The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1955
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE rivs Chorming Sir Anthony II; Eden Ducks Roses Tossed by Kremlin (Second of Four Dispatches By TOM A. CULLEN NKA Special Correspondent LONDON — (NEA) — Sir Anthony Eden has been wooed longer and more ardently by the Men in the Kremlin than any other Western statesman, and with less conclusive results. For Kdou just can't seem to make up his mind. It hiisn't always been like this. At one time dictators were immune to the Eden brand of charm. Mussolini called him "the best- dressed fool in Europe," while Hitler referred to him contemptuously as Dcr Eden Knabe (The Eden Boy). What the Soviets really think of Eden is summed up in a 70-word biography in the Soviet Enclyclo- pcdic Dictionary. Here he is described as ''an English bourgeois politician" who pursued a policy of "encouraging; fascist aggression in 1935-38," and of "frustrating the opening of a second front" during World War II. Actually, the Soviets might have handled Eden more gently, for he was the first British minister lo shake Stalin's hand, and that at a time (1935j when the Kremlin muster was considered "not quite housebroken." When Eden visited Moscow in 1941 the Germans were only 35 miles away from the capital. This did not prevent Stalin from trying to drink the British foreign secre-' tnry under the table at one of his famous Kremlin banquets. (The match ended in a draw at 5 a.m. with Eden still on his feet and able to toast the Red Army.j They made a strange contrast, the British aristocrat and the Georgian peasant, each testing the other for toughness. Had he seen Eden throw one of his tantrums at the Foreign Office, Stalin might have altered his opinion of Eden as a quiet diplomat. For Eden has been known to throw books across the room; he has also hurled dispatch boxes at the retreating backs of his under- FIRST VISIT TO STALIN: Eden (left) went to Moscow In 1935, met the late Josef Stalin. V. M. Molotov sits at right. Caruthersville News Bj SONNI SA.VU««S An hour duvoiional for th« youth of Carui.horsvillfc was hell late Sunday afternoon at First Christian Church hon;, accordiiiB to Rev. JL, Sennctt, pastor nf the church. He :-aid invitations uere extended LO all churches of Caruthers- \ille and members ol other church- Skunk Trapped, Family Returns j CHICAGO i,l')—Mrs. Helen Luth- I pi- and her four Children arc back i in their home in suburban Winlh- rop Harbor aftfr more than u mon- i til's battle with a family of skunks | underneath tht house. j Mrs. Luther, the villatje clerk, i laid the last of the skunks finally ! was trapped alter she had rccch-i LITTLl LIZ— es took which wit pan in tin,' i conducted t program, td more trail 75 suggestions from ! persons in 20 states. j Then followed a. deodorant spray-1 ing of the entire house, chemical ( qround under- ; 3-28 There ore Two feindt of men— rhose who kiss and tell and those who ki'.,', and exaggerate. «*EAS houseboy, wai sentenced to death > estcrday for the double murder of Camille Banks and her divorced husband Joseph. He had been convicted a month ago of the double killing at Stinson Beach last September. The state charged CariUtivo, through a forged will, had hoped to inherit Mrs. Banks' re&ort e»- U'te. treatment of the i neitth. and washing; or dry cleaning ificna^er.s. ! of all the furniture and other objects ; Jit lit 1 AijUino of the Christian i li:s id c the house, Church was the mistress of cere- — monies. Eliy.aboih Christum of the; , _ . . . Christian Church led the opening - A ClOOO JUOge i prayer. GJf-nda .Seabauyh of I lie j < Methodist Church read the .scrip-: HOLLYWOOD <,]',-- Bud We,st- • i ui - c i more. 37, makeup ninn at Univer-1 Messapes vim delivered by John j ^ SLudio ' uas a J udse al lhe 1952 i Finley of the Christ Julie Hawkins of the Pit.n/.-n-^».., , ., M Church Louis Cook of the Church ™ond place Nexi Friday ii.ej will of Ihe | be married. Miss Shores is X. Lee Bennett Jones, vocalist from j Eastwood Memorial .Methodist! here visiting wii.h his mother, Mrs. Church, sang ;. solo. Benediction i E. P. Thurman. He is stationed •m Church j Miss America Contest when Jeanne \ Presbyterian' Shores, as Miss California, took i was delivered by Jack Strec-te of the Pre.ibyienaii Church and a I quartet from the Church of God Fort Sill, Okla. EDEN* HAT: Hoinburg he wore In I93B ]nlcr named tor him. State Legislatures Consider Bills for Strange New Laws By CARROLL ARIMOND CHTCAGO I <f»— Every day some- orte somewhere vows "there oughta be a law" for or against something close to his heart. .As a result state legislatures arc confronted with proposals embracing a strange assortment of persons, places and things. These range from beer cans, bear traps and seagulls to wild horses. For instance: Nebraska has pending a bill providing a 1-cent bounty on empty beer cans returned to the county clerk. Its sponsors say it would help keep empty •cans'off the road Shawnee Has Citizenship Club, Now JOINER—Mrs. Lena Gully's fifth grade in Shawnee school at Joiner has organized a Citizenship Club, the only one in school. Thus club originated from a class discussion on government, as to the Residents of Maine planning to | different branches of government. sot out bear traps mav have to I »» d the duties of c ™ h ' whlch led up to good citizenship. lings. I He inlicrilccl his temper from his father. Sir William Eden, a red- bearded giant after Stalin's own heart. There have htten colortul members ol the Eden family since Charles II made Uiem baronets in Seven members of the high school's spc-ecli cluss and their in-; ^^t^ 3 ^^^ A,no,« stude^Thoine for the| ^da^^^ Parliament and won against iheUcekcnd were Sonny Unice. who i paiina _ in me annual southeasi "Red" Countess of Warwick, an j is a freshman at Memphis Slate: Missouri District Play Conical •istocrat turned Socialist and re- College, and Sammy Joe Castle- : there. Slayer Given Death Sentence SAN RAFAEL, Calif UP)—Bart j Caritaivo, 48 - year - old Filipino! Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Doa't be embarrassed br kx«* fal« teeth slipping dropping or .wobbling wbrm you cat, talk or laugh. Juat sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives t remarkable sens* of added comfort and *ecumy by holding plates more firmly. No gummv. pOO«r, pas!;? tastier r-f'-^i:- It's alkalinr i non-acid). Gc-. F'.~,TF!"IH at any dru^ counter. lated to Eden by marriage. For the .start of his political career Eden was "Stanley Baldwin's boy." Prime Minister Baldwin, berry, a student, at Central CoiK-ge ; in Fa ye tic. Mo. They presented a comedy, "The .Shock of Your Life." Members ol ! the class that went to the contest Evangelist W. E. Ward, who isjv.cre Kate Garrett.' Glenda Sea- 1672; ambassadors, members of i ,. v jtb a genius for picking' fresh tal-j now conducting a revival at First. | baugh, Rachel Green, Larry Gil- Parliament, bishops, economists, i en (, f saw . j n Eden a winner. When j Baptist Church, will begin a re-; more. Louis Cook, Charles Roome But Sir William was almost too• [ ]c ' m ade Eden foreign secretary at j vival at the Westside Baptist Mis-i and Sonny Sanders, colorful. , Sthe aye of 38, Baldwin told him: | sion April 4. That will be after j —.—When he wasn't chasing the fox j 'ire young You have the' spending two weeks at the Baptist; Dickie Ewinsr. a tap dancing stu- Sir William was chasing a pretty] ' f &1 . j church. idem of Mrs. John Bay Jr., of Car- woman. He was a crack shot, an ; '"<*} responsible job in Europe. So j Qn Apnl , L hc wil , bef ,, n a Lwo _ | ulhersvillC( win appear on the Te d admirer . of Byron and a distill- i _ r11 £_ E |f r .ff" !.°t. e "^.ni° S ,?nt h-irS i week revival at the First Baptist,: Mack amateur show at.Ellis Audi- Church in Hayti. i rorium in Memphis Wednesday, "— April 6. Mr. and Mrs. Winlield Pankey, The 7-ytar-oifi son of Mr. and of Milwaukee, Wis., formerly o!", Mrs. Richard Ewing of Card well Caruthersvillc, spent the weekend' he won the opportunity to appear - v - Bul soon Life with tms particular father. must have been trying, for Antho- da >' s he stlU ducks nervously. ny was glad to, escape to Eton. From Eton he went straight into guished water colorist, but he de-i tested shrieking children and dogs j baus. ("Children." he once wrote, "are} Sir Anthony has had both. It is natural and brutes"). i not surprising that-when the Krem' lin showers him with roses these here visiting friends and relatives. ; won the opportunity to appear Elva Ray Liliard. who is a sea- j on the program by winning a pre- r r o w : Resignation i man apprentice in the United j Hminary contest, at Trimble, Tenn., the King's Royal rifles and World I pll ts lilm on the map. States Navy, spent ten days near ! March 18. War i. Eden emerged from the war as j | the youngest brigade major in the j British Army. He had also ac- ; quired the famous Eden moustache! | (a little fiercer in those days' and | j the Military Cross for saving a j wounded man's life near Ypres. I At Oxford he began to prepare! for a diplomatic career by study-i ing Oriental languages — Persian and Arabic — passing his final exams with lirst class honors. He, also took an interest in Cezanne ; and lhe French Impressionists. j The year 1923 was important to INROLLIN6ANKLES MEAK ARCH STRAIN HURT? surround them with two strands of barbed wire bearing signs "Bear Trap" and "T r a p p e ri'Ours." Reason is that the traps are supposed to snare bears, not French-Canadian woodsmen working the forests. Inland Utah has a bill to make the seagull the state bird. In Nevada anyone wanting to hunt wild horses can't do so with mi airplane. And he has to advertise his plans in a newspaper in the county where he intends to hunt. Drunken drivers in Iowa have escaped special distinction. The House killed a bill to require convicted to carry on their windshields a yellow label with a .scarlet "X." Alabama has a proposal for a $25 tax on divorces as a means nf getting extra money for old age pensions. Colorado has ono .setting up spe- rial licenses platos for 25-year-old automobiles. The antique cars could be u.scd only in parades. Rep. T. W. (Buckshot) Lane, n former county .sheriff, wants Texas to tax telephone poles 50 cents apiece. And in Rhode Island small type would be banned from insurance policies. So they decided to organize a club that would keep the ideals before them at all time. They have as president, David Raymond Brown; vice president. Danny Jof Scott; secretary and tieasurrr, B cttyAnn Crook; chairman of program committee, Patsy Spense. This club Is strong on parlmieu- tary procedure too. The president opens the meeting with a short j talk, and the meeting proceeds a- I long the same lines as adult clubs, j They do a lot of singing after the' devotional and read papers or prepared talks on citizenship. Yes, they have the age old problem of raising funds for lhe tieasurery, but are solving that by doing without a few bars of candy or other luxuries and putting the same amount in the general fund. The meetings are interesting and inspirational. At different times they will have a guest speaker to talk to them on citizenship, but Mrs. Gully is the spark behind the Solon Welcomes 'Mess in Texas' LUBBOCK. Tex «.-Pi—Rep, Omar ; Burleson (D-Tex.) was asked yesterday what, he thought about; scandals uncovered in the Texas; veterans land program. After havins constituents ask ; him for years about "that mess in : Washington," Burlison answered, he can no\v visit Texas and ask about "that ni(?ss in Austin." \ He added that he deplored both situations. CORNS Need Room — ARCHES Need Support, FEET. Need SHOES that are made to give both—Fitted by the only FACTORY TRAINED Foot-So-Port Representative in Arkansas. WELLER'S SHOE CLINIC MEN — WOMEN — CHILDREN :J2!-A W. .Main SI. (Over Graber's) Blytheville. Arkansas Kid Story Y/ins Out DALLAS. Tex. ,.•?'—When Dallas cab driver Eupene Brandenburg told iwo armed robbers ye.stcrdav that he had "a bunch o!' kids" ai home, they tossed back S5 they had i just taken away from him in his cab j Police later found it abandoned only j a fe\\ blocks away. for a number of years. ! The club is planning a party for 1 Saturday afternoon, honoring David | ONLY 1O% DOWN , „ «, .... ., , ON A NEW 1955 WESTINGHOUSE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Free Installation! 36 MONTHS w PAr club | Brown and Danny Scoot, both of j ..... [whom are moving awa\. } She addresses the chair before ThJs v;j|1 cnURe ]h( , cKm tQ ^^ , she speaks and never tells them | |)oLll p rcs id en t and vice president I in the near future. ] They meet earn Friday in their what to do. Mrs. Gully came to Joiner schools in 1952, from Louisville, Miss., where she had taught There's a HEATMASTER Styled for your kitchen When .1011 buy a Henfmaster walcr heater you select an automatic unit made by Ihc world's largest manufacturer of water healing equipment. Superbly finished, handsomely designed, Ihe Healmaslcr fils in perfectly in the modern kitchen or utility room. Table Top Heal master Round Hcatmaslcr Buy From Your Plumber or Plumbing & Htnrlng Dealt r MIDSOUTH PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY (Wholesale Distributors) Rear 213-215 W. Walnut BLYTHEVILLE ph - 3 '«353 3881. Johnion JONESBORO Ph 2 ' 3562 DON'T WAIT TILL THIS HAPPENS Now is the smart time to buy.. • and Westinghouse is your Best Buy Buy now! When the rush st.trls, the huijc. sudden demand wilt make il ciiflicuii lo get the model vou want ... or the dctivcry and installation without wailing. Buy now .m vou con start enjoying ifo yt'ar-rtmrid cornjiwi of the Wcstinghouxe Room Air Ctwdiiiitncr. TEN COMFORT CONDITIONS. Yot.r pick of 10 different comfort conditions, for year-round cooling and heating convenience, whh easy push- n-button controls for quick, positive .selection. FULL WIDTH COOLING with 4-Waj Adjiut- able Dm ft-Tree Grifit's. Controlled "draft-free' 1 ' circulation to every corner of the room. AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT, Stops .ind starlx the unit automatically. This prevents ovcrcooling, for maximum comfort and economy of operation. HIAT WHEN YOU NIED IT. Jiist ttu thrng for those cool spring and fait evenings or mornings. tXTRA-QUIET OPERATION. For *k<ep-time comfort, the "quiet cool" .selling will make your unit purr (|ute(ly like a kitlen. tti hm i Wesfinjhww Room Mr CorKftrimr lor mry twm . . . unJ inry burfcvt. f ftf f JNSMUATfON If YOU HUKRT VOU CAM SI rt Westinghouse '0 TV & Radio Service 114 S. First-3-4237 Tri-State Aberdeen Angus Sal* FRI., AI'RIl. 18—1 P.M. Shelby Co. Penal Farm .Memphis, Tenn. 40 Females—8 Bulls Good foundation slock will b« offered in this sale. Animals consigned by breeders of Arkansas, Miss., and West Tenn. Plan now to attend this sale. For further Information or catalogs write— Roy W. Turner, Sect., Covington, Tenn. -REVIVAL- Hear REV. MARVIN NIBLACK Pastor of Methodist Church Steele, Mo. at Lake Street Methodist Church Blytheville, Ark. March 27 through April 1 Rev. Niblack Services at 7:30 P M. Rev. Mitchell Sanford, Pastor SOBRIETY .After months of sobriety I am both humble and grateful—grateful that at last I am free to live with- oul fear; fear of darkness and of light, fear of death and of life: What a wonderful realization! 1 no longer need to hide or run! Despite horrible dreams and visions of crawling insects J could not picture life without liquor. I now look forward to our Tuesday and Friday meetings with an open mind for 1 must put my sobriety first above everything else in life, or the very things in life 1 cherish will no longer exist. For drunk 1 am helpless; my life becnies unmanageable and I have no control of myself. Sober 1 can do things that other people do and learn a life that non-alcoholics are struggling to understand. By drinking I could escape into a world of my own and therefore dream of tlie guy 1 really wanted to be. I am glad I am sober, 1 have really begun to live. I find that: "I have to live with myself, and so 1 would be fit for myself to know. I want lo be able, as days go by, Always to look myself straight in the eye; I don't want lo stand in the setting sun And to hate myself for the things I've done." —By An Alcoholic ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 BlythtvilU, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday NighU ml 8 p. «. Open Meetings Friday Nighl* »l 8 p. «. CLUB ROOM of 410 E. MAIN

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