Daily News from New York, New York on March 29, 1941 · 181
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Daily News from New York, New York · 181

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1941
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1 AND HEM IS'TUS 3wsiwA-no(J to the COMSlNATIOtf TJ THE i cmzoc has SAFE, Mfc CMiGCEC. CALLED TO A CAFE BV M. cwccea, cm THE COMBWATtorJ THE OFFICE SAFE WD ASKED TO KTORH WITH X CERTAIN . OKAY ENVELOPE. SKEEZltf HAS FULFILLED HIS MISSJOM. 2 Irish Players of N. Y. Offer 'Fiddler's House' In Greenwich Village By BURNS MANTLE. (Reprinted from yesterday's late editions) It is Wendell Phillips Dodge who is playing with the Cherry Lane Theatre now. A year or so ago it was Paul Gilmore and his daughter, Virginia. And before that a variety of ambitious theatre folk tried experimental plays in this Oreenwich Village hideaway. f Sixteen or eighteen years ago a Dan Totheroh drama, "Wild Birds " a was produced there and created a minor sensation, with an appealing ingenue named Mildred McLeod in the heroine's role. Later an impressionistic drama called "The Moon is a Gong" fascinated certain of the play reviewers, but never reached its producers' r1 its authors' hopes for it. Mr. Dodge, who once brought the Grand Guignol players from Paris to New York, has recently joined with the Irish Repertory Theatre of New York, which has presented Irish drama in most of the minor neighborhood playhouses, notably the Heckscher, over a period of years. Col urn Drama. Last night at the Cherry Lane the Irish players and Mr. Dodge offered for the first time in America an Irish drama by Padraic Colum called "The Fiddler's House." It was played originally at the Abbey Theatre - in Dublin as "Broken Soil." That was in 1903. Like most of the Abbey repertory, it is poetic and vague and better suited to the taste of the public for which it was written than to that of any it is likely to find in New York, outside the Irish Repertory following. "The Fiddler's House" tells casually of an old minstrel who feels a call to follow his gift rather than till the soil. He plays in village contests and on the road with great satisfaction to himself, and to his neighbors. Wanderers. His two daughters finally give tip trying to induce him to settle down. One marries and inherits the land. The other, with a bit of the father's roving spirit in her, spurns the proposal of a dominating young horse trader and goes back to the road with her da and his fiddle. Augustin Duncan, an Irish theatre veteran and an actor of superior gifts, plays the old fiddler with sympathy and affection. Judith McGee was the younger daughter and Margaret McCarthy the elder, Miss McGee revealing a youthful prettiness and spirit, Miss OPERA ALFREDO SAlMAGGlrf)'? AwAv IP T0..N.G,T RinOI.ETTO Raldwia- Rmtir. Kana.rhial.rarknnl. nnai m SAT. EVG., APRIL 5th: LA THAVIATaU; I JOLSON THEATRE UZSAttTSi i : eAT:55-83-I.IO-l.6S (TAXINCL.) li GASOLINE ALLEY ff tWAT GOOD IS IT TO H BFTueti itu-r uow? retum tmt wow VOUVE AO TiMS TO COPY fT POWrV A POZEM A full page of Gasoline Alley For the French V PEGGY CONKLIN, of "Mr. and Mrs. North," joins Helen Craig, Johnny Belinda, Jack Durant, Danny Kaye, Jack Pearl, Gene Krupa, Irene Bordoni and many other stars for the Jolson Theatre benefit April 24 for "Babies of France." Proceeds will be used for the Red Cross for vitamin distribution. McCarthy a nice feeling for drama to sustain their performances. Gerald Buckley, John Ireland and James Murray filled out the cast. There was rather a nice setting of an Irish cottage interior by some one whose name I have torn off my program. J. Augustus Keogh did the directing. VAUDEVILLE AMUSEMENTS fwiiaia l CtAaf . TOP V, V DCZEM TMES. V n'"P ,vu" ... i rex rvn -y - yff"WlfflllfflIIIIWl J 1 it , -SHKCT I As.. .... - Sl ft- ft,' Th cw, Tr . . Bjj MIDNITESH0WT0NITE JjjjP SOMETHING Ills itl TA UP 0M EUEgAL PKUnCiPlEsTI f SALLY, THAT FELLOW 1 fvOJ KNOW, I CAMT ELf 'l Mi 6 3 BUT I THINK YOU AI?E SMAftTT EHOOG fO I INSWOATEP "THAT I WMTE I HE 11 FELIEVIMG THAT ANWNE I ' (?EMEMBE(? WHAT IT IS. BUT IP VOrt VALUE J I PCWtf THE COMBINATION OZ I WOULD' RtSJ WHO SUSPECK ESEZiSOOH I in colors appears in the comic Basil Ballet Stranded by Cuban Strike The ballet situation, never exactly placid, was further embroiled yesterday when it was learned that the Col. de Basil Original Ballet Russe troupe is virtually stranded in Havana following ah insurrection, that the Ballet' Theatre may never recover from internal warfare and that a wholesale shifting and shuffling of solo stars is in progress. Several chorus dancers struck aganst the de Basil management in Havana and S. Hurok, who booked the company, broke his contract by telegram. Col de Basil is blaming Hurok for the strike and claiming illegal contract breach. Hurok, in New York, says the de Basil claims are "ridiculous" and that the strike was called because de Basil failed to live up to salary promises. A Hurok spokesman said yesterday that if de Basil does not bring his dancers back here Hurok will arrange to do so. The future of the Ballet TKeatre is in doubt. Several executives are leaving and the group may have a new managerial setup. Meanwhile, Alicia Markova has deserted the Monte Carlo Ballet for the Ballet Theatre and Tamara Toumonova has left the de Basil troupe to dance leads with the Monte Carlo group. Toumonova has long been unhappy with the former company, claiming inferior dancers were given the better roles. The firm of Helen Bonfils and George Sommes yesterday bought Nathaniel Curtis' "The Cockeyed Wonder" for immediate production. A spokesman said that the play has a splendid leading role for Burgess Meredith but the producers have STAGE PLAYS 'FRIGHTFULLY FUNNY' Anderson Jo.-Arn. Howard Lindsay & Rnsgel ('rouse present ARSENIC AND OLD LACE i X A New Comedy bv Joseph Kesselring tnith Boris Karloff. Allyn Joslyn Jecephina Hull. Jeaa Adair. John Alexander ri-LTOX. W. 48 St. C lr. -:. Kv. K:4f) Mat.TamyA.Wea.2,0. Mail erden promptly filled Ith SIIK-8II.ITTIXG MONTH - "CRAZY FUN." Lockrirtne. fivn CHARLEY'S AUNT B' JOSE FEKKEB Arthur Mar Brandon Thomas irirf.rafin f OUT Thru.. 4H KT.K of K'uuv HH I.OMIi: Ey-J:j(KJatg. TODAY & WED, at g :40 "Ripplini with laughter" Anderson. Jl.-Amer CJOHN fiOLDKN presents LAUDIA - A comedy by KOSK FKANKKN BOOTH THEATRE, West 45th St. CI. 6-5969 Mon. thro Sat. 8:40. Mats. TODAY & WED. 2:40 SUNDAY ' lREG- PRICES NO TAX 8:40 Benefit Stage Beliet Fund 2 Perfs SUN t. 2:.io. i.io-a.',o Matinrra TODAY and TOM'W at 2:,'!0 T tOlsen & Johnson's Seir. Sever Stoppin Hellza popping,?,.. WINTER GARDEN. B'way 50 St. Easter Mon.. Evgs. 8:30. tl.l0-$3.30. axeept Sat. I Apr. 14 MAT. TODAY 55c to $2.20 HARRT WAGSTAFF r.RIBBI.K present J Helen in th most thrillini CKAIG love story any stage 0HNNY BELINDA 7th8TMff EVENIN6S INCLUDING SUNDAY AT 8:40 1aXA( RE. 4H St.W.of B'way. ft. 6-BI5. "IT'S SIPERB" NOEL COW Attn GERTRUDE LAWRENCE Lad in Musical I lay Y IN THE DARK witll BERT VICTOR DANNY tiTKLr, MAT! KK KAYE ALVIN Tkea., 52d St. W. af B'way. CO. 5-4114 RTrnlnrn SHARP l.lO to 4.40 Mat. TnDAYtWEU.2:3J! t.lOtoi!.7a A'o Ons Heated During f'irtit Scene ELSE TO FORGET II , .... A y "'W ctcc nc amir, ronnrn I section of the SUNDAY NEWS little hope of bringing Meredith home to Broadway. Pop's New Boys Old age has finally cost the three youngest boys in "Life With Father" their jobs. Tony Miller, Jackie Ayers and Ted Donaldson replace Richard Simon, Ronald STAGE PLAYS A VO Til Ell S l'lA V ft L'ES BKWY .... FIELDS niLUCUAHUt and other Hollywood & "CRAZY W,TH 44th ST. THEATRE LA. 4-4337. (W. of B'way.) MAT I II EE TODAY at 2:40 55 to 2-20 I Tuasday to Friday Evonlngs, Saturday and Sunday MatlnMs, 5S, tit, 1st Baltany $1.10 Orchaitra and Maiianina. Saturday and Sunday Evanlngs. SI. 10 and $1.65 LIGHTWEST HOYAtf THEATRE, WEST 4th STUItT " Clrcla 3-3760 rVlNINGS 40 ! MATINEE TODAY ANEVGE DS J UA PERFECT COMEDY." Atkini'on. Times FE WITH FATHER with Howard LINDSAY Dorothy STICKNEY EMPIRE Theatre, B'way. I 40 St. PEn. 6-9540 MMSTtODAY M '0U 2 " "Laughing ear and eyeful" A ndemnn. 31 .-Amer. B. G. DeSYlA'A presents Williani Vera Victor r.AXTOV ZOKINA MOOKF, I OUISIANA PURCHASE 1 ' with IKKNE BORDilM Mosir; I.5Tris hr IKVINti BFRLIN Book hy MOKRIR KYSKIMI IMPERIAL The.. W.45 St.CO. 5-7B89.Ejs.8:30 MATINEE TODAY55c to 220 7 Prf "ITM MT- at 3 55e to $2.20 MEET THE PEOPLE 1 VI 'Genuinely smart, intimate revue. '-PoVnfk MWSFIKLI) Thea. W. 47th St. Eves. 8:4 Mat. TODAY pp?ul" 55c $2.20 Popular Prices n it The Comedy Murder Mystery Hit!" V1R. AND MRS NORTH irith PEGGY CONKLIN V ALBERT HACKETT BKI.ASrO. 44 St. E. of B'WHjr. BR. A-3M7 Evgs. 8:40. $3 30 to 55e. Mat. Today t Wed. 2:40 M All. K I)K KS PROMPTLY" KII.I.K I KVF.S. IN I.lTniNG SUNHAV) SOr to 3 MY FAIR LADIES NaiiKhty But Nice1 HUDSON Thea . 44 St. E. of B'way. BR -02 MATINEES TODAY t WED. at 2:40. 50e to S2 'Fnnnipst I'lar of Srason.' -Rroim. Pout M Y SISTER EILEEN THE KIOTOI S l.AT GH HIT BILTMORE Thea., 47th St. W.af B'way. CI. 6-9353 EVGS. 0:40. MATINEES TODAY - WED. 2:40 PKRFOKMAM'E TOM'W EVE. AT 8:50 (Four Stars)" Monte. JVetm NMereury Production by ORSON UF.I.I.KS ATIVE SON i'rf.RoVHfi? ST. JAM KS Thea.. 8445 W.4 ISt. I.A. 4-1 lie, 1 Evgs. Incl. Sunday 8:50. Mats. Today 4 Wed. 2:40 JANE DWIGHT DEERE WIMAN present f " XVT T ' A Keie Vomedv fin y,VJ W J JOHN VAS VRVTKS QLD ACQUAINTANCE tcith Kent Smith Directed bjf Auriol Lea PEtiliK WOOD MOROSCO Th.. W. 45th St. CI. C-6230. Evj. 8:40 MATINEES TODAY. WED. a. TH U RS. at 2:40 .MATINKK TOOAY 55o to f'J.SO 2D(, CI INI MAT. at 3 55-J2.20 renS. OVJll. EVG. R:30 55e-i3.30 Out OF THE FRYING PAN WINDSOR Thea., 1 57W .48SLPE. 6-489 1. Eves 8 :40 MATINEE TODAY "L 2:40 "Smart novel ... hit. Mantle, tteics GEORGE ABBOTT'S MUSICAL HIT P A L JOEY johSo-haba A KODGKRS and HART Sonm with TIVIF.NNE SKiAT :F.NK KKI.I.T JAt'K BIRANT JINK, HAVOC BARRYMORE Th..W.47 St- CI.S-0390. tvx. 8:40 Reiss and Bobby Schenk as the Day youngsters. There'll be a farewell party for the retiring actors after tonight's show. Downtown Benefit The annual Helen Rosen benefit for orphans and refugees will be held Wednesday at the Old Roumanian. STAGE PLAYS T S TA It A I ft II T ( TOt ' H . Kl SULLIVAN Hroaduay Celebrities the HEAT" Eres. In I. Sun., I.10-.t .to Ma(. TOBAY A San.. l.lO-:'.n YOU'LL LOVE TO LAUGH WITH MURIEL! UE OF TEE FRYIWG FUBI WINDSOTHIA.,137 W.4thSt. PE.6-4 891 SI I Kl n H V MATINEE at 3 55c to $2 20) UNUAI EVENING :J0 5Sc to tJ.39" ELMER RICE j MATS TODAY 1 WED. .10 te 2 75 "A SM Slt HIT." Walter Winrhell It. ;. DrM I.V t Irr.enl n ETHEL MERMAN in Panama hattie COLE PORTER Songs Pnolc 7,v HERBERT FIELDS A B. G. DeSYLV A 46th ST. Thea. ,W. of B'way. C frle 6 -607S Evni.8 30 EXTRA PERFORMANCE TOMORROW NIGHT ProrrltoArtor' Fund. S ats Now Si-llinr 2nd Year Mats. Today i Hid? at 2:40. 55c-J2.2o" A Inn t.linihi l.e O I)IKHRT FA KK KM. TAI.ItOT in SEPARATE ROOMS PL Y M 0 U T H T hea . . 45 S tW olB way. Evas.8 :40 'A MASTERPIECE.' triir.,,,.. v ..,," -P ETHEL BARRYMORE ,n 1 HE CORN IS GREEN NATIONAL Thea.. 41 St. W et B'way. PE. 6-8220 Ew.8:40. $I.U te 3.30. Mat.TODAT sV Wed. 2:40 KATHARINE CORNELL nf presents IIFRN VRI SHAW'S 1 HE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA - RAYMOND MASSEY SHUBERT Thea.. 44th St. W. af B'way CI 6.5040 Eyas. 8:30. Matinees TODAY and WED. at 2:30 PERFORMANCE TOM'W (Sunday) EVE.. 8 40 "As aay alio drWlahle a romiMly as our state has seen in years." tirou n, lut THE MAN WHO 1 CAME TO DINNER ... with MONT V WOOI.I.KV Mrsir MOX. 4. St. M. of It'wHv. Fva. 8:lf No I'erf . M on. Mats. TOD. V & T II I K.'i : l MATINEE TODAY 'Adult, amusing 4V absorbirif' Anderson. Jo-Am. in run. II' CLAIRE MERIVALE nr S. N. BEHI1MAN S New l'lav 1 HE TALLEY METHOD HKNRV MM. I. FK'S I I W. 4.1. IK f-.'i'IT( Evs.8 :45. $1.10 to $3 SO. Mats.T'd y & Thurs. 2:45 Mats. Today 2:40.55r-$2 20. Sun. 2:45 55-Sl .10 THEY WALK ALONE EvV.rf55.s.2,2o A with KUa t'nrol I.ANt'HFsTFR (illllll.NKK nOI.OKN Thea. 4.-; St. W.of B'way. Fvs. K :40 2 SHOWS SUNDAY "jJVp m' " TOBACCO ROAD mat. today A with Wlf-X liKKK 55c. 83c, $1.10 FORREST. 49 ot.Wot IJwa,. JtataToday&Sua. Opens TUES." Eve.. April r8ENA0T II f'RM A X SH. VLIS pretenti WfA Seir t'lan bv tJl.I.HS II F.LI. l AS Watch on the Rhine With I.t't'lI.K. PA I I. MAI)Y WATSON 1.1 KAS 4'IIKISTI tS Gaarle Cauleuris, He!en Trenholme. Jaha Ledge Stairt.fi by Mr. Shnmlin Settina- by Jo Mielziner MARTIN BK K Thea.. 4fl St. W. of 8 Ave. Oaenina $1.10 ta 14.40; thereafter St. 10 ta $3.30 Irele S-A.'ttL't. Mail orders nromptly filled. t r1 CO o Hi IN3

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