The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 5, 1902 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 10

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1902
Page 10
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.I- 10 THE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 1902 THE "IMPERIAL" Last year th. kflln.r" waa the reigning favsrita among overeoats, and "Semi-rtady" cojld scarcsly kssp uo with tha den-and. This year'e "Imperial' la even a handiemer Ovarcoat than last year's "Mtlner. horter and fuller. It you want to be abaolutely -"correct" get tha "Imperial" with straight (not vertical) jtocksts. at illustrated, ith tha "hug tjht" collar and gracefully . I moulded snoulders,1 with aH t ha little nlcetiea of detail and finish,, which are enly to b a found in this aristocrat among . Overcoats. - ' Medium and re evy weights. Bfack and popular Greys. $30. Finished to order 72 Sparks Street, ; New York and 15 Vr,r.jr- . ...) e)a 3arristersV . f GOWNS I Made by Eda & Sen, London. G.M.H0LBR00K1 103 SPAMS STEXET. i cnnnuDDODaaoaaOaaonannpnDa 8 COJViJVf OIN 1 -e " S Brlstow & Co. I a ' qaaaaacdnaaDonaaDDDaaaaana TrltMoSt i FOR LADIES at 8.0s, .& and 2k OUR SPECIAL X - CENT" COS. ftla. and . are Bales made. Wm. Pratt & Co. COR. BANK anj .It-ira-n-iw ivt IT'S COSING ALONG 'APAtE That la winter be prepared for It. Look .P-rour t'louds. FaarenatoveV Wool bawls. Wrape. Jereeye and an kinds of whiter aer. and have them " dyed anna ntee warm color . or beautifully clewed. Oalabed soft tad full, to look like new : and wltk tha aaxdre send, your verooete. aulte. drreere. oletrra. cloaks. rlbbona and an Undo of wearing apparel -ae-iae aula M.naiuupyera Jtnd Ckaners. BRITISH AMERICAN DYEING CO ' JB BANK STR1CET, Warm Hands ara essential to health end oemfert. Our as- aortmar. cf oktvst ant! mitts . is large and " varied in heat fur and -knitted lift In da. Com-1; fort assured. ' . 'SMI In fl 1 W MI I a 1 1 3 S Only $60.00 g a Ill & 111 to Bpirki R treat- u3r in two hours' time I ; Ottawa, Ont. Canadian Cities. Is Yonr Wheel Anchored for the Winter- - Our facilities for Bicycle 8lvrt are HKFA1K1NO L We run give voti much betlf r work and also DftiT pnem now ui-tft m trie spring Wh-I rolled for and returned lre of chrn Herbert Byshe ft' Co. It BANK BTRbiaiT. TIu.rllOXC ISO. Fnotba;! NEW SENIOR TEAM FOR HAMIL TON. Hamilton, per.' 5. The Wrtt Knd Pleasure Club, at a meWlng hld tint ititctit, unanimously decided to enter a iwnror team In the O. U. P. V- aeries next year. The wtst-endera broke Into tha anion tor the first time this year, being content with a Junior team, and the showing they mada waa really remarkable. In th- nrular aerlea they broke even with the champions, and It requlml an extra game to de- ttrmtne the question or aupenorHy r-twen tha W. E. P. C and the Young Ttrra. At tha meeting n waa pomien oui that tha Oub would be much tronger next year that It would its juatinvd In trying for the senior hon orshence ' the . decision. Thomas Morrison. Jr.. wa appointed the club a i-epreaeDtativa to the union. The west-endrrs also discussed the Rurnslde rules ut- ronsiderabl length. the mmbrs being about puually di- Tlded on the qut-stlon. It was . Mi however to hold another Ulscussltm on the subject prr to the annual nieatlng of' tha union. WILL ADOPT SNAP- BACK. Toronto. !-'. 6. The amtu.t) tnent- Ing of tha untaiio Rugi-y Football Union will be hld at tha Ito-sln House on Saturday, Jith Inst., at 2 o'clouk sharp. The meeting this ynr will have special interest to luvers of football as Judging from the opinions expressed by the twenty-two clubs which will be represented at the annual meeting of tha O R K.U., on lec. la. the snap-back system, with a reduction of tha teams to twelve men a M will be carried, with only m' few dissenting voices.' In tha west, Harnln. petrola,. Jondon, Oalt, Ouelph, O.A.C., Dundas, West End - pieasurr ciun.- iiomiium. Argonauts, Torontos, Varsity, .Ken- dons, Wellesleys, Victorias. Kt. Mich aels, and In the east, Peterboro, Itam-blera, Lslmestones, leseronto. nnd K. M. o. have all declared In favor of their adoption. Tha opposition re-ats with Ottawa, and possibly Queen's Juniors. 'lth the new rule adopted, the O.R.F.U. next reason will hav a senior series worthy of nrnne. Al- reuQy assurances are received from llumllton, London, Torontos. Peterboro, and Limestones, of Kingston, that they will be found In aenlor com pany next venr. If the new rules find favor at the annual meeting. In or der to prevent rtfnnitlng clubs In the nlor rerles will be e'ku'j to deposit bonda of $K-0 that they will finish the season, and Intermediate and Junior clubs 92. This will hve tenrienry to prevent the disruption of a series after s club once enters, i Odds and Ends 8PORTINO JOTLETS FROM VARIOUS 80HCE8. John I Pulllvan, who- htis just gone Into bankruptcy, has earned during hia career In the ring t7 16,000. To-day he Is not worth a cent Brantford hnltls their third annnal handicap shooting toumnment oh December 10. U and it The big event) of the tounHment Is shot on the second day. for a $Z5Q guaranteed purse, high guns, f .. .. During a simultaneous exhibition, at chess In Ht. Louis, Kmanuel taasker, the world's champion, had twenty-one rlaysr opposed toJilmwHc b'1 them all except a school lrl named Rmnia" Pent, who played tha greut master to a draw. sir. Oeo. IL Carley, secrelary of the Oore Kennel Club. Hamilton, has pur-chssed a pair of French bulldog from a firm In Tarls, Fr.uice. The price paid was $30. Rochester yarht-men have sub-scrlbed $10,000 to ball.l a Canada cup challenger from the plans of llonley, the well-knoa n eastern ds1gnT. The challenger will be built In Rochester. It has been definitely decided th'nt rapt. WHnae will 'mail .fin urn rock III. In th races for the America's cup. The girts are taking up larrosse In Fnglsnd, and the first match at the Canadian game between school teams Is reported, it was plnved at llumt- ! " w ann. neninnem Uidles f'ol-f 'f from Rodenne College.Rrigh- ton, by iz games to ). THOROUOHLT ARTISTIC. i hi wy artistic,- said tha lm-pssstnnsble youth. "Yea, answered the man with h. Steely eye, "h Is one of the port nf gri wno mniR a bunch of hand-painted dsfstea are more Important on a dinner plate than an omeletls." ' . SPORTS CANADIAN PUCK : CHASERS GET LIBERAL PROMISES FROM . PITTtjUURU CLUBS. Copy of Latter Kaeeived by If Players. Local HockayiaU Getting Beady for S.aon The indications are that the present cold anap has come to stay. In which esse Tt will not be long bWor the Ot-tawas ami Abvrdeens will bw showing slrns of real activity. Both clubs haa (irganlxed and are now ouly awaiting the will of thf elemetiis. Jut a soon as the Ice Is strong enKi;U for business on the rli.ktt, the players will Jump Into harness. The Ottawa dub will bv getting into (he gume at the start, try to avoid a repetition of last year's occurrence hen a bad ..beginning robbed them of the championship. The many depletions In the ranks of the club of late, mused by the hurried bolt from the city of a trio of Its best men. who have gone to' Pittsburg to winter, ha certainly--caused the admirers of the club some worry. But the expected sddltlon of the Oilmour boys should, it la believed, relieve the apprehension and many anticipate that the team will be Just as strong as It whs last year. And this means considerable, for In the opinion of two M. A. A. A. men who were at the Russell House this -wee. Ottawa had the strongest seven In the C." A. H. L. last jenr. o o O PLAYERS OKT SALARY, O O POSITION AND F.X- O O PENSKt. O O Th following fmm the Mont- O i O " Star giv-s sufriiient reu- Oi O sons why Pittsburg aulhorl- O O ties are so successful In ooral- O j O Hg Canadian hotkey players: Oi O pitisburg, December L 1902. O O itiir tSir: O) O We would like you to play O, O hockey for us. O ' O v have letter fucllltlea this O O year than aver. O I O' We can offer you to-day a 0 O aslary for playin. we will pro- v O nilse to get you a good osition. O O and we will pay your expenses O O to this city. O if this should meet your O O vleus we can offer you some- O O thing upon receipt of your O O reply. O O Respectfully yours, O o O (The above is a free repro- O O ductlon of tha contente of a O O Mtcr dated the tlrst of this O O rnonth. and received by sev- O O eral well known players In O O Moutrtnl. O O O OOOOOOOOO vWXr C.AJSU. SHOULD ACT. Montreal, Dec. S. The C A. A; t. at its annual meeting talked over tha hockey situation with especial attention to Pittsburg and the way in which they rope in Canadian players. Now It look its If the time come to i-ense talk and begin to act. &o far Pittsburg has bten uiimicWrii In securing Montreal players. But they have three men from the C A. H. L., In the two Hluarts and Dual. and then they have half a dn&en oth ts that they got last year ana the year before. Everybody knows that these men are not going south of the Una for nothing. The fact ut. their goring there taken In conjunction with the lttor from Pittsburg and newspaper talk In that town. Is aurllclent' evidence for tha C. A: A. 17. to act on. These men should be professionalised Immediately. It will have to be done sooner or later, and prevention ts better than cure any- day. - The Union should take the matter In hand immediately, as heir a dosen men hero .are being prsserTp- go- south, and may go at any lime. - EEARER COMPANY ORGANIZES. A meeting of tha No. J Bearer Ca, A. M. C. hockey club, was held Wed ncmlay nlijht in the company's rooms. Tha following officers were elected for the ensuing season:--1'atron, Hon. F. W. . Borden, Hon. Col. A, M." C; hon. president. Col. Nellson, D. O. M. H.; hon. vice-president, Lt. Col Flset. D. H. O., snd Surg. lt. CoL Horsey; presr dent. Major Oorrell; ' vice-president, Capt.. Hhilllngton, Lt. ' J am tenon, Lt. fthllltngton; manager. Pte. J. flattery; secrotary-treasurer. Q. M. S. Outuford: executive committee. Corp. Robift lte, Campbell, J. Doming. A vote of thanks whs passed to the", officers who so ably assisted the club ; last season. Tha Victoria link baa been secured Ton, practice and a pros-) perous .season is expecu?3. PUCKERING. A. Hlxsmilh, Hod fftunrt, O. Rlxsmlth. B. Htuart. "Chic" Henry and Duval are the Ottawa' puck chaser at present playing In Pittsburg. The P. A. C. of Pittsburg contains, tha following well' known Kingston i players: Robinson, rover; Iteyner, cen- j tr; Hamilton, captain and. point: ( lMtn goal, and Bike Young cover point. Ice la rapidly being formed fn the city rinks. Then will bs skating next week. Dickey Boon of the champion Montreal team has received another letter from Pittsburg hockey circles. Thwy want him and want him badly. Dickey atlll atlcks to hla decision to remain In Montreal and captain the Stanley cup holders. ' -A new Manitoba senior hockey asso ciation has "been offcnniSTd rnclairngi the two Winnipeg ciuhe and Brandon. . The annual meeting of the Trent Valley hockey league will be heM at Peterboro on tfaturday, 13th Inst. The -principal Item of business will be the discussion of the sdvlsabillty of affll-luting with the O. II. A. Oordon Crawford, U J. Walker and Archie Black have resigned from the Iondun httckey club executive. They give no reason fur thHr actlua at present but promise devrtopnmnta In m dny'or two. , . The O. H. A. will have nearly lOV Hubs In Its fold this aenson. . A Pittsburg paper says: P. X. C. Is now complete, with the exception of a gonl-keeper. Manager Miller is negotiating with three guardians of the net who are now In Canada. They are Phillips of Montreal, Hutton of Ottawa and Donnelly of Montreal. He expects one of the three here In a day or so. Bike Young, cover-point, arrived yesterday and Reyner cam in from Kingston. "THE JOURNAL AFTE wJO P.M. Tha Journal office closes at t:SS p.m. After that hour any ona re-qutrinj a Journal can obtain the same at l tS parka street,' near Elgin, from K. T. Bhllllngton, droaghn. . AND PASTIMES Sporting Comment PLAYERS WILL BR PROFKH81CN- r auzi:d. If the Canadian Amateur Hockey le ague will continue to stand Idly by and watch tha migration of ita best luck-chusma to the other side, the time will very soon coin when good hockey pluyera will be an exception around ttivse parts rather than Uie rule. TliS uiany press oomnitnu on the action of Pittsburg clubs lit carrying oft Montreal and Ottawa players are praC- ; tlcally the sentiment of the people. Winter s favorite, pnstimr 1 I" Infancy In United Mtsies. biK still the as me is In a flourishing mnditfon there, j owing entirely to the -fact . that so iikany Canadlana have yielded to the tempting baits set out by our wealthy cousins across the tine. The Weatvrw-Pcnnsylvanla Hockey League.' rhich Is composed ' entirely of Pittsburg teams, is nothing mors than an or-ga n tint ion of i 'a nad lan '111) porta tions, little attempt being tmtde to breed home talent. Just as soon as the curtain rings down upon the football stvtsnn. American hockey magnates I lurn their ey?s towards tiitawa, Mont- ; real and other Canadian itoints, where the fits test of pu-k-chast-rs make their home, invitations are extended and the act of slipping out speedily begins. , The -opy of a letter printed elsewhere In these columns and received by several well-known .Montreal players. Indicates only toe clearly the reasons why so many Canadian experts elect to spend the long wintry months serosa the bonier. There la no longer any aecrory a)Hut the means mloptcd to entire our boys to Pitts-burg, and now it is up to tbe author- ! Itles here to prevent ih-tn from re- 1 turning to Canada In the spring and 1-artU.ipatlhg among the ranks of the smntur. Mthoueh tha players can hnrdly be blamed, from a business point of view, if (hey can better themselves, measures ought to be inkr-n. and Itnedlately. too, to protect the Canadian amateur ranks from the- depredations of the United .States promoters, who with Impunity turn good Canadian amateuia Into United' Hta tea professionals without Interference from the American Amateur Athletic authorities. And being nfpft ssionals there they should be blighted as such here. The cheerful ir. formation in now Imparted that the C.A.H-L. Is about to make a move and those gentlemen- who have played under Ita protection of recent year and are at present following the eirive on American Ic and incident-' ally enjoying the advi.n-t.igfS of a good Mary therefore, will find the gates hnrr"d aeilnst them In future. They sill he branded as profession:)) snd vrtl be recognised as such In all other blanche of Canadian sport' LITTLE HOPE FOR APPLICATIONS. Two applications for admission Into the Senior scries are in the handa of Secretary Trlhey of the C. A. H. L. The indications are that both will be i i ejected, and It is Just possible that tha application of one will- be- pass! up without even a hearing. The Ah-vrdeena of this city, champions of the Intermediate League of last year, and Cornwall, a member of the . Ontario Hockey Association,, are the teams that are knocking at the door.- The; at plication of the latter was made tn proer style, while that of the Aber-deens was sent only yesterday, or exactly two dny later th"ii It should have been The constitution of the tengue dealing upon this matter explicitly states that all such application nmt be in the handa of the secretary by Dt-if)kfcr 1st. And for tthla raufron at the outs t the linrue will mo: likely turn a desf r r t the wisia of 1"ih Cini lntnrmriftte chump! nat CorrwaU will un Vutrtet- recH- a simHia- fate. Thctr aklmisMon tn-.n the leuirt." wonW mt'1c a flVfS-cl'ih. tnttanlration. s cor.JIMcn tit afaim not a-aH delt.ih1. With tK ptont iunbe- of clubs rhe lengnie fir.da dirP-niaty teioitc'n In puUIn? off its ga-m-a lefr-re Hie IceeiUpe aWjr, and fr the i.tewns, th- C A.H.L. ailt b? Uged to turn down the apfritcation of Hie Fa tory Town's soptrtie, . rOi;GH RIDFRS AND QUKBKO' ; UNION. The Inf-ntlnns of the Ottawa Foot-I-all Club ar.; nill a matter of doubt. The uoiffa tory condH-lon of the .nlor Mi1ea of the , O.R.F.U. durinc the pa ft' seon aid .the none toj pivmiMng future of this oretinlxation, ll" TOfWr. 'm tatiTs; for a mcve -being made on the pact nf the Rough It Mors tc v btu-k to tltotr old love n jte bee Union. And outside oHhlw, H la an undli-imted fact dhat thia is th .ttpar !!ce for tha O.F.C. Th h'.avy expirmew renderej necswy by Une jumps In the O.R.F.U. and tha few home (ram? ps,yeJ in tpts union, render H Wnw-M ImpoeHtbLe to tvaka ei.da meet, nml ytjly ub' local cluii ha hal a dsnVt to arare iVm In th fute at to snl of the scaon. This year, had it not b'Vi for the l4g game with- Otiawt.. C'jllegc, this Stat) of afftrs would likely have resulted iuttln. Kor vrtir the-Ri ugh KMers lihve hen tie back-bo.-sp of tlfei On-tailo Union. an-I the Um la now rips for a cbjjge. The final meeting of the rtub trsm rot ben h-W yet owing to th ;-! r . i.ii i n i ;ty of Ti-ensurr Burn, .arid .untR -thie occurs the l:i-ttntkjiia for lit"; future cannot b male known. Then H, tioa-ever, no i.fA for any .hurry Jimt at present, as ft plications-' or vdr&im-Um . air not xivnH with ' trte Queh.c Union untd the s-mt-aniual mating In the spring At the atrnual nvetln' of. this body Vn Muntrrml on Saturday only routine burfiiies will be traisK:tetS bewida the oiectkm of officer. KENNEDY AND PARKKR NEXT WEEK. , Wnvtltns; rsdi taken quite hoM up this ry and It Is onlte natural " THE BEST VALUE IN CANADA. Other lines not quite o warm at $10. and $12. Special price on Fur Lined Coats, Coon Coats. Fur Collar . j ' and Cap. ... FIT REFORM rSM,?r- that It should. There la no branch of sport that Is surrounded with a at'mospnere than WTeatling. and ant mi avmle for the dinuy of aclence there are st-w apjrt thai ran be ranked In the same ilavs. Vi filing, uh aa wt undcubunlly ba sen when Ketmely and KM Parker meet in tbidi oily on the litn lnrt. shouKl op thie eyes of toose, who believe, thl Tlwsre Is tf'Uo of iittetsast In Uie aitsrc The many holds iid methods of g-Mtlng out of them aa -displayed by proreMdorssldV aiTortl opportunities for electrifying work, such a te not seen In other branch of eport. The roU-nirise of the O A. A C. n matching socti wl-known and sccomptiaevM uatt artirfta fm Chum pi on Kennedy, and Packer airvuld and will, uo doubt, ta loward-Ml with librai pitironage. Tna irtatci taxrie with it th llghiwelght c)-uitpkfMlt;p of A merit a, woJch give the go UdddJllonaJ prttlgf. Both of the wrestlera wi ! ! pr bvfor an Ottawa aiioAenoe nest wi5k rv know n devotee of the fame end who is Ciiorougnly cm-veisant wiirt the abilities or thes m-n has Informed flu. Jounml thtt th. Trtlng fmurnly- Ottawa has In aw-i for tt-m a rare tretst pext J-VI-.'ay e-e:i hng. The annual meeting of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League will -be held In Moiitnt! on Saturday. -Dec. 13th. Davie Gllmour will In all likelihood be seen again with the Aberdeens this winter. 8tuart Anderson Is also" a candidate for a place on the team. Wrestling PARR BEAT GONTHIER, Montreal. Dec. a. There waa a big crowd present at Sohmer Park last night to-witnesa the-wrestling match between Jim Parr, the champion wrestler of England , and A nth line Oonthler. thif champion of Canada. The match, which whs for $sta) a side, wns won by Parr, who eaaily ahowed his sut-eriorlty. The first fall, which was catch-as-catch-cnn, was won by Parr in 1 1-1 minutes. Oonthler succeeded In securing the next fall. Oraeco-Roman, In 18 1-2 minutes, but was again downed by Parr In the catch-as-catch-can In 13 1-3 minutes. Oonthler In securing s fall from Parr, who to-day is considered with Mo Leod as the most scientific wrestler In the business, mada quite a creditable showing. The Montreal mat artist Is still a novice nt the game, having been prominently before the public for only two years. In this time he has learnt much of the catch-as-catch-cnn methods, while as sn exponent of the intricaslea of the Oraeco-Roman style he haa no superiors. It was with these methods that he put Parr's shoulders to the mat He will be matched with Champion Wllltner at Oraeco-Roman style of werstllng Immediately. Post anrj Paddock. FUTURITY OF 1905 WORTH $175,000. Port Perry has claimed the 14th and i;th January, 1903, aa dates for their annual Ice races. A general meeting of the Fort Erie Racing Association Is called for December 13th In Hamilton, for tha pur pose of winding up the affairs of th company and formally transferring th property to the new owner. Messrs. Hood and German, who have practically been In possession sine last spring. The Coney Island Jockey Club will sdd to the Futurity of 1905, which, lt Is estimated, will be worth $175,000. The stake will close on January 5th next. ' ' At New Orleans: After the last race yesterday Prince Blase, the. winner, was run up to $1,100 and was bought in by his owners. -Durnell and Hera. Samer was claimed out of the second nice by Mrs. H. C. Durnell for $700. On account of her temper the stewards have ordered the refusal of further entries of the mare Naume J. Th4 winners; Shoo Fly 8 to K, Brandy "mash 3 to 1. optional i to 1, The Lady 13 to S, MathHde 3 to U Prince Blaise 10 to I. At San Francisco Ax minster 3 1-2 to 1. NetMe Forest to 1. Mocorlto 7 to L Oravina 4 to S, Sea Lion 3 to L Or gandie 3 to 1. Odom probably holds a record for riding- the greatest rtumbee -of stak winner In a- single year. - H rods thirty-two of these thi ceason. The Ring TTYAN TO MEET MoGOVERN. Toronto, Dec. S.1 Billy Ryan, th shifty featherweight,- who defeated Eddie Ran try so decisively last Saturday night, haa decided to take up his residence In Toronto, and with Jack. Daly, the 'clever local boxer, will probably open a boglng aohool. Ryan haa been matched to meet ex-Champloo Terry McOovem alg rounda In Phlla delphla on December 13, and he may take a trip to Winnipeg to box before Arthur Btemyer' club. Daly has also an engagement to keep, having signed articles for a ten-round battle with Mickey Stone, formerly of Copper Cljff, In two weeks time. Stone, as an am ateur. one secured a decision over Chris. Graham, who made unampion Johnny Be holes hustle to beat hint on a coup of occasions. . . , . ;. w . Bicycling. TEAMS FOTCYCLE GRIND. 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IS .!L ""led "l" " above, and have on view the Telephone, as well Si.1PL0i?",ap,, nd llluatrallon. of their automatic awllrhloTnt. both of which It la purposed to manufacture In Ottawa In the Immediate future. e.nIn.t!71.?Srll."t' "L""" 'nTr. or the public, an cordially aakrd-to call and enquire Into the fnerlla nl ih.u (... .... i uck 53 The largest assortment and lowest prices at GEO. M. MASON SSSL": FOURTH A.VBNUK. RICHMO MO ROAD. PHONE liU. Dlmenelnn Timber. Lath and Bhlns-lea. Rough and Dressed Lumber, flootlna Moulding. Sash, Poors. Turning and tlen eral Factory Work. Rubber Test. there is in it, but the indication. . -"Slater Shoe Rubbershave more elasticity than common rubbers more wear, less slip; Made in all " Slater Shoe " shapes.' Branded on soles with name and price. All styles, from $1.00 up. The Slater Slide Rubber. The Slater Shoe Store THB STANDARD OF THE W0RL0." OTIS ELEVATORS CANADIAN OTl8 CL KVATOR COMPANY. ;- . - - -- ... Umftad. ... . MONTREAL H A M I LTONOfnoea, TORONTO presented by teama of crack rldera. EvrjE-iuntrx, ' Kurope . and every section of the United Blare Jurtirir lpresented when the full score at 11-tralned tenma of two men eh face the starter and ar sent upon their Journey of nearly three thousand miles, requiring 14Z hears to accomplish. HOD Die Wslinour, lasi year a winner, with the unfortunate Mr&irhern as a mate, will team with Nat Butler, who gained fifth lust seuson. Otto Maya. who gnlned second lust year with U-ster Wilson, will mate with Floyd MVFsrlnnd this rear. McPurlHti'r and Kikes won the race of listo. Mc- Furlnnd and Mnya won the race of tn hours' dally duration at Boston lust season. Jed. nvwaira. tiura. wan 11 it mm atv mjtte last year, will bs mated with John Johnson this year. Geo rare Leender, whose mate was Ruts last year. In tha Philadelphia race, and the Boston race, in both of which the team ran errand, and at ' Atlanta, where they won. will be competitors this year, with a Chicago rider named It' urn, and the team ta a possibility worth watch in. ' Then there will be? Harry msee, Who mated With MFnrland to victory fn l-9. and Kddte Bald, the old-time triple plata chpplon and sprinting cham- nton ef r.nrnp. - w nil' rrnri. in Nutmeg Htate blacksmith, and Patsy HOUr.FURNIHHPR, o and ai DIDEAU ST. SPARKS STKEET. Skates, '"' HIcDanall & Cnzner'ss.-rl The test of a rubber shoe is the amount of rubber in it. Some common rubbers have very little, rubber in them and the wear is in proportion. No man can tell by the appearance of a rubber shoe :hpw Auch rubber elasticity is a pretty fair- - - U Sparks'St Ottawa, 1S1 BANK STRICT . Keegsn. the L.ynn Irishman, will form ja hot combination. The Bedell brother, j or -tong Ifftand;- are-.-a pair to - be I matched all the time. Jimmy Moran, ' the king of Chelsea, and Will C. 8 tin- eon, lust year's champion among the lace followers. . form a team that ta considered very strong. There -are many others who are likely to - shegr prominently. WAS A f IRK TRAP! Chacwro, tec I. A Jury waa era- ptuirWlvd yterday aitirmon by Co.-nr Traeger to ascertain the csui- of h dlaer and to flx the guilt for nftfligeme. After viewing th? four-t vn tCKN- cf tbe victims of the (Ire lle Jury werit to tha botet. where , cxamtnatton waa made of f.-ie prvrrfteth I The Judiws wta-a then jlrnsuard. O net for the Irvquet. which w'M ba 1m Id on Dee. 11. On ttw oorwUielon of she Inspection Coronet Traeger said- "The fire unioubteJty was cavsd"by an exproaton of an oil 1 love In tN rear of the third floor. The hut f Ming Is . very cat4y con-j siTUcted. the fire escape t wortm, 1 the loom are nutn.eotnT4v smaW. and It Is m thing t'iw t of a or I me thai sue a buMding shouTd. ve bten u as a kouwing plwt for human bMngvn i i I. LI

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