The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland on February 16, 1971 · Page 8
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The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 8

Annapolis, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1971
Page 8
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KtCMVCCAKUL fit**. *»*· *·· *** * Hubert K. Sundt Funeral: services for Crndr. Robert Kenneth Sundc. USX, d reLj', an electronics engjceer at the Electromagnetic. 1 Comparability Analysis Center, Atwapolis, will be hekf at I! a.m. Thursday in the- main chapel! at the Naval Academy. Burial: with full military honors will be in Arlington National Cemetery, Cnuir.SunticdiedSixmilai ac the Naval Hospital after a illness. He was 47. Cmdr. SuMJl was com~ nussittned in the Navy act June 3Q, 1HJ ami retired Jam. 31, im 'm Norfolk, Va. He attended the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Pacnt. X.V. for two years before obtaining a Navy commission. He was born in Worcester, Mass.. the son of the tate Albert M. and Othilie B. Sundt. Ctiulf. Sciiwt w*» it tticitiber of the U.S. Navy Alumni Association and of the Naval Institute. Survivors include his wife, Virginia R. Sundt; a daughter. Mrs. Edwin Robinson of Raleigh, N.C.; three sons, Robert K. Sundt Jr. of Fort Knox, Ky.. John R. Sundt of Virginia Beach, Va., and Richard A. Sundt of Annapolis; Obituaries two sisters, Mrs. Ante Johnsoa of Vest Boylston; Mass., and Mrs. Dougta? Ek'bfecEr of t . are under tte, Jones Sr. St. Funeral scftkc* for James fonss Sr of Lusty, Mi, Mii at ltt:30 ira. Thtir- ti» Taylor Funeral! s^y fam Our Lady Star of the KT Dttke o§ Gloat-ester 5^ Catholic Churcfe, Sotomoos, Deale rec site hit County drug scene Smack is snorted, it doesn't leave scars i TbrKevJ.G. Cole, pastor, will Sue B. Lcffler i^^Ce. Burial will be w. the , cnurcb cemetery. A gnmufe service for Sue. to.Joi«s.Z».efe*ye«eKfey 8 e- (iCiMUiatted fruea Page tn elaborate recreational faculties than Mk'haelsonfe Eve acres, Coltinson said. As (uiUinsuft explained, Churchttm is predominant^ Bartoo Lrffier. wife of the late, Albert EL Leftter, will be held at .. * «»««· r tf*daughteroftfc*kteGeorgeC of twosous, JansesH. Janes Jr., and. \ Jane* tan of An- Genevieve -- a f a brother, Md. are James Hager of Annapolis; and two nepnews, col Thomas S. Smith, superintendent of the Maryland State Police, and Barton Smith of Philadelphia, Pa. F. Cnlllll pork oa MkhaeLwn's land, which is well into Churchtun. would result in its use only by blacks. A similar situation would develop tf ,J" the park were to be situated in. Dale, extrept that only whites would then utilize it. The site Collinson favors is in Churchton but, he said, not so far. into the black section that whites' would not use it. Nor would it' continue ID perpetuate the separation of races in the area, he added. The 23 acres is owned by; Richard K. Leisner and George! A. Hanson. Leisner said this; t would be willing to will cost thr county abow :. an afre. A taped interview with two bxm't tatve scar*. .drug: gtftng through their ! An appropriation, bill to. pur-'Artrapoli* Junior High School "Bat there are needlef ut thi* "It happen* anywhere. I saw a chase Michsebua's. land* cutties students discussing: drug* in school Mott kid* ar* afraid to*, gut come into first period dee* up for final action, by the council county schools highlighted a u» them though. You can't t*E if and hand her girl friead t session this : report to the county school board they're skin-popping or wrapped in foiL She leak it rifeht It was introduced bv !i»cnight on a program K inform mainlining. If you go down the there. About *S per eeat el the administration as an teacher* about drugs. hull you can pick out 25 people kids in the ninth grade haw had emergency ordimance and Excerpts: who'll be dead before 25 if they experience with drag*. M of requires five votes for passage. "Kid* lust don't know »hat.keep it up. seventh, eighth, and ninth, abeat said he will oppose they're doing. There's a lot of "lt'tnol»muchinefcmenuo"S per cent. bill and urge the ad-, speed, smack (·heroin)!, some school. It starts about junior "I tim't think taking is goi"* to KtinisBatwo tu come up with a acid. The smack is mostly high. Somebody- turns you on. It stop it. There are cone kidc larger, ttwre favorably situated snorted «inhaled in powder doesn't work to tell them they'll ju$t don't think it's worth site for consideration by the form); the speed is mostly in get hurt, like chromosome spending money on. but if there council at a bter date. pills. It's shorter and quicker and damage. They forget there's a are drugs around, there are always going to be people takiaf Teachers salary Thieve* »re Death notices en page 16 Quits diet Pills, When Elien Jepcrtingcr married a Milwaukee grocer, she added German dishes lo her famous list of recipes, plus S3 unwanled pounds on herself. Diet pills made her nervous, so she iried Ayds Reducing Plan Candy. No harmful drugs. \o artiricial sweeteners. Taken as r.'!---. A .y-J help- C-.'t juui j ( )iciiic. On the Ayds "Ian. Ellen went from 230 to M7 Ibs. If you i x-d to lose weight, get Ajds. S3JO. worked at Edgewood Arsenal will be held at 11 a.m. tomorrow from the Severn* Park Funeral, Home of Robert S. Barranco, Ritchie Hwy. at Macey's Corner. The Rev. Harold Milstead, 1 pastor of Pasadena United Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Glen Haven Memorial Park. Mr. Griffin died yesterday at the Ridgeway Manor Convalescing Home, Baltimore, after a long illness. He had lived at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frances Dietz in Crofton market robbed Thieves picked up spare i Arthur Gattke. chairman of the equipment for their can in four county team assigned to begin separate incidents in the city educating teachers in drug Eight Goodyear tires and rims, was not as extensive as the valued at W50. were taken from a; students indicited. Special percent """'" "--··-- ~ '"JT "*:»n Plymouth Road runner and a assistant to the superinleadeM have in. money would be used for TAAAc 1971 P t )in ouih Duster parked on; Paul J.Acito said he i» sure it« r fail is eapens * sont " ep f etms * the Capitol Motors lot at MO West i not, otherwise he would have oossibk. Prince Georges County-^ a f. hers b * nefit from its St., cir- police said. | more drug cases to deal with, a» teachers approved a 5 92 cost-of- alu * s - . A 1965 Dodge convertible;head of school discipline, living salary- increase. Baltimore ^^ a ^' rf ^*8 e ^'.^ belaung to James L. Amos of m! The education program is County ieachersgotadpercenti hssnot 0et ^ e ' ich ^ llrtl * 5edmthe Fain-iew Ave. was entered by f designed to show teachers, t Ctmliaaed fr«s Page! j new county teschers watiM pay a from 111 900 to tt'» 614 f ** equal to TAAAC du « s and r«,n t v »M^« assessments whether they *ere uounty teacners _ . . _. TAAAC members or noL The: ! increase. ' courts, Parlett said. : thieves who dismantled the through a series of workshops. ; Parlett said. TAAAC had , 11 * * ll I V V b MSIU. * .V^k+lV *MV» , f . . . ! originally asked a 7fe per cent « un v - "* e cannc.ig.we the lfisca1 Problems, and we have In making las decisions U»ff« j autom ,,j c transmission shif t! how to recognue drugs and their j} e £ook , mto consld ^ a "?"ifrom the floor and also took ajeffects. how to evaluate written fmancial situation of the , windsniwld wipert two ra dio , and audio-visual material about 6 I increase A man wearing Army fatigues! and carrying a .^caliber pistol j deals with Jaffee's decision that; took $50 from a Crofton market i non-tenured teachers may not; jast night. I have their contracts dropped Election ; after the first or second year into impasse by TAAAC is; include another daughter, Mrs.; on ucfeiiseHu-y.,tuiG state police Bertha Fertetta and a son, James' a man wearing sunglasses jind j Griffin, both of Baltimore. ' - - - - - · to Penal study jArmy fatigues ; 10:30 p.m. He entered about gathered some on the chaiienKe' ' Reservation would appear formal hearing ^ -, estimated at |10.8 million. Cost of j mCHS UFC proposals awarded is about 12.41 million. to! 1 * 0 " retirement, to the form to !'«.!?. m^jstymied k ITCIII\ DRUGS according to Delisle , . . , ; Delisle said he turned over the j nse to the filing of grievances! 1 money from the register and was a* 1 the forma 1 procedures en-j tailed," N'eal wrote. 1 He also said the decision to define aides as those who assist j I Continued from Page 1) matters of policy. Cannon, who had been head i then forced into a back room. He cf Kentucky's prUoii avaiciii, icfl; «as aloae in the siore at the time that state under fire and came of the robbery, to Maryland in 1967. . State police at the Annapolis i teachers, He proceeded to make whole- barracks said the man was last | "goes too far," and that Jaffee's j will inc sale changes in the operations seen headed on foot towards the j ruling permitting an agency shop j prescriptio of Maryland's penal system, j Prince Georges count)- line. jwhen it becomes legal in Health benefit payments were not replace them, i increased from 70 to 120 days and include diagnostic, ion and dental coverage. The principle of an V 60 WIST ST I\IC;KI:I:\ , ANNAPOLIS, \;K\ MD. C Y 268-2211 and, in the process, created numerous enemies both inside and out of the system. Delisle said the man was black and in his early 20s, about 6 ft. tall and weighed about 180 pounds. Maryland should not be in the contract. Agency shop means included that all independe approved awarded. nt w but elfare fund was no money was Specials On Sale February 16 Thru 19 HIGH'S OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9 A.M. TO 11 P.M. sale drugs and how to talk to students. School officials emphasized that the program u keyed to prevention, not ·prehension or treatment, which will be left to law enforcement and health authorities. Board member Dolores Hunt cautioned the team to put stress on the word abuse, not on the word drug. Members of the team, responding to questions, said the flow of drugs is hard to stem and that "kids don't respond to the threat of arrest because they j don't care now whether arrest u 3C-i gomg to prevent entrance into a jday interval between certain profession or a trip to proclamation and primary would! Vietnam to get a shot later." allow only one day for voters toj Parents asked whether the register. The 3day interval! school will help paraU» teach a would allow at least five days for child how to cope with jhe world registration. Election officials urged eligible voters in the First Congressional District to register as soon as | possible. They said there is no! the board approved a resolution i need to wait for thej paying tribute to Andrew G. iCMtiBnedfnmPagel) compromise amendment makes each interval 35 days. WUlard Morris, state election ad- c -pb:ncd Out without using drugs. The board indicated that that was the Job of outside agencies. In its only actions last night, i proclamation: registration books are open now. The second amendment to the bill allows candidates to withdraw within two days after the filing deadline. j The bill is needed so that Gov. Mandel can proclaim a special election to fill the vacancy that occurred when Rep. Rogers C. B. Morton, R-lst, was named Secretary of the Interior. Truiai, the iate president of Anne Arundet Community College, and transferred $m,OW into the construction fund for Georgetown East Elementary School. Board members also heard a request from the Severn* Park Regional Citizens Advisory Committee not to institute double sessions at Severn* Park High School in the fall. The committee will meet with the school board. CHOCOLATE MILK HALF GAL. 59 C REG. 65' ICE CREAM SLICES 12 PACK $105 1 REG.M.15 DAIRY ORANGE DRINK HALF GAL. REG. 33* buy a half gal., quart or pint at the regular price . . . GET ANOTHER OF THE SAME SIZE FOR ONLY All Sizes... All Ready Pocked Flavors! \ (not a/1 flavors in o// siiejj 7- //////*'i»r\ V8 ^l "mm Switch to High's Milk with the doted c a p . . . your family's passport to freshness. HIGHS "Tomorrow's" Astrological forecast GENERAL TENDENCIES: A practical matter seems to be at a more accomplished. Wait for a better day to handle that standstill or at least difficult toj financial matter. .Take it easy properly handle. However, you] tonight. are able to think out a better SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) course of action that can get you You may have the wrong attitude what you want much faster. Be 1 toward some matters now. If you sure to think out how best you can! consult with experts you can get forge ahead and make the besti the right results. Be practical in decisions. ; handling affairs at home with ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Youj tan. Have a more cheeful outlook get a fine suggestion from a good; on life- friend that will help you to solve a I SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to problem more wisely. Respon-; Dec. 21) You have views that are sibilities are annoying, so puti good for you M don t hesitate to them off until tomorrow. Then; discuss them with the right you can handle them more; people. Contact that fascinating cheerfully. . person «, that you can put new TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) If j pro j ects in operation. Avoid you handle those ambitions from: confusion of any kind, the policy angle, you find you are! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. more successful with them. Get; M) Plan now to \ iVOmK n^e advice from experts, too. Giveiprojuc^ ,, weU ,, ^^^ personal attention to those l a m j improve monetary status responsibilities that are im-| 0^ the views of experts. A fine* po £TM;«,,». ,, * , ., * i advUor s iv: GEMINI (May 21 to June 21)1 on M Meet with an associate and plan | structively better conditions under which to| A Q UAR iij S (Jan 2 i to Feb 19) operate in the days ahead. | ideal day to get into the buaness Postpone those duties until you| worW ^ real i y get your idea$ get the okay from officials that you need. Take it easy tonight. appreciated by those who count. , Avoid a higher-up who is too MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to i femandingtt thlstiine D July 21) Start on work that will! ff hat you have time for help you to complete promises! made. Postponing until another) PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) day that recreation you want is! Doing what will gain; you the wise. Think positively, con-' favor of a higher-up is fine this structively. j morning, but don't confide in LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Leave others. Keep plans', secret, home early and get into those; Prepare how to get projects creative matters that appeal to {working most efficiently and you and make big headway.! successfully. Listen to what charming person j IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ...he or she will be one of those charming young people who will always want to be the winner in a contest and get what is desired at any cost. So, be patient, reason with your progeny and teach cooperation with others, fairness and sportsmanship, so that the life can then be a most successful and satisfying one. Many friendships can be made that will be lasting. There is a logical mind beneath all the tantrwu. Rrigta to portmtbert. good ideas has to suggest. Mate has good ideas to be listened Ut, also. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) There are quite a number of situations that can be worked out if you get into the right mood in the morning. Show kin you want to cooperate more. Use care in travel and avoid possible accident. Also be careful in motion at home. LIBRA (Stpt. 23 to Oct. 22) Plan your slwppinf and appointment* Mrly to that you get

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