The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 24, 1936 · 32
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 32

Boston, Massachusetts
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Thursday, September 24, 1936
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THE . BOSTON GLOBES-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1936 JO ejw i . I be I KEITH MEMORIAL HOLDS "SWING TIME" 4TH WEEK Swinf? Time." the latest Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers musical com-fcdy singing and dancing picture. goes into its fourth and final week; Et the Keith Memorial Theatre today. , ' -Swing Time." set to music by Jerome Kern, brings to the screen two smart. rpectacular dance sequences. One is a syncopated, hot" waltz. "The Waltz in Swing Time." Fred and Ginger's big dance number. The other, titled, "Eojangles of Harlem," brings a pleasant surprise fred Astaire in black-face. Miscellaneous short films and an Everett Haydn organlogue will other features of the show. SYMPHONY PLAYER SKETCHES IN CHARCOAL GO ON DISPLAY The 109 drawings of the members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, by Gerome Brush, are being shown in Symphony HalL The drawings are in charcoal and were made by the noted artist at the conclusion pf the season last Spring. Each musician of the orchestra is shown playing his particular instrument. The pictures have recently been published in book form. The exhibition is in the Hunngton-av lobby, and is on public view. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS ffT TOiVIOHROW i ; 1 -v itAST DAY t - -StC- '-'.iftflli. -SING BABY SING" Stage: Glen Gray & CASA LOMA ORCHESTKA TODAY! aramaunimmm & Wj-: .3;.c& jiiSS&j . . " ."V . . ' ' ....... W . . I JF" -hk. fe 4.1 A BLONDE FELL OUT OF HEAVEN Right Into th Hungry Arms of a Pastion Aflam With tho Ecauty of Forbidden LoI 'Usfis'nratsiLMS HUSHHERBERT, f ATRICI Aj ELLIS WARRENmULLj Flrat Wafr Pletoro 7 CART. COOPER THEGEHIRAi DIEDatDAWH" MADELEINE CARROlt n 1 Jhfn i aotcot ini I V will'." -.mi' i 5B TRmRIC MARCH WARNER BAXTER "The Road to Glory" JANE WITHERS JRVIN COBB "PEPPER" Warntr BMiv-Myraa Lay 'T MARY, WITH LOVE" o Sliaa. "filrH' Daraltary" TH E A T R ; E S ALLSTON ftobt. Taylor Barbara Stanwyck "HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" IIIOV ICTOD E. rtllowvM. Doitltii ITtftnl AOIUIl TNEY WERE MARRIED" Sit Yn far thi UIr '3 Cri far Lara' ALLSTON & BRIGHTON ALLSTBN Sta. 4410 inf Ctik) lk (rrai Rdyttai aa ta ' jaa E. Brawn-Sty Klkkia Eartbwarai Tractan" EGVPTIAR Sta. 6800 Lionel Barrymora "DEVIL DOLL C. Bittmnrtk-H. Mtrawt Wiat ta Callcat" CAMBRIDGE CENTI?ALSQJ9Ro06 s.T.r "GIRLS' DORMITORY" g& MARY ASTOR-MELVVN DOUGLAS "AND SO THEY WERE MARRIED" DORCHESTER "SPENDTHRIFT" CHESTER MORRIS-MADCE EVANS "MOONLIGHT MURDER' JAM. PLAIN ROXBURY CROSS. Lionel Barrymora 'THE DEVIL DOLL' 4 Ira Wat ta Caltaaa JEAN HERSHOLT "SINS OF MAN" M. AatleB. Paaall "HEARTS aiVIBEB" Mattapan & Dorchester "TO MARY, WITH LOVE" LAST TWO DAYS Wirw Baxter Myraa Lay Slmona Simon-Harbert Marahall "GIRL'S' DORMITORY" NEEDHAM NEWTON Mat. 2. ETa.8Nra.1820 Llonal Barrymora 'Devil Doll' Hat Htrkart-Uaa Merkil a Wi.t ta CMf Paraaiaifit 2 MS rOO H. Faaaa.fat Patlrrwa "SPENDTHRIFT" i Gloria stairt I "Crlna af Dr. Faran" STARTS SUM 'Suiy' ROSLINDALE Caat of Thouaanda in THE GREEN PASTURES' Jaan Muir-Michaal Whalen "WHITE FANft" ROXBURY '6reen Pastures" "White Fang" Nflf Brr Tra FrMay BAXTER-LIT "Ta Mary wit!i Lara" S. Slaiaa-H. Mankall EIRLS' BORanTORY" f Wtlf-kliflitrl Whilst SOMER VILLE RSOiA 9?Q Rlarlaa DivU-Dltk Pavall TTTtTTTn 'Hearts Divided' irUAVIt raa WT. g. tVF, 8 "Thraa Ll, r.h.... WALTHAM T. 2. EVE.' SATd RBI T TATLIR. Warnar Mvrna Baxter Toy IB MARYWITN LBYE" H. Mankall-Ritk Ckatttrtaa 6IRLS' DORMITORY" wit a smoiE si mo. Hit BratiMn Mjiv Movie Schedules BOSTON THEATRES BOWDOIN' "Postal Inspector," 10:08. 12:59, 3:52, 6:45, 9:38: "Blackmailer," 9:00. 11:53. 2:46, 5:39, 8:32. EXETER "Earthworm Tractora." 2:20, 5:10, 8:00; "Girls' Dormitory," 3:50, 6:40, 9:30. FENWAY "China Clipper." 1:00, 4:00. 6:55, 9:55; ."Love Begin at 20." 2:40, 5:35, 8:35. FINE ARTS ''Loyalties." 2:oo, 4:00, 8:00, 8:00. 10:00. CATETT "Chatterbox." 10:05, 1:30. 4:55. 8:20; "first Baby." 11:43. 3:10. 6:35. 10:00. OLD HOWARD "Shipmates Forever," 8:58. 6:27. KEITH-BO STOK "Don't Turn , Tm Loose," 10:55, 1:50. 4:40. 7:35. 10:30: "Glorified Follies." 12:30. 3:20, 6:15, 9:10. KEITH-MEMORIAL "Swing: Time." 10:18. 12:35. 2:53. S:10, 7:29. 9:44-LOF.W'8 ORPHEVM "Tha m Gorgeous Hussy." 8:45. 12:05. 2:30, 4:55, 7:20, 9:40. LOEWS STATE "The Gorgeoug Hussy," 12:05. 2:30. 4:55. 7:20. 8:40. METROPOLITAN "Sing. Baby, Sing." 11:09. 1:55. 4:45. 7:40. 10:30. MODERN "The Road to Glory," 8:20, 12:21, 3:22. 6:23, 9:24; "Pepper.1 11:11. 2:12, 5:13, 8:14. PARAMOUNT "China Clipper." 10:15. 1:00, 3:50, 6:40, 9:30; "Love Begins at 20." 8:05. 11:55. 2:45. 5:30. 8:20. PARK ''What Price Innocence." 11:09, 1:56, 4:43. 7:20. 9:57. SCOLLAT SQUARE "The Hoad to Glory," ll:3o. 2:50, 6:05. 9:20; "Pepper. ,f 10:25. 1:40. 4:55. 8:15. SOL'TH STATION Shows at 1:25. 3:41. 5:56. 8:11. 10:26. TREMONT "Monte Cristo." 8:45. 12:09. 3:49, 7:54: "March of Time." 5:39, 9:44; "Ex-Mrs Bradford." 10:35, 1:59. 6:04, 10:09. UPTOWN "Grand Jury," 1:00. 3:40, 6:15, 8:50; "Girls' Dormitory," 2:2o. 6:00. 7:35. 10:10. WASHINGTON STREET OLTMPIA "To Mary With Love," 10:16. 1:04, 3:52. 6:40, 9:28: 'Girls' Dormitory." 9:05. 1:53, 2:41. 5:29. 8:17. RALPH FORBES, ENGLISH ACTOR, MAKES GOOD IN HOLLYWOOD NEAR HOME THEATRES the Evenings at 8:00 mcrnv AT.T-STON "Rhythm on name ana wnnwoim latiy.o, Wife" and Matinees at Matinees at 2:00 CAPITOL "His Brother's "So They Were Married." 2:00. .Evenings at e:uu. ARLINGTON CAPITOL "Rhythm, on the Range" and "Meet Nero Wolfe Matinees at 2:15. Evenings at 6:35. 8:00. REGENT "Fury" and "Everybody's Old Man." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. BRIGHTON EGYPTIAN "Devil Doll" and "We Went to College." Matinees at 1:50. Evenings at 8:00. BROOKLINE COOLIDGE CORNER Song and Dance Man." 2:05. 5:10. 8.15: "Girls' Dormitory," 3:55. 7:00, 10:05. CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARE "niric' nnrmitftrv" iinrf "So Thpv Were Married." Matinees at 2:00.. Evenings at 8:00. UNIVERSITY "To Mary With Love." 3:10. 6:25, 9:35; "Spendthrift." 1:35, 4:50. 8:05. CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE To Mary With Love." 3:30. 9:30; "We Went to College." 2:20. 8:20. DORCHESTER CODMAN SQUARE "Spendthrift." 3:10, 8:10; "Moonlight Murder." 1:55. 7:55. DORCHESTER "Secret Agent" and "Call of the Prairie." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings. 7:00-11:00. FRANKLIN PARK "Spendthrift" 3:10. 8:10; "Moonlight Murder," 1:55, 7:55. STRAND "Spendthrift" and "Moonlight Murder." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. EGLESTON SQUARE EGLESTON "Earthworm Tractors" and "Postal Inspector." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. EVERETT CAPITOL "The Thin Man" and "Naughty Marietta." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings. 7:00-11:00. PARK "Ticket to Paradise" and "Early to Bed." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings. 7:30-11:00. HTDE PARK FAIRMOUNT "Times Sauare Playboy" and "Postal Inspector." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings, 7:00-11:00. JAMAICA PLAIN JAMAICA "Devil Doll" and "We Went to College." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. LEXINGTON LEXINGTON "San Francisco." 3:30, 9:00; "March of Time," 2:45. 8:30. HALDEN GRANADA "Girl". Dormitory," 2:00, 5:05, 8:10; "Suzy." 3:15. 6:20. 9:25. STRAND "Blackmailer." 3:4". 7:00, 10:00; "Girl of the Ozarks," 2:25, 8:45. OR PHEUM "These Three," 2:00. 8:25; Love on a Bet," 3:40. 7:00, 10:05. MATTAPAN ORIENTAL '"To Mary With Love" and "Girls Dormitory." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. MEDFORD FELLSWAY "Poor Little Rich Girl." 3:15. 9:15; "Brides Are Like That." 2:00. 8:00. MEDFORD "Green Pastures." 3:35. 8:20; "High Tension," 2:34. 6:45. 10:05. MELROSE "San "The Big Noise." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. KE E D H A M PARAMOUNT "Devil Doll" and "We Went to College." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. JfEWTOV PARAMOUNT "Spendthrift" and "Crime of Dr Forbes." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. MELROSE NEW I rancisco ana t . -it 1 t Is. ' ENGLISH ACTOR STARS IN HOLLYWOOD Ralph Forbes as "Paris" in "Romeo and Juliet" Ralph Forbes, who plays the role of the jilted Paris in "Romeo and Juliet," talkie at the Colonial Theatre, is one of the English actors who" made good in Hollywood. Forbes came to the United States with a British stage company presenting a war play called "Havoc." Later he became leading man oppo site Ruth Chatterton in "The Magnolia Lady." The "two were subsequently married, although both have remarried since their divorce. As a young boy of 9 Ralph Forbes decided to enter the British Navy. Later he determined on a legal career. But he eventually landed in motion pictures, and was very well satisfied with the career. NEW FILMS QUINCT QUTNCY "Border Flight." 12:00, 3:00. 6:00. 9:00; 'Girl of the Ozarks," 1:30, 4:30. 7:30. STRAND "His Brother's Wife," 3:00. 6:00, 9:00; "Three Wise Guys." 1:40, 4:50. 8:00. REVERE BOULEVARD "Suzy" and "Ticket to Paradise.'1 Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. REVERE "Suzy" and "Ticket to Par- , adise." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. ROSLINDALE BELLEVUT! "The Green Pastures" and "White Fang." MaU-nees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. RIALTO "The Green Pastures" and "White Fang." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. ROXBURY CRITERION "Sins of Man" and "Hearts Divided." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings, 7:00-11:00; last show 8:20. DUDLEY "Green Pastures" and "White Fang." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings, 7:00-11:00. RIVOLI "To Mary With . Love" and "Girls' Dormitory." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. SOMER VILLE CAPITOL BALL SQUARE "Rhythm on the Range" and "Human Cargo." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings. 6:45, 8:00. CENTRAL "Rh-thm on the Range" and "Human Certfo." Matinees at 2:00 Evenings. 6:30, 8:00. DAVIS SQUARE "My Marriage" and "It's a Great Life," Matinees at 2:00. Evenings af8:00. STRAND "Hearts Divided" and "Three Live Ghosts." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. SOUTH BOSTON BROADWAY "Times Square Playboy" and "Return of Sophie Lang." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:30. STRAND "Suzy" and "Mine With the Iron Door." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:30. WALTHAM EMBASSY "To Mary With Love" and "Girls' Dormitory." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. WAVERLE STRAND "Showboat." 3:10. 8:45; "Times Square Playboy." 2:00. 7:40. TVATERTOWN NEW COOLIDGE "Poor Little Rich Girl" ' and "Here Comes Trouble." Matinees at 1:43. Evenings WEYMOUTH DRIVE-IN "Dancing Feet." Last show at 10:15. WATERTOWN SQUARE "Don't Gamble With Love" and "Give Us This Night." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS HEM MLVJ E THEATRES TODAY ARLINGTON 2JJgl 'Rhythm on th Range' Sii5uutCTM4249 Bln Craiby-Fraaoat Farmr I MAT 215 Edward Arnold ! IVE. 635-8:00 "Meet Nero Wolfa" ARLINGTON WATERTOWN Saaaear Tracy-5. Sidney "FURY" Emyaoay'i Ola Has" B. Cibot-Ann Sthera 'Don't Gamble With Lore' "Give l)i This Night" BROOKLINE IbeacemI lurau uimrroi TVTT KXiOOJ civnur ciunu SDKHD MALDEN STRAND W. Garoan-Florence flea "BLACKMAILER" VIRGINIA WEIOLER 'Girl of Ozarks" DINNER SET EVES. ORPHEUM M. Hopklnt-Merle Oberen "THESE THREE" G. Raymond -Wtniy Rarrle "Love on a Bet" MEDFORD Rex Ingram "GREEN PASTURE 8" Clair Trevor-Norman Fort or "HIGH TENSION" MEDFORD & MELROSE SIM0NE SIMON S DOattalTOft SOKMD B4Ua3 ana Frl. "I Stan! CMseiants" ana "White Fang" CAMBRIDGE Warner Buter-Myrna Lay NIVR5ITY"To Mary, With Love" U HARVARD SO; Henry Fond "SPENDTHRIFT" CHARLESTOWN f HOkAPSOU I SQUAWK It OTA.' ?! W. BAXTER-MYRNA LOY "TO MARY, WITH LOVE" Chat. Butterworth "WE WENT TO COLLEGE" Latest "MARCH OF TIME" Dorchester Somerville M. Carroll.R. Yoene "SECRET AGENT" William Boyd. "Call af the Prairie" Claire Trevor "MY MARRIAGE" Joe) Morrison "IT'S A GREAT LIFE" Major Bowes EGLESTON SQUARE (ftp Iff - WASH. ST. at f tlwtan So. Sta. JOE E. BROWN 'Earthworm Tractor' Rlcarea Certai-Patrltla Ellli "POSTAL INSPECTOR" ta ladlee. Mat. Eva. EVERETT CAPITOL Request Week Wai. Pewell. Myraa Lay "THE THIN MAN" 'NAUGHTY MARIETTA' PARK Roeer Prler-Wenty Barrie 'TICKET T PARADISE' C. Resalei-Mary Bolang "Early to Bad" HYDE PARK Warren Wllllaai-Jena Travli "TIMES SB. PLAYBOY" Riearda Ccrtez-Patricla Ellh "Poatal Inspector" CHINA FREE TO LADIES LEXINGTON TTTEATRC "San Francisco" March of Tims "OUR GANG" MALDEN i. Mariov-F. Tene-C. Great "SUZY" M. Marihall-Slmene Sixes GIRLS' DORMITORY' Beat SaL-l. Teyler--- HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" HALDtaj: FELLSWAY Shirley Tempi "Poor Little Rich Girl" "Brian Are Like That" 'Mornlne, Show Sat. at 10 NEW MELROSE C. Gaalo-J. MacDonaM "San Francisco" Gay Kit bee "The Big NoJsV North End South End 5nCASTSJ?nflTEOLm faoivno-um.40cll HAn.zsaa Jan Withers "Little Mlu Nobody" Lionel Atwill "ABSOLUTE QU I ET" zsao CUIRE TREVOR "Human Cargo" ROSS ALEXANDER "Brides Are Like That" Free Dinnerware ta Ladlej QUINCY 'HIS BROTHER'S WIFE' R. Taytor-B. Stanwyck "THREE WISE GUYS" R. Yoana-B. Ferneit BORDER FLIGHT f. Farmer-J. Howard 'GIRL OF THE OZARKS Virginia Weidler REVERE JEAN CITV( HARLOW JUX.T FRANCHOT TONE ROGER PRYOR, "Ticket to Ptradiie" SOMERVILLE Blng Crosby "RHYTHM ON RANGE" "HUMAN CARGO" Claira Trevor K. FRANCIS-I. HUNTER "WHITE ANGEL" FRANCIS LANGFORD "PALM 8PRINGS" SOUTH BOSTON STRAND IEAN HARLOW-F. TONE "SUZY" Richer Arten-C. Parker 'Mine With the Iron Doer ER0A0WAY Warren William "Tiaiee Sq. Playboy" Gertrude Michael "Retira of Soahie Lani" Watertown-Waverley COOLIDGE 6hlrley Temple "Poor Little Rick Girl" Kelly-Judga "Hera Comei Troebie" "SHOWBOAT" I. Denne-A. Jones "TIMES SB. PLAYBOY" 1 Nite Show 7 P. M. WEYMOUTH Vae year car aa a private theatre bez AT NEW FNCLlNri'lt riBCT OPEN AIR AUTOMOBILE THEATRE! Sit in year car. see and hear msTlea Cont. every nlrht, rain er ahtne LAST COMPLETE SHOW AT 10:15 "DANCING FEET" Ben Lyon Joan Marsh Illy Symphony Comedy New HAWAII CRIME CUT ' BY FOOTBALL' TEAM HONOLULU, T H (A P) When a youth gets into trouble in Honolulu, his first sentence if he's physically fit is to play football in the famous "barefoot league." , Last year 36 served such sentences and this year the police will enter two teams made up of delinquents. "They don't stay delinquent long," asserts Police Chief W. A. Gabriel-son. "Our worst boys give us no trouble once they get on a football team. By the end of last season our team had won public acclaim for its sportsmanship, and not one of its members has been in trouble since." AMUSEMENTS FINE ARTS THEATRE "Loyalties" "Loyalties,' an Associated Production directed by Basil Dean after the play by John Galsworthy. The cast: Ferdinand DeLevla Basil Rathbone Margaret Orme Heather Thatcher Capt Ronald Dancy. ...... .Miles Mander Mabel Joan Wyndham Maj Colford Philip Strange Gen Canynge .Alan Napier Charles Winsor Algernon West Lady Adela Cecily Byrne Lord St Erth Athole Stewart Sir Frederic Blair Patric Curwen The Lord Chief Justice .... Marcus Barron Oilman . . Ben Field Inspector Jones Griffiths Humphreys Augustus Borring.. Patrick Waddington Jacob Tweisden.... L Hanray Google ; Arnold Lucy Edward Graviter Robert Mawdesley Jenkins Mike Johnson Ricardos Anthony Holies Treisure Stafford Hilliard Robert Robert Coote Kentman Aubrey Dexter Ricardos" Daughter Maxine Sandra A British film version" of this play by the late John Galsworthy offers for the main portion of the new Fine Arts bill a characteristically ironic study of prejudice and the peculiar varieties of loyalty to be found, in various sections of British society. Despite an arresting story "Loyalties" is a personal triumph for the acting by Basil Rathbone of a wealthy, fastidious Jewish gentleman, snubbed by the society of English aristocracy in which he seeks to move. The character might have been overdone or jnade flatly uninteresting. Mr Rathbone's deft touches have produced a happy mean. It probably was not easy, because Ferdinand DeLevis is not the most lovable in the Galsworthian collection of underdogs. Slight enough is the plot: DeLevis is robbed at a week-end in the country by Capt Dancy, a likable but snobbish army officer whose toying with a woman has made imperative the nossession of 1000 pounds. De Levis guesses who the thief is, and makes a flat accusation. To save his name, Dancy is forced to bring an action for slander, an action quickly dropped by the captain's lawyers when they learn Dancy's guilt through tracing the numbers on the banknotes. DeLevis wins an empty verdict; Dancy finds a way out by a plunge from his apartment balcony. Galsworthy's typical venom against injustice is keenly apparent when DeLevis is first obliged to say nothing of the theft because Dancy's friends are influential members of the Jockey Club, to whose committee DeLevis aspires. The tight little circle of aristocrats becomes tighter in Dancy's crisis: their loyalty is to caste and not to fair play. But one of them stoutly pronounces his own loyalty to his calling the law and promptly effects withdrawal of Dancy's attorneys from the case. Poor little Mabil Dancy has her own ferocious loyalty to an unfaithful husband. The story Is told a little jerkily, and considerable of the speech is hard to understand. . The Capt AMUSEMENTS MMpi J JJ Tomorrow For the firtt time I J """"""",e, . POPULAR PRICES Mc' J I EVThM f S' 9 A- S,a,( ly) OVO All Wart Onr Shot! of I I CA I nAI ' MICNCV-MOUSC 7VVr "" . tymehonUt- I y a. inn , ,RTHpmwt CMk, mw aatu J AH Walt Ornwr Shew at - iejckeye' am -Silly SymphonLt" AdmaaJwij25 4or Children and Adtrit, M f ""' ',s M SHUBERT Seats Now I For 2 Weeks Beg. Next Monday S AM jW.H A JP fJ Sx'P'-csejts a xy - FIRST Evea. e5e to $2."75. Wed. ft Sat. Mati. Rife tr $2.20. Tax Included. THE OLD HOWARD BURLESQUE Uldnloht Shaw Frleay Tel. Cap. 1666 3 Complete Showt Dally 12. 230. 8:30 ANN CORIO Cea. Broadliirtt-BoweriSlften I. B. Hump-Gertie Beck "Girls la Blae Berlesaaen" 50 People-25 Gleriflee Glrlt UPTOWN Oft. StarU 1 r. M. 1000 Seatt eJUto Hint.-Mast. Ave. S GIRLS' DORMITORY S.TL Fred Stone 'GRAND JURY' Added Attraction HARVARD SPECIAL' 15!SHIRLEy DEAN'JANE DARWEU Fl RST BABV " CHATTER BOX SlaB psid Ae) taOTbte) aanathraf eaaMarane1 25c ADULTS ONLY PARK 9HT, BOSTON OPERA HOUSE TonWht at 8:15 Federal t Mnale PrQieet PreeenU LAST DAT Mai. S:S0 "Madame Butterfly' 25e-40e Ere. 8:1& "The Flyinr DsUhmaa" Cast ef 400 25c-55o Bez Offlee Open Ban. 4510 Works Prosreas Administration I , a r 1 al .M . I ? kVI (WILLIAM L JEAN AAOBeaTL KLISSA IPOrtELlfUTMlJl?;cOHATlL&N ) ''Uo'MVmontk cristq I i TAttTS su wo .y-w ARP.y ai cm MtHHogi no AtoueS 'JV 'laTall1! ute!t ""ARCH OF TIME" 11. i!!. 1 end fethe Newt "The Peital InsaKter" Rleare'a Cortez-Bela Lafeel 'Blackajallar' Wai. Garfaa-Flarenee Riee-M. Warner (at"Hla BROTHER'S WIFE" "GRAND JURY." PEttERAL THEATRE U IT I m cor ant)ver n B "GLASS of '29" "Wins praise." Boston American. at Repertory Theatre (Ken. 8181) Etcs. at 8:30i seata. S5e. 88e, 5Se. Sat. Mat. AU seata 2Se and S5c. Work a Fro cress Administration .FINE ARTS Galtworthv'M "LOYALTIES" toitri BASIL. RATHBONE Slams Srnae.H. Mankall la "6lrli eanartary" iee L Brrwa-Jiae Trarlt Is "tart wares Trsetan" Dancy of Miles Mander is a gem ef acting, and the- rest of the cast are uniformly praiseworthy. The bill includes an issue of "The March of Time"; a Silly Symphony "Mickey's Grand Opera," and a travelogue about Paris. SWEDISH "PA SALSIDAN" IS TREM0NT TEMPLE FILM "Pa Solsidan" ("On the Sunny-side") is a Swedish picture coming to Tremont Temple this afternoon for a three days engagement. The picture will be shown afternoon and evening today, tomorrow and Saturday. Lars Hanson, -who has been in several Hollywood productions, plays the chief role in "On the Sunnyside. All the other players are well known in Sweden. The added attraction is "Sweden. Island of the Vikings," photographed in natural colors, which has an English narrative and Swedish folk music. FEDERAL MUSIC PROJECT TO CONCLUDE ITS OPERAS The series of operas by the Boston Federal Music Project will be concluded today witH a matinee performance of "Madame Butterfly" and an evening showing of "The Flying Dutchman." Capacity crowds have flocked to the Boston Opera House the past week to hear opera at popular prices. William Haddon, director of the project, has announced another cycle in December. The first six performances of Fed; eral opera were attended by more than 15,000, according to Mr Haddon. "POSTAL INSPECTOR" HEADS NEW BILL AT BOWDOIN SQ The new program at the Bowdoin Square Theatre, commencing yesterday, is headed by "The Postal Inspector," with Ricardo Cortez and Patricia Ellis. The co-feature is "Blackmailer," with William Gar-gan and Florence Rice. There is also a. Btcmc mm, "victoria and Van couver." and a March of Time. DISNEY FILMS WILL HAVE SPECIAL SHOWING AT STATE A special performance of Micko Mouse cartoons and Silly Symphon. les will be given at the State The tre on Saturday morning. The doori will be opened at 9 a m. The Saturday performance i. u recognition of the eiEhth intern,! !tnr bratl0n and birthday of the Walt Disney film cartoons Thl program at the State includes "Th! Band Concert," "Polo Team - or phans Picnic." "Grand Opera-"Grasshopper and the Ants' "Tha Tortoise and the Hare," "Who'lCttlM Cock Robin" and "Orphan Kittens.: RKO-BOSTON TO SHOW LOUIS-ETTORE PICTURES The Joe Louis-Al Ettore fight pic tures will be shown exclusively at the RKO Boston Theatre beginnine today, along with the new stage revue, "Glorified Follies of 1936 and the feature picture, "Don't Turn Em Loose." a The motion pictures reveal the manner in which. Detroit's Joe Louis continued his comeback victory last Tuesday night by knocking out Al Ettore. Philadelphia Italian, in the Philadelphia municipal stadium. Philippines Discuss United States Imports MANILA, P I (A P) The Philippine Commonwealth cabinet, headed by President Manuel L. Quezon, discussed recently the question of admitting American imports to the islands free from new taxes. The plan would be designed to encourage .greater consumption of Ameri-can goods and at the same time pro-mote better future business relations between the United States and the Commonwealth. Janice I don't see Fred nearly at much as I used to. Gertrude You should have married him when you had the chance. Janice I did. Chelsea Record. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS 5 VJ0AM&fM Arm iW. LT QlKOVmOThSM TUC UACTCD CAJnUU A kJ'C OWN PICK OF . THE CROP! FORMER ZIEGFELD BEAUTIES BERYL HAILEY -IltCFKO fOtlltSV 3ft$ & -S HELEN GATES BETTY MacDONALD . ZIEGFtLOt TUr- IllGFtLDI -WHOOHj- V, ANITA RICE LENORE MAS50 '"e?l tltOFI.0'$-OJALlt- tltCFIi.O'J-MOTCMA"' StfM JOSEPHINE RUSSO CHRISTINE CEPl . &:j'ljf ZI16FELDJ-I0ITA- ZIIGFILOt"IIMrLIJIMOH iliiyidijyi feJliDd CARYL BERGMAN DAN CARTHAY ra or "SMiifv "show soat- -aio a it a- f (te CHARLES CARLfLE tiMCiMfj stab o -ziieftLO foluu of tki Aia- VOB EASTON tt ONDEE ODETTE GLORIA GILBERT e4 m Dancing STA of lAtt ; CARROLL'S "VANITIII- I n r a Mr i kJrT n!irDeee a rAWtRICAH ttAUTiq ON FARAD! Q ai2 . i K Bfta-aTaTaTaTaTPaTeTSaHaTaa 4 .' a ,v " -. i,. f- 'V i i kl fc k-. 1 1 Wgr-i iL oisi-iijini S . l' in , ,1 tf CURLEY H ON TMI SCREIN nnVT TIIDH til inn irrTr LEWIS STONE JAMES GLEASON LOUISE LATIMER - BRUCE CABOT LOUIS-ETTORE mctYres IT X. ' '"n their greatest song ' jjj,1, 1 !A anc ance success' fmmrWf VICTOR MOORI , y L HELEN BRODERICK fvV ' -l?Ti. SYMPHONY HALL 56th SEASON 1936-373 24 Friday Afts. 24 Saturday Eves. Opening Oct. 9-10 BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Dr. 8ERGE KOUSSEVITZKY Conductor Soloists who will appear during season are RACHMANINOFF 8PALDINQ PROKOFIEFF. PIATIQORSKY GODINQ POSSELT SEIFETZ RANZOW ALTHOU8E VERINO HESS WITROPOULOS SEASON TICKETS ON SALE AT BOX OFFICE. COM. 1482 SUN. AFT. OCT. 18 AT 3:30 KREISLER

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