Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 5
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iffllpp * New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER THE HATTER and FURNISHER, Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of. a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, Tt»B FEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. 1HONEY TO LOAN Personal, Boftl' Kstnto or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovcrshlncr, «27 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING. MARCH 13 Drink McLin's Kolatona. Tho $5 shoos for $1.98 at Otto's, closes today, The Bod Men adopted thirteen new members last night. To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harrison of Chicago street, a daughter. Tho two funniest and fattest comedians ovor you saw tonight at tho opora house. Sizes up to 4's only in ?5 ladles' fine shoos for $1 !>8 today, last day, at Otto Kraus's. It is said Harry Haffeobuck, late Of Gas City, will ontor tho real estate business horo. Fred Hoppo is preparing to re ombark in tho liquor business at his old stand on Twelfth street. George Fulmer has boon givon the contract for the woodwork on tho new St. Vincent school building. Mrs.'Theodore Parvln entertained a I number of friends at cards last night § _ftt her homo on North street. (••Mrs. W. D. Craig will entertain her |^»dy friends at her home In Maple I Grovo Thursday afternoon. Would you miss (.eeinp the "Two Johns?" Not much, I'll be there. Tonight «t the opera house. The Two Johns will havo fresh funny fat men to toll you vo all about it tonight at tho opera house tonight. A paper is belnp circulated asking business 1 men to assist in putting R Lofransport base ball team in the field. Today closes tho most sensational shoe tale for years. Last day for choice of Otto's finest ladles shoes for $1.98. A social will be given Friday even Inj? at the Whealland street M. E. church by the Junior Epworth League. Miss Maud Castle, a recent graduate from Kali's business college, has taken a position as stenographer for John Hnrvey. Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. DR. MOST PER.FECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream t 'Tartar Powder. Fre. &om Ammonia, Alum o. -my other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD.. Your last chance of $5 shoes for $1. 98, at Otto's today. Rebecca Adams was yesterday given a decree of divorce from James Adams. W. Lewis, is having the city's electric lights put in his store on Broadway. Sixes in .$5 shoe remaining unsold at Otto's groat sale, for $1.98, up to 4's only, A protracted meeting le now in progress at the North Side U. B. church. An entertainment was last night giren tho patients at the Long Cliff hospital. Otto's sample sale of shoea will continue on second floor; $5 shoos for $1.98 at Otto's today. Mr. and Mrs. Ch&s, Michaels will not reside permanently In Florida as stated in yesterday morning's Journal but only for the winter. Orient Lodge No. 272 F. & A, M. will meet in special session this, Wednesday evening, March 13th, 189'G for work in the Master Masons degree. Yo will laugh because it's funny, they will laugh because you laugh and everybody will laugh tonight because everybody ought to laugh at the Two Johns at the opera houee. Peter B. Titus was yesterday 'fined in the circuit court, $10 and costs for the 'alleged illegal sale of liquor. There are three additional cases against Mr. Titus. O'Connor IM Discharged. William O'Connor, the would-be suicide, alleged lunatic and professor, was taken with a small platoon of lodgera from the* county jail yesterday morning, and escorted to the northern limits of tbo city. William hud a laryo, unwieldy valise and !f3 in change, and when laat seen was hoaded toward Chicago. "The Two Jolinn" Tonight. "The Two Johns," a very Junny comedy, will be presented at Dolan's this evening. The management have a carefully selected company of play, ers to interpret the characters assigned thorn and have alao Introduced several very pleasing specialties in conjunction with the above, anong whom are Miss Mabel Meredith, the phenomenal soprano, who has won famo in the operatic world; also, the Bijou Quartette who are without an exception the kings of harmony Tho play is well known to the public and has the endorsement of all who love to have a hearty laugh. To see is to believe and you will see it bigger and brighter than ever. "Thfrt It D«n«cr In Del»j\" Since 1861 1 hnve been a great suf- 'eror from catarrh. I tried Ely's Dream Balm and to all appearances am :ured. Terrible headaches from which [ had long suffered are gone.—W. -J atichcock, late Major U- S, Vol., and A. A. Geo., Buffalo, N Y. E'y's Cream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed. Many acquaintances have used ii wHh excellent rrsults.—Alfred W. Stevens. Cttldwvl!, Ohio. Price of Cream Balm is fifty cents. YOUE NAME IN PBINT. llemn or » Personal Character Concerning I,oK*nMporter»an<l Their Frlen a*. In the city yesterday: Sam Stern of Kokomo. Ph Hip Ray of Camden., H. P. Low of Star City. G W. 0. Talbor of Wabash. F. W. Patty of Kewanna. Ben S- Myers of Crawfordsville. F. S. Pierce, agent "Watson Sisters." F. R. Myers of Perrysburg. Miami county. H. P. Green, agent "Charley's Aunt" company- Gaorge Davis and Henry Bickell of Galveston. John W. Layne and G W. Goodriah Of Royal Center. Mrs. Acna Harper and Mrs. Anna L. Walker of Remington. C A. Clark is in Chicago. W. E- Haney was in Winamac yesterday. C. F. Rauch was in Kewanna yesterday. Will McDonald ia visiting friends in the city. Miss Bessie Dewe? is at Chicago for a visit of two weeks. Miss Viola Harrison of Fort Wayne is visiting friends in tho city. Ed JJewcomb and Fred Stewart of Kokomo are visiting friends in the city. Mrs. J.C. Hadley goes to Crawfordsville today to attend the funeralal of a cousin. Mies Jo O'Mara has gone to Lafay- otte to take a position at tho Lahr house. Mrs, George Ash has been summoned to Greenville, Ohio by the death of her mother. Lewis Kistler and wife of Roches- tor. Ind.. are the guests of relatives in tho city this week. John M.' Baker was at Monticello yesterday to buy a draft horse for the McAvoy brewing company. C. M, C. Swigart and family have returned from Vandalia, 111., to Adamsboro, their former home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cromer of the West Side are entertaining a daughter Mrs. Julia Kerlin of Chicago, this week. Mrs. W. H. Taylor and daughter Katharine, of Columbus, Ohio, are are visiting Mrs. W. C. Grindle of the South Side. James Logan and wife came In yesterday from Bradford, Ind., called by the sickness of Mrs. Logan's mother, Mrs. laabelle Donaldson. Judge Z. U. Wiley will be hero today from Fowler, to sit on the case of Pond vs. Simon, to recover a judg. ment rendered in Illinois. The Rev. D. P. ^.Putnam was fit Wabash yesterday to hold funeral services over the body of a child of the Rev. and Mrs. 'Chas. Little. A TINNER BADLY HURT. John Jackson, jr., Falls From a Jlo«f—Wn* Htndered luyenxible. John Jackaon, jr., employed by Max Jennings, tho tinner, was seriously hurt early yesterday forenoon in a fall from the roof of J. D. Ferguson's new residence, corner of Broadway and Eighth street. The young man struck his head upon a rock acd WHS rendered unconscious. He WHS serl. ously hurt in many ways. He will be kept from work several days from the effects of his terrible fall. The Sodcrn W»j Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man- nor and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system »nd break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, u=e the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Fnneral or Andrew Michaels. The funeral of Andrew Michaels who died at 5 p. m. Monday, will be held >t 1:30 p. m. today from the South Side U. B. church. Interment will take place at the Plank cemetery The I. 0. O, F. will have charge of the services Death or a Nuuogenarian. Mrs. Johanna Diaa , died at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon at, the home of her son Timothy Dean, corner of E eventh and Spear street, aged ninety years. Her death was due to infirmities arising from old age. The tine of the funeral will be announced tomorrow. Will Try *V a Prize. The Uniform Rank, KnlgQts of S'. J .hn will Mtend divine worshio in » body Sunday morning at St Viocen' de Paul's Church. TheTJniform R-nk has decided to attend the national convention of the order at EvansviUe, Ind., in June, and will compete in the prize drill. $3, $4 $5 Shoes For $1.98 DAY. Wednesday, March 13. Last Day Of S3, $4 and $5 Ladies' Fine Shoes, Choice $1.98. Thursday Opening Slaughter of Men's Shoes and Samples on 2nd Floor.»--OTTO KRAUS. P. S.—Sizes in Finest Shoes up to size 4' still unbroken. Sizes above badly broken. THE LOXG DISTANCE 'PHONE. ItnclneiiM Men Arc Invited lo Teat tlie Xe»v Iiislrunn-nt at ilio roitttWQtoiiile €lub Tlii* Af<eriioi>u. Today at the Poltawatomio club rooms on Broadway and Pearl street, Manager J. B. Skinner acd the A.meri can telephone company will entertain business men. Three hundred and fifty Invitations have been issued. From 2 to 5 p. m.. the long- distance telephone recently put in will furnish amusement and Interesting 1 entertainment to the puests who may talk to New York, Chicago. St. Louia and all the big cities all over the country. Theso affairs have been made most pleasant by the American company lo other cities where the lone distance'phones were put in, and tho.-e who attend this afternoon will be well cared Tor. Manager • Skinner is trying to arrange /or a session for ladies from 7 to 9 p. m., at the same rooms. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE LOGANSPORT, Tomorrow Night, March 14th. VEND, THE GREAT HEALING POWER Exponent ot t e methods of Use grunt Europc:ui Practitioners, Sir Morre! MacKcnsle ftntl Count Muettl, will Lecture and Cure Cripples upontho Stage. Xo Magnetic 1'ower. No Sugiir Coated JPlIJs. LECTURE AT 8 P. M. ADMISSION FREE, All Rheumatic Cripples who cannot walk without crutches or canes, no matter liow bad. thernmj- be, are requested to call at ibo Opera House tomorrow afternoon, between the hours of -2 a in! •!. as a JVw of Hie worst cases will be cured free of cbaw, to show the extraordinary iiowur or the remedies. Tho method of Vena's treatment Is not to be confounded with tueso-cu.IicJ ni.-iKnetlc beaHim. The cuivs are cflVcted through the oftlracj- ol lilx Kxirr.ordlnury Rcmeillrts, Imported iron: Enrore, Other remedies may relieve rheumo- itsm, but Ve'.io lliiillulncs cure compUiielJ 1 tlie worst :uid nntat desperate case. O.i the SU'U Mrs. Max Jennings ia B filleted with lagrippo. Mrs, Isaballe Donaldson is reported seriously ill. John Hoffman, of'H, Wiler & Go's., is reported sick. James T. Bryer was able to b3 on the street yesterday after his serious illness. Miss Mary Mackln is said to be dangerously sick at her home on Washington street. The Rev. Douglass I. Hobos, who has been sick for two weeks, is said to be only slightly improved. Miss Hawkins is again able to take up her duties as teacner in the high school after an illness ol several days. Mrs. August Hlpsklnd of Wabash who was taken ill while visiting relatives in the city, is reported better, though she ia yet unable to return home. _ To have perfect health you must have pure blood, and the best way to have pure blood is to take Hood's Sarsaparila. , I AHUSEBEXTS. OPERA H.OCSE. S, B. Patterson, Manager. D Wednesday, March 13 1 -. Appearance of tte J, C. Stewart/s 2 John's >omedy Co! witb tbe originals J. C. Siewart »nd John Han as the Co. .sins, Phillf Jcbi.s ad >vf-r Johns In the fanciest of tm> Century, is people In the cast. 4 JaoRhaW" fTcl-m* trom stnii to Snlsn, wlin s,pf cliil features Introduce. op^ns Monday. 1 Prices— 35c, SQc, ~M Tomorrow. Maren 14ibl Ten", tb« creai healing power, will lecture and cure crlo;>!«s upon tSe jrageatibe'ipera House. T he cur* s e.leitf>-d by tlie Wonderful 7eno EemeJIfS -hive become town talk In eveir place he ba» vlsltKl. E»er> in ". womiin or rlnw, su-kot- well shoal' IH 'n sictendgina? ttbe lecnuv, Th'irdiyniB " , . few wc^l " ii'iwn rhe- mMk c.lni'l— wnl t-e cur-I eo on the am*-. Do noi mnfuoTid tlrs wttn ihf •' j cill-<1 m^gn^il;h»a tugas it Ins nj conn^-iiw. .' with ya ii nonsense ( ; i tan result or porrej u j r^m-dle «hlc.> ntv r ten to care the most ob! i:inateand.. tubboinc sen. Too can't cure chronic rlJOTjnatl»m with sugar co <t6d pills, end no man i! Intelligence will fc} d-celted bj- ™ch representations. Veno's remedlf s in? [mooned and differ trom an tbl'iij els* ever prescribed Lere Tbcy art- ao- 50 lie ."peclfies, no! only Inrh-um«t'-ro. butlnaH dl a-e- for which th«-j are t,re*crtb«L Va'jo wllJ wear ' jg 'DHipiiacfiit court cortnijri M^»3i wiiK-b is valued at o*

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