El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on July 30, 1916 · 3
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 3

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 30, 1916
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EL PASO MORNING TIMES. SUNDAY. JULY 30. 1916. CITIZENS CONTROL COUNTY CONVENTION SELECT DELEGATES Resolution Is Adopted Requesting Opening; of Ballot Boxes and Recounting Vote. The county Democratic convention In session yesterday at the court house elected delegates to the state convention at Houston, Tex., on Aug-ust 8. The Citizens' party won a victory in controlling the convention. The political machine were deeply Interested In the primary election and rorgot all about the election of delegates after the closln? of the polls Saturday nlg-ht. The Citizens' party met directly after the closing: of the polls and delegates were chosen for the county Democratic convention by them. A resolution was adoptedby the convention thtt a recommendation' be made to the county executive committee to request that the ballot boxes In El Paso county be opened and the votes of the recent primary election be recounted. T. A. Falvey, chairman of the county Democratic executive committee, called the convention to order and W. p. Brady was nominated temporary chairman by Judge V. D. Howe. He was elected temporary chairman by the convention and later made permanent chairman. V'olney Brown was elected temporary sec retary of the convention and later made permanent secretary. Chairman Names Committees. The chairman appointed the following' committee: Committee on permanent organization: 1. . Quaid, A. 1. Wilson and C. L. Vowell. Committee on delegates: Judge Ballard Coldwell, C. E. Kelly and P. R. Price. Committee on resolutions: W. D. Howe, w. H. Pelphrey and Mason Pollard. Committee on credentials: i. J. Mahan, Harris Walthall and W. H. Pelphrey Chairman Brady made a short address and said that all Democrats should stand to gether and pile up a big majority in the general election for the reason that the Republicans would have a ticket out. Judge Thotftas L. Blanton, of Abilene, w as then called upon to address the convention. "Unfortunate for me in the past, your city has been for my opponent," said Judge Blanton. "My policy will be to serve the people with efficiency. If I can serve the people of El Paso, all you need to do Is to touch the button and I will be at your service. My policy In respect to Mexico will be so that not a man in El Paso will be against me." Favoits Piirermslnn Mexico. He saUl that he believed that measures could be introduced In Mexico so that the United States would have the opportunity of purchasing northern Mexico, "I am going to see that the northern mili tary highway between Brownsville and El Paso is built." The convention adjourned from the Forty first district court room to the Thirty-first district court room. Judge J. U. Sweeney read a resolution recommending the open lng of the ballot boxes and a recount of the votes In the recent primary election. He said that now was the time to offer clean politics In the county of El Paso and that every candidate should be given a fair and square deal. The delegates committee recommended that the resolution be considered without being referred to the resolutions commit Quality First ECONOMY IS THE WORD AND IT'S DEFINED 3400 R. P. M. It's cheaper in the long run to buy a car like the 3400 r. p. m. Chalmers at $1090 Detroit. A low-priced car often doesn't pay. Somewhat like the man who wanted to fence his farm and said he wouldn't spend more than a certain sum of money. "Well, for that price I can build you a fence two feet high that will keep the pigs out," said the hardware man. "Now, for just so much more I can build a fence three feet high that will keep the sheep out. And for this amount I can build a 5-foot fence that will keep anything out." You had better pay a-couple of hundred more, and get a regular car. Get a car that fulfills exactly every wish. 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We have a number of useful salad recipes which we shall be glad to furnish to any one interested if they will ask for them. WATSON'S GROCERY 210-212 Texas Street Five Telephones Commencing at No. 5151 fWrWMfWrWMMMMI tee. V. D. Howe, of the resolutions committee, suggested that it was entirely improper to request that the ballot boxes be reopened and a recount of the votes made. "We are' called together to elect delegates and not to interfere with the primary election," said Howe. Three Precincts Oppose. A heated discussion was prevented w hen Chairman Brady called for a standing vote. Delegates from Precincts 13, 8, and 16 did not vote for the retolution. The resolution was carried by a big majoriiy as most of the delegates voting were appointed by the Citizens. The resolutions committee made resolu tions that there should be equal rights to all and Special privileges to none. They Introduced a resolution endorsing all Democratic nominees and pledging support to all Democrats. The citizens' ticket in the recent primary election was entirely responsible for there being a county Democratic convention yesterday. Had it not been for the forethought or the Citizens' ticket In electing delegates to the county convention, directly after the closing of the polls Saturday night, after the primary election, El Paso would not have been represented at the state Democratic convention on August 8, In Houston, Tex. Delfflates Appointed. Chairman Ballard Coldwell. or the delegates committee, read the appointments or the following delegates: For delegates to the Forty-first, Thlrty-rourth and Sixty-firth Judicial districts: Juan Smith, Volney Brown, W. D. Howe, R. I.. Hollktay, Mason Pollard, David Mul-cahy, F. A. I.oftus. C. W". Croom. J. A. Cocke, Bates McFarland, Maury Kemp and Sam Welsstger. For delegates to the Sixteenth congressional District: W. D. Howe, R. F. Burges. C. S. Folsom, Harry Ross, Joe Grant, Breed-love Smith, Joe Esrajeda, J. K. purser. For delegaies to the ltsth and 119th representative districts: J. J. Murphy, Dave Sullivan and V. H. leuphrey. Delegates to Contention. The following were appointed delegates to the state convention: John L. Dyer, F. J. Williams, R. F. Burges. C. E. Kelly. C. R. Hudsneth, Bailard Cold-well, P. It. Price, R. H. Crawford, J. U. Sweeney, Dave Sullivan, Norwood Hall, A. S. J. fcylar, Robert L. Holliday, John T. ; Cain, R. E. Hines, M. McCarty, J. E. Quald, A. E. Shelton, L. H. Dale, Joe Cannon, V. P. Brady, J. J. Mahan, J. M. Pollard, V. W. Turney, C. M. Newman, Lamar Davis, V. J. Moran, Frank Judklns, Ponder Carter, Frank Alderete, R. M. Dudley, Paul Thomas, Volney Brown, T. A. Falvey, Harry Johnston, Howard Johnson, E. G. Wade, Jr., W. D. Howe, R. L. Dorbandt, Charles Armstrong, H. M. Maple, B. Smith, Harry Walz, Domingo Montoya, Juan Smith, E. C. Davis, J. A. Escajeda, Harry M. Ross, J. M. Lans-ford, Dave Mulrahy, C. L. Vowell, Barney Early, Harris Walthall, C. S. Folsom, C. W. croom, Frank Feullle, James Brady, A. J. Wilson, E. B. Elfcrs, A, Martinez, C. T. Cuellum, Winkler, Dan M. Jackson, W. B. Ware, J. M. Gog-gin, Hunter Hurraker, Bert Orndortf,, Leigh Clark, Ike Alderetle and W. C. Denton. DEUTSCHLAND ASKS U. S. NAVAL ESCORT Desires German Underwater Merchantman Protected Across Three-Mile Limit By Associated Press. .. Washington, July 59. It 1s understood that the application ror protection was made through the collector or customs at Baltimore and that Captain Koenig, the submarine commander, desired a coast guard cutter or naval vessel to escort him down Chesapeake bay and to the three-mile limit. Unless steps arc taken to prevent It, the submarine probably will be roliowed out by a fleet of small crart carrying newspaper correspondents, photographers and sight seers. It Is said, loo, tnat ine ucrmans icar some British merchant ship might go to sea in the wake of the Deutschland and adver tise her presence to the allied cruisers wait. ing ofr the Virginia capes and or even attempting to ram her as soon as slit left American territorial waters. Officials or the state department held that, while American neutrality must be fully safeguarded, It would be a bad precedent for the government to convoy or accord any other unusual attention to a vessel that can be rated only as a merchantman. Precau tions already have been taken to see that the submarine is not molested within tne tnree-mile limit. Since the reported incursion or a British crulsr between the Virginia cape last week the armored cruiser North Carolina and three destroyers have been patrolling orr Cape Henry. r nr. rmo FREIGHTER LIES SNLGt.LED LOU ST POINT BKHTU. Associated Press. altiiuore, July ifl The German subma- r sea rreigiuer Deutschland, which ar rived at this port N'om Germany three weeks ago tomorrow night with a xargo or dyesturrs, lay snuggled In her barricaded berth at Locust Point tonight all rcataf to start on her perilous homeward voyagV'X'he tug Thomas K. Tlmmlns, which metWlhe Deutschland at the Virginia capes and convoyed her to Baltimore, was close by with steam up. orriclals or the Eastern Forward company, the suhmerstble's American agents, adhering to their policy or reticence re-girding the sailing plans or the underwater liner, rerused to comment on the Washington dispatches sent out late today concerning the probability of her sailing tomorrow or the intimation that protucluu was desired fur the Deutschland in American waters. That they are concerned about the boat's sareiy during her run down Chesapeake bay seemed to be Indicated In a report, regarded as reliable, that It is planned to have a second tug accompany the submarine and the Timmins as (ar as the capes to guard against the possibility or "accidents" en route. Two Soldiers Caught in Missing Car; Four Others Make Escape , Two soldiers wer captured last night and four others escaped ny nudging four bullets from Motorcycle officer Scheerer-! revolver when Hi men Jumped out of an automobile and ran down an alley near Pledras and Alameda streets. The mahclne, which belongs to w. I.. Wuirjen of 37l Clifton street, was taken rrom lit front of the Commercial bank at Mesa avenue and Mills street about an rT"" II Bet, 5th A?. & Broadway. Fireproof Modern Cnfrl. 300! ( See Our First Showing of Fall Suits Third Floor WE GIVE GREEN TRADING STAMPS EVEHYllODYD f Ladies' tailoring oc Dressmaking Depts. 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Special price, per yard $1.50 ODD LOTS OF NAPKINS A JB.00 value In pure linen napkins In both 22 and 24 Inch sizes. Many rich patterns from which to select. Spe- Q QJJ clal, per dox vvivw BATH TOWELS A superior quality Turkish bath towel woven from fine soft yarns. Extra large size. Each 35c; or S for $1.00 HUCK TOWELS Large size H u c k Towels in a good heavy weight. A 1 1 pure white. A very tpeclal value at 12V&0 each; or, per dozen . . $1.29 Sheets, Pillow Cases, Blankets and Comforts 79c SHEETS Size 81x90 inches. A superior quality for hotels and clubs, Hemmed and ready for use. Each. PILLOW CASES Size 42x36 inches. These cases are well made from good, serviceable muslins. Soft finish. Hemmed ready use.. 12ic COLORE D BED SPREADS 11-4 hemmed, crocheted Bed Spreads In pink and blue. Floral designs. Just the thing for Bleeping d0 QC porches. . . . tp0 F R I N G K D BED SPREADS 12-4 fringed, cro e h e t ed Bed Spreads. A splendid quality. Pretty woven designs. Long cut corners for brass beds. Each. $3.25 W O O L N A P BLANKETS 11 - 4 gray or white wool nap with dainty colored stripe border ef fects. Each. . $2.95 COMFORTS Light weight, good quality sanitary cotton with fancy floral designed covering. You'll need them on the sleeping porches these cool nights. . . . $1.50 LARG E COMFORTS F u 1 1 size. Filled with pure white sanitary cotton. C o v -ered with sllkallne in rich floral designs. Plain sateen border. $2.95 QUALITY COM. TOUTS Light, warm and fluffy. Dainty floral covering of sllkallne. A very superior quaJlty . . $3.95 o'clock lat nitrht, a few minutes after Wuirjen ami a friend hid left the car to walk around. private William Andrews of Buttery A. Kirth Meld artillery, who was driving the machine, ami Corporal II. Ryan of Company II, Thirty rtrst Mlrhiifan infantry, were captured by Motorcycle 'Officer i'hecrer with the help of Special nrflcer 1. Nurrlnfrton. who held the militiaman. The militiaman and the regular were taken berore Captain James B. Allison, proven marshal. V. L. Wuirjen was waiting f(ir hi car at the police nation when of- rieer Scheerer drove up In front of the station with his prisoners. BAl CONCERT. A free concert wilt b given In Ysleta by the Klghth Massachusetts Inrantry band tonight from 7-30 to 8 no o'clock. The con cert was arranged by Colonel Frank A. 1 craves, in charge of the Elirbth Infantry. The enlprtalniiviit will he open to all. !iim'Tous autolsts from M I'aso are to drive to Ysleta to hear the concert. In addition to the concert the choir of voices from the Kifrhtlt Massachusetts Infantry i will sing during the concert. I home: for convalescents The Paget Ranch house at San JSlizarlo, twenty miles down the valley, has been converted Into a homo for patients convalescing from throat ,or lung trouble, under supervision of physician with trained nurse. Prices $18 to $25 per week. For further Information 'phone 13 Clint, or address Ixk Hos lii, Clint, To a. M 1 300 ROOMS WITH BATHS, II JUtlit T.kl. "Hot. ad U Carta I prtiTi for Bootrt.r.r. , I IV r. piTtnEV. rnop. l A Title Guaranty M eans Absolute Protection to Your Investment When you buy real estate or lend money on same, you should get a Title Guaranty. This can be done at small cost. Remember: "It is better to be safe than sorry." Stewart Title Guaranty Company Capital $300,000.00. Offices: Fourth Floor Two Republics Bldg. El Paso, Galveston, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas.' Y. W. C. JL Cafeteria Attractive Home Cooked Food Served Daily 11:30 a. m. to 2:00 p. m. Cool, Clean, Comfortable Dining Room Rest and Reading Room We Appreciate the Patronage of All 314V2 TEXAS STREET Gentlemen Welcome. If You WanI Results Use the Moning Times Want Ads. Every Day

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