Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1891
Page 5
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sw?* FOR SALE AT The Grand Bazaar. FREE READING ROOM, -Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street "Welcome to All. ^ONEYJOLOAN, aj u,;. iiouo> ui-*ti>*- in');ttul. Nore^tapeor •*y I:H6TG»'t mid pvmo^vt*! yeyaWe lo Logi p.iri- BpffcinJ »*rTf«i£j«m!ttuti j tK to payment o: p'inolpfciandintei-eet, made to suit the wlaheiof 0 TI-O*OV. For iarth&r particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Satm'diiys, 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. Dally Journal. M O IN- E Y , General Xnenrane* aud J.oiiU**. till irlndf. or In- •ttranoe plaowi in ttrtft daft* comirfiuifett. Endowment, potto lee t?nraftbfJ>(J» Hondfl of <rarHt>Pi written for parties holding po«iti*-iiH of tmin A bond IB nMicirt>d. FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 27. 3 IV P'EARl, ST. S. :M. C Toss o n . DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. OKE NIGHT ONLY. Saturday, March 28tli. The Legitimate Irish Comedian. TheMerrjIMonarcl] of Genuine Irish Fun. J.S, MURPHY Supported by a big company of Comedians, Vocalists and Dancers, presenting ilie Romantic and Comedy-Drama, INSHAVOGUE Great Comedians!. Great Vocalists! Great Dancers! M!SS ; ;tOTTIE WINNETT, Tfie Queen or Soutireties. A Caseade of Real "Water! New Mnslq:. Jfc.iv Songs! ^Jfew Dances! '. "r B ICES 25, 50, .75 cents Seats on sale at Keesling's drug store. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE, ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, March 30. .' . . Remember the Date It will '.become Historical. Farewell Tour Of the Eminent Tragedian ;;-E-'6.U-I,S. JAMES And his superb company In A Magnificent Production Of Shakespeares thrilling tragedy OTH E LLO Costumes ana Scenery, Ricnanfl Accurate. Prices $1,00,75,50 and 25 cents. Sale of seats opens Saturday mornlngat Keesling's. Q OPERA HOUSE, O INDIANAPOLIS. .SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT Of THE WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, ' WED'SDAY EVENING RERNHARDT! IN VICTOREAN SARDOU'S TWO-GREATEST PLAYS, , APRIL 14, "FEDORA" „. ,. APRIL 15, "LA TOSCA" Presented with tho same Great Company and the turn • '•' Elaborate Sconoiy,Costumes and Properties - ' as werxi employed in New York. PRICES OF RESERVED SEATS: All Lower Floor, $3. All 2d Floor, $2. All 3d Floor, SI. Sale of Seats Begins MONDAY, APRIL Btli. ' Seats on be coeured by writing or telegraphing .' : .' :.-;, Dickton & Talbott, Indianapolii, Ind. 'SPECIAL- NOTICE.—Parties of ton or mors can iww» nducedratM. Apply to Local Agent . ] John Baata went to Indianapolis this morning. A gents shoe made to order for $3.50, at E. Winter's. The B. of L. E. will give a grand ball at the rink, May ]. The latest spring; styles in hats at the Bell clothing house. C. A. Clark departed this morning- for Dayton, 0., on a few days trip. Correct ideas in men's furnishing- good*, at Patterson's the Haberdasher. See those "very swagger" ideas in neckwear, at Patterson's, the Haher- d?.sher. Mrs. DeMotte, wife of Hon. Mark L DeMotte, died at her home in Valpari- so last week. Dress shirts, new neckwear and collars for Easter, at Patterson's, the Haherdasher. The annual ball of the B. of L. E. will be given at the rink on Friday evening May 1. The true fit is the best overall on the market. Try a pair, at the Bell clothing house. If you need clothing visit the Bell clothing house; no old chestnuts there, everything new. E. M. Bennett, who has been visiting 1 his brother, Supt. Bennett, returned to his home in Urbana yesterday. As I defy any one to detects its use; B. F, Keesilng sells "Blush of Roses" to nearly every young man in Logansport. 8— Richmond Telegram: Mrs. J. H. Rosenstock came down from Logansport last evening on a visit to relatives. Mrs. Watson; who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Patrick Fox, departed last evening for her home in Versailles, Ky. Mrs. J. W. Layne, of Royal Center, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. D Minthorn, who is recovering from a severe illness. Miss Carrie Thompson, who has been visiting the family of Postmaster Tomlinson, has returned to her home in Indianapolis. More handsome dress goods by express yesterday. The very latest can be found on our counters and in abundance.-—Bee Hive. Richmond Item: Mrs. Elsie Rosenstock, of Logansporb, is Gvisiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, and many friends in this city. It is proposed to hold the annual meeting of the National Association of Railway Surgeons at Fort Wayne instead of Buffalo, 3ST. Y. April 30 is the day of assembly. Some gorgeous displays of Easter foliage on spring "bounets"are being made in the millinery shop windows. All the colors of the rainbow and a few others are seen in the displays. Mrs. John Dunfeel died at her home in Shultztown last night at 10:15, aged 40 years. The deceased leaves a husband and five children. The funeral will be held from, the family residence this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Considering the bad weather, the Bee Hive was honored with quite a crowd yesterday buying the elegant zephyr ginghams and ladies silk un-' derwear. This sale .continues until Monday, when our great fire sale lakes place. Ft. Wayne Sentinel: Joseph A. Burner, formerly with the Randal barber shop, but who has been at Logansport for several months has taken, one of the chairs at the shop of Gloeckle & Browand, on Calhoun street, where he manipulates the razor in a truly artistic manner. JLIfe In a Big City, The other night a young man from Delphi entered the Murdock hotel and asked for a room. Bert Buuder, with his characteristic suavity pushed the register over to the expectant guest and asked him to register. The young man laboriously affixed his autograph ana "Delphi, Ind.,"to the page, and- followed the same with the number "23." Bert, considerably surprised at the mysterious figures asked what they were foi-. ''That is my age," said the young man with a self-satisfisd air. The clerk in all his experience had never before encountered such a guest, and it required a strong effort to control his amusement. When the young Delphian reached his room he exhibited much interest in the manner in which the electric light was turned on. On acknowledging his inability to comprehend the thing the porter obligingly inducted him into the mystery of ( the little thumb piece, but even then he was in doubt as to whether he could master the thing when alone, and turning to the porter said, "That's too much for me. You turn the light out and I will go to bed in the dark." And he did. Dodge the large One*. One of Indiana's bravest soldiers was General Sol Meredith, of Cambridge City, Wayne county, and many amusing anecdotes are told of him. He was Colonel of the Nineteenth Indiana at the Lewinsville skirmish, and noticing 1 that his men dodged every time a shell exploded over them as he rode along the line, he exhorted them to hold up their heads and act like men. Suddenly "an eighteen- pound shell burst within a few feet of him and he involuntarily ducked his head almost to the saddle while his horse squatted with fear. "Boys," he exclaimed as he raised up. "you may dodge the larger ones." A cheer and a laugh went over the entire line. Electric Bitters This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not :xisl and it Is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove all pimples, boils, salt rheum and other affections caused by impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation and indi-. gestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 50 cents and §1 per; bottle at B. F. Keesling d-ug store. 5 Money Coinliiir In. Indianapolis News: This morning's mail brought the State of Indiana a draft on the United States for $769,144,03, the amount returned to the State by the general Government. The money is to the State what bread is to a starving man. It goes into the general fund, which was about ex- lausted, and will be used in meeting current expenses. The draft, which ll be cashed at the Indianapolis National Bank, the Government depository here, is the largest ever presented in Indianapolis for payment. A Card. One of my would-be competitors to urther his own interest, has been tell- ng my customers that I do not make my trusks. If any one doubts my ability to make a trunk let them give me an order for one and remain in my workshop until the trunk is finished. The trunks I sell are all my own make ,s I can convince any one in need of a runk. M. C. WADE, Trunk Manufacturer. The. friends of Walter McClure who s killed -at Crawfordsville a few months ago will find a grim sort of atisfaction in the knowledge that a ury found Charles Coombs, his mur- .urer, guilty, and affixed his sentence at 21 years in the penitentiary. Young McClure was quite well known in Logansport society, and attended a swell arty here just a few nights before he was shot. It« .Excellent Qiialltie* :ommend to public approval the Cali- ornia liquid fruit remedy Syrup of 'igs. It is pleasing to the eye, and o the taste, and by gently acting on he kidneys, liver and bowels, it clean- es the system effectually, thereby romoting the health and comfort of all who use it. AMUSEMENTS. 'isli Urania Saturday Night—Shake- xpcarcau Truj>-e<ly Monday Nlirlif. —Good Attraction)*. The "Mother's Friend" ^Tot-only shortens labor and. lessons jain attending it, •but-"greatly dimin- shes the danger to iife of both mother ,nd child if used a few months before onfinement. Write to the Bradfield iilator Co., 'Atlanta, .Ga., for fur- her particulars. Sold by Ben. Fisher, rugist. to29 j Millinery. Just returned from Chicago with a omplete line of spring millinery, l and examine before buying, at 27 Market street. mar26d6t ADELIA BROWN. Of the thrilling Irish comedy-drama 'Inshavoge" to be presented by a capable company at Dolan's to-morrow night, the Brooklyn. N. Y., Eagle says: W. J. Floi-ence's romantic Irish comedy-drama, "Inshavogue," was presented last, evening before a crowded house. Imagination cannot conceive the magnificence of the production, New scenery of wealth and impressive grandeur, mechanical effects of astonishing ingenuity, elegant costumes, delightful singing, artistic dancing:, original music, all blended perfectly together, making a grand performance of an entirely interesting play. The company is a good one throughout. Miss Lottie VVinnett as a true Irish girl being worthy of special mention. LOUIS JAMES. Louis James is now the acknowledged "Othello" of the American stage and his appearance next Monday evening in this great role should call out one of the largest and most fashionable audiences of the season. An exchange says of "Othello," "Mr. Louis James thrilled his auditors at the Windsor theater last evening, by the intensity of passion displayed in his conception of "Othello." His bursts of jealousy possessed an absolute fiendishness which awed while they provoked admiration. His support was superb, Mr. F. C. Mosley doing excellent work as lago," and fairly sharing the honors of the evening with the star. Miss Weetns was a charming Desdemona, depicting the love and despair of the unhapyy heroine with a graceful simplicity which won all hearts." The N. Y. Post says: "Inshavogue" is one of the best plays of the present day, and teems with genuine fun and catchy songs. Among the scenic fea- tnres .introduced, special mention should be made of the cascade of real running water, and an Irish Glen and Blarney Castle by moonlight. Why Mrs Pcttit wns Sacrificed. The following is another newspaper piece concerning Pettit and is credited to George Small, one of the jurors in the Pettit trial. Mr. Small is credited assaying: "Since I served as a juror in the Pettit case I have had to answer innumerable inquiries. A great many ask: 'If you found him guilty why didn't you hang him?' The question is not without reason, as the murder was long premeditated, cold blooded and unprovoked. But for all that I think the verdict was just right. Hanging a man is not always best. It is a fate reserved only for ignorant and vicious criminals. Pettit is not that kind. He would not kill you or me or any other man as most murderers would do. I do notbelivehe would rob a man or wrong any person. He is highly intelligent and can do his country a great deal of good, even where he is, His temperament is a peceliar one. The chief aim of his life was to reach the highest place in the church, and besides he was greatly infatuated with Mrs. Whitehead. His wife was hindering his promotion in the church, he thought, and was standing between him and the object of his infatuation, Mrs. Whitehead, whose money could so materially advance him. Now, it is a law of psychology that any man will fight against that which- prevents his reaching his chief aim, or baffles his passion. His wife, unfortunately did both, and was sacrificed." The Long Liont Henry. Now comes the story that a palace car conductor named Barr on the Northern Pacific who formerly had a large acquaintance here, saw and recognized Henry Winklebleck, o f forgery fame, at Portland, Oregon, a few weeks ago. As the story goes Barr approached Winklebleck who was working on the docks, and calling him by name received a cold bluff, the man denying that he was the same Winklebleck. Barr began further investigations a few days later but found that his man bad disappeared and was said to have escaped to the mountains, Those who know "Winkie" best are strong in the belief that he is in Mexico. Ask Your Friends Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla what they think of it, and the replies will be.positive in its favor. One has been cured of indigestion and dyspep- »ia, and another, finds it indispensable for sick headache, others report remarkable cures of scrofula, salt rheum, etc. Truly, the best advertising which Hood's Sarsaparilla receives is the hearty endorsement of its array of friends. 6 Notice. 'Ihe spring term of my Kindergarten, and Primary school will open Monday, March 30th. IDA M. TUCKER, mar27d3t 628 North Street. Carter & Holmes, MAKERS of NECKWABR! CHICAGO, March 23, ISO I. OTTO KRAUS, Loganspori: Dear Sir—Your recent order is just completed and, goes forward by to-day's express. Ve have used every effort to make your Goods to the highest standard and trust they will open to your entire satisfaction, and warrant a continuance of your esteemed patronage. We are Tours Respectfully, CARTER & HOLMES. 1 The above Neckwear has arrived and we respectfully solicit your inspection. OTTO A. KRAUS. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST! I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest Perfumes and Toilet Articles and sell at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription -work., - Yours, H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist,, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. T" ^^ v ™ •" "•"'Jl WILL CURE ••""" _ «••:•.• - -•, '*r-m- [-CATARR LOUISVILLE'S PUMPS. The City Han Been Puyins lor Pumps That Never Kxlueii. A special from Louisville gives an interesting- exposure of affairs in that Democratic city. It says: The official count of the city pumps were completed to-day, and showed 644 public pumps within the city limits. Pump-contractor Harlan for eight years past has been receiving pay at the rate of $7.80 -per annum for 1,118 pumps, thus drawing over §4,500 each year for which there was-not the shadow of a claim. The pump-claim has always been based upon a report of City Engineer Scowden, made ten years ago, and which gave the number of pumps at 1,118. In this period manj of the pumps have been discontinued and the wells walled up. Contractor Harlan, of course, gave them no further attention, but he continued to draw pay for the whole number with cheerful regularity. Scattered over the immense area of a, scattered city like Louisville it was a difficult matter to count the pumps, and rather than be bothered wi'.h it each city administration has paid Harlan's ' claim without question- Soon after Mayor Lyler entered office last December he ordered a count made by the police. This resulted in giving tfee total number about the same as the count completed to-day. The result was startling, and contractor Harlan demanded a recount, in which he should have a representative. This was granted and for four days past the commission, led by Harlan, has been engaged in a, frantic but fruitless effort to find the 450 missing pumps. Alleys were explored, vacant lots searched and even ^excavations made in the search, but in vain, and to-da.y the contractor gave up. He claims that he did not know of the fraud, as he only accepted the city engineer's figures. The city will at once- -bring suit against Harlan for the excess of pay amounting to about $40,000. Tough glass lamp-chimneys. Macbeth's "pearl top" -and "pearl glass" are made of tough glass. They rarely break except from accident. Plttsburg. Oil. A, JI.YCiiKTH & Co. Egenhardt Schmitt of the Golden Kule, is making some important improvements to his residence on the West Side. T. J. Legg will depart for Glascow, Scotland, about the..J|r$t<jp£ May as a delegate from the State Grand Lodge. ,< I. 0. G. T. to the Supreme Grand", Lodge of the World which meets there $ during the month of May: John McCabe, employed at OUo. < Kraus' store, is laid up 'roni ihe,^ effects of a blow on the head by a bun-^ rl ."'! die of paper which fell from floor the other day.,. the third T'l _ 1 Daniel Killien of Krceger & Strains* undertaking establishment, is f"^-^ templating a trip to; his old Ireland sometime during the :B:NJOY{9 Both tie method and results Syrftp of Figs J3 taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and act* gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys-" % j*J tern effectually, dispels colds, head- * aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup 1 of'Figs is" only remedy of its kind ever' duced, pleasing to the "'taste'find ceptable to the stomach ^---prompt ia \ its action and trulyyibenenpial in its) effects, prepared only from *he most'i; healthy and agreeable substances, its ^ many excellent qualities commend it 5 ,! to all and have made it the most popular remedy known.' ' • ' Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50c 3 and $1 bottles by all.leading drug-^i gists.- Any reliable.-.druggist 'who^ may not. have it on .hand will ' ' " " cure it promptly for any one •wishes to try it. Do not accept any'i* substitute. CALIFORNIA F!3 SYRL'P CO. SAN FRANCISCO, GAL, WUISVIUf,-KY.. NFW;yORK. H,r For sale by B. P. Keesllng and all Druggists.

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