The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1955 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1955
Page 18
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(ARK.)' COUHHBR TUESDAY, MAR01C 89, Speculation Is Rising Over Whereabouts Of Georgi Malenkov LONDON (AP) — Rising speculation about the where abouls of deposed Soviet Premier Georgi Malenkov wa heightened today by his absence from a farewell ceremonj for a visiting Swedish power delegation. Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton May July Oct Dec Open High 3363 3363 3389 3389 3398 3400 3410 3410 Low 12:30 3347 3348 3373 3314 3393 3393 3403 3403 N«w Orleans Cotton Open High Low May ....... 3362 3362 3343 July ....... 3386 3386 3371 Oct ........ 3400 3400 3392 Dec ........ 3411 3411 3405 3405 Chicago Corn May ____ 145 3 ,i 14514 July .... 14T/ B 147% 144% 146% 211 "^ 197)4 Chicago Soybeans May ____ 255 255'/ z 253'.4 July .... 248 248'/ 4 246 Sept .... 241 241 238'i Nov .... 235'/ 2 236 234'/i Chicago Wheat May .... 312% 212% July ____ 198% 198% New York Stocks A T and T ............. Amer Tobacco ......... Anaconda Copper ..... Beth Steel ............ Chrysler .............. Coca-Cola ............ Gen Electric .......... Gen Motors ........... Montgomery Ward ..... N Y Central ........... Int Harvester .......... Republic Steel .......... Kadio ................ Socony Vacuum ....... Studebaker .......... Standard of N J ....... Texas Corp ............ Sears .................. U S Steel ............... 145% 14T/2 254',5 246 249 231 y. 211 3 / 197% The Swedes last night ended 17-day tour of Soviet power sta tions, made nt the invitation of the Soviet government. For unex plained reasons they did not sei Malenkov, who was demoted seven weeks ago from the premiership t< the post of minister of powei stations. A Moscow radio broadcast de scribing the departure of thi Swedish delegation made no men tion of Malenkov. Alexi Pavlenko described as a deputy power sta tions .minister, saw them off al Moscow Airport. Until Malenkov got the job last Feb. 9, Pavlenko had been the minister. Malenkov also was missing from the government box at the fina session Saturday of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Soviet Fed erated Socialist Republic, the Par. liament of the largest of the 16 Soviet republics. He had attendee the previous sessions, which began Wednesday. There \vas no official explanation for his absence. Some Western officials ,. 180 3-8 .. 66 7-8 .. 58 1-8 .. 132 1-2 .. 73 7-8 .. 114 1-4 .. 49 7-8 .. 94 1-2 .. 79 1-8 .. 37 7-8 .. 37 1-4 .. 84 3-4 .. 43 1-2 .. 53 1-8 .. 12 3-4 .. 113 1-8 .. 92 1-2 . 80 1-2 .. 80 7-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. l/Pi— (USDA 1 —Hogs 12.000; barrows nnd gilts opened 10-25 lower: late trade fully 25 lower: bulk 180-220 Ib 17.50-85: about 400 head choice No. Is and 2s mostly 200-210 Ib 18.00; bulk 220-240 Ib 17.25-60' 240270 Ib 16.75-17.25; 280-300 Ib 16.0050: sows and boars steady; sows 450 Ib down 15.25-75: over 450 Ib 14.00-15.00; boars 10.00-12.50. Cattle 5,000; calves 1,200; trading slow on steers and heifers: cows steady: utility nnd commercial 12.50-15.50: dinners and cutters largely 10.00 - 12.50: bulls steady: utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canners and cutters 10.00-13.00: vealors and calves steady: good and choice 22.0029.00; commercial and good 17.0022.00: cull and utility vealers and calves 10.00-14.00. Reds Seize Boats NEMURG. Japan f/P) — The Japan coast guard today said Russian patrol boats seized five Japanese crab boats in international waters yesterday off Hokkaido, Japan's northermost island. The boats were manned by crews of from 4 to 11 men. The exact total was not known. speculated that Malenkoy. stepped down as premier Feb. 8 with a confession of failure to do his job. was doomed to eventual liquidation. These officials, seeing him as a loser in the Kremlin struggle for power, believed it only a question of time. Moscow radio last night reported what could be construed as an attack on the ex-Premier by Moscow social science teachers. Meeting under the auspices of the Moscow Town Committee of the Communist party, the broadcast said, the teachers "sharply condemned the anti-Marxist reasoning of certain economists who rejected the law of the primary development of heavy industry under socialism." As premier, Malenkov undertook to ease the lot of the Soviet people by putting more emphasis on the production of consumer goods and less on heavy industry. With his downfall, this policy was reversed. The Chicago Tribune Press Service reported yesterday that rumors were circulating in London that Malenkov was executed last Thursday. The dispatch said the reports :iad been received "through diplomatic channels" from New Delhi. MATSUS (Continued from Page 1) live in the Matsus. Reports that they were being evacuated to Formosa have proved unfounded. The number of troops garrisoning the islands is estimated at about one division, which would be about 11,000 men. The position is that anything might happen. Air Force Men Re-Up'in Grade Now Air l-'orcc policy announced his week permits t;nL in 237 s\»-v up lu six nonths after leaving the service, In addition to permitting re-en- istment. up to six months, the list specialties also will be used in selecting men for voluntary recall rom the Reserve and for In-grade enlistment from other services vithin 90 days of discharge. Persons interested in further de- ails of the new program may con- act. Sgt. J. W. Blaylock at City Hall. Red Cross Drive Inches Ahead Slowly The Chickasawba C h a p t e i American Red Cross fund drh inched forward slowly today, bi was still short of the two-thin mark with the drive scheduled end this week. Latest total reported by can paign officials was $9,581.56. Go; for the month-long campaign $15,000. Red Ci oss officials expresse concern today that the drive ma fall far short of the district needs. Here are the latest contributors BJytheville business: $25 — Homer Motor Company. $15 — Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. $10 — Wetenkamp & Co., Moto Supply Co., Pepsi-Cola Employes Simon's Grocery, Baker L. Wilson Raymond Zachary, Dr, J. F Brownson, Eagle Beauty School. $5 — Hess Clothing. Mr., & Mrs H. E. Bracey, Dr. G. S. Atkinsoi Oscar Fendler, Minnie's Beaut Shop, Dr. Fred Child, Buffer ihoe Shop, Vera Goodrich, Dr. W M. Owens, McCaughey Jewelr Lipford's Market, O. K. Barbe Shop, Cotton Bowl Cafe, Randl Cotton Co., Blytheville Vendln Machine Co., Crosstown Whiske Shop, Johnson Block Co., pud Brothers, B. B. Goodman, Mat Wonaghan. S4 — Graber's Employees. 32 — Miss May Dixon, Joe Wai •en, Cecil Connell, Verner Wi have Hams, Virgil Cochran. who si — Mrs. Fletcher King, Mrs Joe Warren, Bernice Evans, Mrs Jessie Maaon, Mrs. Eunice Young Mrs. Floyd Simpson, Miss Flor ;nce Chambers, Mrs. Gladys Bak T, Carline Poff, Mrs. Tinnen Cook Georgia Lambert; Sue Connell, Bish Fletcher, Lew Poultry. Lee's Service Statior. C. S. Birmingham, K. M. Larkin Curt Patton, Lynn Herron, C. G Buchanan. E. C. Becknell, Tom Kellick, F. J. Cruse, John Mor ison; Irene Henderson, Marie • Hill laymond Ross, Mann Ford, L. V Bolin, Doris Perkins, Hudson Bar Shop. Johnny Scott, R. L *Vade, Jr., Ellen Moore, Reeo VIoore, Jimmy Perry. Blytheville Residential S15 — Dr. F. U. Husband. 510 — Mrs. C. W. Ramey. $5 — Mrs. V. G. Holland, Mrs 'aroline Henry. Mr. & Mrs. Rus ell Mosley, Miss Rosa Hardy V. B. . Nicholson, J. D. Smith Tenry Young, Johnny Young, Mrs " f . L. Moxley, Mrs. Marcus aines. S3 — Miss Effie Lee Terrell. S2 — Mrs. Reba Cross, Miss Gloria Ashmore. Miss Mary Webb tiss Florence Moore, Miss Alic' I tine Ross, Miss Aurita Ashford /Hss Winnie V. Turner, Mrs. T. R ey. Melba J. Pryor, Evelyn 31ythe, Mrs. Hernia Shepherd, Mr <: Mrs. R. T. Wilder, Mrs. Antonia Valker. Fred Rutherford, Mr. Irs. D. C. Freeman, Mrs. J. W tayder. SI — Mrs. Joe Atkins, Mrs. El icr Stone, Mrs. F. L. Husband /Irs. Luther Nail, Mrs. Leonarc Robertson, Mrs. Norman Davis Irs. Loyce Gestring, Rube Caron, Rev. John D. Gearing, Mrs ack Cowger, W. B. Cardwell, lerman Ford, E. D. Townsend ohn Cocke, Mrs. Rebecca James, ierakline Bratcher, Agnes Kiimell, 'rancos Quails, Verdie Hatch, Ale Coleman, CaUieryn Roberts, adie Turner. Mrs. E. J. Cure. Irs. Blan Heath, Mrs. Elbert :uft'man. Mrs., Jim Dates. Mrs. C. E. Cliil- McGraw, Chint Ceinl Cassidy, Chester Johnston. Thelma W. Carlton, Francis Bowen, Henry Austin, Mrs. E. F. Fry, Mrs. D. Lancaster, Miss Mary Hubler. Mrs. D. C. McLain, Mrs. Janies White; Miss Beatrice Hargett. Mrs. Florence Marble, Mrs, G. Sansom, Miss Martha Jones, Alma R, Peters. Julia Penn, Mary Clay Crawford, Jewell Featherston, Doris Slaughter, Dorothy Green, Fern Gammons. Dana Dlnkins,. Faye PUBLIC AUCTION SALE LARGE GROCERY & GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE CRANFORD'S GROCERY STORE X>ir» Prtnfa T lf - milcs north of 5tllte llnp ' l " rn rishl on flrst , IYIU. IXUUlt I gravel road and drive 4 miles cast. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 10 A.M. SHARP Fixtures will sell at 2 p.m. Promptly Work Shirts Dress Shirts Cnps and Hats Boots Pots and Pang Garden Seed Blue Jeans Jackets Shoes for the family Hardware Dishes Mops and Brooms Hundreds of Items! This Store will sell piece by piece (o the highest bidders. Stock your shelves with Groceries, Hardware and Dry Goods. This will he a Inrgc sale—So come early! Dealers and Merchants Welcomed FIXTURES 1—National Cash Register (rings up to S93.99) 1—6 ft. Warren Meat Box like new! 1—Meat Sllccr 1—8 ft. Double Coca-Cola Box—l.'ke new! 1— Meal Block 1—Nice Candy Case 2—Counters 1—Large Fan Toledo Scales All fixtures will sell promptly at 2 P.M. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY AT THIS SALE! Sale Handled by ROSE SALES CO F. I. "Bud" Rose—Auctioneer SOT S. 21st, Blythevill* •Ph. 3-4596 for information Jane Rote, Clerk Guizado Found Guilty; Gets 6 Years in Prison PANAMA (fl>)— The National As sembly today convicted Impeache President Jose Ramon Gulzado a. an accessory in the assassination o his predecessor. President Jose An tonio Remon. It sentenced him t six years and eight months ii prison. In addition, the Assembly for mally stripped Guizado of his rank as President and banned him froir public office. The verdict wa reached at a secret session of 14^ hours at the Palace of Justice. Sources in close touch with tiv National Assembly said the 53 dep uties reached their verdict befor dawn by a 45-8 vote. With The Courts CHANCERY — The following divorce decree have been filed by Chancerj Court: Juanita and Lloyd Buck; Bernice and Earl Cannon; Elisabeth and Jack Pollard; Wendell and Sybil Phillips; Lorine and Ira Earl Blackwood; Kathryne and O'Neal Jones. Btley, Mrs. Velda Wlllingham Miss Elizabeth Halstead, Mrs Floye Wofford, Miss Sunshine iwift, Mrs. Rex Warren, Miss Ann Wilson, Mrs. Lillian Franks; Mrs. Tpler Buchanan, Mrs. Hugh Caffey, Mrs. Ruth Walker, Miss Barbara Monaghan, Mrs. Edwir Stubblefield, S. Moseley, Chester Devers, W. G. Alley, B. B. Riggs Marvin Watson, Dew Leath, Mat:hew Richardson, Joe Crittenden, Herschel Riggs, Mrs. Lloyd Stick- non, Mrs. Mary Emma Reed Mrs. Phillip Wactor, Miss Julia Brooke, Mitchell Johns; Bobby Spann, Mrs. J. P. Sweat, ilrs. Oliver Coppedge, Mrs. Wortl iolder, Mrs. Abe Kinninghanr Jimmy Fisher, Mrs. Dan McCaskill, Miss Dottle Whitsel, .Mrs Floye Whitner. Mrs. W. T. Rain- vater. Mrs. Max Logan, Mrs. James Guard, Mrs. Harold Doyle, .Irs. Frank eWstall, Mrs, H. R. Brandon, Mrs. Albert Taylor, Mrs. Glen Teague, Mrs. Mary . Hatfield. Mrs. J. J. Morgan Mrs. Harry weedman, Mrs. eorge Muir, Mrs. May Auten, Vfrs. Raleigh Sylvester, Mrs. Dan McGruder, Mrs. E. A. Mitchell, Mrs. A. A. Hardy, Mrs. Elwood Deen, Mrs. Helen Zeller, Mrs: B. W. Coleman, Mrs. Don Lutz, Mrs. Maurice Sanders, Mrs. John Prater, Mrs. John H. Storey, Mrs. Obert Hitch; Mrs. W. J. Rodgers, Mrs. J. R. McCormick, Russell Gaskins, Mrs. A. M. Van Winkle, Mrs. Prichard, Mrs. L. L. Wells, A. L. Richardson, Mrs. Carl C. Burton, Mrs. Jimmy Sanders, Mrs. J. P. Smith, /Irs. Foy Etchieson, Mrs. Joe Hughes, Mary Donner, Mrs. Grace 'atton, Mrs. Lucian Gaines, Miss lula Bishop, Mrs. F. B. Joyner, Mrs. J. H. Chlldress; Mrs. K. D. Marr, Mrs. Keith Bilbrey, Mrs. Jimmy Branscomb, drs. Ruth Afflick, Mrs. Edgar Borum, Mrs. G. I. Byrd, Mrs. hester Cnldwell, Mrs. Leonard Johnson, Mrs. Alfred Williams. Burdctte Report: S52 $15 — Burdette Gin Company, Burdette Planting Company. S5— Hollis Jumper, L. L. Koontz. S3—Preston Ramey, John Hicks. S2 — Nell Gossett. SI — Joe Ellis. C. L. Tyer, J. P. (imey, Lester Price. COURT (Continued from Page 1* Negro boys' school. Only two cases went to jurj trial during the session and guilty verdicts were returned in both instances. Eugene McSride, Negro,. found guilty of burglary, was sentenced to seven years in the penitentiary, j. C. Chestnut, also a Negro was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and his term was fixed at one year. Other sentences set by Jut Partlow on pleas of guilty were as follows: James Otis Home, incest, 10 years. Charges of rape ,and carnal abuse against Home were nolle pressed. George Murray, Negro, robbery, five years. Purcell Robinson, Negro, forgery and uttering, five years, with four years of the sentence suspended during good behavior. Walter Davenport, Jr., Negro, charged with forgery and uttering, pleaded guilty to forgery and was sentenced to five years with four years suspended during good behavior. The charge of uttering was nolle pressed. Jim Cooper, Negro, assault with intent to kill, three years. A second charge of assault with intent to kill brought a suspended five-year :rm. Faubus Vetoes Liquor Bills LITTLE ROCK (#) —Gov. Orval Faubus has vetoed two liquor bills passed by the recent Arkansas legislature which would have affect- Van Bibber's Stormy Marriage Ends as Wife Granted Divorce KENNETT, Mo. WT—The stormy marriage of Thomas H. Van Bib her, southeast Missouri merchant to a former airline hostess ended in divorce. Circuit Judge Arthur U. Goodman Jr., granted Mrs. Van Bibbei the divorce yesterday. The divorce hearing, originally set for May 3, was held earlier after the couple reached a property settlement. The divorce wa* granted shortly after Judge Goodman fined her husband $100 for contempt of court growing out of u motion by Mrs. Van Bibber that he visited her Memphis, Tonn. home last December disguised as Santa Clans violation of a restraining order. Under the divorce she is to have custody of their 18-month-old son, but he may visit the boy 48 hours every two months. She receives three-fourths of the proceeds from the sale of property they owned jointly here including a supermarket, an apartment house, cafe and their home. Earlier this year, Van Bibber had his wife placed under a $1,000 peace bond, contending she had ed three neighboring states. One of the bills would have taxed liquor for import into legally dry states. The bill was aimed at shipments from Arkansas into Okia- noma and Mississippi. The other would have enabled liquor dealers within 300 feet of a state line to sell at prices competitive with those of the adjoining state, Missouri liquor taxes are considerably lower than Arkansas' levy and the bill was designed nainly for that border. threatened him. A week later she filed the court action to have him cited for contempt. The couple was married Oct. 2, 1952 at Piggott, Ark., shortly before a St. Louis County grand jury cleared her of any blame in the killing of Larry E. Keil, an admirer of her's, in St. Louis. The Van Bibbers separated last Sept. 14. She was a hostess for an airline at the time of the shooting and Keil was an official of the firm. POWER MOWERS Smooth-handling, nationally known Jacobscn self- propelled power mowers make grass cutting easy. Six models—IS to 30- L inch cutting widths. Goto* J« and o't •iy payment p'on. Adams Appliance Co. J. W. Adams, owner 206-08 W. Main Ph. 2-2071 US to Encourage Foreign Travel UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. tfl _ The United Stales hopes to launch n campaign to encourage foreign travel in. a three-week session of the U. N. Economic and Social Council sturUng today. A spnkesmnu said the U. S. dele- Ration wns drafting a resolution that would have the IB-nation council recommend steps the 60 U. N. member countries might take to attract more tourists from abroad. Throat" Fidetty from 3 speakers liVe Have tee tfatn f Them! E.G. ROBINS LUMBER CO. Ph. 3-4551 Blytheville, Ark. 24 HOURS a Day... 720 HOURS a MONTH I! Yep, those are my "working hours," folks. I'm always on the job, ready and willing lo lake over your work and give you time for other things. And, another important thing ... I never charge overtime! in fact, the more you use me, the LESS I charge per hour! My big bonus is the satisfaction of having served you well — doing scores of chores about the house. The only way you can increase my total pay is to give me extra jobs to do — like air conditioning, for example. But my hourly wage is still the same — just a few cents an hour. And look at all the extra comfort you get. Not bad, huh? Your S«rvanl ol th« Onlury Ark-Mo Power Co. MOW LAWNS GRIND , LEAVES CUT Mode! T8MA ROTARY MOWER Here is a manually operated rotary power mower that's built to last Cor years. With large wheels, it is easily ma- ncuverable and cuts a wide, 18 inch swath through, heavy grass. Quality-built throughout, this fine IS-inch rotary is an outstanding power mower value. FREE LEAF MULCHING ATTACHMENT The leaf mulehcr attachment makes quick work of pulverizing leaves . . . grinds them into liny particles which ore returned to the lawn as mulch. No more raking, burning or sweeping. Adams Appliance Co. J. \Y. Adams, owner 20K-08 W. Alain Ph. 2-2071 j RCA VICTOR 21-Inch Carrol. Cabinet in groined mahogany finiih; grained limed oak, extra. NEW RCA VICTOR 21 IH Television Don't move your chatr ... thli TV swivels for room-wid« viewing! Today's newest TV sensation! It's the RCA Victor 21-inch Canal... unique conrole with swivel base and 3 $/><•«/revs—one on each side and one in front! Turns readily. Surrounds you with the mo:;t maijnificent. sound you've evur hc:ird from a TV set — new "Golden Throat" Fidelity Sound! And there's more, much more. New "All-Ck-ar" picture—212% greater picture contrast! New "Kiny-Sce" VIIF tuniny dial— 59 f 'o greater readability! ^-x See it—hear it today! FOR UHF-New High-Speed UHF Tuner it 8 Oleo, UHF and VHF. (Optional, al o.lra CQiU Ask about the exclusive RCA Victor focfory-Serw'c* Contract. Complete Service Dcpt. for Television, Itadio & Ilerord Players Ate Appliance Co. .1. \V. Adams, owner 20B-OS U'. Main 1'h. 2-2071 New and Used Furniture A Complete Line of Furniture & Appliances —At Prices You Can Always Afford— DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. 2s. H7&. 124 E. Main Authorized Dodge-Plymouth Service Faclory Trained Mecluinics 9 Factor}' Approved Equipment « Factory Engineered Parts For Service Hring Your Dodge or Plymouth Home to 61 MOTOR CO. N. Hwy. 61 (Same location as 01 Imp. Co.) Ph. 2-2142 Abraham's Tourist Court MODERN ROOMS—VENTILATED HEAT REASONABLE RATES $1.50 Single 3.00 .,.,.,.,... .Single with bath 4.00 Double with bath South Highway 61 Plenty of parking room Beer By The Case Budwciser . . .,.,.,.„.,.,.,. .$4.40 Gricscdicck , ,..,...,.. 3.90 Falstaff 3.90 ABRAHAM'S CARE ASH and BROADWAY

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