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THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1942 TRANSLUX N. Mutual Life's Insurance in Force, Assets at Record High New York Bank Stocks Review of operations of 16 leading New York Banks sent on request. 1 I i 4 4 -i FRESHMAN OFFICERS Elsbcth Fuller, Belmont, left, and Catherine Dunker Bowen, Bryn Mawr, have been elected president and vice president, respectively, of the freshman class at Radcliffe. Insurance in force and assets of the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company increased again during 1941 to new high levels in its history, President George Willard Smith stated in presenting the company's 98th annual report to the yearly meeting of policyholders, "In the present war emergency," Mr. Smith pointed out, "there can be no man or woman who has not considered anew his personal responsibilities.

At the forefront of these responsibilities is protection for the family. For most people, life insurance is the only means of providing this essential safeguard. The life insurance they own is the chief asset of millions of our citizens, the major ally in maintaining that personal independence which is a vital part of our way of life. "Also to be emphasized," he said, "is the important contribution policyholders are making, through their life insurance, in support of the nation's war effort. A consideraDle and steadily expanding portion of the funds invested in life insurance is reinvested in government bonds and in those securities whicn neip 'c finance the industrial productivity so necessary to our national strength.

Increase in insurance in force 1941 was $51,833,000, bringing the total to $1,658,000,000, nearly 38 percent more than at the end of 1929. New insurance of $125,632,000 was issued, a gain of 12 percent over 1 Qd TYia rryoriian 'inn nf tliriCA in. buiuu unut'i me new purines i was 31 years. Payments to policyholders and beneficiaries totaled S35.21 9.000. Cf this amount, $13,081,000 death claims, and the remainder, including dividends, was paid to living i policyholders and annuitants, fne 1941 scale of dividends will be maintained for the full year 1942.

Mortality experience was the most favorable in the company's history, being 43 percent of the expected on the net amount at risk, compared with an average of 49 percent for the past five years. It is significant that policies terminated in advance of maturity, by surrender or lapse, amounted to only 2.31 percent of the mean amount of insurance in force during 1941. an extremely low level and only about one-third of that in 1932. Assets increased $34,261,000 during the year, to a new total of Liabilities amounted to of which 93 percent were reserves required by law for policies and income contracts. Unas-signed surplus funds were exclusive of $8,850,000 voted for dividends in 1942 and $3,000,000 set up as a special real estate and mortgage fund.

"Conditions affecting securities in general have required constant! work as the mother Walter Pidgeon is strong and fine Barry Fitzgerald is another of the players who will remember "How Green Was My Family" as among his greatest pictures. "Niagara Falls," associate film, is a romantic comedy, and the title comes from the fact that the picture opens with a near suicide, which is prevented by a passing peanut vendor. It ends when the peanut AMUSEMENTS V- Yr HORNBLOWER! WEEKS I Established iSSS 6o Congress Street I i BUS 1 U.N 'Vembnt New York. Boston, Chicago, i Cleveland, Philadelphia and I Detroit Stock Exchange i BOSTON New England Trust Co. Officers for the Year Are Announced The directors oi the New England Trust Company at a meeting held today elected the following officers for the ensuing year.

Roger Pierce, Leon M. Little, Stanley A. Lawry, George K. Wein, Thomas G. Brown, Myles Standish vice presidents; William M.

Oliver, treasurer; Leo W. Huegle, secretary; Elliott R. Hedge, assistant vice president; Harold H. Wright, Carl R. faamuelson, Fletcher C.

Chamberiin, assistant treasurer-; Ju-sepn W. nyae, assistant secreiary; finest S. jonnson, auuitoi-; vaam L. tiertram, manager cusiouian uj-vision; A. Lawrence fiopKins, lJon- ald K.

Packard, associate iruii officers. C. Philip Johnson, trust officer; Maud H. Pratt, Albert H. Dalrymple, Cari B.

Nowell. Ailred h. How, assistant trust oflicers. Maynard L. Harris, real estate officer, Leonard F.

Knight, manager trust department vaults; Robert M. Decker, manager safe deposit vaults; Howard A. Potter, assistant manager safe deposit vaults. George R. Wein, manager Back Bay branch; Frederick W.

Huntington, assistant manager. Back Bay branch; Gerard B. Ladd, manager safe deposit vaults, Back Bay branch; Ellen L. Whitney, manager women's department, Back Bay branch. Dairy Markets With a iu at N.w ii-m and Chicago, i lie Iului buiter, cheese oliu liU! murKets wtie quiet, steady ana uu-cnangeci in price.

Loiai joouinK prices on butter, cheese and tollow: bU TtH Creamery, in tubs, scoring hinder tnan cxiras aaJi40'ac a pcuna, extras aa'jC exua fusts JB-U (3bc. Cnip- leis una prims nnr.ts -4UC. uuai id-noun (i4Jc. pound Mt.4K' I jvr-uiund noxts 44c. CiisaiLcd Cmesf rifcsri, twins iiibc a pound, duifies iiil uc, Voung rtmer-ia ii'iiaitic.

EtiGS Nearby, specials, hrown 37 lsW 38c a dozen, white a'jc; extras 37c, me-aiums Western, nenneiy. Drown 3ic. white firsts .53 J. wJOC. Local wnolesaie prices on outier.

cneese, gAftMell AT1P.M, i analysis and an appraisal of trends ,1 1 LJ more intensive and searching than'LCndCn Market HaS I I 1 1 1 1 a 1 WS 1 "The Mad Doctor of Market Street" "Death at a Broadcast" "The Mad Doctor of Market Street" by Al Martin. Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Universal filra. The cast: Graham Atwtn Aunt Margaret Merkel Fed Nat PenoUeton Patricia Claire Doid Jim Richard Caviea Mrs William Saunders Anne NaT William Saunders Kardy Aibnsnt Dwight John Barab Ray M.

I Elon Noble Johruon lanao Gal There is a real adventure program at the Trans-Lux Theatre thii week, headed by a wild tale of ex. citement, murder and insanity which is enlivened by hilarious comedy. For "The Mad Doctor of Market Street" has as many laughs as it has thrills as many say mo. ments as near tragedies. Una MerkeL as Aunt Margaret: Lionel Atwill.

as the mad scientist; Claire Dodd. a prettv girl: Richard Davies. a steward and Nat Pendleton, a prize fighter, are shipwrecked on a South Sea island, and thereafter all kinds of things happen to them. The superstitious native tribe is ways a inreai to tne safety of the visitors, whether they are friendly or inimical, and it takes a last minute rescue plane to take the leading characters off the Island ahead of the fate promised them by the annoyed savages Death at a Broadcast" has a nm twist, since murder is committed that can be heard by a million people but no one was present to identify the man who did the deed. Ivan Hunter plays the role of In- spector Gregory, master sleuth; and in the cast ar Austin Trevor.

Nat Pendleton and Mary Newlard. vendor, overcome with the sad story tcld him by the would-be suicide. 'pushes the unhappy man over Ni- aeara Falls. Of course it's all in fun, with Margaret Roach, Tom Brown. Zasu Pitts and Slim Sum merville as the leading players.

M. L. A. AMUSEMENTS a gawa fJPa. sws a itiris: songs: cotor: a a nwanni mhiTifi nry Paramount Klcturs Rosalind Russell Walter Pidgion "DESIGN FOR SCANDAL" ta canoiF lanois caoet girl" HYDE PARK Hyd.

1234 FHRMnilNT I HYnC pier "yd. r.iiiiii i iiiukimin 1411 GEORGE BRENT "International Lady" Beyer-Sellavan "Aptiointiiif-t for lew' Cary Grant-K. Mtpbera "BRINGING UP BABY" Kane Riehnond-P Moor 'DOUBLE CROSS Jam. Plain Egleston Sq. JAMAICA End.

4800 M. Carrgll-S. Naydea "BAHAMA PASSAGE" E. G. Roblnsn-E.

Arnold "UNHOLY PARTNERS" EGLESTON 7123 Georao Hons Brant MaaseY "International Lady'' Robert Young 'MARRIED BACHELOR' MATTAPAN ORIENTAL Mat. 1.45. trt. 7:45 e. 12S0 "DESIGN FOR SCANDAL" Lloyd Nolan-Pris.

Lane "Blaes Is the 1 Sat. RooneyGarlane "BABES ON BROADWAY NAT1CK COLONIAL Mat. 2. Ee. 7:45 Natick 1700 FREDRIC MARCH MARTHA SCOTT "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN" Jlwwy Daranr "YOU'RE IN THE APMY NeedhamWest Newton NEE.

SlPPPtll a IB IsionccunAiri nesi newua354o "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN" SSi, "RISE AND SHINE" ot ROSLINDALE and ioliow: BUI itR Creamery, in tubs, sconnc portion Of premium income Will hlsjnrr tnan extras 3aa'4 OB 36 a pounu, invested in these exuas extra iiisls 3435c. 10 De lnveslea 1 ese not minted. issues. Chtt-st-Fresh, twins 2525'ic a Notwithstanding the reinvestment ever before, which is reflected in; changes in the company investment portfolio," Mr. Smith reported.

Holdings of government bonds in creased over $10,000,000 to a total rn nt rvnn qhH ctihcintisil nm cent to 22.3 percent of total assets. Holdings of railroad bonds were strengthened by certain replacements and additional purchase of strong underlying issues. Mortgage loans, on commercial and residential urban properties, increased $3,098,000 to a tptal of $48,367,000. Real estate holdings, exclusive of Niaby. specials, brown 32 'ic g00(j public utility bonds, holdings a cliiin, mediums 31c, other grades not Tf 1H frnm 99 1 iwr.

quoted, western, hennery, brown inis neia increasea rrom Z.l per- Award Pay Raise to Aluminum Workers in South WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 (AP) The National War Labor Board today narrowed the differential between wage scales in Northern and Southern plants of the Aluminum Company of America by granting C. I. O.

workers in two Southern plants a 7-cent hourly minimum wage increase. The decision, of vital importance to virtually every Southern industry because it sets a precedent to govern future board actions on altering the accepted lower standard for Southern -workers, was on a split vote, 7 to 4. The four board members repre senting employers signed a dissent By another split vote the board granted higher pay for night shift workers at Alcoa's new Kensington, plant. It gave a 3-cent hourly premium for the shift (3 to 11 p. and a o-cent increase ionne shift (11 p.

m. to 7 a. Wayne L. Morse, who wrote the majority opinion in the North-aouth I aspect of the long-fought Alcoa dis-'pute, wrote the dissent on the night shift question, holding tne nignt bonus should be higher as a "work incentive," essential to round-the-clock war time production. He was joined by the labor members, making the board tally, 7 to 5.

Five plants and 18,925 workers were involved in the North-South dispute, a holdover from the old National Defense Mediation Board. Senate Groups Seek End of Profiteering WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 (AP) Two Senate committees looked to day for ways to knock profiteering out oi the war production program. Responding to a request from Donald M.

Nelson, director of the War Production Board, the Senate Defense Investigating committee called Douglas C. MacKeachie, W. P. B. director of purchases, to testify on what steps have been taken to carry out the committee's recommendations for an agency to review defense contracts.

At the same time Chairman Walsh, of Massachusetts, called the Senate Naval committee together to pass on his proposal that contractors who defraud the government in war time be punished by loss of citizen ship, like Army or Navy deserters. One approach under cons deration by the committee, Walsh said, was a proposal by Senator Byrd, Dem. of Virginia, that contractors be limited 1 iu a percentage ox ineir capuai ln vestment, rather than a percentage of the contract involved. Chairman Truman, of Missouri of the Senate Defense Investigating committee said he favored establishment of an independent auditing agency, responsible only to the President, Congress or the Comptroller General, to make a continuing check on performance of war contracts and profits made under them, so that contracts might be reopened and revised if profits were excessive or performance inferior. Truman said the committee also wished to learn from MacKeachie how Nelson's announced restrictions 1 on use of dollar-a-year men in the war program had worked.

He added that he believed a number of the dollar-a-year officials had been "sent home because of certain financial and political activities." Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Income Gained WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (AP) The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reported today that it had $62,043,573 income against $5,840,478 losses and expenses last year. As in every other year since the corporation was formed in 1934.

all expenses and losses were covered by income from investments, leaving all assessments against banks to be laid aside in the surplus fund. At the end of 1941, the corporation's surplus totaled $264,199,902. Last year's income included from bank assessments and $10,647,519 from investments. Expenses included $3,695,216 for ad ministrative expenses and $2,145,262 losses on closed or merged banks. During the year, 15 banks re ceived aid from the corporation in connection witn eitner a closing or merger.

Steel Ingot Rate High Despite Scrap Shortage CLEVELAND, Feb. 12 (AP) Despite reported scrap shortages at most steel producing centers, the ingot rate currently is 98.2 percent of capacity, third highest weekly production mark in history, Daily Metal Trade says today. Ingot operations so far this year were reported to average 96.3 percent weekly, compared with 96.5 for all 1941. "These figures seem to bear out the assumption that steel makers, by one means-or another, have been able to offset whatever raw material shortages have been encountered," the trade publication said. "Charges in some quarters that the scrap industry is not cooperating to fullest extent in supplying mills with necessary materials simply are not borne out by the facts and figures.

"Considering the great drain on scrap supplies since 1938, it is little wonder difficulty now is being encountered in bringing out larger tonnages." Boston Fish Receipts Three draggers and 14 small boats arrived at the Fish Pier today with 274.600 pounds of assorted varieties of ground fish. i Fares included 84,000 pounds ofj haddock. 44,000 pounds of scrod, 000 pounds of large cod, 10,700 pounds of market cod and the rest mixed. Wholesale dealers quoted 15 to 16' cents a pound for large cod, 124 toj 13i for market cod, 14 to 15 fori haddock, 12 to 13 for haddock scrod, 13 to 14 for pollock and hake. 11 to 12 for cusk and gray sole, 10 to 15 for flounders, 6Vi to IV for redfishj and 114 to 1234 for catfish.

Ground fish arrivals: Draggers, from Browns Bank, Babe Sears. 91.500 pounds; Maris Stella. 68.500; from South Gloucester, 67.000. i Fourteen small boats from off shore wiia pounas. Commercial Notes California asparagus has reappeared at big market stalls at $1.10 Sl-25 a large bunch.

New York Cocoa Exchange has voted to close Saturday, Feb. 21, the day before Washington's Birthday. Poultrymen and dairymen can make good use of wheat for feed, according to government agencies. By so doing feed costs can be NEW FILMS FINE ARTS Sins of Bair "She Devil Island" "She Devil Island." an all-Mexi can picture, with English-Spanish cialoguo. The cast: Maria Ciena Carmen Guerrero RogeJio.

Martinez Ca'ado Gonzalo PeraJta Adolfo C.ron Carmen Beatrix Ramon Chantol Lucy DeUado Indalacio Gmo Calles Eduardo Pedro Armendariz "Sins of Bali" at the Fine Arts Theatre is the dressed-up title of a former feature at the same theatre! which was known before as "Wajan, Son of a witch." 'mis is a reany fascinating story of Balinese cus toms, traditions and manners, with plenty of Balinese dancing and re ligious rites to make tne story more exotic. The new picture on the program is called "She Devil Island and was made in Mexico. It is what might be called a Class adventure film were it produced in Hollywood. Surely there were never more hair-raising adventures, such plots and counter plots, and, for good measure, an island inhabited wholly by beautiful Amazons clothed in ropes of pearls, who carry handsome feathered spears as weapons. A proud Princess, who is cap tured by a band oi bad peari poachers, is finally rescued by the hero and his courageous group of seafarers.

With the pearls given him as a reward Rogelio returns to his home and pays for an operation which will save the sight of the girl he loves, who had jilted him but repented of her misdeeds. Most of his pals remain on the island to make the lot of the Amazon beauties a little less lonely. A hrdeous mummy covered with pearls has an important part in the astounding tale, and a couple of sailors and their dog swim to shore in one of the final episodes, thus rescuing the captured hero. It is not explained how the two men carried a whole arsenal of guns with them. "La Bamba," a rather passionate Mexican version of the rhumba as known in northern night clubs, is interpreted by Emilio and Amparo.

M. L. A. KEITH MEMORIAL "How Green Was My Valley" "Niagara Falls" "How Green Was My Valley." by Phillip Dunne, based on novel by Richard Llewellyn. Directed by John Ford.

20th Century-Fox film. The cast: Mr. Gruffydd Walter Pidgeon Aneharad Maureen O'Hara Mr. Morgan Donald Crisp Bronwen Anna lee Huw Roddy McDowall Iauto John Loner Mrs. Morgan Cyfartha Ivor Welsh Singers Mr Jonas Mr Parry Ceinwen nr.

Richards Sara Allgood Barry Fitzgerald Patri'- Knowles Themselves Morton I.owrv Arthur Shields Ann Todd Frederick Wnrloek Richard Ftaser Evan S. Evans James Monks Rhys Williams inwilym dwen uavy Del Bande. John Ford, lost to the films during the "duration" because of his duties in Washington, is a maker of artistic, beautiful and memorable motion pictures. Famous in Hollywod, winner of various Academy awards and prizes for his productions, he has achieved a farewell picture that has been mentioned as the best film of the year. The bettrm? in film circles is that it will top "Sergeant for the coveted Academy "Oscar." There is a wealth of characterization and colorful detail in the Richard Llewellyn novel of Welsh life from which "How Green Was My Valley" was adapted.

This is an unforgettable cinema masterpiece and if you don't see the picture you will miss one of the film events of the decade. There are no great box office stars in the cast but there are a dozen fine portrayals, with that of little Roddy McDowall, English refugee child, as the most outstanding. The plot is not closely knit-there is no melodramatic climax but there is honesty of story, thrilling romance in which real life is used as the pattern, and a plethora of human interest happenings. One leaves the, AMUSEMENTS Arlington Charlestown AALDCnCMT.TUnftiDCnu Cft I 1197 F. Ungford-K.

Murray "SWING IT SOLDIER" I "TWO IN A TAXI" i Oinntrwars to Ladies Hedy Lamarr-R. Youna 'H. M. PULHAM. Ilona Mauey-B.

Banat "NEW WINE" Back BayKenmore Sq. BAY MIllAND-WENDY BARRIE "Wings Over Honolulu" ERR0L FLYNN-JOAN BLONDELL "THE PERFECT SPECIMEN" Braintree So. Weymouth I i A iTiJ.l Mt DEANNA DURBIN CHARLES LAUGHTON "It Startas With En" "OUR WIFE" Bob Hope Pauletta Goddard 'Nothing But tlw Truth' "Moonlight in Hawaii" BROOKLINE i iwtcr wor chulu tuXKn i BROOKLINE VILLAGE i 3Jsrfr WfcDRIC MARCH MARTHA iCOTT ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN CAMBRIDGE M.CHF00TIHEAES SCOTT Dorchester Somerville CCN.I W. Garian-Jina Clyde I "Sealed Lips" "BR. CELEBRITY" Irena Dannt-Cary Grant 'Penny Saranade' Baty Sandy "Bachelor Daddy" Dlnnerware ts Ladies EVERETT "RROB TOWN" 3:17 7:00 9:32 "Sis Another Chores" 2:06 8:20 Bet Hose-P.

Goddard 'Nothing hat the Troth' 'Blende Froaj Slafaser' Bolero Blousa Wart LEXINGTON "SHADOW OF THE THIN BRAN' MYRNA LOY-WILLIAM POWELL "SWING IT. SOLDIER" FRANCES LANGFORD MALDEN AUDITORIUM FREDRIC MARCH MARTHA SCOTT "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN" "DUMBO" (Hald Ovbp by Popular fUautit) wniie 'at nnt mintprt (irsts 304C, other grades, The liostcn Fruit and Produce Ex-chano reported local receipts ot butler a 1773 tubs and eggs as 368 cakes. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO. Feb. 12 (AP) Hogs 15.000; direct to packers 80oO; total 23.000.

Market s'paitv to 15c lower, mostly 5fi10c off; $12 80; bulk iHo to 2.0 pounds $12 12.75; most 270 to butchers 12.05; good 160 to I Wheat Firmer at Winnipeg Trading Slow Broken Only by Export Business WINNIPEG. Feb. 12 (AP) In slow trading broken only by export business which reflected slightly in the pit. wheat futures closed on the Winnipeg Grain Exchange today higher. May at 80 cents a bushel and July at 81 bid.

An undisclosed volume of export business was reported with a cargo worked presumably to a Central American country. This business was reflected in the wheat rit where it was noted about half the total bushels taken out were attributed to shippers and the balance to mills and locafs. Trade thinned out as the session continued and the pit was deserved for long periods. In the cash wheat pit oniy oaa carlots of lower grades for all rail shipment east were reported in transactions. There was routins trading in oats.

Purchases were made by eastern and mills. Flax had minor crusher supcort and only scattered routine trades were reported in bar ley. Rye was ma ve. Feb 12 Feb 11 Wheat: May July Oats: May July Oct Kieh .50 '4 A'i3 Low .50 .48 A1H .80 .79 .47 'b .50 .49 .37 4 .64 .60 4 Mo juy Oct Earley: May cc itxsecd: v.lay uiy cci .60 l.Wa 1.63''4b 1.63 1.62 Tab 1.03 1.63 1.63',i Construction Awards Lower for Week NEW YORK. Feb.

12 (AP) Engineering construction awards this week totaled $104,893,000, a decreas of 35 percent from the previous week. Engineering News Record said today. The total, however, exceeded the $100,000,000 level for the fourth successive week. The magazine reported that construction contracts in January, amounting to $628,780,000, had broken all previous marks for that month. After a slow start, awards turned sharply upward in the half of the month under the stimulus of new defense construction contracts.

Awards for the latest week compared as follows: Latest wk Prev wk Year ago 5 daysi (5days (4 daysl Private. 21,647,000 20,408.000 State. mun 11,801.000 9,543.000 14.701.000 Federal 85. 149.000 129,900.003 61,237,003 Total $104,893,000 161,090,000 96,346. OW Rally Following Sharp Sell Off LONDON.

Feb. 12 (AP) A late rally in the securities market eliminated or pared sharp early! losses. Despite the wide turnover dwindled while the market! tried to adjust itself to the anticipated fall of Singapore. The morning mark downs were especially severe in shipping, rubber and department store issues. Australian mining stocks were also on offer.

Carloadings Off 31,507 in Week WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 (AP) The Association of American Railroads reported today that 784.060 cars of revenue freight were loaded during the week ending last Saturday. This was a decrease of 31,507 or 3.9 percent, compared with the preceding week; an increase of 73.861 cars, or 10.4 percent, compared with a year ago, and an increase of 156.631 cars, or 25.0 percent, compared with 1940. Money and Exchange Local mcney rates and Clearing House figures follow: Call money percent Time loans, short dates 1 1 percent Time loans, six months l'-a percent Time loans, year 1 Vj percent Commercial paper 1 percent Boston clearings $60,000,000 Boston balances 23,000.

H00 Local posted foreign exchange rates, involving transactions of $10,000 or more, were nominal because no rates were issued in New York. Local rates follow: Cables Sterling (demand) $4.04 Francs (Swiss) 23.32 Kronor (Sweden) .23.85 Pesetas (Snain) 09.20 Peso (Mexico) 20.70 Dollars (B A) paper 23.63 Milreis (Rio de Jan) 05.20 India 30.36 Canadian .11 WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 (API Position of the Treasury Feb. 10: Receipts.

$33 682.592: expenditures. $85,642,552: net balance. $2,936,933,859. including working balance. Customs receipts for the month.

$8,842,960. Receipts for the fiscal year (starting Jan. 1). expenditures, S15. excess of expenditures, $10,045,324,051: gross debt.

SH0.439.529,-263, an increase of S59.486.361 over the previous day; gold assets. $22,740,377,183. Gold and Silver NEW YORK. Feb. 12 The local silver market was nominal today.

Foreign silver was quoted at 35635ic an ounce and domestic at 70fc. At London, bar silver was 23'id and bar gold 168 shillings. WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 The treasury today reported its gold assets Feb.

10 were S22.740.377, 183. or $156,250 more than reported for Feb. S. On the corresponding day last year old assets were 07.896, or $614,269,287 less than this year. Asked to Use Less American Grown Cotton LONDON.

Feb. 12 (AP) Textile quarters reported today that British cotton controller Frank Piatt had asked spinners to be economical in their use of American cotton. Piatt in a letter suggested that a greater percentage of cotton other than American-grown be used, such as Indian. Brazilian and West African staple. Trade circles felt the controller's request did not indicate an actual or impending shortage of American cotton: instead they suggested there were political as well as economic reasons for boosting Lancashire's consumption of cotton from countries whose growers now are without access to their usual export markets.

Canadian Newsprint Shipments Increase MONTREAL. Feb. 12 (Canadian Press) Canadian newsprint mills operated at 84.4 percent of capacity in January to produce 311,904 tons, an increase of 19.4 percent over the like period a year ago. Shipments totaled 291.998 tons, a gain of 20 percent. United States production was off 5 percent at tons, and Newfoundland's output fell 113 percent.

Shipments in both countries were lower by the same proportions. Canadian shipments to the United States rose 34 percent and to domestic customers 21.3 percent; those to overseas customers fell 54.1 percent with a total oi 16,820 tons, compared with 35.495 in December and 36,659 a year ago. tne home office property, amount to toc on, nhn fK i The total real estate ac- ouncl lmhts S12.25 12.75; most Jbu 01 S3d.lU3.UUU IS less BIQ HITS 2 theatre feeling as if a true picture of Wales has been unrolled on the screen, not a Hollywood-born piece of "play acting." It is this particular quality which has characterized previous Ford productions, and in vhich lies his secret as a master workman. The musical background and the various song interpolations bring drama to the story but are also gratifyingly authentic. It is true that the singers are from the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, but in their mining costumes they look as if they had never even dreamed of any couatry apart from their native Wales.

Their songs have a heart warming note. No one plot runs through the entire film, as a motivation. Yet there are many powerful pictures or me in a weisn xown. a scene that is poignant and bitter concerns the sending of young Huw to the district school where he is tortured i by cruel children and beaten by the I most insufferable schoolmaster of all times. One can not blame over; enthusiastic audiences for bursting! into applause when this sadistic creature meets physical I punishment for his mistreatment of Huw.

i Angharad, played admirably by Maureen O'Hara, vainly loves Pastor Gruffyd (Walter Pidgeon) and her marriage to the well to do squire's son is a social triumph but a heartfelt tragedy for the sensitive girl. Black sorrow comes to the Morgan clan when the father meets his death in a flooded mine. Sara Allgood, i mother of splendid sons, must take one blow of fortune after but her courage and her faith seldom falter. Huw rescues his mother the night she dares the miners to harm her husband, as one of his early experiences. He; also falls in love with a pretty sister-in-law.

Later he joins his' father and brothers as a worker in the mine that spreads its sooty and baneful influence over the green valleys- of Wales. The story has been skillfully di-l rected, but the reason why the; picture is considered worthy of an Academy award is that it touches! the heart of the people. The drama is no "made up" tale, but a pano- ramie glimpse of the small joys, the unmeasurable needs, the many griefs of a whole countryside. It is a story cf life that is no more in I that respect the appeal is nostalgic but it is also a drama of people in every community. Sara Allgood is alreadv snoken i of for an Academy prize for her AMUSEMENTS MALDEN (Continued) M.

Rooney-J. Garl'd The Fightino Anracs 40.000 HORSEMEN" EAST SIDE KIDS "Spooks Res Wild" Fret Awards Tonight Babes on Br'dway L. Btrl "Perfect Snob" CLAUDETTE COLBERT i Stanwyck-Henry Fonda "Remenoor the Day" 'YOU BELONG TO ME' Ronald Regan "Nino I Roi. Retitll-Don Ameche Llm Are Not Enoagh" I 'FEMININE TOUCH" MALDEN MEDFORD M. Sellaran-C.

8oyer "Apoointment for Lor" NAVAL ACADEMY" Free Awards Fri. Era. BETTE DAVIS "THE LITTLE FOXES" CHARLES BICKFORD "BURMA CONVOY" GARY COOPER 'Sergeant York" MARCH OF TIME I. Denno-R. Montgomery "Unfinished Bosineu" "3 Girls Abo.t Town" Bolero China QU1NCY Flron-O.

DeHavllland "They Died With Their I Boots On" Zars Pitts "Miss Polly" Laos Velez-Leoa Err I 'Meiiean Spitfire's Baby' "PUBLIC ENEMIES" Stags Show Tonight REVERE BQULEVARD-nCVgRC REV. 3400 RflTM Tufcaf cct.1 BfUtQ Madeleine Carroll "BAHAMA PASSAGE" Robert rait on "NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th" SOMERVILLE "NAVAL ACADEMY" FREDDIE BARTHOLOMEW "THE STORK PAYS OFF" ROCHELLE HUDSON-MARIE R0SENBLO0N SOUTH BOSTON E. G. Robinson-L. Bay I "UNHOLY PARTNERS" Johnny Downos-J.

Fraiee ting Another Chores" 1 Ilona Massey-GtS. Brent "International Lady" Richard Arjn-A. Deeine 'Mea of the Tiaherlands' Watertown Waverley Betty Grable-V Mat era "I WAKE UP SCREAMING" "Sing tor Year Sensor" Coo. Brent-I. Ratbbona "International Lady" "Sing for Year Segnor' G.

Rogers-Em Ardea Winchester -Watertown HIMCH ESTER WATERTOWN "Agnsintment for Late" Chas. Btyor-M. Sallatas "New Clio a Sector an Eaa Break" W.C.Floids Irene Dtniw-C. Beyer "LOVE AFFAIR" R. KMior-tuie Melsoa "Sweetheart si Cam gas" Rllfl-nniiTiH 1 1 751 1 2.25.

Cattle 5000; calves 700. Weak market on fed Meers and yearlings: few leads choice offerings about steady, hut bulk weak to shade lower at 13 50; early loo S14 40 on yearlinKs; heifers steady, best cutters and common beef cows firm fit $3.50 down; bulls barely steady to $10 25 down; vealers firm at $1214; choic to $15. Sheep 1O.OO0: none to packers. Late Wednesday: Fat lambs about steady: small lots strictly choice handyweights $12.35: bulk good and choice 90 to 100 pounds SI 2 12.25. Today's trade: Very little trading; most early bids on fat lambs weak to unevenly lower; holding fully sieadv at $2125 upward: two doubles choice fed range ewes steady at $6.90.

White Succeeds Willard as Hoard Chairman of the II. P. Railroad ROCHESTER, N. Feb. 12 (AP) Roy B.

White, president of the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company, was elected chairman of the board of the Buffalo. Rochester 4c Pittsburg Railway Company at a directors' meeting today. White succeeds Daniel Willard, who declined reelection. White succeeded Willard as president of the B. O.

last June. Following a luncheon given by William T. Noonan, president of the B. R. White planned to leave on an inspection of the railroad's line between here and Buffalo.

Tomorrow he will leave Buffalo to inspect the line to Pittsburg. Bank of England LONDON, Feb. 12 (AP) The Bank of England state for week ended Feb. 11 recorded an increase in note circulation of more than 3,000.000. The bank's reserve decreased almost a similar amount, and private deposits were also reduced 5.390,000.

The proportion of the bank's reserve to liabilities this week stood at 16.3 percent, compared with 15.4 the like date last year. The detailed statement tin thousands of pounds) follows: Inc. for wk 3.113 67 3.047 2.B48 5.390 285 238 17.6 Feb. 11 Circulation 149.525 Bullion 67 Reserve 31.122 Piibitc derxxsits 10.197 Private deposits 1B0.5S3 Government securities. 143.183 Other securities 29.416 Ration of res.

to liab, 16.3 Decrease. Local Wool Market According to the Agricultural Marketing Service the local wool marlrt i'iac cnprnllv rmift f)f- casional inquiries were received fori aft afRft, Stars: 2i RIT1 Rabert Prwlos MtrttTi 0 Drltll A 1 aT I asswaaiwasnwasssasinssnoMO- Bl'MPHREY BOGART "ALL THRU THE NIGHT" JOEL MrCBEA VEROVIC4 I A KE "SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS" CLEVELAND CIRCLE CIRCLE Lon. 4040 Mat. 1:45. Ere.

8 Parking "dasy "Design For Scandal" L. Velei "Meiiean Sjltlire nt Sea" Lean Errol Tom "Bahama Passage" "The Nita of Jan. 16" ALLSTON CAPITOL Mat. 1:43. Ere.

7:43 Free Parking Errol Flynn Olivia Do Hayilland "THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS OH" Jeffrey Lvnn "BODY DISAPPEARS" Friday Mickey Rooney la "Baoos oa Broadway" ALLSTON ROXBURY Sta. 3 ALLSTON CRITERION 44H C. Grant-loan Fontaine "SUSPICION" Hopalong Cassidy "Stick to Vr 6 en" Katharin Hepburn Cary Grant 'BRINGING UP BABY" "MERCY ISLAND" Arlington Waltham Arl. 4340 CAPITOL EMBASSY 3840 Walter Pidaaon "Design for Scondal" Priseilla Lena "Bls In the N'jht" Walter Hasten "SWAMP WATER" MerleOaonm-A. Marshall "LY PI BRIGHTON NEWTON Egyptian-lO A 7:45 E.

G. Rohlnson-E. Arnold "UNHOLY PARTNERS" Root. Yoen.Rsth Heswy MARRIE0 BACHELOR' Sat. 'Bahama Pasiag' Paramsant 2 A 8 Merle Oboron-A.

Marshall "LYDIA" "Ves'rs la the Army" CAMBRIDGE Central Sq. nut. 2 Irs. 7900 Ere. 8 W.

Pidgten-R. Ressell "Design for Scandal" logo Velu-Laan Errol 'Meikan SpUiirs st Sea' HARVARD Mat. 2 Kir. 4663 Ei. 8 S.

Ross-W. landlgaa "Sailors oa Lcaa" R. RiS'ell-Doe A emtio "Tb feaiiaino Tosck" CHELSEA olympia 'Unholy Partners' "ONE FOOT IN DORCHESTER oCODMAH FRANKLIN Tal. 5900 M. PULHAM, ES3." Jimaiy Darante "YOU'RE IN TNE ARMY NOW" STirti "Th.y Qitd VHth Ttf Botl STRAND Mat.

Erg. 7:45 CeL 2000 FOR SCANDAL" JZ Lloyd letas-Pris. lane "Bleat Is the Right" Sat Roecroy.fcjrlaee IABES BN BROADWAY" 7T U-C 2 than last year. Bank Clearings 03 From Previous Week NEW YORK. Feb.

12 (AP) Bank clearings in the week ended Feb. 11 fell sharply below those of the previous week but were well ahead of the comparable 1941 period, which included the Lincoln's Birthday holiday, Dun Bradstreet reported today. The total last week for 23 leading cities was $5,963,420,000, compared with $7,249,209,000 in the preceding week and $4,374,630,000 a year earlier. The drop under the preceding week was 17.7 percent and the gain over 1941 was 31.4 percent. Detroit headed the list of gains over 1941 with a rise of 76.4 percent, followed by Dallas with 68.8 percent.

Seattle 68.5 percent, Omaha 67.4 percent and Buffalo 66.7 percent Chicago clearings of $351,800,000 were 42.9 percent ahead of the reported a year earlier. Earnings Alaska Parkers Association 1941 net profit $977,086, or $17.07 a share: previous year $128,144. or $2 20 a share. About 8a percent of the capital stock is owned by the California Packing Corporation. Abritos Corporation 1941 net income $746,880, or $1.24 a share; previous year $724,854.

or $1.21 a share. I. Case fiscal year ended Oct. 31 net income previous year Columbia Broadcasting System fiscal year ended Jan. 3 estimated consolidated net earnings j4.kih.uoo or $2.80 a share previous year $5,006,600 or $2.91 a share.

nixie-Home Mores 1941 net income Shl.J4 cr $1.05 a share; previous year sjdj.oj or ai.uB a snare. Donnarona Paper 1941 net income $104. 656 or 28c a share on Class A and shares; previous year $129,640 or 34c on comoinea snares. Georgia Power (preliminary i 1941 net income $5,366,355: previous year S4.563. 124.

Company is a Commonwealth and Southern subsidiary. Crest Northern Railway (preliminary 1941 net income, $16,785,159. a gain of $6,576,965 as compared with net lor 1940. Hotel Waldorf-Astoria 1941 net loss before debenture interest. $772,902, as compared with a loss of $603,549 in 1940.

Leath Co. 1941 net income, $237,373 or a common share after preferred dividends. Pittsburt Coal 1941 net profit previous year $1,255,893. These two years were tne only instances in 20 years except profit isj- wrucri the company reported s. Cleveland's Industry Working at Capacity CLEVELAND.

Feb. 12 (AP) Only 14 of 165 small industries surveyed here are working at capacity on war orders. This was disclosed today by the f1 at'ol ti rA rKTKo mama jnfiir un, lsa itc of ICE 3 fine domestic wools, but actual sales1- were limited to small quantities I jmifpn Part nf npHrl tr niorc nut storks on hand iillvU 1 ill I VI Prices were firm and unchanged. There was some demand for good top making 64-TOs Australian wools at $1.0391.07 a pound scoured basis, including duty. More Canadian Wheat for Feed This Year OTTAWA, Feb.

12 (Canadian Press The Dominion Bureau of Statistics predicted today Marg Sellaren-Beyer Cary II 01 nM "Appointmort for lese" Grant JUgrlUIUfl Gee. Brent. liens Massey R. A. F.

la Vh-d Actios "Intemotliwal lady" Tarot for Ton'ghf" ROXBURY IV RIYOLI WARREN Rosalind Russell Gary Ceoser "Lreee "Design for Scaneal'' a Bengal LaMOf' Priseilla Lane Eddie Aiaert-Jooa l' "Blew in "THIEVES FAIL BU1 SOMERVILLE 7iH6 CENTRAL STRAND Iraae Bonn Deanna Berbi Robert MontesoMry "It Started With "Ijntaiskod Basieoss" "DR. NIL0ARES "Sailer oa Lae'' wEODIht DAY" initinn nf nartc unr? matArialc iinHor bushels of Canadian wheat would be used for livestock feed the 1941- 42 crop year, as against the preceding year. Republic Steel Dividend CLEVELAND. Feb. 12 (AP) Republic Steel Corporation declared a SO-cent dividend on the common stock, payable April 2 to holders of Jlarch 9.

Chain Store Sales January sales, a reported by chain lores, compare with thoae lot the like Ml month, as follows; 1942 1941 iO.UUU.UUU war subcontracts. Only 27 said they were operating at capacity, but 13 of these are not engaged wholly in war work. The 14 industries working at capacity on war orders only average 18 hours daily, 6.1 days a week. Three plants at 97 percent of capacity in war production are working 11.3 hours a day, 5.3 days a week, the chamber reported. Of the 165 firms surveyed 114 re- nrirtpH more than 50 rxrcpnt of nm.

Action for war. CAPITOL BALL Sa.7 Touch" Itens Maisoy "INTERNATIONAL LADY" Starts H. Pelhaau Ltsurr IS aal6 IJncoia Storei Rom's Stores.

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