Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 4
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CORNER ON Embroideries Special «ale for the next ten days. Most beautiful designs ever brought to LoKansport, in Irish Points, English and Scotch Effects, GulooriH n nd Double Edges. Ladies you will be pleased if you call und .see thorn. DAILY JOURNAL Pablltaed every day In the week (except Mondar bjr the LOGAJJBPOBT JOURNAL Co. W. 3. WRlttHT A. HA3DY C. W, GRAVES S. B BOYEB PlUSSfDENT VlCH PBKJiniUiT SKCRETAKY THKA.SOKKR Stale Nations Logiiiisport, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 .1. F. JoHNSOf, I'KI-A S, W. n,I.h'!!l , VICK II. T. ItKtTimiNK, CASHIKH. — i) nine-roil!). — i. X. Johnnori S. \V. CJIInry, -T. T. \V. M. Klllott, Vf. 11. Snider. Buy aud sell Gfovernuient Bonds. Loan money ou personal securitj and collatorals. Issue special certificates of deposit bearing 3 DOT cent when left orio year; 2 per cent per wh'-n deposited C months. in Siifoty Deposit Vaults of this bauk for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other viihniblc.M, runted at from $f to $15 per year ELY'S CATARRH CREAM BALI is quickly Absorbed. Nasal Passages Allays Pain and InriammsMon. Heals the Sores; Protects Che Membrane from! Additional Cola Restores the i Senses of Taste and Smell. IT WlLTcURE. A purtldu I- npiilli'tl Into each nostril find Is ai5P>fiiM« Prl'-e Ml eoiiW ;it DnwHlst or by mull ELY imuTHERii, 5G Wiurei) St., Now York City. Lake Erie & Western, I'lTii Union fttutlon, Throui;)i ilcK-tssoliltO polnta in til* United 3l«tei nn.i Canndii. SOUTH, Arrlvo. •'SO. '21 lrnl|:|ii!ijiotls >'X.. B No 28 Hull A Kx|>rn!i.< S ....... 11:28(1 in No. -"> TulO'lo Kxt.rn.i, S ...... No. Vitt Kvniilns Kxiirt-sa S ..... 8:1" P n> Nolil Local m'tehitt .......... -U5p m XOIITII. Arrive. No. 20 Mull A Kxprt'sw S ...... 10:12 :\ in No. 22 MlL-llIWi Ulty 0' ....... 4W) p ni No!2-l Dtitrult K.vrtwsd ....... Utopm No. 151) AccomiiioiliitUm >t- • D. Diil'.y, t:. nally except Sunday, •No. W-l-.t's ii'H run north oV 1'o'nSuiulnys. tKuns Mondays. Wednesdays Fililiiys and Sun- ttKuiif Mom! y, Tuesday, Thursday and Sutur- u'nlcm doom oonnittlons at Bloomlnnton und Peorlu for v< Ims west. »r>ntli\vp.stand northwest. Dlrwt cotim'i^lDti* made ft' Lima, Fostorla, Fremont or r-jimlnsk) for nil points east. linim'd'»ti":i | f"i"<-'tlo:is at Tlplon with trains •nMaln Llnt'.-tnd I. & 11 U. Dlv., for all uolnW Ni.rtli.sJoutli, I'asr and West Kor tlckf t» r«t«< rtiiU-itwiiernl Information cnll on THUS. FOI.LKN. TloKPt Asoiit I-. E. * W. K'y Peru, Indiana. CJ. X. 1UALY, Hcr.'l Hnss. Act. 1XDIANATOL1S..1ND. w, a. WHISHT, - - - C. W. GlUVKS, - - - - - Managing Edito, Business Manngcr Price per Annum Price per Month - $e.OO 50 THE OFFICIAL PAPKK OF THE CITY. [Kntored as second-clans ma««r at the Logansport t'OBt Office, Kebrtmry 8, IBBB-I WEDNESDAY MORNING. MARCH 13 HAY-FEVER Depart. 7:00 HID 11:*>am Ii:-5 P "' Depiirt. 10;i!2[i m -l:-la p m The Bicycle Season TBE GOVERNOR RESPONSIBLE Tho dUyracoful scene in the Incli ana fclouso of Representatives Monday night when Myron D. Klog, Governor Matthew's [irivatoisecretary, presumably acting under the Governor's in-- gtructions and backed by a crow dot Democratic toughs, .attempted to run tbat branch of the legislature, is one for which Governor Matthews and his Democratic cohorts are responsible. All efforts of tbe Dacnocratic press to throw the responsibility on the Republicans, simply because they were io a majority, will prove of no avail as the facts conclusively show that It was the attempted trickery of the Democrats that caused all tne trouble. The Republican members of the Houee merely attempted to uphold the rights of that body. The fact of the [Governor holding back hla veto of tbe state house custodian bill until a few minutes before adjournment after he had stated fifteen hours before to Representative Pettit of VV>iba=h Jthat hb would veto tho bill, shows clearly that he intonckd io, as hia secretary Myron King put it "do things." Tbe members of the House, however, were determined that bO'Should not "do 11 them and Myron King, Tom Gridla and tho crowd of Democratic toughs who were back of them, signally failed la their disgraceful purpose. Tho House had a right to order tho doors locked in order to permit the transaction of business, and it was the lawlessness of the Democratic toughs in breaking down tho doors that was disgraceful. The stopping of the clock ,and the holding back of iho message were co.ually disgraceful acts on the part of the Democrats. The IndiunapolU News, an independent newspapor, thus comments: Highest of all in Leavening P'ower. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder NEW INDUiNA LAWS. THE WORK OF THE LEGISLATURE AT THE SESSION JUST CLOSED. Of-llurcTliuu Klcven Ilnud.-rd »!ii!s Introilucea lu Both iiuiiMK Thoxe JSeloiv Given Were Written I'pon the Siutute Jit>ok»— IAm orihe Xeiv Acts With Tlie .Vaiiu-n ot ThoNe WJio Introduced tlie Wills, As a result of tho late session of the -eneral Assembly, the following new laws have been written upon the statute books: House bill No. 1, by Merrltt, uppro prialing ,$100,000 for the expense of ;be General Assembly. Senate bill No. 10, by Phares. legal, zing the proceedings and records of the commissioners of Benton county. House bill No. 4, by Merritt, appropriating $48,513.09 to reimburse the •overnor for money paid to the Indiana Legion. House bill No. 959, by Terhune, fix- ng the number and . compensation of he employes of the House. HousebillNo, 197, by Adams of 'arke, making appropriation* for back salary for the clerk oi: the Supreme Court and his deputies. Senate bill No. 47, by Houghton, egall'/lng certain school bonds issued >y tbe board of trustees I^the town of Shoals, House bill No. 110 by McGrath, .uthorizing boards of county commia- ionere, where contracts for the con- truction of court houses have been et, to issue and sell county bonda. House bill No.G6, by Hunt, to amend he act providing for the opening, va- ating and changing ot highways; pro- iding that whenever a highway forms he boundary of an incorporated town city, the county commissioners hall have jurisdiction over the land ying within the corporate limits, House bill No. 93, by Stakeisake. iving any grand or subordinate iiodge f Free Masons, OJd Fellows or [nights of Pythias or other order, and ny voluntary association for relig- ous, educational, scientific or benevo- oot purposes the right to purchase, rant or devlue lots or tracts of land ot exceeding one hundred acres upon hich to erect buildings; and nulihor- ,_. l ... [ .... ,ing churches to have nine trustees if "Mr. Myron Klngrtbe Governor's '. they desire; providing that such organ private secretary, was boasting yes ; kaUons may elect officers without, giv terday afternoon bow he was going to ! ing notice through the Newspapers. ,-s . (iii -VT - •* ci n T ilT :„!.,, do things at 11:55 p. m. Tbo unre generate- will ;probably confess to the rising of a certain sense of satisfac tion at tho^dlacomfiiureof the boaster. There is a sort of grim joy—a feeling- that rude poetic justice has been done—when a bit of unworthy sharp practice, boasted of in advance, has been defeated." THE last blow to the lottery evil has been dealt and so far as working evii in the ^United States it is prostrate. The passage by Congress of the bill of which Senator Hoar was the author, rung the death knell of the lottery kincs. Tbe law prohibiting express companies or any carriers receiving or carrying money to lotteries or the tickets of the same will effectually prevent the sale of lot tery tickets in this country. Il has been a hard battle to defeat this great swindle, Intrenched as It was behind its bulwark of wealth Inns one of the greatest social evils of tbe day ia shorn of Its power for evil in our land. Is now at band. Yonr old wheel likely served Its purpose, and >ou want a new one. Or perhaps yon nre Uilnkin« of sotting a new one. Tnen let ns show you best wheel such «» the "Eagle, SpaWlns, Winton. Royal and l>eatherstone, BURGMAN CYCLE CO Headquarters of tho Bicycle Messenger Service, •lii MARKET ST. PHO^E so. WANT1 FASHION has loit anotber king. A few weeks ago Ward McAllister, the leader of New York's Four Hundred passed away from tbe scene of his social triumphs, and now the fashionable world has suffered the loss of its greatest cos-turner, Worth the Parisian gown maker. McAllister ruled over the gocietj of but one city while Worth made tbe fashions of the world. The earth, however, will continue to revolve around the sun, and society will have to make the best of Its losses. Senate bill No. 120, by Wishard, forbidding the construction of streets, alleys, highwajs, street railroads and electric railway through lands owned b.y cemeteries. House bill No. 124, by MerriU, io legalize the acts of notaries public. House bill No. 64, by Garriott, fixing tho terms of court In the forty- sixth judicial circuit, composed of Jackson, ^Orange and VTashlngton counties. House bill :No, 833, by Rumy, amending the State tax law, as suggested by the State Board of Tax Commissioners. The bill sets out a revised list of Interrogatories to bei put by the assessors. The bill requires private banking concerns to iitate to the assessor the amount of money on hand, the amount THE mucb needed relief go'ods reached Newfoundland one da.y this week. They were sent from Boston, and «be press reports state that the hearts of many were gladdened by the substan- of money in transit and all other assets. It provides that the amount of money oa hand, the amount of funds in other banks, tho amount of checks or other carh items shall be listed as moneys, that the amount of bills receivable, the amount of hoods, etc., shall be listed as other similar personal property for taxation. From these two classes of property thera is to ie deducted the amount of the deposits, and the remaining sum :is to be listed for taxation. SeSate bill No. 6. by Shively, fixing the number of employes of the Senate and their compensation. Senate bill No. 22, by Seller, vaoat. ing portions of highways. Tbe ,.aot provides that where free gravel roads have been constructed on the order of the county commissioners, and tbe viewers depart from the line of the highway, and agree upon a different" line, the portions of tbe highway abandoned shall be vacated without further proceedings. HousebillNo. 136, by Leedy appropriating money for payment to the Western -Paving and Supply Cum; pany, for work done on streets abut- property in Indianapolis. . , .Senate bill No. 58, hy Terhune, SVAKEJS Douy. Marvelous invention ' tlal assistance rendered by the people ' establishing a Superior Court at I?2.scwit.*,2to6.!'0!inn»rjoa59;»«mpie ! nt WaK England. -• i Anderson, Madison county. : ' • House bill So. 1S4 by Remington providing for the cutting of hedge or otber live fenced along ibo lines dividing lands -owned by differed persona The act provides that such hedges shall ba cut and trimmed down '.o the height of not exceeding live feel, and :o itie width of not exceeding three feet, once each year. House bill No. 28, by Crazier, forbidding shanty boats to land at KD point on thu Indiana shore of the Oaii river longer than ten hours at a time House bill No. 201, by Boardman incorporating- llroad Ripple, Marion county. House bill No. 21. by Fowler, incor porating Crandail, Harrison county. Senato bill No. 106, by McDonald, to legalize the appointment of township trustees by county commissioners, lo succeed trustees who have become in sane. . House'bill No. 312, by Leedy, es tabliehicp parks in cities havicg 100,. 000 populallon. House b'll No. 57, by Mulendy, for Ihe leorganization of the Indiana militia. House hill No. 525, by Allen authorizing the Governor, Auditor and Treasurer of State to iobue and sell bonds, Senate bill No. 303, by Seller, to prevent winter racing. House bill No, 11. by Griffin, com pelling railways to maintain suitable waiting rooms in towns of 100 or more. Senate bill No. 371, by McLean, for the relief of 'J heodjare Pries and other trustees of Vigo county, who lost money in a bank failure. House bill No. 442, by Robinson, de fining tbe First, Eleventh and Fifty- seventh judicial circuits. House bill No. 289, by Bobilya, re latlng to the purchase of toll roads House bill No. 023. by Davis, fixing the salaries of circuit and superior judges. House bill No. 381, by Mclntoah, levying a tax for tbe State University, State Normal School and Purdue Uni versity. ' House bill No. 107, by Ro"blnsoa, to prevent fraudulent marriages. Senate bill No. 136, by Vail, for the rcdlstrictlDg of cities. Senate bill No. 161, by McManus, appointing police matrons in towns of 10,000 or more. Senate bill No. 11, by Baker, requiring street cars to be vestibuled in winter. Senate bill No. ISO, by Seller, compelling townrhlp trustees to publibh their accounts annually In the newspapers. House bill No. 646, by Gibson per mining towns between 2,000 and 2 200 population to dispose of market places and other public land. House bill No. 477, by Blue, incorporating Ossian, Wells county. Senate bill No. 360, by Barnes, changing the charter. Jennings county. Senate bill No. 262, by Wishard, making an annual appropriation of $10,000 to tbe State Board of Agricul ture. Senato bill No. 153, by Wisbard, amending tbe co^llanility act of 1893, by striking out Section 2. Senate bill No. 211, by Vail, amending the law governing waterworks trustees. Senate bill No. 466, by Rinear, fixing the time of holding court In the Twent-eighth judicial circuit. House bill No. 341, by Allen, making further amendments to the tax law, suggested by the State tax board. House bill No. 101, by Pettit, amending the law relating to- voluntary associations, so that they can not hold prizefights. House bill No. 97. by Davis, abolishing the 80 per cent, co-insurance clause. ' Senate bill No. 163, by Shlvely, to prevent false returns in school enumeration. Senate bill No. IS, by Bird, amending the pay of county commissioners, giving the commiBeioners ol Allen county $1.200 each annually. Senate bill No. 49, by Lafollette, amending tbe law on voluntary BSJO- ciaiionc; preventing tbe holding of priza uVhss; making rail way hospitals possible. I Senate bill No. 269, by Houghton, authorizing townshi|.s and counties to build bridges over screams or boundary lines. Senate bill No. 393. by Houghton, authorizing street railroad companies to . supply electricity nod steam for motor po*er. Senate bill N"o 215 by Wi=hard, to pay T. T Saeehan. for street improve See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities' Diseases cf Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. . Don't forpret that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Limp Troubles t:ets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures when everything else fails. Call ard investigate, anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christoplier & Longenecker, At/Tlie Medical and Surgical.Institute. 417 Market S J -, - - Logansport. Ind. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It will pay you to be particular as to whose seeds yon buy. We are now in the market with a full line of Landreth's seeds for thi> season of 1805, and I wish to say to the uartj^uers and others using seeds, that while Lundreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some others they are always fre*b, clean and true to nanie, iiml «s we handle no other seeds except those grown by Landretn & Sous of Philadelphia our customers uiay rely on KCt-unc; nothing but the very best. 1 believe that the co*t of the seeds is nothing compared to the crop, und when a person has the trouble to put out a garden, he t-hould use nothing but. the very best, We handled Laudreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, our cnstouiel-s unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever pariicular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of till the gardeners around Logan-port as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the. business? We also have a full line of garden tools and field seeds . Remember that, the Qrm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617, 628 Broadway. to menta In Innlanapolis. Senate bill No. 1S6, by Collett, exempting members of paid fire companies from road lax. House bill No. 325, by Melendy repealing the act for the enrollment of soldiers, their widows and orphans. Senate bill No. 238, by Newby, for change of venue from justices 1 courts Senate bill No. 369, by McCord fixing the liability of shareholders in banks. House bill No. 298, by Floyd, for the transfer of insane convicts to insane hospital. House bill No. 05, by Loring, au tborizlng county commissioners purchase toll roids. Senate bill No. 292, by Haggard, making the trustees of Purdue University nine in number. House bill No. 630 is tbe same as a previous act authorizing county commissioners to borrow money equal to one-fourth of 1 per ceut. to complete court house contracted for prior to Feb. 1, 1895. .House bill No. IOC appropriates $600 for the publication of the reports of tbe Indiana Academy of Science and furnishes it a room in the Statehouse. Senate bill Xo. 276 provides that the box containing the list of names for jurors shall bo in possession of tbe clerk and that the only key shall be in possession of the commissioner of the opposite party from the clerk. Senate bill No.297 makes it unlawful to take flab, in any lake in Indiana between April 1 and June 15 under penalty of not less than $10 nor more than f 100. Senate concurrent resolution No 21 provides for a commission of two from each congressional district and four at large to considsr tbe matter of a centennial industrial exposition. To serve without pay. House bill No. 373 provides that stolen property captured by tbe police shall be turned over to police commis sioners and if not claimed within iix months shall be sold and the proceeds turned into the city treasury, but the owner within a year after such sale ihall be able to recover the money if he furnishes evidence of ownership of the stolen goods. Houee bill No. 583 provides for a !bickam:iuga commission of veterans who served in that campaign, to serve without other compensation than expenses, to locate and contract -for monuments marking the positions of Indiana regiments on that field. It appropriates $40 (00, but DO contract shall be made without the approval of ,ht Governor, House bill No. 432 lays the State tax or the next two yeasr as follows: 9 cents per $100 for the general fund, 5 cents for the benevolent fund, 11 cents for a ocbool tuition fund and 3 cents for a sinking fund. Houst. bill No. 536 authorizes the Bureau of Statistics to collect and publish from time to time agricultural and otber statistics. House bill No. 335 is an important measure relating to gravel roads and their maintenance. Its purpose seems : to be to hold officials to closer responsibility. Sanate bill No. 480 Is known as the "benevolent institutions bill" which gives half of the trustees to each party und establishes the merit system. Senate bill No. 327 rests the man- apementof tbe Staie library in the Board of Education. It contains- stringent provisions regarding the care of the books, etc. Senato bill No. 331 subjects any railroad company or other corporation or their agents, to exemplary damages if any discharged employe shall be blacklisted. Senate bill No. 337 provides that when a charge is made that a person is of unsound mind and and incapable of attending to hia business, tbe matter shall be determined in court, and contain otber regulations about guardians. Senate bill No. 350 prohibits the sale or giving away of. any book, paper or picture that tends to increase crime or licentiousness. The penalty is a fine nor exceeelng £200. House bill No. 1G5 is the famous Nicholson bill, which haEbeen printed in full. House bill No. -134, by Rosa, legalizing tbe incorporation of Eaton, Delaware county. Senate bill No 296 authorizes counties and townships to construct or aid in the construction of bridges over streams forming the boundary line between townships, whether in the same county or not. House bill No. 591 makei It incumbent on. sheriffs to eee that convict* In the prisons are taken back to the counties from which they were sent. !*•»*<• A Over a \>to. The following bills vetoed by the governor, were afterwards passed by the Legislature: douse bill No. 587, by Mclntosh, abolishing the Board of Soldiers' Monument Commissioners and appointing regents. House bill No. 156, by Newhouee, repealing the former legislative apportionment. House bill No. 157, by Newbouse, being the'Republican caucus legislative apportionment. House bill No. 622, by Stutesman. being tbe Republican caucus congress. sional apportionment. The bill gives to the Democrats seven districts, to the Republicans six, on a normal vote. Senate bill No. 119, by Wateon, for the removal of county cents. The bill is popularly known as the Jack- eon county seat bill. Senate bill No. 474 creates boards of control for the prisons to be ap* pointed by S '.ate officers. Senate bill No 158 is designed to ' curb assegaors^who are greedy. House bill No 330 postpones the election of county school superintendents until after the officers elected last Fall come into office House bill No. 188 provides for a Superior Court in Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties. •

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