The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland on February 15, 1998 · Page 2
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The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 2

Annapolis, Maryland
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Sunday, February 15, 1998
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A2 -- THE SUNDAY CAPITAL, February 15,1998 NATION / WORLD FBI seeking clinic bomb suspect BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- After two weeks of fruitless searching for a man they called a material witness, authorities yesterday officially made Mni a suspect in the nation's first fatal bombing of an abortion clinic. Federal agents also offered a $100,000 reward in the case and pleaded with Eric Robert Rudolph, 31, to turn himself in, "We are concerned about the situation for everyone involved, including Eric," said Jim Cavanaugh, an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent. "This would be a lot easier on everyone involved if he would contact us and come in." Mr. Rudolph's truck was spotted near the New Woman All Women Clinic in Birmingham on Jan. 29, the morning an explosion killed an off-duty policeman working as a security guard and critically injured a nurse. U.S. Attorney Doug Jones announced the change in status for Mr. Rudolph during a news conference in Birmingham. Mr. Rudolph faces charges with using an explosive device to damage a building resulting in death, which carries a penalty of life hi prison or death The -decision to move ahead with criminal charges against Mr. Rudolph came after agents exam- hied evidence seized from his home, storage locker and truck, Jones said. Mr. Rudolph's truck was found abandoned last weekend south of Murphy, NjC., his hometown and the hub of the search. Mr. Rudolph hasn't been seen since Jan. 30, the day after the bombing, when he rented a video and bought something to eat in Murphy. Authorities said he may be re- ceiving help from someone, or he may be on his own, relying on his skills as an outdoorsman to hide in the mountainous North Carolina wilderness. "Thaf s his home and that's probably where he's most comfortable," said Joe Lewis, FBI Special Agent hi Charge in Birmingham- Media outlets received letters claiming the bombing was carried out by a group called the Army of God, which also took responsibility for the 1997 bombings of an abortion clinic and gay bar in Atlanta. While authorities have not con- firmed a link between the Atlanta and Birmingham explosions, the letters were written hi a similar, block-letter style The bombs were also similar nail-laden, homemade devices held in some sort of package. Mr. Cavanaugh said investigators have studied Mr. Rudolph's background, which includes a short stint in the Army "We have found that Eric is an intelligent person, he's a veteran, and he knows what I'm saying is the best way to resolve this situation: for him to call us and come in," Mr. Cavanaugh said. ERIC RUDOLPH . . . wanted in Birmingham bombing. NATIONAL DIGEST Neighbors of crack house win ruling ATLANTA --,A judge has awarded $38,500 to two men who claimed a crack house next door to their home lowered their property value. Superior Court Judge Edward Wheeler ordered the owner of the offending home to reimburse Randy Brazee and Jonathan Huff for what they say they lost due to the drug-selling. The judge also barred the owner, Linda Hines, from running a "crack house and any activity that disturbs the peace and tranquility to which every law-abiding citizen is entitled." Ms. Hines was sued by her next-door neighbors last March and lost by default when she failed to answer the complaint Her request last July to reopen the hearing was denied. 20 arrested in welfare fraud scheme TACOMA. Wash. -- Twenty people were accused of funding lavish .lifestyles by defrauding state and federal welfare agencies and -insurance companies of millions of dollars. After the arrests Friday, authorities seized three mobile homes, five Rolls Royces, two Corvettes, one Jaguar and one Mercedes-Benz. "People with these kinds of assetsSren'tsupposed to be on public -assistance," said Jennifer Boharski, deputy director of fraud investigation for the state Department of Social and Health Services. Authorities believe the scams were coordinated among at least four families. Seven more arrests were expected. Over the years, the ring received at least $1 million hi insurance payoffs. The state welfare agency and the federal Social Security Administrationhaven't yet determined how much money they lost to. the ring. Seven plucked from drifting ice floe STANDISH, Maine--Three would-be rescuers became trapped on a drifting ice floe with four ice fishermen when their boat sank. Two of the ice fishermen trapped for more than five hours suffered from hypothermia, said Paul Reynolds of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. "I've fished thatsame body of water several times with that same amount of ice and had no trouble, but I won't go out on ice that thin again," said Joe Blaker3fc~ Mr. Blake was one of the four fishermen who were on Sebago Lake, which is about 45 square miles, Friday when they noticed they had been separated from shore. Calling out to shore and signaling with their flashlights, the men had then" calls answered by a woman, who said help was on the way. . "We could see the shoreline getting fainter, fading away and fading ^away,^ Calvjni,Lrewis said. _"We rauldn^waU doomed right there without her spotting us. Clinton spends holiday on golf course THURMONT -- President Clinton spent part of his Valentine's Day bonding with three Democratic lawmakers over a round of golf while first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton stayed behind at Camp David. The president was joined at the Maple Run Golf Course by Sen Christopher Dodd, D-Cbnn, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md. The foursome looked united during their five-hour golf outing, exchanging occasional high-fives and pats on the back. The president, who wore a black wool ski cap against a cold winter breeze, could be heard wondering about his most recent performance on the golf course. "What did I have, a 78, the last tune?" he shouted to his golf partners. Having already taken care of his wife's Valentine's Day gift, the " president apparently felt free to engage in a little tune with the guys. Before attending a fund-raiser in Philadelphia on Friday, the first husband stopped at Evantine, a gift shop "where he purchased a Valentine's gift for his bride," according to White House spokesman ' Joe Lockhart. Employees at Evantine would not reveal what the president purchased, but said he hand-picked the gift himself "He seemed to like shopping," said Brandy Lewis, a clerk. "He took a lot of time »- picking it out." The first couple was planning to spend a quiet evening at Camp David, said a White House spokesperson. WORLDDIGEST Prime minister criticizes 'Diana industry' LONDON -- Prime Minister Tony Blair has criticized the industry that has grown up around Princess Diana's death as "inappropriate and tacky." Former Prime Minister John Major, who acts as guardian of the financial interests of Diana's sons, Princes William and Harry, also expressed concern last night at the commercialization and recent "shoddy" publicity about the princess. Their concern centers on the widspread sale of Diana-related memorabilia, books and films, although no specific instances were cited. Diana was killed hi a car crash in Paris on Aug 31 A'spokesman for the prime minister confirmed reports in several papers today that Mr. Blair is concerned about the growth of the "Diana industry " The prime minister thinks "some of the things that had happened were Inappropriate and tacky," the spokesman satoTspealcing with customary anonymity In a statement to the British news agency Press Association, Mr Major said: "I am sure the Princess of Wales' dearest wish would have been to protect her sons. Trains collide, oil tankers explode YAOUNDE, Cameroon -- A train hauling oil tanker cars exploded intoflames yesterday after derailingand collidmg^withjn^oncoming ^m15n~ine"ouIs¥Kil)FCrameroon T s^pTfaTTrpTo~l OCTpeopIFwere" killed in the blast Many of the victims were cab drivers and other bystanders who had rushed in with pails to scoop up oil gushing from the ruptured tankers and were engulfed in flames when the train cars exploded, said Yaounde's coroner, Defoe Mambo The trains collided in mid-afternoon near Yaounde's central petroleum depot hi Nsam, on the city's fringe, authorities said The ensuing blast sent billows of black smoke into the air that were visible throughout much of the capital I By late yesterday, the fire had still not been extinguished. g angry WASHINGTON (AP) -- Monica Lewinsky is "getting angry" at Whitewater prosecutors who want her testimony in making a case against President Clinton, her lawyer said yesterday. At the same time, Secret Service officials said they warned uniformed personnel against following the path of retired officer Lewis Fox, whose press interviews landed him before the grand jury. Fresh evidence also showed that Ms. Lewinsky's confidante, Linda Tripp, was simultaneously helping Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr_ and[ lawyers for TauTa'JoneF'iSrtfieiF sipafaleTpur- suits against Mr Clinton William Ginsburg, the lawyer trying to protect Ms. Lewinsky from perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges, said his client is not worried about Mr. Fox's grand jury appearance Tuesday: ~ ~ " " Mr. Starr's grand jury is looking for evidence to contradict Ms. Lewinsky's sworn denials of a sexual affair with Mr. Clinton and prove that the pair tried illegally to cover up the relationship. "I don't think that any testimony before the grand jury is going to affect my client except her mother's, and that will affect her because she's .getting angry about the treatment of her mother," Mr. Ginsburg told reporters outside his New York hotel Ms. Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, was described as distraught after two days of yet incomplete ^questioning-befbra the grand- jury^ Ms. Lewinsky, whose testimony had been put off by legal wrangling over possible immunity for her, could be compelled to appear this week. ' "I have no idea I have no prediction," Mr. Ginsburg said. Mr Ginsburg told reporters later, as he was leaving his hotel for dinner, that he had formally filed earlier yesterday a five-page complaint with the Justice Department asking that the department's Office of Professional Responsibility investigate charges that Mr Starr's AP phOTOi Neysa Ertaland, a high school friend of Monica Lewinsky, arrives at federal court Thursday in Washington. Ms 1 . Erbland was questioned for 2% hours by the grand jury. The New York Times and Los Angeles Times reported fri yesterday's editions that Ms. Erbland told investigators that Ms. Lewinsky confided hi her about having a sexual; relationship with President Clinton. office has been engaged in leaks that create an "unfair environment" forjiis client^ He had said exactly a week earlier hi Los Angeles that an inquiry by the Justice Department office was preferable to letting Mr Starr's office investigate itself. Mr. Ginsburg's comments came as Mr. Starr's office collected testimony from witnesses in whom Ms. Lewinsky allegedly confided details of a relationship with the president. Neysa Demann Erbland, a high school friend of Ms Lewinsky, testified to the grand j u r y Thursday Ms. Erbland has reportedly told investigators that Ms. Lewinsky recounted Jor her_ details ofjin affair^ with Mr Clinton. Such testimony would corroborate statements by Ms Tripp and Andy Bleiler, Ms Lewinsky's former lover, and the reported grand jury testimony of White House aide Ashley Raines, another friend of Ms. Lewinsky. Meanwhile, Newsweek reported yesterday that Mr Starr has a series of four chatty e-mails from Ms. Lewinsky to Ms. Tripp in which she talks about her alleged affair with the president and complains that the "Big Creep didn't even try to call me on V-Day (Valentine's Day)" They cover a period froja Feb.l3toMarchj6j)flastyear.__ £ Mr Fox, the retired Secret Ser^ vice officer who recently told reporters of letting Ms. Lewinsky into the Oval Office to see Mr. Clinton in late 1995, is testifying under the- parameters of an agreement between Mr. Starr and the Justice Department. The two parties have not yet reached agreement on questioning active personnel but were to resume those discussions this week A plainclothes agent assigned to protect Clinton also has been subpoenaed to testify. Iraqi official urges diplomacy BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraq's foreign minister yesterday called for a diplomatic solution to the dispute over U N weapons inspections and accused the United States of trying to prolong punishing trade sanctions Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, after meeting with Jordan's King Hussein in Amman, said Iraq was seeking a diplomatic answer to "distance the shadow of war on Iraq and avert serious dangers to the whole region," Jordan's official Petra news agency reported In Baghdad, Iraq released more Egyptian prisoners yesterday under a general amnesty for foreign Arab convicts in Iraqi jails, apparently moving to firm unpacking in the Arab world in case of a U.S. attack. The United States and Britain have warned Iraq they could launch a military strike if Baghdad does not grant unfettered access to U.N. inspectors seeking to verify the elimination of its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq has barred inspection of some sites, including presidential palaces, citing national sovereignty. In a sign of the importance Iraq places on Arab opinion, it has sent enyovs_around_ theLjMiddle^East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf to rally support Mr Al-Sahhaf has visited Egypt and Syria and is expected to go to Lebanon tomorrow He told Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan that the U S threats were aimed at prolonging sanctions that the United Nations imposed on Iraq after its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the official Iraqi News Agency reported The U.N. Security Council has said the sanctions -- including a ban on" Iraqi oil exports -- will not be lifted until U.N inspectors say the weapons are destroyed After a Cabinet meeting yesterday, the Jordanian government issued a statement urging a peaceful solution. Also yesterday, Saddam discussed the "general political situation" with the top members of the Revolutionary Command Council, Iraq's highest decision-making body, the Iraqi News Agency said Iraq announced the amnesty for Arab prisoners earlier this month It said it would cover all Arab foreigners whatever their crime An Egyptian diplomat who con firmed yesterday's prisoner release did not know how many were freed. An Iraqi government newspaper said yesterday that Baghdad had the backing of the Arab people and warned the United States not to underestimate the importance of that support The paper, Al-Jumhunya, cited recent pro-Iraq protests m Arab capitals, despite bans on such demonstrations in Jordan, Yemen and the Palestinian territories. Among Arab countries,, only Kuwait has indicated that the United States could use its bases for a possible attack Saudi Arabia has said it will not allow American fighters to launch strikes from its soil, as it did during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Since the latest standoff began in October, Arab states have increased shipments of humanitarian aid to Iraq, reflecting widespread Arab opposition to the sanctions. Scientist: Proof to come on Dolly PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- After stunning the world by creating the first adult clone, scientist Ian Wilmut hinted he may be repeating the experiment to silence critics who question whether Dolly the sheep actually came from an adult cell Critics were moving too quickly to dismiss his claim, said Mr Wilmut, of the Roslin Institute in Scotland. "There hasn't been time for other labs to complete their work and get it published," he said Friday while speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Asked why he hasn't duph cated the Dolly experiment Mr Wilmut replied, "Perhaps we are." He did not elaborate and would not respond to further questions. Mr. Wihnut set off a worldwide debate about the ethics of cloning last year by announcing that he had cloned Dolly using the nucleus from the cell of an adult sheep It marked the first time that a genetically identical mammal had been created from an adult cell and spurred argument about cloning of humans President Clinton issued orders that no federal dollars could be spent to attempt to clone humans. Several bills that would ban or put a moratorium on human cloning have been introduced in Congress, and at least 20 states also are considering such laws. But last month, two researchers suggested hi a letter to the journal Science that Mr Wilmut's claim about Dolly could be false D r N o r t o n Z i n d e r o f Rockefeller University and Dr Vittorio Sgaramella of the Uni versity of Calabria hi Italy questioned the credibility of the Mr Wilmut's claim because at least three labs have failed in attempts to duplicate the work They also questioned why the Scottish lab has not repeated the experiment Scientific experiments usually must be repeated before they are verified and accepted by other scientists The Dolly claim also has been challenged because the frozen specimen came from a pregnant sheep and it is possible that a fetal cell in the sheep's blood could have supplied the genes that created the clone Fetal clones have been performed by a number of labs Mr Wilmut said it is "extraordinarily unlikely" that Dolly came from a fetal cell because such cells in the maternal blood are rare -- only one among several million adult cells The Scottish scientist said he ^remains-opposed to-attempting to clone humans "I have not heard a reason for doing that that I find ethically acceptable," he said Another speaker at the conference, Lori Andrews of the Chicago College of Law, said some of the state legislation seeking to forbid human cloning would leave loopholes permitting it

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