The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1931
Page 6
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y !BRUSHING UP SPORTS Blvtheville Inclenenclents Drop Third Straight: Spencer Fans 15. •Tlie Jonesboro Caterpillars d?- fei\t?cl ti-c Rlytlicvlll" fe?.l £o< r Jonesboro Wodnrsrlay, vltli llir' E'jencer hmlln; ?:nsjllo:i'.il lull (•>• Jonesboro. Si:encer set the £o~ down v.-ith six lilts ni:d stru:k on' Pfteen 111711. It was the th'.r;! straight defeat tor th? llos*. Spencer was t>;e'-in *• of the game. Besides Etrikini em 1 15 men he hail a perfect day <ii bat, getting three hits out of t!i! irlps to the plate, one a double •Reed, who oppose} Kprncjr. hurle go:d ball for five innings but !o pieces in tlie sixth and v;a'^ ie- Ibv'ed .by Monk Wright. The <;• eiplllars counted all foi^r cf l'i tuns In Ire sixth inning nprlsint; Wright retired tlie side wll'i th bas?5 leaded. The Caterpillars to five of their eight lilts i't I':-: s!\t Reed hurled well until tlis fa •> sixth,' striking out seven me 1 .! in th first five Innings. Jon:sbarn tench rd Wright for but one hit In th; it"' (wo Innings. Moni:. who play eel right field K'tee h.i was .shift to thc.pitcher's bo:t. was the onl- Sc-x to get two liils. Tlie Red Sox will bi hos's hor Sunday to the formidable M-J Buffaloes. The ITose .Jef«at;el Ninette two wctks ajo bill Inv; nc won a game since. Lcdbetter ss •! Phillips c -1 Ab?rnalhy -It 4 Jenkins 3b •! M. Wright rf-p 3 N. jVrlght Ib 2 Connally Ib 1 Aconch 2b 3 ' lAites cf 3 Reed p 2 x Harris ;' 1 Totah 31 0 x Batted for Reed in eighth. Jcnesboro . . Meriior '2b E.'Butlcr If ............ I .. W. Butler c ............ 4 S. Spencer ss .......... 4 Porter Ib Evans ct ..'..:. Wright rf .-..'. . 'Gilbert 3b' ,..'...... B. sjjencei' p ...... . • Totals 1 '.- ...... ;...Two -.bass hlt-B. ct tafrie^litnir ri AB. R. H. •I 0 C 1 1 1 0 o o o i "•':• :.• / .. L. "i ' W-^ <SAME FRED EVER. en The cw HE Umpires— Weaver and HaU. 33 4 I ;r. Tim '; 'minutes THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1S31 Missing Their Share of flits and Metk. I '.' ' A few days after he had pliche* a no-hit gam"! against t>;e. tall end St. Louis Browns. Wesby Pur rell-was knocked out of the box i- ;h!s home park by the near-tiil-cn- Boston Ec:l Sox. It was the socoir time' this season I^errell had b^e shelled from lh» mound. Ihe Ti-jei also pounding him out of tncrc. : • prove was knocked out of the bo- cnce'this season, and George Earn sha-v,' the'invincible dragon of tlr .last world series, twice has met thi .' time. fate. There seems lo bj n aialysis for UIESC irrejnlarllies 1111 l:ss ii be "they weren't right." Ii l-is?bnll the great and sm'all liav. t" take their bumps. Witon Is Wrtfu!. Over- in the National league th- h-:me run bludgeon of Hack Wi! son during the early weeks of tl campaign remained pitifully mor bund. Meantime. Hack's mamge pnd arch-rival with the mace. Rog crs Hornsby, slammed us many threi homers in one came. In Louis, Jim Bollomloy, viewed r •'• another at'nlete who was a!l thr ... during tho world Eerics last fal suddenly walked out of. his tom • rid started a concentrated can paig-.i cf cruelty to pitchers tha ' ' was inspiring to behold. Uncle Robbie gave dead-arme Jie Eiiaule from the Cleveland In dians a chance to show that he v,-o st:il good.enough to pitch. Sliair rime baclt and rewarded th= Rob Ills' chief by winning f or the teatr during a disastrous slump th threatened to go on until m'.d-sun • mer. , With every evidence at hand tliov.-.that the baseball is not as i • vncious this year, Husjhie Criu, ••• .275 hitter with the Reds last yea suddenly has blossomed forth wi a home run per weak for the Glanl • RMt(rer Rampant Wally Roottger, the former Un -. versltv of Illinois athlete, sent fro . -the Giants to the Cardinals to tt •-:" R;ds in two years, begins swin . • ing a'bat ihls year that has ma him .the hero of Cincinnati an placed him high up ncir th: I with a batting average around .4'. EdJie Morgan, hljh and mij'a holdout of the Indians, fidgeted c the bench during the first month fie baseball season and watch L«w Fonseca,, ancient Portugne, pi ay his spot at first base, bat around the top with & mark »• over .400 and generally star 'at a vi;' jobs. • ! . . '=£..• i.'BMetall does filrnlsh some strl J>«« enunplei of the fallen mlgh WW W» m«rtt who inhfrU (h« «»rtli If Not the New Baseball, Wlinl Causes '.This Bat-. (1:13 Degression. CHICAGO.—lias the new major league baseball come up to expec- Inlions? Are tneinli-r:; r.f ilie |iilch- fraternlty gett;n^ the "breiks" I they v;cro promised l:y advocates t' n e new splic'v?? 'l'lic?e qiic^llons draw a vniietv f answers fi-wn ba.ieball plnvcrs .'.id otflcliil 1 ;. Borne clcfiaro. thai rliunse has coir.?. Others are 'Hii.lly lhai condliiuns "..Mi'ii n:i ll'ey were during the ••liiRin-;" era of llir; last rte- ade. Apparently, it Is a matter f coiijectinc. Even official ('lilies compiled at the clusu of Ihe ,o pvmmnl laces may not scl- v II dL'titiiti.'ly ellhtr v;ay. I.iitc lelcnsc.s nf niajcr leisnn .i do indicate a change, luv.'cver. IM.i chanti? Kccms lo aver the pitcher by a count of five • (Hie. Fifty-five National League P'ay- rs a year uyo were maintaining tig [wcra£i:s cf .lyQ br better • three weeks of play. Figures the corresponding period this ciiscn show that only about 33 Ken arc duplicating that average. "lie answer is a decrease, of ap- 'TOxiinnlely 31 per cent in :JOa illrrs. Atnin. the National League ex- ,:od':d it total of 110 home runs in he first Charley Jamlcscn. ancient ball-hawk of Cleveland's out- fiel'Jlin; stalf. needs only 22 more bingles to Join the oxcln- slve circle which wj herewith dub the B!a Six ... an organization made up of half a dozen big leaguers who have blasted 2000 or more hits in their major league careers ... It may be tough go!ng for Jamie thii season for he has bten relegated to n pluch-hlttlng role . . . Records up to tr:c start of tlic present season show Hornsby the king of the hitleis with 2737 safeties . . . Sam Ric-2 comer next with 2S43 . . . Babe Ruth rates third with 22C2, and 57: of those swat.s are homers . . . Rabbit Maranville, haiigtnj nrcuml for IS years boy and man. lias 2211 lilts . . . Joi 1 Jutljje hns a collection numbering 2105 . . . Prank Frisih'f total is 2038. "nn.lors Send Ferrell lo . C kSo\vcrs; :J Reel Sox Eke Oi 11 AVin 'Over Tige rs. Tlie Philadelphia Athletics, back i I heir familiar position a I the cad of Ihc column in the Amerl- n lea?ue. teal the Chicago White ox yesterday bul they were forc- d to the limit In getting thc ver- t. No came was plnycd in the ational leasr,; due to cold \vea- •er but all thc American league an:.-, played. :Enrnshaw w?nt the route Voi •e world champions to Rain a 7 5 verdict in 11 Innings over homas and Fahcr. Him; Miller's n rim in the ninth lied the -unt for the Macks and won on wo runs in Ihe .IHh. CochranU t a homer i:i the eighth. Chica- o held the lead for eight innings. Tlie Washington Senators beat .'eslry Fcrrnll and the Cleveland ndir.ns at Cleveland. 0 to a. The •Jats hopped on Ferrell for 10 hits nd six vims before he retired in Birmingham ic fourth. Brown limited C'ove- Little Rock I'.id to eight hits. Avcrill of Clcvc- New Orleans. :irt hit a home run. ! Atlanta The Yankees cf New York dc-'Memphis eatcii the Browns nt St. Louis 3 Nartvllle o 2 in a clo.'c gair,:. Blacholdcr-Mobile :ave up but two hits In the first Chattanooga ix Innings bill thc Yanks got to ; lim In the seventh and eight N'nlloual : tanzas. Gomez was the winning :nrl?r. i .^L. Louis Tlie Boston Red Sox lost to thc ' N CW York etrolt Tigers in anotl:>:r close Boston jame 2 to 1. Whltehill was the Chicago •nrer of thc hurlini; duel llmillnj Pittsburgh .lie Bost=nians to eight nils while I'htlsidclphla :he Tigers got 11 binglcs. netroit's Brooklyn •ins ue ,> counted In the seventh Cincinnati .ml eighth innings. Gastcn was .13 loiitii liurlcr. i The fat lulCn-; :;i-: fairs one 1-sii.illy assceiatM with tl lf . S'.-.K cliuwn aUve art blran-cly ml l:i t!if iSIil n::ijor ( B iis. Cm it he that tlic new ball and Ihc Uisi'arded r.lcrifiif fly :'l-e working on'hesc swailcis?. n;;e, t™, nitlioiiqh they are inarer " " lan °' UCU '' ^^ ?.?lReadCouriei New Want Ads. of carrying six horses. It lias ! HOW THEY STAND Southern W. I,. 20 10 14 12 14 13 14 13 11 15 13 1-J 12 17 10 11 mm LOSE Ray Calchvell Wields Agcc Arm in Magic Style ! Barons' Pace Dizzy. Rny Caldwell, ancient ryht hanj- er, turned back the Chicks yesterday and the Birmingham Barons stepped high, wide nnrt handsa:r.i' far ahead of the Southern l»a;;;n pack. The Barons with 20 vicforic.-. and 10 defeats were selling a dizzy pace. The Pebbles, In ssconil place had 14 victories anJ 12 defcais. Cnldwcll limited the Chicks !c eight hits while the Barons' jump, fed on the offerings cf \Velz3r :in3 • M.ickey for 14 bingles. Taybr end Wck of the Barons hit homers. All HID Chicks' hlh were singles. The Crackers beat the I.itlU Rock Travelers at Atlanta, 5 to 1. Messenger gave tlie Pc'bs but four hits for their afternoon work. TaiEl of the Barons hit a home run I Hughes was the losing hnrlcr. p,.l I The Chattanooga Lookouts tea' gj-j the Pelicans by Iiitt;ii7 the o!I?r- ' 5 j fl hiss cf Dacus for twelve biivjle- ' slg while the Pels got but nine oil Ihil- "siD vcy and Davis. Neither team scor- ' ed In the last three innings. DC I.uxc Travel for Horstj | padded walls and 1U11) iTOCKHOLM. ,UP) - SivcUis'n j llghlc<l nml hrat ^ Pome of M-e toys in iiie Ameri- race llorse s travel In stylo when three weeks of th; 1930 ] c^n League have flopped this year. tllcv are transported from lamp.iljn. Thus far In the cur-' Jrnniv Foxx and M.irty M:Mnnii3 track to another. Upon ml season there were bill 74. n' have ma:!c the ir.iist sickening Bastion of Count Clarence von limnk'jse nf 20 per cent. j liiuils. but ttiey av close!'.' pressed £e 'i, one of Sweden's foremast ritl- Aml third. Naliona! I.eagvo learns I uy Eing Miller. Lou Gelirls. Sam evs, l!ie Swedish state railways have scored a tntu! of Oil runs .in three I R'rc, ni!l fJis'.ell r.:ul MSMK- Man- constructed a rte luxe coach^cupa- ! of play last season. They tish. '''" "' """ * " Ime iniule but K4 in the same 1 If Miller an:l Fox:; mr.inuc liaie this year. Him pruduclion lias | bumping the ball at a .107 cilp as Veen cuitalV?<! about one-fouith. j at pr.'senl, the Matktan forces will Tnc^e lire findings in tlic senior-r.i:L l:a*c yn i'n;u"abV time keep- .•ivciiit where the baseball submit- j ing at the Icp of the American :«l t« changes in stitching and j League. Foxx hi: .373 a year ago thickness of cover. It is differ-! and Miller was clc.;? lo .300. Mc- »iit in tl:o Anierican Li-ague, for Maims is approximately 150 points he ewer remains the same llionali I b?low his 1930 pace, which Isn't .1 licavhr tliread was subrlilulcil helping the Ti'.eis any. And Cis- n tlie stUtlitne. However, both ! r. II li:is pvactic.i'ly rlrcp-ica o;:l of 'erisuea ar,; without the sacrifice sight. :ly rule of previous seasons. | doing back to 1930 ngain v:e find lliat 778 runs and 77 home runs wire made In the firsl three wcfVis :f ll:,> American League season. Include:) among the .200 hitters! sere 30 players. Figures for the some period this vOar reveal a tulal of 774 runs and 1 '0 liomi: runs. The difference in : y uns scared is negligible, but home t hc run reduction seems to have Ue- ?reaseci r.but 14 per cent since live birth cf the. new ball. The one boomerang to Anierican b ' "r-.--iie Ditchers is the increase of is the proper piicilion uf' ,-lulj al. flic lop cf the Iiack- rwini? * • * I At Ihc O;> of the backswing. Bob- Crulckshaiik. the wee Sea-, who Bu'uby Jones in t"e 1923 MO hitters. There are 4C of them at Innoad. only lo toi? In the ohv- tliis year, an increase of about 28 •x-r cent over a y.?ar ago. This may '•ran tlmt junior league batters are shortening their swings to get dng'cs. lather than digging in for i toehold and swinging for distance. Ttv chanes mentioned can be Naiir-ci rn a niimber of conditions,! firet In consieleration must be | the new ball. The rule abolishing | the sacrifice fly enters into it, as ! i!o the physical conditions of thcj various players. Evnif weather ran- • lillons and leasii,- fchedulcs !iav« affected the change may' HERE IS TH.E VOEfi SCOt AT -we -TOP CF. ws aviKSvJii-'f? tlic CLUB i!c u.:!S G? FLIGHT". ^ .. ofl. is in .sVich a position that Ins The individual cases offer rocm chlb is l' al " tin S a'^'g the intend^ r nr much .sncciilntion. A dozen or mere- players are far below their , ta , c ' K ' tllpre is a li'-J-itsml sprlin-timc batting form . left wrist, causi line of K\;M. As lie takes His club slight roll of th: ;ing the club lo be W. 14 n 13 11 11 9 3 3 Amrrican About 2.000.MO Ions of water Phi!«<Mphta ute. ; oier Niagara Falls every min W. 12 New York .......... 13 Washington ____ ...... 13 Delroil .............. 14 Cleveland ........... 12 Chicago ............. 9 ............... 9 "5t. Louis ............ C ffl I ed four runs In an eighth innir,? •773 rally. Scwell was the losing lutricr .700 ;"i Northwestern Universitv ;": Plans Huge Expansion EVANSTON, 111.. (UP)—An SR->- provide even a .200 bailing aver- Uils point will cause a tnrnin? of i"e. A year ago he was bowling the club, in the player's hand. A ilrng at a .500 clip. j goo.3 thing to remember is that the Al Lopez r.nd Johnny Frederick.! left hand to kept under the risht teammates of O'Doiil, arc bareiv at tills stage of the sv/in^. above Its .203 mark. Both hacT •IfV) averages a year ago. Big Bill Terry, champion VO.OOO expansion program [ cr: National I.rague swatsmcn In 1930. : Rolf swing? N:illiweslern University was out-! rans f° b " having his difricuitics I TOMORROW: Why must (lie left of arm be ki^pt straight durinj tlif PCI < llnod at a r,:ccnt banquet by ["res-; '"lint.ninin? a .370 pace at present. I Thc thirst for education i.i Ja- jidenl Walter Ulll Scott. .CI9 His average for Ihe corresponding. pa:i ir, anv.izing. To k-arn English Ihc next 10 years n u .! reriod last year v.-ns .403. 1 speech and English wrlling Is re- GAMES TODAY Pcnth'rrn I.ragiip Memphis al Atlanta, l-illlo Rock at Birmingham. Chatliuoosa at Mobil,\ Nashville al New Orleans. Ei-nns'nn campus probably will be' Chuck Klein. Hack Wilson and' ».in!ccl among Japanese coolies as 513 extended into Lake Michigan for a. 'ran* Frisch arc encountering cb-1 the moM obvious paitimc for their 522 , quarter, or a half mile, with a i,.'itsctcs on the read to a fat aver- ! s,-anly licurs of leisure. >:gooii cast of the campus anil 1 nbllc 499 1 yond thc lagoon a nullc pmk. 3)5 . landing field for airplanes and a I boulevard," Scitt said. lie also announced plans for c.s- . iribllshlug a schcol for aeronaui- . lea: and radio instruction. American I,tn;nie Philadeliihia al Chlciso. New York r,t St. Ix)ii:5. Boston at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. ^ Nat'Mul I.n S i;j St. Louis at Boston. Chicajo at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at Phipideiphi.i ivc Generations At Birthday Party .SEATFLE, (UP)— When Arl»np ' Ade!o Thaycr colebrateii her sec end birth anniversary, her :::n!licr. Krandniother, great graiidmcthcr. and Rrat-great grandmother attended h«r party. ! The great-great grandmother is ! Mrs. Helen Craft, who obserml •her 87th birth anniversary on tho jsamc day llltlc Arlene was 2 Mrs • Ciatl's dnugliter Is Mrs. Nc]':« i Clark, whora daughter is Mrs. l.o'i- i clla A. Dorgnn. Mrs. Dorpan a:l- mits she is "about 20 years" o;,ir: than he daughter, Mrs. Wa',;rr Dry Ice Frorc Stomich KANSAS CITY. Mr,. (UP>-Ja^ . u , an ne oaus , ill:l . nlls . , | Cimnlniinam filling station att?n-l- i'riiayer, 24, mother of Arlcn,, suftered internal frostbite | Five generations were r-pr- 1 - wnen he atlemplcd to make a drink i rented at thc party of cold water with dry Ice. coninoi-- ! cd of carbon dioxide. Tlie dry Ire' Tlic planet Neptune takes )•,<• has a temperature of approximately •. over 60,000 days to go around t! r 125 degrees below zero. Cunning- sun, as compared with our 36J 19- Buys a New Suit Arrival If you're the type of fellow Hint likes to clu things and go places—you'll find your new suit in this special group. All new materials, colors and styles for Suiniiicr arc here to clioose from at a favinjj. Others Up lo §35 Freeman Famous Oxfords R!aek, Tan and Spo.'l Combinations $5 Nniin-Biisli Oxfords S8.50 and §10 Dobbs StrawsSS and 88 O.Hushes&Cc.

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