El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on August 20, 1917 · 7
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 7

El Paso, Texas
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Monday, August 20, 1917
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EL PASO MORNING TIMES. MONDAY. AUGUST 20, 1917. An El Pasoan's Impression of California By Julia 1,H' llrnwn. Remarkable Showing of Wheat on Limited Rainfall in Curry Co, By JULIA LEE BROWN Phone 6924 ''Monday's Calendar s group or girls tiV 6y of ,be younger set will enjoy it ptr.mo at Clint Monday evening, ohaperiin'id by Mr- and Mri. . T. Dewey. Mr. and Mrs. H. Spi-nelll and Mrs. St. pittersfvi- meeting si tbe First Christian The E I'aso HouiewlvAs' league will bold cnurcn Monday arternoon If " -'' There will be a class In nKrst under the direction of Dr. B. F. HBMM, at the reinple Mount Mnsi at S:M) o'clock. Convalescent soldiers at F' Plrsi Christian church. t Bliss honorers at motru ride by members of Entire Public Invited Demonstration to At Cleveland Big Patriotic I Given Monday Evening ! SoEda hh' has cxrflseil California in ! j the f-i in ft Mrv as batOf a Wlbbtj lOHnktnf troop ol paopat; iut tb-atr n,inic tUt II Wn an old man, tren b.y Kfid Qatvary iw.m ajr. carrytof a i-iM.er or water j To a.'ialyze the DteMStOS f ltla tttt I nient. me west l&tpfr tJ SffaiQSt the rus- ton, of WfJidSf in Ibe faOtStapS "f itn 'raTivrs. TImv arc ffemtlMliaf aooaatblng i emu . at .east, if mere be nothing naw ' tauter the sun, 8 lOJDOO wouUl a . jthey are (lemanif lag the old trunks t(i I'" prasStttad to them m a tftffopsnt manner, i And there arc rrruinly many new md ;t1!rferit waya of presenting Uns old truths and facta, and California seem? 'to be the hot bed or them all. j It is out there that tlm pMJ It logiit If organ bii cold and scistttiflc taivpotnt 'ir miner and spirit and rtavalopi a huik-! ermtr for datvtog lata tna unknown, lbs I mysterious, Una vague, for no mattar how cold and sc.enUftc ona is it is not pos s&ia that eos could lira in California long wttbout absorbing Bomathtng of this ! dtsTro for Aafr&g tntfl the hidden .thought, "lie dues a out of fimo-ity, :f nothing el?. .Spiritual BCtaDCC for anot' er .. liuii.nl, r ttiiMMn r nut of t'l1 i '!-. a:, i" so rouss god ,);;-kf!i th Ista, i Qualities wifbio m as to Drift i ibast) Into apresion. We are accutomed to thma of sucft an influancM as coiaUMI from a dtaonatodted intelligent r I won- der tvj y we plaro sn in irti m re cre ieuee ineiii idank m the sdvica of soma one in tea aatral i watch i? a worJd. than thai of osa of i ir phystcaJ rereaii the following ra-'t. -utMics" t'ii!y to- orien perstma at- the moiture re eived frooi tt B rimi - Spertal respondent G2ev, . m . AunuHi II - mat daal hs baaa vrtftati mil laa wrxsa yield in i.urry ( I ;ni th s Jraaf and the re-am kabia anovttai made on a limited intount of i a 1 1 f a i I . Vn examyiftttoti ol the rainfall rCOH kept on the gQVaTO- ,il tsa Harry inrdw are sioi e regularly uaalgnated station, minK time l I Business Course to Be Offered by $cW Mexico College at Lq$ Cruces turn Sqajre foi r Benefit of Red Cross cueni ratbfi than that or tna lanaiui a through whom he manifests. Vans of the peopla who belteva trtertualvas con-tro&ed hv eelabrttiaa ira rtrtiBta of luca i 1 u .-md are Btltled hy their own Iguo- i ranee and the duplicity of the contaoiitn spirit, who oaa the immense advantase of I being mitten. Inner llsnplnes re.ary. "We continually seek outlde ourselves foi tiaDptnaas, and are un sappy bacauaa wa ftfl to fm. i it: we must raallte that I bappineas is not dependent upon outside I (Mnnuniiient hut i- rSthftf the result Ol tft i una or the moat soaommg gjeiiers, ( h ani spiritual condition. The story is (though or whatever you eara to call it. la i id of two children who lived in a burn-Ettta of spiritual iclence. At least l bad hie cottage to a deep alley. Every eve-,a greater scope of finding out something nlng when the sun was aetUnj and they concaroKfif this phase of thought than of had eaased their play, they would sit in Istudytng any of the other attendant be- the doorway of their little home and look I UeXa so prevalent In thla part of the up the mountain side uiward a great. oJd, country. deserted mansion, wnoae wmno tempting to develop their spiritual powera I preparation h gan last fail until harresi arc made the dup"? ot -"ine antral apa thta year uguat, (Old, 7.H mc&SM ram-bond Who failed to make pri'i-r use - r , .'-,.. .. ;i -y ;c ;t!t-he rainfall; Oc the opportunities afforded by physical tober, .W Lnchaa rainfall, Nov amber, u ine. .ui.i now, in ma guise oi a ipiruuu m, -n mow: December, ineu snow ami p-j ;:. au.i k .'e. rm own i.nai e- ::, i.1(-ri . : Jan !:irv, im:, (-me..s mow: February, inch anow; March, u rainran i The entire public 18 cordially Invited U Play piano accordion solos, as wall attend the big patriotir demonstration to X accompany Don Haiti nn his cin-omat ccurvKW. Apearm(r iin i'on r istii an-i . v. Young will be Miss Helen O'Shaa, all; or s f ba "iven Monday evening at Cleveland giiaie for the benefit of the Red Cross. Tin i the affair that was to have taken I lace Saturday evening, but was postponed because of the dampness. Pro-elding the weather permits, tt win take place Monday evening without fall, and is the program will be of a superior r&apacter, it is certain everyone attending will enjoy an evening's entertainment ihat has hot been outrivaled by any given this summer. Dr, C. C, Youmr, who nlways appear to trie DBSi so vantage, is to give a ano lecture on Russian life, which ra a featu that is lemg anticipated by men, worn and younger persons alike, He also w whom will give several noers tirs. Victor whlttlde, former rranil Jtera star, will be one of the chief at- f action and is to sing "Mari Maria At tpirfluallM Church. One or the reasons, too, why i was so Intertftad in this one thought wa because I had. all of mv lite, looked upon the spiritualist as oaa of (he table- Lng type of facers and morel nut Ity din l consent io enter on accordion or their places uf n.r-h:p Thla was i iba little Modern SplrltUSltSt church er ected In 1014 by Mrs. Sophia Meyrau and dedicated to the liui. John W. U:ng. Cu- rtOllEl v tFU. I mn ay en rii ukI v TM Mrs. Harvey H. Gambia, who has bad I that WSJ the attitude in Which I visited this harge or the program, also has arranged for a number of other features, as well as musical selections. A hatilsnrne crocheted bedspread made bv Mrs. James L, Marr, Mrs. W. H. Austin, Miss Nell Pollard. Mr. E. J. Fowler. Mrs. Katie Marr and Mrs. Isabel Hab will den Be on display and dlspnpi or tht- even nig, prasldad over by Dr. w. u, brown. Rerresnmehta win' be served. place 1 entered it, this beautiful lltlh-I In a remote manner, absonitejy entwined In a remote manner, absolutely entwined on the front with all manner of beautiful flowers, and with the inside of it re- M-muiing u areaui -use an inuoor gar- I epe,-tNi. probably, to rind here Number of Delightful Ijnner Parties Are Given at Weekf-End Dance at Country Club A number of delightful dinner patif wpr Ihe feature of thfl Wttall end dnc (riven Salnrduy pvfnin? at the Country cluh. Major Martin L. r.rlmmln. citcr tlon! Mornl and her daughter, JosephrOii Mni ru. r.nnter i.cjslnir had as his mieats Dorli Darst. M1S and William Zieiffold. Capt. William H. Oowlea and Miss Winifred Martin were it one tahle. v. H, Hawklm dud Mlsa Birdie HrwUm dined t.m-etlier. B, L Meeie enlertained a rrty of fi'iends. Mrs. Margarel Buckler. Mr?. Marmierlte Buckler and C. M. Buckler dined together. Lt. Co!. George Huntelr McMaster, Popular in Social Circles Here Leaves for Washington IT Pasnans will be pleased to Ieam of i pleaded the recent appo:nlnn nt icceiw'd by Jdeut Co). OeopgS Hunter McMaster--former! major who has been appointed as a mem bar or oeceraJ Leonard Wood's stuff si Washington, However, they will be dis- some w ierd trnks of the commonly ! thought-of spiritualist, or all manner of fortune telltngj Ouija boards and otnof I attendant methods of courting the spirit ual pnemmionea. Sweat, Homelike Place. But I found none gf this. In this weet, homelike place, i round nothing but the nmst wholesome thoughts, nothing but the most natural and Interesting of people, and two of tbe most inteiestmg talkers 1 ever heard. One was Tnlm . Fling. To whom this place was dedicated, and who 1 one Of the most convincing and brilliant of our modern day thinkers, and the other was a boy, femes! WllSOB, Dot far from his teens, but who talks like an old master. The boy marvel he is relied, and he i- truly that It WaS cm this day that 1 heard him deliver bll first lecture, on Aspiration, which he recently has embodied in book form. In reviewing this one finds it to be a mastefly handling of a rati er Vftsue but mm aria) theme. For the benefit or the Morning Time Monday morning readers, axcerpta from it are copied below ; Aspiration Deffasad. "Aspiration is the cessaleai urge of the soul to overcome the limitations im- ; posed upon it. and rise above them. It Is th efrori or Ins higher part of man's McMaster , natiro to overcome, and sunnlant the Since I lower elements existent, within htm. As piration is not a reaching out for some- possess: rather gieani"d Ilk!' pure gold in the Hght of the Betting BUD; and they carted It The EfOllSa of the Golden Windows. Or ad u ally they grew dissatisfied and unhappy !n thell humble soma, and longed to me In Hie House ol the Odlden Windows. In their childish fancy they pictured it filled With nil kinds or wonderful things; so one m rning thev arose with the sun. and started on the Journev up the hillside. mi day long they tolled up Ms steep slope, and St last, Just at sunset, arrived at the House o the Oolden Windows only to find that its windows were plain masej nnd thai tt was emoto and bare and da serted, Tired and hungry, disappointed and Just a liltle homesick a night drew on, thev looked down the V alley toward their home, and to, In the light of thai aettins. aun its windows gleamed Uks j pure gold. BffSftS oT Certain Causes. "Kvery one has his lesson to team, his j hills to Wimh, Ins burdens to bear, and it j is The burdens we bear and muster thai make a u- -trong. Duf burdens are The effects of certain causes wa nave put in inch snow . Soril. 1 57 in hos May. 1 "i inches ralftfaU and t i inches snow , j ma, o rainfall. From ih" above u Will t- seen Ihat the total rainfall has beat! II ! Ihcftas autt me total snowfall Q tnanes. Ths latter amounts to spprotimataly Uj in dies moisture, making me total amooDl tali wheat crop has received about 14.60 inches. In vp-v of The fact that the light snows of one. hair to three-fourth inch recorded above wars of practically no moisture value, tna rainfall might safely be put an 14 inches', w tin h repoents the amount oi moisture the soil raoaivad from time of P reparation to harvest time. 0 ranting that very little Wbatt planted before the first o( September, urn moisture it actually received after being drilled In has been u inches, while that whuh wns sown as late as OetesU first received but 111 inches. when n is remembered thjtt some wheat in the county ha made s higb a yield a- v.Mi buahela per acre and hum mour t ber of i rop haw- bean showing to and Day By Tttnas Ipaelal :orTepondent. i i- i -ners. si. m. , Aug. m -nr. ftostla D. i rile, president of the .New Mastca College o Airtcurttirfj antt Mechanical Mi here, ims antSOUACad that complete business coursei will be a pan or me curriculum at the collage thla year TeT, S 9 Hooklsnd la to nave charge o! the i 'inmerriat department. I (Trite uvi that ha beltei as tt i-1 -i as important for ttie rarmar to snow in rtgura ine rosu ro 111 " w markei hat he grow a profitably, as it I is to teach htm how x mm crops That I it Is a well known fact that many f.ul be ai se oi thla singla fact thai thev lack up to daie business methods. ir i rue proposes w pwv uw MJ Ju"" one that fullnesa and flounrea are dead men UK women u no gl KlUltl n on, mr Ari h uittirsi eollega ftareafter, ami who w '! toe ri few hours s wr-k t DRESS Copyrlabt by tb MrClur Sti.per Uf ndlrate. 1 JU Heat ran street .Mew York. Inort laedsets, mini ai the hem and fast Sued hi h t rHifitit line from thr neck. win replace rianuri Faeksia iih reraraa. drop down i ial study hsll have The unli-i.don wit.i a working know ledge or bookkeeping, n familiarity with the moat important f, iturei or Miner- ial paper and a thorough grounding in the fan tbei two ruid two make four. ri. o course in the eommarclU depart ment win he adequate to aeeommi date pupils who desire to specialize In business, i the Jacket has decided no to Uie kS4 es Drecoll sends over a Stall Which is shown I in the aKetcJ) lodav it is of dun green tew York. August pi TnoSS WbO write ' velour. tbe new fabrh- for cost suits, and from Paris ate i la. nig -.trts uimn the he uses a hem or the material roped back change in ja kets rhei raallxa that thai ilka a sport cuff, flu- skirt is exce.-dmg-nlain. narrow skirt will he sufficiently !v narrow There is no nrotensH of nlst (umveisal m (Miober to convince every - i gathers or trimming al the bam It is a Oil of cloth sewed together aT the The change m tie1 jacket, however, and put Into a band, wdh im h-a-it amount Ulilfh Will hi. M I'mn Ihcliiir AH ftlf llrtr ..f fi01.,j..a MilMHI t. . j , . 1 1 f. . f t UUlier- nv. -1 , ... . , l 1 1 in J In th Ilia. I Thj ... ,i .1 . tl. Hi " I . . ,n ,.f KiitftM n 1 Jority of women be. SUSS hMe not Rio Grande Republic of Las Cruces Sold looked toward an aliruui n-wisal of atl- houette rront rtlpi to rnTk. There are li. r. iia f.r narrowiie.s an.i .imidiciii m n aarmenla. II a atrotifl cteiernttnatiun not to vmm fa&rlr any mora than rood, and Ihe ettMr ! a nteesaary ortrtnatton i" periuade women tu tiuv new cl. iii. s itns lunimtl and kiaep in-' Mwtn gull in bread aod luitter I'he ccit Hint, an It will appear in Amer lei in Beptember, will be quite a. revniu-liuiiai v as the suit thai will come over Uv Tunc lm Or I Spacil ''orce. pendent ueej, N. M . uut -The Rio OruOe Rapuollr, wbten tor a number of exr lu been c iihluclcd here hy Jojepnine roitar, has been Mid to BJ' liruii'i'ii ana nis hjii., Lfanw Brottion The B ronton, will !IUte ui won- i lake iltcn are B'- iii lie. 19 OuahelS, there II llttll tier Chat i nrry county b comlni eothualtatlr ovet tbe wheat -row mi- capabuitiea t the roonty. Many aac-tiotti won!. i bare reg-latered I completa rallure .11 lb amount of rainrall re-cened here. II lu.s hcen thoroiifrhly dWK)D(trited that jood wheat yield- nn be mailn in i.iirry county tt in n tna ao'J is properly prepared and there li anytnlnk like ra vorable molstare in the fait. Tbll year's crop reeetted in the Qtiybbbrbood nr three inchei or nmisture rroin the first or 1 eli! iim y until the time it was cut. polseastan about Beptanuier i inu continue publication nr (he Repttb" i n. are at preaenl ..-t. i - and i ub-ri or "Hie Mmms Jountal" .r Qlf. Ariz. lisle 1 hi WAwnrom berino. By Timea Special Correspondent 'i as Crucei, n. m , Aiiitiijt in Orrtreri ol iii" Santa H rttlrotd ami inemMn or mn reclamation aervtee ii.ve heeu oln over the (tround ami laynnr plana r.u- in stallinir a switch and erecllnS I hotlM at BarlDO fur U9 of the rerlaina tlon aervlce. to te.rn thai Oolonel leaves on Monday rnr Wa.hinrton Mvniir in Bl Paso he has drawn around Hun a lai'Re circle or rriemls not only thIM hotter than that wi in military circle., hut among the ton , tt a reaching in rnr aomethlng better people tt i in win sincerely regret nis oe- i or higher th.it that which we expre partui e. f Many Week-End Parties Enjoy Picnics and Bathing at Clint During Saturday and Sunday Aspiration Is the complement of Inspiration the presence of one denotes the presence nf the other. 'as Spiritualist, wa are socustonted to looking outside ourselves for inspiration; as ir any other individual could awaken within us the expression of lomething not already there. To be sure, It la possible vibration: thev art punishments, but the Tbaitwaatatlon of the law of universal Justice. Ufa Ii for experience, and experiences are the sacred fires (hat purlfv the soul, the tests nf our fitness for further progress, if you consider yourself unfortunate, realise that the misfortune had its beginning in your own beinir. in a tSfgaT sense there Is neither fortune nor mlsfortUna Whiit we call fortune and misfortune are the results or the law of ctuse and effect; In a world of natural law there N no element or chance, such as the terms imply. We are BO lurTOUBded by the threads of the fabric of life, tbst we cannot sea Ifca pattern., and manv times think there Is none-, tin:-; a whole of Truth la concealed by a pan. The i ircutnstsncaa of our nes, are like frasnietue of trie j i c- saw, puzslei by thasnsau as they .ire tneanin glass things, but when joined with others fhffj may form a lieiiutirul picture, and the picture would be incomplete without any one ot them. "When events dn md tran--!re a we punk itiev should wa bemoatl our 'luck:' but when things 'come our way' we admire our judgment; foollsftly unmindful that both circumstances are gov. erncd by the same law. We Judge the workings of the universe bv their agree, ment with our Want! rather thsn our need?, and when they disagree, wa think the, universe Is at Suit. We WStCh the planets in their courses, nnd marvel at the wonderful accuracy of the law winch guides their movements, vet ts t fio n LAURA JEAW LIBBEY'S IKiLr Ilks On Ttbort Topics l.s WjUI'MARRIAGE A LOTTlCRtf "lince, nnlv. Ioo will hum the blood Md rue. inn .nice awaienedi the wild dMlre, Loi-C pleiidelli lonB. But what H loir tin inoul dh. .hall e wt wa;t.' love, dear loe, or shall Man la. e la a grc.it rlak wherein a woman iini-i uae her Judgmenl WBUe nine men Obi or till ruulll more man they promlee 1 tbe altar, the tenth man ahirks hi- obllgal I. To IUI h a man not I Joke but a joke which si ppod on and oft at win. heal Ol a union v here a man I rigurei ' .'in von v nniirr that to the doubt M to whether i lege o a loth ry' it would that every rnarrltge entered it njrrlage aunot be wh'Mi one oi 1 1 : 1 s Ml t inn . i or bo nit point out Intd Is at Ihe woman's I k rather than tbe man. who bird to taBe a risk In wedli acQualntgnce. Prletidi or the pie may call it a ronuthci Is she, an ill ar k on short yOUBB ll?0 though In rded under be Ihe sand lake al ''Have you innt?-- That U the pertinent question everyone a airing p.et-yone else, disclosing the reel ihat there are not many Kl J-a.oans who have not availed tberngelveg or tiie silent hathinir racildies arrurded at thla delightful spot. To those who liao remained homo during- ihe summer, this Li quite a novtfty diversion, breaking In ot) social a'tttitiea that have flavored mostly or the tea and dancing- genua. And to those beautllul young women whose fortunate CLOUDCROFT. N. M. Heft's CtttH tft Heel. Ttia Men ; ' ; ih of toe Urst Iresbyter. Ian church Will entertain with a banquet St the cuttrcn on Wednesday evening cora pHnsentsry to the .soldiers who are con iter ted with tin church and who are ex ported to leave for rteld duty at an early data, All o (be male members of the church will have a part In the affair, and servina WfU be done by the women members of tlm church. As a special guest there win be 1 aptaln Richard f. Burgea and E. C Wade will give a talk. Henry T. Bowie, president of the Men's club, w ill ha fl I OSi ge, assisted by the Rev. Cnariaa L Qvarseet to (.be Sefies Ol rrmitnv pe. j. p DtntalS wtn give a aeries of i motis at ti e Aita Vista mission, beginning tin Sunday evening, August lf, and continuing lndelinltely. (.nmmunH hoir to Mert. Meetmf of the eommiiidtv diolr will be held Monday nighi at 1:80 in Korahaao School atidltorlum, Arizona and k'ansa. It is gejj'nestly reouestsd that all Who poiStbly can may attend this Instructive RiaSlcSi organization, which Is under the ectu.ti of Joseph Brans, Particularly ?nal voices, tettKJffl and btagas, are de- WEDDINGS. possession Is BCtlsUc symmetry and a good-looking Aimrite Kellerman bathing suit, this diversion Is Indeed not one to he sntCTed at. Evan If many of them 'don't go qear the water" it I just as treat a pleasure io loll on the sands and watch others do the aquatic part. To this pleasant spot dosens of fi Paso ana nocked insane automobiles on Sunday, many going down early In the morning m nlniirm-r parties. Even a number or parties motored down Saturday evenmfr, remaimnp oennght to return I Mrs. Frances Well, who has been here home Sunday evSmht i for toe past two mouths, has returned to I El Paso, accompanied by little John Tap- pan. Mrs. pan White and cons, who (tars been at White mountain ror a visit, spent between trams on Friday. r s. Tnimbel, of the agricultural department or the Southwestern, and It. !'. Hare, who is working on crop estimates Tor the state, are in ClOUdCfOft In connection with their work. A crop report of this county will be published soon. r SOCIAL PERSON AIJ . 1 boy Seotten, Billy Merchant and Her I hen iiatiii motored down to oint on Sal urday in the lailer's car and remained overnight, returning to El I'aso Sunday aft rm i n. Mrt. W, A. Rank and ton, Billy. Jr.. and Mrs. J. J. i.oleuian and son. Edward, motored down to Clint lake on Sunday, taking their lunch with them. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Brady and small daughter have returned to El Pago, after .pending a month here. Mrs. Crdcbeit, who has been here month win, her daughter, has gom' to I'aso. Ueut. Henry Robertaon la in n Pan rrum I. eon spTill?! rrienaa ' Mrs. W, 0. Dunn and Mrs. W R I.ailn I went to i;i Paso Priday to attend the weldiru- r.f Miss .laiet Mack, wlij wa. Visiting relatives and uiaiiu d on Friday evening. vr. Christine Oarllck home on tfagoffln a'. le. nr. and Mrs. a. ('.. Cochran and their son Ah is, or this city, pajaed through frota CaJIromla .Sunday, where they have lieen for several rnonthj, en route to Pallas. Texas, where thev will be Joined by their son Luckerti who has recently attended the re'erve orrneis' training camp Poofton, at Leon Sprlnas. Texas, where be received a commission as rirst lieutenant. Mr. I'A an.-Mcl.lnnls. Miss Emma ! Ila Kctlirmll be-am. bride or Lieutenant Lae a. i-'van- Batttf. day evening al & (.'clock at the homo or the Hev. i diaries I., ijver.stieet in the Cain, io aparttfieata, with the Rov. Mr. Over-str.et ortietating. The bride wna attended by Mies lelia Baron, and the bride-grOOIB was attended bv Morton Levy as best man. other rrlends accompanying ; a wedding i ty were Kre Kate Town-semi. Mrs. DorotoO, M. k'emty. L. H. Heb niio. Tin young couple will reside in Kl l'asu b.r the present. Broj lea-iohnsofl. Mary R Johnson was nwried to Joe Mdtoii Rroyle. Saturday arternoon at the Carua.0 ar artment... with the Rev. Charles 1 i ivr-street 'driciaiing. in. y-'Uiig couple were attended hy Mis. Cnnsuello I.'iliv and James I. Webb. The ,ride Is a resident or El Paso and tbe bridegroom is hi the i . s. army stationed here. .VciC Sixty-Ton Dredge Taken Across Rio Grande, " and Mr., w. k" Draft, a. Dulobery, Helen Btunmel, i. Hoeye, iva Christian Blnttel, Mr ami Mrs. 6, K. Hilton, Mr ano Mr. idiarles 1'unieroy, child and maid, tfle, Alice 1'unuioy. Y A. Vav-v. p. r prii a, Thomai . ' km e. m,.. .i BtolarofT, Ulsi Jennie Btolaroff, an of 1! I a.-" aie enjoybg a rtalt in Ocean rark. Hal. where they hi' registered ai the Merrltt jone Hotel. ctiar;"" Overstreat, Jr , ba I tnderaos, Ralj ' i ateotll) and Oeorge iatkin stient Sunday in Cloudcroft Mr., char!.. L. Overftroat, who ha.-heen spending leveral weeks in ciomi-rrort. I. e-p.rted to return horn alioijt Thui sdav. PraaedS and Robert Smith went (0 F.I Peso Friday tc. join the rami!:.', who are spending a row davs there with Breed-lovi and Myron smith, who have Just ra reived rouiuos.jons in Hie army They are on leave from the training i arn;i at Leon Bprlngg. Mrs. HT. H. OlitBl and children r turned to 1 1 i aao Saturday irie' spending ihe season Hera. Misses lary Simpson Hon-fin and Kl Be .M.iK.rrin returned to Kl Paso Saturday. J. F. Ccie I. here for the week end Miss ll'leli lane Surge, itewart is in guaat or Hum doubttnar that Ihe same law can rcK-ulalo the book or flestliiy tt the petty derails of material existence." it,e heading or "luckless MaflHagXa." - ... it is well enough to say what one will do under tins circumstance or Dial When one .''Hues rare Io rare with rtir-Iflculfles nno is apt to do jual eiaotly the liipposite Iront that which was unarmed , There la notbiog In the world that tenpu a woman so parsistently ai lova, Never beforo iii lilsbiry wa' Ihere j known a time whi n Ihere were Sd many I whirlwind COUItlblpI as there arc now. I When a young woman la suddenly OCA" Irrontad by proposal or marriage it Ii iniie. wonder tu tl thi iteii she should take in oooaoquaflce is confuatng to her. young iinis are (old thai putting nrr marriage leads to i graver sifnlflctnce In a woman's case ii.au a man's She Is told thai inosi .iris should man v when the chance is theirs, opportunity may BOt knock a se.ond tiinr. at (be HBOr. ot one g-irl In thousand in.;1-' OUl her life ahead even a. io determining the c, act soft or uisii whom sic shall we4. The average and of intellitrciii e baliavtl she can draw her own coin lusion as to whether she care, enouah ror a suttnr to live tbe rest or her days with him The mri who i. Introduced to Bid, young man ami after a hasty proposal, to Which she lond a Willing ar, accept! Mm, Is 'astlnir her mam es r-.r happlnos Uncle Sam's Thrift Thought for Today MONDAY, spread the SIc.it MHVOr. spread ihe ment riavor over other roods and so economize on ihe quail tlty of mcHi consumed, says the i luted states d( pai troi nt or as rleu ture. Haft is one way to Utilise lefl- over ne-at by spreading its flavor. Meat rurnovers. Chop the meat If the quantity on hard is small, mix with .t n it over potato Of cue season with salt, peppi r. onion, etc, hlaeo ruung on circular pieces or biscuit dough about the size or saucer, gold ovei the dough and crimp edge, together, nake rnr about one hair hour in a hot oven. a luown sauce mads from two ta bieapoonfula or flour browned in two tableapoonfuli or butter to which a Cupful or water oi stock and a hair teeepoonfltl Of salt Is added, may lie sei v '-d over tin- lui novel -. ftaaee have joined KM patriotic army. We know those who have held hack and wo would thank Moi to print the follow lng verso we r ml "ICs hai -l Io eons l Elttlir slacker, or slilrkrra, I lint wlial they i all liu'V Alwajs ravora tbe winker " nun i (Hfgrti in church. D4i errltat; Thi state eonventioQ In In diaiia or the Christian Endeivot society adopted fbllOWlai nilcs ot CttndtttTt for their nambera during isn "Dan't gig Kl. in chiiii h. Don'l ten automobile rid lng on Sunday evening!' Don't wear loo short skirts. pOflt play cards for prlte, or money. Pun'l vru to cabarets, bnn'i wear one plee liatlniik- lUltl." These are all good rule, morally. Happy are me young ruik. who observe Mi h of ihem. liiKli. ornate collar, i. ihe only part of the costume that tnes 10 enliven the wind.' When the.e suits are Blade In the new colors, such a in.ville green, wine red. Russian brown and terra eotta. they do HOI need ornamentation, tln-v are sufri clenl unto thomaelve.. Edit' I ill Hilt SEH01 D d by am: RTTTEPIHOl'Sg.' His FollOWlltgl Ublrbriil Marrlaoe and lllvnrre " 7 c write. Why doe. a Utl iiKht attract attention when nothing ciso will ' s paravrapli In the paper reads The writer of "Uniform Marriage and Id v eil ri'" Is heiiiff sued ror dlviuce. tl this a valid reason to write a supplement, lliuatrated by peraenal tbenrlag, concrete rocls drawn from -.v t-f rl.-io ' " Possibly ii might aasums lUal addition hi. Hole Enyaereaenta Vpt Weatta Ahfart j Ed writes: I have a young woman ar cfuaintanca, very attractivs, not unite twenty i am twenty four. Attached tl j wa arc la eai u other, i enjoy bl com puny If Ibt has i, otlu-r. game With her, she lays. Another yuunc man calls often Upon her lie Is uneasy about inr wo no notai oown in a ooua no can us sngagementi he bet lo fill! her. au, i to disregard thla, aad cliil 'he samt as i did1 Plsisi reply a. I am unbar r.s.ed. Have a talk and anderitindlnj wun her as to when -lie prof, us, and Wool! visits ho t. to snCOttgaan,, You seem not to cam to n where Kin has two iftlnti to tier how, joii might mention lo her. DreooiPi new short coat wiih turtted'tip hem Mint colored buttons atraiihl down ttie front. Ito- hliih COHlf Is n CObeplOUOUl feature ot all laekata Uili lesseft. from Parll and be put On exhibition In tins country about tin lust of oi toiler. It is as si in and I lat as ,i . 1 mi tt . -. 1 shad There Ii not a stiperfluous Inch ot ma tonai in it ii may belong to youth, bui it xviii he w py middle hk'- rba lines win be to itralght ovei thi waist ami hips ihat ample curve! will be partiaUy con ceaied, and tins trick ot dreaamaklni meets wiih a .lad rcccptlun rrorn thQII win. lone not been afcli i" reduce them selves to the dimeni I of a peneit i he OoH n I Ike a Conl. The change in coats win compel youth rulneas, ir H is sci opted TUere la ovary reason l" oeitevo mat mis ooyieo .ai nient. cut orr hi tbe hips, illghtlj pulled in, at thai line, buttoned itrilgbt up the rront to ilia neck and finished with high louse collar, will ba the ruliiiK jacket or next season. ) ii , fpjlte a while lines we have bad I the. jacket that buttom itioll itralfbt up to BM in CI ain I in. hum collar inai en velopa mo chin our reveres and collari ,,f tna agt few yeari have been some HiliiK Imporlaiit: iln v have been acceiM rial Hull have cans, d eitrl Wnik on '.he part "f the tailors, and a new trick her' and there has bein advertised . a bll Of genius Again tbe i n.ni Bttltoitt. NOW, it, ink'-- bold "I ibo Amerl ran armv coat as nn otltlllte 01 What III to he worn, minus the belt. She Mil ui in fasten n itralgtrt up -.ifa front, itand the collar high and wan beneath II a biou.c or not, us one v.uu The majority or these jacket, have an ornamental hem to -iLaw attention to ine ract mat the nip llnejji narrow ami thai I Be le eTaati rime i fabia? About ;iii year, aao a law was enacted In c utcal Furope iorbhldtnir common bilk 10 ., at lahle more than rive hours each dav for dinner. Those were good old dais so far as guatatorlal enjoyment Is concerned and en who have grown ao customed t'l the Mailt diet of miilero iix dilation r-uid with astonishment ihe melius of the meals that our ancestors sue eessliiilv ate I'u.e c-nliines aito You remember rhat iin. n, devii, the most bpau- ti rxii or Henry ni's many wjgu -. di ink I ale and ale roa't meats for breakfast and So no doubt did all the utllfl beauties of I history w ho lived heroi c breaklast roods, rbocnlale, tea and cOTree Wwf known in Europe. llnl ai come flown to more modern times even our American ancestor, were in the habu or eating rnr mora than wa dja now a Jays. Washington Ii viiik. who give, sn many ettarmtng pictures of the DUtCh In Mew .Neltterlandi. errttoi no doubt authentic tan s ot llicic huge and hearty meals The modern ew ymk business man w ho lunch, s on a sandwich and a ifl.s, ,,r milk would look with con slernation "ii the viands set forth each day define the burghers of efhec lauds Indeed, our Wndenry t" iiKht ealmg is a very DKKWrn mtng; iiotlunK proves it better than a comparison of the expected mn of rare nowadays t lea, even or i foimal sort, and Ihat "f one Id years ag". Nowadays tea. samlw lebe, and au lea ami rakes am considered elaborate tare hi the afternoon And ihen tea Included more than we would nowaday! serve ac an elaborate dinner Ryen in the evening, When heavier re freihmenti m e. m order, me collation we set forth now would nave shamed one Ki'Bmtmethors wbo Would have duhhed it a sign ellher or poverty Of or penurious nail. Holmes in l isle Venner describes Hie refreshmeiils served al an eventOf Tt caption by a leading rltisen or the town in which that itnry Ii laid Utter oygtera on the liair shell, i hu ken prepared in various ways and all soils ol inimd ra- freshmen I from the shrub, a harmless fruit iyrup t" Madeira or prettj g i Vlntaft, the llfbtor portion Ol the refresh-menl Wal ntteiuicd I" mere were i ak' s or a doien sons, there were Jumblea, Ihere were "moulds of blo'iinuige," tboro were jeiiie., mere were charlotte,, there were merlnguea ami cuatarda. boiled ami linked. There was trifle "With ns charm lng confusion or creain and cake and ai nr ids and Jain and Jelly and wine and cinnamon and froth," and there was rioai Iiik Island And then " cap th" ritniav Ihere was Ice Cream Of course, this Wal a rural community or which Holmes Wrote, but the refreshments he describes were no nunc elaborate than thote served in the cities. sue e America entered the war ihere has bean much .nik about economies or various son,, principally ol lime and 1 i. we feel Unit we may spend what ever we ran afTord ror clothes, recreation, iglf Improvement and sncb imvei a. we can accompltib wun tbe oceans close to na. But we know Hint In order to make the world's supply or food field OQl We must conserve it and in order to sceom pll.h all thai WI Have lo do, We BUM economise on time. Therefore, there have been suggestions rrum vai lull, sources thai we simplify still riirllior our meals meals lhal would have .eeiued llleagec enollKh even :a years ago. We can I inttli dinner mnvadays In iii mlnntei wlthoul hurrying and our lag (staiors uiusi lie Kind that there is now no need to make laws forbidding us to lm gag rive hours daily over a sliiKln one id the Un ci nn ill, Terrell County Men Summoned for Draft I'n in rate's lottery bo j taking her chances J as t" whether the will draw a blank or j a prle. Too much cannot p, said j a.amst icrls Islpnig into mat'iuiony wiih yonng men who ire eomparitlve itringeri to Riem. Those wnorQ a gin na. known all of Bel lire cannot give themselves false airs, appearing 10 B different from wbal rfiay aic ih" iranger enn tell lev all soils or fairy tales. Clrls are o iiinusp"clnv 11 wo, In not occur to them to love Ugite Beam or young gin. are eeally influenced. They often mistaki infattsatfon for the Monasco, b r. Horde I J tenderer true passion v. ho can ic- l.owry, J. Calvin Rtansell, curately ad-, lie, defmuiK Just whal Hum- ii iien.nao n vio.ni.sr.n pieniy wno adviurK sir OOUKIl moo The Confessions of Roxane y fRAMCBB WA1.TKH. How To Overcome Foot Trouble ictuilly mflered bin n nit Icot or pain - they cannot appro- Dial luch iffllctloni By Times Special Correspondent Sanderson, Texas, u.usl t'.c c o lng names or mif summoned for army -ervice under tbe selective dun out of which Terrell county's nuota or is are to be secured ariei having made two calls- j. o. carter, w. J Barblsi M Wsverlcg, John dark. Tom Mansfield, J. T, ! mark, oayle Muaaey, B, a. Ocuoa. b - users, i bail's, J V William o r. n bin. Hope O. C Coles Is a week end visitor, I'.'ikc bauiu came up on days. Saturday for Fri here k n : is ai the Lodge, i, a. Stolaroff has returned from hi I Week. rle has Joined ins family why Mexd'-m 7ara;r, f.-r i and ttM ' Hea( bl Art Hank budding.-Adv. Mil much -'l do overs, 17 fj Ity ati inai Hearing on Charge of Theft Over $50 Is Held James Parker is here for the week end. Mrs. it. w Braaddui who baa been we mtsft of '.lis o. ic icium for a row da -, hss returned to Fd I'aso. Mllbui rl.e.ld ha" returned to Kl laao, liter a few da'- s heie Mi. Elizabeth steveni Kije.t, .Mr". H jlus Trimble. New Y I rime -je al' ti e.pondent 1 as ' .N M.. August 10 - The new en inn dredge, wttcn was reeeolly un-1 aded and let up at Montoya. wa. caned scroll the river near the Anthony i.i .itr Sun lav Water w is diverted at I "ah irsr an yi' suia anui' ieoi w auow j ana It lo crois. on it Considerable trouble has been eiper- Th-i.r..d In handbmr Ihe big machine o-t arcoiici of a shortage of labor. It will le put io work immediately on the west sole dUpuil drjin.ie.-e canals. A J. Hab's court aiurdiv ami I ".'I c as given 1 hearmK on the i harre or theft over l.vi. Th. uOM star Mm,- company argd Mr. camp-bell with dispo.inir or two tires, two tub', and oilier articles belonging to the complaining witness. The del. n1ant testified he bought a mrjipo frog) ihe Lone star company . I ::.' machine, leav.i.K the tire. a v n i " Crawford, 1 Cole. .anon alley i 1 C. ' lahtiee, Buward, o. i ni s as til its reasoni f' i depirtiire? i TboM wbo rjoBtantpiati marriage with ODi whom they have gbOWn but a IbOft lUme should be made to relliXI lhal lluue is a wide it. tiding llni between infitua lion and real LOVI 'Ihe OIM SOOT wais Itself out; the other la-t through long yean or devotion. It take a mighty ar lection to cattle . unci Id take on re spooetbUity t'l r.ie rebuffi a1"' itrtig gi. to do and din everything for a M. . f I ' If i woman', -xseei sake. le-n c,e two nsignia on it is Hat baa mated rtaitil: find out mat they lave made a grave mistake, each hope. Holrl l. hum. Caters to Comfort. Sll.i.i a week up '1 W. San Antonio, phone mn tdv. Small Boy Recognizes "Soldier of the Sea' wm for - Ik Bag.- a- ' mat-Ii car"! palnud II aid II.M tbl letf BeaCb'l Art Shop. City National Hank Building. - Tight A mong Women at Wedding in Carrizozo V. ,, .!, re aring waf not eumdu e.J By I a- M H e -pe, Rr U.DE8MAN Midi ill correspr ndenl. ,V !.. S ig'.- i,as bean appoi ape i.i to th-- Morning 'i,mes. i irrtXOXO, B. ., August 19 A big fight ariK-ng- women al a Menran end ding occurred here la.t nlrbt. In Which nt- one wuman's lace was badly lacerate-j si 15 William i and two more bOfOj heavy marki or the leu vi rin i :. ,i,o ne minred w men wi Bv Time., sj.ecial Col reif.ondcnl. Ne v Yolk. August I, group of yoimgsteri were playing on Riverside brue a military man, uro.d in l'ii. ami aeenripabled bv a young lady, ap-proacbed the group. The boyi itopped then placing ard. wiih nudge, and v-' llciilailon. wen- evidently Hying v, Iden t:-'. ii ,- man hi I naaf, A. the roung lad an i hei saeort draw nearer, one young. tor with an air "f superior knowledge informed Id. com panion. "lie's s united stale, marine. Overbearing the remark, th young lady oueatloned ine -man bo, ii do you ki ne l e marine "Why lady," exclaimed Ihe voung.ter, in- wear, an otnament n lu hat .how- one r hlg o em,ie ch i,n a,, accnor, but finite . -i v...,.., .eoov. i.i.r auu l.iJtriV .'Ivill.r,. fo itrt. Mil. a at once a revllrvtnan. an infant' vman Of ariilieiyman. Iloweve the tinted Mate, marine dreed In khaki Is still in enigm. P' rnany person, wm, lark the er- observation dliplayed bv mi .met: boy on lilnrslde Drive dace made vacant on the lioard of alder-I taken to the j,n ai d wide an attendant I A DAY & DP .50 HOTEL FISHER Koom With PHewtc Metf in r r Ja Vsreks ago hy Ire realgbaP '' Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C ASTO R I A wai apclvmg a solution or ilcono b ma ' ' one ol the w n en an lo mat's of tie jad stole the bottle and drank the contenti n wai eued with ronarxjlfftoni and a local physician worked " er lue man for fully in hour berore he wis pronounced out of dinger. Obituary Bir.v eiv-K Th tttfaol 'or, of Mi and Mm. J B. Mak. Ml Mundy tree. dl'd at lie- family residence at I o'clock in tbe evening, August l Funeral arrahvm'nn have not been lompleied. ."ndlur I' The World tnoie and so dos The Pi-larrltsl of Ui father from Colorado, sir fie Tran-'er A M-rage f. Phone 1'.. wa. exi...ied In tl I'no Sundly I Kan PUber, Prop Adv. es en hi mat Hie other will glow wary and let ' in or her out of the pk-ome bondage without having to shoulder the Idaioe Then It IS t"" late. For It 1. rigidly ion - i !' I tl at neltltei man re r wde should change opinion, aft r n.ai rlage on Ibil -S led fp.'.l. I, lie V. f'' tl,lr,iUI 1,0 Could break away from the marriage He with out one tinfering ragrsi offn frndi that lie has made the u, intake or his lire. Cold ,- tbl i.'trl Of i mm who can utter ir, .'i'l'ier.cv- toe l.. 1 goo 1 Lye" pi QUI whose form Ids arm. have eftclfelOd 01 wlio.e pp. hi, reverently given thi Ktiemn arMgrtate kin ib'-re i. no step ri take ii,, ra solemn than marriage ai cold is th" women who can bllfbel from the ronu ,r,. ra. married without good ami surrii iei t SSSOCI .ffesihg no i.e.t pang of regret She. is a woman without lander MM a 'ems'. Dower, r cd to took at, perhaps, but devoid of .w 1 trie... Iho.e rbo wed I r' aung tney made a m i . -ho.ild put the best r.'e ifcey can lull Ih iaau', msklog Ihe best of lore. lottery. ANSHI.Hsi TO l,HnPIMlKMH I i o'; e, t , ,-o ho.,1 1 f,e 'given to in ure allenUou. not lo print. I I e Ink. write .hurt one pare lner. Ad i drees BUM UMMf, die, pre.ldent stre-t, brooklyn. .1. Y.i llr.,e clrl . Hint lo rnr gov. Maud wr ' Mf ihe- Proiien arnl ISMeWl HI' h Lirncn ntoM ARrm ai. K Ik. Clue. IIi B.n.l .1.1 After I had OtMMMd the windows Slid obtatoad lomi railaf froni the guffocat log atniospliere r.r lily deserted apirl Hf, I sat down to felt ami gather my thousiitj Under ordlmry (Jnnanjtancai I would have kiuo.vii in, mediately wn.it I wanted to do and would have directly .ought its a" ompll ihmenl, but my uai lowing a in at encei of the last few weeki had unnerved wa and in.y I 1 1 1 I . g ly through H" re. i- xer. He gentleman speaking -ecio.-d to anile, that tiler, was something WrOOf wiih ine and lie re rrialned oil KM line. "I. Ihern an1, fnrili' r Infoniiatlon I ran give yout" he aaked. afl'u a bmg llinf. "I do not know," I replied hopelessly, ".No, I suppose not.' Slowly my b"ad 'auk upon my hreasl llow long I remained in Hus benuuilsil win Memedand neipieai no in nun i r,Hinoi no, bui when my sense. l,,o ame once m,u n t. rtie natural thliiK lor me to do was to MlapbOM 1'' Ailiiut, and ims what I rmaiiy derided io do. it wa. necessary for me io o, ii, uit the directory lo get Ml orir." number, ao eompleiely bad tl"' small llihigi "I my former every day life len engulfed in ih' tragic events ibrough vvliu ii i had pMSed, Then I it:..i - ne diff uliy m makitig DlyMlf un rSagftootl. .Mr. pirnbroke office, pIMie," i ui reetad riuaiiy w :, i bad the h 1 company's operator And then, IS an unfamiliar vfiloe an. wired, "Mr. Put bi oka, pbase. " Thero was a Ionic pfVI!. although I was aware Hut lie person who had WlWired Uv telspbooi "en hi i tbe i i elver at nil ear. Finally the r sj g rarne Mr Pembroke t. no l sire." it wa. my lorn now 1 1 i "loain illenl Arthur not then ? It nil MWMM 1 bad not counted KpOV "Will he be 'ii Soon-"' I inanig'i si leugtfi to "Why, no. Mr. Pembroke la not In the city. Will you tell me what yon wl.ti'' 1-o.Blbly I can give you Ihe information you want." Another long Au during which I racked my pOOf eomfUMd brain lo learn w hai was best tr. do "WbM lll Mr I . mhro.e reiu.u ' "Wall s moment, pilUS. md 1 will Inquire." I're.enlly another p.r'on l""k up that end or the MMwHIM i v.as en-defitiy a per.'in of ."ine authoriiy, for be .psike kriakty, in eoanal v the hlllinr manner of ine first pel son. "Mr. I'embroke , ailed la.t night for Europe," be said. W do not egperl him to return ror everil we'k." Ihe blow was S'l'h a noshing one that f wai .tunned. I could not spesk. "Hello, hello, Im-iIO," came f, me falllt Hotel Milium. ' atari io - o" 'i p.a i "k up. sith 1 W -all AM loo I I me IVI -Adv. I aiiiv i' ' i i round niyself in nkmr ol Mn lam hoi ird Bon i wiihed teat ihe were hi Ihe city. How ijuicklv I would summon he fo mv side, arid how she would riy to mo! Hut Hie last I heard pf Maiiam was wbon she wioio me from Paris lhal she wan walling b' verify Hie siiapi' Ion that b'ir uriclr had been .lain liy ihe or ,' in ins. Then I thought of Evelyn Phillips and shuddered. Whal torture she must have endured and mull still lie didming: Sim ir I Mold have brought myseir to do It I rnubl not seek her out. And aside from nie.e there was not cine In all that great ciiy whom I knew well enough lo call upon in iidij lime or trouble. There was but one thing to do and 1 iroeo'-ded to do it Summoning Wllilgn I told him to .end ine a iimid, and then I , pri'i siod In lest ami regain thn .length j wiih h I .o mil' h need' d Aa 1 moved about the rooms I realised Dial Ihey were pro'lidy a. I had lefl them. Apparently nothing had been mm. ed. In my te-di " :n each plern of fur-nlture, ex'n Hie lot lei arible. on rov dresaing labia, ware undiaturbed. And as i went from room hi room I found that similar condition, prevailed It was II If every one had MMrM Hie place when I left it Then f notnd an egeaptlOB. BOtMttMnf IboUl my writing table at tfarte I in lltei t. o an I I bent ovr II. I pun II lav a b Her In Arthur's hand writing addressed limply. "Hosane " I caught my bteath as I pn ked It up and lore open tiie envelope. 1TO Dm I olillnued. ) t nlen a i er-' n Willi tiled, .'I- l.ilUJ fid corn., or calli Nate Hie imseiy nriiig. Report! now ibow that over on per vent of Ih' Xmeiiiuiii people' suffe, rrorn luiue form or foot trouble! ami modern footwear is -aid to be in iing au ilornnng un rciie m ihis pen outage. Tiicrerore, iiio foltowtng Mould prove or special interest lo readers: lie mlly in the treittnent of theie root Irnniiiea by patienis uamr Ice-Mint, these dlsilncllve I'nlures xxerii noticeable, i ne,!, a, lung, burning and swollen reel u, variably after lb" Hist application, win In In the liealinent or coins and callouses, Ii wa noticed flint arier a Tew nights' triplication, the corn or callous bad a tendency to loosen, and lu a sheet time could el lly I" Idled nut wiUi the fingers mot nnd all leaving tho surrounding .kin In nortnil, healthy condition. This, together with the fact thai lea-Mint cosls mile Mid is o easy ami pleas-int i" appiv ii i . 1 1 i absolutely h.uinic-s is no doubt responsible for Ihe high endorsement given It hy Sjieriall-t. as the surest, safest and most ericn ions treatment ror ! rtresilng font troubfet. When you slop to consider that tbe simple, pleasant process or rubbing a IHII' be Mini on tne foot at nlgllt Will shortly rid one of every painful com or callous, and will keep IbO feet cool, com-buMblo ami rcsied even on the hottest days, it i. any to underitand its great Hilarity ami wliv u i- now useii in ue.icly every Ame, nan iir'i'rir from foot in, lo gv, Ic'oMiot a Itnil mg belter. Adv. homo, aiiv ii" ihles Is advis. i i here is noth- I (M M V mi til III- I'l l K. By limes spe, mi i orre.porident La. i.iurea . August IP Manv of lb- county mad, especially the cnmliei Rest and the mad from La. Cruras to orsao, have been di.gged Bin Ihe re 'out rains, and are In much better run dliioii. Extenahre repairs nave also been road" on tbe grevel ,rfa- 1 road lu-sl west of Mr-vlCs Hrldge. HEMSTITCHING AD'I pi ".iail Ml Ii $ rm nil '.iii-l. 4 fnirti iMt ti)' ait CtpMt. 1. ...i c rs-r trfifly lr.i':iwl UNION DYE WORKS 5050

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