The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 19, 1894 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Thursday, April 19, 1894
Page 7
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THE EVENING JOURNAL THURSDAY APRIL 19 1894 WHAT THE WOMEN ARE DOING. rO TDRTHER THE CONVERSION OF HEATHEN LANDS. . Aa Interesting Beestoa of the W. F. M. 8. . Teeterday-Reports of the Was-si Warm Clotalas; tor Mor.hw Indiana. The afternoon session of the Women's Foreign Missionary society In Bank street ebnrch yesterday af teraooo wu very largely attended. After the opening hjmn "O'er we gloomy bill ol atruna, bus. xjiair Preeoott uked the divine bleating on the work Too annual reports of the eodety were then read M follow! t Board of management Mrs, Playfeir. This report went on to say that the attendance st the meetings had been faithlol. corFy-iaree meetings aaa whjim" meeting! had been beld. , The report concluded : And now In elosing the reoord of the 18th year of oar sxisteeoe es s society, let as look baok with thankfn1-aeas over the past and forward the future work, earnestly desiring oar God to giro as new ; power and faithf ulneie and teaL" Foreign missions Mrs. Harris. The active interest and effort of the society is oentred chiefly in Central India, 'Honan Formosa, and the Northwest and British Colombia. The work is largely educational though much attention is given to the training of the young woman's work In all gclical, is steadily carried on. . '' - IGCKTSXX IXDIAJT MISSIONS. . In the Northwest there . are fourteen Indian missions with sight industrial and three day schools. Generally speaking of the work accomplished in the schools it may be said that there is a gratifying advance in the attainments of' the ohildren, as the extensive exhibit of work done by the Indian children at the World's Fair plainly showed In China the hospital work has been en. ooaraging. A Sabbath school and a Bible olaes are both largely attended. Mre.8hortreed reported on home missions. Auxiliary reports were on the whom encouraging, bnt in some instances it was disheartening to find the words "we have disbanded. " Mrs. Shor treed urged that all straggling auxilariee be carefully watched and the workers report their difBoulties to the home secretary. Home missions should be as mach to the workers as foreign missions take op one and forsake the other. Young people should be encouraged to be faithful Iva ah wirk a nteaiAM hanrla. whinH have an especial claim upon their interest and help. Mrs. C. M. Jeffory read ths report of the applies to missions. Ths report read t The severity of ths climate and the difficulty of finding employment suitable to Indian capacity, has compelled oar missionaries among the Northwest Indians to supply to a 5 rent extent the neoeesary olotbing. Over 700 have been paid for freight. Thirty-two thousand pounds of warm clothing, quilts, blankets, etc., has been sent to the dliierent reeervee and schools, all of which have been literally supplied. The report concludes t We trust that ell who have taken part in this work have indeed found it more blessed to give than to receive. "Bleeeed is he that oonsidereth ths poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. : ; . rUAHCKS. The treasurer, Mrs. Meolonnan, read the financial statement. A balance of $40,386.63 remained to the credit of the society in the Canadian Bank ol Commerce. The receipts from the auxiliaries, mission bands, other sources and interest amounted to $41,822. 31 The reports of the society oolleotively were moved and- adopted. Miss Cole sang very sympathetically "Ths better land." i After the business for the year had been completed the workers sang "What a friend we have in Jesus.'' Mrs. Grant of Hamilton closed the meeting with prayer. GLEES AND OTHEK GOOD THINGS Are In Store for the O. A. A. O. Concert en Honda IT ext. The O. A. A. Glee club oonoert Monday night next promisee good things. The pro gramme Is well varied and the talent is of the best. There will be glees by the Glee club, parallel bar and bar bell exercises, olub winging, tumbling, recitations and instru mental selections. The Glee olub will be made up this way t Tenors L Brophy. F Code, Geo Duval, W Hard man, A B King, F Blenches, M Queia,Jde 8t D Lemolne, J 8 Bangs, J F Lineger, J Mulliu, H MoNaughton, R E "Walt. Bassos E A Black, W A Cox. WCuth-berteoe, H Cameron, H Ohesley, A L Hamilton, J Lawson, W O Little, A Muokleston,G MoCormick. E T Smith, C Beth one, H Rowatt, T Viseer, E HubbeU, G Popbam. Mandolin J A Armstrong, Cyril Currier, H Dunlevie, J Fortier, F Grout, A Lett. Ban jo F Clayton, L E Donoher, B Oil-more, H Green, B Fraser, G P Murphy, 0 W Martin, F HNorman.E N Ridley, W Roger, H Short. ' Guitar G A Brown, E H Mills, Geo Pop. bam, J Trotter, J E K.lots,H F Prentiss, O Wiggins, . Wan not Killed by tas Oars. A report was In circulation yesterday the, Mr. Joseph Ingram, plumber, Heal street, had been killed in Montreal by the oars. Bis brother William went to Montreal yesterday ie investigate the rumor and a telegram was received from him last night saying that Joseph was all right and had not been injured at all. Both William and Jeeepb are expected home this evening. List Minute Despatches. In the British House of Commons yester day John P. Nolan, member for North Gel-way moved the repeal of the Coercion act passed at the instance of Mr. Balfour in 1887. The motion was seconded by Wm. Redmond. James M. MoKay, traveller for Pen ins, Montreal, was stabbed la drunken brawl In a Halifax resort yesterday morning. Large gangs of men are' fixing up the wharves al Montreal for summer beeiness. The steamer Ripen City has left Glasgow with a oargo of Scotch ooal for Sorel and Montreal. Lady Victoria Dufferin to to be married to Hon. W. L. Ptuakett, eldest eon of the primate of Ireland. John Mar ley is chairman of the Commons committee to enquire late the working of the Irish land act. Gladstone is slightly Indisposed. CBleaeo Fred see. CvrCAOO, 12:30 April 10. Wheat I 61Joly, 69) May. 3 Sept. , i. AS T.i. AM C.. Oats t S Jane,9i f) July, &1 Dept., 32) May. . Pork i 13 W May, $18.00 July. Lard! $7.S July. $7.238ept,$7.65 May. Short Ribs t $0.47 July, 6.57 a May, $6.62 Sept. ' '. ' Lottie Gray's M Z B la ft Grand aUftroa at w enaeriaau. TO MAKE WELL WATER BETTER. Borne Experiments Prof. Shut has In1 Hand at the C. X. F. Prof. Shutt, chemist at the Experimental fatm is analysing samples of well water for dairymen and farmers. It Is known that water used from wells on barnyards and other such places becomes so contaminated as to have a very bad effect on eattle and their milk supply. It eeems the Dairymen's association would like to have the Ontario government appoint Inspectors of .water supplies, so as to prevent impure milk being sold. Whenever the inspectors would find n well thus contaminated, he would have the power to order 'it to be closed up, or prevent n sale of the milk. Prof. Shutt says much siokness and death in oattls have been traced to such a source. He thinks farmers should be most careful where thsy sink wells. Most wells in barnyards become perfect cesspools. READERS FOR NOTHING A QUEER OFFER WITH AN ONTARIO GOVERNMENT TENDER. Lively raesagos m the Lsgldature-Been Charged with tfepotuna Kepllee In Fer vid Terms Ottawa's Bil Tim. (SrXCIAL tO IHB JOCBXA&.) ToiosfO.April 19. The afternoon session of the legislature yesterday was taken up with a discussion of the government's publio school policy. Dr. Ryerson charged Hon. Mr. Ross with suppressing a letter from a publisher who offered to supply every child in the province with a reader free of charge if he scoured the oontract. He also protected against the jeauitical strain in the Canadian school history and referred to some of Mr. Ross relatives la the employ of the government. A rxxvin UCTLT. - Mr. Ross said the aoeosations were the wild wanderings of a diseased imagination. Ha made a very fervid speech in which he gave the doctor a severe dressing down, mnoh to ths enjoyment of the government supporters. Mr. Meredith replied to Hon. Mr, Roe-and pointed out that Dr. Ryerson always touched a sore spot when he discussed the nepotism of the ministers, ho predicted the overthrow of the government at the approaching election in a speech whioh excited the en thusiasm of the opposition. ' Ottawa aula, After reoaas Mr. Branson's km respecting the city of Ottawa was read a second time aa was ths attorney-general's bill to provide for local sittings of the High 'court in London andOttawa. FBOHIBmOK OAKDIDATIS. ' Toronto, April 18. The Prohibitionist will probably support one of their nnm bar In - each Toronto constituency. Tbs Toronto Prohibition association, which made so suooeufnl a fight on the plebiscite reoently.appointed a committee to consider ths advisability of calling a convention and bringing out independent candidates. That oommtttee will decide the matter this week, and the Indications are a convention will be held very shortly. "We are bound to support prohibition lata," said President J. J. Maolaren. "You can just bet on that. The question is whether to enpport the party candidates who are prohibitionists or ran msn of oar own." , SESSIONAL JOTTINGS. Meroler 1b Town. Ex-Premier Honors Meroler of Quebec, Mme. Meroier and ex-Mayor Dee jardin of Montreal, registered at the Russell this afternoon. Interviewed by Tbs Jockval Mr. Meroier said that ths pamphlet of ex-Lt, Gov. Royal advocating - that Canada be made a republio was being well received by the people of Quebec, who are becoming more and more dissatisfied sndsesm to want independence. . . A Xeport Denied. TIm member of the Government deny the report sent out from Ottawa that the insolvency bill will not be pushed throuth this session. The report eras to ths effeot that the bill would be put through the Senate and then sent again to tba different boards of trade without being laid before the Commons at all. Hon, Mackenzie Bowell told Ths Jourhai, that there was no truth in the story. A meeting- of the sseelal eommittee of the senate appointed to deal with the Insolvency bill was held to-day when Hon. Mackeniie Bowell was appointed chairman. Note Hon. Mr. Mills Is to introduce a motion in tha commons that it is hiahlT desirable that steps shonldjbe taken by thedanadianjgovern- ment tointroduoe tne tor teat unuason nay. Mr. Fraser (Guysborn)-on Friday will move for a return of all reports and orders relating to tha "Hard pan' oases. At the meeting of the committee on agriculture and oolonixation to-day Dr. Bproule was eleoted chairman. Several of the members of the committee were enquiring as to when the daily commissioners report was to be printed. A delegation from the Montreal harbor board arrived in the city to-day to interview the government in regard to the construction of inland docks at Hochelaga, In the senate yesterday a bill for the ap pointment of a deputy speaker was read a aacona time. . Bonn nf Snglnad. There will be a general rally of members of the Sons of England at Bo wood Lodge to-night. The re-cons truotion of the White Roes degree will be considered and ths proposed pionlo to Almonte. Several promin ent memnera wui no mere w teso part. A Cheap Newspaper. Canvassers are la town offering the To ronto Evening New at one dollar per year. The News is trying this la all Ontario towns. The idea la to get a big circulation ao as to eeeuaeamdvertfsing. Ths Maws, whlcn Use been a local Toronto sheet, will endeavor to replace some of the Toronto matter with sufficient telegraphic items to snake the paper Interesting outside of Toronto. The Mail and the P. M. The Toronto Mail of yesterday contains aa apology for publishing Dr. R. J. Wick-steed's recent letter attacking Polios Magis trate 0Gare, alleging that the magistrate to influenced by professional and sectarian eon sidermtions. Ths Mail says t "Ws are well aware that Mr. 0Gara to a rentleman of integrity and high etendins- In his profession, and that ths charges made eould have ao foundation in fact. We hasten to exDresa our Borrow that the letter should have appeared in our oolumns,or that be should have been subjected to annoyance by such a publication. Certainly, there erae no intention oa our part to reflect upon his reputation either as a police magistrate or lawyer. Qflsan Victoria at the Wedding Of Her Grand daughter Pria was Victoria MeliUs. A BRILLIANT ASSEMBLAGE ' OF CROWNED HEADS AT COBURG. The Duke of Kdlnburgh's Daughter United to the Daks of Bene In the Golden Bonds of Matrimony To-day The Ceremonial Cobubo, April 19. The city to crowded with people oome from all parts to witness the wedding of Queen Victoria's grand, daughter the Prinoeea Victoria Melita to the Duke of Hesse. The British Royal Standard floats over the Ducal palace. , The marriage ceremony which took plaoe la the palace ohapel began at 12:30 p. ma In the wedding procession at the chapel the Duchess of Saxe-Coburg,mother of the bride. was escorted by Emperor William of Germany and followed by ex-Empress Frederick, who walked alone. The Prince of Wales and tha Czarwitch earns next walking side by side. Tax QUIXS. Queen Victoria waa escorted by her son. the Duke of Saxe Coburg, Duke of Edinburgh and Guelph.the father of the bride and was seated , in an arm chair in ths front row of seats semi-cirolicg the altar. The seat next to her waa occupied by Emperor William next to whom was seated the Duchess of Coburg. Ths corresponding seats oa the other tide of the aisle were occupied by the Prince of Wales, ex-Kmpresa Frederick ana tne Czarwitch. The other royal personagea in attendance occupied the aeata in the three rows ol chairs Immediately baok of tne am. mi cxaiMOsT. When the bride and bridegroom, en tered the church a signal was given In obedience to which all ths bells In the town Denied simultaneously and when the rings were exchanged, a salute oi 91 mm waa fired. Dr. Mnllev. SUDS. general and supreme oonuoillor, offiioatedat the ceremony assisted oy laurt uupuuns Bender and Hansen. The magnificent jewels and bright dresses of tha ladies of tha dnoal oourt and their im perial and royal euesta. the gorge ous uniforms of those la miltary s-arb and the exquisitely beautuul costumes of the bride and her attendants made a moat brilliant picture of splendor. uueen Vtotoria wore a crown ox diamonds. She remained seated throughout tha cere mony. The other royal and imperial personages and all tbs other guests siooo. wnue isr. Mueller addressed the bridal couple and re ceived their responses. ' BRIDAL KI8SM. After the benediction the bride and bride- mom turned to the Queen and kissed her affectionately. The bride then kissed her parents the Prinoe of Wales and the other royalties and she procession was reformed and marched out of the church to the strains of Mendelssohn a wadding maroh. The guests went immediately to she great hall . where the - wedding breakfast - was served. When the bridal party left the church the cheering of people was deafening. The floral and other deoo rations ol tna chorcb were ol tne moat msgnifioent description. ROCKCLIFFE PARK NOTES. Arrangements that Will Make tha Res art very Popular this Season, The RockcIitTe ear will begin running today, making oonnectioa with both routes at New Edinburgh. The regular through series without change will be commenced la a few days. Park Polioamaa Burke will be oa duty again this year. He will be assisted by another polioeman who will remain oa all aisht end Sundays. The double track bow runs all the way to Rockcliffe. , A number of men are busy cleaning op and burning the underbrush, the poles for the electric lights are being put in position, and things sot in readiness generally. Aa officer of the oompeoy said yesterday "We are sparing no pains to make Rockolifb the pleasanteet resort in Canada, a place where ladies and children may go at any time day or nignt in perfect safety and with the astursuoe of meeting the best 000010." The merry -co-round has arrived from Tons wands, N.T., and will be sreoted in a fsw days. It weighs over thirty tons and aeata seventy persons. It and the organ in oonneotion with It will be operated by alec tricity. The Canoe club's boat house will be finished early in May, and will be equal in appearance to the best American. "Archi tecturally picturesque" is the word. Caterer Bums is arranging for a big seal He is importing a new soda water fountain specially lor KockliCa. The May flowers are out in April this year and are being gathered la large Bombers. Jottlne About Town. Ths civic property oommittee meets this evening. At the W. F. M. 8. to-day Mrs. Ewart Toronto was eleoted president. Ths Reform olub and the Club National were incorporated to-day by Judge Moe- grove. A Bio crowd of corporation laborers have been engaged sinoe the beginning of the weak street scraping. - They are operating oa Alport street to day. . Caixr of Polios MoVeity says that he wQl take no action with referenoe to the disc harm of a revolver on Bell street yesterday by Miss Huson, na says nobody was curt and a prosecution would not do any good. TThbxs Methodist probation: era Men Napp of Picanock, Keongh of Thurso, : and Cashneer of Vankleek hill were examined by Rev. Geo. McRitchie chairman of the Methodist board of this district yesterday, and having passed a successful examination will be reoommenaea to enter 00 liege. Probably the worst piece of sidewalk In in the whole city is to be found on Bell at. between the terminus of the eleotrio railway and the bridge over the C A. R. cutting. Hardly one plank is sound and seven out of every ten teeter-tewter aa they are stepped oa. It is just such a sidewalk as would be good for a couple ot tnooeand dollars dam' gee for an accident. Personal. Gen. Oliver Lathrop Shepard died eater' day in New York. He served In the Florida and Mexican war. In 1865 he was made a brigadier-general. . He retired la 1870. . Mrs. Jonlaux, of Antwerp, a lady occupy ing a high position in society throughout Belgium has been arrested on suspicion of having poisonea a numoer of nor wcaltny relatives to obtain the insurances oa their Uvea. Mr.J.K.MoCateheoB, inspector of agencies of tne Manuiacturara - laieAaeooiation, Tor onto has beta in the city oa business. THEY WILL TALK LESS NOW. The New Boll Eieetrto Company Btake a Revised Offer. The special committee of the Hull city council appointed to eonsid er the oner of a oompany of local capitalists to construct an electric street railway and electrio lighting plant within the city met last evening. Mr. T. visa was present on beosoi 01 tne company. 1 no oner submitted by tnem last evening waa much modified to that submitted to the ocuncil on Monday night. Instead of insisting upon a franchise covering a period of fifty years the oompany only asked for a thirty-five year franchise. The eommittee agreed to exempt the company, from taxation for fifteen years, but would not consent to allow tnem exclusive privileges to 00 ns tract a lighting plant in the city as it was thought impossible to shut out the Chaudiere Electrio Light Co. with which the city were under agreement. xne oommittee promiseo, nowever, was the new oompany would have no third oompany to complete with. , The eomnenv onered to insert a clause m the by-law regulating .the prioee to be charged by them for lighting purposes. They also modified the time by which the company waa to beein tha work trom tbrea to two years with the additional promise to have 15,000 expended within three years from ths time the oontract waa signed. There were some questions to which ths eommittee wished an answer, but Mr. Visa was unable to reolv to them until he had con sulted with the other shareholders of the company,so ths meeting eras adjourned. A KICK BY THE RAILWAY COMMIT TEE. BaOreaders Host File Maps with Their Bills a Future Business To-day. At ths Ttipg of ths oommittee on rail ways, canals and telegraph lines this morn ing, considerable diasatisiaouon waa ex- E eased at the abaenoe of maps showing tha tlons of the lines under consideration and finally a motion proposed by Mr. Lister that tha clerk ot the oommittee be author ized to refuse to out any bills on the list fo r consideration until plans and maps of the proposed lines are Bled wito nun lor the committee's use was carried. THI A- 1C. W. AJTD TBBCLr.B. The time for the construction of the At lantic A Northwest railway, ths line origin ally projected to connect wltn the Uanada AUantio and Parry Sound railway at Hawk, etbory and thus connect with Laks Huron, was extended for five years. The oompany waa also given power to lease its line to the O. P. R. or amalgamate with that oompany. THI UU TELXTHOMB OOMTAVT. The Bell Telenhone Co. waa authorized to Issue bonds or debentures to the amount of 76 dot oent of its actual paid up capital, sub ject to the approval of a majority of the enarenoidere. - TBB MOXTRCAL ASD OTTAWA KT. The bill asking for an extension of time for the oenstruction of the Montreal k Ottawa Railway Co. waa not reached. first Ulub Sua The Rideau blovole elab meet at the city hall square to-morrow evening st 7:19 for the first olub run of ths season to Bill ng' Bridge and return via Nicholas street. His Mind etvinc Way . Charles A. Martin, employed in the parliamentary library is in the polios oella for safe keeping. He shows a weakening of mind. His cousin the M.P.P. for Provencher Manitoba is looking after the sick man, who will be removed this evening to Montreal for treatment. Burlesque at tha Wonderland. ' The present weak has eclipsed all others at thia plaoe of amassment, there being crowded nouses at each performance. Lottie Gray's Big Burlesque oompany have become decidedly popular. Although there have been many other entertainments this week, the Musee Theatre eontinuea to have bumper audienoes. Tas oompany includes twenty young ladies headed by the queen of Burlesque in marches and olassio statuary. Tbs Olio is strong. Among ths most popular la Fatlock, German comedian, Misa Winnie MoComber in skirt danoes, Little Dot the child wonder Mons. St. Clair and Harry Bsrtrand. The performance ooncludea with aa after piece entitled Mrs. Barnaby Bibbs, which .sends ths audisnce home in laughter. There will be a matinee performance each day at t o'clock. ATTRACTIVE AUCTION SALE Of Household Furniture at 187 Rldtau St, TWO hare received las tractions to sell by public aootion at the reeldenoe of the late Dr lanson, 197 Rideau street, on 2Tridy, April SOtlv, at 10:30 a. to-, the entire oontenta of the bouse comprising nae new Brussels parlor, hall and stair oarpeu, parlor sett la silk, repp and B W, (aocy tablss in B W and cherrr. what-not la B oase, easy chairs, eurtaiaa, polee.hlluds,etcbaU rack, splendid oak side board and oak dining room chain, exteosiea table, scans, couch, several book cases,-1 almost new "Happy Thought" range, 1 art Garland hall stove, otaer coal and wood stoves, garden hose, kitchen oroekery, tlnware ate The oontenu of 6 bedrooms coaelstins; of bed room setts In B W, oak and cherry, fine cherry wardrobe, spring, mat. trasses, etc, etc Everything tomparatlvely new and In good order and will be sold without rose rvs Remember the data, Friday, April 10th at KkSOam O B TAGOART ft BOW. twa Auotloneer THE AUCTION SALE OP TUB SEASON. We have been Instructed by Mr. A. Mae-Naughtoo. to sell by publio auction, at his reel denes No. t Li agar stroet,(at preeeot occupied by Col Lake) on Friday. 27 of April at 10 a. m. the contents of his handsomely furnished house vis: dravringroom, 1 handsome suit covered with raw ails and plush constating of settees, arm chain, easy chain, roekers,etc,raHan and wicker chairs, fanov table, card tables, music rack, piano made by H all ot New York, parlor ornaments, etc,, nnt class Brussels carpet. real lace curtain, poles, rings, ercdlningroom.very handsome oak sideboard with level plate mirrors, large carved oak extension dining table and dinner waggon to matoh,U elegant oak dining chain oovered with leather. 1 complete dinner eels, 1 hand painted tea set, cutlery, silver, glassware and taole linen ; the contents of bedroom, consisting of 1 very floe b w bed room set, 1 oak bedroom set, t cherry bedroom aet,S extra good curled hair maUraasee,springs, bedding, sheets, counter panes, chamber, ae.s, etc: also cooking range and complete kitchen outfit and many other articles boo numerous to mention. ladiee do noa (all to attend thia sale as everything Is in flnt-claaa order and It will be sometime before the same opportunity will offer to secure elegant furniture by auction. Goods on exhibition the day before the sals, Terms Cash. No Reserve. W. IL LEWIS & CO. themw Auctioneers, eta FOR SALE AT ROCKUFF PARK A piece of land containing; about Si acres aituated nearly oppaalta the pavilion and overlooking; the river. It im admirably suitable for a summer hotel or farg;e boarding house; also at a short distance away, a pardon in a good state of cultivation set out insmali fruit andothertrees. Will be sold together or separate-Apply to O H. Odoll.lSS Nicholas street, Phone No. 754. COURT OF REVISION- The first sitting of the Court of Revision for the Township of Huntley, will be held in the Town Hall, Carp, on Monday May 7th ISM, at 1 0 dock p. S3. JOHXAROU& . Township Clerk. Carp, AprD, 17th ISM, PERSONS SUFFERING FROM HXART disease should never use a cough remedy containing chloroform. Heart failure might be the result. Procure instead DR. LA-VIOLETTE'S SYRUP OF TURPENTINE, it is tha moat e dioecious and tha safest. mrs. soon 153 Bank St. Slina's Block. Just Opened the Newly Arrived Children's KILTED COSTUMES. There are all the best London make and material; no sweat shop or slop work; and marked low, and made specially for oar trade, ages 1 to 10. The White Wear Department was never more complete or cheaper. See the New Blouses, thia season's make. Lowest prioes. mrs. scon 153 Bank St. Slinn's Block. MARRIED. MirraimiK-Tmnj. Oa Wednesday 18th Inst, at St. Albans onnreh by the 'Rev, J. J. Rogers, Mr. E. H. Matthewmaa to Miss L. M. FarrelL No oards. . DIED. Dbwab At Hueane, California,? oa ISth . March, 1S94, Henry, second sou of late ' John Dawar, formerly of Carrilloa Hill, Que., brother of John Edwards Dewar of Riverside, Cat, and Chat. A Dewar of Chelses, Qae. Goo. Shlpmaa, Leading Funeral Director and Embalmsr. Best funeral runlehlnas. Moderate) prioes. IS Bank st, Alwaysopen. Telephone 8. McINTYRJE, COOK e ORDK. aiJUUSTZBs, ouorroM alts aoTSJuas. Special asbeaslea given to Owi.1 um nlal Ohasabsss Baarks Ottawa, HONEY TO LEND OJff ESTATE. Bill JLF. aTdXarrrna, Q, a J on . Oarsa w.OOoa MONEY TO LEND M UMII TO LKirD-,B Br per east aa la troves yW sacwi - ariaoLL a ilsvt. OsaxsTraw Dwasrssasi Sfabss Br. Oruvt MOK-BYTO XrO ATT Oabaarvved real estate. Apply to ' BXLOOURT KacCRAEXN fc KKXDIRaCKf Bisjurrxns, Kro. Central Caaaaeers. Ottawa, WANTS. WANTFD A nurse for two ohildren. Apply Mrs. T. Abeam, Boena Vista, corner Concession and Maria its, t DRESSMAKERS WANTED 0. Rosa k Co. require five first class bodioe hands and firs first class aleeve makers. Apply before 10 am. to Miss Niohol la toe department. . 2 WANTED Aa experienced saleslady speaking French. Apply 156 Rideaa at. Rogers confectionery. WANTED A good general serraat.Apply 333 Theodore at. 2 WANTED Girl for general work la small family. Afoly XAI QUawur st. WANTKD Immediately, swo first etas milliners. Apply airs. Agree. 11 Bank street, i S WANTED By a lady university undergraduate teaching in a school or private family. Would eoeoh pupils for examinations. Terms moderate. Apply by letter M. M. L., JoumsX offioe. ' WANTED Two first class seat aad vest - makers. Apply stating experience and price per piece to 8. Mann, merchant, Kara, Oat. A pressing tannine it used. Board at reasonable rates. WANTED 2 appreatioss aad 2 experienced hands f or dressmaking at 108 Olouoseter at. . S HOUSEMAID WANTED Experienced. Referenoea. Apply to Mrs. W. A. Allan, 117 Vittoria st. 3 w ANTKD-M Gfad Unioa Hotel, Dialog room ana suicnen gin w oao W ANTED -A housemaid. Apply to Ibe. Vumer, uurpnwyeis, new aainourgn. WANTED At oooca good general servant must undentand mnsTng, Apply between T aad 8 p. nv M Stewart at, city.. t WANTED To rant for two months a small detached furnished house, eaatalnlna-1 or S rooms, la a quiet olace. Address statist locality aaagnnee to s. X. St. S7TSK ISO jockxax, WANTED At the Ottawa Business College a number of young ladles aadgtatlsss sate Qualify for positions as bookkeepers and amaau-easea; eoune thervush aad piaoUwA Jons kelth. principal, 5 O'Connor s. C TAMPS WANTED Old Canadian, United tr? states ana 1 otaer stamps aa used SB to SO yean ago. Farmaa I pay fi i I to S sane. George lows, hi opaaina eve. it LOST r OST On Wednesday, the ISth Inst br way Li of Uegar and Klgln tav. from Caaal, a black pass book containing aamss and numbers Finder will kindly return to the JODnaaxoOloe DOS LOST Lost young Bkye terrier, name "Dick." Finder leave earns at SI Lisgar aw and be rewaraed. LOST-Between West End Methodist Church and Beauy's toll gate hfevtvale Head, a parse containing a receipt and $7.00. Finder please return to MS Wellington at, end be rewarded. STRAYED On Sunday mat from the promisee of the undersigned at Rideauvillc Swing Bridge, Bank street road, 1 (old) white oo w, milking, and 1 black Jersey heifer, 2 years old. Any information that will lead to their recovery will be rewarded. Henry Smith. S mo ENGLISHMEN and the r I DESCENDANTS. All Bagusasaea resiaeni estiy or temporarily la Ottawa are cordially la riled to associate with their fellow countrymen In the Sensof Kagland society. For partlculara appiyto n. 1 to B. BKOAJJRaJii, sue amj at. TOWOOD LODGE meets tale Thursday JJ evening In Wellington lieu, meuingssn screes, J E. Ajroarwa, A - Presidssis. Me. TheophUe Bourdon 686 Albert st.. Montreal, eaya i l oertuy tnas 1 was suuer-ing for three months from innammatioa of the lnngs and from plsnrisy and had been given up by two physicians. Dr. Laviolet-te's Syrup of Turpentine having been strongly recommended to me, losed it and was radically cured after taking six 25o bottlea. . r , n , . 1 1 m O L V.1I Aiaaame rw oumueau, siuo ot. wmi , St. Sanveur, Quebeo city, eays : I have used Dr. Levielstts's Syrup of Turpentine in my familv for mvseli and for mr ohildren for the Grippe and for bad coughs and eolas. It has given me the greatest satisisouoa sueoa. Ing complete and speeay cures in every ease, Annie Itawysr, M D, - Ml Bidcad Stmxt. - 4" r. Near Protestant Hospital. Grand Opera House Two Nlcbts and Saturday Uat In, Commeneina; Frialay. . , April aotlv Tke PlnsVairsssimi ' Te4.k " - - - - - TRUE IRISH HEARTS or wan ateuarsBr, uuder the manage- . meat of Ed. W. Rowland. A alav fall of Gamariv fu.Hnu.t r.iRf Daaoisg aad d west tilogirg. produced by a company of uantual experleaM aad staged in a superb) avenaor. wtt ala borate soeBic aad ma Chan leal effects, eapeolally she Lakes of k'ii-larney. the Kaiaed Akuey, the IUumisated ChapeL the elisors Cave, Irian bongs. Irish imncea ana irisa w is are abundant. Usual priosa. Beast tevss sale at NatdheUners GRAND Opera Honse K0KDAUP21L 23 iuai anjrDAX. ooircarsr. O. jBl. O- Glse Clnbct Mandolin, Banjo A wtuMar tviuo, svsnistea oy tas ajmnastlo Glasses aad Miss Asses V. Maolaren, Elooa- uoniss. Onderthe Immediate Patronage of Their Kxoelleaole tbeaorsrner uenerai ana iaj Aberdeen. Adznlaalsm TUn avnrl eta mi.B now open at Orme a TO LET. 10 LET A modern house in Upper Towa With eoeoh bones and atahliae far ahra horses. A beroeia to the rie-ht nartv. Annlv 625 Maria st, ' 3 O LET With board, a lerge donbU parlor oa ground floor, suitable for bad aad sitting room, 91 Mstoaife 1 fT0 RENT Store No 1M Bank street, urtah , S- larre dwelllnf ever bead, aewiy reao -rated uiuuijHu,, saving spienci4 piece glass froati Euad naor. to rent Tuesday. Thursdays aad turday evealngs and every day la the weak excepting Sunday's. For further particulars eaguire of A. Hobtctson, SSI Sparaa at uwum nan pto sstf Dperas 1 TTTO LFJT One large well raruiahed I vrlsbout board in nHral. hmflr moderate, 18t Qiaaoaatar at, aeer Bank st. TO LET Summer cottage at Britannia of firat class finish. Bathing house, boat, etc, go with it. Apply X Jottmal Offioej r LET New house, splendidly finished, oa Theodore St., next to rsetdoaos of Mr. John Mather. Brink, twelve rooms, bathroom, w. a. iva fnteeoeacretad eellar full lias of boose, complete electrio fittings, beautiful outlook. Apply B Uglow A Co.. 86 Sparks st. mnt.rr-i white A SO ft from Mntohmcre sbHaese StocM witk room, kltohen. bed rcosaaaad bath rooavrvns Appiy au m, sumrsisss, uastoot nouaa. r f TTOUSE TO LET Brisk boose, 86 Boekea 11 .tor St., con taming tea rooms, a ear to electrio street railway. For terms aad particulars apply next doer, Na 88, A. Andar- mo LET Detached brtek ssyoasjrood loealitr A No 71 Somerset as. seat of Cartlar as. 11 rooms, al preeeot ooaurded by ft A Bradley, Km Apply to W 8 OdeU. Somerset st rpO LET Two bouses m terraee oa Cart ler at X modera oonvealaneas; best locality la the . Anvik llHra,MiaWUI TOR SAXE. TJtOB SALE Raw upright engine, satrabta S? tot yacht, eheaa, Annlv V. a Jaava. aerenkstSiUddless. BICYCLE Second hand bicycle for sale cheap, paeuaiatie tyres, ball bearings throughout, east 1165, will sell cheap. Call at Elevator, Central Chambers, Elgin street, or at A, E. Brsthour's, druggist. Bank street. TK)B BALE Solid briok house vary pretty J) design, situated oa the ooroer of Kent and Irilmore at., with all medern improve ments, wsll built la everr respect, 000 tain ing parior,hall.dtnmsrssalibrary, and kitchen downstairs, seven bed roe me, bath, eta. I 0 an guarantee this house first-claas, aad it will be sold oa very ressonable terms. I have smaller booses thaa this and lots for sale. Apply H. Burgess, 104 Nspeaa at. Tel83L - . - 12 rXM FOB SALE OB TO LET Situated in Township of Camberiaad, Co. K assail, U miles from Ottawa, twe wsli-buUt dwelling booses, barns, stables, granary. Aa abundant supply of water the year round. 100 acres of the very beet ef soil, 90 sores under bay, 40 under oulUvatioo. Will sell cheap. Apply to A. McMillan, Jeweller, 82 Sparks stress. K 8ALK A sloe lot on McLaren as. near Algla Apply at UH Melarea. st. e ' Eastman's Springs. FOR SALE One double bouse SJ by H. aad is si nets eettasa. both la seed order : aia a one single oettage, both la 1 two acre lot edrsinina. WUI two acre lot adjoining. WlU sell O or separately. Apply O. Croabin, u Florsaoe at. Ottawa. lm r FATHER aad SASH XJraeath of Aeril tc May. For eeakaitlr at U. wo voodlaad'A M Bssisrar street. TjWR BALI That heaattf ol property situated P oa ths bank of the Ottawa River between the reeldeacaa of Mrs, Carrier and R. Blackburn, aad ocoupted by M. MoNaughatoa, New Edinburgh. The piupertf coesansee about f of aa acre with a large t starey dwelling bone ereen. Apply to Messrs. Uemmlll a slay. Oar lew Chambers, Sparks street, Ottawa. THOUSAND ISLANDS For sale or to let, the rammer residence. Enseal Cottage and two lota at HlUcrett .oa St. Law. reaoe, 31 mnes west of Brookvilla Partly furnished; dtaatioa deUgktfnli boat landing. Farticalars froca Colin K nasal, OtUwa. SAWMILL AND WATER POWER. FOR SALE For sale,aa excel lent water power with saw mill sreoted thereoa, aa ample y or water at ail anssoas, agoea piaceur it mill. Four miles to railraad staadasef CP Read O, A k PS Ry Companies. For particulars apply to James Bee van, Eanvula.lMUt rU BALE OB TO RENT Solid brick houses, heated by hot water faraaoas, aad extension kitchens. Nee. 124, 128, 128 and 130 Lyea street, corner Nop sen. Will be sold oa easy terms of payment, mortgages 6, small payments dowa Nee. 184 aad 12 128 are to rent, former from let May .the latter aow with aeminal rent to 1st May. Stable with one bona. Apply to G. J. Thompson, 27 Sparks at; ' 171ARMFOR BALE or wtn erchaesre for dtr Mupeity, 10O acres oa the Rr-eeell road, about 11 must from OUawa, good noose and farm buildings. If not no sola before Merea 16th will reau Also IMoorde ot wood for ease. AsDlytt Florence at. Ullnr. trrie'-ve-a ISO 1 atlousltaated oa Ana JT UI MoLaed, Flora, Archibald organs: t! Then! ralherisa. Conoosalon, Percy Bay, Lyon aad Kent ata, west a moat uissiussjvo part ef the city. Terms te aura pariiliisera. For further nartiealam apply to O. H. CARRIERE, XX Metcalfe eU. oor soarkl. AGENTS WANTED. WANTED By Us Catted Kingdom Tea Co. Loadoo. Eoclaad. aaspllen to the Royal family, a rub sgmt te sell as the 00a-sumers (or ths City of Ottawa, Address H. M. Diaaing, k Co, Agents for the Dominion, Moat-reel. A OENTS WANTED Ma's or fsmsle t V. handle our new household aecoesstttea Ustd by every family, sells to every housewife; as staple as flour. No capital required. The, siaattal opportunity aver offered te ageata, Write for circular aad full particulars, free. Lea A Oo Look Box Toronto, Canada awe mJH X ev -

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