The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on July 31, 1942 · 12
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 12

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, July 31, 1942
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THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE FRIDAY. JULY 31, 1912 12 Amusements Rtpeatad by Request 1 I i SPECIAL EXCURSION BOATS I JULY 27-31 INCLUSIVE I Slnrle Fare 30c I Children IL"def l L'fZl.I. ' rmsT show, to . m. air-conditioned , ,, J". RUSSELL MaeMUDRAY rlmnphrey "THE BIG SHOT" TRACY LAMARR "TAhE a OABLIhl" " . "TniiTiiii put" LETTER """ln' Ann Rutherford TORTILLA FLAT alss "HEHRY and DIZZY" "THIS TIME FUR KEEPS" "W--a It Hcpe Shayter" CLEVELAND CIRCLE CIRCLE Mat. 1:45. Ee. 8:00 Free Parkinj tile" orew'vy "REMARKABLE ANDREW" SHOWN AT 3:20 9:35 Lew Ayres "Finders at th Window" taraine Day ALLSTON CAPITOL Mat. 1:45, Ee. 8 Air Condl:itn-d BARBARA STANWYCK-JOEL Mr.CREA "THE GREAT MAN'S LADY" "Murder in he Bg Kcuse" A LLSTON ROXBUR Y SU. 4410 ALLSTC'J CRITERION Hit. i7V B. Crawford-V. Brnee "Buteh Mindi the Baby" J. Gleavin-Z. Fltts "CROOKED CIRCLE" CONRAD VEIDT NAZI AGENT" 'Whispering Ghost" San. "RIO RITA" Arlington Waltham 4A,R4L6 CAPITOL EMBASSY k Cecil B. DelYiille's Hsnry Fonda REAP THE snena rtyn "Rinnj on Her Finoers" 'Who It Hope Sthnylert' WILD W'ND" A "FRISCO 'LIL" DRIGHTONNE WTON Ecyntian 1:50 (, 6:00 Chas Laui)hton-Joi HaM TUTTLFS OF TAHITI' Joy Canova-At'an Jnnrs TRUE TO THE AHIBY' Sat. --'Shires ol Tripoli' Paramoant-2:00 & 8:00 Andrews Slslers-D. Foran "PRIVATE BUCKAROO'' Mar. Dietriek-J. Wayne "THE SPOILERS" CAMBRIDGE Central Sq. Tro. 7900 Mat. 2 Eve. 8 HARVARD Mat. 2 Kir. 4663 Eve. 8 N. Shearer-M. Douglas "WE WERE DANCING" G. Sanders-Lynn Barl 'The Faleon Takes Over' R. Hayworlh-V.' Ma'are "MY GAL SAL" S. Temple-Wm. Cargan "Miss Annie Rooney" CHELSEA OLYMPIA Chelsea 3861 Mat. 2, Eve. 7:30 HENRY FONDA-GENE TIERNEY-LAIRD CREGAR "RINGS ON HER FINGERS" Norma Shearer "WE WERE DANCING" DORCHESTER 4040 CODMAN I FRANKLIN 5900 Codman Only Arctic Nu-AIr Cooling "Gambling Lady" ., William Powell "KENNEL MURDER CASE" HYDE PARK HYD rAIDMnilUT MAT. 1:45 1234 rHIIimUUill EVES. 8:00 CHARLES LAUGHTON JON HAM "THS TUTTLES OF TAHITI" Jackie Cooper "SYNCOPATION" Arlington Chariest own AftkOcnctvrr.TuntfDcmi cn 1197 Chester" IWorrie "CANAL ZONE" Brod. Crawford 'Belch Minds thr Baby HenryFonda-GeneTierney "Rings en Her Fingers" "SUICIDE SQUADRON" G onri will Awards Tonight Back Bay Kenmore Sq. "i Henry Fonda-Olivia DeHavilland lliJiyijl "THE MALE ANIMAL" lrZ, Vanish'gVirginian Braintree So. Weymouth wnnnni Ronald Reagan Ann Sheridan "KING'S ROW" "Don't Get Personal" Abbott St Costello "RIO RITA" "THE OUTSIDER" BROOKLINE u f J. i ii i .Tf-i -i We i 'Hiiaaa -JullIS'lMa'-'TT llk'-'-l"" RITA HAYWORTH VICTOR MATURE 'im Trru NICOLORJ BROOKLINE VILLAGE KAY FRANCIS WALTER HUSTON lAireAYSIMHVi3gflHT j .i.'...u.i.i.i:t.M.!!.yB FREE DISHES TODAY CAMBRIDGE PRIVA Tf BUCMROO DORCHESTER ADAHQ Continuous. Gen. 2080 nwrtiflj Parkincj. Air Conditione; Ann Sheridan Jack Oakie NAVY BLUES" Gene Autrv "COWBOY SERENADE" Dorchester Gen. 9700 Edmund Lowe KLONDIKE FLRY P. Know ei-M. Monter 'Mytwy wl Marie Roqet' For the Best in AMUSEMENT ENTERTAINMENT Rrart r.lnhr Ail EVERETT "SHIP AHOV" At 3:1 5 8:15 "MR. WISE GUY" At 2:007:0095 las. kagnty-u Klorgan 'Captain of the Cloeds' "On the Sanny Side" Boiera Blosvem Oln'warc LEXINGTON "CAPTAIN OF THE ClOUDS" JARTES CAGNEY-BRENDA MARSHALL JURCH BF TIME" SHORT SUBJECTS LYNN Merle Oberon-Alan Marshall "LYDIA" Teat Brown "Niaeara Falls" MALDEN S. Tracy-H. Lamarr "TORTILLA FLATS" L. Day-L. Ayrit "Flngera Window" S, Tcmple-Gtty Kibke "Miss Annie' Rooney" John Woyne-B. Barnes "In Bid California" F-a Awards Tonight 5-Cvw1noloHrI ! mm 5&m& 1 s yprtWr-a Tun More PIav fnmlnr Add to the list of prospective heatrical attractions here in September "The Eve of St Agnes" and "Franklin Street" The former, discussed in this column yesterday morning, is Maxwell Anderson's new piece, and will be presented! here by the Playwrights' Company "on or about Sept 14." Lem Ward will - do the staging. "Franklin Street" is a Max Gordon production which will star Groucho Marx, AMUSEMENTS Jam. Plain Egleston Sq. JAMAICA 1:45-7:45 J. Paynt-M. O'Hara 'To thi Shoret of Tripoli' B. Donlevy-E. Drew 'The Remarkable Andrew' EGLESTON End. 7123 Charlri Laaghton TUTTLES OF TAHITI' D. Barry-A. Certii 'Remember Pearl Harbor' M attapan Dorchester 1200 ORIENTAL STRAND 2C000L6 AIR CONDITIONED ?,e7, "Rings on Ker Fingers" TX Faye Emerson "KURD cR IN THE BIG HOUSE" NATICK COLONIAL 1:45 and 8 Natick 1700 HAPRY JtMEV PR::' AKDRrWS SISTERS "PRIVATE BUCKAROO" Shirley Temple "MISS ANNIE ROONEY" Need ham West Newton NEE. 1820. NEEDHAM uircT imMTnu las. vitoi nr.ii iuh 3540 Bette UIU TUIO flllD I ICC" 0 Olivia D,vis into UUn Lilt Da Havilland Kay Francis "ALWAYS IN MY HEART" ROSLINDALE RIALTO Par. 3350 Charles Jon La'iqhton H -1 1 'TUTTLES OF TAHITI' Irene Hervey "FRISCO LIL" Bellevue Far. 6720 Herbert Shipley Marshall Temple "KATHLEEN" Jranette MaeDonald "SIYIILIN' THRU" ROXBURY sTRIVOLI Gene Henry Tierney Fonda "Rings on Her Fingers" Murder in the Big House' WARREN JJJ Pries Tonight SSS Milton Berle "Whisoerine Ghosts" "Nazi Agent" Hig. 0041 DUDLEY I SHAWMUT Gar. 1370 laughton "TUTTLES OF TAHITI" -JE Benny Goodman Gene Km pa "Syncopation" Harry James Alvino Rey SOMERVILLE 76io CENTRAL Sir Cedrit Hardwleke 'Ghost of Frankenstein' Nancy Kelly.R. Carlson "FLY BY NIGHT" i STRAND cf83Mo ANDREWS SISTERS "WHAT'S COOKIN' " Joan Blondell-J. Waynt "Lady (or a Night" Mat. 2:00 niniTni a nae en i Eve. UHDIUL w UHIpL OKi 8:00 shearer "We Were Dancing" Geo. Saunders "FALCON TAKES OVER" Sen. "Shores of Tripoli," "On tha Senny Side" MALDEN (Continued) Harry James & Band ANDREWS SISTERS "Private Backaroo" 'Who I' Hope Sehoyler' B. Cabol-C. Bennett 'Wild Bill Hickok Rides' L. Nolan-H. Reynolds 'Bloe. White & Perfeet' MALDEN MEDFORD Bob Hope-M. Carroll "Mr Favorite Blonde" "DANGEROUS GAME" W. Huston-fa. Warren "Always In My Heart" "MYSTERY OF MARIE ROGET" MEDFORD MELROSE oiYrFELLSWAy-NIW MELROSE osob Robt.Cemmlngs-Pris.Lane I B. Davis-O. DeHavilland "SABOTEUR" 'In This Our Life' WHISPERING GHOSTS' I "All American Co-ed" QUINCY STRAND esooQUIllCY Rita Hayworth-V. Mature "MY GAL SAL" Lynn Bari-MaryB. Hughes 'Nioht Btore the Oivoree' GENE AUTREY "Stardast o.i the Sage" "The Mad Monster" STAGE SHOW REVERE SAUGUS DOCSJ.E OP TO. MNUltC CAS AND X1BJCS eKjAiRAjTontAla amoem coisiOT-joutmm REMEMBER THE DAY Mauri COtmYfAl JVM ClYOt ' 'mt txisx TOMioHrre-coiNMSHiue mnvnuin W39- otnvt-w THtargti coaa SHREWSBURY riiem inoM-LAWRtntuomneit imu Prrs MSS POLLY" COWT. VVSK T MtDNTTt- RAM. SHIM I CorautKT ewtve-wt THCATK1S cor SOMERVILLE 'SHANGHAI GESTURE" 'THE GETAWAY" 'BILL HICOCK RIDES" "WHISTLIN" N DARK" 'HOW GREEN MY VALLEY" 'PACIFIC BLACKOUT" SOUTH BOSTON Gea. Murphy-jnntShirley "Mayor or 44th St." Leo Carrilla-Andy Dcvine unfEEN e rj e r . y ' Abbott A Costello "RIO RITA" Billy Halop-B. Cunsley "Tom)h as They Come" Watertown Waverley SABU in "JUNGLE BOOK" Chester Morris-A Mara "Alias Boston B''fMe" B. Davis. 0. DeHavilland In This Oar Life" K. Franeis-G. Warren "Always In My Heart" WEYMOUTH r' turn if mil -.rMf rDtuz ! VALLEY of the SUN' KOUT(3aW CCNT TOIDNITC-RLNCf 5Mt Winchester Watertown WINCHESTER- WATERTOWM "SABOTEUR" P. Lanc-R. cimw'wis "ALMOST MARRIED" Rett. Paaa-Jana F razee Claude Rains 'WOLF MAN" Judv Canova "SLEEPYTIME 6AL" I oouTt war ; E i NEW FILMS STATE AND ORPHEUM "Mrs. Miniver" "Mrs. Miniver" by Arthur Wim-peris, George Froeschel, James Hilton and Claudine West from a novel by Jan Struther. Directed by William Wyler tor M-G-M. Song, "Midsummer's Day," by Gene Lockhart The cast: Mrs. Miniver Greer Garson Clem Miniver Walter Pidgeon Carol Beldon.. Terpsa Wright Lady Beldon Dame May Whitty Foley -Reginald Owen Mr. Ballard ...Henry Travers Vin Miniver..... Richard Ney Vicar Henry Wilcoxon Toby Miniver Christopher Severn Gladys Brenda Forbes Judy Miniver.. Clare Sandars Ada Marie de Becker German riyer...... Helmut Dantine PYed John Abbott Simnson Connie Leon Horace Rhys Williams "Mrs. Miniver," adapted , from a novel describing the courage and strength of an everyday English family in wartime, turns out to be one of the most magnificently human and impressive pictures of the decade. It is the sort of film that alternately grips you with its poignancy and delights you with its domestic humor. Starting with a church scene, it ends in the same place, but the peaceful old edifice has been cracked and broken by bombs from Lrerman planes. The walls are crumbling but those who are left to pray are more steadfast and firm than during the years of lazy peace. One finds it easy to laugh, and easy to weep during the excitements, the romances and the triumphs of "Mrs. Miniver." Here is a film so superbly written, so shrewdly directed and so excellently acted that you forget the technique and the artistry of the picture in order to live yourself in the story. One thinks first of the plot and only belatedly that "Mrs. Miniver" is the best cinema that Hollywood has offered this year. It is an intimate tale that William Wyler has given through his directorial magic. You see the epic tale of Dunkerque told through the eyes of the men who piloted those pitiful, heroic little pleasure boats to the relief of their trapped countrymen. The perils that assailed them are indicated when Walter Pidgeon, the Mr. Miniver of the story, sails back to his quiet home inlet and the children run their hands over the torn sails the bullet-ridden planks. But there is honest, gay laughter just a little later when Mr. Miniver listens to his wife's "tale of how she captured a German aviator, and in vexation delivers a husbandly spank when she becomes a trifle annoying in her chatty account. There's humor of the upper middle-class English type when j Mrs. Miniver, handsomely and effec tively portrayed by lovely Greer j Garson, decides to pit her wits and her charm against the naughty, ! domineering Lady Beldon. Mrs. Miniver is on the side of true love her son and Lady Beldon's grand daughter but it takes feminine maneuvering and finesse before Lady Beldon reluctantly gives her consent to what she considers a social come-down for pretty Carol Beldon. This is followed by deep tragedy the sort of thing which tries the souls of a staunch people when death rains from the skies and strikes the lovely bride. Teresa Wright gives color and sweetness to the role of Carol Richard Ney is tender and brave and heart-breakingly quiet as the young husband. There are no especial laurels to hand out to the cast of "Mrs. Miniver," as even the smallest parts are played sensitively and intelligently. The picture is restrained both in directorial treatment and acting, which tends to heighten the dramatic effects to a powerful degree. Never has there been a picture which pulses so strongly and so vibrantly of real, authentic life. It is hard to realize that some of the scenes were made inside a studio because they are so eloquently natural anl down to earth; so filled with the richness and conviction of everyday experience. Dame May Whitty, for instance, as the local aristocrat, is such a blend of selfish pride and pathetic loneliness that she never seems to be acting at all. Henry Travers gives a distinguished performance in a contrasting role, of the humble station master whose ambition ln life is to win the local rose competition. Above all, "Mrs. Miniver" brings a tingle to your heart and moisture to your eyes by the England that is recaptured on the screen the England of quiet countrysides, "Alice in Wonderldhd" and village garden parties. The tingle changes to a throti the happy tears become dry-eyed admiration, as one watches the England that was to emerge into the harassed, terrorized but firmly courageous England that is now. M. L. A. AMUSEMENTS STAGE IN TOWN MAJESTIC EVES. 8 JO MAT. TOM'W "SMART AND WITTY" Helen Eager, Tray. LUELLA GEAR -DONALD BRIAN WED. PERFS. SAT. MATS. sop y7e EVENINGS 50e-77e-$l. S1.50 SUN. EVE. AT 8:30 sLfc. 400 ORCH. SEATS $1.00 (Plus Tax) COLONIAL COMFORTABLY COOLED LAST 2 WEEKS mi: $ 5a ntu MATS. BEST SEATS PLUS TAX .50 NO HIGHER Pli' Ta CAMBRIDGE SUMMER THEATRE BRATTLE HALL Tro. 1465 FLORA ROBSON "SUSPECT" Pricea-Eves at 8:40 .63 to 81.65-Mat. Sat. ii They Raid by NIGHT ' A STORY SF I ME COMMANDOS ' d'i,..vjin,i ff J GLORIOUS RUSSIAN FILMsT j wg0t S V, mfflmflmlmi I"" - FOR DINERSDAMCERS V . By JOHN A. Elsie Houston at Satire Room Arki Yavensonne, uptown Zieg-feld, who is always doing the unusual, comes up this week with a real scoop when he offers the fa mous Elsie Houston. Miss Houston, whose reputation as an artist is as great in Rio De Janeiro and Paris as it is in New York, makes her Boston debut tomorrow night. Critics have acclaimed her vocal talents and she has scored definite successes in Town Hall recitals, symphony concerts, operas and in such smart gatherings as that of the Rainbow Room. A description of the talents of this famous South American star is not easy. Sufficient to say, she sings in 14 languages and features in her repertoire voodoo songs and other novel arrangements. Romo Vincent Returns to Mayfair Two notes of good cheer emanate from the Mayfair this week with the announcement that Romo Vincent, famous roly-poly comic and recent star of "Banjo-Eyes' is returning next Wednesday and the continuation of the current revue which is one of the finest of the season. Making the most of his large figure Vincent is one of America's leading cafe comedians and it's a mystery why motion pictures haven't caught the nimble wit who hails from California. Here and There "Songs by Jane Pickens," four words that explain simply the reason why there are large dinner and supper audiences nightly in the beautiful Oval Room of the Copley Plaza. ... Of course, Miss Pickens gets grand support musically from Ray Morten and his Orchestra. . . . Hildergarde opens at the Oval Room, Aug. 12. . . . Marjorie Knapp, the 17-year-old honey, who stops the show wih her blush-inducing "bunny" number in Michael Todd's "Star and Garter," will be guest of Leon and Eddie's in New York Sunday night. . . . Wq mention this in passing because from these parties the girls really get started on their careers. . . . The Rio Casino, after the slight fire of Wednesday night, is operating as if nothing happened. . . . As a matter of fact, nothing much did happen and dam age was kept to a minimum, accord- METROPOLITAN "This Above All" "It Happened in Flalbush" "This Above All" by R. C. Sherriff from the novel by Eric Knight. Directed by Anatole Litvak. 20th Century-Fox film. The cast: Clive Briggs Tyrone Power Prudence Cathaway Joan Fontaine Monty Thomas Mitchell General Cathaway Henry Stephenson Ramsbottom Nigel Bruce Ins Cathaway Gladys, Cooper Dr. Roger Cathaway Philip Menvale Waitress Sara Allgood Rector Violet Worthing... Wilbur Nurse Emily Dr. Mathias. . . .. . Dr. Ferris Parsons Vicar Fireman .Alexander Knox .Queenie Leonard ..Melville Cooper Jill Esmond .Holmes Herbert ...Arthur Shields .Dennis Hoey .Thomas Louden Andy Clyde Brilliant acting Tyrone Power was never more convincing in his entire film career and sensitive direction make "This Above All" the most beautiful romanace of the current war films. It is the love story of an English aristocrat, who knows that England could be a better nation but that it is still worth fighting for, and a heroic soldier who doubts that he is risking his life for democracy. Love, patriotism, and duty are discounted by Clive Briggs, who deserts after winning medals for bravery, and the picture deals with his love for a girl from the class of English people he hates. Eventually he decides that the England of today should be defended in order that there may be a finer England tomorrow. Throughout the film one catches glimpses of the old and the new the hide-bound haughtiness of the aristocracy in their magnificent drawing rooms the democracy of a girl from a home of wealth sharing life as a member of the W. A. A. F. with a girl who might have been her own maid. The strange love affair of a mysterious stranger who admits to having been in the Army and the clear-eyed, lovely Prudence Cathaway is a direct product of war's upheaval. The two discuss England between kisses they discover their mutual love amid the AMUSEMENTS XETER KEN. 706T "TORTILLA FLAT' r Spencer Tracy Hedy Lamarr 'Remarkable Andrew' William Holden Ellen Drew Sunday 'MY GAL SAL NOWjlr..d'J,Sg MAD MEN OF EUROPE UNLEASH WAR'S NEWEST HORROR'.! f CO-HIT BORIS KARLOFF BEFORE f HANG NOT A NetfcSHEEl BUT GREAT DRAMA OF LOVE LMIDST WAR'S ATROCITIES NOW PLAYING , FIRST TIME AT, POPULAR PB'CEi WHAT WAS LOVt LIKt A MILLION TtAha Auuf SO AMAZING YOU WON'T UPTOWN AT SYMPHONY STA. air r.nnniTinnFh RITA NAY WORTH-VICTOR MATURE "MY GAL SAL" IN TECHNICOLOR LYNN BARI-- NIGHT BEFORE THE DIVORCE 1 HAMILTON , J JACK EDWARDS ing to Al Taxier, manager, who is also quick to say that the "Lamb Yocum Ice Revue" is still wowing them. . . . "Rationally" located near the South Station, the Essex Grill these days seems to be a beehive of activity. ... The lovely, sultry Sandra Lee, whose voice has been heard around Boston recently, is scheduled for an audition with Glen Miller. . . . If the beautiful songstress hooks on national networks will have a new singing star. . . . Jackie Edwards, Duke University singing maestro of the band bearing his name at the Statler Terrace Room, is making friends nightly with his smooth rhythm and the novel arrangements of his "Four Jacks" quartet. . . . Joe Holton, 20th Century-Fox talent scout is in Boston, looking over the personable Jimmy Marr, singing star at the Steuben's Vienna Room and The Cave. . . . Another who has caught his eye is Mary Foran, the "deadpan" Mary, of The Forans . . . . Two dancers who are bound to be heard from soon are Jimmy Joyce and Bobbie Robinson . . . . Incidentally, Jimmy is a lovely female acrobatic dancer and Bobbie is a shapely miss who can really tap. sordidness of a resort hotel. The acting is distinguished and compelling. Joan Fontaine proves her right to her recent Academy award by giving a rounded and honest performance as a girl who is never cheap, despite her unconventional affair with Briggs, and whose love is as strong as her belief in her native land. Tyrone Power has portrayed several roles, some of them good and others not worth remembering, but as the sorely beset hero, who deserts his companions, not from cowardice, but from mental unrest, he offers a sympathetic and unforgetable characterization. These two play the principal roles their problem is the vortex of the story and only Thomas Mitchell, as Monty, the mate of Clive Briggs. has important iootage. Mitchell, also a former Academy winner, is excellent as the understanding sergeant. 4 There will probably be more pic tures of the war-stories with an American background, but there will be none which describes more profundly and emotionally the struggle that goes on in the minds of young men who do not want to die to preserve a society which they believe should be done away with. "This Above All ' has a sig nificance far more powerful than can be seen at first glance; it is a love story that is all the more gripping because it is based on a conflict of ideals and ideas. The associate film, "It Happened n Flatbush." is a drama about base ball with Lloyd Nolan in the role of a club manager and ex-star of the diamond. It is his job to get out a winning team and to keep the owners of the club from selling in disgust because they are losing money. . Carole Landis appears as a dis interested society girl who inherits part of the club and wishes she hadn't. Robert Armstrong is a sports writer who heckles Nolan and Sara Allgood is excellent as the sports minded club owner. M. L. A. AMUSEMENTS i v r r l r T M 1 l?:iHHiMliiYr GEORGE PAT nasi o'BRiEti CO - MATUBi 11 KM? HbSWrS AWAY- '.'MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS" at last showing at 3:20 P. M. of "EAGLE SQUADRON" IVAJtsLJ- t . wita JOSEPH COTTEN OOIOMS AENts MUDHtHlIu RAT COLLINS r KEN MURRAY HARRIET gjMdUeai n n i ' n ..i.i .1 ?&fe MERCURY PRODUCTION J ,)'' Movie Schedules BOSTON THEATRES EXETER "Tortilla Flat." 3:05. 6:15. 9:25; Remarkable Andrew," 1:55. 5:00, 8:10. FENWAY "Take a Letter, Darling," 12:55, 3:50. 6:50, 9:45: "Henry and Dizzy," 11:30, 2:30, 5:30, 8:30. FINE ARTS "Wings of Victory." 2:40. 6:00, 9:25: "Musical Story." 1:00. 4:30. 7:50; "Heroi- Sevastopol," 2:30. 5:50. 9:15. GYETT - "Before 1 Hane." 9:30. 12:20. 3:01, 5:42. 8:11; "Mad Man of Europe," 10:58. l:jy. 4:20. 7:ui 9:42. GLOBE "PrimiUve Love." 9:30, 11:56. 2:22. 4:48. 7:14. 9:40: "Tanks a Million. 11:42. 1:38. 4:04, 6:30. 8:56. KEITH - BOSTON "Broadway." 9:40, 12:45, 3:50. 6:55, 10:00; 'Sing Your Worries Away." 11:20. 2:25. 5:30. 8:35. KEITH-MEMORIAL "Your Telling Me." 11:27. 2:25; "liagie squadron.. :jii. 12:28, 3:26: "Juke Box Jenny." 6:26. 9:17; Preview; "Magnificent Amber-sons," 7:28, 10:14. KENMORE "Male Animal," 2:50, 6:30, 9:45; "vanishing Virginian," j:uu, :ju. 8:00. LOEW'S ORPHEUM "Mrs. Miniver," 9:00. 11:30. 2:00. 4:45. 7:15, 10:00. LOEW'S STATE "Mrs. Miniver," 11:02, 1:47. 4:;s2, v:iv. ju:uz. METROPOLITAN "It Happened, in Plat- bush,' 10:00, i:zu; 4:u. o:uo; - inis Above All," 11:20. 2:45. 6:05, 9:30. MODERN "The Bit? Shot." 9:20. 12:25, 3:30. 6:35, 9:45: "Tnis Time tor lieeps. 11:05. 2:10. 5:15. 8:25. PARAMOUNT "Take a Letter. Darling." 9:30. 12:30, 3:40. e:ou, :au: "Henry ana Dizzy," 11:10. 2:30, 5:35. 8:35. SCOLLAY SQUARE "The Big . Shot." 11:50, 3:iu. b:2. a:to; - inis lime ior Keeps," 2:30. 5:20, 8:10. SOUTH STATION Latest March , of l ime ' Men in wasninsion. wuiz i.ias. Robert Benchley. Coast Guard. Music Masters. Swiss Travel, Latest News and Others, Continuous 9:30 a. m.-ll:30 P. m. Sunday. Continuous 1-11 p. m. TELEPIX March of Time's Men in Washington: Henry Busse and his orchestra; Travelogue; two cartoons; Your Air Raid Warden; Pete Smith and 30 minutes of the latest news, uon-tiuous 10:00 a. m. to midnight. TRANS-LUX "They Raid by Night." 9:30. 12:00, 2:30. 5:10, 7:40. 10:10; "Great Guy," 10:43. 1:20, 3:55, 6:30, 9:00. UPTOWN "Night Bpfore the Divorce." 1:35, 5:00, 8:20; "My Gal Sal," 2:45, 6:10, 9:35. WASHINGTON STREET OLYMPIA "Tortilla Flat," 10:00, 12:50, 6:40, 9:30: "Who Is Hope Schuyler?" 2:50, 5:40, 8:30. SUBURBAN THEATRES ALLSTON CAPITOL "The Great Man's Lady" and "Murder in the Big House. Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. ALLSTON "Butch Minds the Baby'" and "Crooked Circle." Matinees at l:4o. Evenings at 8:00. ARLINGTON CAPITOL "Reap the Wild Wind" and "Frisco Lil." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. REGENT "Canal Zone" and "Butch Minds the Baby." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 6:45. Last complete show at 8:15. BRAINTREE BRAINTREE "King's Row" and "Don i Get Personal." Matinees at 1:45. Continuous from 6:45. Last complete show at 8:15. BRIGHTON EGYPTIAN "Tuttles of Tahiti" and "True to the Army." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. BROOKLINE BROOKLINE "Always in My Heart," 3:50. 6:30, 9:35; "Remember Pearl Harbor," 2:00,. 5:00, 8:00. COOLIDGE CORNER "My Gal Sal." 3:20, 6:20, 9:25: "The Nicht Before the Divorce," 2:00. 5:00. 8:05. CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARE "My Gal Sal" and "Miss Anne Rooney." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. HARVARD "We Were Dancing" and "Falcon Takes Over." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. UNIVERSITY "The Spoiler?." 6:15, 9:30; "Private Buckaroo, 3:00, 1:35, 4:50, 8:00. CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE "Rings on Her Fingers" and "Suicide Squadron." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CHELSEA OLYMPYIA "Rings On Her Fingers" and "We Were Dancing." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. CLEVELAND CIRCLE "Remarkable Andrew" and "Fingers at the Window." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. DORCHESTER DORCHESTER "Klondike Fury," "Mystery of Marie Roget." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings, 7:30-11:00. STRAND "Rings on Her Fingers," 3:01, 9:01; "Murder in the Bis House," 1:55, 7:55. CODMAN "Gambling "Kennel Murder Case." 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. FRANKLIN "Gambling "Kennel Murder Case." Lady" and Matinees at Lady" and Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. ADAMS "Navy Blues" and "Cowboy Serenade." Continuous from 2:00. EGLESTON SQUARE EGLESTON "Tuttles of Tahiti," "Remember Pearl Harbor." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. EVERETT CAPITOL "Ship Ahoy." 3:15. 8:15; "Mr. Wise Guy." 2:00. 7:00, 9:55. PARK "Captain of the Clouds." "On the Sunny Side." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. HYDE PARK FAIRMOUNT "Tuttles of Tahiti," "Syncopation." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. JAMAICA PLAIN JAMAICA "To the Shores of Tripoli" and "The Remarkable Andrew." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7 :45. LEXINGTON LEXINGTON "Captain of tne Clouds. a:uu, b:4o; March ot Time.". LYNN OPEN AIR "Lydia," "Niagara Jails. Dusk to midnight. MALDEN GRANADA "Fingers at the Window," i:30. 4:30, b:io; "lortma Flat," 2:55, 6:15. 9:35. MYSTIC "Tramn. Tramp Tramp" 2:25. 5:30, 8:35: "Klondike Fury." 3:40 6:45 9:50. MAPLFWOOD "My Favorite Blonde" and "Dangerous Game." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:00. ORPHEUM "Wild Bill Hickok" and "Blue. White and Perfect. " Matinees at 1:45. Evenings 7:00 to 11:00. STRAND "Private Buckaroo. 3:35, 7:00, 9:40; "Who Is Hope Schuyler," 2:35, 8:40. MATTAPAN ORIENTAL "Rings on Her Fingers," 3:06. 9:06- "Murder in the Big House," 1:55. 7:55. MEDFORD FELLS WAY "Saboteur" and "Whispering Ghost." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. MEDFORD "Always in My Heart," 3:35, 8:25; "Mystery of Marie Roget," 2:30, 6:55. 10:05. MELROSE MELROSE "In This Our Life" and "All American Co-Ed." Mati nees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. NATICK COLONIAL "Private Buckaroo" and "Miss Annie Rooney." Mati nees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. , NEEDHAM "In This Our Life" and "Al ways in My Heart." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:uo. NEWTON PARAMOUNT "Private Buckaroo" and "The spoilers." Mat! nees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. QUINCY QUINCY "Stardust on the Sage" and "Mad Monster." Stage Show Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "Tortilla Flat" and "Fingers at the window. Matinees at 2:ou. Evenings at 8:00. REVERE REVERE "Wing? Over Honolulu" and "Tuttles of Tahiti." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. BOULEVARD "Wings Over Honolulu" AMUSEMENTS 7:39 & 10:20 ffsn that Arir aamI Km BOOTH TARKINGTON COSTELLO ANNE BAXTEI TIM HOLT ERSKINE SANFORO . IICHA1D RFNNfTl l. AUO. Ilth COOPER DE OF ANKEES Tktalrts ri RESERVEO MILLIARD R K C RACMO V Q. Please give me Van Johnson's studio address as I haven't seen him since I was four years old and he gave me a play trolley car. My cousin lives on the same street as his in New-port Also I would like William Holden's and Ray McDonald's addresses. I wouldn't miss your column for the world. Bil-lerica Fan. A. Van is with M-G-M, next pic ture "Bataan Patrol." Holden is in the Army and Ray is with M-G-M. Q. You misunderstood my question I wanted the names of C. W. D. and J. V. R. I wish the Globe printed complete names on their reviews, which are excellent. A. Cyrus W. Durgin and John William Riley are, the names and they thank you. Yes to your other question. Q. Have Loretta Young and Joan Blondell sisters in the movies and please tell me about Robert Cum-mings. Joan C. of Hyde Park. A. Loretta's sisters in films, at one time or another, are Polly Ann, Sally Blane, and her half sister, Georgiana. I believe Joan also has a sister, but don't know under what name she works. Robert Cummings was born in Joplin, Mo., graduated from Carnegie Tech, and adopted an alleged English name, Blade Stanhope Conway, to get into films. I published a long biography of him earlier in the month. Q. Has the picture been made in which Eddy Duchin was to play the part of George Gershwin? Rixie and Ann. A. Not that I know of. Q. May I have a biography of Ronald Reagan? Who was Sir Arthur in "Son of Fury" and was he ever in the Saint pictures? Christine of Weston. A. Ronald Reagan, now in government service, comes from Tam-pico. 111., is in his early 30's and is married to Jane Wyman. A biography appeared Tuesday, July 28. George Sanders was Sir Arthur and played The Saint in several pictures and "Tuttles of Tahiti." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. ROSLIXDALE RIALTO "Tuttles of Tahiti" and "Frisco Lil." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:00 and 8:20. BELLEVUE "Kathleen" and "Smilin1 Thru." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. ROXBURY CRITERION "Nazi Agent" and "Whispering Ghost." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. WARREN "Whispering Ghosts" and "Nazi Agent." Matinees at 1:45. Eve nings at RIVOLI "Rings on Her Fingers" and "Murder in the Big House." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. SHAWMUT "Tuttles of Tahiti" "Syncopation." Matinees at 1:45. nings at 7:45. DUDLEY "Tuttles of Tahiti" "Syncopation." Matinees at 1:45. nings at 7:45. SAUGUS DRIVE-IN "Rememher Day" and "Country Fair." Dusk miamgnt. SHREWSBURY DRIVE-IN "That Hamilton Woman" and "Miss Polly." Dusk to midnight. SOMERVILLE CENTRAL "Ghost of Frankenstein" and "Fly By Night." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "What's Cookin' " and "Lady For a Night." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. TEELE SQUARE "Shanghai Gesture" and "The Get-Away." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. SOMERVILLE "Wild Bill Hickok Rides" and "Whistling in the Dark." Matinees at 2:00 Evenings at 8:00. BROADWAY 'How Green Was My Valley" and "Pacific Blackout." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CAPITOL BALL SQ. "We Were Dancing" and "Falcon Takes Over." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. SOUTH BOSTON STRAND "Mayor of 44th st. and "Unseen Enemy. Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:15. BROADWAY "Rio Rita" and "Tough as They Come." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:15. SOUTH WEYMOUTH CAMEO "Rio Rita and "The Outsiders. Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:15. Last complete show at 8:15. WALTHAM EMBASSY "Rings on Her fingers' and Who Is Hope. Schuyler; Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. WATERTOWN WATERTOWN SQUARE "Wolf Man" and Sleepy Time Gal." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. COOLIDGE "Jungle Book" and "Alias Boston Blackie." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. WAVERLEY STRAND "In This Our Life" and "Always in My Heart." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. WEST NEWTON "In This Our Life" and "Always in My Heart." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:45. WEYMOUTH DRIVE-IN "Valley of the Sun" and "Right to the Heart." Dusk to midnight. WINCHESTER "Saboteur" and "Almost Married." Concerts and Plays Tonight CAMBRIDGE SUMMER THEATRE Flora Robson is starred in the English mystery thriller. "Suspect," by Reginald Denham and Edward Percy. At 8:40. COLONIAL THEATRE Bettv Furness j and Georgette Leslie are featured mi the comedy, "My Sister Eileen." about! the adventures of two Ohio sisters in ; Greenwich Village. At 8:30. ESPLANADE CONCERT Tonight at 8 at the Hatch Memorial Shell. G. Wallace Woodworth will be guest conductor, and the Harvard Summer Fchool Chorus, assisted by Marshall Swan, baritone, will be heard with the orchestra. The program: 'The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God." from the oratorio, "The Creation." Haydn; "Mirth. With Thee We Mean to Live." from "L'Allegro" (chorus and orchestra) Handel: Two Movements. Svm- ; phony No. 104. in D major. Minuet, Finale: Allegro Haydn: Academic Festival Overture, Brahms; from the Requiem (for chorus and orchestra), Parts II, IV, VI, Brahms. JOY ST. PLAYHOUSE "The Vinegar Tree," comedy by Paul Osborn. At 8:30. MAJESTIC THEATRE Luella Gear and Donald Brian have the leads in "The Vinegar Tree," comedy by Paul Os-: born about a modern Mrs. Malaprop , and her family. At 8:30. AMUSEMENTS C Tir-mndItToned ZL 7l " " "",J"" Orv 'O STATE & JC440 ORPHEUM i rfS-33SgHSiiA Today I till C 1 to tft, after CC, gf" 25e Always All Prieea Indite Tax t lit MARJORY ADAMS Movie Question Box Q. Who was Joe in "Bullet Scars?" A. Michael Ames was Joe Madi son. Q. Please give me Bill Lundigari'g biography and do yru know him personally? Four Lundigan Fans. A. Yes, I met Bill one night when I was at Margaret Lindsay's house in Beverly Hills. He was born in Syracuse, N. Y., June 12, 1914, and educated at Syracuse University. He. is an American of Irish descent, is 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 170 anri has blue eyes and light brown hair Before he went into pictures he was a radio announcer; a talent scout liked his voice and appearance, so Bill went to California. He is now under contract to M-G-M and "Apache Trail" with Lloyd Nolan and Donna Reed as his current film. Q. Please tell me John Payne's age and where was Veronica Lake born? R. B., Cambridge. A. 1. May 28, 1912, is his birth-date. 2. Veronica was born Constance Keane at Lake Placid, N, Y. Q. Who played Rusty in "Blondie Goes to College"? Is Ray McDonald married or engaged and where was he born? Betty of Haverhill, Shirley of Maiden. A. Larry Parks played Rusty Bryant and he comes from Olathe, Kan. He is a graduate ol the University of Illinois and used to be a member of the Group Theatre. He is under contract to Columbia. I haven't heard of Ray being married. He was born in Boston some 20 years ago. Q. Please give me the biography of Betty Grable. Who was Jon Hall as a boy in "Aloma of the South Seas"? What is Linda Darnell's next film? Jane of Mattapan. A. Only three questions to a letter, you know. Betty was born in St. Louis, ' Mo.. Dec. 18. 1916 the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conn Grable. She was educated at the Mary Institute, St. Louis, and the Hollywood Professional School. At 14 she went to Hollywood with her mother to study dancing, and was put into the chorus of various shows and musical films. .She also sang with an orchestra conducted by Ted Fio-Rito. In 1935 she entered pictures with roles to play. She is divorced from Jackie Coogan. Scotty Beckett was the child Jon Hall. Linda's next film is "The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe" with John Shepperd. CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT Dinner From '1 Nt) Cover r inlmm Chin k rvaiisn: can Litnir. com. a?ua mi? M et . S& JJutmcactti'A HOTEL A VENDOME KATE SMITH SINGS THE PRAISES OF Mrs. Miniver America's beloved songstrtsi adds M-G-M's new hit to her list of all-time 10 -BEST PICTURES BIRTH OF A NATION IT HAPPENED ONE NICHT THE 19 STEPS GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS REBECCA NINOTCHKA WATERLOO BR1DCE CONE WITH THE WIND YANKEE DOODLE DANDY MRS. MINIVER" Now Playing STATE 4 ORPHEUM AMUSEMENTS the r JVJTA Jaem J i IVJ to iiV. -ii- S 1 i w ne. v m 1 t .

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