El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on February 2, 1909 · 3
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 3

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1909
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EL PASO MORNING TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1909. 3 Public Salvage Sale $250.00 REWARD The mysterious Mr. Rafflles will visit this great sale Wednesday between the hours of 2 and 4 oclock. If captured at this mammoth sale by a customer having in their possession a purchase slip from the Vogue Dry Goods Co. on that day an additional reward of $50.00 will be paid Making' a Total of $250.OO The man of mystery has been attracted towards this great sale where values reign supreme and has been informed this sale will continue until February 14th Successors to Cannons Vog'ue Dry Goods Co. Formerly Cannons 201-203 1 Paso Street toi'ilay. Employees of other roods will nv I've their checks within a tvw dkys. is ttelr pay comes from the general OifilVS. Conductor Otto EW.ut is again .".1 tiic run hi v. a. MoCainanl of the Texas & Pacific, who is on a lay-off. W. l. Rllej has boat) appointed si;; nal malntalner of the 0, ll at this place to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of D. Cussing to Mississippi. Because Santa Fo No j'g connection was delayed w-si of Albuquerque by tho snow storm, a stub was run in its stead. The stub arrived on time and carried only local passengers. A stub was also run Suudaj night on the ("!. H. out of Kl Paao, because of the lateness of No. 10, Arrangements for tho funeral of Richard Curtis, late Southwestern general freight ami passenger agent of the Texas ii Taeitic, have not been made, and It is probable they will not be made until the arrival of James Curtis, a son , who is in Philadelphia. Young Curtis is expected to reach here Thursday or Friday. Many railvo.nl men will attend Mr. Curtis' funeral. BUDWEISER BEER. On draught at Hotel Zeigcr bar, the only place In town. SECTION HAND TO CHIEF OF N. Y. C. IN 40 YEARS. W. F. STUART Portrait Photographer III El Paso Street I A RARE CHANCE ltTfPIJBlic! We are showing the latest work in carbon something- new and up to date. Special for a Few Days Only Regular $10.00 Carbon Folders and Portraits, Only $6.00. Watch our showcase for a full display of this fine work. The latest Photos of The .Mysterious Mr. Rallies can be seen at our studio and in our showcases. Big Tent Show 600 Electric Lights St Louis Street Back of Orpheum Theatre The Myst rious Mr. Raffles of the El Paso Times will visit this place of amusement again tonight with a REWARD OF $235.00 IN GOLD for his capture inside this Theatre. Mr. Raf-ffles will enjoy the Ladies' woodsawing contest tonight. High class Vaudeville between each act of the play. New York, Feb, i. V. C. Brown, who biwtti big railroad career 40 years ago bb a gection hand on tliej St. Paul ai $1 a day, today became president (if the ureal system of railroads of which the N. Y. C. Is tiro chief line. Ralph 0. Caplea has been promoted to he general agent of (he traffic department of the N. v. o, linos, both freight and passenger business. Admission 10 Cents About tl)t Courthouse FOUR DIVORCE SUITS FILED IN ONE DAY Cruelty and Desertion Set Forth by Petitioners Rehearing in Cres-well Ex Parte Case Denied. Four petitions for divorce were yes-ti rday filed in the office of the district clerk. E. A. Ponhlam filed petitions for divorce from Henry Ponhlam, and asked that he be enjoined from approaching her and from coming on the premises of the petitioner. Mrs. Ponhlam runs a rooming house at 208 South Oregon street. The papers set forth that the couple were married In September, 1908, and plaintiff alleges that her hus-bSffd has treated her In a cruel and ouifragi jus manner and has threatened to kill her. She asks that he be enjoin -1 from inflicting any violence upon her. Mary Hrooks yesterday filed suit for divorce from George Brooks. The couple were married In San Antonio in March of 1898 and lived together BRA UIIHAI AIUIA CHAVUfUA V!I. luAtK'nntWflfcj-lliii! mot Mottwr ftr "..ctr nMl.i,-... tvl.iln 1... - I ,r ,.v..r Vlfl v . II MtbM JlC cMM,ftlIM 1h r".m, Allnr mi rwu. enrvfl wind -..i , udu u ioe i -. IfHWOJ for 'jiiirrhevou until May, 190H, when petitioner alleges she was forceh to leave him because of cruel and tyrannical treatment. Mrs. John Draper yesterday filed in the office of the district clerk a petition for divorce from John Draper. The couple were married in June, 1904, and lived together until December, 1908. During the last named month petitioner sets forth that after threatening to. strike her, he left their home in company with a woman named Davie Melon, and since thai time they have lived apart. Minnie Martin filed a suit, for 'divorce against William Martin. The couple were married in Burnett, Tex., in 1891 and lived together until January, 1898, when they separated. After about eight nvonths they became reconciled and in January, 1900, plaintiff sets forth that because of cruelty on the part of the defendant named in the action, she was forced to leave him. Judge Walshe. presiding in (he thirty-fourth district court yesterday denied the motion lor a r -hearing in the ex parte suit of Antonia C'reswell. As the result of the hearing last week the children of Paul and Antonia ( res well were given into the custody of Ihe father. The mother has aslo ! t:; 11 a divorce be granted her. In the forty-first district court the rase of ft. M. Htryey vs. Max POH ; was CtUed yesierday. The entire day was given up to securing a jury, and shortly before 5 o'clock court adjourn ed. The hearing will be taken up today. On trial: Posener. R. M. Harvey vs. Max Thirty-fourth District Court. (R. C. Walshe, judge.) Motion for relearing in ex parte suit of Antonia Ci swell, denied. Justice Courts. (Randolph Terry, J. P.) Mackleroy vs. Dockery, sail on account; hearing commenced yesterday. (E. A. Howard, J. P.) Louie Morehead, assault; lined $" and costs. The grand jury meets today. Forty-first District Court. 1 Hon. A. M. Walthall, judge ) Have Your Teeth Attended to Now It's uncomfortable to feel that you can't laugh when you want to on account of having poor teeth. Why have pour teeth? There is absolutely no reason for it. Come to us and we will show you how your teeth can be made perfect without pain and how little it will cost you. Present prices are: Cold Fillings, not $3 00 to $6.00, but $2.01 Amalgam Fillings, not $1.50 to $4.00, but 75c up. Crown and Bridge Work, not $10.00, but $i.SC. Ask about our new double suction set of teeth that will not drop in the mouth. Union Painless Dentists 211 1-2 San Antonio Street Over Walk-Over Shoe Shop. Real Estate Transfers. County of Kl Paso T. M. W'Iiiro to M. T. Powers. William K.., Trueedell mid Charles Davis, Jr. L'" acres In lot ". block ('. of the town of San Kllzario; consideration. $2.1 00. County of Kl I'asu Juan Jose Mon-toja ami Toniasa Moutoya to Jose Ar-Oendarta, 14.4 acres In the town of Socorro; consideration, $50. Government lllll Addition Covern-ment Hill company to Jnmcs A. Price, lots l's and 2!i, block 41: considera tion, $200. Count of Kl I'aso Van ('. WIlsOB land wife and John M. Wyatt to M. T. Powers, William E, Truetflell ami , Charles I lavis, Jr.. 2 tracts of land, lots 104 and mi, each containing t;i scree, 'in i he San Klhnrlo lioid grant; con sideration, $i;.10. County of Kl Paso Jesus Cobos to Qeronini B, Hoofs, lots 4 and I, block K. in Cobos addition to Clint; consideration, $40. CounO of Kl Paso Corporation of the town of San Kllznrio to illjlnlo Mnese. lot 139. block .10, on the Kio Vlejo, In the town of San Kllzarlo; consideration, $1. I hninita ,.t l."l 11. i .... ,,,,,...11,... nt the town of San BllttrlO to Tlofilo Re-traua, 4H MM in the town of San Kll-.arlo; consideration, $1. gliding Permits. Baal Kl Paao AddlUqa On loti I and 10. block 4K. Victoria Orhoa. brick residence; enilmated com, $2,800. 8imr.it Mi lrhtH Addition -On Iota 17 and It, lilock It, It. Dorbandt, brick reetdetce; estimated cost, $5,000. Bast Kl Pain Addition- On lots 9 and 10, block 4S. Victoria Orhoa. brick M - , deuce; estimated cost, $2,800. Pranklln IlelRhta Addition On lots I.- arid l, block 11. Judge C O. (' - aar, brick apartment flats; estimated cost. $4 Mills Addition On northwest coiner of blork M, W. X. rtinnll. brick store-o s; estimated met, $10,1100. Marriage Licenses. 1 O'liuiiiKo uarcla a.,-l 1 . .1, .1 Ca! dcron. Pedro Mar' Ile x and Maria Kalnlr.-i. Mariano Sallo and A'leln Pax Bunal Permits. Pi dro I'achecho. ani-d U years. Interment in t'oncordle ''atb'illr cemetery. Cennhia I'artlne. naed 41 years. In terniftil In Concordia County cmeter;. . Cbc Railroads WRECKS EAST AND WEST ON THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC Freight Cars Piled Up Near Anarra, and Oil Cars in the Ditch Near Small. A broken flange on a box car caused .1 derailment of nine cars in an east-bound Southern Pacific freight, three miles west of Anapara, yesterday morning. The cars went Into tile ditch and were badly smashed Hp, No one wit Injured. Travel was tied up all day over the road yesterday, but the lines were cleared last night, A wrecker and a crow srere sent nut of this city to handle the derailment Nor. 7 and it. westbound passengers, were detoared over the Southwestern to Denting from Kl PasO, at which point they ggatt took tlus. I', tracks, and No. 4 was d' toured over that line into the city. Two oil curs on the O. II. went, into the ditch at Small, a station east of here yesterday morning, delaying No. !) a few hours The derailment, was Caused by a pair of truck Jumping t lie-tracks. VALLEY LINE OF SOUTHERN PACIFIC IS BLOCKADED. Tickets Over That Line and Via Los Angeles Subject to Delay on Account of Landslide. Notices have be' 11 received at be ll railroad ticket offices lastructliig coupon agents to notify passengers that tickets over the S. P. coast lino, tickets via Ijs Angeles and tickets beyond San Crunchen are sold subject to dPluy This b m id'1 necessary bo-cause the lottthi rn I'aclflc coast line Is blocked by landslide which occurred near S, nts lurbara, Oil. Passengers to Sail I'M'icb.co and beyond pan OS IhS valley Hue of the Southern Pacific from lis An ;eles, if desired. TWENTY AUDITORS WORK ON SOUTHERN PACIFIC. Btgin Auditing Tickets Between San Antonio and New Orleans. According to information received here, twent) iiiiditors are to be put on tin- s P. lines between New Orleans and San Antonio. It Is aald that auditors will not be put on the Kl Paso line between this city and San Antonio fur soni" time. SUIT TO BE FILED AGAINST CASTRO BLACK CONSPIRACY" CHARGED AGAINST EX-PRESIDENT. Venezuelan Minister of the Interior Instructs Attorney-General to Prosecute Castro for Implication in Attempt to Assassinate Gomez. Caracas, Jan. 29 (via port of Spain. Feii. l). in accordance with Instructions from Seam- Alcantara, minister of the interior, the attorney-general will bring suit in the hih federal court against Cipriani) Castro, the former president of Venezuela, in the Charge of having instigated the attempted assassination of President Gomez, Minister Alcantara's communication to the attorney-general was accompanied by a large quantity of proof. locunieiitary writes "The documents black conspiracy, was frustrated by tit i rid Of t!ie smircnn The minister show that the which happily i the presence of magistrate, was the result of suggestions, advice and orders of General Castro." The court already has decided that additional proofs be furnished for the beginning of the action against Castro RABBITS RABBITS RABBITS. Two for 2r cents at the Melvln Meat company, next to postofflce, HEART BROKEN BY WIFE'S DEATH Tuckerman En Route to Chicago From New York Home Busse Exonerated. Poughkeepsle, N, v.. Pub. 1. Hearl broken over the tragic dealt' of his wife, who was shot by George BusSe, brother of Mayor Busse of Chicago, In that elty last night, Lucius C. Tucker man of New York and Mlltoti-on the Hudson came in this city today and after taking his 10-year-old daughter Marion from school started with her for Chicago, Chicago, Feb. 1 -George Busse, brother of Mayor BUSSS, who last night accidentally killed Mrs. Lucius 0. Tuckerman In the Walton npart- nonta, sai exonerated from all blame by a coroner's Jury today. CASH FOR TWO LOTS. V have a cash buyer for two lots in Mundy Heights. If you care to sell quick list I hem with OS for a day or two. LOOM IS HHOS.. Tel. 160, 204 Texas street. CASH FOR TWO LOTS. We b.n.. a r inh buyer for two lots In Mnndv Heights. If you rsre to sell nub k list them with us for s rtsy or a.. i.oomm imoa. Tel. ISC, 204 Tetss street. V. K. Stiles, general passenger agent of the Southwestern, left Sunday night lor Chicago to attend a meeting of the Southwestern Passenger association. O. . Wald, nip. ilnl indent of the G. II . hat. 1. Untied riom an extend'"! trip to Houston. J. W. Ward, superintendent or the Tnxas 41 l'u lib at Df Springs, Is in' Kl Paso. Y-st rday v. as pa- day nt the Smith westfrn and the rmployec of that MM were counting their money yes- MORTUARY L. A. Howes. 1, A. Howet, formerly a resident of Kalaroasoo, Mich., but for the pi 1 vein- a resident of Kl Paso, died In this city at K27 Wheeling street yes terdny at the ago of 21 years. The remains will be shipped to Kalamazoo for burial J. H. Findley. .1. H. nodley, formerly of Alnhanin. for the past live months a resident of Kl Pnso, died In this city yesterday. The remains will be shipped to Laurel, Miss., for burial. F. W, Mossoth. P. W. MoKKoth of Chicago, for the past live months, a resident of this city, died Sunday at the age of :!7 yearH He was a member of the Knights of Columbus. The remain will be shipped to Chicago today for burial A. E. Wil'.on. A K. Wilson, during the jjskI sev-eial yours a resident of Dalhsrt, Tw . and who Is well known among the older residents of Kl Paso, died at his homo in Imlharl last week Deceased whs born In Kl Paso, December 2, lK7r. When a voung man he ln-ranie route agent of the Mexican Central and served In that capacity during several years. Mr. Wilson was a Mason and a member of the .Method 1st church. He was highly Mteeirn d by all who kle-w him and ti.e vriean In his circle of friynds will long re-mnlt'-! unfilled. I). '1 ib nt leaves a widow and two children. 22 41 Always Depend on Ihe Lion Grocery Co. TO LEAD Our great Grocery Sale this week is only one more evidence of our ability to always lead. Our immense resources of buying everything in Car Load lots, paying ("ash and Belling for Cash are arguments that cannot be overlooked. The immense business done yesterday shows what the majority of Kl Paso Housewives think of getting the tinest Groceries at the lowest prices. We will continue to offer those making purchases to the amount of $5.00 during this sale. Pounds Fine fM Q() Granulated Sugar This Suc;ar Is not Beet Sugar, hut absolutely pure Cane Shk.-u' It will pay you to lay in a supply of everything. Not only do we sell Sugar cheaper than any other house in town, but everything else so be sure to come to the store and see what we have to offer. BRING THIS LIST WITH YOU Standard Quality Sugar Cured Hains, per lb. .12 l-2c High Grade Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon, per lb.l4c 10 lbs. Pure Leaf Lard is an extra special at. . .$1.25 25-pound sack Empress Flour 80c 50-pound sack Empress Flour $1.60 100 -pound sack Empress P'lour $3.15 Diamond M Flour, 50-lb. sack v .$1.50 Diamond M Flour, 25-lb. sack ,. . .V 75(8 4 cans Medium Grade Corn , 25c 3 cans Full Standard Corn , 25c 6 cans Golden Days Fancy Corn. , 55c 2 cans Little Kernel Corn.. , 25c 3 2-lb. cans Kidney Beans, "Compass" 25c G 1-lb. cans Baked Beans, tomato sauce, "Leader". 25c 3 2-lb. cans Baked Beans, tomato sauce, "Leader'' .25c 2 3-lb. cans Baked Beans, tomato sauce, "Leader". 25c 3 1-lb. cans Baked Beans, "Van Camp" 25c 2 2-lb. cans Okra and Tomatoes, "jumbo" 25c 4 2-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Marguerite" 25c 2 2-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Regina" 15c 2 2-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Lady Arundel" 15c 3-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Marguerite" 10c 2 3-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Odenton" 25c 2 3-lb. cans Tomatoes, "Lady Arundel" .2'5c 2 2-lb. cans Pumpkin, "Jumbo" .25c 3-lb. cans Hominy , 10c 3- lb. cans Kraut 10c 3 1-gal. cans Tomatoes, "Compass" $1.00 3 1-2 lbs. Cooking Figs. ., 25c 2 lbs. Choice Apricots. , ., 25c 2 lbs. Best Prunes , 25c 2 lbs. Choice Peaches. . ,. . ,25c 2 lbs. Choice Pears v .25c 2 lbs. Best Quality Seeded Raisins ,.25c 3 1-lb. cans Pink Salmon 25c 2-lb. can Fancy Red Salmon ,. . .25c 1-2-lb. can Fancy Red Salmon Steak . .15c 1- lb. can Fancy Red Salmon Steak ,.25c 1 can Kippered Herring (Marsball's) .20c 1 can Herring in tomato sauce (Marshall's). . . .20c Small can M'lk, "Van Camp" 5c 6 small cans Cream, "Wilson" 25c 3 large cans Cream, "Wilson" 25c 6 small cans Coronation Cream. . , 25c 3 large cans Carnation Cream .25c 1 can Milk, "Dime" - , ,. . ,10c 1 can Milk, "Pioneer" . . . ., , ,10c 2 cans St. Charles Cream., ...25c 3 cans Eagle Brand Milk. 50c 4 cans light weight Oysters, "Went' 25c 4- oz. can "Old Tom" small 10c 2 5-oz. cans Oysters, "Compass" 25c 3 G-oz. cans Oysters, "Old Point Comfort" 50c 2- lb. can Oysters, "Old Tom" , 20c 2 2-lb. cans Oysters, "Compass" 45c 2 1-lb. cans Shrimp, "Dunbars" 25c Golden Spray Brand Peaches, Pears, Blackberries, Grapes and Apricots, 15 cents per can, or 4 cans. .55c Quail Brand (which is well known throughout this country to be a choice selected fruit, put up of best quality and in heavy syrup) Peaches, Pears, Blackberries, Grapes and Apricots, 20c per can. or 4 cans for . ., 75c 3 1-lb. cans Pineapple Chunks .25c 2 2-lb. cans Pineapple Chunks , .25c 2 cans Pineapple (sliced) for. , ,.35c 2 cans Pineapple (whole fruit) for . . . ,35c MAIL ORDERS Mail order customers vill find that nowhere ill El Paso will they find b service equal to ours. Xake advantage of the special prices listed above attd give its a trial order. It will result in satisfaction tn ;ill parties. Lion Grocery COMPANY 109-111 South Stanton Street. wmmmmmmmmaaamimmmmmm El Paso, Texas.

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