El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on February 6, 1918 · 2
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 2

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1918
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EL PASO MORNING TIMES, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6. 1918. Victor Supremacy W alz Service l - ,t,.T Ir-r: .... - .g-i-.-Jf world's greatest i i,iirAbook that every f.J ' IK!!.. 'I 'IwST''Onne in and tret a free copy of the New Victor SANITARIUM NOT DETRIMENT, SAYS MEDICAL SOCIETY ALIENS CONTINUE TO ENROLL NAMES Chamber of Commerce Directors Decide to Invite Baptists to Place Institution Here. Governor Hobby Lxpected to .'' i?itir i- hailing, r ma .Mis. Visit LI Paso March 2 as i L 1 ' 'rK b!l'y !""n ue GuMf of Texas "I I" M-n !r'"e M '""-' Mill O'clO-lt la.-t curst ot J exas U Men. , ,,,,,,. ,. ,ita at u,e, orr.ee after that i.oi.. Yesierdayi registranta Following tafmriti from t committee : bung the total for tin; two days up to 4.1. "" H Oiunty Medical society! A ruling in re-jrard to me aliens, sent rte'isr.nir tut benefits uoull Is dflv. r.ul v, the r-egi.trars throughout uiu'couti-rrom huge tubcrc.'jlosij sanatorium In try (jiotnt.it tri.-iii rtom changing thdr tiiis -;ty ami that such an insuutiori i ''-'''''1 '' l''-'J,'",',:', about ic'n-mttwut i!lr' tou or the Chamber of Commerce , del a, n.e. mo-I many imp.,! i.iut jm.'e la.-t night derided to eitend a cordial In- "" 'I'tioti or the vtar m tor tecum-vi ration ti the Baptists to establish here '"f '""'''" ""'I locations or pei -...... uolis lova! ti, ita; enemy nation the sirittt irbim they xxlll locate somewhere . ,,,,. , ... .. . . fw i.v rvi-!!arit vm, has ai l".!)'. I a; in tin; oiit!if it. this rommitee of , jioln ts lrea.i.rii-i t m i:ir ha, I,.-. o .r... liiiri'lirri' n v.no are now tourlntr tills wri -! I a,,:lj i"i iiiMti aiiis mm run iiai.i tor lion In nrr of s loration, will t,e lure ' '!'' A,) ,!i,v "'I ""-n to.lay. i,. l. Putnam was ske4 by thai r.'i.irar ami m cvny tM ttIe ! !' tavr mil Ii futingr "many, niany jltts an.t loiilion of ilollan," teiaes ; roioriii in um war. i (.hart Jtluiratr rgumrBt. I inofttraiio lus si urii-ot ft.jtii s larre ' f'tirt, hfjinr on i! ?.rnata uaJl. viitn mt reta'y hak-i's rportfanuation t,lart :i'l tint .-r P.i' -"fii!iiitii sliown togitlir, at. .r vii!u..rtii ralli-tt attention to the t!-!m va-l itorntitr of off tciai . imi-. ol;i'i.ii an 1 puifiy sfH!ory aiii:iPi. ; tioiao ani otnr botl.4 ti(.-h, Uf. f'-rinl. aro iw.t co-oMmsttd, con-'jltlng or iiarinofninir. (m ttip taiir.uris, the jonatrir deciarfd. froo'la rilu taed firK.rity orders t.ae rxpi.-d'j normal tiit.nipritn and tn tf ai-i ii pr cent of all fre.glit wa !V, tairlnrfj. i "W tiat Ins tha rpsnlt'" he ssked. " liO)i:i. jarn and comrf'tlon or our I railway tran,art"iti4n farilitic.4. Nearly I tori.i linn ir-nt I tj.i.d ..r minniii.1.1 More Than 20 Appear at Police Station; May Not Move With-out Authorization. Twenty mote subjects of th German entiiiM, termed ty tti (ro'ernment "alien i-netine," rel-itrrrd at Iiollce htadrj'iar- Si 1 1 :. . i. ' t it. :- :Vi ar--, - T. - j-?-- 3W." . ,ornc Rrcord Catalogue. Or if more (onvenieut, fill out and send us the coupon We will mail you a copy absolutely free. 123 V. C. Wat Co., 1.1 I'iiso, T rxan. lirast? mail to niy address Idlest Victor Record C'ntiilogup, also put my name on your mailing list. Name . City . . . . State Box No. . nplcle stock of Victor Records in the Southwest. :c demonstration room.s are maintained for your convenience. .argest and mo-1 com COM WAL Z ones 2070-207 1 103 So. El Paso Our M.nl Order Drpiirlnifii! Givrs Real Srrvirp Try U. dlcf ri'ir r-f niamtvr of fjrrirnrr to f tpiaip to thf. coifirnUteomfn that thU flty liit'-nrJi to artcr tM"tr propoi rnlMl'.ii rloIUr InslUi.tlon. The contmit-tf: f'infi the iiiud.ial tor ml y was ina.If; up of It. J. M. Itu-hrnorfJ, Jir. Jufui W. Tap- j I ' M .iii'J I-r. I'hhI 0;illa?hr. 1 l.turrnnr Hobby Invltt'd. A t'l'irrrim M to lie sent to Governor W. I', KiJ.hy cxiemljiKr a gtttjilorftfnMI lhH.itl'iri l) foirjf) to TI P3o. Ifft has h'--"!! IiaiU'I uid, It H fUM, Iha TPptr-l Jin Ihviuiiof! from (rrarlgatf tirm cr th: I nivTMHy of T'was Vi attcn'l a dinii'T M -in-1) if. Trtmplaln or Armv Drad Mnf. Merrhaiits on M Tavi Rtret Iclou' fourth, who ai rniiipiHiniiia that ihir b'jMuf-?) has hn-n tnjtti eil by tho "inoviii?: :p" or the military tiO'l J.nf to Foirtb ! -ifrrpt, nrr- to Jtn a-kffi 10 ro-op'-ralf In' ' ii fiiilny up (hat '(,! I(f sli'ft en lh;it itiiliiary fiijlli'.iih t insiy hi fl to e-ttMif tfi" Inif. A ( niimiitlff to work uilli the ru'"'' l iiuis In lamrinnur n nto'ni'til ro rh iin np HuiiDt IJ l'ao -tri;pt rnnsit of v, C. .Norton, (jcorixn H. hyun ana Jkr-inan Ainlrcifi. Hhlh l ine Canal omrnlltrr, C N. I ifit.se it whs naiiK-'l vi' r h'tlrman of il7 hieh canal roinmittp. Me will r.tl Tn iiif'-,!K-rm n-hiiive to tit canal iirl-my ? i j f n r the aijfiirft of I'. Niiitmn r'' i Hi" I .'c t fiji't-"), ch.nrin-iii, , cojuiiHltet', or which John M. Wyalt ttii.H iiht'-iMiifftl chairnini, l to bp appoint-'1 riorn arnofijr raillprnen to a.it In niakintr arrainr'Mnf nH ohlain a Mclal tram for fMctrate to tup annua! runvpn-tion of thfs ranhanillf; v uiiihwf-siRrn 1-Pm kinen s a-K-ftcifiitfin In lu.swell, N. M., 'n March. 'Mil conniulhe will work with W, I.. Amntieit, tcii'taiy of ttw a-oea-ti'-n, u ha'l alr-Hiy mado tcntntivc plaii for th' scri;)l tram Strrrlarv ( leinnitv Hcllrrs. At an crt PiHv( itH'i'tintf of the (Hrprtor !f wn (IrrlttfM iml to makn a permanent apiointrii'snl of "frn-tary unlil laler. -w , lu-eu iralfh- tnanafriT, 1 to t;ikf .)t to i,t thy nrrire lod-'I.V. liOoi K'! I'. ' hoiMTil-. (tin rcdrititf wecr'Hary, was not a raiidioato lor the position for the coining jar. FIRST TEXAS GETS FIFTEEN RECRUITS or ij;?iuni.y haA Chh t of i'ulK- to ifnijf a;i ! lo uii.-itur t J it"t, wnii Itic fiirl I. at iif..'ini1 1- !t -i Chin leg Pollock wishes o- w!if, aii not j,ur -' rtiull rfv!'jr or it tliey jiJiotml lt;)ort I'j.it tni'ir ca-t-s in.iv in; (i i-i iniii'''. i n y will Jj.j trcrit-ii coui kM,ii--l.y aiij fcivr;. eu:ry a.si.-taiji.x'. Alt h;!oi'iiat!'n (riven to Prtrihtiar UfOi.-ti.K.:! will tn-tiu-fl Hi -tri' iiy coii-rifK'.iipii. ,ii riariKa ur afliUjviu aic Pj L'i inaoe jjuhlto. Sainiti iy u the l;i-t rejfisti adon day, but tuo: woo f'ttttf under t tie namn ur ali'rfi n,e;iiU'a aro i ctpio-icii to import at h'ad'pi.u h;r- si-t-vioi to that day, if P"!.Tdl lo-Kitratton cards will he Kivrn tlif; reKuit rants Hi fiaily as po.-sibli; arid witiiiii U cl.iys of tlie Jat it:giaU ciihT j'ollork stal.'S that no estimate can ho i-lau'd on Hie minder of ail.-n ritcrniei in too 'iiy. th Im..-11'U-i'.s, Jj'w-cwr, Umi '-vri y r nut will n jf.aicr be fore the end f tin; urnk. BROTHERHOODS CHARGE RAILWAY MANAGEMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CONGESTION. MOVEMENT INAUGURATED: TO AVERT FACTIONAL i FIG I IT IN JULY TRI- ; MARY ELECTION'S. belle e 1 i.'i'i'i tint in Kiny J i. f,,r to. I I .1 t .1 I Ml I I ' 'I' il : ' ' il.lv I1 i I V " in I J.rtre I ' iriiiiioo '. i s NO. I Mr V n-ti-rt -i- ;i: . alti i . 1 Hil Neu I !!' a- I". In ti I - to It ! I Mr. i- 1 beeri "! ' I ' . It r . r ' .1 ' 1i. l.e a man lion. II:- i io. ;t I- r t.n t!,e i Mr. II. !-d nlnlr I.. Im of I.; J . i- I :i ii 1 1 'A . I I le i I HI,. I . . lie. t ii. jo , fire tiiio I' il fi.lllltV In Hi i" III- 'ii- o In ail tiit i-r .. i i : i i 1 lll-lri.l I r it - r- IImHI- v 'MiilniK lor n'tiii! tardy lavvjer ur ilil(t tlliirnev I rliih (lark. ii i- l.ioior in ..liter ii: irl.-t .Mtuniry ii i : ,i i, hi, i. tin . Ii.in- Hindi- tin-..I ol ti-io-l!iif 1. 1 looiii r ii tliliu ' -n i l (ill l in;, - o 1 1 1 1 m tn tin) ft.lli-.- i i r ii iu at u ,i - l.t-fii one or th-. i - -i . i- i i l irn- i.i I.I I'ii-n aihl l.i- In--- in ri! ! . UK UllS imllry "III Tor tllC .'1 Jul -Lite. v i. -i . in,. i a 1 1 1 r n f - I'f nntiiont It.- -I o- in Ill ll.it ii I K Mi in.- ;. ' . i - inirli' n"0. ihirilor III tll'M in iii. ' i. in- i e tloin rlitilh-il In -I i ii- I '. ' K M. hioil' v li.l- In -ill' Hl.niY . :-(! - (!,( 'i.io ri- i .Hii ti-.v fiii'l wHIma-- I- i ' "ihiiio.iiiii. nil w ho lni i' Iiiiiii- - .0 I.h "ill' r. I': I M. i Hii-'.i k I- 111'' liiilll vt lid 111 ' . o I . m-lii. ii. Ilk.. ;i fl'li.ni ruling ii l.(.-.lii'-. .iinl u i.-ti Ii il ttiiiii iiirlei , - 111. i'U- Ill- I'-lllilV lOi.llll nil 9 r,l-ll .li.il.-i '-(.-1 Imlo, k In new. In roll i 'lil.. no. I I n- '-like liietliinlH 111 1 -! 1 ' : K I':.' lllolli V .' :.imiia t" the tn i i lie I ii 1 1 1. 1 I'm- i, tin e one terlll. -, , 1 1 i ' ii i k ' ,i i i t, ilin mit Iiih tit .-t in lo.i 1. . n ell o lent rmilil v rli-rk a:iil - Iiifii,!-! n io lii'lvilik- to lil.i fiiii i'ort "l.e llll.li, 1 0 1 111- ill'l'ollll' '1 to tile o '.i '.Milt at liv ii.oii the ile.itlnii oi I II II. i ,t ii 1- et e iilril VMI'l lll.iklOK ' Me I til tr lllhl -Ii Hill lie ( ,e, t : lot, i- J"' lit'- .l.e Ite In .niy I. ' . . - ,ti k' , , .iik Hie ilo. Iv I of liN rum I .1ii,H". II , 1 .--.! 1 .-' -I I Otll L, I i-i '' and ltli Hi I. -t all lev.,. I Irani que-llo" In the aj,; . :, c ..llillii II:,.- ' l-rova! ol 1 1-.-me prom; ti;' lnitoe--. I.i-er lliou-,)-. -, eonrt t' I, i and woe I-e.iurt nrit. r utr tn He .' rrurt. like .i Itx rntuliieo i 1-uttiiiir mt i rtnne linn ii i plaint or ii-and Winn v re'triplnm "l v. I! I , ., vi'io e: ,in, i Itt.'t -lis e ll Ii;. v I Ill lor I ' -1 r. etlv l.i e . il- e i I 1 1.1. 1 ollei 1, i - 111 1 ilttliltik to-, ol III ,. !,. il'i.l IO , ,111111, .iill.e . ' . II,;,! ,11, en- II, :. i.i . , i, ,., i ,ii i ntr a (i.-iietitllv I, Ii'-ltikt one no, tiiis l out , h.elie, I, ' fo lit,, rot II Pf II'.' Il liil-e.l I! nil rei ft Ml IV' e r,' I'.i-i; ,i . ii of I . - i! ,e, .HI.I liV lll.llililir tin -e I I v.:l i l the Itiivtiv elili ln i-. me .. t"e ofllei . .V.I ll:r i , , , i. I . .-iii.i. li a , he, k ;.l in .rl II l-,, k lo Hie ml. o. .,. I iv i oiie. Iii.il. IMi.le by till-, , lo! lllil-i'V I. itw li.jwr tieell ,i U ill I ' I 1 . il i I ii. V I l, 1 , t - the Or, - !.- el hat o r I . " lite l.i Hie i-ltv, ( ol-te. I-, l,t- . .e- into t' e tlrhl il.'l.; Illiiiv. s t ' . oi'.e It. il. 1 l.e I IV mill'' I ol s I ft i i- I. l ow . ;ie or to.. I -1 J t.-iii.ii ii ,1 i :n. ' ,i in i liner ti e niy or !! 'ff le i I I' I itr i-i-.-.Il l I." t lellli , 1,! is: A U.W. S4-S7 ThR W..I.K ' Wt lOJIlilf'I'U t M , T 1 1 v. ,, .,Hli ( itU- N I'D i. mimiii im i-;, iiiihlilM water. 't inn! .(i-ine in firry n iitn I nn ihili.tr n tla h'.o I in I r-. Ii. ( l WW. Mur. SUB. t , le, , I ... Ilii' I '.II .-. ire I... iir M'lv -l o,i ,e .i ! .1,iliti- 11 - T t I ' i. i i , :u:o I,. hi i nil ihc ,1 lif eir-e l-oftihll K-e1 nil .1 Jo lie .1,1111.-. II. Ill'l el- 1-t otll f, r le er, o. , diet J'.i-t., .1 of the . l-;l-i e -t.tt or 'Oil ni ("-:i!ii iitul lie M'tn to !... "' "i-l- 'I'" .1 mi 1 i on, !M bears the , 1 1 -1' u.-tioii of I )',- the v"ui,.'-t i-otniiv t.n .jH-i-or tn the mule, n nl-o eiiilit.-l , :ll I IV;!:- ni.i.le ,'. -.l iliirnor II '!'-! Ii:ni .,r oi'i,.-. or i mi t.'iei,. I in mi eitij,r.ill-in or v ilnrs ll.at ri"',. I-M'ii.ver, whether small or lilif, Mill re "tie ii Miuani ileal. ii. perreeicii the reeulil. In n, nirire nn, I hoii.H a -i-h-lll lh.lt IJ -ei'on.l to imiio in lull-. ' .-(iii.ire. ieai" ic;m r u the iri-or.l lll.it .lllillee llea.el ms lll.uli; lll.-n lielnji iii oiine. lie li.i - ii nn. i ni i rit-iiil.-. who in ll"t lllheve II ,k.-l Uiiillri Hi loin-I'.eli: itlllmiit 1,1111 on II. Mia Mvlil Winkler, nullity pi honl sn I" I 111 e Hl,-n I , r i-hlilieil. Ijiuie Inillj aii.l "h" ''I-i-. In Hut lie, lit ni ,;.,,ii!,;iii; olHl ol ihu Jll-t I'll 1 'IJ jiiillool M stelln III tile flute. lief wink lii)- In-ill llljihl) l.iiit-eil ,y Mi,eriiii.-iuleiit ImiiKtiiv, ,,ii -l He .-i.ii,eiin!e:iileol ol niLiiie ni-lnie-tioha III olln-l ft.ileft at v,il as tins une. Unell Mini Winkler Will riceteil to otll, e iiiiiii or the, county fi'liooN were heinii eoiHliiel.-il III llholie l,a.k. All lllli I HI llhlllKeil. I he I'inillly li,,l,i I, . -.i-l-i Minn! ol Hie Iiiie.sl M-hool Imiiii II, 1-s hi nil-, or aiij, oilier i.e, ti,,n, iiotahie nun !,k wnn li am lite in ami Men, .t,.j .Iinl Millller nehiiiil lllllhlllilfi. M"K wink-lei ha- nioilernieil Ine muiiH -elinoi m, tiiai loiiay they enjoy thn liikhe-i jmi ?:l.lu j ll.iiir. t iniiily Atlurney I rer. r.iiinty Atlorney I'ryer l.as nia.le the lei. .1,1 lor tileless a.tllllj ill tue IIO-. e, ni li -u or l.iW lol.ilol . .-illnrte l.aiiile.l he , oiniiiiie.l a c, trni, ainn n.-ainst ni.-.u vialle.l wueiai ,-iui,a mni w,i, ie-i,ii.i. hie o llle-t- I'-MliK lleeonlf ,u lout ' oiliil.v Alio I I yei :a, niUeel, il lliole line, nn, ill-linl vi 1110! e ia-f. Il'lll flh. i, I liH nil, ' e-in The o! lire llj llilllllieleil ,y hllll li-H lil'nllli lit niiiiev t., the roijnii ati.l the ta.fa j s llt-lr.l,l id lielliK an exiieiiie, J, I. lire Hull I-. ni ieallliir I-i ine lotelf (ni il -e, ill, I lei 111 ell hli lenil.l. ,' , ii'ilili'il witti inakihK B'joJ iliiiitti in- lll-l lei ill. t i)miii1svliiii-r I ourl. As Inr the i , n in 1 1 o . n.-i". ' loistl, ,m lio-ifl or i.iiiiiiiii.-iiiiii-i f William- iin.i I. yon, tttc two i lly i ,iii'lili...ii'iier, i oin nii"-l,,ler 1 -- It'll, ol Vsleila, ami i.oni lllik-liiiiei- lle.iiinif ,,r .oi'iirio, Jiiilmi .Me. I lllil.'i'k ilei-lare, II l III.. I.e. I In! !H ,', i "tntn:. -it, iii'i h' i-utiii jios-itii,.. i i, mini.. -I, ,'I'T VMIUmil'-. I,ei il lillllket, l I'.HI- l-iilrreil Ine Itiiiinenil iiemils and the otll- el i",lll!l!.-:oli' I - f.V(,o,' In I'ldlll ie I.i'.neiv I iisine.s l.v his a, hoe. n t'.u lonnni.-ioiiei n hiileie in a.iheiioi; hi a poll or .-Itl' l eniliiiniv In C4VI-J-. ink" 011 t!;o eiiniili ,s Inifinev-.. i : " 1 1 1 1 v Ire.i-iner A. It. W ehh has ma,ie to. He thin r I ilurtiiK lti nr.-t lenn an I -o l. out tup a seroii one, uiee l.i lint In oirn e he has pained ihe ieni. i lilt - II Ol in ill ,'lie ,. o IM.iKt an-, il fl'.i.lilllig olrirels lii the i nn! l hotiie. Lieutenant McKcmy Si(?ns Up Good Representation in EI Paso's Home Company. I iflern remilti were olitained je-ter-dny for H ra.o's tmil nt t.iiinp Howie, ( nmpiiiiy A, lllit Infantry, lielter known in Urn llrst leias. All the men were tlKiied np by Lieutenant (ooper Mr-Keniv. who lint ripened an offle? In room 1 wo llepnMlei linUilinir. I letilennnl Mekeinv Is nero for recruits t,i t ihe Hie piaees or meinliera of Captain Hiriiaril HurKf s- i-onipany, who have lieen tranrei-i etl to other nniK lie iiolnls out Hint tlih ! I tin opportunity to Join a company ni.nle up enlirely of homo boys, boys who will go "over thrre" tonether and tnpi'ther will niarrti onto Cerinaii soil. The rollottlnir retoluiioii, inirodnred by John M. Wvatt. was adopted at a meetlmr or l'ie ilr,l id nlrertorj of tlio chauibi'i' of eorimien e la.l ntKtit : "He it resolved liv the chamber of rnm-nierre: Hint bavins meal c-onridenre, In raplain II. F. Hunres and Mu)..r 1. J. M.-i aniant n pride In the ronip.inles I II e y coiiini.iiiil. c'liupoeil as they are larirely or I I I'ii.-, i iii.'ii, iiiiil our trreai desire in have llio-ii i-iiiiipiiiiles eontinne their hh nlllv lis I 1 I 'a-o lilllli of mil' armv 'll le.nin for France, we give our hearty eiiilni'seineiit t., the effort to obtain recruit- from Una cilv to brlnir tho.-e coin-1 .in u s iii war ureiiKlli. Further, that we n -k our iimnir tiieit suhjeel to draft tn lioniednii'lv exercise their option of Jem-it, t i iiuiiii liurpes anil Miil'-r Mci.ani-mil in-lead of being- asiKHed to the imli-'lial urtiiy. o:i,iiiriiif-'l From pinre One. l.."itl a day nil Ji,l.-.-t-lnre!' HaliTiT would receive If the full lli- (-rea-i. wen- rilhiui'd. I'.afrKflireineri would be iiirri-.i-o'ii from (-.'. tn '.r.tHi a ihiy, iirroritink lo territory, to H.w, llnnmi-n would advance, from n.t'i lo ki. iii and lirakemen from f.'.!..', to O.iil. tin thronxii frelirht tralna, the rnu-ttuclorii' pav wouhi advance fiorn S in ami s.i, nn ii mile tn .nr.n and riaicmeii nii'l lirHkeini-it tinin .ii;'i",7 i t S iiii-l. 'I I'D ,:iy for i-oiidnelnrs on J-'iciil rrrnrhts would he .u08 and IliiKiiien anil liriikemen .(ili-il. Yard rolt'lii.-ii wnitld lie inrreaieit fi'oiit 1 t-'i l.) i-'i-iiij iiinl helpers lioili fl.f.11 to Mr. Mot P. n .-aid Malt, it i ntren1, whom In- riiariieh'1'i.rd a.s the bu-llie.- lepi','.--.il.'itlvc.s or the roild-i and fi"W' or tti" liiiventment, receiv-ed on an :tv crane a-.'.' h week compared Willi lln- (Lit panl tint rotidlieinrs anil r.i pnt.i the euk-ineers. who-e standarils ot UvHi? vscre sinill.ir. Ai rei'ic.-etilaliv i-s now ol' the atovern-luenl, lie i.;i1,l, Ihe iinents shimM receive a. riini'li a pii.-ilnia-ter.s, al-thoiiKli their j'ay K'-herally waa aiiout one-lialr. Watchmen Ponrlv I'ahl. Mr. (.iivie said Hie titcn he rei.re-rr-iiteil wen paid vei y low waiies i io.ssintr sw it' lnuen ror instance, re-celvtiKt nn ',tIlo roads fl.r.u a day ror HUliours' .,,rk. He ilei lareil ihe -afety (d tbo illhtlr denianiled better trealtrieut lor Mich turn and urued that wfiRO Inrren.si's for them, bair-Bairpnien, Trclirht handlers, flellvery clerks and t.ther oulside workers i- In mi Itl ranpe from fully per tent upward. Mr. Hart particularly n.'ked that slifiial men Miould nut roniinue to he Iraid on a monthly bn-1". irrepeeiive of linurs or work, a hn-ls whh ll he, said applied only In tliern of nil r-itl-l oail employ Or . Their pay runs rrom to fhiil a inonih, and he cited ln--tanrcs of lurn who have woikei r, to IS houi's a day for -.'I con-ci iitlve ilavs (liii'mir recent ba.l weather, without any rtra cfini'cnBatioii. u. S. TROOPS MAY BE PUT; lur""" "r,"r s ON BATTLE FRONT IN BELGIUM. alone- our Atlantic coast, billed to France I and Italy alone, -.nrm, g,a deteriorating I raoidiu In Some piares loeomotive boil-1 en and (rr at plies of sitelis and other im- 1 porlaiit iiiateroiis have been dumped out upon trie irround and lie rutt.ny III "inter weat'iei ." Ilrtnrtlinn Coal Industry. Ilevlewiiiif the government a handling Of the ,,,a indu-try. tt'e senator Mitd: ' As a lesuit ",.r in. k i,r pi.iiiintr e have irieai coinrii unities starunir ror coal ami an order l.-.-iied by the fuel aclminis-trai tton e,osiiv dnw n thousands of rac-t'-r.e and throwinir out of work hundreds of irioii-ands or men and women, eotstinir rniiiions or dollars tn wasres and delayed product, and ri ipplmir, Tor the tune be-inir. those very a' tinli'-s upon uimti we nui-t depend for t.'ie winnuiK of the war." "iither einei nencies will overtake tti," Senator Wadauorth amid m toneliiiion. -Ir we are wise and prudent mid far sighted we shall establish forne asenry Hi our govcrntiieiu whether it be called a war enhmet or by iiiine other name, who-.', luemhers hall it around a coun cil table i-very day. mornuiR, nooti and iinriit, aiid devrile their whole time and eveiy alnhty toward workirur out In ad- vaiee tie inethods of meeting and over column ine einerfrencies.-' r-eriiitor Wailswiirth replied to aser-lions made by Senator Wllli'is, Iiemn- erat, ye-ierday that the proposed war citiinei ii-mslHllon wat "stupid." 'The legislation springs from men whom that senator, nor no one, ele can say are Mupid," he f aid. i.anlel w illai ,1, president nr Ihe Baltimore and ''tlio rallcoari; Bernard Barurh, Dlreetiir dirrurd or the council or national defen-e. and ".vaddlll i.atchltii, chairman of the war coininitleo of the I tilted t-tne; Chamber or Commerce, he ssirt appeannir herote tite senate e0m-mitlee, all urged the renirallzatlnn of au-llinrfty -in older to brlnu order out or cliao.." "I submit that these men are not "tophi," he roiiiinued. "I submit they know more about It than any senator oh thlii floor or the avernice armv orrleer. I his legislation spnntrs from the expert testimony of thesu men." linker Mnkcs: lniiriivenient'. The .New York senator conceded that reorganization of the war depn tment as mailt! by secretary Haker bad resulted In Improvement, but contended It urrecled that ihparuiient only, bueli cltlens as have been summoned to aid the Kovern-uietit en act under the etisjiuif law onlv In advisory capacity, Knirland, Canada and France, he reminded the senatn, have been compelled to centralize authority In the purchase of supplies. senator Wad-worth contended the munitions director lull would leave solely to ihe president the power lo determine how Inr munitions piircha.-lnif should be centralized. "There Is nothliifr tn the hill." be said, "that Interferes with the navy purchasing- system utiles the president should so decide." Hie Urni-h munitions control, tie said. j saven me-iiriusn army by mohlllzliiif m- iiusiry anu no one In lug-land would abandon the system. The fuel res'.ricilon order was cited bv the .New York senator as an example of lack of co-ordination between kuvarn-ment departments. Althnukti iho order closed flown establishments workitifir on orders rrom Hie nirrralt produciion board, members or that Imlv testified hrrrtre the seni.ti- ruilitmv cnmiulllee, he slid, that they did not hear of the order until the; night it was Issued. (nil He .So Teamwork. "thin we empire such a sv-su-m?" he' denianiled. "Can anyone denv that that I is a faulty system? There Is no place In' W'ashiuyton w here these thlnirs can be 1 ihoiiirld out. I here Is no teamwork. I I he official bulletin on January la pub- j t'-iieii in int. puoitc una ine world a it-t or all raclorles that were exempted by the order," he roncluded. "And when il ci lines tn talklnir about (riving aid to the enemy It niiL-ht well he sugiresi, d that the censor or the ''nited Mates he censored." In concluding-. Sen.ttor Wadswortlt said Hat without needed co-ordination by a body to make and direct br..ad war plans ute n tiiou is --criieuy handicapped. - -ieriiitiir '1 houi'is. a'l'emocriitic niemher or the military committee, announced that he would address the senate on the subject next Frldav and did hot reply today as had been expected. Apparently that closed the subject for the day and the senate Hirned tn Hie ad-ministi-ntiiiri bill to piovide rr the moid- Follow the Crowds To the Standard Cash Stores WHERE YOU PAY CASH AND PAY LESS For Your Groceries and Heats WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY SPECIALS pkesj. iint Join i iua Pan-calso Flour for 25r: 1,'uart can clva Syrup for. ,2H; gallcm Vc-lva Syrup for. ...5."k; I larfro i-aiis Alpine .Milk for. 2.1c Ismail raiia Al)ine .Milk for 2."c loHn lirajui J'urc Irpain- i-ry Butu-r, i-r III 57c IK-esH HutU-r, per Hi 50o ouiid.s KaiK-y 1'otatwH for 25c jolpouriils i'ancy l'otatocn SI. 30 ISt AND SANBORN COF- THE WORLD S BEST r0V Ivltlc O-Cedar Polish for 4."o $1.0(1 (fcn O-fednr Polish for Ode $1.25 iW'iiiur .Mop for $1.05 75c O-Idar Mop for 65c $1.00 hii! llorlli-k's Malted Milk for 90c 50c uizc Jr jrlii k's Malted 2 pounds new crop Prunes! for 25C Fancy F-vaporatcd Peaches, 111 15e 5 pounds Fancy Head Itlcc for 55c 5 iKiunil.s Fancy Pink Beans for 5,1c 2 cans rood Tomalors for. . . 25o 2 cans Van Camp's Hominy for 25o Iliumond lilend. 111. .2. o Anchor Itlenil. Hi ..Oc ( ru-adc! Itlenil, lb S.V? rj-lli. can C'rii.'sade ISIi-nd. . .$1.0U Milk for ..45c Ijirse can Van lump's Pumpkin for ..15c Gallon can Green Gago I'liiitijs lor 50c Gallon can Pet-led Peachcw for 60c MEAT' SPECIALS Fresh Home Mnde llamhiir-cer, lh 20c t-'ri-fsh Homo Mado Pork e-niiiHgc, per Jli -"lie Fancy Pork ( hops,, per lb.32!c l'aiiey I'lckleil Pigs Feet, ir lb Me Fancy jHocf Stew, jier lh....lo We Deliver Orders Amounting to $1.00 or Over at the STANDARD CASH STORES You Pay Cash and You Pay Les. ONE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. U. S. Food Administration License No. G-29505. the nations with which wo aro associat ed," Chairman Flood, of the roreiirn affairs committee, declared In the bouse In- day, in presenting the diplomatic and con sular appropriation bill. The chairman's 8sertion was In con nection with his discussion of colonel Houses mission to Great Hritaiu ami France anil xvas n ade tn Ihe course, of an outline civen the house of the suite department's xvar activities. As the result of the work of the mission. Mr. Flood said, a complete understanding exists of precisely what the allies need rrom this country and exactly what this country can lurrilsh and when and how. Fnder the secretaries or slate, war and navy, be declared, the country will Turns!! "more in men and means than was expected or us." The appropriation bill as presented by Chairman Flood carries SS,-.'fi6.'S7 roc the next fiscal year, M.uoo.onu morn than the current appropriation because, of increased xx ar burdens. The Increase provides ror tw-enly-five new secretaries, to embassies and legations, many additional cleiks. augmented secret funds and other allowances. Willi the stale department's sanction. Mr. Flood told how- the Japanese mission's visit here resulted In exchange or note between Secrtiry Lansing and Viscount l-hli, which, be said, "moved rouses of friction between li is two countries and xiorks for peace In Ihe far east, making quite remote, the possibility so often discussed of trouble between this countrj and Japan." "Hationing of neutrals, involving an interference of some (if the vital supplies of such countries as Holland, Denmark and Sweden," he said, "is a matter calculated to croite intense Irritation, with the tangible ri-k of its developing tnt-i enmity. Too much cinuot be said or the splendid manner m which the state do-parlinerit handled this delicate situation 'I here is no friction with any of the neutrals grow lug out of Hie course which our government was compelled to pursue will reference to these matters." Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA xT I It the fleet corporation, because of s lack of authority In carrying ort his xvork. Ho said Chairman Hurley allowed subor-dinai.'s hi the corporuhou to report over his head. Some of what he called the shortcomings of tlio hoard were, cvcu-ed by the w itness on Ihn ground that in,, nrganla-tion was evolved "mpiiiigiit" and that its lack nf business meKiuds was partlv due to the fart that It bad no business standing such a-private corporations haie. The rmnuiittee has shout concluded Its Im esiuailuii or the shipping board, but It xvili meet again at l'ie call or Chairman Fletrlicr lo t-ike up -nine minor mailers. VXIKPK V 711 I I ItMSII tltlHK Ml AMI MOVFV lllll V n TIIVN ANY (IM. 'I HO! fill r I'O.SIIII.E. by as.,,, ,,ir,.,i Press. Washington, Feb. 5. The I nitc.-l states w-iii lurn.-h more men and money for the war in a 'Tar shorter time than has been the fondest hope of our own people or I . ts. VMAIIII.lt HI Ml. At". c.'ii.Hliiius ih.il prevailed at the various weniher hiiiciti stations throughout the I oiled Stales at K p. in., sevebty litth meridian tune, yesterday: , Wind. L Ten. p. M'Allii.Nrs. i .- 2 V- I SENATOR WADSW ORTH SAYS WAR DEPARTMENT SYSTEM ONLY CONGLOMERATION. LEVY GROCERY CO. I Mil let I t . XI I. (II III Us Phones 505 and 50G 418-420 E. San Antonio St. 0 pounds very bet -; t ft pounds liesl 'eii'.n.s , til ape I run, eie h .... 3 pounds Vales ..... f- pound I abhsge . . ew Codn-h. per' pou., I. at ge ran A-pm sius . 1 ran I Inia lie. mi I can hncrota-fi 1 can Ills. k "ve Piatt rang Jl'iriiinv Usrs White Mar S".ii. iFul lleeelveil New .t'.c 1 ,,' W hite II "l" Cntree, po'iud.. hillings' i offee, pound .... I ri v s luenil. I'.iui.il Mne.l ,-,i, p ,.:1 sinsll I oi: i. at, In s i up iTiiii.,-. ih ITe i'She-, lb He, l.'.i l a. kig' s ec,lel llaisius , .' IPs Apples S'l'-l k' mil. itl I Hi rf" I'lil Pl' kies, doil 11. .. . V . .Ills lolunto. s si'c! I'le 1-,,. !!!!!! Tit Inc and I ,c , t: I Jc Col. Theodore Rooscvcll Operated on )or Abscess liv .sni,1l,'i1 l're-. le -ter Hay. Y V, I , b. Hi" , hue Hnosi'Vtlt i:iiliiwent an opeis- !,-:, 1,. ai'Slt-s a fru dlS ds(i. It be- cnii - known luilnhi ,.n his rruitnsl from Im i .mo m .lew York. It xv is under--e ', Hie "I i 'I 'ii w.i - r a miiinr char U' .. i. AV .NV Mill, lie .... MtnllllO ... Aiunta i hictnin ... I till ll.lliltl . I'CIOIT .... I'ululh I I. IAn ., 'talvesion ,, Havre an-as Ciiv I. title Hock I i s Alleles ......S I evv Orleans... -F. ( luoncl x x,,iik vv l-hoenu NV HllsWlll ,V M. 1 mils -.ale l ake Clty....F sii Arili'titii s--in Francisco. .MW -.etl le 'entile K his western Washington v (A tS 41 4.1 Heartburn Worse Than Heartache Nothing So Quickly Mart Beauty as a Sour, Gas-Filled Stomach. Take a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet After Meals. Then Eat What You Like. j I.' .ft) I 4'i IS 1.' 11 llclow zero . .sin ..air .41k- ork State ( heese. Hi MAM. (MIDI Its 'l I.N I'lttJMIT A I I I VI ION Deliver leu al 10 a. 111. mid 3 p. in. Saturday extra delivery til 0 p. lit. a I I " eolonel hi- l-J'li-l lie, h !,' mil the r.d-trcss he was tn deliver In ti, i-i ii I'h.'e 1 1 it- i hamper ,.t i oiiiiiiere, t. i.i' t .. r.ighi II,- had planned In Ic.m t-ill'. i n ., II, ike S, hires. e9 in lu'lnilt ; r- i, toe. f. i xulttatikee. I -I lie! Ilno-ilelt has snrfi'1,.,1 al In., irinl. ttyo I'-'t - i'oiu a lever contra, led hi one! f&sakaC ion ic Sss. 0SI me Hint ol me camps in Cuba during Hie w'an-, LVC9 jaickn eli.v. im Mvttlf i-tl li M'd on hi" Itrszilinn trips ,,UI ! " l,,.0.a. kj t . .mit- n t."k a nial.gi.ai.t orm anil . W! No smarting, in ,,l , ,-s developed which has tin 'ible,! "' trs Comlori A' l-i,gguti o. inn m i i' iuis nines j by mail 0c pti Boms Murine f ff Sllvt UN nn- i i vn "...o, ,.. n. I ,n Ttibet ?r Foi Bssk si Ibe t)S flf C shidh.'d.'u.is.'.Vij Mr'nn h" "L,,SB Mm CO.. CWtW SnrP Graoilatei Eyelids, 'Coiitiniieri li-ein Pane One 1 tn.n has resulted fri ni.m" utter lark-or I'liiriinnir or from a lacs: or vision, the plain rut is that we have im ak-ency in our government todiv ,-harged with' the duly nr prnjoi-tinir Us vision tar Into the future, mil i ,-1 j.ntillu- tin' enicrireucles wiu.-ii rtiiv and laiinir the plans by xvllich we can meet ni!,I evercome them. "No one til hi senses would propose th-t aiw- otlit-r office le cieaie.l p, take swav from the president iti. powers the consllhition confides m rum. It unmet be il.ine. It IS lU'thl'ikihle. hill Ihero ! Is nn idice tn XX s.-h!!itflon where the , needs if the friliinlieti and jdans tn meet thein cm ,,. r-, .i.-iu topether, co-ordi. j Hated It". I sett'ed upun t I'nsk 'loo lllii for One Vlan. "I reihe Umi sain' mav enno-nd that the ii,.s!.!,.it , si, imk,. al i,f,e ,le. ciMum. sun li-ereiore ihce is nn n,.e.i ,,,r "ii any ad:lilioriMl elrnnul In mir war-time "I nut-Inn"! v, in- coiii.'iitio'i is thai le he K'lever sn ahle, in, president-!)., human i 1...... ,,rr,,.r A , .! utterly impossible t, r one man to ex- : ' '"to f-l the-.- liilri'ille i"esthilis. ts) I "" " ' ' nr, 1 I. s!il. are ti t Imur on rne.'juli !.. ; ' ' . 1' " r .inn. Me, ', w as ir,. ..i cpilry, scn.-itnr WsitsoerTti .-aid It had Mi ' ' ' ' "I "I H e mound and ...I'1 I- '"' -e't'uate all simy . tivlties wnirll llililit Jusprv Inrj'llrv wnnli in.' petnut Ihe c-xtnniitire to fii'.sh its work .Itirh'ir the present cesiums ir con-aress. 1 "In h.-ith tli ci-ihiiiire ae.l nitarter-masler's dep-irtnients." he n,i, .-,!,, .... envered a , litre,.. sin -t o. . -'-T,. -.e who mien led evev ffav became deee'v tmoresst- l wtiti l'-e p., ., purrtiase and prmtifl--n an I I'dlial dis ' i "."I' M or l' e m-i stn tut ,.; supplies , "li. t he 's.r..,, On- sn indosli ,:tl ,,pem.-, II, dl, (I'd that ndhliiiv men. with rire, i'.-s p- r inn .-..e r bringing ! abmti the best results -All or the exp-M rhlltirs sppesrinc ef '-e '-e r -""it, ttce Senst .r X-S.1,wr..t, declared, tett.r'd n Hie s.m.e diie-tloo 'i,..er ci.!it..il.sii,,ti ,,f si th, !,!v e-t ih pshp.1 hi eferrablv bv -labile w .,oe de. cisii.iis max- I,, pieinpiiy lea. tied aii.f g, renied as rini " i I l k of iTcpsrsileiifss bcfuie tha w ar. I eat.Vdx i V. S. Food Administration License Numlicr C-O7022 NATIONS' MARKET 220 MESA AVE. PHONE 2576 FANCY GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES WE HAVE A FEW BOXES LEFT Fancy While I'eaiman Apples, (special, box $2.15 Fancy Hen Dnvlsi Apples. Special, box $l.9 I holec Mo. Itppiu mill I'oiiunereo (tsniall apples), box.. $1.72 Order early, for xxhen they are sold xve are out. F4 Swedish Milk Wnrers, Special, can . . 25c Golden Kpg Brand, Heady Cut and I.oiiK Macaroni, Sie-clal, 3 pkgs. for 25c Premier Table Mustard, Special, 2 jars for.... . 25e Jlelni's Celebrated linked Jk-ans, Special, can 1.1c and 25c ,oo Van Camp's liaked Beans, o. 2 can, buri;ahi, can 20c Jdhhy's Fancy Asparatrns Mammotli White, o. 2!j, can 40c Mammoth Tips, White, o. 1, can 35c Mammotli Tips., Green, .No. I, cim 30c I.nrrx Green, No. 2', can 30c Caharet-Hotel M uslirooins Pieces and Steins, 't kilo can, SpeHaJ, can., 45c Pet Brand Milk, Special, cans for 80c Bon Anil Fancy Wisconsin Furly Juno Peas, 2 cans 25c Kmpsoii Cut Siring ft, mis. Special, 2 cans 25o Ulue Hhlge Siteet Corn; regular 20c, Special, 3 cans 50o California Artichokes (2 In can), largo si.e, Spc-cial 2 for 55c Tills vegeliiKle should lie used more. They put Iron in jour blood. P. is. When In need of Table Irulls. buy Snnklsl or If it Is I'reserves ask rnr Tea l.arilen. Iluve you irled our Iduc and while truss Itipc (lilies'.' rices above good for Wednesday, Thursday nnd Friday Only Beauty and t.nntl niqrsllnn (in Hand h. Hand. t-luart' livsprpsia Tablets liisiirr llnlh. I.gh' Heartburn: sour risings, sas riiiiibllngs, ther, coated tongue,' restless nights, corners or the mouth drawn, a haggard expression and a ruined com plexion. inn nerd om'tMnir in vnur stomach lu supply the dnrestne Junes which are scanty and to give power t p, xx-eak na-trie juice. Minn's I'vspcps: Tab led- do this very thing. Th'V . dually ill, st your food ror von Hi'sidcs, they increase ihe finw of gastrh Juice, just what you ii-e.l to ret ail the good possible o il of even ttitntr v..ii est Vm will never tiave thst "lump of e.v;' o, vniir sioma.-ri.. Turn everything xoit 'I I digested win' g've YOU tremt'i, vim, enerrv and a rosir itis- , ,-dio i ii u il le i g .. i an a-..uod oieal and it will make you fe.-t s ,d an over. . . ol i,i..v ..f stunt s Pvstieiisit Taoits today ot any dtuggist and Uitn HOTEL SAVOY We have ilesided lo offer to our local people, husiiietss, proles-siotial men and clerks! the hjllowlnir iiiduecment. In order to keep our Hotel full ot Rood, iiouc-t and respectable, people. Room Without Bath $12 to $15 Month Rooms With Bath $25 to $30 Month Tlio Hotel tins been completely renovated and Is under the management of P. C. Seaman, the original owner. Fxery room with runr.inK water, steam heat and local and long distance telephone. 'A Hundred Rooms ol Solid Comfort' HIGIIT DOWN IX TOW.V HOTEL SAVOY IK) IT NOW Make jour rescrxaUon. Phone 5100. 7

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