Daily News from New York, New York on August 23, 1941 · 8
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Daily News from New York, New York · 8

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1941
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'Cttige Fiitile, vsignatur W coasted and Davlei' Auzirc7.zr.z In 'without fear to aid the Australians will nave plenty of signers to Keep him in the race." was the Daviea announcement. On Monday the Board of Elections will start hearings on all challenges which involve a total of 13 petitions. Democratic Borough President John Cashmore's petition in the Republican primary in Brooklyn is among those under fire. in every way, Mackay aaid, and th Australian! harass the Germans by all means, fighting as guerrillas, and when possible make their way to the beaches to escape. He added that hthad no fear that the Germans would capture Tobruk, on the Libyan coast of Africa. Renal WllleHa Ds Campl'e article) on huane sleenratloai every Sainalay lai the Mamday New. Crete Fir;!it On Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 22 (U.R). Major Gen. Sir Iven Mackay, back from the Middle East to com Dairies Lb Say John R. Davies' campaign mana- rrr in rtia ficht ncainst Mavor La- mand the home army. Raid today that many Australian soldiers were still holding out in Crete. Humble Guardia for the Republican nomination, charged yesterday that the Greek cottagers risk their lives Envoy Meets Petain - Vichy,- Aug. 22 !). The new Iranian Minister to France, Moh-sen Rais, presented his credentials G. O. P. challenge of 9,000 of the 13.032 names on his designating rv ir, petition was a futile publicity move. "Well insist that every valid I today to Chief of Mate Petain. 001 to CM W C o P H 12 W w - These are the latest 2-family dwellings in the Duplex Homes -roup on E. Ifith St., between Ave. U and T in Brooklyn. Income from rental of one apartment payn carrying charges for entire home. By A BR CR REN BERG. Home building in New York City last year reached the fourth highest level in eleven years in point of volume, according to a report tiled in Minneapolis this week oy 1). E. Ryan, vice president of Investors Syndicate. There were 2,218,608 dwelling units in New York City on April 1, 1040, according to the U. S. Bureau f Census. Of these, 265,333, or 11.1 per cent., were built between January 1931 and March 1940 to furnish new housing for 1,162,476 persons. In this respect New York ranked tops in the state and first among leading American cities. Peak volume was attained in 1938 with provision for 258.668 persons and low point was 1932 when only 21,388 persons were furnished with new homes. Speaking of real estate, Rudy Vallee and John Barrymore used the field as target for a bit of pood-natured joshing on their weekly radio show Thursday night. The verse ran: "The floors may sat? and the walls may sway and they're not approved by the FHA But they're patriotic to the core These houses built by Barrymore! They contain no aluminum, copper or brass No iron, no steel, no window glass No plaster, no shingles, no mortar or bricks No nails, no lumber, not even sticks. Our patriotism is too intense They need those things for national defense!" A phenomenal sales record is Icing chalked up by Fred. C. Trump in ihs 200-home Manhattan Beach-Brighton Beach development at Corbin PI. and Neptune Ave. . . . 110 of these homes have been sold to date, less than three months after the opening of the new co.m-Tnunity ... homes are precision built of solid brick and steel, enclosing 6 large rooms, two open porches and built-in garage . . . the location is but three blocks from the Brighton Line subway, two blocks from ocean bathing and from a public school and shopping district ... monthly carrying charges are approximately $58. Hillside Manor, a $2,000,000 low cost housing development with a specially designed street plan to eliminate traffic hazards for its residents is meeting with marked public favor, according to Nat Ross, member of the Gross & Lem-merman biulding firm . . . the interesting new project of small homes, at Hillside Ave. and Manor Court, a quarter mile east of New Hyde Park, L. I., was laid out in collaboration with Nassau County and FHA authorities . . . through-traffic has been eliminated by means of a bottleneck entrance and bottleneck exit and gently winding streets which do not permit speeding ... 65 homes are now under construction in the colony and seven exhibit homes are now open for public inspection . FLATBUSH I mfst MraiFirK tltate la LiealSatiaa. reratsrl MM far li.7M: tint sjerteaaa In I U.eOO. FULLY DETACHED, KICK Vastl-kale Parek. GARAGE eVioeaay. tarn lead- Itcaead ffl4. I iwiMN rMMi. til eath. D-laeitia nw Kitchen. BRASS PLUMBING. Oil (vMt. veeetiae llada. Stair sl. a filiates extra. Htmr SUBWAY, slarea, kIm),. tksaplae. EASILY CONVERTED 2-FAMILV. I a tat? oral TV nhh a. AwX nCALI I New elraod Ate. '3480 Fastest Selling Homes in Brooklyn! TlMlMl? homes in MANHATTAN BEACH PRECISION BUILT. BY FRED. C. TRUMP Brooklyn's Biggest Builder SINCE-1935 Imitated by Many Equalled by Nona c2)C COMPARE THESE FEATURES! F 3 Short Blocks to Subway No Waiting for Buses R 2 E 35 minutes to Manhattan 2 BLOCKS TO OCEAN BATHING BUILT-UP, ESTABLISHED NEIGHBORHOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL I Block SYNAGOGUES I Block STORES, MARKETS, MOVIES. 2 SHORT BLOCKS HOT WATER HEAT (20 Saving in Fuel Cosh) EXCLUSIVE TRUMP FEATURES TO BE HAD IS NO OTHER MANHATTAN BEACH DEVELOPMENT! Appr $58 MONTHLY PAYS ALL "J Z III in fwo by renting out your completely finished daylight basement with its own separate entrance. 5000 BROOKLYNITES live in homes built by FRED C. TRUMP, who it by far fha largest builder of F. H. A. and FEDERAL S & L financed homes in Brooklyn. Protect yourself! Insure against future "headaches" Buy Your Home from an ESTABLISHED builder of Reputation and Experience. BETTER HOMES FOR LESS MONEY! HOW TO REACH THEM BY SUBWAY Tak B.-M. T. BriiMrt Express BriiMn Brarh Station. t ff rr f Ut-fw-M m4 walk ifif Brifhle Beach Ave. to Bright 14th St. Tut a left I bleck imwp lioMes. whm le i ruatp n .act. Trump homes MANHATTAN BEACH, BROOKLYN, N. Y. C. Neptune Ave. & Corbin Place jtf?ia LIVE RENT FREE .1 v.: 0 TOUR TENANT'S RENT PAYS ALL EXPENSES beautiful 2 FAMILY HOMES WE GUARANTEE) TENANT 1 BLOCK STA BRIGHTON AVE. II x TON LINE IVj liMaamiiiiHM mo Opes Daily nil IS P.M. UNUSUAL! BRICK BUNGALOW ONLY A YEAR OLD at Special Low Price! FRANKLIN SQUARE, L. I. 64 JACKSON ST. So. of Hempstead Turnpike on Franklin Ave. 4 Rooms, Dinette, Colored Tile Bath. Stairway to additional attic pace. Steam Heat. Plot 45x100. Nice section. Offered to acceptable buyer on FHA terms. For price anff details apply DIME SAVINGS BANK OP BROOKLYN, 9 DeKalb Ave. (TRiangie 6-3264) or your broken FLATBUSH' $3480 " Sale COST W259 $35 MemtUy Pay Fixed CJaarfes. 1-FA.MILY. rORF.n.nSI RK. OAKAtiR. Mm rami. Lasdseaeed Plat CLOSE TO LARtif PARK. PLAYGROUNDS. Bales Re-saadltieaed NEW. letaM Haalaaa). Cat Raeec. Cleaets. Lea Catt Maatlat aystaei Maa ether eitraa. Palatal feaaaaiaat, Lara stay pard. teasels , tiaras ekerckea, theatres, Traaalt Lisas Haedy. laull task, ealaaee Ilka rea. LQ a P V IMS Klotbash Amar rALt 1 1 MAnaJleld G-40OO f SACRIFICE 'I'ATBIJSH Due to'V i ....... mjr TAPESTRY control am forced to nnvMv. aarrilire beautiful ICIC iRjIC Colonial home, aouth-aaaa ak ern expoaure. 6 lovely A A rooms, pantrr, modera tiled kitchen and bath, real lor bnrnlmr rlre- P I a a e veaiibule entrance with rneat eloaet, Indireet lleht-inr. Colonial fixture, basement laundry, slate Mansard roof, rarace. private play-yard, etc. 1 blork Flatbush Ave.t blorks sehool. ate. :tfl monthly paya every thine! Will aeeept .10 for immediate sale! Paid ftrxSO; tiulek! 8ee Mr. Hussey. 1S4I Flatbush Ae.. .MAnatteld S-R2I. 2750 SAMIrlS FLATBUSH lively Home tsaey raaan. at iiaaa. raw can ksetlan ayataai. Vtaatiaa bllaat. aaatry, tMiala raasa. laraa lay yard, aaraea. tarlaa. haaay aekeals. tkarthaa. tkaaaia. aakaaya. Oaly $30 ataathly, aareaia. .7se. Kays. FLATBUSH REALTY CO. ili!n',,LAv.MAnsnld -33 LOT OWNERS. BUNGALOWS t Ran. a a K4 Rasa. Iae I0I rank 99 m i m UILT AHVWHCRI All Year NaaMs aa r.H.A. a'aa. R24IM aa. Madala aa Olaalay Write ar Gail far Ostein A. D. C. HOME BUILDERS mc 225 W. S4tk St. N. V. C Raasi IJ4 CrlMteriaa 4-3a paa aaaay m t imwtmm V d, f I " ITuxIM t ric A WJJ 1 tzst&l -"ft , ... . : V THE IAKE 01 TR.:1,V Ut CF THE MOUJITlUa- Port Jervis, Orange County, N. Y. Offtre yoa "THE TOP OF THE WORLD! 1" Here truly is the place you have dreamed af but .never roil Id find. . With I'KIVATK M'KIMi-KKII I.AKK. FKIVATK K0.1IIS and the beauty of the famous lake realaue and activities to arouae the enthusiasitl of every member of the family . . . CnsurpaMaed aeenie views from IMHI-foot mountain top . . . Miles of woodland trails alone which many Indian landmarks are till ditiliKiiihale. Keatricled. nrar CATHOLIC and fKOTKNTANT 'Hl K( HKK. Only niinillrx from New York over suner hichways . . . AM. HI MMF.K AMI WINTKK SIMIKTS . . . iKEK LUKT1MK tOlNTKV I LIU .HINHKHKHir, room eustom-hoilt K I. STIC CABIN. Includlnr larre scenie plot, only $495 full price. 3V2 - ak.aaaaaaBaaaaaaaajl g.ti' NO FIA, E ( IIAHGES, Orir tadau, ar emit er erri SUITE 338-N Tel. VAn. 6-0245 Jj AND UP. far Occapaacy. Easy Tarsia. 4 Run. A Torek $399 SUMMER COTTACES ail ... u 4 Raaaia (SllE run nil i vaii nmt( Bltt, prlte Fairy lasalatad. Deubla Caaatrattliia. Fall cellar. Pluxkiss aad Haatisf. Electricily. Plaa-tar. Paint. lg ataathly an 20 Vaar Plas. Full tlia Cnaitructiaa MODEL ON DISPLAY. IWrita, call far Cat. A. Ossa Daily -5. Sun. 10-4. 421 7tk Ave. Raaa 701. (Estranet 33rd St.l. (R. E. Carsealar, Prat.). CHick-arlna 4-1762. cz Lots for Sale Leaf Island Farai for Saks Loaf Island INFLATION! FROZEN CREDITS. 2 J4 acre tract for smart buyer with $500, full price, terms. Box 1111 Seaford. HUNTINGTON (adjoining) 2 acres, shade trees, new 4 room Cape Cod cottage; rare bargain. $97. Box Nil. Garden City H UN TING TON. acres adjoining estate, huge shade trees, paved road, beautiful cottage, sleeping porch, needs some finishing, $1700. HEWITT, two doors past Dutch Mill Restaurant, Jericho Turnpike. Route 2f, Huntington. BUSINESS ACRE Jericho Turnpike- near Huntington. Perfect for restaurant mink farm or .chicken farm. Owner sacrifices $400. Hewitt Northport Depot. Bosfalows for Sale Long bleed 2 ROOM BUNGALOW With Large Screened Porch on J Acre. $2.00 week after small down payment. Total price $2. Beautiful location. Solves your vacation problems forever. Use while paying. Buy now and save money. Write or phone. O. L. SCHWENCKE CO., 450 7th Ave.. N. Y. LA. 4-7954. Hosses far SaleLear I dead MINEOLA ONLY ONE LEFT NEVER AGAIN AT THIS PRICE1 TERMS TO SUIT YOUR BUDGET Monthly Payments of $6f include reduction of principal, interest, insurance, taxes; no assessments; select neighborhood; short walk to schools, public park, children's playground and railroad station. Home, built syou like it. Living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bath; oil burner; separate garage; plot 50x100. Everything of very latest. Ready for occupancy. Considering price, terms, location and surroundings, we have never had anything to equal this bargain. Childs at Kramer, Mineola. Telephone Garden City 307?. GREAT NECK. Outstanding bargain; adj. large private park; large plot; English Tudor, 7 rooms, 2 baths, oil burner, garage. $5950; easy terms. J. Edward Brcucr, 45 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck 3737. Faro aad Acreage far Sale tern g blm1 HUNTINGTON Acre Land! Tall Pines; $195; terms; bargain. Frederick Krueger, next to Old Dutch Mill, Jericho Turnpike. Huntington. spsi , - e- a ' LOTS $20. EACH Tn town of Babylon, near Parkway, Beaches. Airplane Factories, Build while paying. Call or write for free transportation.. CAD-MAN H. FREDERICK, 2I Broadway. Room 402, New Yotk. LOTS $15. EACH Bay Shore, hour out. $1. down, $1. monthly per lot, suitable bungalow, camping, farming, chickens; boating, bathing, fishing nearby. MARTIN J. STEIN, Sunrise High-way. Bay Shore. LOG CABIN SITE Close to bathing beach, a place to moor your boat, $295. Build while paying. $10. down, $5. . per month. Drive out, open untU 9 P.M. FRANK BAILEY, Merrick Road and Cooper St. Babylon. Acreage for Sale Loaf Island ACREAGE PLOT $195. Level ground with pine trees near stores and station, free beach, fronts on new road, 100x200. Only $10. cash; $1. weekly. Bungalow financed. CADMAN H. FREDERICK, Sunrise Highway, Babylon. Drive out today. Homes for Sale Qoeens $350 CASH BUYS 1 family. rooms, enclosed porch; bath; garage; completely decorated inside and put. BARGAIN PRICE ACT QUICK BUTTERLY tc GREEN, INC. 1M-25 Hillside Ave. Jamaica -7740 LIVE RENT FREE New 2-family house i'i tc 4 i Room apts. Garage, Oil Burner, $1200 up. Near churches and parochial school, tth Ave. Subway to Elmhurst Ave., (4 blocks). Sky-Hill Homes, 90th St. U Corona Ave., Elmhurst. HA -ol40. Hemes far Sale- New Jersey PACKANACK LAKE (restricted) new 42 room house. Living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dinette, bath, attached garage, space for 2 rooms on 2nd floor. Steam, oil-fired. Wooded plot 55x125. $6 525 FHA terms. Club house office, Packanack Lake. Suainjer Holies far Sale New Jersey $695 3 ROOM CABIN 1 ACRE In Jackson Mills near Lakewood, N. J., beautiful pine country, fishing streams, 15 minutes to seashore. $150 Cash Balance over 2 Years LAKEWOOD HOTEL at LAND ASSN. Lakewood Office: 230 First St., Lakewood, N. J. Lakewood Office Open Sundays PACKANACKg LAKE (restricted) Studio log cabin in wooded setting, 4 tooms and bath with utility room, large plot with all improvements, city gas, water, sewer, etc Excellent commuting. Club privileges, $2,995. Ira Jones, Lake Drive, Packanack Lake. No Brokers. Kaifor Dr. a rate lew mm 1 IrvlaiBT Milth la n. CatttcrtJ Tfco Neva a.

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