The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on August 14, 1935 · 1
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 1

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1935
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Read the Wants Today LIPPMANK J Apartments To Let or Ranted? Advertise in the Daily and Sunday Globe. TODAY H A . (EDITORIAL PACE) net. V. a. Pat. Off. VOL CXXVIII Entered as second class mail matter at Boston, Mass. NO 45 under the act of March 3, 1879242 Washington St. BOSTON, WEDNESDAY MOKNING, AUGUST 14, 1935-TWENTY-FOUR PAGES COPYRIGHT. 135. BY ,- - THE GLOBE NEWSPAPER CO. (2) TWO CENTS LTQUV7U uvu UVJUVJ ii j - via v n"w 7l) P to is ZA1 ENDING SESSION HINGESON BILL If House Kills Bond Issue It Must Stay on Job Ticklish Situation Comes to ' Showdown Today Saltonstall Urges Defeat of $4,000,000 Loan ' With Speaker Saltonstall urging defeat of the $4,000,-000 bond issue measure reported yesterday by the Ways and Means Committee of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and the possibility of prorogation today or tomorrow if it is favorably acted upon, the Massachusetts General Court faces one of the most critical days of the current session. The House will convene at 11 o'clock today, when the Speaker and his forces will exert every effort to sidetrack the loan order for a plan which would have the $4,000,-000 come from the $13,000,000 bond issue already enacted. Showdown Today There are comparatively few matters remaining for consideration end it is agreed that the only obstacle is the new bond issue bilL Pres Moran of the Senate has gone so far as to discuss the hour of final adjournment, raying that he is opposed to night proceedings on the day of prorogation, but will hold the Senate in session until 7 o'clock if the work can be completed by that hour. On the other hand it is known that Gov Curley is prepared to hold the Legislature for an indefinite period if the $4,000,000 bill, which is understood to be acceptable to him, is defeated. But in face of this Speaker Saltonstall unhesitatingly expresses hope that the bill will be killed. Bond Issue Continued on Page 12 THE WEATHER Forecast for Boston and Vicin-i t y: Wednesday fair and slightly cooler with gentle to moderate westerly winds; Thursday fair with slowly rising temperatures. Washington Forecast for M a s s a c h usetts: Wednesday fair, not so warm in north portion; Thursday fair, slowly rising temperature in north portion. Temperature Yesterday at Thompson's Spa 3 a m, 70; 6 a m, 70; 9 a m, 75? 12 m. 82; 3 p m, 88; 6 p m, 87; 9 pm, 82; 12 mid, 73. Average temperature yesterday, 79. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE Temceratures Lqwei t Highest Weather Boston San Francisco WiUiston .... St Louis .... Chicago Nantucket . . . Portland, Me Eastport . ... Kivf York . . Washinaton . Horn Aft. 8 d m 87 Cloudy 60 Cloudy 74 Pt Cloudy 73 Pt Cloudy 52 5.5 G3 Ii6 64 GO 54 70 72 76 clear j w ciou& 86 Clnurtv Jacksonville 74 88 cioudv 88 Pt Cloudy 1 Miami 74 It Will Pay You GLOBE ADVERTISING WILL HELP YOUR BUSINESS Start Fall Ad vertising Now is fhe time to start Fall advertising. Regular advertising in the DAILY and SUNDAY GLOBE will help your business. Flight Angers Senators fr rV,' vjfi m : P.- Photo yX5iiiJil Howard C. Hopson, power magnate, smiled for the cameraman as he awaited the opening of the House Lobby Committee hearing yesterday. After the session ended he again eluded Senate process servers. . . SENATE PASSES ELEVATED BILL Would Let City Borrow $12,000,000 Sams Body Balked Last Week at Smaller Sum . The Massachusetts Senate, by a vote of 19 to 16, yesterday ordered to a third reading the bill enabling Boston to borrow $12,000,000 outside the debt lirryt and use that sum, together with $10,000,000 which it is hoped the Federal Government will contribute, to tear down the Boston Elevated structure from Sullivan sq to Dudley st and construct a subway in place of it. The Senate afterwards suspended its rule and passed the bill to be engrossed, so that it may be taken up by the House today. Senators Nicholson of Wareham and Plunkett of Adams, who voted last week against the bill for removing the Elevated structure from Sullivan sq to Haymarket sq, voted yesterday for the more comprehensive bilL Senator Mac-Elevated Continued on Page 12 2 Page 1 German consul and Curley at war. Granite State Repifblicans to launch Knox-for-President boom. Showdown today on Curley $4,000,-000 bond issue. Senate passes Curley Elevated bill. Senate group considers contemDt citation against Hopson. Norma Millen to go free in week. Dr Richard P Strong rlivnrrr.rl . nooa in Italy reported to drowned 600. i have Real Estate, Automobile, Apartments To Let, Business Chances, Help -Wanted advts for tomorrow and Friday order them today. &tner SENATORS MOVE :M GETHOPSON Subpena Hill of Boston After House Hearing Consider Contempt Action to End Comic Opera Chase WASHINGTON, Aug 13 (A P) The long, subpena-waving chase after Howard C. Hopson tonight took on certain comic opera trappings, toned down by contemplation of a possible Senate contempt citation against the finally located utilities magnate. The stiff-arming of a Senate lobby investigator as he sought to serve -a subpena on the rotund chief stockholder of the Associated Gas and Electric System precipitated the trouble. Aroused members of the Senate Investigating Committee quickly gathered testimony that Chairman O'Connor, Dem, of New York, of the House Lobby Probing Committee had arranged for police protection of the will o' the wisp utilities man when he finally appeared today as a House witness. Lobby Continued on Page 13 Today's Globe Contents Page 1 Spanish War Pension bill signed. Pequot Mills close after 1600 strike. Page 2 Talk of Long's candidacy creates stir in capital. Mayor unimpressed by Rotch order. Page 3 Youth killed, two dying, after auto crashes into house on Vineyard. Senate passes Alcohol Control bill, forbidding sale in bulk. Page 4 Rev Fr Coughlin sees youth problem as major issue c" hour. Packers deny Wallace's charge. uiri rescued at i aneuil iseacn. Port of Boston news. Mercury goes to 87. one prostrated. Page 5 Countess Barbara escapes injury in automobile crash. - Page 6 "Spinning Bee" on Common. Two held as Hood holdup suspects. Hyde Park girl hunted as eloper. . Page 7 Ferris and ex-burlesque dancer found guilty of murder. , President signs bill making ports localities. - Page 8 Black Highbrow wins 'Gansett feature. Rosalind victor at Goshen. Horse racing results and entries. ., , Page 9 Yankowski ties Murphy for caddie title. Page 10 Enrique Maier impressive In beating Hall lii Newport tennis. tii BOOM FOR KNOX TO START TODAY Presidential Possibility to Speak at Hampton Republicans of N. H. to Launch Boom for New Deal Foe Hope to Send Delegation for Him to Convention By M. E. HENNESSY Republicans of Rockingham County, N H, will gather today at Hampton Beach to boost the candidacy of - Col Frank Knox of Chicago and Manchester, N H, for the Republican Presidential nomination and start the movement to send a Knox delegation from that State to the next national convention favorable to his nomination. The Colonel will be the chief speaker. Ex-Senator George H. Moses and Gov H. Styles Bridges are down for speeches; both favor the Colonel's ambition. With the launching; of. the Knox boom on what was for . years his home ground, until he went to Chicago as publisher of the Daily News, the Granite . State will from now on figure largely in the political news of1 the Nation. Col Knox' friends feel certain that he will have the Illinois delegation and that -he has a good chance of corralling a substantial block of votes from the surrounding States of the Middle West. Knox Continued on Page 2 SONS ARE SAFE i Wandering Boys Found In Dedham Jail NORWOOD, Aug 13 While their description was being broadcast this afternoon over the entire State as being missing from home, at the tearful request of their mother, Donald Webber, 17, and his brother, Leonard Webber, 23, were locked up in Dedham Jail for lack of $300 bail to assure their appearance in Walpole Court Monday to answer charges of larceny of shoes and rubber boots from the Norfolk County Farm. A guard of the Dedham Jail came into the Dedham police station, saw the teletype ' messages and told the Dedham police that the brothers were behind the bars of Dedham Jail. Their mother, Mrs Minor Webber of 446 Winter st, was notified. The brothers, arrested last night, were in court this morning. GUIDE TO FEATURES Burgess ...... 17 Financial .. 18, 19 Comics .i. 16 Hollywood .... 17 Commercial .. 22 Household ..20, 21 Cross-Word . Culbertson . . Death Notices Editorials . . . 17 .21 23 14 Movies 6 Radio ..: 15 Short Story ... 17 Sports.... 8 to 11 SERIAL STORIES "Guns on the Rio Grande" 17 -Luxury' 20 Page 10 Pleon Y. C. crew has big lead at Gloucester. South Boston and Squantum crews win at Duxbury. Page 11 American League Results Boston 9, Chicago 5; Washington 4, Detroit 3; New York 8, Cleveland 2; Philadelphia 14, St Louis 1. National League No games scheduled. Page 12 Two flyers escape death In Framingham crash. Page 13 New parcel post building at South Station ready in July, next year. Wife, in Cape court, , says mate's divorce obtained by fraud. Page 15 William E. Bright dead. Page 22 Charge made that Roosevelt Influenced tax shift Italian troops continue to pour into Africa. Page 24 Curley signs Unemployment Compensation act. . .4 , A Presidential Possibility Breaks Bread "v.,. -f 4 1 - COL FRANK KNOX (LEFT) AND EDSEL The Chicago and New Hampshire publisher is being boomed Presidential nomination. NORMA TO GO FREEIN WEEK Good Behavior Wins Her 36 Days Off Sentence Father 1o Take Killer's Widow to Live at His Natick Home DEDHAM, Aug 13 The gates of Dedham Jail, will swing open between 8 and 9. o'clock a week from tomorrow .to give Norma Brighton Millen, youthful . bride of the executed machine-gun killer, Murton Millen, her freedom. The date of her release was made known definitely for the first time today when High Sheriff Samuel Capen of Norfolk County announced that he was unaware of any infractions of jail rules by Norma which would prevent her from receiving a 36-day good behavior reduction in her one-year sentence. Charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of patrolman Forbes MacLeod of Need-ham, Norma was brought to Dedham Courthouse a few days after Norma Continued onj'age 3 . PEQUOT STRIKE QUIET, WHOLE MILL CLOSED Lone Case of Violence-Union Demands Hit Special Dispatch to the Glob SALEM, Aug 13 Fears of violence were realized only tp the extent of the man handling of one foreman here today , after officials of the Pe quot Mills, claiming that surrender to union demands would mean bankruptcy, closed down the plant indefinitely when only 100 out of 1700 employes reported for work. Strike Continued on Page 7 DUMB-BELLS HAV6 VGU 1 On'T. i-r A Hi foatiH6l 7 vs 1 i ft t, ' if iy po t.l-v.v, FEAR BURSTING DAM ' eKILLELV 1000 IN ITALY Flood Engulfs Villages, Sweeping Away Houses And Bridges in Region South of Alessandria TURIN; Italy, Aug 13 (A P) Estimates that more than 600 persons possibly 1000 may have perished in the bursting qf a hydro-electric dam in the vicinity of the Alessandrian town of Ovada were made tonight by rescue workers. The raging flood waters, pouring through the shattered dam on the swollen Orba River, laid waste an area of many square miles in the vicinity of Ovada today. A vast volume of water, stored up by mountain storms, swept over the countryside, washing away scores of homes, wiping out small factories and crumbling a half-dozen railroad and highway bridges. RESTORES PENSIONS FOR SPANISH WAR 7 President Signs Bill Giving Benefits to 50,000 WASHINGTON, Aug 13 (A P)-Asserting that his action established no ' precedent for World War pensions. President Roosevelt today signed the Spanish-American War Veterans bilL The bill restores all pensions to the dependents and the veterans of the Spanish-American War, Boxer rebellion and1 Philippine Insurrection at a cost estimated by the Veterans' Administration as $45,581,000 a year. It will return approximately 50,000 persons to the roll. Widows will gain by about $6,000,000. The Presidential signaturewas put on the measure a few hours before the lapse of the 10th Legislative day after passage. Had he not signed it by midnight the bill would automatically have become law. World War Case Different' Taking cognizance of World War pension proposals and indirectly of the fact that World War veterans with nonservice connected disabili-Penslons Continued on Page 3 CAMMETTE HOTEL BURNS ON ISLAND OFF IPSWICH IPSWICH. Aug 13 The Cammette Hotel and adjoining buildings, on Grape Island, scenes of a prosperous business during prohibition days, but unoccupied for the past year, burned to the ground this evening while fire men from Ipswich, Rowley and ew buryport stood on the mainland un able to make the crossing in time. A few firemen from Ipswich loaded a boat with chemical apparatus, but arrived at the island too late to put in any effective work The buildings were worth several thousand dollars. The origin of the fire has not been determined. . , , . Girt -ft ' ? - 'J a J FORD as a candidate for G. O. P. The rescue workers, troops and police, who were rushed with supplies to the stricken area from the city of Alessandria, said they could compute no definite toll of the dead until daylight. Scores of injured were given emergency treatment at hospitals and first aid stations and others, made homeless by the sudden .flood, spent the night in makeshift shelters. Destruction of the hydro-electric power station at the dam threw the area into darkness, adding to the havoc. Power service over a wide area was disrupted. , Flood Continued on Page 3 DR RICHARD P. STRONG GETS DIVORCE IN RENO World Famous Authority on Tropical Diseases Dr Richard P. Strong, world- famous biologist, 191 Commonwealth av, Boston, was granted a divorce yesterday at Reno, Nev, from his wife, the former Agnes Leas Freer of Ann Arbor, Mich, whom he married Jan 1, 1916. He charged desertion during June, 1932. A property settlement was made out of court. Df Strong is regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on tropical diseases. His work has led him frequently to risk his life on expeditions to disease-infested areas of Central America, the Philippines, China and to the Belgian Congo, where few white men have ever ventured. Wife Traveled With Him His wife traveled widely with him. being present when he received highest honors from several governments whose people he had served. In 1924. she made a trip with him up the Amazon to a region from which all previous expeditions had been driven by cannibals. Their expedition was a success. Dr Strong Continued on Page 1 DAILY . LAST NIGHT of Spectacular RACING AMERICA'S PREMIER GREYHOUND CLASSIC DOUBLE 6 COME DOWN EARLY h3 Al I - w - IT lettet NAZIS TO GET FULL REPORT Curley, Saltonstall Defy Baron .; - " i Defend Measure Aimed at Hitler Jewish Groop Enters Row Will Slap al Official ; Massachusetts, through Gov, V Curlcy and Speaker Leverett v Saltonstall, yesterday defied . the German Government's ' alleged attempt to gag ' the Massachusetts. Legisla- w ture and refused to back down an inch on the right of ; its House to pass resolutions ; condemning alleged racial and , religious persecution in Germany. "'t The letters that Gov Cur- ley and Speaker Saltonstall . ; sent Baron Kurt von Tippel- skirch, German Consul Gen- c, eral at Boston, yesterday, in . answer to the latter's protest over the resolutions, stoutly. ! maintained the right o a . group of citizens of Massachusetts to express their opinion on a subject which has ex- . cited world interest. Governor Defends Action : The Governor not only declared " the resolutions "timely," but. also said he felt they represented "art honest and open expression of the secret opinion of Americans generally." Speaker Saltonstall said he differed from the Baron's interpretation of the House's action and asserted that the adoption cf the resolutions "in no way inter feres with the domestic matter of your country, which are obvi ously outside our jurisdiction." Baron Continued on Page 7 Will Rogers' Dispatch Special t BsUa Gltbc, OVTiicbt. I3I ,v FAIRBANKS, Alaska,- Au 13 ' Thi Alaska is a great cou- J try if they cab just keep from being takam over bjr tbe U. S. ' Tkay get gTeat fntare. This is the greates aviation-minded city of its size in the world. There is only 30 thousand white pee- i pie in Alaska and there is 70 commercial planes operating every day in Winter on skiis. ; Edmonton, Canada, is similar, for their country, they run clear to the Arctic. Both coun-tries have developed marvelous.-' pilots. What they need now is a mail line from Seattle up here. There may be some doubt about the Louisiana purchase being a mistake but when Seward in '68 bought Alaska for seven , million dollars ho even made up for what we bad overpaid the Indians for Manhattan Island.' Yours, , , WILL ROGERS. POST TIME SrOO P. MU RAIN OR SHINS . 7 i i : i ! i ' i . L. i' i" i'-T f . ? i i. ; : i ! : . Jit

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