The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1955 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 1, 1955
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAS1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M13BOUBI VOL. LI—NO. 10 BlytheviUe Courier Blythevffle Duty Newi BlytheviUe Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1955 TEN PAGES Published Dally Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS Quakes Rock Philippines; Hundreds Die .- MANILA (AP) — Violent earthquakes rocked the southern Philippines today, causing possibly hundreds of deaths and untold damage. The Philippine News Service reported, "hundreds" dead or missing in the Tugaya district alone of Lanao province. Earlier PNS said there were 164 confirmed deaths in four districts of that province. For nearly eight hours the earth trembled and shook. The ground split • open, and and hot water were "reported issuing from cracks in the ground. Some houses toppled into Lake Lanao. Hardest hit wt .s the palm-tree- Conservatives Gain Ground in British Election Races Minor Ones But Voting Trend Is Watched Carefully By EDDY GILMORE LONDON W) — Prime Minister Churchill's Conservative party registered significant gains today in County Council elections. His supporters were jubilant. But a Labor party spokesman said there is no WS swing to the ConseratLves. "The Labor voters," he said, "are just not turning out." On the other hand Lord Woolton, chairman of the Conservative party said: "The results are encouraging. They show a movement to the right which has been evident for some time now." Watched Closely Though the races have no effect on the makeup of Parliament, trends were watched closely because of speculation that the Conservative government may call a general election this year to take advantage of current rifts in the Laborite ranks. It has to call an election before October 1956. The voting is light in the 20 counties that are balloting this week. Party leaders predicted the same apathy might show itself in the 42 oilier counties which vote next week. Blame was placed on a strike which has choked off the massive circulations of London's national newspapers since last Friday. In London's County Council— where Labor has ruled without interruption since 1934—the Conservatives have unseated 14 Laborites. Labor retained its control. Gain Six Seats In suburban Middlesex County, the Conservatives picked up six spats from Labor in retaining control of the Council. The new lineup there was 52 Conservatives, 35 Laborites. In .some of the districts less than 20 per cent of the retristered voters ! rcmn[ j_ trip turned out. A labor .spokesman attributed this to the strike which has halted publication of London's 13 daily newspapers since last Friday. Political observers said if the Conservative trend held over into tiny forthcoming general election, that party could count nn a jump in iUs present House of Commons majority of 21. The local and parliamentary voting districts are tlie same. studded belt of northwestern Mindanao, second largest island in the archipelago. The lirst heavy shock hit the area at 2:15 a.m. Thereafter a chain reaction of tremors set in, heaving the earth on Panay, Negros, Samar, Cebu, Leyte and Bohol islands. The Philippine Red Cross said the death toll appeared largest ai Lake Lanao on Mindanao, Coastal towns to the west were devastated. Houses crumpled, churches collapsed and the power 'failed. 164 Confirmed Dead Capt. Angela Cruz, public relations officers of the 4th Military Area, embracing Mindanao, reported there were 164 confirmed dead in Lanao province and 15 missing. A Philippine News Service dispatch from Iligan. reported earth fissures measuring as wide as a foot in some places. The tremors caused landslides. The news service, said 10 persons were hurt at Iligan and a waterfront office building there slid into the sea. From Ozfimis City (Misamis), a town of 35,262, an estimated one million dollars in damage was reported. At least 2,000 were homeless there. "Everyone in this city and nearby towns thought the world had ended and death had come," a Manila Times correspondent messaged from Ozamis. The Weather Bureau plotted the epicenter at some 600 miles south and southeast of Manila or a point between Ozamis and Iligan cities in Mindanao. Worst in North Ozamis is located in Misamis Occidental province, IHgan, with a population of 25,725, is in Lanao province to the east. The Weather Bureau said the greatest intensity of the earthquake was recorded at Dlpolog City, population 40,618, on the northern tfp of Zamboanga province on Mindanao. The reading"af"Dipl0go was 7 See QUAKES on Page 10 : JAYCEES RENEW BUMPER CAMPAIGN — BlytheviUe Jaycees tomorrow will renew their "lite-a-bumper" campaign after a layoff of two years. The red reflective scotch-lite tape will be sold and applied to automobile bumpers by Jaycees tomorrow on Third Street between Main and Walnut Streets. Shown above County Jtidjro Phil ip Deere receives the first net of the refh'iHive safety tape from chuirmiin Emery Priinele while Jiiyece President Frank Harshman looks on. (Courier News Vliolo) Ike Doesn t Believe Soviet Wants War Solons Tell of President's Views Following Meeting By JACK BE1<L — WASHINGTON (AP) — Prescient, Eisenhower was described today as believing Russia do^.s not want to fight a major \var now — nor support one. Sen. 11. Alexander Smith (tt-NJ) said Senate lenders got that impression in a talk with Ihe President yesterday. ' ' The United States is committed Another highly placed senator put il more direrlly. This .snnator did not want to be named but he said that was (he nature of ihe imsvver when u qiu\s(iou was raised about the Kremlin's likely position us to UK* Nationalist-held Chinese const al islands of Quemoy nml to help defend Chiang- Kai-shek's stronghold on Formosa but the administration has kept silent a." to any defense of the outpost islands. Ills IntRrprKlutlon Smith snltl U« tiki not wimt lo try to [jtiote llu; President. But he New Harmony Seen Among Wildlife And Drainage Interests A post-hearing consensus of harmony among the various drainage, flood control and wildlife interests, represented at a joint meeting of the groups here yesterday was the major immediate outcome of day-long testimony before officials of the Corps ot Engineers and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Inside Today's Courier News . . . Mitchell. Ilarnlilll 1'lrkilp Three Chicks. 1'ass Towel . . . Air of Championship drips Ex- hlbtlan Baseball Games . . . l)t- Marco, Saxlim In Title On To- nlKht . . . Sports . . . Pafjcs ti and 7 ... ... Is U.S. l.iiKKhiR Behind In Peaceful Atom Use? . . . Page 10. . . Service. Lengthy oral and written reports from fish and wildlife conservation groups were submitted to the hearing during the afternoon's session In the County Court House here yesterday after drainage and flood control spokesmen had held the floor during the morning. "On Same Team" The feeling of both groups ex- German Reds Impose Heavy Tax on Trucks BERLIN (AP) — Communist, East Germany put an eight million dollar a year tax raise into effect today on truck traf-j n "a fie between Red-encircled West Berlin and West Germany. A rush of truckers trying to*- — make the 110-mile run through the Soviet zone before the midnight deadline piied up for miles at either end of the road last ni^ht. Nine hours later police reported traffic wa.s flowing .smoothly. The new levies boost taxes as siffh as 220 marks ($56.36) for a truck haul between Berlin and West Germany. The Communists said the money is needed to keep the highway in repair. Economic Blockade West Benin oinciaLs called it an Heads /or Home Get ting X-Ray Is Simple, But Follow Rules It's not difficult lo g?t a free cticst x-ray, but there are a few i simple rule.s, which if followed, will ] make easier lor both you and Ihe; technicians. | The mobile x-ray unit visits Mis- ; County this month, making! - pressed during the all-day session and informally following 1 the hearing, indicated thnt all concerned are in harmony ae to i-the needs of the St. Francis River basin in regard to drainage and wildllle conservation. As une drainage official said afterward, "There is no" controversy here. We're all on the same team now," The morning session yesterday WHS presided over by Col. E. B. Downing, Memphis District Engineer. For the afternoon session. Walter Gresh of Atlanta, Ga.. regional director for the U.S. Fish nnd Wildlife Service, took over us co- ch'.iinnan. Mr. Gresh pointed out that wildlife imemsts do not .seek to block programs but nither are "to work wit of Ei LIU lifers and levc a.r district people fur all." .Sportsmen in this area presented a j-f'.solution to the hearing ashing a jionl ;-urvt;y by Hie eiifjin Williams Named In $500,000 Suit Memphis Mun Files In Regard to Las Vegas Hotel Deal B. Prank Williams, prominent Osceolan hns been, named defendant, in ft half million dollar suit Hind, by a Memphis mtm. The hull iss connected with Mr. Williams' venture In the Last Frontier Hotel In Las Vcga.s. Mr. Wllllnms, u stock holder in the hotnl, left yesterday with hl.s Osconla attorney, Bruce ivy, for Ln.s Vegas., James E. Ultle, Memphis Insurance man for Jackson Life, filed the suit. LI tile suit) he was it member or a syndicate which planned l.n buy the Last Frontier llotfl jil. I.n.s V>KHS Nev. He said Williams, identified Corps j f^ n prlnrjpnl Hf.Nrkholdcr in Citizens drain- Bunk of .loneMion ood of the U. S. w service in an ATI-all. multi- Ark., was liantl- fitiancin) iirriiimriincnLs lust May. In the .suit Milk- New Dispute Flares Over Senate Inquiries By JOHN CIMIliviCK WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate Investigations subcommittee and foreign aul chief Harold E. Stassen were locked today in a controversy that gave a new twist to disputes over the congressional investigating power. Three employes of SViiHsen'y FOV-+. elgn Operations Administration were under instructions from Chairman McCIellan (D-Ark) to be on hand for closed-door questioning by the subcommittee's stuff counsel. Hut advance word from an FOA spokosinnn was thivl the employee wouldn't .show up. SUisson himself bad indicated us much into yesterday. At Issue was whether -subcommittee stuff Investigators could question employes of the FOA in private Interview^ without having KUiKHcn or iv hvwycr for the foreign aid HKonry present. In effect, the subcommittee said yes nnd Stassen anld no. The dispute arose as nn unexpected offshoot of an Inquiry Into the PDA's handling of bids for the construction of a ^ruln storage |>laiil in PaklsUn under the for- clBii aid program. >VnnU Counsel Slassen said he or any employe of the l-'OA would meet with the subcommittee or Its chairman at new corporal mi he did not reci has been was lormed and j out suiy ei vi- any stock and j ( ..nt." to net an account- [ McClolli s- I invi'.'sUujii. LitUo asked the, court, txi cU'.claix' j K'niiin* 1 v.s* him a coii.';tnir:tiv<; tni.ster of 201 J'QJ. public h 1 icreent of tho .stock allegedly pur- j chased or award him $5l)f>.OfJO if lie added, however, that "it does not appear fair or reasonable or wise for Individual members of the staff "I the f.ominlURB to He |iur- mltti.'d to .'iuimnon individual em- ploye of J''OA without any coni- '.s that a niiltee members present and with' n';el ni hi.s choice Inn Iroin Willia ICC Throws Out aims Railroads Don't Owe Refund on Military Freight, Is Ruling WASHINGTON M — The Inter- .state Commerce Commission todny threw out government claims*Hint the railroads owe It between two and three billion dollarn in re- funclH on World War II military freight bills. The TCC found Mini, the Jusllct Department Imd no basis for seek- hiK such refunds. 'I'ho nitlrotuls contended the Kovernment's Wartime rates were lower than quoted for nhy private shipper, 17 CILS<:H The ICC action Involved dismissal of 17 war nuilL-riiils reparation:; cfisoK which, considered tui;i!!iH,'r, Williams has disposed of the stock. its first stop at Lrachviile \Verinf.s- | day and coming to BlytheviUe April i 8, 9, 10 and 11. ! Women reporting for x-rays slink! j not wear; j Wired brassieres. Buttons other than those which h go down the middle. j Sequin or beaded dresses. economic blockade in retaliation ] for West German ratification of the Paris pacts on German rearmament. The East German Communists indicated today, however, they were ready to discuss the tax question with Bonn officials. U.S. officials In Washington said I bst ni^ht that the Western Allies MANILA (3*)— Adm. Raymond A. | would not be hlnrkm-iiM Into pay. Spruance left todny for home and: in;,' stiff hitihway taxes to the retirement,. He bad beon U.S. am-jRed.s. A Stale Department an- ba.s?ador to the Philippines for 37 ' nouncc-nie-nt MI id Allied represent- month, after a distinguished naval i atives wire talking over "what | di.snovm^ m-w ra.v.s. career. His successor, former Sen.: measures may prove necessary to Homer Ferguson of Michigan, is \ secure the tlow of i;oods to and expected about April 9. I from the city of Berlin." Injuries Are Fatal to City Auto Salesman Proposals Fur the Big Lake area. Col. Bux- t<m proposed ihat future work Ixi planned and construction in such a manner as to prevent further Ml- t!Hioii of Bit; Lake and provide a water lev-1 at, the .state line that will permit, UM* public KhooUnn grounds in the are;) to be flooded Jeweii-yrpiruied'abtna'the should- !'»' sriivily in lhf; 1(ltf ' f;iil «» fl - or neck. Rincj.s, -.vatchcs, etc., j v -' imf -' J ~- ..__.. , .. . , .j won't hurt a thing. | V. B. Obonif,- of Manila Lions [ wn ,. n t } 1P c(ir n ,. was driving .struck i ^rain storage project. That's all on the "verboten" list. j Club conducted pres-ntaUon of the I n hrkU^ «t. Fvciwhman's Bayou. ; valkinu with Stn.sfn-n. 1 Persons who have had active tu- j t:a.<e for a joint survey uf the arf:;i. j j-j^ WftiS (,;,(; r -n to Baptist Hospital berculosis .should not .slio\v up for j The resolution wa* endorsed, by w iif:n; hf« condition wu.s x-rays since the pvo^nun is \ civic Huh;, in BlyUnvilU 1 . D<-H, MR- ;(K M:noii,i. nila, Luxm-a anrl I,e;u.'hviHe. He WJt , ,, m p] 0 y,,<i Dy fjoble c Amom: those .speaking in con.ser- j Pontinc Co,, h'-re. Funeral arrarifi Tin- .siib'-omi!i!llCL> said vcr, day thiit 7''OA employes could h roun."(;l of l-hc-ir own al, w'a views but, i-iHiUI nni. '.«U:i:l c" from within the FOA. •Tin not Rolrm to let nni •M-ilflve aj.;fncy ('01 me hnv/ t (.•rate this committee," said, adding be didn't intern! to let the k' ( '"enil coun.sel of any agency preliminary invf;HUKntions. Will ('a' Stassen Louis Hodfjf;, BlytheviUe automobile .sfile.smnn v.'ho wa.s injured jn an j McClcllan announced clurlni,' y-s- acldent Monday ni^hl,, died to-1 terday's hearing that he would i.'bpoena SUsson to testify in Baptist fluspital, Mem phi. 1 ;. Hod^e was .--.eriously injured j Jit iena hearing W'-'dnenday on the But All per.sons over H years of age arc ' ; eligible. fiv DR. J. CARTER SWAlAl Dcpt. or English Hible, National Council of Churches Written for XICA Service Matthew's distinctive contribution to the account ol our Lnrd's temptation is Eo tell us that "the devil left Him, and behold, ancels came and miniscrptl lo Him" (Mutthew 4:11, RSV). Our English j Uni GOP or^Jim/ftUoij Draff Ike Move is Underway NEW YORK //7V--Prf;:-:drnt Ki- senhower's "home county" Republicans in Manhattan have started "a draft Ike" movement for lflf>fi. The New York County word "angel" is derived, through the Greek from a Persian word meaning courier or messenger. The angels were messengers of God. At a time when God seemed far away, it was felt that He must ave such beings to keep Him in touch with His world, ft was believed that particular angels were charged with responsibility for special parts of the creation. This imagery appears in the Book of Revelation, where there is "(he angel of water" (Rev. 16:5, RSV) — Tertullian thought this the baptismal angel; 'the au^et who has power over fire" (Rev. 14:18, RSV): and "four angels standing at (he four corners of the earth, holding; back ihe lour winds of the earth" (Uev. 7;I, RSV). Yet another angel mingles incense "with the prayers of all the salnta" (Rev, 8:3, RSV). In all these ways the Bible pictures God as being in close touch with His creation. Sometimcfi God's care is represented as committed to others of His creatures. When Eliahj hid himself by the brook Cherith, "the ravens brought him bread and meat In the morning, and bread and ment tn (he evening" (I KJnjfg 17:6), It Is the teaching of JCSUK that God knows about our need. He has the means to meet our need. And If We *'sc«k first His kingdom,'' it may also be written of u*, "*n«re49 on me »n4 mlntalcrcd to film." of the fact that roistered voter uptown, where he lived while preMornt of Columbia University. The b;ili started rolling lute yesterday when Thomas J. Cur: .in, chairman of the GOP County CViin- miuee. and former New York secretary of .state, announced that the 31-member Executive- Committee huti unanimously ationtyd a resolution for Eisenhower's re-election. Last nU;ht, Cumin read the draft- Else nhowcr resolution before 800 persons nt a SlOO-a -plate fundraising dinner of the county committee, an annual affair. I vaiion's i 11 ( P r( :K f, duruif; tiic ijresf-n- i intion Tern li. H. < Buddy i Howard, . rf:[ircH(-iiMn{? the Lcachvitle Chamber of Commerce, ,Jexs Honvr of BiyUieville, Circuit Judi/e H. G. Pin-How and H. A. Nfi:,on. In'.int; trial, furtlit:r conversion of woodland:-; to farmlands be dls- r(nuir:ued, Col. Bu>:!.on said, present. rir;itniiKe pl;;r,:i :;ntk;r consider- •.".'ouUi convert "2(}0,OaO acres 'Kilaiiri.- to fi^riciilrurn] u.s<-s." s would weit;fi heavily and hardwood UMTS, that the land, "our:*: never be ri j fure:;U;d engineer of DIM rid su-rd'.ty uioniiiu; nn'.l i County mont.s are incomplete. Spa Hospital To Remain Open WASHINGTON .'/I'l — Tl)<! army after sakl th<: v/'JMld not bt; l.sKUfttl bn- .Sln-'isnii li:ul told him he h*. prc.scnt. •vor. McCli'lliin ordered Isi .siil)|irn:nii . dircclin« Hint i hrlnK u> Wednesday's hciirlnn iill the awnny's fllOH henr- int; on Ulc c.Jise. .St;is;ien snid In his .statcnuint vc.stonliiy th:it "tlic pertlnr-nt ri'i:- orfl.';" were made av.MInble to the siiijcomiiiltu.-e wefrks »yo. He Mid the FOA hud hclrt up nwnrd- )!it r anv conlrjict for the project today notified Si:n. McCIMlan D-Ark | ; , ,; i ut)(:omm itlec completed that the Army-Navy Hospital ^-i Hot Hprln«.s. Ark., will be It'-pt ripen i ' ' 1IIVI - 11 ^' • pending a study nf all Defers De- j '1'^ investigation was undcrtak- partmcni hoKpiVsil fnnilitie:;. Un 'it the request of Sen. SyminK- Freviously the'Army had announ- j ion 'U-Moi. Iff wild ht: had hoard red plans to the ho.spital next June 30. his understanding is Hint tho -idministrutlon believes Moscow is likely to chunp the brakes on any Red Chinese moves that might spread into something much Smith added .it was emphasized ttt the White House that the Oriental mind Is unpredictable nnd therefore there Is no real assurance us to what may happen even against Soviet wishes. Indicating Unit the President followed up on Unit In his meeting with senators, Smith said the em- phnsls was on "the umteslrability of war tnlk." No Attack Soon The New Jersey'lawmaker, second ranking Republicnn on th« Senate Foreign Relations Committee, siiid tho While House visitors came nway "reassured." He said there was "a feeling there will b* no attack now." Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, the Democratic leader, said "no commitments were asked and none given" by his party members. He said tho senators were told Eisenhower had made no decision on whether the United States will help the Chinese Nationalists defend the 'coastal Islands of Que- inoy and Mntau. Still Unsettled Because of this, he said, "the question of war or peace still li unsettled" in the Formosa area. The United States Is pledged to help defend Formosa, seat at Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government. No commitment ha* been mnde'Cri Quc'moy jmd"Matsur" which lie a-stride two routes which the Reds might use to ntttick Formosa. Sen. George (D-Gn) said thert was "nothing alarming—no Imme- dlute crisis" indicated by Eisenhower and Dulles In the Formosa area. "Didn't Tell Us" Chftlrman Russell (D-Ga) of the Semite Armed Services Committee sold that "If Uil-y know what they are going to do about Qucmoy nnd they didn't toll us." In New York, meanwhile, officers nf thf N tit innn t Council of ClMirrhfs uro/'d Eisenhower to "resist the pressure" of those ndvoaf.- inu" "pulicieK thai could lend to a third world wnr." The churchmen i.'Xpie;?.M>d niisf{lvinKs about ictiun by (Jut United States, its allle-s, In the Formosa twd-hour White House con-, Johnson said, "covered ihe world" with Dulles doinu most >,i ihe (.alkint. He said that "some may come out nf it, certainly harm will." He said the Domo- ts nfinrrd "no -specific advice" /oi'dKn policies. * * re.jjj'c.scnLiny .'.!>: Mi.ssi.s.sippi Ur, r iin<'u;e (iisiricts, said dram.'ifje! 'lurm-d very land:-, from ma- ' la rial .swamps into rich farm re- | t'lons worth upward;- of $.'100 nn' acn.- and nov: producing annual I crops worth $52,000,000." j The hearing y ester day was one of \'2 bfl.'u; crWl'Jcted along the | Mi.-,H'.Mp|ii River valley. The next Is M>t lor Dymbun:, Tonn., April 11.1 Military Pay Hike Goes info Effect WASHINGTON </!'>'• -An ave boost of 12 per f;(:nt. in f>a.slc became elfect.'v; torlay for ne 1.700,000 military officer and IIs cn - . the FOA was negotiating v/itli the 1 Ai(nciiili)ral Construction Co. of Los AiiKele?; to build the Krain I elevators in Pakistan even though the company had submitted UHJ hiKhe.'it bid, Drive Stepped Up ! Wafer Tank Saved i to keep trainer] men In the rather than leaving (or hlf? ! job.-; in private mdiiM.ry. <•' The ral.'ifts ;ire d (>.'•, I fined * : rerr men, and do not #o to enlisted ; men with toss than two years' scrv- for URBANA, Ohi;) W,— 'HiC rc;of w*f MANILA ^ — Philippine army huriu-d off nearby Woodstock's vol- troops today .stepped up a drive unteer fire department headr]uar- af;nlnst a hand of 50 Communist- ters last night, but it fhx-man saved' iee.s. The bill docs, however, provldi led Huk rebols In the Mt. Arflyat the em;ine nnd wa'.fr lank by driv- ; lyii'-flts for rc. i .ervlsts and retired area north of Manila, I ing thorn from the building. nwiomiel. Strike Closes Rubber Plants NKW YORK t.V t - -The i0 plants of the U.K. Rubber Co. were closed today by a strike of '15,000 workers .seeking longer vacations and other brnefHs, Production of automobile tires, foot wear, chemicals, synthetics was halted by the strike. The CIO Rubber Workers Union orderdd the walkout, effective last midnight when the previous contract expired. Soviet Prexy Says U.S. Is Tanning New War' LONDON (AP) -— Soviet President Klumenti Vqroshilov has accus(!(i "aggressive circles" in Ihe United States of fanning "the danger of a new world war. 1 ' The old Bolshevik soldier criti- cised UHJ American and radio and "very responsible statesmen" lor war talk in a speech IjrnadcaM today by MO.SCOW radio. Voroshilov spoke, in the. Ukraine, where be stressed of thai Soviet, republic; since it wtis freed Ironi the German occupation ot World War II. "Dcfendlnjf I'tsare" "Now, us in the past," Voro.shilov said, "we cannot forget that we are unfortunately living in a complicated intermtUonnl situation—a situation in which there exists a New Assessment Act Said Valid LTTTI.E ROCK (^ ~ The 1055 act that sets up a. new .system for miming county tnx cqimllKfiUon boards today was declared constitutional by the state attorney «e:ieral's office. Tho law Is a part of Gov, Orval FftUbtis' program to vcvanip the properly tux equalization syslem, Efjualixatlon boards now are named by quorum courts, which iUf: composed of justices of the peace. The new law provides that equallznlion boards he appointed by county Judges, school districts f\ml the city councils. The opinion said that "Ihe Legislature has the power to provide for the cmitlon an\l appointment of such boards as li scoa fit." danyer of a new world war, which is contjjnioasjy and by all means bfjinff fanned by ihe imperialists, headed by the aggressive circles of the U.S.A." "In close unity with great China with the countries of the peoples* democracy and with nil honest people of the world, the mighty Soviet Union has been defending the of pence in the past nnd wi;l continue to defend it with all .strength, intelligence and will power. he said, Weather NORTHEAST ARKANSAS: Mostly cloudy with scattered thunder- showjis Lhts afternoon, toniRht ,and tomorrow. Cooler tonight. Sunday Bcncrnlly fair nnd mild. High this afternoon mid BO's low tonight 30s to low 40's MissoiJKi — Mostly cloudy with occiisinnnJ showers or light rain today, tonight nnd Saturday; little chiuiRO In temperatuve: low tonight •10 northwest to 50 southeast; high Saturday 5f)-00. Maximum yesterday—73. this morning—50. Sunrise tomorrow~~S:18. Minima torfny-fi:21. Menu temperature—01.5 I'reelpitfltlon last 48 tiouri !• T p> m.-Noiio. rrRdpltntlon Jan. I to fUtft—11.23 ThfB Date Lan Year Maximum yoflt«rdtxy—50. Minimum Lhla moralng-W, I'rcclpitatlon Janunry 1 V» d«t»— 14,04.

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