that when we finally made It, it would be because of our image rather than our musical ability. You know how many artists you go to see who are great to watch but who have poor albums out. "At first, people were just buying our image. But they're now digging the music. Our producer Bob Ezrin really -pulled us together as far as the music goes. We have our own rough ideas about what we want to play and how we want to come across. Ezrin puts the technical stuff on it, -and that's what we' really needed. If anybody is the sixth member of the Cooper's, It's Ezrin. He really knows what he's doing." Helen via By BARBARA LEWIS HOLLYWOOD There are two Mercedes Benzes parked in the garage of Helen Red-dy's hilltop home. They are the first things a Visitor notices after climbing a steep winding driveway that is swallowed up by heavy landscaping and hidden from public view. Everything about the atmosphere spells success, and that is exactly the impression that Helen's husband, Jeff Wald feels is necessary for her career. Jeff has been guiding her HiiiiiiiiunniiiiiiuinmiuiiiiuiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiuuiiiiiiiuiiniiuiiiHiiiniuiiiiiiiiiinniiuiiiiniuuiiiiini 1 a til 1 My. Ding A Ling (I) Chuck Berry 2 Ben (3) Michael Jackson Nights in White Satin (4) Moody Blues 4 Popcorn (2) Hot Butter 5 rd Lov You to Want Me (18) Lobo 6 Rock and Roll Song (7) Valdy 7 Africa (5) Thundermug 8 How Could I Let You Get Away (10) Spinners Dout Ever Be Lonely (9) Cornelius Bros, and Sister Rose 10 I Caa See dearly Now (15) Johnny Nash 11 Why Can't We Be Lovers (6) Holland-Dozier 12 Elected (16) AUce Cooper IS Listen to the Mutle (Id) Dooble Brothers 14 Use Me (14) BUI Withers 15 If I Could Reach You (8) 5th Dimension 16 I Believe in Music (12) Gallery 17 Cora Mae (24) Ronnie Hawkins 18 Freddie's Dead (20) Curtis Mayfield 19 Thunder and Lightning (27) Coltrane 20 Black and White (13) 3 Dog Night 21 Saturday in the Park (17) Chicago 22 Woman to Woman (-) Cocker 23 It's the Way Nature Planned It (25) Four Tops 24 Wltchy Woman (26) Eagles 25 If You Don't Know Me By Now (29) Harold Melvin and Blue Notes 28 Kids These Days (28) Tom Rush 27 Daytlme-NlghUme (30) KeKh Hampshire 28 Sunny Days (-) Lighthouse 29 Rurmln Back to Saskatoon (-) Guess Who 30 Warm Days, Warm'Ntghts (-) Terry Black Laurel Ward (Compiled in conjunction with radio nation CFGO) Alice thinks that pop has reached the point where it's no longer enough for a band to just come on and no matter bow well they do it "Entertainment is where it's at these days," be says, mat-ter-of-factly. "Look at it this way yoif can go to almost any city In North America and find a gui- who's as good as any guitarist in any major group. There are just so many good guitarists ana good drum- mere, so the music has been taken care of, "We have so many good young musicians now because they've had enough time to learn from all the records That's how we learned we listened to the Yardbirds an those kind of people. That's how everybody in rock learns to play. "You can imagine mat the kids who were eight years old when I was learning to play, have learned from us and lots of other people. So now you've got to have something besides' musicianship. Granted you haver to have the backbone the musicianship, but at the same 'time you must have something that's brand new. You have to have your own trip. "When kids go to a concert, they want to see something unique. In our case there are movements from the moment they met until he transferred his energies from his own management firm to devote his time exclusively to her. An interview with Helen Reddy at her home automatically in-, eludes her husband. The Australian-born singer, whose career is climbing me-teorically with her second hit record, I Am Woman, which she wrote, and frequent TV appearances on the Glen, Campbell, John Bynner -and Carol Burnett shows, came to the VS. seven years ago as a winner of a record company promotion. "There were 1,358 contestants and the contest ran for six months with preliminary heats, and I was the winner. The prize was a trip to America and I was supposed to get a record contract only didn't I get the contract, but I didn't even get a chance to sing. Tbey got me here and that was that," she says with a soft hint of her Australian accent showing through. Regardless of the outcome, Helen found herself in the U.S. on a tourist's visa without a work permit Every three months, when her tourist's visa, expired, she went to Canada and applied for readmisslon. This is where Jeff comes In. 1 Her funds had dwindled so low that friends held a rent party for her benefit AH the guests invited at $5 per head and Helen sang. Jeff recalled that he was the only one at the party who didn't pay. Helen and Jeff have been together since. Almost immediately after they met Jeff went to Chicago to book talent for Mr. KellyY and the first hit pop Canada, other groups who wear eye makeup and things like mat, but no-one has the feeling we have. It's taken us eight years to develop mat feeling. But it's difficult to come up with a concept right away." Alice predicts that future hit groups are going to have to come terms with crowd psychology. "That's what we do we study what works, what doesn't work. What causes a sexual reaction, what causes a violent reaction. Sex of course plays a major role." In recent years, it has been considered cool and hip to sit pinnacle stoically for hours getting oft on the musicianship of rock I performers. Alice trunks a new dawn is already in the air. The ability to play will help bM it will not launch a croup lacking a potent stage act Alice discovered the first signs of this trend five years in Los Angeles when the band was trying its damdest to break through the web of super mu sicians like Steve Stills, Jim Momson, Arthur Lee David Crobv. "In L.A. they had the Doors, Love, the Buffalo' Springfield. Every place you went tbefj was a really good group. You just didn't see a bad group. We became pretty desperate about it alL We got to the point where nobody would touch us with 10 foot poles. So we said we got talent he booked was Helen Reddy. Jeff started his own management office, representing Tiny Tim and later Deep Purple. But, Jeff said, "Tiny Tim split and Deep Purple no longer felt they needed American representation and the office began to disintegrate." Jeff's short-lived success had permitted them to' move 'to the coast and made it more feasible for Helen to do guest appearances and Jeff pounded the pavements and knocked On doors until he got Helen on the "Tonight" show when Flip Wilson was subbing in the host's seat Flip flipped and so did Johii- ny Carson, who saw the show and invited her back seven times. I j' That was all eating money, however, and Helen and Jeff were down to $18 "and my Mercedes," Jeff added, when Capitol Records finally came through with a $5,000 record contract "They did nothing to pro- 1 mote her, so I arranged a 10-city tour on my own and was throwing dinner parties for disc jockeys. I ran up bills of $4,200 from the $5,000. But Helen's record, 'I Don't Know How to Love Him Started taking off and hit the charts and fortunately Capitol reimbursed us." Now, Jeff admitted, "We're running out of things to spend our money on. We bought the bouse which is a vacuum cleaner for money. It's on one and a half acres, has five bedrooms, apd a playroom, the swimming pool, and the two-Mercedes garage." In December the Walds will have something else to spend their money on. They are expecting their first Australia drunk, pfit on eye makeup and tried, to be as as possible. "People loved us because they wouldl leave in the middle of our set They would come and see us just so they could split. It was an in-thing to walk out on Alice Cooper in Los Soon we were drawing bigger crowds at the club than any of the super bands. "People started to dig our notoriety and it was popular to come up with rumors of what we were going to do public likes notoriety. It attracts them." Alice Cooper is now planning to maka a. movie. "We tried to get Gore Vidal to write the screenplay but be. was already doing a script -We'd like to do something like a Reck Hell's-a-boppin or a real straight drama. We defi- nltely do not want to do a conventional rock movie. That's so cold hat. Whatever it is we do, it will be pretty absurd." This band would appear to have more chance man most of pulling off such a film. For one thine, thav are an pt- tremely close group. "We don't hang around with anybody but the guys in the group," Alice 6ays. "I guess nobody else understands our sense of humor." There are valid reasons for that Such as the time when the group went out to a dinner party thrown by Pierre Cardin Who were the newlyweds nlavAji til Infvniltnv naffrhfwir) --1 in in Paris end Blanca (now Mrs. Jagger) started a spinach-throwing fight which en- -ded up with the gooey green stuff all over the velvet walls and ice cream splattering the guests. "We like raising hell' admits Alice, and I was not about to disagree. "And if the Establishment thought School's Out was anarchist-oriented, they're not ready for Elected. 1 1 really like it I think it's the best, thing we've done. Last time we had a bit of trouble wjjh some stations not wanting to play School's Out, but now that we're well known they've been calling up in the hundreds screaming for a copyaof the new record." As for the stage act, Alice more than anybody else" realizes the growing pressure to keep on topping themselves. And it's kind of hard to top hanging yourself. Yet Alice does not seem unduly worried about being upstaged by any other you're inventive enough, yen can always come up with something better. We're working on something right now -that I can't even talk about, I think it's better than anything we're doing at present It's something that's going to amaze everybody. But it would be anti-ciimatic if I said anything about now. You'll certainly hear about when it I have no doubt of that 7 Love on a Rooftop and who i The late Peter Duel (then known as Peter Deuel) and Judy Carne played the newlyweds in the '60s situation comedy. Ottawa impressionist Rich Little played their neighbor, Stan, who constantly popped in and out of their apartment Could yon tell me what shows and movies Richard Thomas from The Waltons, has been in? Richard Thomas, who portrays John-Boy Walton on the new CBS-TV series, played the same role in last Christmas' special, The Homecoming, from which the series was derived. Thomas also starred in Frank and Eleanor Perrv's hlehlv acclaimed film. Last Summer (1969), with costars Bruce Davidson, Barbara Hersbey and Catherine Burns. Most recently hi costar-red with Desi Amaz Jr. and Catherine Bums in Red Sky At Morning. What was the movie Witchcraft about? Witchcraft, a 1964 British release, had the standard plot of witch cult happenings in an English village after the grave of a 300-year-old witch was unearthed. Lon Chancy, Jacjc Hedley, Jill Dixon and Viola Keats made up the Is there a film biography of VS. track athlete Bob Mathlas? Yes. The Bob Mathias Story was released in 1954. Matthias portrayed himself in this biography of his sports career, military duty and famdy life. Others in the cast were Ward Bond, Paul Bryar, Ann Doran and Melba Matnias. Was the old horror movie Freaks made in the U.S. "and was In the east? Freaks, from the story Spurs by Tod Robblns, was released in 1932 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The large oast included Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Olga Bactanova, Roscoe Ates, Henry Victor, Harry and Daisy Earies, Daisy and Violet Hilton, Rose Dione, Edward Brophy, Matt McHugh, Raodian, Johnny Eck and Martha the Armless Wonder. tarac Flvta Prme1va first mmrip? Presley's first feature film was Love Me Tender, released in 1956. It co-starred Richard Egan, Debra Paget, Robert Mlddletoo, William Campbell, Neville Brand and Mildred Dunnock. The plot: a Civil War yarn of conflicting politics among sons in a southern family. i 1 There were three fellows in Surfside but I can remember only Troy Donahue and Van Williams. Who was the other? Donahue end Wiliams played detectives in the popular action-packed adventure series. The missing party is Lee Patterson, playing the rich lawyer who worked closely with the houseboat detectives on every case. Was there a movie called In the Cool of the Day? If so, who did It star? In the Cool of the Day, love drama filmed primarily in Greece, was directed by Robert Stevens and released in 1963. It starred Jane Fonda, Peter Finch and Angela Lans- Can you ten me what's become of the great Andrews Sisters? The singing Andrews Sisters, LaVerne, Maxine and Patti, made it big in the '30s with hits such as The Hut Sut Song, Rum end Coca-Cola, Apple Blossom Time and Beer Barrel Polka. In the '40s they made movies such aa Argentine Nights, Follow the Boys and The Road to Rio. In the '50s and '60s the sisters worked the nightclub circuit LaVerne died of cancer in 1967. Patti still works as a singer and comedienne She has appeared on Lucille Ball's TV show and had a cameo role in the movie Phynax Maxine was dean ot women at Paradise in Lake Tahoe, from 1968 to 1970. She became interested in group therapy and formed a foundation to work with drug addicts and delinquents. 4 Could you please tell me how long 'ago the District Attorney In Perry Mason died? William Telman, who played Jl. Hamilton Burger in the Pery Mason series, died of cancer in 1968, at the age of SI. Are Sonny and Cher married? And have they any children? Yes. Sonny and Cher are married with one daughter, Chastity. Sonny also. has a daughter from a previous marriage. Was Alan Ladd in the movie Great Guns? i No. Grsat Guns (1941), a Laurel and Hardy army comedy, featured Sheila Ryan, Dick Nelson and Edmund MacDonakL

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