The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1955
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1988 BLVTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 5EVRN Iran Now a Military Liability to US, West By DON SCHWIND TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran is converting from a money draining liability to a military asset to the West in terms of Middle Eastern defense. The nation's military flabbincss —in contrast to the sturdy dependability of Turkey on the west* and Pakistan to her east—has worried defense planners since World War II. Iran stands bet*een Russia »nd the Middle Eastern oilfields and Persian Gulf. Red Cross Drive Over $70,000 Point Going into the first week of its extended time of the Red Cross Drive officials report a total of $10,790 contributed to date. The following is & list of addition al contributors. Blytheville Business District: $25—Frftd Fleeman, Carpenter'; Union; $15—Ben White & Sons; $10 — Kazorbaclc Drive-In, To Shop, Planter's Production Crcdi Assn.; $5 — United Insurance Agency Medlin .& Lane, Cecil Earls, Even sky's Clothing, Halter'* Shoe Shop George O. Yatts, W. L. Walter Irene Crowder, Mary N. Elliott, Ge neva B. Graves, Dorothy S. Bevill Dorothy C. Den ton; $1—James Blackwell, Cleo Black* well, Gene Chitman, John Osborne Thelma Atkins, Bill Brett, J. A Ford. A. L. Perry. Blytheville residental district: $15—C. E. Crlgger $10—Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jackson Mr. if Mrs. B. A. Bugg, Mr. & Mrs, Hugh Whttsitt, Anonymous K — Mr». Fred Fleeman, Mrs Sackman, May: Super Market, Ike MiUer, Mrs. H. L. Chamber!, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harp, Mrs. W. A, Stickman $3—Miss Effie Lyn Allen $2.50—Huey & Son Grocery $2 — Mrs. John Hart, Mrs. E. E, Hardin, Mrs. C. W. Affllck, Mrs. Harold Eggensperger, J. W. Seeman; $1—Mrs. J. M. Bohannon, Mrs. John Easley, Mrs. Von Starnea. J. M. Aired, J. L. Thompson, C. E. Adkisaon, Mr. L. O. Smotherman, lone Gore, Mrs. C. B. Gentry, Mason's Studio, Mrs. Ella Cunningham, Mrs. Helen Browning, Mr«, I. Rice. Mrs. E. H. Brown, Mrs. Earl Wilson, Mrs. Max Brlley, Mrs. R. V. Gottordt, Earl Copeland, Mrs. Edward G. Brown, Mrs. E. E. Boland, Mrs. Bill Kennedy, Mrs. James C. Lucius, Mrs. H. B. Ferric, M. M. Brewer, Neal Gesell, Mrs. George Pollock, Mrs. Frank Whit, worth, Mrs. F. E. Utley, Mrs. T. Wade Jeffries, Mrs. B. B. , Stout, Mrs. Rupert Crafton, Mrs. Bruce Ritchey, Mrs. James Terry, Mrs. Chester Nabers. Mrs. Ike Miller, Mrs. J. F. Arends, Mrs. John McHaney, Mrs. Bert Trumble, Mra. C. Modinger, Mrs. C. M. Smart, Mra. Phillip Robinson, Mrs. Fred Copeland, Mrs. Lucy McAdams, Mrs. R. A. Porter, Mrs. R. N. Payne, Mrs. F. B. Smith, Miss Tressie Allen, Mrs. Emma Nolen, Mrs. Eula Rutledge, Mrs. Frank Grlpsby, Mrs. J. 'Vy. Shouse, Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, Mrs. R. N. Hill, Mrs. Joe Trieschman, Rosa Schuneritsch, Millie Allison, Rev. Pomeroy, Florine Jarboe, Mri. D. M. Cutler; Misc. contributiorji—$1.1*. Shady Grove Reports—$74.80: $10—John Fairchlld, Gerald Centner. At. T. Brewer; $5—J. H. David, H. E. Boling, Mrs. J. N. Bollinger, Mr». R. O. Costner; $2—Jeromfl Gray, J. L. Bollinger, Raymond Dudley; $1—A. M. Galloway, RusMll Files, Herbert Woodall, Mrs. Cecil VM- sar, Mr«. W. G. Fatten, Mrs. J. P. Atkins, G. C. Yarbro, Ttllm&n Wells, Luther Bollinger, Jamet McWll- Jiams,, F. M. DeSpaln, E. C. Brown, Thomas Bray, A. J. Brewer, Claude Brain, Earl Williams, Virgil Miller. Jim Parker; Misc.. contributions—.80. U.S. contributions to Iran's military potential—the figures are secret—have been stepped up during- the past year, with the bulk of the increase going to the air force. So far, negligible. Iran's air strength is Modern Dock* „ Ports along the Persian Quit coast are to be deepened and fitted with modern docks and load' ing gear. The railway through Tehran from the southern ports is being extended 360 miles—from Shahrud to Meshed, near the northern frontier point where the Soviet Union, Iran and Afghanistan meet. Also planned is a linkup meshed with the Pakistan railway system to the south. Work has started on a rail extension in the northwest corner of Iran, taking the system another 100 miles from Mlatwh to Tabriz near the Soviet-Azerbaijan border. Completion of these extensions will give Iran a rail belt nearly 700 miles long, paralleling the Soviet border and' tied into the Pakistan system. The government will construct a 39-mlllion-dolIar oil pipeline from the Abadan refinery through Ah- waz to Tehran. This line will take the oil transport load off the railway system. Airport runways are being extended to take heavy planes and a new airport «t Fasja, near Shiraz, is being built to accommodate jet fighters. The U.S. Foreign Operations Administration is putting up some of the money for airport development. A new naval repair dock at Khorramshahr, the Iranian navy's home base, has just been put into operation. A tight network of radio and telephone connections la being laid over Iran. Special efforts are being made to revamp the army, long dogged by traditional taboos that barred competent men from rising from the ranks to officer status. About 100 upper-rank officers have been retired—gently but firmly—and a 30 per cent pay raise to all officers boosted morale. Raft Refused Gambling Permit CARSON CITY, Nev. (Iff- Actor George Raft was refused a Nevada gambling license "because his background does not warrant" it. Raft wanted to buy into the plush Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. The rich gambling casino-gambling is legal In Nevada-was owned by Raft's friend Bugsy siege! until Bugsy was slain in Beverly Hills, Calif., about four years ago. Nevada'a Tax Commission rejected Raft's application. Its Investigators said the tough-guy actor frequently had been (jueitioned in Southern California gambling probea. _ TAILET BOTTLE ONLY 796 New Location DIXIELAND BAITERY Formerly at 511 Chlekauwba Now Located 41S list «t. (Xe*t to Huey's Grocery) Day & Night Service Roaches—Minnows— Worms — All Type* Tackle and Lure Little Headway Made in Lowering The Voting Age on National Level By PAT KEEFE CHICAGO WV—Thousands of thi nation's youths under 21 are in military service but legislation 10 permit them the right to vote appears gaining HtiJe headway. Only one state, Georgia, gives them voting privileges. Moves have been made in several other states, an Associated Press survey shoved, to get sim- legislation passed since the military drafi age was lowered to 18, In most states the proposed constitutional amendments were to lower the age to 18. Some recommended 19. Bills have been sponsored in a I east 20 states before legislative bodies this year. But in only one state—Delaware—is there indicn- :ion of passage. Ike Favors It President Eisenhower, in his 1954 State of the Union message, proposed the Constitution be amended to give 18-year-olds the r ote. The Constitution specifies no age qualifications for voters, leav- ng this to the states. In Indiana, a state constitutional .mendment lowering- the voting age from 21 to 19 was approved by the 1953 Legislature bui failed at this year's session. State amend- nents must pass two successive egislatures and then get approval at a referendum. Idaho defeated a proposed imendment allowing 19-year-olds :o vote. Chances appear good for the Delaware Legislature to approve he measure for 18-year-olds. It has been passed by the Senate and awaits House action. However, it also must get approval of the 1957 General Assembly to become law. Killed by Committee The vote bill has been offered n previous legislative sessions In Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Oreson and South Carolina, In some slates the proposals never got out of committee. In Nevada, Republican Oov. Mihvard L. Simpson aslced for a constitutioual amendment on the vote for 18-year-olds but the senate rejected his proposal. Last Friday the Maine Legislature killed a similar constitutional amendment resolve. Gov, brval Faubus of Arkansas has asked the Legislature to lower the voting age (o 18 In the Demo- cratic primaries bui there has been no legislative action. The Tennessee House approved a similar proposal but It was fcillrd in the Senate. The Iowa House has passed the vote bill. The Utah House also gave approval but the measure died in the Senate, The Illinois LS considering the proposal. The survey also showed that In another phase of legislative proposals, there appeared' little progress in most states in changing dates of primary election*. Coruthersville J News by SONNY SANDKS The recent institution of a new DeMolay Chapter at Sikeston was "the biggest in 40 s'ears in this area," according to Bernie Lay. advisor of the Caruthersville Chapter of the Order of DeMqlay. He also revealed that he has received a letter from H. G. Sharp; Jr., scribe for the new chapter, and the letter reads in part: "Words cannot express the gratitude , . . The advisory council has asked that Bernie Lay be especially thanked for his untiring efforts in all that was done to make this affair one of the most outstanding in the history of Southeast Missouri." Lay pointed out that the local chapter recently celebrated Its second anniversary and Just one year ago it instituted the chapter at Campbell. Credit belongs to several people besides himself. Lay stated. He said the credit should given to the members of the local chapter. The Cnruthersvllle chapter., with assistance from the AvMon D«MQ- lay Chapter at Campbell, started (he new chapter at Sikeston on March 19. Joe Parkinson, head basketball coach at CaruUiersvitl* High School, returned home Sunday after spending five days in Columbia, where he attended a coaching clinic at the University of Mis* ouri. The local Lions Club will sponsor a fish fry at city park on April 15, according to Marvin Collins, first vice-president of the organization. Proceeds will be used to sponsor R pony league baseball team, he said. The Caruthersville Junior Chamber of Commerce members, their wives and guests enjoyed a ao gathering at the Womtn'i Club Saturday night. About 36 persons attended. C. F. Bloker expected to leave on Friday to return to his winter home at Clearwuter, Fit., after spending 10 days at his home here on business. During a recent play night at NOTjCE Ashcraft's is discontinuing retail delivery on Purina Cage Eggs. Ask for our eggs at your favorite grocer's. Every Purina Cage Egj comes from » modern caged-hen factory, whert each hen it carefully fed »nd mtntgtd the Purint w«y. You're $ure of getting clean, top-quality eggs tviry limt. Jujt try Purint Cage Egg> tot breakfast or baking... they're tlu/ayt good. Ask For Ashcraft's Purina Cage Eggs at Your Grocer's. A BLYTHEVILLE INSTITUTION : . . SERVING THE CITIZENS OF BLYTHEVILLE Your local bank Is not merely just a nfe plan* In which to store your monry. It Is *n integral part of the community, playing a vital role In the economy and progress of Blytheville and Its citizens. Wherever there Is marked progress In Industrial expansion , . . new buifneti . , . residential building prorranu, there Is also an active, sound bankfnr institution. We at The Farmer* Bank and Trust Co. prttU eurselvei upon our role In the steady progress of niytheville, luppljtng: needed capital (or All ph»«t. You'll find us eagtr to wrve you In any m-ay. Consult us on your banking needs. OUR CHIME CLOCK PLAYS: "Lord, thru this hour Be Tnou our guide So by Thy power No loot thill >lide." Oldest Bank in Mississippi County THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. TIMK TRIED-PANIC TESTED Member Federal Reserve System »nd K.D.I.C. Libel Suits Against Winched Are Settled DENVER W) — Libei suits ngntrat Walter Wincholl and associates for a 02-mllllon-dol!nr total have been settled tor *!,500. Out of court settlements in the suits by Denver chlropractoi Leo Spears were announced by his lawyer, Charles Ginsberg. The suits alio named the American Broadcasting Co. and Riclnu-rt Hu'dnuc Co., a Winchell sponsor. Spears lurd after a Winchell broadcast four years ago. In It ttu 1 New York columnist urged Listeners | to read Collier's muRixzine article discussing treatments by certain health centers and hospitals. A Spears suit against the magazine for 24 million was dismissed by a New York jury last month. Caruthersvllle High School, Jerry Pierce, Marjorie Baker and Jerry Figging were named best actors and a^trtss. Power Mowers and Aluminum Screens at New Low Prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 3-4551 Warning! ELECTRICAL STORMS AHEAD Did you know that your television antenna (9 an at- tnii'tlim to lightning? The season for electrical storms Is just alirail and It Is vitally Important that your TV antenna has a lightning arrester to nrojwrly grounil It. KEMKMBKK . , , your reception Is only mn Rood as your antenna. \Ve <lu nil types of antenna repair and Installation. Call us for estimates and repairs Westinghouse Sales: WILSON'S TV & RADIO SERVICE 1M S. First—Ph. 3-4237 AIR CONDITIONER looter Not i HP - Not i HP-But Full! HP of Our Lowest Price Ever! Not $379 - Not $349 - But Only Plui $10 Warranty Easy Terms If Wanted-24 Mos. to Pay • 1 HP Super Cooling Syirem • Magic Air Dehumidifler • Advanced Design Air Flow Lourre • Health-air Aluminum Filter • Accoustically Designed • Glamorous Furniture Styling • Dependable 5-Year Warranty Why Malhes Is Your Beat Buy! Newnl 1951 Furniture SijHnf] Mount* riiiAh-to- Wlndnws! No pro- (ndlnf Into room*! Famoui Teeumteh Compreiuor with 5- T«ar Warrant;! .Van-Runt Aluminum Can Protect! Working fartil Don't buy an "old model" air conditioner when you can buy a famous Mathcs nt this low price I Hubbnrd'n itlves you the opportunity to have the utmost In air conditioned comfort at this special Preseason low prlcel The brand new 1955 1-H.P. MATHES air conditioner In quality built and guaranteed by MATHES and HUBBARD's. 1'/, H.P. Mathcs Air Conditioner Perfect for keepinf larger homes and officer cooly comfortable all through the ium- mer months! All top-quality fealurea that are found In all Mathes air conditioners ar« present In tbli typer-ate, lupet-ptiw^r n;adel! Other Mathei Window Unlti Up to 1 H.P. HUBBARD & SON Furniture "Cash Talks at Hubbard's"

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