The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 12, 1901 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1901
Page 8
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THE OTTAWA- EVENING JOURNAL, FRIDAY, APRM 33 1901. .Meet ine at BLYTH'S oa.oa, titttu McCTAlRTNEY At Billing ' BrMir.v ounday, April lth, IMI, tho wife of . .' MARRIED ST ANLEY"--UNSTlll' si- ' Ob " We-I nesdsy, April lOtti, by lh Rev. J. M Bnowdon. J. R. Stanley tor Bsrah - Je Sunatrum. lloto of Ottawa. Most Opportune is this LACE CURTAIN ... . . 1 X Opportunity Just cvs it's creeping unto Housecleaning Time E CLEARED them out at BIG SACRIFICE, i to the manufacturer. You save just 53-5 p.C. "on-every fait you lEmyTttePe 'the regular value -and"' .. -t- the sale prices : I WHYTB-Oslettl Wh'yt. youngest I son af Mr. ana Mrs., J, a. Vihyt, of I this city, at his rsaldsnce, at tUI- tU. Tburadsy, ApiU 11th, egad I year. Funeral on Saturday. April lllh, at I one p.m. 8. ROGERS A SON pO, Uadajruktri gd Sabalahm, . u imin iTivtr SEASONABLE C HA HO Kg. personal attention. Opa Bignt, aao o. Tlphon 94. . a. MATNARD RtXIERB. Masoger. GEO. H. ROGERS, fuiral Director ami SaWUMr, " Ctr. lank asi Mater S's-. MODERATE PRICKS. Forsoaal st-tsntlon. Opsa day aad stghu Tsl.- BfeOIW MM. FlalALS H1X WANTKB TO TAKE afternoon. Apply alt Combe-land Su WANTED "A OIRL . uare nhltdi'en la IVAMTWO MAID rOR UOHT ' - general housework; muat be good cook, -with best at rafsrenoes. Apply mornings or evenings, Mrs. Dougiae A. Caanarao. U Prlsnroea Ave., WANTED A OBNERAL SKR-' vaat for small (aiuilyj no waea-tag. Apply it Canosssloa tk. n'ANTKn YOUNO OIRL TO - mind a -why dorms le say..AP-, I ply I Maria sc. . RATES r Notice of Birth, Marrlaana" aa4 Deaths (Including' funeral BoUeo) If rfielre.l, ara laaartad at W aaala Bar insertion. . Lodge funeral notices and notice a meeting 1 ee per 1 neon ton. CLASSIFIED ADVTa .. All fondeaaod clsa-stttd aTrtiaBteato wilt be taaana "at aaa co per ward. Bar Insertion. Koohars-s for any adrt of ka than leaned Bat par faucrtloa. CAJirCiBCOUMT. BlATC TwentT-flv. per out. will be iw b aadaoted from -Iko abore charge. If cosh aoooaapeniee Ue advl. One cent Pir losstUon AOUTT WAlTiXS. itriMTtD tOOOO AOBNT t( awy for tb rlaht aaea. For parUcuUre apply: MJ .juaeaui au XXBSOVAX . . . . . V Uf lliTUITH I a u.v a ltoe hen au . . ..... k.nHiir mmaioaleata 1U1 Ml. " ... wa.p 1 with Robert J. Arthur. Mlonel. LOST LOST ON WBIAJNOTON, or Frank flu., a Brown lenther puree, eontalnlnc a m nwoy. Kinder pieaeo return to tkla ogloe. KOOIM TO L rpo LBT FRONT BKDHUOH A .nd autlaa-rooal. Apply W Al bert BU AKT1CI.K TO Al - -.. a. imbed in S nuT .P...-'T v..-.. Maae la pfffeel order. cuTiric WUllame. W u - 1 rt -eMI'l) mad aee a. wa "filfTwtt. vaiuea ever onj v , lif nana pOR SAW - A GOOD D"V bono for aolly one.,. Apply W O'Connor au, .". UrSAD BROS.' 8QCARB FIAWA Oi- .nod order, for tr.M. at Kara. STODDART SqUARX PIANO ONLY lie, aaa p. Kara J. UT Spark a Bura exobuacnt oroaj at Kara'a 11 avarka at. PRIOHT BUC50NO-HAND MASON It keck piano, eplenalld order, nan prion. JCarn'a, WT aparka at. A Ora AALB AT KXHltflTlK.N Orounda. a lot of oeeoad-aand tin- war, waab tuba, etova pip, empty caaka, eto. ICnauIra Oarauker'a rnl- aenca, oa me rounoa. TOR BAIX MAaOBT-HARRI A khMl Urfvf ... Itttl xtmA An. ply Lisr at. 'PO LrT IJf FRIVATB HOUSB ON A Cooper at. One or two arlcht. comfortably ruraienea re erne; 'w- enoeo required. Addreu Oy Jour nnl Office. R.Kular $3.00 for $2.00 v Regular $3.75 for $2.50 Regular $4.50 for $3.00 54 in. to 60 In. wide Full 3 1-2 yds. long From the daintiest patterns up to the targe scrolj effects, maHe up in the popular and hi jh-cUss - ' . Nottingham Lace There vre )ust 450 ptvlrs. . , I ' ':' " I .. ' 1 V" . . .. V . ..' ' - ' ,. ' At the above prices they will soon be adding: grace and charm to your windows. See them on 2nd floor Still They Come ' , Another Big Consignment of Boys and Youths Clothing HOUSEHOLD WORKER' Association A BMetlnc of mmbr . .Ill w held In Vletorta kail. Arberl - Hi. turdy. litll lnl-, at f o'ctocfc.jfor eununer; boaid I , Working hhi Intending lo join a' fort.". Journal Office. . In riled. A. Don.- crinry. WANTItU IMUBDIATIiLT AN rprin.di boueraiaid: rfr- ! encea required. Apyly, IS Cooper at. ,. WAJfTEO A tADT''WHO .-IIAS " furultur for a" laic aouaa do- alrea to takooo In lovallly aaree- abl to to or three aeuuonien: ir pref erred, would remove to aaburba boat a u aeoiroo., Ta- TO I.ET FURNISHER BEI- a rooma, all modern . convenienor. Apply r. A. H., Journal OlUca. WANTBD A OOOD, 8TRONO ' Irl. Aooly Mra. Ounderdal. Iwl York at. l-tl - Aiyed on. Saturday " Better' 'values- never orTeredT oefore in Ottawa! "-, "V-r '.;."; :. t ;-: ': :' r ltterorx'no,re up-to-date styles never shown before. '' '"y - Vz'::" r-rr -i.i. vmjt - uu p uiiu.icii viu iiwimny-: turers ""which, accounts for-the prevailing low prices. n RIGHT . STYLE OUAI-ITY PRICE BIGHT Visit Our Big Clothing Store . On 3rd Floor For the Newest tvnd Best In Bpiys 2 cxni 5-ptecuf(sT B oys Stvilor Suits, Boys.' Brownie Suits Boys Double-breasted Suits. Boys Spring Reefers, ' Boys Sprintf ..OvereotsTr:':.;-!1? Boys Novelty Suits. : ..Jl.:: Boys' Wash Suits, stc. GEO. B. BLYTH & SONS 194, 196,193Sprkt Stand 19 a 195 Qusert St HEttbllihed 1853 Z PUftne 1208. ij',,, t 'ANTED A UBNKHAL 8Klt- vont. Apply 1 Metcnlf 8t. A . OOTID OBNXRAL, BUR V ANT. 'a Apply at one to 121 Daly A. or lit Uparfca au rnO LET THREE WELL. FIRN lehd hhu: nllA onlv. Ap ply M wepeaa at. BOrSKS TO UT W'AKTWO AN EXPJiWIKNCEO houaemald. Appiy Berwick 1111, nt Maria St. WANTED KNERAL SERVANT " wb. eaa cook, (or ant of May; fcl-bet wa paid. Apply tmaed-Utely.tli Tkeodara St. ADIBS WANTINO oall at 11 Bank promptly Sited. elfalaVANTS. au -Ordata VVAntsu aooo " at auca. Apply Rrraci requtreu. LAUNDRESS too Bldeau SU WANTED OBNERAL SERVANT; referea' reuuh-ed. Apply St Cllrt Ara. OOOD PLAIN COOK aeod was. ABM Helet, eoraor Nkbola. and Daly St. WANTED at no: VANTEQ A GENERAL, SKR. '. vaat; Pood wasea. K. itld A CO.. Htntonburc. WANTBD AT ONCB A OEN-ral r. .ill for. small famllv. reference. Apply - M Ara;l. with Ave. WANTED AT ONCB AN JCX-nHatoifl fml rfi.k... room airla. chamber Biald and laan- dreee. .. Apply between .hour, of IS and I p.m. and 7 ana, at X Albert St. WANTED A OOODCOOK,AP- nl- I..VM. iiAMM' Rank- af Montreal. .. . w ANTED A COOK AND HOUSE- ild. Apply SH Btewart SU KAXX HXLP WANTSD 'ANTED. MAN WHO CAN (urnlah roller, to roll a Mvwa. Apply 441 UUmour Sfc- - .. i ,'. , ANTED- A- MAIN WHO L-N- dentaBda cart af horaea: atoaJy employment. A. B. C Journal Ut IU. - .. -VoJ. ... .- . llAINTBRB ' WANTSCD APPLY A w. Bone. Richmond Koad, Ulnton- burg. - WA ANTBD - IIUKINllIK BOYD. Ottawa Aaeacy A Menaenaer Cu- I upera at. ANTBD-i- MILK OK1VKK; round BUB nrofarred. Apply at C. Neleoa'a, C'ummlnc' Brl. smrAiiokTs tacajtt. VY'ANTKD SMART. OIRL. F " . tea cream parlor. Apply at sparka at. FOll 1 WA 'ANTED MAN AND MIS WIFE. man without family preferred, to work on firm mllea from Mawthorna, O. N.. Major, Hawthorne. - WA ANTED DRCSSMAKBR AT Apply Alexander Mao- Laran, WakeSeld. Qu YY ANTED BUTB AND U1KLB I JfTT at IT Metoalf. SU and (t blotUnf paper and puaat.- V1TANTBD OOOD CANVASSERS - for monthly miln; "liberal commlMloa or taiary to axparteaaed persona; achool teacher, would . triad,! Ibl. Tory prontabM employment during lelrure time, - Addraaa P. O. Box 1UM Otuw. . bJUVO. XKPtOTKKJTT W. 'ANTED A: " POWTION; AS houeematd 'or general servant in II family. M. w journal. V ANTED FAMILY . WASHINO-TO ' J - . --- ' Uu..rla4. Apply SB awwart'BU - - amiATioBa wastxio BITUATION WANTED AB MIL- " rr;..t-oBy- year elperlenc"; i-ferenoe.: an com. at one. or first of May. F is, Journal. . VlAHT7'0 POSITION OP TRITSTl by men .xponeacad In mln. man- armaat. also Inirmer, bookkeeplns or onic wont or nnr Bind. . AOoi box ii, inmn wrnoa. . "EV, MODERN BRICK HOUajC, xl oppoelt. Judc MacTavlah'a, f Prank St., fifteen rooiu, for sal. or to let Apply -T. J. mauLaucnun, xpri-meat Pablt. Works. fPO LCT BRICK. VKNKbatKU asua in new vainiB iouirHi llsbt. all coaveniaacei, 1 near. Apply. Joan 1 McKay rH. rpo LBT A NICK, IMITACHBD A coital. James St., U modern Improvement. Apply 41 Somerset treeL , R SALB PIANO-BOX BUO- ay, anly ma short time, or will eachamre for iaraar aumneas ausrey. Apply H.' H. Oorvaa, oomr calhanaa ana Lya Bta, SAUI OF BEDROOM FURNITURE. " mattrsaene, biajuota, parlor Sara-Itura, carpsts, sa .. ranee, ate, oa BatuTday, April SHh. at 44 Bank SU A.' AT, ataodoitald. NB U U.P. BO ILK k, NSW, AND . a complete -ootllt for choas. factory. Including .very reoulatta. - par-tlcular. atTlia Aldray Dairy Co, f " Wlll jtOe, St i WOOD FOR THB TMOU8ANDS - irry aarawsod .lab, cut 11 lacbea ""i. Pr loao; dry aab nnd elm also. CUt 11 teoavaa. H a mmr load- rr hemlock alaba. cut U lacbea, S1A0 par om; pin. amount, oat u incbaa, U N per wad; soft amplo oardwood M.71 par cord; sawn Mo oxtra. Prompt sll-. vory. Joba Honey Sob, M Sparks o raoM . pOR BALB -- FIVE FLUE BOIL srs. four foot six laches dlmtr, by twenty-! fet loo-. Law Bros, Co. PORTLAND CEMENT. . UMB. brickv Sr. krkk. Sr. clsy, drain pip tlla, plaatar. seortar. colors, hair, bulldlos atoaa, .to. Wrltut A Oa, Hull. Phon. 44 A City pnon 417. XTOU8E TO LET ON KLM AVE, "tot mlnutss' walk from swlns brldga. Bank SU Apply A, E. rlr-balrn, 1U Bank St . POR BALE AT TUB JOURNAL, OF-Bca Old aawspapsia, cleaa aad aultabl. for wrappina. on cent, por pound. la buadlos of twaaty-Svo poand. : - rpO RENT THE RESIDENCE OP i A th late Res. i. c. Campbell, cn th Meiival. road, with modern conveniences, 1-4 acres of land, good out. building, house contains' about" tea room, rent I14.4 per moaih If taken by tho year. Apply to J. T. Caldwell. rpo ' LET COMFORTABLE dwstlln. tt Cobourw Bt- between nidoan and Clarence, hall, parlor, din. liTg-nsom, . kitchen, sum mar kltehan, bedrooms, bath. , closet .loctlie lights, rant tlA Apply 4.1 Clarenc SL rpo LET NO. 4 CLIFF ST, LA ROB a house, decrlrabl. locality, awdarat. rent. C. A. Dou-iso A O. HOTXSSS WASTTX-O WANTBD FURNISHED HOUSE. T all modern aa. enrj-aiit- locatsd. . Address Vsi U Journal Offlu. V " - '- - MOUSES FOB. a ALE SW BRICK HOUflfc 1 ROOMS. 4ot 41 x iml modaru lnaara-. OS Jameo St - ,' .... "W.EAT, BW COTTAO NOW -JN A coarse f erecfioa, tot KM.W ash. oalsnc .to suit purchsaer; posse lat May. Apply ui Hieaoy at. TkBTACHED HOUSE ON A chmor, half Int. fm; hargaln, O. Hfwiu M aparka SU - MUT- H. CI!. and tt.m PER MONTH BOFB St.- H. O. Hewrt St Sparks. (SOLID JWUUK trTJBMl-(DerrA( HKI " house, la good rspolr, la Central Ward. 144 monthly rsntaL . If sold poforo May. Ksi. Osmer laavlag city. - Adorrsr ventr, - oournai. TfTOUSB ANDLOT FOR -AA aheap far wo inul- 71 Third aTenxie. TTOUrtBi FOR SALJS IN OTTAWA Aa Baat t roams, sumraar kitchen, bathroons. hot and asld water, .loo-trio light, furnaca, S . mluntsa'- from slsotrto ears, as mwch- lanA as pur- chaser'reaulres. price low, terms easy. Apply is William Bt, uttsw Kast. or 7S lUdcsu St, city.1 W. A. o. Loos. '- . . BATHER AND SASH - CHEAP for cash tor -i month whora there la not any account In. book, god no discount antra for delivering R. Woodland, M Beassrvr SU WTONB FOR SALB BUILDERS' rubble, spalls and Conor t stone. Apply T. Sidney Klrby it Co, Snapsn-"on Bridg., or 111 Uux tru 11RBVIER -COLlMW RUI.ES FOR -ssls- (Sooond hand): lo aoaatlty ta ult Borehasor. Apply lo th. Jour. Bl Business Offlc POR SALE-ONE STEAM OENKR-otnr Igaal. On metal pot ((capacity SCO pounds.) On. star. Imp-wing labia, t feet t Inchee by t feet. Ono Iran Impootag ubta, 4 hy Inch: sultahl. for oandy makers. Apply to oai-BMu asnrsai omco. arosio AflHS E. MARIE ELUOT PIANO. - harmony, eountorpolai and Flat-cher roeUiod. Studio, -r Absrdosa ChambOTs, ta Sparks SU AttSS ELIZABETH t. MeOUAT u. pupn ot ami. Menrwtia at, of Nw Tork; Italian sBMhoA of voles production and alaglag. 1S- Motoalf. stroeu - - - OAJLDS, TV BUOKNECHBVR1ER PRAC- tlcal tarred fait and gravel roofer; estimates furnished; references. Victoria and Britannia fit.. HulL . TUITION VBmrt school o modern ' Mthods-14 to ill l- Bank St. Whit Phonography i a month; Pitman's 14; th. Oregg or other slow system H. SBIoftl tllflCTSjtaVI,. 1J, CORDON BTEWART ISSUER . of manisg. licenses, oor-aor of Kl-glo and Queen street. After six p.m, at rssldenca, ft James 8u ' Tt. TIELDINO-ISSITKR OF MAR-"rla-f llcanse. -l; Slstar streat, Ottawa. .- ...-'..- , TIOUBE AND AAaala Modem .FULL LOT FOll sals Modern Improvement. No. Mt Oladston. Ave. Apply on the prom is?. to Mr MCUUI, BOTjaSt FOR a AXE OR TO LET AR'SITEO.'S. M UB IHWUUU. .! 4tt n Architect, and appiaIsers7M C'eftt-rnl Chambors. ' Patents -Obtalmd. Pbono 130. ' - . , .T. W. H. WATTS R.C.A, AROHf. - !- V'.l... trt. .- rv.arL.-a aAlaOaftn, TO LET AT WEaT-lChainiaeja. ounoalla Russell Hooaa. boro Brick house, containing s- .... rooms, kitchen and woodshed, . near Kleotrlr track. Apply James Msgee, Wetbortx ' IX)R SALB OR TO LET FURN-Ished or nnfnrnlshed, tit Sonwr-set. Apply M 1-1 Bank. - . OFFICE', SBOPS, STORES, FLATS (iFriCH TO LET NICE, BRIGHT offlc oti around Soar, Apply tt Sparks 8U- -. : T)T MAT 1ST LA ROB, MODERN - shop, good. altntlo-t1ll Hank au Apply 447 Ollmour SL . - 3 M ALfc-SHOP-TO LET AT -CALiC u donla Spring. Good bosineos fo bs dsoa la candles and notions. . Apply to. Orand Hot! Omes, n Carlatoa Cbamb.fs.otUwa. . .. ARTICLES WAETED ANTED A MATCB-RD TEAM of horses: must be good drivms and sound: will Siva a s rot-clam new upright piano l exchang. Williams. 14 Bank SU - .' ' 'ANTED . OAS CHANDKLlKflrl tot parlor nnd dlnlner-room. Ap ply a rsaaiiar. , youiuai. . &XAX. ESTATE tTALF LOT ON FLORENCB" - ST.j -iMt n r Mant HI..' Bl&s. anl. 7 u'ooper bl - fOK SALE LOT No. BIX. NORTH A .ide McLomI Bt. (west of Metcalfe 8t. Ottawa; Ml foot, Price 11. OM caan. -J t. uorman, 74 sparks SU ' : T BUSINESS OH AHCXt - VOn. SAUC A GOOD ..' PAY1N3 business, profits .no hundred 'per cent:, easy ias per montn. clear: rrreat lehsnca to expand boatnena: muat sell at once, Aoarexa -tiood Bvar" Boss,-. Journal u-nca, .. . Thert. v a Fsw.. PrtIatttt.nne8tIoiia .; Why you buyia Furace ? When do you buy a Furnace ? Where do you buy a Furnace ? Hov do you buy a Furnace ? ?: WHT? ' This to Ofurily answered. To boat a dwe)Hr.."ator or whatever It snay bo; aad at a doalor, to sat a Mlrabis aaa tor his trade, WHKNT vNvr unui you nQ oo. , - , , . - WHEREf Havo yon oonsldrd In Is ss seriously as you should r It Is poor ocanomy to buy a fuinao out of sympathy from a dealer . to help him along, Tho doalar may do you a arjt-claas job, but b-rfor buying, satisfy yourself that be will Oo alow. Do But tot th. prlco always govsrm you. Know your rnan. Is this era of choap price, do not rly altogvlhar on the ' Brat esau for two Soslar. Bains th asm. furnaca. do a vr dtrat Uaa of rrv-Kyrtantoal work, aad w. hollavo you want tha boat, w, bay. sota many B good rur-iac thrown out and ooaaemrvau on aocouht of poor work la th. -putting vs. whoa lh fan-ana was sot at faulu HOW do you buyt W think tt will pay yon to study op oa th subject, sad buy Intoiligoatly. Do not si sand off and look at a furnaca cassd up with Jaekst around lu and than ask for tho lowest prion oa that roraar-a. s. mim i;..o u n aiaj. aa 11 wtmm any, points, ano us. your own . that th NATIONAL win 1 ask m, that -you keep tho NATIONAL ta mind whsa tho tour ,usstlooo .adr.S-, a-r-s arw so v. asaywrn-vo oy you. .. . . , a . . i, M It has say. Insist oa being shows Its superior a Judswwht; a you are to bo th. asar. W. boll..'. ' n b your eh otoe, rf pot to the teat. All that ws- NATIONAL ta mind whsa tho tour auef-Uooa .attT.t erd by you. .. ... . . I Tie Ottawa Fnrnace & Foundry Co Limited M ANtTFACTtmiCRA FURNACES. RANORS. STOVES, IRON FOUNDERS, EOT, CATHERINE ST, LION TO BAT STS. ,''v. rnfAJt oial. nNIT TO LEND ON CITY OR farm property, at lowest rate, or intorosu usmmiu may, namaiaia, Carlataa Chaasbs-a, .4 Sparks SU, Ottawa. . - - If ONE Y TO LOAN AT LOWEST ourront rata of- utatreot. - Apply to R. W. Mkaanoo, BoUcltor. Room tx, Catrai Chaaiaois. Algls BtrosL Ottawa. VfONEY TO LOAN STRAIGHT loans ar -tayablo br ustslraaaU; raal ..uto security. U. O. Idawll, H is.. VfONEY TO LEND IN LARUB OR small sums aa real sstau ssoorlty; lowest ratss of lal'aLs stace'raaan. HeMersoa A MsbougaL 11 Caotral Chamis, Elgin St, Ottawa. - -- ONEY TO LEN D-IN.LA ROE OR -u am It mount, oa larms to suit borrowsr, repayable la monthly Instal ment a or otharwiss. Kogara Lr asonih, 41 Elgin SU llfONET TO LOAN AT LOW BUT -u ourraat rates of tatarost, so country and city property aad an terms to suit borrower. Blehop A Smith, BnrrUUrs and Soaoitora, Rooms 11 sad 14.yrut BuiMlag, 41 Spark ML fONET TO LOAN ON REAL a tat. Lowest ratss of IhUiasU Msrtgag aad debsaturos purchaaad. R. A. Bradley, Barrlslar. Room 11. Central Chambors, ClgU Sl Ottawa. MONEY TO LOAN A OAROB aiBOaaat a arival. eataiSa ta. van J. Carlinj Kelly & Co U Cealral Ckambsrs. CoatpaaT Prpawtsrs. FiiAacisi Art Engltsh loans aagollafd. Btochs sad Bonds sought and sold. lot sbans ot Ottawa Dairy Co. preferred stock or havo Bias lot eonuaun. at MS per aharo. . - . Ms) sharaa Ottawa Produoo Co,, at Houses to Let r- Albart f-Utwt........ .U......I1S. ,i Mstealf. strjst..MMW ..tUa HI . BlaUr street..... ........ ...'l Llsgsr strsst... ...... ... ... ...7i WllbroS street. . ,.......$ Daly avonu ....ML, t-'t. Nlchaias street..... ... Nelson - D. Porter lasurxnca, Raal Esut. sad House. . A genu IS SPARKS STREET. FOR tsALB . AT -A BAtQAIaT Frsm dtaclw4 cottag oik lot M x -It, situated and being house No. Ml. north side Oladstono avenu. a few doors went of Bank straot: house con-, tains balls, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, soxomsr kitchen, 4 bedrooms with' transom -rentllntors and olstnos cmssta, electric Sxtarss, ale laws sad ' upwards, i O'Connor, sparks SU ,, u",. " - shado treea. verandah full front of "'SIS SOCUrlly IB largo OT, k,- larwa-waaadahad. alono collar and "" w,w mmm fnnnri,niL - i t par osnU Apply to Hogg Msg., tt 1-1 f ONE TTO LEND ON REAL -T-stata, larg. ar small smonnu at lowaaa ralaa .f l.t.M-i - mA- vsatsgo to borrowwr. U. A. Par. aval, aoucitor. sur, tmtario -bb. Dera, utlBwa. , "fONBY TO LEND ON smalt amount a lowost laterssu McLaurla Millar, -B rUura. Solicitors, .to, 11 Blgls SU REAL of XI ONE Y TO LEND ON CITY OR K country proporty. on terms to suit, borrowers. . Nallls. Monk A Mubaaoo. Rarrlstars, sto, U. Metoalf strssL TttONEY TO LEND IN LABOR OR M- smaU sums, at wwost ratss of In-tarest en country r city property. Code A Burrltu Barristers and Solicitors, Car I too Cham pars, 14 Sparks StrssL - MONEY TO LOAN INTEREST. . I-t par obU Loans oa Srst snort, erases on ral estate, la smount from liut to 1U.SU. aaslroA Irltsrsat will bo caarged at the rata of 4 1.1 par osat up to t par esat, according to am not af loan and awcurity offered. Irarklna. Frassr A Biirbidgo, 44 Sparka Strt, sJoUettars. ; .. . . MONEY TO LOAN toMS PRI-rate funds to lead on real estate. Lowest rata of mtrt- Frtpp A Smith. (1 CarWtoa Chamber, Ottawa. OTHER WAIT ADS ON f AGE 9 Price If sold Tbsfora 1st Mar. tl.PM.M. For full particulars apply ta : J. V. CALDWELL t TT BANK STREET., ' . PhsBO UTi. . ; . , .'.. s X9 ' March 1901 Sales SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITERS xcooded thoso of uy eao monUi hs ' the Company hlatory. Consunt taeraass of bnstnon prool ' of ntrit ' ,:: , X, ! " EDWARDR.A.cNEILL Pasaa 1317 i S5 Umsw t- Agsat ; atflaJhiTl lT J Behind the Tyled poor W: R. BRADBURY: - STOCK AND BOND -BWOKBRT Offers subject to previous ssle: Ottawa rHreeVRellway stock. ' Ottawa Elortrla Light stork. Ottawa Car Company stock. .: . Ottawa Dairy Convpany stock. Ottawa Pt-odoc. Cornpony stock. Mnemi: TH0T1S96 Balls Base 5,10,15, 25, 50 CENTS . Wind bails to, Se, tag, Ho.."" ; r-Colored balls tc, 10c, lie. JSC and Me. Sponge balls tc ic, to, JOo. Olrta' bats tc; boys' toe snd 13c. L, ' JARVIS ' BANK BTRBF.T. STATIONER. Ottawa Toy otOT. . - '. .. - Peck's Bod Boy wilt cure th Muss. ; : o Kilt The Nawsrfsafsf 7 Two sterenr 9i BANnt ST. I LITTLE arssEX bt. - Every . pHblloatlon oa sarth. p:J,Tacger&C6. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE LX)R SALB - GROCERY STORE -a- dolns sood'eseh buslnoRS: . tiss chsnged hand Iw-lc in 1. years; as! opposition. . . Address M. B, Journal! Office. - WANTBD ACTIVE ' PARTNKR - to extend (stabllehed bastnesa with SIX to otsbt hundred: swsd peo-flis and cash paying; this Is a chan-o of a Hfotlms for d yonng man ' with gnod city conneotloB. Uorrwoed-with Vaatt Business, J-Hirnal-VSM. To tnudlordsr - If yeo have say houses becoming vacant It will b to your Intereot to let a have a description of It for wo eaa get yon a good tenant In a short time. If we do Bot rent your bout- then Is s charge. - ... - ,... It yon ha any are Intmrsoes policy expiring let , give Y0 a rata befor. yoa rtn-xw. Our rat. Is low with das tost Mcurlty. P ai. TAEGER tft CO '-eiowarom Lodge. No, M,"Anclnt ; Order of- United Workntaa,. held III :. awamiap -- la at nisht. Thar. iweio two protpoalttons for momnoishlp. A groat deal ot t-ssrst-waa apiaiw at the death of Bro. A. -J. Edgar, .of Ollmour stroeu aad A" weolutlots - of -condolence was passe d, a copy at which Was bent to" M t-s. Edgsr. A -- soiaV, mutes was apoolnted to arrange for the funeraL wluos takes place this afternoon. . This committee was com' posed of Pest Master W. Hunt. Master '-Workman W. P. Daly and Recording Becrotary . McDonneTl.. - , -, A eommRtee of ontertalnnxnt com-posed of Past Master Hsrron. . Inside Watchman J. H. Williams, sad organ- , 1st J. Jsckson, was asm , appointed. Tha diitlte of.thH..:oTimle will he t. : arrang. for a sorirrl -.rot-T-tmme tob--sivsa every led re masting night aftr th. regular routine business has been . tmna acted. They will hold omce f or en. month, st tho sod of which time ' they will b relieved of their duties by s new committee; - T:. The revised by-laws, which embody ' a number of slight changes,, was read for the first time and laid on th table. fhsy wUI be tsken asp for tho second ' reading en th. next meeting night. ' ," nH.irii.tiisT si m Mil M bLbsI ft QOBTffrt STREET. IB Political and J epartmentA ' -'CYINISIIS EXPLANATION. . , -' - aaauth lh. elalm aaaat la -ehs Cornrnons tost nigttt that census rnnmrrators in- nw n war leaving fbtana at huuea to so filed out-Instead of Siting oat the forms thrmaelvs. It Is pointed oi by A rensus ofnclnls that tbe-snumarater''. have inemx-tlona to personally fill out -th forms, but that .the census regnla- , tion pxmilt af forma being left t t , ,d k.iaMai. a, atlaara with re tanect to Whom the heed of the family ;( may have no personal anuw-mi.. probably explain, the charge, though : II la barely pooslhls that som of tho-!. snunvaratora la the country mmf -not carry out IimUBoxIoss obooiutsly. . v . . a '' -- COOK SfNQTJIRY. Th Cook n-rrrratta-atlon ccen-nlHae-of . the Seaat will meet en Tuesday, April iov ;, ' - - . v '. BYMPATHY APPTt FJCIATCD U r. Mot Iavolnl wish to rotnra' thanks to her friends tsr th sy-tnoathF' end MiiAweas showa her ,a th ec uelaa of th recera death of her hit-' band. She aossree triem ibat R has been s gret consolation tor the family la thalr ber.vavess.ate -r n - -i' -v

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