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Gennroamis' EPotunroce pom) Greece Dwe Within Hours. 'By THOMAS F. HAWKINS. Sofia, Bulgaria, March 7 (P). A German attack on Greece's Macedonia and Thrace within 48 hours one of those week-end lunges by spearheads of steel now familiar Italian SomaUland All Oars, Say British By EDWARD KENNEDY.

Cairo, March 7 (P). Final Conquest of Italian Somaliland was proclaimed by British forces today, along with the capture, destruction or grounding of 12 Axis merchantmen in naval operations which knocked out the Axis' two chief i i rji a predicted tonight by some Vbases for Indian Ocean raid- ers Chisimaio and Mogadis High Pressure Area in the ISalhans JUKGAS- YUGOr son BULGARIA I 1 I tSJ i -9- 11 to Nazi battle tactics was neutral military observers. German troops in occupied Bulgaria, the baSe for the expected assault, stood more than 150,000 strong along the Greek and. Turkish frontiers, and German officers seized the available transport of this country to move up their ever-lengthening columns of men and machines. The Germans, however, were making last-minute efforts to woo Greece and Turkey from Britain.

Censors permitted it to be said that the Nazis were offering Greece a settlement with Italy whereby she would lose no territory held at the beginning of the war, and were effering Turkey locomotives, machinery and other economic rewards. The Greeks, having gone far toward winning their war with Nazi (arrows are poised to attack Greek Thrace (shaded) and Macedonia from (A). Possible Greek defense line is shown at (B). Britain might send fleet into Black Sea (C). Yugoslavia is (D) ready to sign with Axis.

SLAVIAV 7V Italy, but now faced with a vastly more powerful antagonist, seemed prepared to take their chances. "Absolutely Will Fight." (NEWS map by Staff Artist Bourne) The Greek army, said Grecian cio. AH Fascist troops who have not surrendered or fallen in combat have been run out of Somaliland and are fleeing into Ethiopia, a military spokesman declared here at British general headquarters. lie listed Italian casualties in the three-week Somaliland campaign at 21,000 lucluding killed and prisoners and said an area of 100,000 square miles, half of the colony, is now under actual occupancy of British arms. 5 Ships Seized, 4 Scuttled.

The bulk of the Fascist force able to get away, he said, is withdrawing along the Mogadiscio road toward Jijiga in northern Ethiopia, and another retreat is proceeding from Lugh Ferrandu, in the northern Juba River Valley area of Somaliland, toward the southern Ethiopian lakes. Five Italian ships totaling tons were captured and four others were scuttled when the British battle units stormed up to Chisimaio on Feb. 15 in a coordinated attack by land and sea forces, the Admiralty said in London. A German ship, the Uckermark, 7,021 tons, also was scuttled, and a second German ship, the 500-ton Askari, was driven ashore, it was related in a communique. Fleet Shells Capital.

Then the fleet hastened on up the coast, flinging shells into Brava and Mogadiscio, Somaliland capital, and helping in the capture of the latter Feb. 20. At Mogadiscio the cruiser Shropshire sent her eight-inch shells into the Italian tanker Pennsylvania and sank her. British suspicions that Chisimaio and Mogadiscio were used as refueling stations by German surface raiders were confirmed, the Admiralty said, by the discovery and release of 200 British and Allied diplomatic informants here, "absO' iutely will tight any German in (Cnnnuunnmmniiua(s vasion." IRAQ'S OIL, VIA TURKEY, SEEN They added that if Germany loosed her long-prepared offensive, they had hopes that the Turks would smash at the Nazi flank BRITISH London, March 7 Admiralty i a a tht communique today: following AS NAZI GOAL By DANA SCHMIDT. Ankara, March 7 (U.R).

Re ports of an impending German attack across Turkey to Iraq and Britain's rich Mosul oil sustained by our forces in any of these operations. One important naval result of the successful military operations in Italian Somaliland is that capture of Chisimaio and Mogadiscio have deprived the enemy of two East African bases most convenient for use of commerce raiders and supply ships. It can now be stated that five Italian merchant ships with a total tonnage of 28,153 tons fell into our hands as a result of the capture of Chisimaio. These ships are the Adria, 3,809 tons; Savoia, 5,400 tons; Erminia Mazzelia, 5,742 tons; Manon, 5,597 tons, and Leonardo Da Vinci, 7,515 tons. Four other ships scuttled themselves in Chisimaio harbor.

One of these is known to be the Italian Marghera, 4,531 tons. Losses also were inflicted on the German mercantile marine as a result of Chisimaio. The German Uckermark, 7,021 tons, attempted to escape. She was intercepted and tried to scuttle herself. This attempt (Continued on page 8, cot.

i) fields, attributed to the boasts of German army officers in the Balkans, were brought to It is now possible to give some details of the naval support afforded our army in Italian Somali-land during the advance in the coastal area. Military objectives at Chisi-maio, Brava and Mogadiscio were bombarded by our naval forces and evidence secured by subsequent occupation of these areas testified to the effectiveness of these bombardments. It is now known that bombardment of Italian positions in the Brava area carried out on the forenoon of Feb. 22 were conspicuously successful. This bombardment, carried out by an eight-gun cruiser, H.M.S.

Shropshire, caused damage and a large number of military casualties. It has been established that H. M. S. Shropshire also sank the Italian oil tanker Pennsylvania during the bombardment of the harbor of Mogo-discio.

No damage or casualties was Ankara today by travelers. German officers in Nazi-occupied Romania were said to be talking treely of the coming invasion of Iraq" through Turkey or, perhaps with Russian aid, from the Tiflis area between the Black Sea and the Caspian. (The Foreign Minister of Iraq, Gen. Nuri Es-Said, arrived in Cairo Thursday, presumably to confer with British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden on the German menace to the Iraq oil fields which are vital to Britain's war effort. Iraq is under British protection.

Regent Prince Paul Bach from Bmrchteigaden. through the" Rhodope Mountains, which extend east and west along the Greek-Bulgarian frontier. Britain meanwhile, was rushing all available military equipment to the Turks. (Britain, with Russia's tacit consent, may send part of her Mediterranean fleet through the Dardanelles into the Black Sea as part of a new guarantee of aid to Turkey, the United Press The British Tafcc Over "With the Turkish Government understood to be opposing Ger man pressure, it was revealed that all members of the Turkish Cabi seamen held prisoner near Mogadiscio after their ships had been sunk. The captured Italian ships were named as the Adria, 3,800 tons; Savoia, 5,490 tons; Erminia Mazzelia, 5.74S tons; Manon, 5,597 tons and Leonardo da Vinci.

7,515 tons. One of the four scuttled Italian ships was identified as the Marghera, 4,531 tons. 100 Planes Raid Malta. As to the Mediterranean theatre, the British acknowledged that a mass raid by 100 or more German dive-bombers, bombers and fighters was carried out against Malta on Wednesday. The British said they bagged 10 of the raiders.

Some damage to buildings was conceded along with the loss of one British fighter. (The sinking of the British destroyer Dainty was announced by the Admiralty in London. No details were given. The warship normally carried a complement of 145 men.) 15 French Vessels Lost to British, Nazis. Vichy, 7 (U.R).

The Government today reported the loss of net today turned down an invita tion of German Ambassador Baron Franz von Papen to attend a show TtT 5, I xp Kfm. ARABIA itf BK. ing of the German war film, "Vic tory the West. "We are not amused by this film," said one prominent Turk. Only two Turkish newspaper British announce conquest of Italian Somaliland (shaded) following naval action in which 22 axis ships were captured in territory's two main ports Chisimaio (A) and Mo gad iscio (B).

Italians are fleeing into Ethiopia. reported from Budapest. The dispatch said the information was contained in diplomatic reports from Istanbul. (In Rome, the authoritative Fascist spokesman, Virginio Gayda, said that Britain has at least 50,000 troops in Greece "with reinforcements arriving steadily," but that Greece's Bulgarian flank is unprotected against a German attack. (Reports circulated in Belgrade that Germany's attack on Greece would be launched Saturday from the Macedonian frontier.

The United Press also reported -that Nazi forces took over control of telephone and telegraph communications in Bulgaria and warned the four American correspondents remaining in Sofia against sending out any (Continued on col. 1 men attended. May Stay on Defensive. Opinion hardened, meanwhile, that Turkey, instead of aiding Greece, would remain on the defensive unless attacked. Turkey already has between 300,000 and 500,000 troops along the western frontier in Thrace, facing German troops occupying virtually the entire length of the Bulgarian-Turkish boundary.

In the event of a German attack on Turkey, however, it was believed that co-operative measures worked out here by Eden and Turkish leaders would become ef- 15 rench vessels during January and February and said the lost tonnage was "seriously limiting our already difficult imports" of foodstuff's. Most of the vessels were said to have been lost in the British blockade, but some also were reported sunk by submarines and German bombers. (NEWS man by Staff Artist) 0) NAIROBI 11 fective immediately..

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