The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 26, 1938 · 14
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 14

Boston, Massachusetts
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Saturday, November 26, 1938
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THE BOSTON GLOBE-SAT UKD AY. NOVEMBER 26, 1938 f. 11 TI 1,1 n m . i iiiiini iiiiiii , : : ; : : ; : ; : ; : : ; ; ; -anj When 231 Years Wed Her Husband Asks For a Divorce "After Living With a Man For Long One Doesn't Need r' Straws to Show Direction Of the Wind Dear Other Side of the Desk and Others It's been a matter of a couple of years since we've corresponded, but when my troubles come I have only you to talk to. -You know that I'm a Dixie girl and now my Yankee husband has let me 'down. I don't know which way to turn, what to do or even how to 'conduct myself in my every day living. We've been married 23' years. 'About a month ago he asked me for a divorce. Not out of a clear sky after living and 1 -ing a man for a "quarter of a century one doesn't 'need the straws to show the direction of the wind. It happened once before seven years ago. but that girl found another husband. - This time the woman already has A husband, but she left him about six weeks ago and Is planning to annex mine as soon as I give him his freedom. I promised it to him j soon and shall carry out my prom-ise. But O. the living alone all j the time is wearing away the point .of my chin that I've tried to keep , held up. I feel ashamed, degraded, having lived with a man so long when he didn't love me. He tells me LADY IN BLACK By VIDA HURST , CHAPTER XXXII It could not have been Jean who took the key Camilla had just found In her pocketbook. "Whoever had taken it must have been prowling f about the cosmetic shop the night ' before while Camilla was working. But in the face of the facts that Jean had a beauty shop of her own and had recently put in a line of the same perfumes which had been - stolen; that she was hard pressed for money and not as particular as - she might be about her standards of conduct, who but her sister would believe it? Can't Be True As she waited for Jean to finish her telephone conversation Camilla - remembered that Jean had left the house earlier than usual that morn- ing She also recalled the bitterness in her voice as Jean spoke of the "idle rich" and Claudia Pierce in particular. . . , Claudia had been in Jean's beauty fhop that morning for a facial. . . . Then might it not heve been Claudia who had slipped the key into Jeans pocketbook? But why should Claudia steal perfume from her father's store when all she had to do was ask for it? That couldn't be the answer, Camilla signed. So far as she knew, Claudia hadn't even been in the Lovely Lady Shop that day. She had ordered a bottle of perfume, which Camilla had delivered herself to her employer's omce so that he might take it home with him. Her face was white as she turned to Jean. -I found the key," she said. "It was in your pocketbook. "My pocketbook?" Jean gasped. There must be some mistake, Camilla! How could the key to your perfume cabinet get into my pocket-book unless you put it there?" "I don't know," Camilla admitted. "But, of course, you know I didn't put it there any more than you did." Jean took it from her and stared at it as if the key could reveal the secret. "Something very funny about this, Camilla." "You're telling me? Look, Jean, did you say Claudia Pierce was in jour shop this morning?" "For a facial. Yes!" "She wasn't by any chance in that little room where you left your purse?" "Certainly not . . . Ah, Camilla, yes, she was. After I had the mask on her face, she asked if she could use the phone so I suggested that she use the extension on my desk. But she was only there for a minute." Jealous Trick "A minute would be long enough, Camilla said grimly. 'But, darling, why would Claudia Pierce take perfume from her own father's shop?" ."No reason except to throw the blame on me." "But why would she want to throw any blame on you?" Jean asked. "After all she has everything she wants. Chris is engaged to her." , "I thought something happened ! on his vacation. Maybe I was right , She has always felt there is some-S thing lacking in his affection, I ' think, and it's possible that she suspects that he is interested in me. I But even then I can't imagine a girl brought up the way she has been stooping to such a trick as this." - "I can if her motive were strong enough. She's no different from anyone else. And where a man is, ' concerned some women will stoop - to anything." "She's been hanging around the store ever since ha got back although I don't remember seeing her there yesterday. But she could have stayed in the restroom until everyone had gone, then hid in the per-; fume booth after I went to Chris- topher's office." Jean shook her head. "It sounds too far-fetched. Baby! No one in the world would believe it Besides even if you had absolute proof that it was true, you couldn't , go to Mr. Pieroa with a story like t that about his own daughter." "That's just it," Camilla groaned. "O. Jean, what am I going to do?" "Skip it," Jean advised. "The ; less said the better if you ask me." Don't Tell But I've got to tell him that XVe found the key. "Why do you? Why advertise It?" Camilla said thoughtfully, "There's something I haven't told you but you'd better know. I overheard two of the girls discussing it this noon and they wondered if I might not have taken the perfume myself, for you." "For me? What do you mean?" "For your perfume bar. Everyone seems to know that we have been worried about money lately and they said I might have just pretended to lose the key In order to throw the suspicion on some-tine outside." .. . "But C P. knows you wouldn't do So he has no fault to find with me. It's just that what he feels for this other woman is something he's been missing and seeking all his life with me and couldn't find in me. That's where my shame comes in. I've given up all my friends, - even stopped going to church and Sunday school when he raised a rumpus about a late Sunday dinner. He hasn't left me yet He still eats and sleeps here as usual. I love him and can't show it only in small ways that he can conscientiously accept I try to act as usual when he's around, but go to pieces when he leaves. But I won't let him see me cry. If he's been unhappy and discontented all these years, I won't spoil his happiness now. I have my own feelings to make me remember. But what shall I do? I work until 4:30, but the long evenings are my bete noir. Everything I do seems so futile. Entre Nous and Fidelitas, what would you do? My one daughter, 19, is self-supporting and will not be affected by the divorce. Panicky Pat a thing like that," Jean said. "You've worked for him too long." "I don't think such a thing has even entered his head. But it won't be very pleasant to go on working in the store if the other girls have any such idea." "Why worry about what they think?" "Well, I do. and so would you. And eventually, if the mystery is not cleared up. the story will seep through to Mr. Pierce and Chris. You can't keep things like that dark. I think I ought to go to C. P. and resign." "Don't be a fool!" Jean cried. "You can't do that, Camilla. You'd just ho cutting off your nose to spite your face." "I can't go on working for him having everyone think it is my fault. And finding this key doesn't help any." "Camilla, you don't think I took it?" "Of course not Just the same I'm smart enough to know that no one else would believe us if they knew where I had found it" "That's why - you shouldn't tell anyone. Why is it necessary for you to say that you have found the key?" Can't Sleep Jean's reasoning was so different from her own, Camilla thought sadly. No one who had heard the things Jean said would believe that she was innocent, yet Camilla's faith did not waver. They might disagree on many things, but on such a fundamental issue as stealing, there could be no argument Easier to suspect that Claudia had done it to cause trouble for the head of the perfume department than to think one's sister could be guilty. Camilla slept little that night and the next morning before the store opened she was in C. P.'s office. She did not even wait to ask Christopher's advice. It was as impossible to tell him of her solution as it was C. P. "I have found the key," Camilla said, meeting her employer's eyes with her own troubled blue ones. "You did, Camilla? Where?" "In my sister's pocketbook," Camilla admitted. "Neither of us has any idea how it got there. She reached home after I did the night the perfume was stolen, and left the next morning before I was up but the key was in her pocketbook when she came home that night" Claude Pierce looked more serious than she had ever seen him. "You ere sure you didn't put It there yourself? By mistake?" "No! Besides even if I had, that wouldn't explain how the cabinet was opened." "That's true," he said shaking his head. "My sister has a perfume bar in her beauty shop, Camilla continued, "where she has been selling some of the same perfumes which were taken. She didn't take them, Mr. Pierce, and neither did L but I realize how bad this looks for both of us. "And since there is no possible way I can explain the situation, there is nothing for me to do but quit." "Nonsense," he said testily. "I haven't made any accusations, have I?" "No, but there are plenty of rumors running around the store. "Suppose there are? There isn't any way to meet them. I admit the setup is not a pleasant one and on the face of it looks bad for you. But I would not have trusted you with the key in the first place if I had the slightest doubt of your reliability." "Thanks, C. p.r she gulped addressing him for the first time as she always thought of him. "That's perfectly grand of you, bitf I don't think it's fair to you for me to stay." "It's the only way to get at the truth," he insisted. "You stick it out and don't tell anybody anything until I find out the score." As she left his office, blind with tears, she almost ran into Chris, who was entering it He said, "Good morning, Camilla!" His face was grave but she dared not stop to speak to him for fear she would begin to cry. Was it possible that Chris was suspecting her, too? tCopyrisht. 1938.) PRIMING AN IRON KETTLE Dear Dook-er-Dee Perhaps I can help you. I have one of those old round flat bottomed iron kettles. I consider it the gem of my cooking utensils. I cook anything and everything in it Inside is as smooth as glass. It never rusts or tastes. I will tell you how I saw a lady prime a new iron kettle from the store. She filled it full of hay and cold water and boiled it awhile, then thoroughly washed it rinsed and dried it, then thoroughly greased it with sweet lard, then heated it very hot, then wiped off what lard had not been absorbed. Do this a few times and your kettle will not rust or taste if you are careful to keep it perfectly clean and dry. That is very important I hope I have helped you. Crude But True. i Confidential Chat Not Your Teeth, But Your Attitude Which Is Wrong Dear A Woburn Reader After reading your letter I'm convinced that you have very few things in life to worry you and you are not only making a mountain out of a mole hill but being very silly and I'm afraid in a very few years you won't have any friends of either sex if you don't change your attitude towards such a small matter. I'm only a few years your senior and the past year I was obliged to have all my upper teeth extracted except three and I now have a plate. My own teeth were straightened when I was a child and I had spent a lot of money on them but my plate is just as good if not better than my own teeth and I certainly don't hesitate or fear that people are thinking, "my what a funny looking set of teeth." There are so many more vitally important things in life than just teeth and the sooner that you lose your silly attitude I'm sure you will enjoy life a lot better. I might add that I work in an office where I come in contact with plenty of people and that also my husband and I don't stay in the house simply because someone might think that my teeth aren't beautiful! Inky Sue. Be Thankful You Have Such a Minor Handicap Dear a Woburn Reader I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill One of my best friends was in an accident when she was 12 and lost all her upper teeth. Is she letting it make her life miserable? No, indeed, she makes jokes about her false teeth, especially when her friends offer her caramels. , Every day I see girls on crutches going to a certain shop to earn their living, some of them have' braces on both legs and can barely drag themselves around. Sometimes I see another group of girls who attend school and it was . :..-. 1 1 : i . l blind. These handicapped girls are always cheerful. Be thankful you can see and hear and-don't have lo depend on crutches to walk. Sallyruth. When We RealiyFall in Love, Nothing Else Matters Dear Ell So you couldn't help but snicker when you read my letter? I felt sorry for you when I read yours. Have you ever really and trulv been in leve? I .rinn'fc tliinlr you have. xr you met someone you loved above anything else in the world, you'd consider marrying on $25, all right. Do you believe, Ell, that marriage is what you can get out of it rather than what you put into it? You said you decided against marriage when you found you wouldn't have $25 a week to spend on you! There are two people in a marriage, not one. You don't want marriage as a holy state where two people sacrifice for each other, you want a business arrangement where you will collect the profits. I might add for the benefit of my column friends that my husband-to-be is a young man with whom I grew up and whose family has been friendly with my family for years. Thanks to who ever told me to go out with other young men, I found the only one I could love, and found that the nicest people are the ones you really know. You wanted to know, Ell, how one could fall in love so easily has anyone ever been able to explain that? It's just something that happens or doesn't happen and in my case I was fortunate enough to have such good luck. T6V Crying for the Moon and Sir Galahad thinks for accepting. I know I can rely en you both. Hermitage Lady. But You Don't Have to Stay in the Rut, Do You? pear White Birches No, I don't think you are completely responsible for the rut you seem to be in, but I do think you can climb right out of it I'm glad you answered my note as I can clearly see your case now. You and I think a lot alike that is, we did. For instance, you stopped asking people to do things as they didn't ask in return. Perhaps these particular people weren't interested in you, maybe you didn't have enough in common. Your task now is to ask others and in order to ask others you've got to meet them first Hence my advice to go places and show people that you are genuinely interested in them. Don't be afraid to show them you would like them for a friend. PerhaDS vou will TTiakfl A rtr1Cr voir. attempts but I am convinced that sometime wnen you make enough contacts you are going to find the people who will want you for their chum. We are all so very different, it takes time to meet those who respond to us and vice versa. Please join that club. Forget that you are uncongenial with them. Adopt the attitude that you are willing to be friends. We have to forgive and forget, we are all so imperfect ourselves. You don't have to be adept at conversation to have friends. You just have to be able to ask them how they are and what they're doing, etc. Call Me Toots wrote you a grand letter. Read it over often. Write me and let me know how you make out Also remember that a friend is someone who knows all" about you and still likes you. Seventy Times Seven. His People Support Them; Hers Do Nothing for Them Dear Entre Nous and Happy Muz-zer Will you help me in my problem? We are a middle-aged couple with a small salary. Our son lives with us, with his wife and baby 3 years old. Since their marriage they have been able to pay little board or none. The girl's people live in the same town and -are well-to-do people but very selfish. .We tried to entertain them, but never were invited to their house, so after many meals here we stopped. Here is my trouble: They never invite the girl to a dinner or take care of the child or never give her so much as an orange to eat, or the girl a thing to wear except cast-offs, yet they tell every one they cannot visit us often as they would like until she gets her own home yet they would not help her to get one. My husband feels it has been shabby and unfair treatment. Wondering Why, Crochet Gives Enduring Pleasure COM. (. HOUSEHOLD AKTt INC4 PATTERN 6118 By ALICE BROOKS Own this lazy cloth enjoy using it. You can crochet it at budget cost, of mercerized string; the easy medallions can be done in your spare time. This graceful pinwneei design is also effective for a spread or smaller gift accessories. Pattern DOLL CURTAIN PULL Dear Globe Maniac Am very happy that you are feeling much better, and wish you every luck in your new venture. The curtain pull sounds very pretty and I shall make them as soon as I get the bags out of the way. Thanks to Flossie Few Curls for edging. Hanky is finished and is very pretty. Have you any more insertions? Can you use this pretty doll curtain pull pattern I just received? One bali of crochet cotton, size 10, makes 7 pulls. 1 skein 6 strand embroidery cotton, steel nooK, xmo. 10 or n. Waist-band: 1st row, ch 8, d c in 4th st from hook, 1 d c in each of next 3 sts of chain, ch 3, turn; 2d to 10th rows incl. 1 d c in each d c of previous row. Join. Skirt: 1st round, ch 3, 5 d c in each space around lower edge of waistband. Second rounr', ch 4, 5 tr between each d c of 1st round. Fasten off. Edging with 6-strand embroidery cotton, work 1 row sc around edge of skirt. Bonnet Ch 6, join to form ring. Row 1 Ch 4, 1 dc in ring, ch 1, repeat from 8 times; join with si st in 3d set of ch 4 (10 dc). Row 2 Ch 3, 1 dc in 1st space of 1st row, 1 dc in next space, i dc in next space, 1 dc in next space; repeat from around row (15 d c). Row 3 Ch 4, 1 dc in each of first 12 dc with ch 1 between des, ch 3, turn, leaving remaining 3 dc for back of bonnet. Row 41 dc in each dc of 3d row with ch 1 between dc's ch 3, turn. Row 5 (Poke) 5 dc in each ch 1 space of 4th row. Ch 1, 1 sc in each st across back of bonnet. Fasten off. Edging With 6-strand embroidery cotton work 1 row sc around edge of poke. Tie. With 6-strand cotton make chain about 8 inches long and run through spaces between dc of 4th row. Tie under chin. Cord Ch 120 sts or desired length and attach to center top of bonnet Edging is of contrasted color if desired. Use small, light dolls. Powderhouse Rock. HANDKERCHIEF EDGE To Teasingly Plump Have you ever had this handkerchief edge? Made with tatting thread, it is very pretty for handkerchief borders; made with 40 it is dandy on pillow cases. Row 1 Fasten thread at corner, 1 s c in each of next five hemstitched holes, ch 3, sk 2 sts, 1 s c in each of next 9 sts. repeat around, having 5 s c on each side of corner. Row 2 Ch 6, 1 s c into next loop, ch 12 and 1 s c in same loop 4 times, ch 6, 1 s c into center s c of the 9; repeat from star around, fasten and break thread. Row 3 Change color If desired. -LET'S EXPLORE Sawges Have Higher Sex Morals Than We Do -By Albert Edward Answer to Question No. 1 Yes. About the hardest work on earth is to be happy when idle. The human mind refuses to quit working while one is awake and, unless one is at work or engaged in active play, thoughts seem to turn inward and usually work on unhappy, depressing thoughts. Activity, partly bodily and partly mental, is almost a necessity if one wishes to be happy. Answer to Question No. 2 On the whole I think the indifferent people who always expect others to give them good government, organize social welfare, clean the streets, secure good schools, prevent racketeering, build the churches, etc., are the worst scoundrels we have. They are so everlastingly smug in their rascality and pride their ornery carcasses on being "good" citizens. O, yes, they ft : T 'A MF 1ST-'. IT A ,.lJ SvfcvlBl 1 V 6118 contains instructions for making the medallions; an illustration of them and of stitches; photograph of medallions; materials needed. To obtain this pattern send 15 cents in money to Alice Brooks, Household Department, the Boston Globe. AUNT HET Xipt "Jennie think it'a foolish for everybody to have a big Sunday dinner, but it ain't. The idea is to fill your family so full o dinner they'll be satisfied with a cold supper." Attach thread at 1st loop of ch 12, ch 5, s c in next loop, ch 5, s c in next loop, ch 5, s c in last loop and first of next group at the same time; repeat from star around. Row 4 Work 6 s c under each loop. Please try this if you haven't already got it. This is to repay you for those I've used of yours. Lieutenant's Lady. CHRISTMAS DECORATION FOR TABLE Dear Just Blue Inn I want to toll you how much we enjoyed your crumb cake. I will be making it often. Also want to say thank you for your letter describing your glass garden. I expect to take a walk in the woods this week and see vvhat I can find. How I w?ch you could come along. Perhaps you can use this suggestion for a Christmas table decoration. I tried it last year and thought it was very attractive. Get 2 automobile spoke brushes. Dip them in starch and then in artificial snow. Stand them up in bright flower pots filled with sand or stones. I used blue but red or green would be pretty, too. Trim the "trees" with gummed silver stars. If you wish you can first dip the brushes in green dye, but the white was very nice. In the center of the table I placed a blue bowl filled with evergreen clippings which I had dipped in ,the starch and artificial snow, and put a "tree" on each side. Garden Bug. YOUR MIND- Wiggam, D.Sc- z HICH 16 THE WORSE WELFARE, DI&AWAAMENT, 600D 60YERWMEWTlTd. OR HUMAN INDIFFERENCE. HUMAN BADNE6&EK.? yoOSK OPIWIOM $HICH HASTHEHI6HER Sex MORAL6- &AVA6ES OR CIVILIZED PEOPLES? -V)OUROPiNIOMl, are always "in favor" of all these good things provided somebody else will sit up night3 and risk his reputation even his life,, to bring them about You can arrest a bad person but you can't put these indifferent social and political parasites in jail where they belong. Answer to Question No. 3 Savages, by all means. As Knight DunJap, psychologist, brings out in his "Civilized Life, such things as prostitution and sex immorality generally are the products of civilization and grew up after man had gone pretty far in developing civilized institutions and so-called "social order." Among many of the lowest savage tribes sex immorality is punished by death. As another student has shown, sex customs differ widely among savage tribes, but violation of the established customs is a capital offense T X MENU FOR SUNDAY, NOV. 27 BREAKFAST Grapefruit Wheat Cereal with Cream Omelet. Bacon Hot Com Cake Coffee DINNER Grapejuiee Cocktail Celery, Mint Pineapple Jelly . . Broiled Lamb Chop Mashed Potatoes , Creamed Cauliflower Waldorf Salad, French Dreseins Steamed Puddins Coffee SUPPER Creamed Chicken on Toast Olives. Stuffed Celerv Preserved Raspberries White Fruit Cake , Tea Steamed Pudding- Turn ri-:i flmir. 1 tpaxnonn nods. X II teaspoon salt, cup chopped suet, I cloves, lh teaspoon nutmeg, 1 cup raisins. ehODced: t cud milk. 'A cup molasses. 3 tablespoons sugar, 1-3 cup nuts (.optional . lereased pudding mold. Cover tightly X mold. Serve not. 7 White Fruit Cake Two-thirds cup butter, 1H cups rranuiatea sugar, V cup milk, l teaspoon vanilla, 1 teaspoon almond extract, V teaspoon salt, '.'a cup coconut, 2 cud sliced candied pine-BDDle. 1-3 Clin filinprl eitrrm. 1 din chopped white raisins. cud chopped T canaiea cnernes, " cup snreaaed almonds. '1-3 cup sliced Brazil nuts, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind, 1-3 cup chopped candied orange peel. 2 "4 cups flour, l teaspoon soda, 6 egg whites, beaten. Cream butter and sugar until soft. Add rest of ingredients, except the whites. Mix carefully and thoroughly. Fold in whites. Half fill loaf pan lined with waxed papers and bake llA hours in a slow oven. READ CAREFULLY F tnere is any household problem that you cannot solve, do not hesitate to write to the New England housewives who contribute to the Household Department. They aw always willing lo help you. In writing to the Househola Department use only one side of each sheet of paper and sign a pen name. Rpmpmhe1. we also have a Household Department m ine Sunday Globe which has no rival in the world. The rates of suDscription by rnail and back numbers of the. Morning. Evening and Sundey Globe will be found on the EdSpecfal edfu'ons of the Dally Globe can be bought at the Globe office tor a cents copy. Fruit Cake Cookies Dear Information, Please It was so nice of you and the other Globe friends to come to my aid when I asked for the recipe of dark date and nut bread. I shall try all o the recipes in the very near future. As a thank you I am sending you a different kind of cookie for the holidays-Fruit Cake Cookies Two cups sugar, 1 cup shortening, 2 eggs, 3 cups pastry flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, i teaspoon salt, 1 cup each of raisins, walnuts and candied cherries, Vz teaspoon cloves, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, teaspoon nutmeg, cup milk, V& cup candied pineapple, V cup citron. Cream together sugar and shortening; beat eggs in, one at a time. Sift dry ingredients together and add alternately with milk. Chop fruit and nuts and mix well in mixture. Drop by teaspoon on greased tin and bake in moderate oven. Pineapple and citron may be omitted if desired. These cookies will keep for months. Bee-En. Apricot Nectar Parfait Dear Globe Maniac I want to thank you for your note and the sandwich filling. I made the filling for guests and everyone liked it very much. Have you this recipe for apricot nectar parfait? Two cups dried apricots, Va cup sugar, cup honey, 2 teaspoons gelatin. 2 tablespoons cold water, l?i cups evaporated milk. Cook apricots until tender. Drain and beat with sugar and honey until well mixed. Soften gelatin in cold water and dissolve in hot evaporated milk. Chill until mixture begins to thicken, then beat until light Fold in apricot mixture and chill well. Serves about 6. Do write again. Success for your gift shop and your health. Peep-Bo. Spiced Vinegar Dear Little Valley I hope this will do: Special Vinegar One gallon cider vinegar, 1 pound of sugar, 1 tablespoon allspice, 3 tablespoons of mustard seed, 3 tablespoons celery seed, 2 tablespoons salt, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, and one teacup of grated horseradish. May I have a recipe? Might Have Been. Golden Fruit Dressing Dear Filet Fan I seem to have two recipes for which to thank you. Both the cream filling and the cup cakes were elegant. I was glad to hear that you had no trouble with my sherbet. When did you send me the recipe for cream puffs? I am anxious to know, because I must have missed the recipe. The only one I have was sent me by Chicken Little, in December. Occasionally, I have found that a recipe will be in the morning edition that will be omitted in the evening edition, or vice versa. I have access to both editions, so I don't often miss one of my notes or recipes. The following is simply delicious on a fruit Two eggs, well beaten, one-third cup sugar two-thirds cup orange juice, cup pineapple juice, one-third cup lemon -juice, cup heavy cream, Vg teaspoon salt. Heat fruit juices in double-boiler. Beat eggs thoroughly. Add sugar gradually and salt. Then pour a little of the hot juice into the-beaten eggs and stir egg mixture into rest or hot liquid. Cook until mixture coats spoon, stirring constantly. This requires about 2 minutes. Remove from fire. When cold fold in the whipped cream. May I have another note and recipe? Gleaming Ivories. Lemon Surprise Pudding Requested by J. E. W. Into a round baking pan, put cup sugar, the grated rind and juice of 1 large lemon and piece of butter, size of an egg. Pour over 2 cups boiling water and stir till sugar is all dissolved. Let stand while mixing the following batter: Cream together 1-3 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon butter, add 1 beaten egg and 1-3 cup water, also 1 teaspoon lemon extract Stir in 1 cup bread flour sifted with 2 teaspoons baking powder and pinch of salt Beat smooth. Drop by large spoonfuls into the lemon mixture, but do not stir it in. Bake quickly in a hot oven, 390 degrees Farenheit, till done. Test with a straw. Serve hot, either plain or with whipped cream. The batter mixture should be a little stiffer than for cake. The above seems to be about right for Barbara Bell Fashion Patterns An Afternoon Dress With Slenderizing Lines f This distinguished afternoon dress will simply melt the pounds from your appearance it's so cleverly slenderizing. See how small that girdled waistline looks, and how the front panel, cut In one with it, creates a lengthening effect! The bodice fits with smooth perfection, because it has darts on the shoulders in front, and gathers just about the waistline, to give soft fullness over the bust . This design has the simplicity that large women wear so well, and it's a lovely fashion for bridge, luncheons and club meetings. You'll thoroughly enjoy having it during the holiday season and you can make it so easily and quickly. Choose velvet, crepe-satin, wool broadcloth or rayon jersey. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1585-B is designed for sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50 and 52. With long; sleeves, size 38 requires 5 yards of 39-inch material; with short sleeves, 4 yards; VA yards of trimming. Monday: Make This Lingerie Set for Christmas Gifts. NEEDLEWORK QUERIES Dear Globe Maniac Here I am again. I want to thank you for the narcissus curtain pull, it is very pretty. But will you please tell me what size thread and needle you used? I had size 10 thread and size 8 steel crochet hook, but mine came out rather large, even though I crochet very closely and firmly. Best of luck for the gift shoppe. Nocturne Poetique. . BARBABA BELL PATTERNS, HOUSEHOLD DEPT.. BOSTON GLOBE No. 1585-B Size -.. Price per pattern 15 centi name street address city state Be sure to five pattern number, site and Jail address. Barbara Bell Fashion Books, showing more than 100 of the latest Fall and Winter styles in colors, are now ready for sale. Send 15 cents for each copy to Barbara Bell, Household Dept., Boston Globe, Boston, Mass. bread flour, but if pastry flour is used, add only cup water, as it makes a much thinner batter than bread flour. Flour varies so that it's best to use one's own judgment Sally Blue Bonnet Pecan Nut Roll Dear Dunelm and Trudchen Thanks so much for sending me the dark date and nut bread recipes. Here is a very nice candy recipe as a thank you. Pecan Nut Roll One cup light brown sugar, 2 cups granulated sugar, cup white corn sirup, 1 cup evaporated milk, cup powdered sugar, 1 cups broken pecans. Cbok together brown and white sugars, sirup and milk, stirring occasionally, to 236 degrees or the soft ball stage. Cool at room temperature without stirring until lukewarm. Beat until candy holds shape. Dust board with powdered sugar and knead candy on board until firm. Shape into long roll 2 inches in diameter and 16 inches long. Roll in chopped nuts. Wrap in waxed paper and put in cool place to harden. Cut in Va-inch slices with sharp knife. Makes about 30 slices. Bee-En. Curried Peaches Dear Brooks and Hills Thanks for the orange pie. I love them. You have been absent from the column too long we would all enjoy hearing from you. It is Sunday afternoon and I am trying to overtake my unanswered Globe correspondence and at the same time listen to a symphonic program. Just now my favorite, "Overture to Rienzi," by Wagner, is being played. Don't you think my ability to concentrate is wonderful? Now, how about a recipe? Curried Peaches Sprinkle halves of canned peaches with a little sugar, fill cavities with butter. Add a sprinkling of curry powder to suit your taste. Broil until lightly browned. Serve hot with lamb, veal or chicken. Hope you like this as well as we do. I shall be looking for another recipe and note from you. Gleaming Ivories. Rice Cakes Dear Delmab I have followed your letters and am interested in your present difficulty. Wish I were the bright sort of person who could advise you, but I'm not Could you use this recipe for rice cakes? One tablespoon sugar, teaspoon cinnamon cups cooked rice, 1 egg beaten, fine bread crumbs and butter. Add the sugar and cinnamon to rice with half the egg. Form Into flat cakes. Dip in remaining egg and roll in crumbs. Fry in butter until nicely browned on Doth sides. Serve with jelly. Makes about 6 portions. These are nice for either breakfast or a light supper or luncheon. Please write again to Peep-Bo. Christmas Cake Dear Mme. Batacco I made your Halloween dessert, it went over big at our party. Thanks also to Mummy of Little Duchess. Here is a recipe for both of you: Christmas Cake One-half cup shortening, 2 eggs, 1 1-3 cups sugar, 1 cup mincemeat, 2 cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, teaspoon salt, cup milk, 1-3 cup walnuts, 2 tablespoons cocoa. Cream shortening; add sugar gradually and cream thoroughly; add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition. Heat mincemeat until the suet is melted. Add to the creamed mixture while warm. Sift flour and measure; sift again with the other dry ingredients and add alternately with the milk. Stir in the finely chopped nuts. Pour into two greased and floured eight-inch cake pans. Bake in a moderate oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 35 minutes. When cool, frost and decorate with bits of citron and maraschino cherries cut to resemble holly berries with leaves. If you wish the orange frosting for this cake, let me know. How about another recipe for me? Might Have Been, lip x Vs."-'- IOiJI- . 1585-B The Last Leaf By ANNE CAMPBELL Ssme trees reluctantly shed their last leaves, As if they would cling closely to old friends Who are so comforting when the wind grieves, And when that last lone beam of sunlight ends. The winter of my life approaches now. And it is strangely heartening to feel That one friend cleaves to the forsaken bough, As in the West the twilight shadow.; steal. CCopyriaht, 1938.) PLANTS AND FLOWERS Dear Jay E I am sorry to have taken so long to thank you for your letter on getting rid of poison ivy. I was interested in what you had to say about pepper plants. What exposure do you find best for them? I have East and South which would you advise? I have three small plants which I raised from seed. The shock of bringing them in this Fall seemed to set them back quite a bit. They lost their leaves and blossoms and looked pretty sad for awhile. I trimmed them a bit, repotted them with better drainage and they are taking a new lease on life, in fact they look very healthy. I am wondering if they will blossom again this year. Garden Bug. Dear Ivy Jinx Put your Ivy In a north window and I am sure you will not have any more trouble. It likes lots of light but litile or no sun. Garden Bug Dear Ivy Jinx Would you wel come a new household fan? I have read the page for years and often thought I would answer some of the problems sent in. Ivy Jipx got me started. I think you keep your ivy plant in the sun too much. I have one and I keep it in a shady place. They need no sun. I hope I have helped you. I think the Globe is a grand paper. I am always anxious to read the letters and I sure get lots of help from them. Arite. Dear Garden Bug I want to tell you of my Easter lilies, one has two stalks, three inches high. My husband has been using lights in the cellar, and has started the growth. I have placed it in a cool room and I will gradually bring it to full light and sunshine. My Christmas cactus is showing signs of blooming, tiny red tips, on the ends of the leaves. A friend of mine has one, it is so large, it is in a wooden tub, far too large to be moved about, and it has been in the same window (eastern exposure) for the past 20 years that I know of, gets full sun every day. All the care it gets is weak tea for water, once a week, truly beautiful when in bloom. Piscataqua River. Dear Garden Bug Now Is the chance to reciprocate. Yes, you can start coleus from seed. I planted some the first of August in the ouse, in good rich loam, and they grew as fast as an annual, I gave a lot away and kept seven of different colorings. They are very pretty and about five inches tall. You can also start Jerusalem cherry trees from seed. I started some three years ago. I now have a large plant covered with orange cherries. It takes about one year for it to flower. When the cherries start to color, I take it out of the sun, and they last mucn longer. They love plenty of water. I keep mine damp all the time, when the cherries fall, I give it plant food, which starts new growth. Am awe interested in color schemes for tne garden. Had one red, white na pink snaps, verbena, larkspur aly sum. Theyare still blooming. iOi have been very generous with your splendid advice. Don't you thinK the Gldbe the best paper ever? I ve taken it for 28 years. gardens on the Terrac. . Ml- i

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