El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on June 7, 1919 · 5
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 5

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1919
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EL PASO MORNING TIMES, SATURDAY, JUNE 7. 1919. muiimiiiiiiuiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiitiiiiiiiaiiiiuiiniiiiif uiitiiiiiiiiiaiiuiiiiiiiiHim f j q j yJJiy It WILL HAVE MODEL I! POST IN BIG BEND a s a s a i i s i a i 5 I THREE DAY SPECIALS ON Toilet Col. Langhorne Having Barracks and Officer' Quarters in Mission Style. A nicies I -Beginning today and continuing Monday and Tuesday we offer for sale, while the quantities last, the following toilet preparations and articles at these special prices. No phone orders will be acceptedno exchanges none sent C. O. D. or on approval. Mail orders will be filled providing sufficient postage will accompany order. The government war tax of Ic for each 25c or fraction thereof will be added to our sale prices. Nothing delivered none sold to dealers. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 50c Size Hind's Honey and Almond Cream.. 60o Size Pebeco Tooth Paste, tube 60a Size Dorm's Bouse, box 85o Size Colg-aU's Shavinj Cream, tube,,,,...,,,, 35c Size Colgate's Shaving Stick 35c Size Colgate's Shaving Cream 50c Size Java Rice Face Powder 30c Colgate's Talcum Powder...,, 30c Cutex Nail White 65c Glycothymollne , 2 So Colgate's Dental Cream 60c Pompeian Massage Cream . 25e Dr. Lyons Tooth Paste .,, 25c Euthymal Tooth Paste , , 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste ,, 25c Lavori , . . , 60c Lavoris 85c D. & R. Cold Cream 60c Creme Elcaya 20e Size Pears Scented Soap .. 15c Size Pears Unscented Soap 25c Sylvan Face Powder $1.25 Jar Kermpla 37c STc 39c .240 ,,. 18c 24c 38c 32C 23c ...400 ........20o 3 He ..1C 1BC ,.3fC ..Ilk) Stic 5c 48c 18u 1210 , .. J.V1 8Mo Special June Offer of One Box Djer Kiss Powder and One Box Djer Kiss Rouge for Sl.OO (Including War Tax) As a special feature we offer for sale TODAY, Monday, and Tuesday ono bos Djer Kiss Powder and ono Djer Kiss Houge, Including the war tax for, tho two "boxes,, , ,,...,,, Jjl WE GIVE S.H." GREEN TRADING STAMPS OVERLAND STREET CORNER STANTON IIIIIIIIIIlMIIIIIIIIllllfllllllllillllllllllllllllllllilflllllllllltlllllllllllllllinillllllilllllii COMMITTEE FOR TO MEET TODAY Workers to Make Plans for Ed-ucational Drive to Acquaint Public With Movement. The educational committee, appointed by Major R. F. Burges for the national Scout week, June S to 14, wilt hold a meeting at Liberty statue Saturday averting at :H. Plans will be perfected to put this committee In the field Monday morning for the education of the general public in what the Boy Scout movement is. Boy Scouts' display windows will be put in by the El Paso Optical company, International Book and Stationery company, Sol I. Berg and Krakauers. These windows will be thrown open to the public Monday. Neil T. Sherman, president of the El Paso council, Boy Scouts If you have Tuberculosis, come to Silver City, N. M., for an ideal Summer climate. Cool Diyi and Nights. No Duit. No Storm. No Moiqultoi. Splen did Mountain Roads. Nine Mild from U. 8. Army Sanatorium 11 Fort Bayard. New Mexico Cottage Santorium Ettablfcned WS. Wayne HarVranb Wilson, Hnr, For all flairs of liiliirruiodv Separate foliages. Ralra Moderate. Hesldenl Phyalelan. No extras for Ambulant Pallenla. Write tor free Illustrated booklet. White Cross Sanatorium Maroarel Warily, H. V, bupl. A borne-like lnlllullnn Cor a limited number of patient, tamping and Trout t'Uhing In Gila National . Form. GRANT t OI NTV HUMMED UK tnMMKIKE. Mlier I II, S M of America, has offered and American nag and a troop flag to the troop getting the greatest number of new members during the week. These flags have arrived and will be on display !n a prominent downtown window Monday, Bally Tuesday Night. The regular court of honor session for the month will be the occasion for a large public demonstration and rally, Tuesday night, June 10, at Cleveland square. A military band will be on hand and several educational Scout talks will be made by prominent speakers. A meeting will be called for either Monday er Tuesday of all the Liberty Loan team captains and workers, to complete arrangements for the big drive Thuraday. On Monday morning Scouts will set up their tents for a model Scout camp in Cleveland square and Scouts will be on hand to recruit all boys who desire to become members of the local organisation. To Form IS Troops. It Is contemplated that during the Scout week something like 18 new troops will be formed, among these being a troop of Western Union messenger boys and another troop formed of El Paso newsies. The men to sponsor these troops already have been selected, and only the organization must be per. fected to make the troops complete. Monday evening, June 9, a troop of Scouts, troop No. 1, under the direction of Scoutmaster Otto Becker and Assistant 8coutmaster Jim Lewis, will put on a demonstration of a model troop keetlng before the St. Clement's Men's club. The Sea Scouts, under the direc tion of Rev. F. M. Johnson Jr., also will put on a stunt Mr. Everman, Scout executive, will address the club on the "Boy Scout Program," Special to the Morning Times. Marfa, Texas, June . The Eighth ! cavalry is to have a model and unkjus j post at this place. Colonel George H. Langhorne, regimental commander, on a recent trip to Tyrone, N. M., was so im-! pressed with the type of architecture ! used there, and its adaptability to the! soumwest. that . is iving his barracks' and officers' Quarters built after the same general design. The Tyrone mining camp, which is regarded as somewhat of a model in mining camp development, was erected by the Phelps Dodge corporation to house the employes of Its Burro mountain branch. The Spanish mission type of architecture was faithfully carried out, even to the irregular plastering in soft tints of gray, pink, blue and tan. and the vari-colored. Imperfectly burned tile on the roofs. Hard adoha will be used as construe tion material at the Eighty cavalry headquarters and the Spanish mission styls applied to all of the houses and barracks. Even the guard house will be of mission design and containing a fireplace for soldier prisoners and a patio where they may take the sun. A number of these buildings already have been completed, and the construction quartermaster engineers from Washington hava recently visited Marfa to study the construction and its adaptability toother camps in the southwest. Watch Your Step; Boy Scouts Decide to Protect Flag Viva la Boy Scouts. Desecration, misuse and Improper employment of the I'nited States flag Is to cease In El Paso. The B.y Scouts have decreed it and it Is so A few days ago members of the "C" Scouts ef the city noticed a soda water stand at the corner of Cotton and Montana streets. It was badly covered with a large United States flag nothing else. The colors were tied down and twlated around the stand in a manner regarded as outlandish by the boys. They marched to the stand late In In the afternoon, but the soda water vendors were gone. So the Scouts pinned the following note to the flag: "This is not a proper way to use the flag. It you don't remove It at once via will come down and remove it for you." Signed "C" Scouts. The next morning the flag disappeared, hei77 Hermanas vs. Newby. 1"15 Bank vs. Degman. (1719 Laundry vs. Dorald. 17:2 Inv. Co. vs. Thatcher. 1 17S0S Lnv. Co. vs. Navarro. 1 178:3 Watts vs. Townsit company. I7M3 Bank vs. Hunt, j 17905 -Mullln vs. Harper, i 1703 -Hartman vs. E. P. S. A. i 17iS5KnoUenberg vs. Tupper. i VHS3 Williams vs. Adams. IN THE COURTS District Court Suits Filed. State of Texas vs. W, Q. Ellsworth, alias Guillermo Q. Ellsworth, alias G-Ellsworth ; suit to revoke medical license. Stata of Texas vs. M. C. Melanson; suit to revoke medical license. State of Texas vs. Charles Geo. Retini ; suit to revoke medical license. El Psso Bitulithlc company vs. Un known heirs of Louis Vldal et al., suit on paving assessment. H. 8. Bonuey vs. Belen Bonney, di vorce. Daily Record WARRANT" PEEPS, Adda B. Comfort to Dessle F. Rous-ton; south 40 feet of east 1-3 of lot 6, and south 40 !et of IntB 6, 7 and 8. block S6, Franklin Heights addition; consideration $10. John W. and Aloyse S. Phillips to Fred J. Hellweg; lot 10 and east 1-2 of lot 9, block 68, Government Htll addition : consideration 13.250. J. D. Love to I. C, Hubyj north 60 feet of lots 12, 13. 14 and IB, block 70, Highltnd Park addition! consideration 10. Alexander and Ida M. Lsmmers to T. and Mary Lockrldge; lots 27 and 28, block 63, East El Paso addition; consideration 1350. T. and Mary E. Lockrldge to Cyril C. and Jennie M. Thomson, lots 27 and 8, East El Paso ' addition ; consider.!-tion J350. Military Heignts Land company to Brown-Wheelock company! lots S and 10, block 20, Military Heights addition; consideration $200. IT 19 AIX CONK NOW. Samuel L. Kramer, Bok S, Sellers-villa, Pa., writes: "I had kidney trouble for two years and had a ter- nole backache. That Is all gone now sfter uslns Folev Ktdnev Pllla anil I feel well sgain." When the kidneys are overworked, weak or diseased, the waste matter remains In ths system and causes pains In side or back, rheu. matism, lumbago, stiff Joints, sore muscles, backache. Foley Kdney Pills get results qutrkly and ere tonic in their "eaiing and soothing eftVt. bladder trouble, too. Sold everywhere. Adv. HAMBONE'S MEDITATIONS BCKIAL PERMITS. CPNTRERQS Bentgno Contreras, oo, aieo si a local hospital, June I, Burial in Concordia cemetery, June t uc.ii,t.Kusi Santos Cenlceroa died m , iocai nospital June 5. Burial In oncornia cemetery June . WAUOtL Henry Waddel, 21, died " nospitai, rort Bliss, June 5, ounaj at (jauipolis, Ohio. 17 building BIKTHS TORREZ To Eulogio Torres, Tobln Place, June 2, a girl. tii,n:AiNUK2 To Telesfero Her- na.iut;, ana cypress, April 19, a boy. BVILoIN'O PERMITS. 5am Blumenthal, 414 South Santa Fe uri, uricn wan, iioo. F. Hameer, 17 Buckler metal sign, 117. EI Paso Lumber company, lots S and . block 7, Manhattan Height; brick bungalow, $3,400. J. H, Higdon, U10 Blsbee street. waiter McKnlght, loti 1-10. block S3, maiMiKiran ttenntB add-on, 2-frtorT hntiBA 111 AAA ' ,Uf. : Tfon' Bt tl-29. Alexander ., t-niniy nouse, Sil.OOO. J. w. Kldd. lots 13 and 14. block , wihiuw, f t.uuy MARRIAGE LICENSES. rof P' Klmt""1 "A Maria Slque. Jose Agullar and Francises Guajar- SMALL FIRE DESTROTS SHED. miiau lira wan fnnrt0 t rs -i'a vv n,i duun Douglas street at 1 o'clock yesterday at-"", ma" "he1- nl ome coops Deiongmg to Mrs. F. C Martin were destroyed. Th fir- HIT?"1 WM ca'"d' "a th" '" was ,j,ieaif, VMy ,llBht dam Tell Them You Saw It Advertised in The Times. Thlrty-fourth Plstrlrt Court. State of Texas vs. Antonio Lujan and Pedro Padilla; theft f cattle, on trial. M Court ef Civil Appeals, Thursday, June 5, 1919. (J. R. Harper, E. F. Hicgins and A Walthall, Justices.) Motions for Rehearing Overruled. Sweetwater Ice A Cold Storage com pany vs. Continental state bank of gwetwater, from Nolan, C, C. Poe vs, Continental Oil & Cot ton company et al., from Taylor. J. W. Meadors vs. R, E. SherriU et al., from Haskell. Motion Granted. B. E. Speed vs. C. A. Ohets et al., from Presidio; appellees' motion to affirm on certificate. Reversed and Remsnded. El Paso Grain & Milling company vs. C, H. Lawrenoe, from El Peso, Affirmed. Mary Arrletta vs. Josephine Crosby, from El Paso. Ward County Water Improvement District No. 2 vs. Ward County Irriga tion District No, 1 et al., from Ward, NOV-JUKY CASE SETTINGS. Forty-first Judicial Piatriet. June 23, 1917. Bolton vs. Bogerman et al, 12437 City of El Paso vs. Springer et al. 13139 Martlnes vs. Villa et al. 13563 Clardon vs. Starr. 14233 Ehrenherg vs, T, ft P. 14468 City of El Paso vs. Carson. 16084 Government Hill company vs. Halstead et al. 15112 Garrison vs. Cameron Cattle company. l&us uovernment Hill company vs. Pysart. 16110 Bailey ys, Cameron Catla com pany. 15211 Comstock vs. Arliona Central bank. 15829 Kennedy vs. Kennedy. 15337 Miller vs. McKinney. 16484 National Telegraphone company vs. Mt. Franklin Country club. 16487 In ra Mrs. W, E. Guthrie. 15663 Toltec Motor company vs. Campbell et al. 18718 Peyton vs. Conroy. 15953 Momsen, Dunnegan A Ryan vs. Ware. 15980 Peyton vs. O. II. S. A. 16146 Farley vs. Dysart. When You Save V&ufHaii You Save Youk Looks f?5. Hewbro's HeRpkioft 5 toi-D cvr?Vkrr AppL icatiohs A r Earbe? Jwopj; Kelly Pollard, Spetial Astnt. vs Sixty-fifth Judicial Pl.trirt.. June 23. 1919. 9851 Fanner vs. Kaufman. 11784 Caples et al. vs. Punne et si, U'626 Government Hill company Mendosa. 12632 Government Hill company Edith Barley. 1241 Government Hill company tiarcia. 13677 Morgan vs. Spohr et al. 14334 Becker vs. Becker. U369 Government Hill company vs. Schrocder, 14541 Loomls & Knnllenhrrg vs. Winn et al. 14244 Deming National bank vs. First National bank. 14S22 Pemlng National bank vs. First National bank. 14953 Story vs. Story. 18736 Miller vs. Home Insurance company. 16)08 Brown vs. Young. 17655 Bank vs. Brojies. 17684 Bitullthio company vs. Sonora Realty company, 17685 Bitullthio company vs. Goodman. 17708 Biiullthlc company vs, Taget, 17740 Bitulithlc company vs. Hare. County Court at Law. Will P. Brady, Presiding. i Csse settings In the El Paso eountv court at law of El Paso county, Texas, made June , 1919. Jury Csiea. Monday, June 9, 1919. 5701 John Stanford vs. W. H. Aldrldge. Tuesday, June 10, 1919, 7037 Jesus Lucero vs. Government Mitt Company. . Wednesday, June 11, 1919. 4750 Minnie McCamant vs. W. R. Brltt. Monday, Jim 16, 1919. 6798 Pringle vs. Balvlnl. 6780Guerrero vs. El Psso Iron Metal Co. Tuesday, Jims 17, 1919, 6980 Workman vs, EI Paso Electrle Ry. Co. . 6S84 Whiteside vs. Jose I7mitla, f Wednesday, June 18, 1010. 6996 Feder vs. C. H. & S. A. Ry. Co. 6997 Walter T. Ponsford vs. Boone Cathey et al. K on-Jury Cases. Thursday, Jims 13, 1919. 6JSS Passtnl vs. Orten. Friday, June 13, 1919, 6767 B. F, Young and Phillip Bonn vs. Leona Alderson. Thursday, June 19, 1919, 6725 Sherman vs. Potneroy, M.ORO CIKL ROBBED. Polly Johnson, a negro girl; who rooms at the home of her employer, Mrs. O, L. Appel, 610 North El Paso street, was rebbed late last night by a soldier who cut a hole In the screened window and entered the room. When the girl came Into the room she saw the man run out of the door. She says that this is the second time she has been robbed In three weeks. Clothing worth over 50 was stolen. The detectives are handling the easa. FORI BLISS LEADS ' ALL U. S. POSTS IN Phone 5200 HI 1 Total of Eleven Per Cent of! Men Sent Here for Discharge Remain in Service. tvaTl C TKt ai.s M AS cuss III ra r . u- Branch Exchange ;THEaSEOBE Mail Orders ((tea Individual Attention Overland "The Slore That Sells for Less." San Jactntr MrCatl Pat terns Ynt July Ai , iters. Fort BUi-s continues to lead al) the military posts In Hie United States In camp recruiting, according to figures received yesterday at district headquarters from the adjutant general's office at Washington, which show the standing of the camps for llio week ending May 24. Fort Bllfs led that week, with a record of having re-enlisted a total of 11 per cent of the men sent here Inv dla. charge. The nearest figure to this was a percentage ut 4,9 held by three camps, Camp Taylor, Camp Jackson tid Camp Karny. Pining the week ending May 24, Fort Bilss received 408 men for discharge, of whom, the records show, 45 re-entered the service. The le- mohillintlon camp at Fort Biiss dls- charged a total of 1,016 mea to May 24. Plan Meets With Snrceaa, An effort Is being made In all camps in the country, through camp recruiting officers, who have been instructed especially bv officers assigned to the work from Washington, to urge all men who are being discharged to consider v.'hut is being offored by the army today m the line of technical training and edu cational advantages. The reports show ths plan is meeting with SNceptlonally flna success at the El Paso camp. Week's Total, 8,671. All camps In the country for the week ending Mny 21, reported a total enlist ment of 3,871. Since February 28, the general recruiting service has enlisted 14,600 men, and 24.5U6 enlistments have been reported previously from ramps, making a total of 41,877 men who have entered army service. Since March 80, enlistments for the American expeditionary forces have reached 9,292, fry the Philippine Islands since April 12, L898; for the Hawaiian department since April 12, 1,110; for the Panama Canal department since April 13, 130; for Alaska since May 4, 2!l, and for Siberia since May 8, 26. i , - v . Letter Addressed to Mayor of Pittsburgh Returned to Sender In the whols field of medicine there Is not a healing remedy thai will repair damage to the flesh more quickly than BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENT In cuts, wounds, sprains, burns, scnlds and rheumatism, Its henling and penetrating power Is extraordinary. Sold by all druggists. Adv. Pittsburgh, June That a letter ad dressed to the mayor of Pittsburgh was returned to the sender marked "tin known" hy the local postal authorities was brought to light reently when May or E. V. Babcock received a communi cation from the mayor of Nancy, France, after It had been delayed eight months. The letter, under date of October S 1918, was received In Pittsburgh a few weeks Inter, but the postal clerk who linnnlert this communication, stamped on the envelope the Intelligence that "Monsieur Le Ms lie, de la ilia do Pitts burgh, Etsls Unia de' Amerlque" could not bo located In the directory. The let-ter was advertised, and finally re- I'm- T Style, Value & Price Are Features of 0ui Shoe Department ASK TO SEE the very latest In a worn-an's tush grade pump. Made of fin glased kid, long vamp, high glendei leather cover wooden heel. A good value at $12.00, just received and priced here, at & pair $9,(1(1 GIRLS' PIMPS In patent rr fins soft kid, designed on now unappy. last. Have pretty Bahy French heel which adds to the stylo ef the firltsli wearer. Specially priced today, a pair $6.$0 WHt'l K iT'MPS AND OX-I'OHUs for women and misses. Made of fine quality poplin, hann turned soles and covered French or walking heels. All sizes, $4.00 values. Today, at a pair $2.1)8 WOMEN'S BLACK POIPS In viol or patent leather. Also Colonial styles with metal or leather covered buckles. A regular 16.00 value, specially priced t. a pair 18 1.05 LAST CALL OX MARY JANE PI MPS of fine black patent leather. Some have white enameled soles. Hizes 8 to l'j. Specially priced to close them out, at. a pair $1.4! Cmlerpriced Baoemant, jl!STO TMJ a, SooVdcui Toilet Specials Today SOc Hinds Honey and Almond Cream 3-Ho Palm Olive Shampoo, too sUo So 8 oz. Peroxide, 25c slis JUo Pond's Extract, S5o sire lOo Pond's Extract Vanishing Cream 88o Pebeco Tooth Paste, fcoc size SIHu Colgale's Handy Grip Shaving Stick l!lc Woodbury's Facial Snap 19c Palm Olive Soap, 4 bar for S.Vs (Limit one purchase to a customer) Today Is the Last Day of Suit, Coat and Dolman Sale. All this season's models, most favored materials and wanted colors, sins t'p to 127.60 values $12. O.I ISO. 00 to $35.00 values HIS.T.I $.17.50 to $40.00 values $i'J,oO $13.00 to $50.00 values JiO.Stl COATS Up to $35.00 values $12.0.". $27.50 to $30,00 values $1."5 $33.50 and tip, $111.75 DOLMANS l'p to $Is,60 values S10.M Up to $35.95 values $17.(15 Main Floor Women's Embroidered Bilk Hose, a Pair $1.95. turned to the Nancy executive, who appealed to the American embnssy in Paris. He explained that he was exceedingly anxious that the people of Pittsburgh rend the words of appreciation of the folk of Nancy for two flags presented to them In connection with the Mastlle dsy celebration here July H last. Paris embassy officials enclosed the letter In another envelope, re-addressed It, and Mayor Bancock received the cominuulcstlon only a few days sgo. l.RATimi l'KOM PISH SKINS. Junes, Alaska, June 8. Manufacture of leather out of flMi skins la tho busi ness of another new Alaska industry with a plant In operation at Seward. Shark skins especially, It Is said, produce fine leather of dark hue, which takes a beautiful finish. Other parts of the fish caught are used in the manufacture of such by-products as oils, glue, gelatines and fertiliser. ' WILLING TO WORK LONGER. KIEU Germany. June 8. In these days of strikes for seven and six-hour days, the action of workmen it the Kiel docks In voting voluntarily to work eight, rather than seven hour Is so unusual that the pnpers call attention t It In special articles. 1 if "Ti" v jtmtaVzaiKtH&E Railroad I HCiilifi 1 fk! OH aice no oiaiices if- Entertaining JAZZ MUSIC $ P. M. to 5:30 P. M. 8 P. M. to 11 P. M. NASH OnCHESTRA AT ThcELITE CONFECTIONERY Evervbo yg Favorite Boss G rumblim' case ah WANTS T' WORK SHAWTER HOURS tM 6IT MO' fAONEY FVH T, BUT tA'S JES' tl WAY WII EVY-THIN& ELSE --DE SHAWTER HIT (SITS, bE MO HITS WOTH. 1 J It Sticks? M MM to 1 A change of time tables will be made effective 12:01 A, M. June 8th, and this advance notice of the time of trains at important points is issued for public information. Folders will be available at stations and Information Bureaus on day schedule is effective. J. L. LANCASTER, Federal Manager. West Bound (Red Doun) East Bound (Head Up) 35 1 Nation 3 Jo 10:S0P S;0P I.T. Ft, Worth Ar 8:10P T;nn :B5.V 7:20P I,. Ranger I, i)A 3M t:tn 10;jnP I.y. Abilene Ar ;01A 11:20P 8:25.1 lliSSP I.v. K'wiu-r Ar :35A :S0P 10:SOP l;45P Ar. I I Paso I.r 4:lSP .00V CaasritM IA as MtCiwa Himaiws bwu when you invest In the lexas bagle Uil company of getting nothing but dry holes, water wells and rancy stocK ccrimcates m return tor your money. We invite you, on the contrary, to become part of a great permanent institution guaranteed by the men who are directing its policies and operations, to be the strongest of the strong, not alone because of our financial resources and large holdings, but because all of these are enhanced by the stability and permanence of the company as established by them. DR. FREDERICK A. COOK, NOTED EXPLORER, IS OUR PRESIDENT SHAR IEjISJ 1500 Proven and Promising Acre ARE MOW MM I i S K are among our holdings, scattered among many counties in proven territory and carefully chosen by practical oil men and competent geologists. Deep tests are going down adjacent to practically all of our acreage which will increase . their value tremendously when they come in. We also have 12 Acres Amid Duke Oil Gushers 50 Gusher Acres in Burkburnett ON WHICH TEN WELLS WILL BE PUT DOWN, all of which are contracted for and fully financed, the first one of which is now being drilled. We have in addition 5 Acres in J. F. Wagner Tract Only 1,000 feet from Burk-Waggoner well. The future value of this tract canot be estimated in dollars and cents. The rig builders will be at work on it soon and orders are to rush the well to completion at earliest possible moment. We are Hbout 1,000 feet from the King Eight gusher and the Burkley is an offset to this tract. r r constitute a holding of which this company is proud and which has a potential value that can only be guessed at. We are surrounded by production and have for neighbors such Twentieth century wonders as the COSDEN. CAR-RUTH. PEERLESS, MAGNOLIA-TERRELL, DUKE. KNOWLES. SINCLAIR. FOOTE. ETC. Amid the forest of producers our holdings promise unusual opportunities for gushers of like productions to those mentioned above. TEXAS EAGLE IP ANY Capitalization $300,000 603 Main St. Fort Worth TEX AS KAT.I.E OIL COMPANY, "3 Main Mrret, I ort Worth, Texas. JCNE , ,.1919. Tleass snlsr mv siihscilullon f ir shares ut f 15.(1 per slmie. H la rd snd tin'Wsloorl that such viy sliai' ef this piirrhasa covrs flis proportion ft all tho prtsrnt sivl future liol'tlfms ef this company and also lis proportion o tha net proceeds of said holdlnss as guur;inti?pd hy a trust at:ree rgptit. Tha company reserves ths rlsht frt return this money If the allotment Is nversuhsrrihed or Hi cant tlio stock Is UKu off the market before this application Is 'uelvcil. Nam , E. T. T.-7 Address...., .' ""l.TSF"

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