The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1955
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVItLJ (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1958 Tke Real Formosa Issue: Nipping Future Red Aims By FRED SPARKS NEA Staff Correspondent TAIPEI — (NEA) — Red China's threat to lake Quemoy and Matsu, (hen .Formosa, it merely part of her energetic push for all Asia. Discussion at home seems to overlook that view, "which one finds almost universally held out here. . . Our military and diplomatic leaders whom this correspondent encounters in Asia are not interested in' defending Quemoy and Matsu as such. They are interested in somehow blunting Red China's desire for conquest. If Quemoy and Matsu were not points of issue this .spring, it would b« Thailand or Burma this summer or next fall. In the light of I history, sides often clnsh over rel-j ativelj* unimportant geography. How many people today, -without 1 consulting encyclopedias, recall exactly how the Second World Wai- began ? It began technically because England and France guaranteed Poland's security; Hitler violated that security. But the clash had been brewing lor years. The labels "war parly" for who want to defend Quemoy and Matsu, and "appeasers" for those •who don't are catchwords for politicians. They certainly don't apply to the patriotic Americans laboring in the Orient to preserve peace — nnd if peace- cannot . be preserved, to mafce sure the free world survives war, ! Dilfcrences are differences of j tactics. Tlie difference Is not 1 "Where is Red China KO!HK?" but. "how to slop her?" j Here, based on eye-witness journeys and countless conversations! with our representatives In the Orient since Red China came to power, is an attempt to sum up: the primary points. The arguments to defend Quemoy and Mutsu; Peiping 1ms sworn to tnkc Formosa. We are pledged to defend Formosa. The'occupation o( Quo- moy and MatsU would grease an attack on Formosa. The islands themselves (ire not worth taking except as jump-off spots. If Quemoy and fold, after the Tfichen evacuation, Nationalist morale would coJlapxc. Formosa would rot Internally. So might the morale of other Free Asian nations. If we mean to build a shied against communism In the Orient -without u.sing American boys— we must do KO l>y raising great native armies. If Vhc Fret- Asians feel we'll not support them — and they can't yet stand alone — they will not the needed forces. In the laHt two year* they've scon the Free World back down in Korea, Indo-Chlna and on the Ta- chens, abandoning millions of anti- Ucd Asianw to communism. Some conscientious authorities believe Red China might a.s well be challenged on Quemoy and as any other place. They dismiss the (car that our European allies would not support such a stand as meaningless because their contribution in Korea was microscopic. The arguments aHiiinsl de-tending Quemoy nnd M.'itrw: Let us buy more time by giving them up. So believe these observers. Given time we can strengthen the rest of Asia to protect itself. Perhaps Red China will have internal trouble. Or split with Russia. Or .simply lire of foreign ad- OUTI'OST ON THE MATSU ISLANDS: Tiny outposts art; the subject of great U. S, fiftbale. NATIONALIST SEA PATROL OFF MATSUt Will U, H. Ship* help Chlanjr defend these nut- Defense Department Verifies Injuries During Atomic Tests WASHINGTON t/l'l — The' Defense Department llns confirmed ttiat four men suffciTrt eye burns during atomic tests In 1052 mid ft53 at yucca Flats, Ncv. Injuries In two of. them are probably permit- nent. Navy Tightens Up on News About Nautilus OROTON, Conn. (/Ti — The Nnvy has tightened up on, mnv.s ulxnit movements of the atomic submarine Nautilus. It did so, It RJtpliiined, lx*t:iius(; of the new Defense Department directive requiring review nnd rK-nr- ance three days in ndvniicc of release of information involving .security or affairs of national importance. Heretofore, &ince Hie Nautilus made her maiden voyage on Jan. 17, the Navy has Is&ucd mlormaUon tbout her various rims. However. Lt. Cmdr. John C. Parry, public information officer on the staff of the Atlantic Submarine Force commander, told newsmen Saturday he can no more information because plans tor the Nautilus' trial usually are not nmcie as much as three days in advance. That was Parry's report when newsmen, noting thai the NiUllus j was absent today from her berth, in- , quiring as to her whereabouts. I The -HniTisburg, pa., Sunday P»- t,i lot, News reported March 20 ihnt six men 1mvo .suffered wye Injuries, Including one former oUicer blinded In out; eye. Tlio Ui'lense Department said n reeheck of it.s records showed only the tour unions tibont 100,001) pfirllelpiinLs mid observers. An olfi- i:idl booklet. (He government issued this youi 1 liiul snld "no v'ni't-li'iptml or ob.MM'ver has ever been. Injured by Icsl nct-ivity ul Lhe Nuvuda lest .-.Ik 1 . . . ' Neither Hie LX-Iense. Department, nor the newspnper listed tlic names of the men injured. The depiirLinent still are on active duty, one of them tinnonneement .fiiid I wo of the men suffering "minor difflcnlty 1 in rtmd One of Ilir L.WO no longer In .service apparently had no lading ill- effects, the luinnimccuienu .said, but the other resigned whilr .suffering from an eye inflmimtioii. The, rtepn rtinent did not say either wiiy the, nuin rnsiRiU'd or whether he last the sipht of the pyp. venture. | We need European allies. En«-1 land, who recognizes Red China, j says she'll not help on Quemoy or! She might help defend Formosa. Quemoy ami Matsu lire military ; iicuunis. At one point Red sol-; dicrs coutd vmlk at low tide from 1 Jic mainland to Quemoy holding' the rifles overhead .They'd swamp die islands. BcUer to evacuate :han face a moralc-snattcring de- ;ertt. If we must fight, why let the foe 1 pick the battle-ground? Politically Chiang Kai-shek Is discredited. Our allies would more, readily respond to an iitutck. on Thailand or Iscwhere in Asia. Quemoy and M are not worth chancing the destruction of Detroit and Denver in atomic ciir- napre. Let President Eisenhower make furllicr attempts lo win "cease fire." That's the anti-war- now angle. Red China's bin Roal: Even Nationalist generals I interviewed do not believe Formosa Is Ret! China's ultimate objective. She drools for Thailand's rice, Malaya's rubber, Burma's Lin and Indonesia's oil. Peiping's greed lor these goodies recalls Imperial Japan's desire for a "Greater East Asia Co-ProsperSty Sphere." If Red China had this lovely loot she'd quickly become a fat cut j nnlion instead or one which rations every thing, including cigarette lighter fluid. j Red China would prefer to con-; trol A.siit via .stooRC states, copying Russia's Balkan Bush League. Remote controlled armies .won North Indo-Chlna. An Identical campaign shapes up against Thailand. Thai pugilists are allowed to kick below the belt. But they'll see real dirty infighting Czechs Must Import Food VIENNA, Austria i/I*i — Cnminu- nlKt CMuhoslovnkia must import lood.s because clomr.slic nBi'iculliiritl production Is low, a Prague newspaper .says. The ncw.spHpcr Rude Pmvo which Hi-rived hen; Suturduy complained that. Cwrliosloviikin imi,sl import "immense quant it IPS ol foods." U MI Id industrial production must bi* Increased to puy for food purchased abron d. TIRED SHOES MEAN TIRED FEET! Put Spring into your step now! HALTER'S QUALITY SHOE SHOP Muddy Answer STANFORD, Ky. (,Vi—Mayor Ed Ens-slln is aboui. the bi-*t coffee customer for a local druR store. The clerks like the mayor, but they are proud of their coffee, and the, mayor always aNko.ri for "n cus> rif | mud." One fountntn £ivl chained i that recently when she xrvrd him just what he ordered—a cup of mud. 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