The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1931
Page 7
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1931 (Auk.y COURIER CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor flut luscittuQ tod one cent » word .for etch iubaesjueot Insertion. No .advertisement taken lor less than He. Count, the woidi wul send I'hone 306 i-'OK SALE FOR SALE — Several nice fresh Jmey cows, ai my bam. E. O. Auains, Phone V35. COKN FOB SALE-Good white ear corn. W. T. alley, New Madrid, Mo. 1UP-K21 I-OR SALK—Cheap. "65" Chryslci Sedan, in perfect condition rhone 185, Mrs. SLsk. 12C-K15 FOR RENT FOR RUNT—Apartment in Ing building. See Parkhurst Coiu pany. 8C-TF furnlshcc Hl'-Kl 1 FOR KENT — 3 room apartment. COS N. 5tn. _ .. ^ .. ^ .**">• \ £** "t ^" v JL ' ..a. «u i* a*—* -^^ J*~»r <' Jt \:bynUTH DEWEY GROVES >'L ©1951 OY MEAs OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern nncix iitini: VUIIAV m:itvi, D()[un;s. , c ,- r ,,\ r [n Jov» nllh TOMJIV ivn.snx, ,,, c - TCUU feU acirmffril elujirtuciit Milk hrr hnir-fei*lrr, IHl-:\i: KVKHKTT, liy UNnniilnu Mm jvltk Ike axMarnr of krr "K<>I'K." P»llln2 IK coaTlare 11, u of hi, €ntr tu ftnltk rollrtce an4 001 dln- • l'l»»i»t kl> «unl, lltrj I ]rl« Tommy TelurM tu Irrn* uLn, ?n- T3KCJ n< tk<. ilfljiV. rclu.r. Hi cli'l'* nllk Mm. lrc«e U trnnlr,] ;,„ iiiijlllpn over radio. Slic cumU-trrnU* (o Irl «>*>! |, rr (u lie •tudio. While nailing !u .,11 nnlc- roinn, Meryl »!(« duivm ui u \ilui\o and eruoB« mclodlcM «hllp ililnk- lu^ ol licr driid fulhrr. Atri-Ldk'nl- «lljr kcurlni,' lirr, un* of ike 41- rrrlon J« (.karwr4 nnd K!V«M krr a prlrnlr ic.t. lie like, ike vel- Trlr foara of krr vulrr tuid n»• urr* ki-T of n rimtrnct ivltk 5IU. i:,!VI, <)]<[). Irrnr frill!, .ind I, farloHx \ihon kTir hr:irK Itcryl bim kad a to.l. shr' mJ,r<.|irc»ri,l« fucti (• home (i>lk» tmri ,:,j. Urrrl kn« made >i lui,l of brrarlf. 1 Surh mTraKm DiakrM Her) I rr.Urr- nhle n. time ito»» l> r iiuj klic krurx nrihlni? front Ihe Kiujln TUru uflrr Nbe hni] Kl^fii |I[> FOR RENT—Newly furnished cot tage, 4 rooms and balli on Davis street. Call 968 or U50. L. L Ward. FOB RENT—Three roo:n apartment, 810 West Ash street. Call 510. C-K-15 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. £08 Hearn street. 13C-K16 FOE ^ RENT—Cheap. . Modern five room house, close In. Call 128 or 125. C-K-18 WANTED wHlij* u^nj /ur im Crurr\ Irw Mr. (Iti)liird. Sbf l« ncrviuit rk'vnird In rrftlrt*? wlii-n srn(ej >\i|]i :i ruiilnirl. TJu- irt firr b:i|i|iliir*H U ibnl nlic Toiilin;- ^%II1 MilBk hhu hnd ro 1 <:<) MX WITH THE S ClIAl'TKU XIV shr W/OULDXT Tommy believe, " that ElicM got a coulract t< POULTRY WANTED-Market prices, any Quantity. Marilyn Hat- cliery, 21U s>. Fourth St. 9C-TF AVANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora IVJzell, 2207 18th St. T5? WANTED—I.ndies to represent a very iwpular line or children and ladies dresses, no experience necessary, part or Itdl time. Box "B", Courier News. 13P-K15 CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, comer Main te Lak« Sts. OC-TP STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blythcville Cotton Oil Company • The Annual .Meeting of the directors and stockholders of the ab^ve company will be held Tim day, June 9th at'10:30 A-M. in the ofTUjcs'of W.-A. Gage~& Co., Fails.-B!dg.,,.Memphis, Tend. ! ,- ^,. ' V INi THE- DISTRICT COURT OF THE' UNITED STATES • FOI THE '.JONESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. ; IN TUB MATTER OF H. N. McFarland, Bankrupt, No. 1560. Notice is hereby given that petition for discharge of the bankrupt h?/j been filed, and same wit be heard in the United States' DiS' irict Court Rooms, at Little Rock Arkansas, on the 23rd day ot June, A. B 1931, at 9:30 A. M. SIU B. REDDING, Clerk, By Bess Mathes, 'D. C. Closing Stock Prices 'e, now sola contract to sins nt tho broadcasting station where Irene had hoped to trill her so rrano notes, that E!IC hail roMx-cl her bister of her chance? This was the though! Iliat uiarreil Heryl's Joy. Wouldn't It look as If tliere might lie something in the charges Irene hail brought against her? Tommy might be fnir lint lie was infatuated. . . . Yes. that was just what he was lioryl thought angrily. Simply in tatualed. And an infatuated man coiihl helleve anything lhal had Ecmhlance of Iruth in It. She was more ciis.iniioiulcd In having her salisfaclion with th day's events lessened lliau she cared lo own. She couldn't take lightly tho possibility that Toinmj would misjudge her. But it ilit seem that something Iu life ouglu to be'perfect. And it she couldn't ZC blindly, joyously clitc-d at this &Se. ! . . Slio arrivctl home exasperated with her depression. "What do 1 car? what anyone thinks?" she l:ar! said to herself over and over before she. 'iot there. "Tommy nothing to me!" (hat I went to town toJuy," she remarked. And Ihcn, bc-foro her ilother could reply, she hurrloil on: "I was called In lo sing again at RKC! for .Mr. Gaylord, the, soap man. llo's putting on an advertising campaign to popularlzo Velvelun—his new summer soap—and he wauled someone who wasn't cither a sing- cr or a crooner and. . . ." "Couil heavc:is! Slop and gel your hrealh," her molhor exclaimed. "What are you talking about!" "Well, it you hadn't eloppcd mo I'd liavo told you. U seems llml I'm llko that—ncilher a singer nor a crooner—and ho liked my voice and Tin lo slug on lib radio hour. They're going tu call mo tlio Vcl vetan tllrl wilh the velvet voice." She could not resist a glance at Irene who, hail she been troubled with high blood pressure, uiidouht- cilly would have been threatened vitii ;i|io|ilc-.vy. "1 don't believe It!" Irene shrieked niter a struggle to go' icr hrealh. Thereafter there wab much commotion at tho Kverct family dinner tablo for a good hal. sour. Reryl lost lier depression and en Joycrl her triumph. They'd bee treating her pretty shabbily and she was intensely human, ail over frcne wa she woiiidn' She'll leavo home 1 VV/IIRN' It v.-as all ov "* upstairs dci:lariiii; stand for It. her mother allowed lieryl to mnki stock out ot her Ilki that. Kveryono knew she'd hail i voice test and hndn't got anythini out of It. Thai was hnmlliatiui enough v.'ithnut this! And Mrs. Everett was on the Hi ii; room couch trying to ward off a sick headache witli an Ice pack She ilidn't want Beryl near her so .c paiifieil, helplessly Involved wilt bo word ho'd been practicing lo jirtng on Pigmy iho llrsL chance 0 got. Mike hud an older sister vho liked lo think ot her llrst party 1 her ilebul aud call it llmt, too. "Dcbutt," Pigmy alJcJ him, »ud >t nu'.lilng but a grunt of disgust > thanks. I'lginy, loo, had un old• sister who hail been overheard discussing her friend's "dcbull." "Let's leave Iho French until we n'coino miiskelecrs," Ucryl advised. 'I'll lovo Iho flowers." She had In mind a lmi;o bunch ot blooms, surreptitiously plucked i oni neighborhood gardens. ]!ul Mike disabused lirr mind ot the dun that it would be dotio In any such fashion. "Aud It ain't goona ho no measly bunch ol pansles. cither," lie promised. "We're gonna gel you n swell howkay." Aud so it wa<i— a swell bowkay wilh "Hoses are red and violet are blue. ' Sugar is swtct and so arc you," accompanying It. Ilcforc lieiyl received It on the night o( her dclmt, while sho was struggling with a teacher to luko the crudencss out ot her voice, tho boys worked llko young Trojans to achieve its magiillicence. TJKIIYI. herself helped, utiknow iiigly. She, Mho Ihc others wlu contributed their services or their money, Ccllevcd that she was doing it to benefit Snooks, Pigmy's dug- The boys had tied ono of tho animal's hind K>gs up Iu splints and muslin and unblushing!]- dcclarcJ that be would be a ciiiiplo for life. They wanted, BO they said to the pooplo they approached in respect lo Ihc mailer, to get him an up-to- date dog house. llcryl wanted to see tho log but Hie girl whoso good nawa ha.i 11 hey solemnly assured her lhat the a volcanic erupliori In Hie family drove disconsolately away from the house in her old car to pfck 'jp some of the gang aud tell them sh3'd got tho contract. "Ami £o, you see," she ciulcil soft | ly, "tliere Is a fairy godmother alid a magic watnl, after all. l>oifl over forget that, men. Sumo day 'some of you may doubt It—hut you never know what's just around ttio corner." One of the boys—P i g in y— But it did no gootl. Slie said .notliing to anyone about tlic precious contract until the family were at dinner. Then she spoke or It quietly, looking across the table at jUtWjuother. .; ...... • ( -^veJon't nappe** 10aO told you , Eiliiiriiied uneasily. "Wrl!, what Wilson is yoll Sl) FJI | a1)l)llt u („,.;» ], 0 askc ,i "Sari?" Beryl echoed, .and laughed "I'm crylug witli joy," sho said because she guessed they'd seen Ihc elinl of tears in her e-yca. "S^y," Mike exclaimed suddenly "\VG'H have to scud you i'owers!" "Flowors?" "Sure for your your d«— " splints must not be removed. She had her doubts but sh» agreed to ilo what they asked. All they asked v,-aa that she drive her car over lo (ho lot on which they were staging their lienctit circus and let Hum use it in their uicdlciuo men acl. Their families contributed other properties aud in somo cases paid admittance as well. It was a big event and bad a good attendance. Snooks was en a scat ot honor In tho "royal box" at the right of Ibo main "stage" and tliere Pigmy kepi walch over him. For his sister who had been refused a* part In the show (girls weren't allowed) threatened to bring her pet cat anc find out it Snooks was really a crip plo or lr ft was "just a fake like sir. thought it was." Tho luediduo men sold Binull tottlcs ot lemonade,- swceic-ucil vllh black molasses, am) called It i tonic. Tliere was a shooting gal- ery whcio beans wero used as tha ammunition, and Iho usual assort- noiU ot freaks were on exhibition: tho (pillow) fat man. (lie tattooed man (whose mother was Illlcd wilh liorror nl sight ot Iho Ink marka on ills Irnll naked body); iho sword (collavslblo) swallowing limn; tho npc man (who'd Imve a time, moving the dual-on hair); and tho miin you could click plus Iu. Oil (he present it was a thrilling show. Thero was a sleight ot liiiinl acl brought a gasp of dismay ami "My best brlilgo cards!" from Mis. Waller, and tho cud ol the Journey for a half dozen that Mr. ICvcrcll bail donated. A malu imartet brought fiirlh hearty applause as till] BOIUO" fancy tap dancing but tho act ot Iho evening, tu Hie principal aclor's opinion tit any ralo, was Hie ono entitled "A Newsboy's Dream." C'oucelveil. slagcd aud actci! Michael DorgAii. It was a maBtor- plcco of propaganda. Mike wa:t. in real Hie, the toy who delivered papers In tlio neighborhood. Ilo wanted a bicycle.on whlcb'to nmka ils roumh but localise-, ot some- htng iu tlio past his father would lot gel him one. Ami so Mike's act (big father, ha saw lo II, had n first row neat) showed Ihc suffering of.a lad who ivns torcctl to walk inllca each day to deliver his papers. Then ho it to sleep when he stopped to resl a moment from his weary burden (a largo paper box wrapped i'n : i newspaper) aud dreamed that ho had a bicycle. lies got up -(still dreaming) nnd found It where It had Iwcn concealed on Iho stags beneath n pile of gunny sacks that were Eupposed to look llko tree stumps. : As be mounted Iho bicycle and, rodo happily around tlio Binge. Gil- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 01''F AGAIN! r By Martin bert Walter, tt> whom It belonged, thought 'maybe ho hadn'ti'apprccl- atcd It enough. Miko seemed thrilled, lie whistled and rode am! twirled Ills bundle (that a moment before had been so heavy) ilglilly around his head and generously refrained from looking at his father. . . , Mr. Dorgau uecamo decidedly uncomfortable as understanding laughter broke looso around him. SISTER "MARY'S KITCHEN per catch the Juice that drips from ring to prevent sticking, for about the crank case. Combine rhubarb, 40 minutes. Add nuts and cook leu [juice and sugar. Add berries and i ininues lunger. Turn into stcriliz- jlet stand until sugar is dissolved, led glasses and cover with parafm:: Put over a !o,v fire and bring to the j when cold. boiling point. Stir frequently to Spiced rhubarb makes an exce!- A. T. & T Annconda Copper ..... ' Auburn Caterpillar Tractor ____ Chrysler Cities Service ......... Continental Baking General Electric ...... General Motors ............ 43 Montgomery Ward ____ 19 3-4 New York Central ...... 89 3-4 Packard ............... 7 3-4 Radio Corp ............ 18 5-8 Simmons .............. 13 1-8 Texas Corp U. S. Steel .......... 106 110 1-8 ' 2Q 5-8 212 25 3-8 20 13 7-8 12 Vi 42 5-8 13 1-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. May H (UW— Cotton closed barely steady. By srsiER. M:\RY NEA Service Writer Rhubarb lias the peculiar qual- of increasing the bulk ot a jam or? conserve without materially changing the flavor. For in spile cf ils tartness it blends deliciously wilh other fruits. The following recipes may :;u£- gesl olher combinations to suit your particular needs. j prevent sticking and to cr'usli th3 I fruit. Cook until a spoonful tried ! on a cold saucer jellies. Turn into i sterilized jelly glasses and cov?r witli parafnie when cold. Rhubarb and strawberry conserve adds pineapple and shredder! iilmoiids to make a delectable collection. Two cujis finely chopped rhu- larb, 2 cu;is shredded pineapple, •! :up3 hullcri strawberries, 5 cups sn- Kbubard and Pineapple Marmalade Two cups finely chopjKd rhu- May July- OcV Ucc Jan March open M5 075 1003 1031 iL-:i 1001 high Ion- OC1 3-18 9S2 OS8 1016 1003 1038 1026 ijifl 1037 1067 1055 Spols quiet at MO. of! 15. close 9« 960 1003 1026 utsl 1055 barb, 2 cups shredded pineapple, 3 cups granulated sugar, '.-• cup water. Cook pineapple in water for 20 minutes. Add rhubarb and cook until very soft. Sill in sugar aud cook until thick. It will t:\kc about 20 minutes. Turn into sterilized jelly glasses and cover with parafinc: wncn cold. Rhubarb and slrawbcrry jam ii delicious with toast and tea, hot rolls or plain bread and butter. Itliubarh and .Strawberry .lam One pound rhubarb, 2 r.«im<b strawberries, 2 pounds, granulated sugar. Wash and skin rtmharb. Wash and hull berries. Cut rhubarb into small pieces or put through food Clipper. If put through food chop- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEA^fR, May 14 (UP)— fjollon closed qulcl. open high MO 032 101S I03D 1044 May July Oct »cc Jan March 351 075 1005 1023 1040 IMS Spots quiet at 935. off low 057 967 1002 1021 1037 1058 close 357 071 1003 lent relish to serve wilh cold meals. * * * Spice a Rhubarb Two and • one-halt pounds rhubarb, 2 pounds granulated 1 teaspoon cinnamon, '.-; teaspoon cloves, \ ! - teaspoon ginger, I vinegar. Wash and skin rhubarb and cut thubarb and strawberry Conserve i in inch lengths. Put a litlc water in preserving kettle, add rhubarb, cover and bring lo boiling point. Mix and Jitt sugar and spices over gar. ''• cup blanched and shredded | rhubarb. Add vinegar and simmer ! until thick when a spoonful is tried its own nice I on n cold saucer. Turn into stcri-. lizcd glasses aud cover with para- flne when cold. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST— Stewed figs, cere- almonds. C'jok pineapple ir ten minutes. Add strawberries cut in small pieces and prepared rhubarb. Bring to the boiling point and sift in sugar. Cook, stir- YENA. W7.'.<?_ TOO fA.OW OUJ TM<t f\ PtW-Jv. COU\.D ROM ON H was, however, tho remark of a girl sitting behind him tbat.Elirrcd scrambled oast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON—Oyster stew, brown jread sandwiches, pineapple siiort- OUUPi TURN OMW BONCU B&CV1 60MHk ^VX "TO -• >i'BV 60U.Y . *M cake, milk, lea. DINNER-Baked lemon sauce, baked potatoes, creamed cauliflower, encumber and lettuce salad, walnut brittle ice cream $1,115,OCO,COO invested refineries and distribution ties in foreign countries. ASHED GRFASB) EATON AND SON Phone 700 Main i 5th St FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HEPS IT is... one THREE i\IHS. CUU-KIl! By Btosset O HE MAH WHO IS AWffifS 6WIN6 SOMEOWB A 1037 1050 The longest airiilanc route in the world luis been established by the Netherlands, liukins Amsterdam with Java, 9,195 miles away. for a iimitcd time I have rc- dnrctl my prices on prime leather h.ilfbolcs Men's ligtit haltsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .... $1. Men's medium halfsoles with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy Iialfsoles with Goodyear rubber heels .'. $1.50 \V. J. KNOX PIECE CF HIS WINSD PROBA&LY •SEE.' SVt'S A CWJCV U6B6 1 TU003HT SHE'D BS A VJOOLOWT TU1KIH P&3PLC VJJOOUD L-WG THIS PART OF To"*iH .'.' f^~ IS AWO . M-V Btf/.josr VHEMT To iue S~&& KXL frG MAV^E A Ot SAID THAT MX) HM> A BOO.V. 71W LET .WST SOi MS To STAV A FEMJ PAYS-.. j see \ ALSO SAID THAT AM EM5INEER Oil THE RAIUROAO AM' THAT MAP A Boy, cowe RISHT DOT .... MO PC01JT RDRCUES OK A.-JVTH1WG .'.' WASH TUHIiS TROUBLE XOO-RE IN, JEAN? ^l QMcRPlRK'S •'V6H, I DON'T B^.^^\E YOU. TrtETu PR08U CiET Y8ROTrttR.y K!£3 t\v/ BULL BIWTT DO a, n SWER.R TO THW. IT w»W> WW CHiCftOO CROWD DOWN THE 6(\V. V'SEE, BROTHER'S BEEN SEC&ETlY Fl&KT- ING THEM. rit GWE^> WE COA'bT &U^RO TIPS DM WHERE TO CA.TCH THECWVCWiO CROWD'S RUM- RVJNNERS - AWP THEYV6 PLENTY. SES, 8'JT THEV 60T WISE. WHEM OlRVi WtXS SESiT NOT / M40THER TiP FOP,TrtE COfVST SO I (jiJ(\RD, HE tlEMER CiOT TritRE.' DUMb. A—, HE Wi\S MUKPEREP. SETTLES CME \ MSTER.V, BUT / WOTTA. HOU / WNMT US TO I Bo? I VlXMT HOO To HELP NY£ GET SOME INFORN'ATIOM, SO li\KT I CKN ?>EWO BULL DMJSOU i\NO MUTHESt OTH6-R QW^&STERSTo PJllSOM. MUST B^ CfcATf! SURELV, SH.E WOUV-DU'T .-J£t)D HER. TO VR.I.SON 1 . ...,_...,^

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