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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
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V LAST : EDITION. JOURNAL, 8 Pages THE VOL. IX NO. J 20 OTTAWA WEDNnSPAY. MAY 2. 1894 PRICE TWO CENTS EVENING JOHN MURPHY & GO. Why Not Participate Y If yoa require a new jacket, a Dew cape, , new fichn, or a ttw waterproof, our stock is f snouted bv thousands, ud aa money saved ' k money gained, joa will be much the richer - mj your purchase. At leut pay aa a viaii and azarnin. oar value. Comparison will ell in our favor. For years, a experienced ladiea well know, onr house baa in LdiOS' Mantles been a leading light in the city, all LADIES' MANTLES CHILDREN'S MANTLES . .ABB XASKXD AT . CENUIHE BARCA1N PRICES IN DRESS GOODS - We are offering aoma surprising aheap lota. Here are a lew of them : BO pieoea Diagonal and Whipcord Preae Goods, 44 incbea wide at 20 CENTS 60 piece Tweed Dreea Goods and Whipcords, 44 inokee wide at 25 CENTS 60 piaoee of all-wool Tweed Dree Goods and Nary and Black Serge, 44 lacbea wide at i - 35 CENTS 20 pieoea Diem Sateens, worth 30c to 40o. at 16 CENTS JOHN MURPHY & CO. GET OUR Sporting Goods FOR 1894. FOTHERINCHAM &P0PHAM, Sent free to any addrets. SEASONABLE ARTICLES. Garden inadea. shovel, rake and hose. Intra rake and shearers, lawn mowerr, and sprinklers, eotten and rubber hoee,hoee reel and wheelbarrow, wetennc oaua. NOW FOR HOUSE CLEANING Ala-baatina and eelsominea, paint, oil and var nishes, carpet, whip-felt and stretchers car pet eweepera ana nroomr. W. STRACHAN, Cor. Qaeea and Bridge it. Phone 29- v r The brightness reQeoted from his boots treobled bim, and he aald : "Methousht I heard a Toice cry. Bleep no more.' Magic 5 Bhoa blacking remorca the aoil and I brighten the understanding. .... I Urge bozea for ten cento to-night. -jSSNATIORAL M'FC CO. ' oe'T 69 Sparks St. Saaki' - G. ROSS & CO. THIS DAY WE HAVE INAUGURATED The greatest (ale of . Ladies TailoFmade Coats ami Capes AND CHILDREN'S COATS AXO REEFERS arer made in the city. - The offering compriaea orer six hundred garment in ail the very beat and latest style. The goods are all imported from the best mannfaotnrer of Berlin,among them are Manheimer - ' MaxMnller SlaxSIeyer Lesser & Joseph Shutte ' and many manofaotnred in onr own workroom from the beat designs from Paris and Berlin. The price will be like baying a f 10.00 bill with$Ti.00inllrer. LACE DEPARTMENT. Black Bilk Lao Flouncing OOo to $10 per yard. Black Allcmi LacM 60cegnlar prloa $L70 46 inch Black and Cream Allots Laoea f 1.00, regular prioe $2,75 46 inch Black and Cream Allona Laoea $1.75, regnlar prioe $3.60. ; 500 pattern of new Cam brio Print, acknowledged to be the largest Cotton Dreea Goods stock In the Dominion. 100 pieoea Oxford Suitlnre in pretty tripe at 10c, regular prioe is 18a Flannelettes), all pattern, 7c, aelling elsewhere at llo and 12 SOdos. Ladiea White Bkirta 39c each. Soma this 2 orer 600 sample pain of Silk Glare at half. I -il New good are pressing for room In all detections and unprecedented bargain are here in every branch. C. ROSS & GO. FAIR . . RU8SIA8 Oar sales to date are something: wonderful, all our spring quantities have beeo duplicated again and again. nnnwyn Our selections most hare been rnUlii'U rUht. An! the price right loo Lighter Shades r leading this The Dark Shades bar. a till many admirer. we ;have both shades " The One E. Kbits, of Boston, make of Ru,lan leather footwear, are the most fmbloo- able shoee worn in Ottawa tnu seasoa. DONE Y SUN HT IEE Insurance Co Of London, Eng., Established 1710. The oldeat ourelv fire offioe in the world. Ham insured in 1892, 391,800,000, or $1,959,000,000. . Book Bottom Bat for fire bonne. E. McMahon, Agt. 29 Sparks Street, Russell House Block. :hh- BIO BOSTON TAILORING HOUSE I hare sold oat my whole stock of Ready-made Ckrthinx. Bats. Cap and Gents' nmUnluK to the new flrao t J. B. ORKILLY A CO., who will opea to-morrow with a great cheap sale at Na. do iUdeaa Mtreet I will now rue aa exclusire TsrtORma Ksti blishmc irr at the old staad, No.192 Sks kk a Btrket to be knows In future as the BIO KOelTON TAILORING HOUSE. I will make It the Leading Tailoring Hoose In Ottawa, and aeoond to none in the great republic I believe that Ottawa should have at least one Unit-olaes Tailoring Establishment each as oa will ana la Boston, aaw lara. ana aionaon, Kfurland. I have secured the service of Mr. R. B. Heehmer, who has had fifteen years' experience in the nrat tailor slops in Boston, He will have full control of the wars-room and noteing will leave the premises only first-close work. I will keep a very choice stock ot Imported Suitings, Panting. Coatings, eta My customer will have nrst choioe of all the new styles aa quick they leeve the looms. very new pattern will be found at t he Big Boston , T&Iloriaer House. mm SHIPPING CASUALTIES IN A YEAR. All Told In Canadian Waters Represent Lee Than a Million In Value U. 8. Coal Oil for Canadian lilst-hou-e.; The annual report of the marine; department was p reseated to parliament yesterday by Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper. The total number of casualties to British, Canadian and foreign sea-going Teasel reported to the department a having occurred in Canadian waters and to Canadian seagoing Teasel in water other than those of Canada during the twelve month .- endedpist December, 1893, was 190, representing a toniiage of 59,421 tons register and the amount of iota, both partial and total, to vense is and cargoea so tor as ascertained was $807,113. The number of lives reported lost in connection - with these casualties was 49. i , The total amount expended on the various branches daring the asoel year ended 30th June last was $342,242 02. The salaries of the established staff, including marina and fisheries, amounted to $43,801. The total amount voted by parliament was $881,532. 18, not including the departmental salaries so that the expenditure waa $39,289.90 lesa than the amount appropriated. The whole number of person 'in the out-tide service of the marine branch at the date of the report is 1,536. During the past fiscal year the expenditure for maintenance of lighthouse and coast service amounted to $475,885 and tor construction of iighcs,$7,474 ; total for maintenance and construction,! $503,360 while for the previous year the expenditure for lighthouse and coast service, including construction, waa $485,988 showing an inoroase of expenditure for the year ending 30th June last of $17,371- The appropriation for this service waa $325,235 ; the expenditure being $21, 874.75 iesa than the appropriation for the fiscal year. - The total number of light station, lightships and fog alarm stations in the Dominion on the 30th June, 1893, waa 619, and of lights shown 749; the number of steam-whistle and fog-horns 53; the number of light-keeper and j engineer of fog-alarm with master of lightship was 624. Up to the 31st December, 1893, 3,065 seagoing certificates of competency and 1,443 of service have been issued to master and mate, and np to the same date, 1,302 certificate , of competency and 2,955 certificates of service have been issued to masters and mates engaged in the coasting trade and in navigation the inland waters. . The quantity of oil (applied to the light above Montreal by the Imperial Oil company during the year waa 2.1, 130 gallons imperial measure, costing $3,819, to the light in the Quebec district, 26,080 gallons, costing $4.-641.42; to the Noya Scotia district, 53,564 gallons, costing $1 1,804; to the New Brunswick district, 11,580 gallons, at a cost of $2,274;to the Prince Edward Island district, 4,992 gallon, at a cost cf $1,148; making the total quantity reoeived from the Imperial Oil company 119,346 gallons, and total cost $23,888. In addition to this the department purchased from Standard Oil company of New York, 2,700 gallon American oil for the New Brunswick diatriot, at a cost of $459; 8,990 gallons for the Nova Scotia district at a cost of $1,528; and 1,450 gallon for the district above Montreal, at a cost of $246; for the British Columbia district, 5,750 gallons at a oost of $1,092. . The total quantity of American oil pur chased waa 18,890 gallon, wine measure, costing $3,326. 3a lb standing of the .Dominion Dteamer Newueld and its repairs cost $20.7 Mr. MacDonnell (Algoma) baa given notice of a resolution that the bounty on pig iron should be definitely fixed at $2 per ton for a term of ten year from Jaly 1st, 1894 to July 1904.. Drowned at the Boo. Howard McDonald a resident of Hill street was accidontly drowned in the Bault St. Marie river a few day age while engaged insetting toga down to the mills. The body is expected home to-morrow morning. Many Handaome Coatnme. Mr.Strachey baa returned from Montreal with over 150 costumes to be used in the ''Beggar Student." They are claimed to be the finest ever brought into Ottawa. To Dominion Calcium Light company at Montreal are sending ;up 'calcium light and experienced operators to work the light effect. U , Petty Litigations Mostly, Judge Maihiot la now holding Circuit oourtinEulL There are almost a hundred cases on the list for hearing but most are only petty litigations. Yesterday Judge Maihiot beard argument on a demurrer to atop the pleading in the famous $13,000 law suit of McConnell vs. Sando. Judgment waa reserved. To-morrow there will be no court as it it a Quebec holiday. The term will be concluded on Friday. DESPATCHES IN BRIEF. A sudden snow storm blocked Newfoundland's railway communication yesterday. The Portuguese government baa decided that Lisbon is not affected with cholera bat diarrhcen. . To endow a chair of anrtomy at University college, Liverpool, Lord Derby baa given $50,000. A bomb was found at the Guildhall, London, to-day and was promptly plunged into water and turned over to the police. Two men were killed and several injured in a wreck on the C. B. & G. Ry. at East Urand ave., bk toais, Mo., yesterday. Harrison's friends In , Indiana have announced that he will be a candidate for nomination for the U. 8. president for 1896. The reoelptsjot the Monte Carlo gambling company were SI million iranoa, a decreaM of two and a half millions compared with 1893. - The U. 8. gunboat Bennington arrived -at Han Jfrancieco from the (Jentral American station yesterday. She will join the Behring sea fleet. A farmer named - Gardiner of Bally-havistock, County Antrim, Ireland, was thol dead whilst sitting at hi window Monday. A neighbor ha been arretted on suspicion. The British bark Ruth Palmer, Capt. An. dorson, from Belfast, April 7, for Miramicbi waa sunk at aea by a coiliaion with an iceberg. Her crew have arrived at St. Pierre; RA man who wrote letter threatening to blow President Cleveland np with dynamite tarns out to be Ja.Callaghan, now serving a 90 day a vagrancy sentence in Denver, CoL, county jaiL. . A store occupied by the Waterbury Watc Co. at No. 7 Snow Hill. Loudon, was destroyed by fire Monday night. By the falling of the root ot the building several person were injured, one of them a Iranian. The rebellion Damaraland Chief YVitbooL who has for sometime been a thorn in the tide of the German African oolonista ha contemptuously refused an offer of amneity made to him by the German authorities. Don't IForeet. Remember the Bible eociety anniversary Mmgni at nonunion Method xt churoh. A L0SG DRIVE AND A COOL ONE. IS THE ELECTRIC RAILWAY TRIP TO ROCKUFFE. What the Company will do for too Popple Thia Summer Preparation for Pleasure. HE means of reaching Roctliffe Park this season are vast, ly superior to those that existed a year ago. Then the poor horses with thesnuff box car wended their weary way from New Edin. burgh to Rockliffe, on a tingle track On can now - board an elegant electric car either open or closed type, and speedily pleasantly and without change over a magnificient double tracked line reach Rockliffe in lea than half .the time. The fact that the people generally did not, or rathe7 could not, in former year reach Rockliffe ill account for the fact that to few of the people are aware that Gatmeau Point at this season of the year i practically surrounded by water and within the next ew weeks some of th resident mutt either desert their home or seek the upper part of their dwelling. The view from Rockliffe mutt be seen to be appreciated. Commencing to-morrow (Arbor Day) the oar of the New Edinburgh line, which have heretofore run via Dalhouaie and St. Patrick street to New Edinburgh, will run via Sussex street to the park. These oar a in the past will be known by the red diamond lhaped disc The 10 minute service via St. Patrick and Dalhouaie streets will be maintained by the Ann street cart which instead of turning back at the post office will run through to New Edinburgh via SU Patrick. The Ann su-New Edinburgh cart will be distinguished by bias end signs and a blue disc triangular shaped and bine night lights. a long Ens yon rrvi cists. Commencing at 1 p. m. the Chaadiere I Falls (green disc) cars, which now run to New Edinburgh, will run through to Rockliffe Park. With the park at one, and the magnificent Chand iere Falls 4 J, mile, at the other terminus, thia will become a popular afternoon and evening run, I The distance from the Ex hibition Urounda to Kocklitte u 0 miles. The electric merry-go-reund will be open to th public on Thursday and from the interest manifested old at well aa young people will avail themselves of it. The grounds and groves will be lighted by arc lights and the pavillion and merry-go-round by the incandescent light. Burns the caterer it transforming tba interior of the Pavilion into a conunodiout refreshment booth and in addition will erect large soda water fountain. The public telephone is again in operation and will be found a great convenience to many. . The groove bava been cleaned np and everything about th. park 1 mora attrao tive than ever. for health and pleasure let at oommend a visit to the park. A FEW BLINDLY WORDS. A Letter from a Friend About the-r?epean Street Case of Diatres Thi Journal last evening expended the $13, tent tin for the case of distress men. tioned Monday, rive dollars was spent in paying a month's rent (March) and $5 vi, paid on the $10 account mentioned at being pushed for payment. The other $3 waa handed the woman, whoa gratitude to her unknown beneiactors wat touching to tee. To-day up to noon 14 dollars more wat received txom persons who tent no signa ture. W TBY TO. One, evidently a gentleman by hi handwriting, on enclosing a dollar says : "In response to the kindly appeal made in the columns of your paper last evening on behall ot a poor woman residing on JNepean street, 1 beg to enclose herewith the tarn of $1 and hops the comparatively small sum of wmca is required to pay rent overdue and furniture bill will reach you without delay. As one of your subscribers I with to take thia opportunity of expressing to you my high appreciation of the humanity you have thown in the many cases of thit tad nature wh'.oh have come under your notioe by having caused the matter to be investigated and if found worthy of assistance, by the efforts you have made through your paper to move th heartiest to a sense of duty at well as to give an opportunity to those of your readeri charitably inclined to extend a helping hand to a lamuy in autre. - , No more subscriptions r needed. - bUll the Thieves are at It. Some time last night thievea broko into Bunnell! confectionery store on Rideau street and stole 25 cent, in copper. Entrance wat effected by a rear window. The police are looking after the theft, Lawyers' Clerks In the Dance. The tall given by the lawyers clerk in Harmony Hall last evening wat very enjoy. able. Despite the beat, the young people present danced with much spirit to the strains of Valentine's music, which consisted of three pieces, the harp, violin and clario net. Ketretbmenta were dispensed the entire evening. !- 1 Woman's Journal and 'Beautiful Joe" (Canadian edition with introduction by Her Excellency the Go an less of Aberdeen) 51.00. Address Dominion W. C. T. U. Literature Depository, 26 Albert it, Ottawa. Mammoth sweet and red K. McDonald's. cob teed corn, Bliss Cawest has removed from 88 Sparks Street to 93 Albert Street opposite Y. W. C. Inst. Hear the St- John's Sunday sonooi oronestra to-nigns. xio keta x5o, children 15c. ' Dr. V. H. Lvon, surgeon and residence.corasr Bank and Maria streets over Kirbjr drug store. . 5 Come and see the grand fancy drill by ten girls in splendid costumes, at KU Jonn's S. S. Orchestra concert in St. John's hall. Wed' nesday, Mj2. y OTTAWA MAKKETS. The Attendance To-day waa Small but the Prtoes war. not. Wednesday. There was no improvement to-day on the usual small Wednesday market. Prices still kept up. Eggs had a big sale at 13 cent a dot. . Vegetable! were teen everywhere and there waa a demand for them. Radithta were bought at 40 cent a dozen bunohet, lettuce 45 cents a dozen, cabbage 20 and 25 cents a dozn. Potatoes were worth 65 and 75 cents a bag. In meats pork sold at $6.75 and $7.25 a ewt. and beef $5. 50 and $7.50 a owt. for fore and hinds. Lamb sold at $140 a quarter. Mutton and veal were quoted at 6 and 7 cents a pound . The grain market was dulL A good quality of oats sold at 43 cents a bushel. Buckwheat had fair sales at 55 and 58 cents and peas 65 and 72 oenta a bushel. Hay was worth $7 to $8.75 a ton and straw $4 and $4.50 a ton. . a a RE-ORGANIZE. And now the dip ot the Paddle Will b Heard on the Canal. The annua general meeting of the Primrot C C was held last night at the boat house Bank at. There waa a large attendance the election of officers being the great attraction which resulted as follows : Commodore, C Led ward; (re-electod), vice commodore; T A Olver; captain, C A Grant; club artist, 1 F Garrow; secretary, H OHewit; ex-committee. I F Morns, E Calvert, hi Herbert, U Cooch, W A Oliver, Auditor R H in ton, T Sander. The retiring neoretary report lowed a email balance on hai d and as the club last year held their first annual regatta and gave several valuable prize the bsianoe waa rather un expected. A vote ol thank was tendered bim lor the painstaking manner in which he had oondacted the affairs of the club, the mover speaking particularly about the success being l-tnainly due to hi efforts. The club will hold it tint cruise on Tuesday evening next, the captain particularly wishing every member to be there to aa to make as large a turn out as possible. Jack Leavy, English 100 lb. champion fought six round with Jimmy Briton at New York last night. It waa declared a draw. Leavy challenge. Briton to try again to a finish for $1,000 or $5,000. Bark Drops Out. Charlie Bark of he Shamrocks is going to Quebeo to live having secured a permanent situation. It is said be has dropped lacrosse. Lanark and Banfrew are for Laeroeae. A new lacrosse association know aa "The Lanark and Renfrew Counties Lacrosse League" was formed on Saturday at Carleton Place. The league is composed of clubs from Arnprior, Almonte, Carleton I lace, Perth and Smith' Fall. Th Montreal Senior Lacrosse) Team. The Montreal lacrosse olub have had a practise or two, and seem likely to have a strong team thit season. Of last year's twelve, Patterron, MoCallnm, Geiaghty, Barlow, Hamilton and Anderson are oat, while the two Hodgson's, Baird and Barry, strong former players are also aaid to be .sure for this year. Of the Shamrocks, McVey.Neville, Kelly, Tucker, Dwyer, Moore, Hinton, Murray, and Tansey are on deck, and there is plenty of first-class young blood. Willing to Play en any Grounds The Oahkoih lacrosse club held a meeting last night and completed arrangement for th loagu) meeting on Thursday. Mr. T. K earns, who is president of the league, will represent them. The Oahkosk club are will-ing to play the league matches on any ground that may be available and will favor the time of matches be one hour and a half. Th Othkosh start practising Monday evening. Changed Their Name. The letter 0 Lacrosse club held their second meeting at 191 Bolton it. on Monday evening, and decided to change their name from Aberdeen! to Wide-a-wakes. They also passed a vote of thanks to Aid. Champagne who kindly promised the boys to clear off the field between Cathoart and Bolton street on Dalhouaie for their use. The following officers were eleotcd : President, E Couaineau; field captain, T Stringer; captain, M Kealy; secretary, R Esdale; treasurer, T Stringer; managing oommittee, T Kealy, T Murphy, H McGuire,J Sullivan, T Kinsella, E Couaineau, Bicyclist Warwick m America. New York, May 1. A little pleasant faced Englishman hat been stopping at the Hotel Mastin for the last few days. He it Thoa, Warwick, the crack cyclist, and he ar rived on Sunday from Havre on the Steamer La Bourgogne. Warwick's trip here wat the result of an "impulse of a moment" as he expresses it. Warwick, barring Zimmerman and Edwards it the fastest cyclist in the professional ranks. "My trip here," said Warwick thi morning, hat no special aim, although now that I am here I intend to do a little training probably in Manhattan and will take on some matches if possible. Should I ( be unable to get in any races within a month I intend to return to France and do a little business there. Notes of -Sport. - Niw YoRK.May 1. Geo. Lav'gne and Geo Biddon yesterday completed the terms of agreement to fijht a 10 round boat for $500 a aide. The bout will be palled off within 6 weeks. 8teinitz and Lasker are in Montreal and play at the Cosmopolitan club to-morrow evening. The stakes are $2,000 a tide. 4 g-als. Best Canadian Coal Oil for 500. S. a. Eagleson, 319 Wei lingtonst. Remember the St. John's Sunday school oronestra concert to night. Tickets 25o, children 15o. THE P. A WARDEN'S PERKS. THE ALLEGED PENITENTIARIES' CROOKEDNESS. Another Return Brought Down and Still th. Story Is No5 Told-Charges of Get ting Coal Pork Baeoa Hams and B no bilks for N.thing. A return was bud upon the table of th House last session containing a certain amount of information about the charges of looseness of management at Kingston. Peni tentiary. A further return was brought down yesterday containing 153 pages of further information on the tame matter. THI KXD IS HOT TXT. It 1 only a partial retarn - and doe not contain all the information aided for by Tftr. Moloch,wbo moved for the papers. A fCher return will be brought down which ajpU fcontain additional informa tion about the-elleged irregularities at th penitentiary, and alto tha departmental paper relating to the alleged irregularities in connection with the British Columbia penitentiary. Yesterday' retarn deals with the investigation made by J. G. Moylan, superintendent of penitentiaries, of the charge made against Warden Lavelle at Kingston. IHS CHARGES. These charges were first mad in an anonymous letter and were substantially the same aa those afterward set forth in a statutory declaration made by William Bowen formerly a . teamster at Kingston penitentiary. They were that the warden received coal, pork, bacon, hams and other publio supplies for hi own private use, that oertain material bought for use in several ef the shop in th penitentiary were not to nsed, and that there were various other irregularities. Since last session G. L. Foster, the accountant of the penitentiaries branch of th department of justice htt made two farther investigations the results of which have not yet been brought down. AND NOW THEIR WORK IS DONE. Th Capital Testimonial Oommittee Wsrud np Business Last Klf nt. The Capital laorosee olub testimonial oommittee held their winding np meeting last night in the Russell house. Ex-Mayer Durochar presided and Messrs. N C 8 parks, 8 M Roger, M M Pyke, L Charbonnean, F Journeaox, W O Brien, J E Walsh, F Clayton and J C Shea were present. It was decided that aa aooount from Mr. Olmitead for extra weight put in the watohes oould not be entertained, the extra work having been done without authority, beveraismall aooount wars authorised to be paid and Treasurer Sparks announced that in 'all $1,317 bad been collected and $1,137.55 paid out, leaving a balanoe of $79.45. It was. moved by Mr. Charboneau, and seconded by Mr. J. C. Shea, that the sum of $29.45 be paid to Geo. Brown, the trainer of the champions last year, and that the 150 remaining be divided between tht Old Men's Home, St. Patrick' Home, Protestant Orphan's Home and St.. Joseph' Home. J Messrs. O'Brien and Clayton moved "an amendment that Brown get nothing, bat they were the only members who thought so and Geo. Brown will get hi oheqae to-day. It was then decided that Capt. W. Stua. t should have the address that was read to Ms team at the presentation in tha opera house last fall and after passing votes of taanka to the chairman, Secretary 8. il. Roger, and Treasurer N.C. 6parks, Mr. W. O'Brien, the city papers and Mr. F. X. St. Jacques, the meeting adjourned. Collector L. Cher-bonneeu beaded the list with $241.50 followed by Mr. 8. M. Roger with $155. Mr. D. L. MeLaaa Undergoes Another Operation. Mr. D. L. McLean of the law firm ol Walker A McLean is still very low and th doctort entertain no hope of hit recovery. Another operation was performed yesterday forenoon oy Drs. "Wright, Baptie, Hanna and Robinson and it waa discovered that there was an abscess on the brain,from which few people are known to hav. recovered. Mr. McLean has been unconscious sine th operation. Dr. Bill's Company. The eimsdy presented by'Dr.Bilr'and kit company tn the Grand Opera House last night evoked muoh laughter, although there were portions of it that oould have been left out without discomfort to anybody. Mies Celie Ellis sang tome songs with good effect, while Mia Alios Tradell denoed with great ease and grace. The part of Dr. Bill was taken by Mr. Clarence Heritage, who is a comedian of no mean order. Mr. Franolyn Hurleigh as "the dude" made a strong hit with the audience. The oharaoter could not have been better filled. He kept th house in roar of laughter. T. M. a A. Notes. Th annual closing exhibition of th Y.M. C A. gymnasium will be held to-morrow evening at 8 o'clock. Member of the association wishing tiokats are requested to call at the association at onoe. No further practises will bo held out of doors this week. The Football club will meet for practise at 6 o'clock on Monday and Thursday mornings of next week on the Metropolitan Grounds, Tuesday and Friday evening of the same week practise will be held on Cartier square. The bicycle and football club will meet at 8 o'clock Friday evening to elect captain and discuss the preparation for May 24th, at which date the juvenile league of Montreal is to send a team to Ottawa to play th second team of the club. Mrs. H. G. Bronaoa has generously offered $1,000 to enable the association to meet all its liabilities at the sad of its fiscal year. Some $700 betide it needed to bring thia about. Fire Insnranee. Phcenlx Insnranee Company of London, Established in 1783. This company haa paid over ai aery-five million dollar in losses tines it establishment, ", Risk carried in the Dominion, twentyfiv million dollar. Imperial Insurance of England. Established 1803. Business is In Canada about twenty-five million dollar. The lowest tariff rate charged. ! J. Denis A Sox, i Agents, Ottawa. We want heads to put on our nice new photo mounts. Any One Will look well oa Jarvii photographs, btaiiio 117 o par at ttreet. Brysoa, Graham & Co. YOUNG MAN Your appearance may make or m, your prospect of aooeptano. DEESS WELL 'twill not oost you any more than to dress shabbily THAT IS if you buy your DRESS CLOTHING from Bryson, Graham & Co. New Spring Suits Belling for a mere O. . Useful Ornamental Durable Reasonable Umbrellas Helvetia Cloth the best material made for Umbiella covering. THE F1XE8T STICKS. THE BEST VALUES. Silk Umbrellas a Specialty, Crockery & Wallpaper BRYSON. GRAHAM & CO. 144, 146, 148, 150 152 and 154 BPAEKS ST. Grocariss 4 Tin war 83 SS 0JOsaar sa. GRAND CENTRAL SHOPPING & EMPORIUM a caoica un or . SCOTCH BUTTINGS, ENGLISH SERGES, VENETIAN OVERCOATING, PANTING. Era. ' c i . . , ,. .. A 6, mm im MW MOS LO sow tor a summer sua. R. H. CONLEY FASHIONABLE TAILOR, 813 Wellington St. (near Bank.) $ 10 12 SUITS 14 Marvala of cheapness. Noshing approarsllng thett bars. . Fashionable materials. JW sad nnish the sasas a Ughsr prlesd CDOts, Sea them. Bam pies la winnow. MACKAY & RONAH High Class Tailors 176 SPARES STREET. THE BEST m axwaza CHEAPEST Thousands use it Da yea 7 Mbs. 8. . Sura's Palaos Bakery, Or. Bank k Maris, Phone 867. BREAD ENSILAGE CORN. Mammoth Southern Sweet. I Red CoL i Hickory King. Yellow Dent. ' " Write for Prices & Samples, THE HKAY MILLING GO. . (LIMITED); OTTAWA. OUT. lon'fe looking for something in this way, one is essential and the other absolutely necessary. The prices will not stand in your way. Fdf this week we have a special sale of PARASOLS, HATS AND FLOWERS L.H.Nolin&Co. SPARKS ST. '. i ! X J.

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